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(382.07 KB 1280x1837 1.jpg)

Translation Thread Anonymous 09/24/2021 (Fri) 01:07:50 Id: 3cc0ca No. 1436
I'm probably not the one who should be making this thread since I don't speak Japanese, but I saw the idea pop up before and I think it'd be nice to have one. Anyway, I used the magic of google to translate this doujin into English. Enjoy.
(320.02 KB 1280x1837 2.jpg)

(741.60 KB 1280x1837 3.jpg)

(733.26 KB 1280x1837 4.jpg)

(821.72 KB 1280x1837 5.jpg)

(778.97 KB 1280x1837 6.jpg)

(792.88 KB 1280x1837 7.jpg)

(792.45 KB 1280x1837 8.jpg)

(798.74 KB 1280x1837 9.jpg)

(812.27 KB 1280x1837 10.jpg)

(851.17 KB 1280x1837 11.jpg)

(878.01 KB 1280x1837 12.jpg)

(885.50 KB 1280x1837 13.jpg)

(896.11 KB 1280x1837 14.jpg)

(773.47 KB 1280x1837 15.jpg)

(915.24 KB 1280x1837 16.jpg)

(838.66 KB 1280x1837 17.jpg)

(790.79 KB 1280x1837 18.jpg)

(43.34 KB 168x300 2Q.png)

Based OP
I guess it’s Korean or Japanese
>>1436 >magic of google to translate How? does google have image translation now?
>>1465 I think the phone app version of google translate can do images, but I don't have it. At first I tried using some other site that could, but the translations it spit out were terrible. Someone else translated it to Italian on e-hentai, then I just typed his stuff in to google translate and replaced it. I have no idea how to read or type moonrunes so there is no way I can do stuff in Japanese.
>>1464 It’s in Korean because I can’t read it.
Dying to know what these two pages say to know what is the setup of this comic
(1.93 MB 4093x2894 0.png)

(2.02 MB 4093x2894 1.png)

(1.98 MB 4093x2894 2.png)

(2.51 MB 4093x2894 3.png)

(2.63 MB 4093x2894 4.png)

Since not everyone checks the color thread, here is a compilation of the 3 major(?) translations that I’ve done in the past.
(300.83 KB 1400x1080 d0c829a5f0cb5c18bad8bae093fcd8f9.jpg)

(862.34 KB 1400x1080 Toga Izuku Caption.png)

Part translation, part caption. Some of the text was not in the original, added in for flavor.
(208.67 KB 1035x1200 EZekPYLUEAAwF7N.jpeg)

(224.92 KB 1080x1451 EZekP6IU8AIpnUs.jpeg)

Someone can translate this please 🙏?
(479.11 KB 1012x975 78808308_p10.jpg)

(662.54 KB 1080x1134 78808308_p11.jpg)

(377.32 KB 949x895 78808308_p12.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1074x1607 78808308_p13.jpg)

Always been curious about this one. Super easy to figure out the basics from the visuals, but I still would like to know the deets. >>1691 >>1859 Hecking nice. >>1861 Also can I bump this too? Are we doing that or...?
(2.74 MB 2894x4093 1632793863969.png)

>>1861 Having a hard time making out some characters due to the handwriting so I had to fill in (Right to left, first image, 2nd image I’ll do later cause I’m busy) Na-Nami… Look Look, Nami-chan’s favorite tickle spot, Kocho kocho. Doesn’t it tickle? Kocho kocho Nyahahahaha stop… stop-ahehehehehihihi Guahhahahaha! If Nami-chan can’t endure it, Robin-chan’s will get tickled next, kocho kocho~ Sorry Nami, I’ll try to figure something out, please endure… Ahahahahhahihihehehe ahahaha Robin, what is it? Iuahahaha.
(717.08 KB 872x804 36-2.png)

(737.76 KB 872x846 36-5.png)

(564.84 KB 872x742 36-3.png)

(790.05 KB 872x846 36-4.png)

Tickle dungeon!
God I love Japan, they're so kinky over there
>>1861 >>1886 (Part 2, right to left) It’s a shame Robin-chan, but since Nami-chan couldn’t resist, it’s your turn to get tickled too. Aaahaahaahaa. Iihiihiihiihi!! Sto-stop! My feet are my weak spot, stahahahahp ihhiihiit~! I wonder who’s fault it is that you’re being tickled right now. Do you know Nami-chan? *aa-aa-choo* Sorry Robin… sorry… Aaahahahaha Don’t touch my toes! Hohyahyafufufuheheheahi~~! (For those that don’t get the sneeze, in Japan, it’s believed that sneezing is a sign that someone is talking about you)
>>1886 >>1896 Very based of you, Color Anon.
(3.34 MB 2048x1485 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.21 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.91 MB 1536x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.25 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.13 MB 2048x1536 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1896 Thanks ☺️
>>1586 Notes: I don’t know what “nerufu” is but it appears to be some name associated with the character or series. Could be Nerf or Nerv, no idea. 1) Huh… what’s this…?! I can’t move…! 2) Is this the work of {Nerf?}, and if it is, what is the purpose of this? You’re watching me right? I’m already awake. Tell me what you want! 3) Hey, say something! Tying up a cute maiden like this… You perverts! 4) Kyaa! What’s with these disgusting hands? Get away from me! 5) Hey, what are they moving like that… …It can’t be?! Okay, okay! Just tell me what you want…
>>1986 thank you anon, and yes, Nerv is an organization in Evangelion (where the character's from)
>>1895 Whether or not I insert text into the image will be at random. If someone else wants to do it for other translations or fix my English and re-post them go ahead. Transcript: You like being tickled and pleasured by women, don’t you? We found multiple images and videos of such stored on your phone. If you donate to the Foundation, we will continue to let you cum, and depending on the amount you give, we will give you more protection ♡
>>1892 The sisters hugged one another to support and comfort each other. However, if they tried to pull their arms away from the shackles, their crotches would be tickled without mercy. The feather propellors in front of them also forced them to separate from each other. The younger sister squirmed as the sole of her foot was tickled, while the older sister rose her arms against her will, squeezing her crotch. The younger sister on the bottom and the older sister on top, which was different from how they usually embraces, seemed to cause the sisters discomfort and confusion. “Aah onee-chan! Onee-chan!” “Don’t worry! I will save you!” That’s an odd way of speaking. The sister may actually just be her guardian.
(430.46 KB 943x1200 scathach29.jpg)

(472.78 KB 943x1200 scathach30.jpg)

(372.15 KB 943x1200 scathach31.jpg)

(426.36 KB 943x1200 scathach32.jpg)

(358.34 KB 1200x1169 scathach36.jpg)

(607.42 KB 1200x1169 scathach37.jpg)

>>2189 >>1892 Fixed translation errors and added text to image. (Previous version deleted if you are wondering where it went). Transcript: The sisters hugged one another to support and comfort each other. However, if they tried to pull their arms away from the shackles, their crotches would be tickled without mercy. The feather propellers in front of their faces also forced them to separate from each other. The younger sister squirmed as the soles of her feet were tickled, while the older sister pulled her arms back against her will, stimulating her crotch. The younger sister being below her older sister, which was different from how they usually embraced, seemed to cause the sisters discomfort and confusion. “Ahh onee-chan! Onee-chan!” “Don’t worry! I will save you!” That’s an odd thing for an older sister to say. She may actually be a hired bodyguard.
>>2052 No I will not be coloring this.
(1.70 MB 1832x1900 87712613_p2.jpg)

(2.76 MB 1832x1900 87712613_p0.jpg)

(3.00 MB 1832x1900 87712613_p1.jpg)

Don't have the uncensored version I'm afraid
(1.38 MB 1143x1600 91942499_p0.jpg)

(1.81 MB 1143x1600 91942499_p1.jpg)

(1.88 MB 1143x1600 91942499_p2.jpg)

(1.73 MB 1143x1600 91942499_p3.jpg)

(1.68 MB 1143x1600 91942499_p4.jpg)

>>2226 >>2747 Since it’s just translating whether or not I do it is mainly based on length/requests and not the art itself. I already did one in the past as seen here >>2037
(473.77 KB 1571x2204 FAhv6NyUUA8Ewl6.jfif)

(585.04 KB 1571x2204 FAhv7UDUYAUT2Im.jfif)

(588.79 KB 1571x2204 FAhv8dRUUAAZT00.jfif)

(609.17 KB 1571x2204 FAhv9tFVIAIaxop.jfif)

(578.34 KB 1571x2204 FAhwFUfVcAA0ZGy.jfif)

(672.50 KB 1571x2204 FAhwGgxVkAEoD02.jfif)

(556.77 KB 1571x2204 FAhwHl3VUAQBi5W.jfif)

(645.14 KB 1571x2204 FAhwI1oUUAgh0CJ.jfif)

(644.68 KB 1571x2204 FAhwL3NVEAEKhwT.jfif)

(126.42 KB 768x1024 FAhwMTyVkAE97lz.jfif)

>>2226 >>2751 Rest of the files didn’t attach. All Red/orange text in part 2 translate to *tickle* or *kocho* or *coochie*
>>2782 Rest of the text is just laughter sound effects and a “stop.”
>>2749 Trash-zuma can also be read as Kuzuma, and kuzu means trash, which is what Aqua calls Kazuma a lot. Hopefully the text looks clear, if not I can try to make it easier to see based on suggestion.
>>2930 Is that implying paizuri while pit tickle torture is happening? Holy fuck I think that's pretty good man, thanks a ton
(549.32 KB 349x617 ClipboardImage.png)

(726.35 KB 849x1200 mam.jpg)

(539.42 KB 745x627 tan.png)

(915.68 KB 849x1200 mam2.jpg)

>>2793 Thank you for the translation.
>>3123 The other 2 suggestions in this post are just sound effects or generic laughter sounds. The one line in the first one is “Now let’s move onto the feet”
(581.53 KB 1376x2048 FAi3DKZVQAALc6D.jpeg)

>>3186 Honestly didn’t realize the caption/story potential some of these images have until after translating them to English.
>>3226 Thanks ☺️
(424.41 KB 1200x1697 QUaHaesaeFukD5FkXKCav6Wb.jpg)

(565.91 KB 1200x1697 7tJX5fpp8VaBEn9sz7oscyRD.jpg)

(741.26 KB 1200x1697 N9HFDuIeV6AzoGHYZqHcHnHo.jpg)

(515.54 KB 1200x1783 P5UOqKuUazBOLTjfKNRvoZXS.jpg)

(569.50 KB 1200x1776 t3gOVc4O4PUQEgpb7Quy54h4.jpg)

>>3226 Same, they get SO much better with just a bit of extra context. You're doing god's work here Also, not to dump this artist's 500+ pic entire gallery, but I'd love see it all translated/captioned tbh
(152.23 KB 685x1024 92037966_p0.jpg)

(181.13 KB 687x1024 92037966_p1.jpg)

(1.98 MB 3072x4344 88211023_p6.jpg)

(312.42 KB 1200x1675 ACXfIlfbiS50Bp64DR4mTkbc.jpg)

(455.69 KB 1200x1675 omEm1nMR1k2Of0ncuPOOhYXv.jpg)

Last ones, I swear
>>3123 thanks
>>3232 i can't be bothered to edit stuff but i know enough japanese to translate this first image "why are you looking at me smiling?" "that smile... don't show it to the other girls" "even for a producer you are already kind of a pervert" second image "hyaaaahahaah! turn it off!! turn of the light!!! producer don't look at my faceeeee! i'm going crazyyyahahahaah!" "eh?" "wai-" "more!!! tickle me more!!! it's your fault!!! you turned me into a pervertahahahaha!
>>3186 does someone knows the artist?
(119.12 KB 644x910 m77.png)

(159.68 KB 644x910 m78.png)

(115.51 KB 644x910 m79.png)

(124.61 KB 644x910 m80.png)

(149.39 KB 644x910 m81.png)

I know this one is a lot but I've wanted to see this scene translated for a while. I'm totally fine with people just typing the text here instead of putting it on the images, I can do that myself after I have the translation.
(122.13 KB 644x910 m82.png)

(147.54 KB 644x910 m83.png)

(136.93 KB 644x910 m84.png)

(146.08 KB 644x910 m85.png)

(3.38 MB 1748x2480 93341157_p0.png)

(4.16 MB 1748x2480 93341157_p1.png)

(4.21 MB 1748x2480 93341157_p2.png)

(4.66 MB 1748x2480 93341157_p5.png)

(5.01 MB 1748x2480 93341157_p4.png)

>>3245 >>3251 That's so fucking great, goddamn. Absolutely based of you anon Here's the guy's gallery https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/53910724 They're also on kemono and there's a ton of their stuff on sadpanda
(698.50 KB 682x1000 93288790_p0.png)

>>3325 I love the QQ girls, needs more art, especially Miku. Also stuff that receives bumps or votes is more likely to get translated since the only thing that I consider is length/time when translating. Number of requests has gone up and I can’t get to every single one.
>>3363 Thanks ☺️
(127.63 KB 600x800 93426636_p0_master1200.webp)

(1.02 MB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

(1004.36 KB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.17 MB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.07 MB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.12 MB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3363 Nino best quint don't @ me this ones a bit long so understandable if you won't do it this lad has done all of the quints though 3/5 in the straightJ + stocks combo though maybe just text translation would work too cough cough
>>3407 This is the low-res version but apparently this pic got deleted from pixiv. Do you know who the artist was?
>>3419 It was from akaakamilky. From the looks of their Twitter it was supposed to be a private commission so they deleted it.
>>3301 Hey, give me my sweets…❤️ What!? You didn’t bring any!? Hmm…. Coochie coochie coochie (*or tickle tickle tickle) Time for your punishment ❤️ >>3407 This one is just generic laughter text or variations of hahaha, with a couple of “stop” and “I hate this” and “why” thrown in. >>3418 I will respectfully disagree to say that Miku is better.
(285.67 KB 917x1200 quintuplets.jpg)

(228.92 KB 857x1200 quintuplets2.jpg)

(334.19 KB 857x1200 quintuplets3.jpg)

(56.40 KB 413x611 quintuplets5.jpg)

(563.30 KB 689x1018 quintuplets4.jpg)

>>3431 Here's all the quint stuff I have color anon, hope some of it is stuff you haven't seen before. By the way, did you ever color that Kusujinn quintuplets pic that was on the 8kun color thread?
(61.66 KB 413x611 quintuplets6.jpg)

(54.91 KB 413x611 quintuplets7.jpg)

(67.61 KB 413x611 quintuplets8.jpg)

(518.70 KB 689x1018 quintuplets9.jpg)

(512.08 KB 1200x675 quintuplets10.jpg)

(130.77 KB 642x949 quintuplets11.jpg)

(133.23 KB 651x962 quintuplets12.jpg)

(141.02 KB 651x962 quintuplets13.jpg)

(151.71 KB 662x979 quintuplets14.jpg)

(145.82 KB 623x920 quintuplets15.jpg)

(347.93 KB 1200x745 quintuplets18.jpg)

(297.72 KB 1200x900 quintuplets19.jpg)

(890.51 KB 2700x1600 quintuplets20.jpg)

>>3177 im confused on the coloring of this one is someone else talking in the first bubble but then she enjoys it?
>>3434 Thanks and yeah I did. >>3439 To be honest I’m not sure, I think the first textbox is someone off-screen talking to her. It didn’t make sense to me either and I’m not good enough at English writing to make it sound good or make it make more sense. If anyone wants to proof-read or edit them and make them sound better like the captions from the captions thread go ahead, and I can post the transcripts if needed. From what I understand, seems like she was captured and asked to be a foot tickling idol, says she isn’t ticklish, then asks to stop when she gets tickled. But that’s not what it actually says so I didn’t write that in, just my guess.
>>3444 Would you mind posting your coloring anon?
>>3301 Text applied to image version.
(2.59 MB 2732x2048 84014648_p0.jpg)

>>3431 >>3487 Not just the translation, but a damn fine edit too, you're truly a based individual. Thank you kindly. >>3444 I really wish I could help you with editing and stuff but I'd be clueless as to where to even start. I could try captioning them, but that'd just be adding stuff on top, not really helping the translation process right? Since the transition to english is a part of the issue, how about writing and posting the script in your mother tongue? If it's easier for you and more accurately translated too, maybe you can then stumble upon an anon that shares your native language and can help make more sense of it in english. This goes for other complex requests too of course.
>>3493 No this does not make any sense to me either and yes this is exactly what it says. English is one of my native languages, I just suck at it. >>3446 I don’t have it anymore or I can’t find it, someone else may have it or if not you can re-request it in the coloring thread.
>>3502 >I've been watching twitter for hours and I intend to continue doing so Lmao, good for her, I'm just gonna headcannon this is what she's saying, for my own sake. Thanks a lot still man, really appreciate it >English is one of my native languages, I just suck at it. Oh? Post it in any other one you're better at then. Or don't, no pressure man, I think you're doing great just as is and am thankful regardless of wether your work is perfect or not
>>2225 Part 1
>>2225 Part 2
>>3232 I think these are the last ones I will do for now due to declining/lack of general interest for translations. If interest goes up later I’ll continue then. Still too busy to be coloring things as well, my name isn’t really accurate right now.
(1.76 MB 1240x1754 92758974_p0.jpg)

(646.54 KB 1042x1600 018.jpg)

(193.39 KB 1042x1600 019.jpg)

(355.49 KB 1042x1600 020.jpg)

(380.46 KB 1042x1600 021.jpg)

>>3889 That's wonderful man, thank you so much. Restrainless tickling like that through hypnosis, slimes, tickling clothing etc. is so hot to me, getting the complete context really brings the pic up. It's too bad you're busy and/or find the lack of interest discouraging! For the record, the only reason I don't spam the thread with all the stuff I'd love to see you and the other translators work their magic on is because I think that would quickly become obnoxious, but my interest hasn't gone down one bit. I obviously get you're not in it just to benefit one guy though lol. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you do decide to continue soon. >my name isn’t really accurate right now. Just change it to Based Anon, then it'll be accurate all the time :D
(1.14 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p0.jpg)

(1009.56 KB 2304x3072 92359566_p1.jpg)

(1.26 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p2.jpg)

(1.11 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p3.jpg)

(977.56 KB 2304x3072 92359566_p4.jpg)

(1.00 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p5.jpg)

(1.17 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p6.jpg)

(1.05 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p7.jpg)

(1.06 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p8.jpg)

(1.19 MB 2304x3072 92359566_p9.jpg)

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