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(44.51 KB 540x373 cat.jpg)

Characters with no tickle art Anonymous 09/23/2021 (Thu) 04:16:10 Id: 0677bf No. 1381
Its this thread again (characters without GOOD tickle art are also acceptable)
(968.99 KB 958x898 BotW_Revali_Artwork.png)

>>1381 I dont think anyone's done Revali yet, have they?
(35.66 KB 275x338 Cp_dpjoWYAA2oe8.png)

Machoke doesn't have so much art as a male ticklee
(246.42 KB 350x490 ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone noticed that cute girls who get their lives snuffed out pitifully usually don't get a lot of tickling art?
>>1391 Not directly related to her specifically, but I've been toying with idea of canonically dead female characters in tickle hell a lot. Maybe something I'll commission one day when I'm rich.
(268.46 KB 931x1717 Moana_promo_2.jpg)

She's barefoot and also has her belly button and pits exposed yet barely has any tickle art, fucking why man?
>>1394 Like who?
(1.23 MB 1024x725 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1396 Specific appearance.Unknown character. Unknown cartoon. We already have Nani from Lilo and Stitch.
>>1404 >moana >unknown character >unknown cartoon ???
>>1391 Is she the railgun girl?
(534.17 KB 800x673 MooncancerGaneshaStage2.png)

Jinako, specifically her in Fate GO as Ganesha Jinako Is already a very underrated waifu on the Fate series, she's so cute and man, look at that chubby belly just begging to be tickled
>>1404 Wtf you mean "unknown"?
(1.54 MB 682x1777 Jinako Carigiri.png)

>>1409 Oh yeah, absolutely. It blows my mind that a character as cute as Jinako exists with an exposed belly and sandals and yet everyone's just like "yeah nah, let's do Jalter again" or whatever. Even her human self is far and away a fantastic and underappreciated target. She's on my list of characters to commission when I find the time.
(128.23 KB 995x803 ClipboardImage.jpeg)

>>1415 Man, don't do us Jalter fans like that, we might not be as starving as y'all are, but we're still starving. Besides, we all know who the real enemy is, here.
>>1417 Nahh, you right, you right. I was just trying to think of the first Fate waifu that game to mind. Honestly I think I meant Jeanne and said Jalter by accident. But yeah, Ishtar is absolutely overdone solely because "oh she's already barefoot lmao".
(727.18 KB 1280x1024 Fang_1280x1024_v1.jpg)

I HAVE seen 2 or so pics of Fang getting tickled and they basically suck
(61.55 KB 720x900 Tai_Lung.jpg)

(24.02 KB 738x416 images (7).jpeg)

Tai lung from Kung Fu Panda. He's like a plush, perfect for tickles. And he can get interesting tickle scenarios, like being tickled captive in prison, or getting tickled in hell after his death, even when some mexican youtubers say that he is good and a victim.
>>2518 >even when some mexican youtubers say that he is good and a victim.
(1.21 MB 1280x1280 1618338411.siberio_011.png)

>>2518 Here I have one
(150.95 KB 236x423 Doom_Slayer.png)

>>1381 Doomguy, he can get tickled by a demon in a violent f/m, utilizing the game's story
(116.85 KB 1280x1200 envy_.jpg)

(176.00 KB 1280x1986 envy_doodles.jpg)

(111.34 KB 1280x2239 envy.jpg)

Envy. No GOOD art as far as I can tell.
>>2875 ok pro calm down
I haven't seen a single good tickling picture of Raven, I'm offended.
(5.16 MB 8136x3300 image_2021-10-10_215628.png)

(1.71 MB 1440x2230 image_2021-10-10_215739.png)

(584.39 KB 1024x576 image_2021-10-10_215807.png)

(227.46 KB 400x655 image_2021-10-10_215949.png)

(831.29 KB 1024x1335 image_2021-10-10_220028.png)

(212.39 KB 1024x800 image_2021-10-10_220224.png)

(612.35 KB 1024x1433 image_2021-10-10_220237.png)

(497.07 KB 888x689 image_2021-10-10_220250.png)

(485.33 KB 1280x871 image_2021-10-10_220303.png)

(3.73 MB 1920x2716 image_2021-10-10_220316.png)

(3.77 MB 1024x5120 image_2021-10-10_220435.png)

(879.37 KB 1632x1224 image_2021-10-10_220500.png)

(605.42 KB 1085x743 image_2021-10-10_220513.png)

(1.28 MB 825x1079 image_2021-10-10_220549.png)

(811.22 KB 653x1550 image_2021-10-10_220559.png)

>>3014 >>3015 >>3016 He said good, none of those are good
>>3017 They seem fine to me
(676.74 KB 806x1156 Heroine-sylvie.png)

(1.24 MB 1025x1177 Sylvie_Paula_KOFXIV.png)

I could be wrong, but I've never seen any.
>>3065 Boy that midriff sure is asking for it
>>3073 Yeah no kidding anon, makes it even more surprising
Speaking of which
(208.01 KB 1280x1024 JA03.jpg)

(297.76 KB 1280x1024 TavionKorriban.jpg)

There isn't much of even vanilla fanart of Tavion, even though Jedi Academy was quite popular game.
I'm so surprised this girl from shimoneta doesn't have more tickle art, especially since it seems like she'd probably be into it
>>1417 >>1420 Ishtar might have the most out of the FGO girls, but with her design I'd say she deserves every single tickle she's gotten. And I have to say, it really annoys me when a character is 95% naked and the only thing most people in this community notice is the bare feet. As for an underrated FGO character, Medb deserves way more than the couple of mediocre pictures she has right now. >>3086 To add to that, Kaguya is just begging for it with her outfit and pose.
>>3117 If I'm not mistaken, the crazy white haired girl even hint that the black hair one is ticklish and that she has tickled her before (I just watched a few episodes before drop it so I don't remember the name of any character)
>>3117 She has an entire tickle doujin by Asanoya. Also, I'm still mad the anime cut one of the two tickle scenes and cheaped out on the second one.
>>3140 I watched the entire show and I don't remember anything like that. But it would be incredibly hot for the white haired girl to catch her when she's in her disguise and punish her by tickling her naked body. >>3146 I thought that the scene in the LN was really short and the one in the anime is original. I'd say it was a pretty good scene overall.
(94.55 KB 768x269 244english-768x269.jpg)

(175.55 KB 1024x354 120english-1024x354.jpg)

(177.91 KB 461x1024 369en-461x1024.jpg)

(151.86 KB 461x1024 373en-461x1024.jpg)

(991.21 KB 1704x2000 bob-challenge-sophie.jpg)

It's sad Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl by Jago is not more popular. With the amount of skin (and feet for the ones interested) his characters show, there should be tickle art out there but it isn't. (Comics are also in Spanish)
(337.83 KB 1150x806 miss-youen.jpg)

(610.26 KB 2560x2144 glassesf-scaled.jpg)

(1.15 MB 1704x2000 bob-challenge.jpg)

>>3192 >>3194 The artist named Vikafizzy had at least one good pic with one of these girls. Then one day they burned their entire gallery to the ground, and it went along with it. Kind of a shame, they also did other girls that don't get much action like the DS3 Firekeeper and Sarah Kerrigan. If you ask around in the lost art thread you can maybe find it.
>>3206 Oh really? What a shame. I look it up, and her artstyle is good, but it's true that she wiped it out. I'll try, thanks!
(208.53 KB 1010x813 M4TwenzG64g.jpg)

(132.10 KB 1024x649 1ioqojBb1JU.jpg)

(222.04 KB 900x905 c6A7rbZ7uSA.jpg)

(218.10 KB 1280x604 uIIStaoeORE.jpg)

>>3260 Hey, I decided to give finding them a shot myself. Went better than expected :)
>>3590 Omg, thank you so much! This is pure gold!
(901.65 KB 1024x1024 50-38.png)

>>3206 >artist randomly decides to delete everything Gee this is a totally rare and unexpected occurrence
>>4277 I really hope some people in this thread are trolling.
>>4277 this is the type of shit that ends up on cringe threads
Y'know, there are dozens and dozens of Tifa pics that have spawned since Remake, and many of them have Scarlet as the tickler. And I get it since Tifa is so popular and it's a natural fit. But what I haven't seen is a revenge pic. Sexy bad girls having the tables turned on them once in a while is hot as fuck imo. Just saying.
>>4279 Lmao it's gone, even the mods cringed
(211.63 KB 393x448 grey spy.PNG)

I always wanted to see tickle art of Grey spy from the Spy vs. Spy comics. There isn't much porn of her in general from what I've seen, but I would love to see her get caught in some kind of Spy. vs. Spy-style tickle trap.
Okay real actual non-joke post here, this Tiffy chick on DeviantArt

(1.28 MB 1600x2817 65750.jpg)

Chuck Baker from Planet 51. I don't know why but I like him even though he can be corny and some references of his is cringe.
(264.28 KB 1200x630 img_share_630.jpg)

(346.18 KB 1651x925 Screenshot_1.jpg)

Epic 7 and Counter Side. These games have many awesome waifu. But none tickling artwork with them. So sad.
This is one of the best mainstream scenes yet there has never been any art based around the characters. Dying to see the villainess get some, and even her beefcake henchwomen.
>>6157 >male That's why no one cares. There's about 10x the amount of /m tickling in mainstream than there is /f tickling.
>>6158 They are pretty one sided, but i haven't even seen this touched on in male tickling art either. You think a qt anime protagonist would work for any side. The scene is unusually kinky too and the women involved are ripe for their own versions of it.
>>3590 >>3194 do you think he's still a degeneralte like us? or maybe it was more like unrequested fanart?
>>6178 Who do you mean, Jago, the creator of the characters? He didn't draw the tickle fetish stuff, that was Vikaffizy, who judging by the large gallery of tickle smut they had before doing a wipe was clearly on our power level at least. Although Jago's hardly a saint, I doubt the popularity of his strips is due entirely to his incredible sense of humor.
(1.91 MB 1440x1440 Kelly_ME2_boxshot.png)

Yeoman Kelly Chambers
there's never enough of both Penny AND Gumball tickle art. Penny could use some more foot art too, both forms.
>>3126 IIRC In one of the games, one of Kaguya's abilities is literally called "Ticklish" and it raises her evasion.
>>7492 I checked and you're right about that. I guess keeping those sensitive pits exposed makes her better at avoiding attacks.
(767.25 KB 850x1203 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.43 MB 1920x620 HeroImage.png)

(1.50 MB 1920x1080 TITLEPIC_BLOODRITE (1).png)

A man can dream.
Speaking of Fate characters... I don't think I've seen a single tickle pic of Nezha or Penthesilea. Nezha shows off her legs so much you'd think someone would think of some feet-tickling with her(Yes, I'm a footfag...) and I'm sure people into abs-tickling should notice Penthesilea Also a surprise to me is how Nitocris seems to have very little popularity for tickle pics, despite the Learning with Manga comics very often showing her being tickled, but unlike Nezha and Penthesilea there actually is a few decent ones at least XD
>>4348 Bro she looks like she'd be a switch with the fluffy tail
I don't think anything exists with Osaka from Azumanga Daioh
(345.45 KB 1000x1050 Jeanne_anime_concept.png)

(163.53 KB 900x1350 Domi-3.jpg)

I haven't seen a single tickle pic of neither Jeanne nor Dominique de Sade from the Case Study of Vanitas. Maybe it's because the anime wasn't that popular and that Jun Mochizuki isn't as well known as other mangaka. It's a shame because these characters are ripe for tickling, either by their respective boyfriends - Vanitas and Noe, or, better yet, each other, considering they have a strong friendly relationship with slightly romantic undertones. Jeanne is the submissive type while Domi is, well, it's in her name, but she's also deeply insecure about herself. What tickle artist would be best for illustrating these characters, and what's the most suitable tickle situation for them to be in?
>>9382 I would be very surprised if she really didn't have anything, considering how iconic the series is.
(73.38 KB 640x480 1233636104594.jpg)

>>9382 >>10727 I think this is the only tickling art I've ever seen of Osaka, and this picture could very well be as old as I am. This is literally one of the first tickling pictures I ever saw on the Internet. At least, I'm pretty sure it's her. The hair is the same but the outfit looks like the sports one rather than the class one.
(128.26 KB 285x786 Hod_Ruina.full.3448591.png)

(453.84 KB 720x544 95151752_p0.png)

There could be some potential for Lob Corp / Library of Ruina characters, I think. The one tickle-related fan content I could find at all was for Hod and its a 3D Koikatsu vid. https://www.iwara.tv/videos/38gnetybznt4nkg07
(463.50 KB 1024x724 ClipboardImage.png)

Addie McAllister - The Emoji Movie.
(70.38 KB 1280x720 timekeeper.jpg)

(1.04 MB 2298x2357 uxlz4h1djz131.png)

(440.60 KB 1870x2048 EUMfHqoWAAE7PYn.jpg)

(117.28 KB 360x450 The_Spider.png)

(1.20 MB 1818x2074 w8wjxtdgww131.png)

I've been getting into Dead Cells lately, and naturally now want to see The Timekeeper and The Spider getting tickled. Especially The Timekeeper.
>>11274 based anon, there's plenty of enemy types that would make it super easy, or just give the protagonist a weapon that naturally deals tons of bonus damage to the Timekeeper,
New movie coming out next week. A girl and her online persona. Why not tickle both?
Its criminal how few tickle scenes and art this character gets compared to Lucy whose nowhere near as attractive let alone have as nice of feet.
Golden opportunity missed with this character.
This girl really missed a lot of golden opportunities for tickles.
>>11321 It would have been so good to see Ika actually jumping in to Nagisa asking to be tickled, only for Nagisa to realize she actually can't handle any of it. For comedic purposes of course.
>>11321 She straight up asks to be tickled, how is there not more art of her?
>>11319 I'll give you tickle scenes (although she still has two which is more than almost every other character) but she has plenty of art and definitely doesn't belong in this thread. And I have no idea how you're noticing any differences in their feet when their faces are barely any different. >>11324 I don't know what her canon age is but she looks extremely young so most artists aren't going to want to draw her.
With Bleach making a comeback, I'm hoping that these two will finally get some art.
(421.43 KB 800x870 kuva_2022-01-09_191256.png)

(1.48 MB 869x1341 kuva_2022-01-09_191333.png)

>>11324 Found just one by a quick lookup. Also mixed up her name before, she's Sanae, Nagisa is a different character from the same series, and actually almost gets proper tickle torture treatment. >>11332 She's a high school girl and it's not like anime teenagers have ever been considered off limits.
>>11345 It's not about what her stated age is but how she looks. There are 15 year old anime girls that look like 30 year old supermodels and also ones that look like they're no older than 12. She definitely looks like she's middle school or early high school age so I can understand why most artists wouldn't want to draw her.
>genshin impact gets hundreds of tickle/fetish art >honkai impact still has 0 tickling art Kiana Kaslana my beloved...

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