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(18.95 KB 324x586 31b.jpg)

Whyboners Anonymous 02/27/2022 (Sun) 02:22:35 Id: 7f66a5 No. 15411
Has this fetish ever introduced concepts to you that made you question your erection for me, its pregnant women getting tickle tortured https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph602a965659a12 I did not feel this way til I saw it. I mean I already loved ticklish moms, so. next logical step, I guess.
>some people actually get off on girls drowning while being tickled
> find sequence on Pixiv that ends in a beheading > I'm morally conflicted but... hrnghhh
I do not understand why I find this hot but weird ass eldritch horror creepypasta things getting tickled I guess its just hot to see something thats supposed to be scary getting humiliated?? I dont know lol
>>15414 link?
>>15416 Oh no
the soles of black feet specifically. oh wow less melanin on her feet. im going to now cum my brains out because i like the difference of colors. like dont get me wrong i love seeing a colored girl getting a nice tickle but I'll never understand why i love the difference in the soles to the rest of the skin
>>15420 anon thats not a whyboner thats a perfectly reasonable boner
>>15420 hi ZP
My whyboner has got to be my love of hardcore m/m tickle torture. Why is that a whyboner? Because I have never had any interest, romantic or sexual, in any other man and I doubt I ever will. It's not like realizing I liked M/M a lot was an awakening moment to realizing I was bi, I still have no interest in any kind of romantic relationship with another man, I just want to be kept in a torture basement by one and tickle tortured to pleading tears every day, or sentenced to a dungeon where a male torturer decides to scratch my name off the prison ledger so I can be his forever, or beaten and captured by a big ugly orc who makes me his soft-footed human tickle pet that he shares with his tribe... Anyway you get the idea. You can see how much thought I've given to these fantasies. I'm sure the default response on a chan board is going to be something along the lines of, "face it, you're just a closeted fag," but tbh it's not even something I'm insecure or repressed about, it literally is just a whyboner of why being a lee to another man is just so fucking hot to me especially when it involves long-term captivity.
>>15431 No but same though. I like it for the humilation and emasculation. Like not only getting beaten by another man but forced to be all giggly and squirmy afterwards is humilated. Two favorite scenarios a co-worker that pushes me around and tickles me constantly to humiliate me or you meet the wrong guy who stalks you, harrasses you over the course of months then ultimately hunted down, over powered and turned into a helpless giggly tickle slave. Bonus if getting pinned down or carried while getting tickled.
>>15431 >beaten and captured by a big ugly orc who makes me his soft-footed human tickle pet that he shares with his tribe God damn I feel targeted by this one I've been fantasizing a lot about orcs in tickle media recently, either orcs getting captured and tickle tortured by humans, or orcs capturing soft-footed human scouts and showing them why orcs are not to be spied on. I might have to write something about exactly that now. >>15442 Anyway both of you boys are based and I hope you wear sandals in the wrong neighborhood and get stuffed into some sociopath's car and taken to an abandoned warehouse (and I mean that as a compliment).
>>15468 What the fuck is this beastiality shit. kys
(97.22 KB 1080x1191 1645262061890.jpg)

>>15486 three attempts and counting since middle school, anon.
>>15487 Good luck buddy
I once did a roleplay that included real missing person cases as it's theme. Felt fucked up but can't lie about fapping to it afterwards.
Morality completely aside, I really like stories with gaslighting and manipulation. I have no justification for this other than my brain already being molten anyways.
>>15559 TFW tickling Elisa lam for 400 years in tickle hell (4 hours real time) and then teleport her back but i fuck up the spell and it teleports her into the water tank.... >>15570 i have to admit to the same, maybe my wires got crossed at the wrong time with the wrong person but i really like stories that use someone's love as a manipulation tool. I've thought about writing a story about some interrogation where they give the girl being interrogated a love potion and now she'll say anything just to be close to the interrogator chick, who kisses and hugs her when she talks but when she refuses she simply walks away and the girl is left crying for her to come back. how would it end though? i don't want to be too mean and say the interrogator girl just leaves never to be seen again, but i also don't think it'd make sense to have a "happily ever after" story in the scenario
Many years ago I read a story on TMF that totally fucked me up, about a married couple that get kidnapped by tickling freaks and the guy learns his wife is into it when she has an orgasm from being tickle tortured in front of him. Ever since then I've had a morbid fascination with tickling mixed with NTR, where one party is NOT into it and one is, and the one that is gets their needs met through tickle torture in front of the hopelessly confused and distraught non-ticklefag. The story itself has been my white whale for decades too, since I've never been able to find it again no matter what.
>>15615 I haven't seen that story before, but on the subject of tickling NTR, I did rather enjoy a story about a guy who is really into tickling but his wife won't ever let him tickle her. But she looks into it more online, and she develops an interest in it, but only if it's someone else tickling her. She arranges for a situation where the husband is bound and forced to watch as some stranger tickles his wife in front of him. I find the idea of tickling some dude's wife/gf in front of him to be absolutely supreme.
>>15691 I've read that one too. It's nice, but not the one I was thinking of. >>15704 Doesn't seem familiar, you got a link to the first part?
I have a metric fuckload of kinks and I always try and find a way to merge them with Tickling/Foot Faggotry that I enjoy. I would like to write about them, but some of them are somewhat more extreme for places like DA. I suppose AO3 would be good place to post them though. I'm talking about Predicament with Tickling. Some of the things that, for example, WTFeather has drawn (Keep quiet or X Happens or if you Orgasm enough you're set free but you're also being tickled at the same time making it just as hard for you to get there.) I'm happy to see that people are similar degenerates to me, but I always say I want to do it but don't because laziness. Maybe in the future I'll do it. It'll probably be long as fuck though but eh.
>>15431 >>15442 >>15459 I know that feel. Outside of tickling, I have absolutely no interest in men and find the idea of romantic relationships between men somewhere between bizarre and funny, but I want to be kept naked in a tickle sadist's dungeon where I'm mercilessly tickled and endlessly edged. I'd love to hear more about your fantasies or see a full story. My current favorite scenarios are being kidnapped by a shady well connected organization and kept as a tickle slave for high end tickle-loving clients, and the other is finally indulging and meeting for an IRL tickle session only to be blackmailed into being his personal tickle toy.
>>15896 How do you feel about nonconsensual forced footjobs?
>>15903 That's often part of the scenario. Broken with tickling and agreeing to pleasure your captor just to earn a brief respite from the torture.
>>15896 Honestly those fantasies sound amazing, a tickling mafia of sorts. Definitely plays into my desire of being stalked, cause Im kind of a bastard for loving everything that leads up to the tickle torture. I've had fantasies talking around for tickle talk or roleplay if I ever had a meetup session that I just get there and then I'm informed that I was an idiot for going there and now will have to be a tickle toy forever. i've had talked to guys online for tickle teases, that pretend they've found away to find me and tease me like that alot. Do you ever fantasize though about an oppressive or tyrannical government that uses tickling to control its citizens? It seems to go along with the shady organization aspect...
>>15919 Even my consensual fantasies have a “non-con” aspect. Like once your bound naked your simply blindfolded, gagged, and taken to a new location where you will be kept or sold. Or chickening out at the last second, only realize you've been targeted for months, and you are found and kidnapped. Or agreeing to a session where pictures and video are taken then used to coerce you into being a regular toy or locked in chastity and the only way to maybe earn release it is to showing up for the weekly tickle sessions. I've had elaborate fantasies about Tickle Mafia who trades in both men and women, where tickling/getting tickled and serving short-term stints as a tickle slave are a form of currency. Legendary Ticklers roam the backstreets as enforcers and 'assassins' for different factions who all vie for power. Imagine something like John Wick but with tickling instead of actual assassins. These tend to run the gamut catering to everything from m/f, f/f, f/m, and m/m scenarios. Personally, I like the more underground tickling organization than a full on dystopian government. I like scenarios that are adjacent to the real world, rather than a full on re-imaging. There could be a black site prison that uses tickling, or the organization might be in bed with the government or work alongside intelligence agencies, but it exists in the shadows. If you want to discuss fantasies more, we can start a new thread or can move to an existing roleplay or story thread because I feel like we're now going way off topic.
>>15916 Nice. I feel like it's harder to get people who are into it so I'm glad you agree. >>15919 Different anon but I love a good dystopic AU with a tickle torture-based government. It's a little silly and a little cringe to imagine something like Blade Runner but everyone's getting tickled, but fuck I can't help what I like, man. I often combine this with a femdom fantasy where a feminist cabal overthrows the government and establishes a heavy anti-male tickle-torture fueled government where they're basically slaves to their superiors, which lends way to a lot of super hot f/m fantasies. But I've been getting heavily into m/m lately so that may change. >>15923 I think a "what's your fantasy" thread could be fun! I'd love a thread where I can just come in and vent about what horny bullshit is really forcing control over my mind and getting to share in some mutually kinky anon stuff, like we're doing now (which I'm really enjoying and would like to keep up).
>>15923 Yeah I agree, not sure which thread would be good though, I think I will make one since another anon likes the idea. The tickle assassins thing is an amazing idea tho holy shit never thought of that. >>15926 I totally agree with the feminist cabal thing, I have a lot of politically fuelled fantasies.
>>15896 I'm not into dudes really, but if I can't really see anything but the ankle down, cute ticklish feet are cute ticklish feet. I would not mind having a sort of scenario where a victim, male or female, is trapped in either a sort of wall or box or coffin or whatever, with only their feet exposed. The depersonalization of such a scenario just does something to me.
Taking someone who is just a really genuinely nice person who has done nothing wrong in their life and is just an all around kind person to everyone and taking them away to punish them with permanent tickle torture. Or something like taking a lifelong friend you've had forever and turning them into a tickle slave for life. Just whisking them away and trapping them somewhere to have fun with them, punishing them for no reason other than to be cruel. Eventually they forget everything and the betrayal and just become an obedient tickle pet. A blabbering, drooling, ticklish mess for only you to have fun with. Also forced footjobs and blowjobs while they;re tied down is thrown into the mix as well. Pretty fucked up but just the idea of taking someone innocent who trusts you and doesn't deserve punishment whatsoever being turned into the ultimate tickle slut is so hot to me for whatever reason
>>20644 incredibly and utterly based
>>20644 Kinda reminds me of the premise of old Nylon Dungeon stories, where you get membership to Nylon Dungeon and access to it's tickle slaves only if you hand over a woman who is personally close to you as a new tickle slave there.
>>20650 >a woman who is personally close to you not my mom wtf :( >>20644 on further thinking, i think this is why those "wrong person" tickle interrogation pics are great. completely innocent and uninvolved girl just getting tickled for something she didn't do at all
>>20651 >not my mom wtf :( Don't worry, the latter stories did bend the rules to include even pretty vague female friends and colleagues, so you only need to be a bit of a normalfag. >"wrong person" tickle interrogation pics One of the cliches that never get old to me.
The entire beginning of Demon Sword Luchifried was a guilty pleasure that blew me away for ages. It was a mother/daughter segment that ended in the mother casting her daughter off the island by magic and resuming to be a tickle slave. The game revolves around the daughter growing older into an edgy teen thirsty for vengeance. I became invested enough with the OC to complete the game before it was translated.
>>20644 Unfathomably Based
I am attracted to Papi's bird feet of all things, and I just want to tickle the shit out of them
>>20770 Papi from Monster Musume, forgot to add that shit
>15413 (Oh boy let's get this shitshow started) For me its tickle snuff. But it isn't necessarily a "why?" boner, because I know exactly why: I like the predicament of it. I like that tickling, a thing that produces a strong, difficult to resist reaction, is the thing that will lead to the downfall of this character unless they can resist it. It's not the death that I like: if the character gains the upper hand and escapes the predicament (and maybe gets some tickling revenge in the process?) that's a good outcome. But *if* the character dies, its erotic in the sense that they weren't able to stop from laughing and quivering and shaking even though they really needed not to. It's that *needing to resist* and *not being able to and giving in* that are hot for me. Similarly, outside of tickling, I really like hentai scenarios where the protagonist needs to keep from cumming. Not that they're being *denied*, but that they need to not be made to cum or else some bad end will befall them.
>>20811 I never understood tickle snuff with drowning. As far as I can see, even if the victim doesn't laugh, they're still submerged in water and going to drown. Tickling them literally makes no difference to their overall predicament.
>>20812 I suppose in the scenario of pic 1, they might hoist her out after a set amount of time. She just has to hold her breath until they pull her back out. But some art makes it clear the predicament isn't surmountable/survivable, which can be erotic in its own way: the character needs to resist or die, but they're actually doomed from the outset. Its like a particularly extreme form of tickling someone until they piss themselves/stop laughing and just start sobbing you and begging you to stop: it's sexy that they are completely at the mercy of tickling.
I have no genderbender fantasies or any desire to be a woman (or even being a ticklee) outside this one, but one of my specific fantasies is stumbling upon a magic lamp or other supernatural wish fulfilling thing, and making a wish about having a torture dungeon pocket dimension where an unbearably ticklish perfect tickle slave would be held captive and where only I could enter through a portal. Upon entering, as an ironic twist, I find myself in body of a dropdead gorgeous woman who is promptly captured and dragged away in chains by hooded figures, to be subjected to all of my own most sadistic tickling fantasies with no way out. Should have been more specific about the wish I suppose. It's probably just my kind of autogynephilia.
>>20820 Based anon. Great story inspiration. >>20993
>>20994 That was a delightful read, thank you another based anon.

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