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Trophy Wall Anonymous 02/24/2022 (Thu) 00:26:28 Id: bb51fd No. 15111
Give this stale shit a breath of fresh air. If its a unique spin on the scenario or a talented artist tackling it well I wanna see it.
Also I know some of them aren't "Trophy Walls", but anything with feet through a wall counts
foot walls are the best!!!
>>15111 bump
(2.51 MB 1920x1200 15_eyes.png)

(3.27 MB 1920x1200 16.png)

Foot walls are stupid and cringe, don't you know that there's more to girls than just their faces and their feet?
>>15189 Nice joke
im currently drawing a "box" style tickling pic that also focuses on the victim's other body parts (like thighs, breasts, etc) while keeping the "trapped" theme. I don't have any art accounts or really post my art anywhere so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing it if you guys think it's appropriate for this thread?
>>15239 Its not exclusively a feet wall thread, so sure
>>15242 I'm almost done with it and I should have it complete by tomorrow , glad to know I can share it here!
>>15189 I personally like the aspect of reducing ticklee only as her ticklish spots, especially if they have the implication that characters suffering that fate have been defeated and have now become just ticklish property to be mercilessly punished. I do wish that it was more popular with other body parts too, though. Give me trapped midriffs and tiddies too, damnit!
(6.90 MB 5380x7470 a1.png)

(6.98 MB 5380x7470 a2.png)

>>15239 here's the completed picture with 2 versions; this is the first time I've posted my art here so if you guys have any advice or critique let me know also the character is an oc named Anna, if anons are interested I can give more info about her or the situation she's in
>>15270 thats super hot woah, i love anna and i'd like to know more. you did a great job with this pic!!!
>>15270 I see you're going for a more cartoon / 4 toes style, still I'd advise looking at references for the feet so you can get better sole dimensions and toe shape
>>15273 thanks! Yeah, looking at it now I see that the toes are a little oddly shaped, thanks for the tip >>15271 Glad you like it:) She's supposed to be this bitchy and rich girl who does a lot of advertising for commercials or whatever; I can draw another box scenario with her (different posting ID because I'm using phone lol)
>>15275 i like bitchy and rich girls getting wrecked so i think maybe like if u get a thing where shes advertising and they dont tell her its for a tickle torture website maybe lol
(2.00 MB 2207x2672 20220225_183149.jpg)

(1.24 MB 1849x2026 20220225_183207.jpg)

(3.99 MB 2839x3590 20220225_183227.jpg)

>>15276 Exactly lol, i love that idea ;) I'm going to draw another pic but here are some concept sketches of her
>>15279 shes so cute!!
>>15280 thanks, i appreciate it! I have another box-style pic but it involves a non-human character (in fact she's supposed to be a weird anthro spider lol) not sure if youd be interested
>>15281 hell yeah bro lets see it!!!
>>15282 Was gonna post it but I noticed the head looked a little off so I'm gonna fix it really quick
>>15284 no problem, just asking but do u have a deviantart or anything?
>>15286 nope, I don't post my art anywhere and this is the only time I've posted it online lol (I haven't forgotten about posting the other box pic, im outside at the moment)
>>15288 ur good, just asking cuz u seem cool
thanks again, im glad you enjoy my work! here's 2 pics of the spider character i was talking about, there's one more pic of her in the box where her feet and head are visible but that's the one im going to fix so I won't post it yet >>15289
>>15293 yoooooo shes cute! u did a really good job w her
>>15294 I'll post the 3rd pic of her as soon as I get back ;)
>>15303 cool im looking forward to it!!!
>>15304 since you seem to like box-style tickling, what do you like to see in pictures involving this scenario? Personally I'm not a fan of just a head and a pair of feet; I usually like other body parts visible like the hands, neck, and breasts
>>15312 yeah boxes are so hot, i like when theres just head and feet but i also like when its like theres other area exposed, mostly breasts cause theyre hot lol
>>15313 here's another one I drew featuring a different blonde character named lex, she's a tiny Russian gal
>>15314 so cute!!! i love your style so much hahaha, she needs a big brush on both of her feet there lol
>>15315 based, thanks man ;) i actually have a pic where there's a brush on her feet but it's not a box pic, wonder if I should post it?
>>15316 youre welcome lol, and idk if its good on this thread cause its specifically for box tickles but idk the rules here lol
>>15317 maybe i'll post it in another thread someday ;> im still working on fixing the head of the spider gal for her box scene
>>15323 let me know if u do!!
>>15324 btw what do you think of the feet/soles in this >>15293? and what do you think of the style of feet i draw in general
>>15326 oops, i meant the pic of anna, not the spider gal
>>15326 i honestly think there really cute and like someone said above u look like u wanna go for the 4 toe style cartoony u know? i think there good tho!
>>15328 I see, im glad you don't mind that style Also here's the spider gal in the box, she's supposed to be a nephila spider so her feet are super sensitive as they use their feet to make their webs (the dark stuff coming out her eyes is supposed to be like venom or something)
>>15332 thats really cool n you seem really smart when it comes to spiders n thats really cool!!! i like that her feet are super sensitive cause thats where the webs come from. im already a big fan!!
>>15333 really appreciate all your feedback man! yes, she's ticklish enough that even breathing on her soles makes her giggle uncontrollably, hence why the feathers are making her lose her mind laughing and drooling everywhere haha
>>15316 I think you should post anyways, mods are pretty laid back around here. By the way love your work
>>15335 thats so cute wtf lol i love her
>>15336 >>15335 yea if the mods are pretty laid back i say post it too
>>15336 >>15343 does this place even have mods? Anyways here it is
>>15344 thats so cute!! i love how its showing up her skirt lol thats a guilty pleasure of mine. u did a really good job w this and she deserves so much tickles
>>15344 bro please start posting these on da
>>15347 >>15344 i gotta agree its an instant watch from me lmaoooo
>>15348 >>15347 I'm glad you guys like my art! I never posted online because I thought my art wasn't as good Compared to other tickle artists you guys like where do you think my art stands?
>>15367 to be honest bro? i think ur really really good and u got a lot of potential. instant watch if u ever decide to make another social and post! and u seem really chill and friendly so i think u would be fine
>>15342 Happy to hear you like her haha. I'm trying to draw her as a human (a regular picture) and another pic of her human form in a box being tickled, would you be interested in seeing that when I'm done (might be a few days)?
>>15369 i would love to see that it sounds so cute!!!!
>>15371 >>15368 thanks again ;) in the meantime here's another box pic with Anna i recently finished, let me know what you guys think!
>>15372 god damn!!! makes me wanna brush her pretty feet lol, u did a really good job with this!
>>15373 thanks again man ;)) since you like brushes so much how about i use a brush for the spider gal in the next pic? (any kind of brushes in mind?)
>>15374 oh man i feel special hahaha! i like hair brushes the most, like the big ones with plastic bristles lol
>>15375 you're like the only one responding regularly to my posts lol. show me a pic if you can and i can incorporate it into the next pic! she's really gonna be pushed to the limits by a brush... like you saw what just feathers do to her lol
>>15376 yea u know i gotta show support! n theres a whole thread abt u here lol talking about spideranon lol but this is the kind of brush i mean
>>15270 Normally I'm not into this style of art, but it's good to see an artist that kind of mixes it up a little bit. I still have the dread that the autists of this board will inevitably chase away decent drawfags, so better catch this art while I can.
what do you mean by the style of art? Like the way the face or feet are drawn, or the scenario? I'm always looking for ways to improve or general comments, just let me know :>
>>15377 I gotta check out that thread later haha. Nice tool choice btw ;)
>>15382 thanks!!
>>15383 I just saw it and I'll maybe post some of my other work in there later, did you make it?
>>15387 haha lol no surprisingly i didnt but i shouldve lol
>>15381 Sorry, I meant Trophy Wall in general. Trophy Wall just seems a little too basic for me, but you seem to be trying to show interior views and integrating a lot more of the body into the experience, which I like. I kind of dig the more cartoonish style. There are some artists that draw the four-fingered hands and feet in a way that annoys me, but this complements your style nicely. I have no real feedback I can think of right now, just more well-wishing and the desire to see more.
(968.32 KB 1123x634 kneel_screenshot.png)

>>15381 >>15389 Maybe you should have your girls tickled in a different position while still using the Trophy Wall format. For example (pic related) a girl being tickled on her backside while in a kneeling position.
>>15389 same, i think just a head and feet aren't enough! As another anon said, there's more to a girl than just her head and feet. I'm glad you like my art style! I usually don't draw box/trophy stuff but when I do I like to show other stuff visible, or at least do an 'x-ray' view inside (to also show that the pose is physically possible lol). >>15395 Wow, you must be psychic or something, I actually have an old sketch of the spider gal in that position that i've been getting to doing !
>>15396 >Wow, you must be psychic or something, I actually have an old sketch of the spider gal in that position that i've been getting to doing ! I guess I am, that's cool. Anyway, another suggestion would be focus on other body parts aside from feet. such as armpits, breasts, sides, clit etc.
>>15397 I mostly draw feet tickling but I can definitely draw other parts being tickled, thanks for the tip!
>>15398 please open a dA I need more Nephila in trophy stocks harvested for her web producing soles
>>15399 i think I'll stick to posting art here for now but that's a lovely scenario ;)) I definitely want to draw that!!
>>15399 I'm actually working on that now, quick question though where do you prefer the feet? Like near the head (like slightly below both sides of where the head is) or below the head
(6.90 MB 8800x10000 lxc2.5.png)

>>15345 I just finished a new pic of her that I posted on the thread someone made about me so I figured I'll post it here too even though it's not trophy wall themed
>>15395 I did a quick sketch of this position;i think I'll put this in the computer and make it a finalized piece!
(533.17 KB 806x1506 20220303_210814.jpg)

>>15395 here's another trophy style pic of a character named Anita (there's more art of her on the thread someone made about me) who is a high school music teacher guess what the cheese will be for ;)
>>15718 >>15797 thanks for both of these pics. I'm glad my suggestion was picked up
>>15718 >>15797 both of them look so pretty, your style is great!
(10.56 MB 4000x2907 commvalanafeetА.png)

>>15859 >>15860 Thanks so much anons! I'm going to do a part 2 and part 3 of the gal in the trophy stocks depicting her trying not to laugh and then losing her composure and laughing ;)
(630.83 KB 1225x1700 1.png)

>>15860 >>15859 Here's one of those pictures as a finished pic; I collaborated with my wife who did the line art and coloring for this image as well as designing the box. She's much better than me lol. I only drew the initial sketch. Parts 2 and 3 coming soon ;)
(609.05 KB 1225x1700 2.png)

and here is part 2! I hope using cheese as the tickle tool isn't too weird; I always liked the idea of unconventional tools for tickling
>>16200 looks great!!
(659.84 KB 1225x1700 3.1.21.png)

here's part 3! these are also up on my dA and I hope to upload more stuff soon!
>>15279 Holy shit dude i love her
>>16403 haha thanks!! Im planning on drawing another pic of her!

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