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>>15350 literally so good, love the art style and the ticklish fates they get lol
unironically saw their art skimming trough threads, this guy has so much potential it's insane.
i really hope he starts uploading and doing these somewhere, but i also hope he doesn't turn into one of those guys who starts posting cringe shit and talking about how enby he totally is now once he has a platform or writing journals about personal drama no one cares about... also be nice to my new wife she is trying her best to be a maid
tbh i really think its just good for them to have a platform because there art can get more views, they deserve all the credit
sorry I'm sperging out this is just a really really good character design.... >antivenom is made from the same venom it's used against >they need to harvest her venom to make it so they just tickle her to get her to release it please... we need more of her...
>>15360 nah bro ur literally cultured for liking spider girl, she definitely needs to be the only producer of antivenom cause then we can tickle her a lot more
(8.97 MB 8500x13500 anita color1.png)

(11.61 MB 12500x10500 ann_color2.1.png)

wow guys, I sure didn't expect anyone to make a thread for me! I'm very glad you guys like my art and characters! Definitely want to draw my spider gal art (her name is Nephila) now haha. if you guys want to know more about any of these characters feel free to ask! And I'm always open to suggestions and criticism, just let me know :> >>15355 i can assure you that im not one of those twitter/reddit fuckers, i just like to draw cute girls laughing, that's all >>15360 Glad you like her! Now I want to draw more art of her, any ideas? I want to make a human version of her as well (don't worry her human form is just as ticklish lol) while i go draw more art, here's another Anna that I did a while ago (I think her feet look a little weird in this one personally) and another character named Anita. Anyone wanna see her be tickled? ;>
>>15394 incredibly and utterly based. your art is a breath of fresh air in the stale tickling art community, this is what we need more of, keep at it bro
>>15394 Did you know humans typically have ten fingers and toes?
>>15401 >The same generic stocks shit everyone else draws >Fresh luhmao
>>15403 This issue has already been addressed in Trophy Wall Thread >>15404 There is hardly any oc on this slow board. so some content is better nothing.
>>15407 >This issue has already been addressed in Trophy Wall Thread >It's called an art style Still looks alien to me >There is hardly any oc on this slow board. so some content is better nothing. Yes but calling it fresh is just not true. Though the characters are cute, I'll admit.
>>15409 >looks alien to me >calling it fresh is just not true Which one is it mate? Samey stuff that can't be called fresh or a style so different and specific it turns you off?
>>15409 I understand that you're not a fan of the 4 digits; do you think the art would be better if I drew 5 digits for hands/feet? Or is there any other problems you find in my style
>>15412 dont let some total rando on the internet influence your artistic vision buddy. do what you want, these are your characters and your art and take it from me, others, and even the guy who made this thread - your art is great just the way it is. I find it funny that you get tens of messages of praise, yet you let the one negative anon get to you
>>15423 Oh I was just asking how they think I could improve haha. Thanks for your appreciation!
>>15412 Personally just not a fan of 4 toes, that's all. Your line art is really solid and character designs are also pretty damn good. >>15423 Still agree with this anon too, do what you want, you can't please everyone after all. As long as you're happy with the result, people will like it too.
>>15412 I stated this in Trophy Wall thread, Usually I'm not a fan of four digits, but it seems to suit this artistic style and I'm trying to figure out why I'm not as bothered by it.
(211.15 KB 1067x1485 spideranon_fanart.jpg)

>>15350 quick fan art of the delicious brown gal sorry I don't know how to color
>>15444 Nice trips, and I think spideranon has named her Nephila
>>15444 holy crap, very nice!! I love that pose! Do you mind if I borrow that pose and draw her in my style?
I wanted to clairfy that the sketch of Anna in the OP post was drawn by my wife; she's also the one who came up with the idea for a spider oc based on the orb weaver spider
>>15450 >wife wtf how did you get a girl into this childish and cringey fetish???
>>15453 oh she's not into it, she doesn't mind it and she lets me draw her characters in tickling scenarios haha for example here's Anita being tickled on some kind of bench thing
>>15454 post her feet
>>15444 btw do you have any more art or an art account like deviantart or something? I love your style!
>>15471 Footfags really out here tryna ruin a good thing smh
(6.90 MB 8800x10000 lxc2.5.png)

>>15355 since you like this character (her name is Lex or Aleksandra) here is a recent pic of her I did! i'll admit that I'm pretty lazy with the choice of tickle tools so I usually just copypaste some feathers on, I do plan on drawing other kinds of tools as well like brushes and non-conventional tools. As always let me know what you guys think!
It is not a critic but at first I didn't think the girls were human but monster girls or something. Like the kind of girls you would expect from something like Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss, or similar. For OCs and characters like that, the style is good. But it would be weird to see a fanart of a human character from another media in this style haha
>>15667 thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like my style and I'd agree that they don't look like a 'realistic' human but more stylized
>>15624 i do like her indeed, spideranon. especially the little fluffy hair scrunchie things on her ankles, really cute! i need to ask, youre saying youve been drawing tickle art for a while now and never posted anything until that one thread? like youve never shown internet friends or anything? asking because drawing something without having the intent to share it with someone is a wild concept to me lol, maybe that speaks more about me tbh. anyways keep on rockin, hope to see more of them sometime!
>>15688 i drew the scrunchies things because it can be tough to draw a connection from the foot to the ankle (at least for me) sometimes so I'm happy that you think they're cute! I've been drawing for around 3 years now and yes i haven't posted art online until that thread mostly because I thought others wouldn't like it, but it seems that so far a lot of people enjoy my work. I have been thinking of getting an account to post these on, do you have any suggestions? Like I was thinking maybe I can get a deviantart account or something
>>15695 yeah, definetly go for a DA account. dont make a twitter, the main way people find art on there is largely based on retweets from bigger artists, so basically you have to be following someone who retweets you to see your art. (not to mention for some reason your timeline will be full of politics from tickling artists who seem to think people care) while on DA if you search up tickling youll just be able to find it easily and theres no fuss most of the time
(11.70 MB 13500x11000 ann_color.png)

(12.98 MB 13500x12150 ann_color2.png)

>>15688 yea, I've never been a fan of artists who get too political; I think I'll make a dA soon :> also you mentioned drawing without sharing the art is a strange concept; do you draw or have an art account somewhere? I accidentally deleted the Anna pics so here they are again
>>15700 a lot of us here are artists, but if everyone on here went around saying who we all are, then we wouldn't be anonymous anymore would we? either way, go for the account I'm sure you'll get plenty of watchers from this thread and whoever browses the newest tab today
>>15700 honestly, the one where you added the shoes is way hotter. tickling with removed footwear is a special treat
>>15703 i agree hard with this, but if you can, add like depression imprints on the shoes next time, like theyve been worn alot, love it when i see that little detail
>>15703 >>15705 thanks for the feedback guys! I like the idea of adding a 'footprint' inside the shoes and I'll definitely do that the next time I do a piece like this!
I just made a dA, can I link that here? I didn't upload anything on it yet though
>>15722 Sure, just post link and everything.
>>15724 https://www.deviantart.com/sarrancinia here it is but I haven't uploaded anything on it yet; there's a few pics I'm working on that I'll probably post there as well as itt!
(630.82 KB 1225x1700 1.1.png)

(535.73 KB 763x1564 20220303_211858.jpg)

here's a brand new picture, this time a collab between me and my wife (she drew the lineart, box and color while I did the sketch). The character is my wife's oc Anita. We plan on doing a part 2 and 3 soon!
(140.37 KB 624x490 FNSq6wCWUAMCLFC.png)

(609.05 KB 1225x1700 2.png)

>>16067 Here's part 2, with part 3 coming soon!
Based character holy fug
(3.85 MB 5700x8500 ne-color.1.png)

(4.20 MB 5700x8500 ne-color.png)

>>15444 I drew a fanart based on this pose!
(659.84 KB 1225x1700 3.1.21.png)

>>16199 oh and here's the part 3, I forgot to post it here haha

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