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THE LOST FILES OF DARKSPEED Anonymous 02/24/2022 (Thu) 01:38:09 Id: 67596a No. 15119
A pioneer of Deviantart fetish, Darkspeed's feet art inspired a generation of feet artists, whose focus on toespreads and tickling still famous today. A man enshrouded by mystery, Darkspeed has vanished and reappeared several times.His current accounts are https://www.deviantart.com/darkspeed-xz https://www.deviantart.com/darksand-xz with most of his work as Darkspeed7, DarkspeedX and ZoomCatStudios having been lost in the process. Efforts on salvaging this work have been made by Unkn0wnuser 135 (https://www.deviantart.com/unkn0wnuser135) and Naga-Asura (https://www.deviantart.com/naga-asura/art/Asuka-Kazama-Tickled-436708191),but still there is much to be recovered. Recently, 8Kun (https://8kun.top/feet/res/5035.html) has joined this initiative (https://8kun.top/feet/res/5035.html), but the collection has been lost with server issues. I'm restarting the project in this thread. Please upload here any lost files of Darkspeed you may have. As an example, I am uploading Asuka Kazama (as colored by Naga-Asura), even though it is on Naga-Asura's Deviantart page.
>>15119 Unfortunately this board is full of feet hating contrarians, but I wish you luck all the same.
>>15130 Shut up faggot
>>15119 Had a backup, i don't have anything from zoomcat but i have a decent chunk https://mega.nz/folder/UnQVRQ7T#5QL59TDeWRlrPmIKOMVBZg
(144.63 KB 368x453 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15130 >Guy is just asking for backup of art. >The footfag derails the thread with crying about getting hated on. >He still cant understand why they're hated here.
>>15185 Agreed, guys like him are just plain sad. I'm not here to see some nobodies cry about being hated for understandable reasons, I just want to see some good tickle art (feet, bellies, etc.).
derailing this thread to say fuck footfags
Derailing this thread to say I wish you all have a swell day!
Derailing the thread to pls updaet tkgeek is very import nt pls updart tkjgeel
I didn't write the last messages in the tread
>>17284 Just why
We're erick, we want tkgeek stuff
I like Pie and Im a furry
>>17306 what?
(122.14 KB 1400x1050 Catwoman Broken.jpeg)

I get a tkgeek picture, I get a tkgeek picture, yeah!!!
>>17380 not funny, and you aren't lapis
The Lapis-verse is real By the way, updated tkgeek shhhhhh shhhhhh I don't remember the links but it's the same lol
Why are all of you guys pretending to be me?
>>17593 Hey stop pretending to be me! I want your manager
Hello there, Erick. Please stop spaming in this board with my name, and I promise never ask for tkgeek stuff again.

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