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(117.92 KB 823x971 Du3qoa-VsAArNAK.jpg)

Shameless Venting your Tickling Fantasies! Anonymous 03/06/2022 (Sun) 03:57:16 Id: 53cd5c No. 15941
Excuse the picture I think it's funny... This is a thread for venting your tickling fantasies, this started from talk in whyboners thread about our m/m fantasies involving tickling mafias and the like.
I fantasized tickle torturing my ex and all the girls I've dated before as revenge or just a way to mess with them. Yeah, I'm that terrible.
Assuming OP is >>15940 >I have a lot of politically fuelled fantasies. Please elaborate! This actually reminds me a while ago I saw this picture by whywhatwhy on Deviantart, and it really got my mind going. This scenario of women of different ethnicities all held captive by (assumedly) the USA and being subjected to torture like this really ignited something dark and perverted within me. The way they're all kept on display like trophies and are reduced to just a pair of feet being tickled and forced to submit to American politics feels so appealing in a cruel, inhumane way. Is it something along those lines, or am I way off?
Is it bad to say that I want to trick my streamer crushes into agreeing to be part of a fundraiser with the entire thing being a very long tickle session for them? And all the goals for the fundraiser just increase how bad the tickling gets, like a goal would further strip them, add a tool, or add stuff like gags, blindfolds, ear muffs, etc? >>15942 Evil, but can't blame you. Always wanted to tickle torture my ex-girlfriends as well lol.
>>15941 Tickle Mafia fantasy expanded from the other thread. The premise is sort of like the John Wick universe, but with tickling instead of assassins. There exists an alternative society unknown to most, but effectively has control over governments and can operate from the shadows as it pleases. The organization has clear rules and etiquette with serious repercussions for breaking them. Those outside the organization have different rules of engagement, but who are “initiated into the world” are bound to the rules at all times. Of course, once you're in...it's for life. The organization will often target politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and any one else to gain influence. There are several factions major and minor maneuvering for power, and each have a a clear hierarchy of members. Members range from low level runners, informants, and enforcers to The Solleticos, or Tickle Assassins. The Solleticos run from low level thugs to legendary 'hitmen' and 'hitwomen' who roam the night. All Sollecticos are ticklers expert in their craft, and simply mentioning the name of certain infamous Sollecticos can send tingles over one's body. Some specialize in capture, some in interrogation, while others have set up shop running their own dungeons, outsourcing “acquisition” to their underlings or other Sollecticos. Next to Bosses and other higher ups, Sollecticos have the most privileges and free reign in the Society, but this freedom comes at a perilous price. Not only does their line of work put them at risk of capture, Sollecticos regularly skirt the lines or outright break the Society's etiquette, often putting them in an even more treacherous position. So even elite Solleticos can find themselves tied up at someone's mercy and can do nothing about it. The currency of the Society is Knismos, coins which are a visible representation “Tickle Debts” owed. Those who lack currency must offer themselves, and effectively become a tickle slave. Sometimes this is just for a few hours, other times long term, Many will offer themselves as currency for short term sessions just to earn favor or make a few Knismos. Long term tickle slaves from both inside and outside the Society are also “acquired” and traded regularly. Since most view the Society's rules and etiquette as 'guidelines,' blackmail and getting leverage over one another for breach of etiquette is businesses as usual. Sometimes someone will simply vanish off the street and end up in one faction's Tickle Dungeon, uncontrollably laughing in vain hope they may one day be freed. My current working title for this universe is “Society Solletico.” I might flesh out this idea more later. Anyone is free to add or expand on it or turn it into a full story of their own.
>>15952 >my streamer crushes Confess your crushes, give us context. We demand context!!
(998.75 KB 851x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(942.14 KB 894x894 ClipboardImage.png)

(187.88 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15954 Well, tbh, the ones I simp for are more 'content creators' since they both post on YouTube and stream. But yeah, it's Faye Mata, Adriana Figueroa, and Hackerling (who I know hasn't done a face reveal and all that but I still love her to death.) I wanna see any of them in a tickle stream and suffer ticklishly~ Also they have like the cutest laughs ever and I can't get over how cute they are-
>>15949 I love the idea of tickle torturing a prisoner of some foreign nation, dragging all this sensitive info out of her, just working every little detail out. And eventually striking a deal with her home country that consciously does not include the return of the captured prisoner, essentially dooming her to indefinite captivity. The "interrogation" continues long after I have run out of things to learn from her. And of course, she's made aware of the deal, and she knows that her country has abandoned her to her fate as part of the price for the deal.
>>15956 On the completely unrelated note do you watch the internet funny man? These three seem to share one striking similarity
>>15956 Oh shit, I am aware of two of those names. They're very good choices. A terrible terrible part of me wants to see Adriana take on a singing challenge where she has to sing through having her feet tickled...
>>15962 >based anon is into both the licensed internet funny man and tickling I see you're a man of culture, as well. Thought I was the only one Highkey tho, to add to the list of content creators that know Alpha and really need to be tickle tortured, I can imagine Deanna Gowland having the most attractive, giggly laugh. Personally, I'm a "really" big fan of girls that want it. Just imagining Dee writhing under my fingers, and when I try to give her a break, she just asks for more... I'm drooling just thinking about it. (o_0)
>>15962 Yes, I do watch the internet funny man, he’s how I got introduced to Adriana here! Tbh I should’ve added Jaiden as well since she’s also a part of that group and I simp for her~ >>15966 Same! I’d love to see Adriana and Hacker (since she’s a singer as well) both take on that challenge, but they have to sing multiple songs, and with each song another part of their body is tickled as well. They aren’t allowed breaks until they finish the song, hehe~
>>15969 Fans of internet funny man and tickling rise up-
Lately I've been an absolute sucker for cheesy horror themes of all kinds in tickling fiction. No matter how cliche, no matter if the execution stumbles, slasher villains, ghosts and creepy monsters subjecting sensitive girls to ticklish bad ends just is both entertaining and hot. I've been thinking of writing a related story about college girls on a road trip or camping menaced by tickle sadist rip-offs of horror villain archetypes and falling into their hands one by one, but I'm lazy.
I just want a group of voice actors tickling each other while doing their characters, trying not to break them. And not that weak ass 1 single feather stuff, but actually getting tickled by the others at the same time. The one who lasts the shortest of course gets the real tickle punishment.
>>15949 Oh shit that is really hot, ticklishly colonized, fight us and then giggle forever. See I'm more of a masochist and like the idea of getting tickle tortured by feminists or black activists and tickle tortured for my views and forced to change them. Or tickle torturing a Democrat till they change their views
>>15953 Holy shit thats a really cool concept, would love to see a story or rp of this. Like imagine a new local politician rises up to challenge this secret society and they are now targeted by the Solleticos for them trying to resist the order of things
>>15975 oh shieet I feel you on horror stuff I love the idea of tickle monster scenarios with bad ends. The idea of a tickle stalker hunting lee down and harassing them with threatening calls and texts and letters till they GET the lee and tickle them to wits end. Maybe someone summons or meets a tickle monster that ends up tickling them to till they go insane, I like the psychological angle
Total War: Tickling Basically a strategy game where you fight battles using tickle weaponry. Swords with feathers instead of blades, magic spells to strip and torment opposing armies, units with different strengths and weaknesses that involves stamina when being tickled instead of health, all that. Something that will never happen unless a particularly kinky and dedicated modder throws their time into it, but something I do enjoy thinking about from time to time.
>>15981 Oh shit i'd love to hear more of that concept. Strategy game where the consequences of losing is getting tickled silly.
>>15976 Oh this would be sooo friggin cute! Could have multiple rounds to determine the loser with them having to play a different character each time. Maybe the final session for the lose has them getting tickled for two minutes by all the girls as they’re forced to play a character. Every mess up adds ten seconds, and after a minute tools are permitted. It would lead to the loser thinking they have hope, but then seeing the add up more and more as they lose more and more confidence until, finally, they’re nothing but a laughing mess and just keep adding time, to the point hours are added~ Also for voice actors, based on this pic, what if they were tricked into signing up for an anime revolved around tickling. This may seem harmless, but according to the contract, they themselves have to be tickled while recording the audio as to make the laughter seem real, with them being tickled on the spots the characters are as well. Also, no information about the recording process is to be leaked as to not drive away potential voice actors, but all VAs are also recorded by a camera as well, for…reasons~
>>15969 Also forgot to say, but Dee is yet another super cute lee that the internet funny man is friends with. Gosh her asking for more would be so friggin cute, something I need in my life now-
>>15949 >>15957 This is soooooo friggin evil, but gosh, tickling a foreigner into admitting everything but then also striking a deal with the country their from that doesn’t include their release is just amazing, especially since they learn that they were abandoned to be tickle toys for their captors~ Imagine an entire city, one that doesn’t hold major significance, being captured during war and, when they surrender, their freedom is not given and the citizens are chosen to be tickled senseless~
My fantasy is the ability to lick some niice Khajjiti feet beans. Just see a cat girl laugh and giggle would indeed the cats meow. :3 *sigh* When will technology catch up to this?
>>15985 Who are the girls in this picture? Who is the artist and where did you find it?
>>15988 Oh I love fantasies like this of tickle subjugation. Where a country or city or even planet is invaded and taken over and the citizens of said place are now forced to get tickled crazy
Personally I’ve always had a fantasy of wanting to tickle some tickle artists that you see online. Especially the female artists. I’ve always liked the the idea of an artist who exclusively draws tickle content getting tied up and tickled just like their drawings. I would love to make some cute artists squeal at my wriggling fingertips.
All of these fantasies are childish and cringe, and you should all be shamed for having them
>>15994 So is this fetish. And here you are.
>>15994 I fantasize about tickling is childish and cringe anon being tickle tortured until they cry and confess they love tickling!
>>15991 Faye Mata, Cherami Leigh, and Abby Trott are the girls. The artist is TK-GEEK and it's on DA. >>15992 It's so evil but I love it too much. I wanna see a bunch of cuties getting nabbed and tickled, unable to do anything to resist the alien tickle tech~ >>15993 O-Oh, I see- >>15994 Great fantasy would be if I tickle you and Lumine for hours-
>>15997 Thanks. I’m not really familiar with any of them and I usually like voice actors. I kind of know Cherami Leigh I think but not the others
>>15994 Very true, tickling is very childish, that's why people don't suspect it being an actual fetish and you can get away with it more often.
>>16000 Do you prefer it that way or wish it was seen as more mature?
>>16003 Honestly, it has it's upsides but also downsides. Like depending on the situation showing to someone who thinks it's childish that it's actually a form of torture sounds really hot. But also your partner maybe being like "Okay, that's a little weird?" sounds like hell. I guess it's better this way. What about you anon?
(464.79 KB 2048x2007 paklnts.jpg)

The tickling fantasty that really gets the nuts bustin is the perma-doom tickling stuff, where the victim is utterly helpless and will be tickled indefinitely with no hope of rescue. Bonus points for added autistic details such as elaborate traps and stimulants/drugs that bypass the "after awhile you'd feel numb to tickling" reality.
>>16009 Unironically this. No hope, only endless laughter. They fucked up and now they are going to be tickled until the end of time. Despite the attempts of people close to them searching for them. Add in some sexual stuff to it (optional but adds bonus points) for the Chef's Kiss
>>16011 >>16009 I see there are some chads with us tonight
>>16006 Yeah I know what you mean. I do enjoy when it looks like something childish but then it turns out to be really torturous. That’s also quite a fantasy. Wouldn’t mind tickling a girl who thinks of it as stupid, then a few hours later watch her crying and begging it to stop
>>15974 thats a hit
Race-based tickling. Particularly I wanna see a gaggle of Japanese or Chinese women tickling a white woman until she's red in the face and begging as they mock and demean her.
>>16009 THIS Bonus points if it's something like this. A creature or even a full-blown god that never lets its victims go, never lets them rest, never lets them stop or allows their minds to snap. Even in situations where the lee isn't made immortal/unbreakable I like there being a very clear showing that they're never going to get away. Just absolute heartless sadism on the side of the ler. I have a personal fantasy with a tickle-hungry succubus that loves mocking her victims by showing them pictures or trophies or tally marks of past lees so the victim knows they're not the first, they won't be the last, and they're absolutely not getting out of this alive or sane. So a tickle-horror scenario.
>>16023 I've thought of this as well, though Ebony Ticklers on White Women, or White Women on Ticklish Hispanics Women, etc.
Mine's kind of weird, but I really love the idea of a fetishized business, catering to ticklefags. Specifically the idea of a "tickle arcade." You go in, and there are dozens of creative machines that either tickle you, allow you to tickle a partner (or one of the staff for an extra fee) or put both of you in a contest-type game where you try to outlast the other contestants in endurance tickling. You can basically let your imagination run wild and think of any number of existing arcade cabinets or games that would benefit from adding in a tickle element. Or create an original idea. In one you might be strapped into a faux-interrogation machine and have to solve puzzles on a screen while the machine tickles you all over, changing patterns and pace in response to how far you're getting in a level. In another you face the body of a helpless "volunteer," their head completely obscured behind a screen displaying any kind of character you want. Tickle them all over as they scream and laugh into the darkness and the screen shows the laughing face of your chosen lee. Of course, there are more adult cabinets and services offered too, but those are only for select VIP members. Maybe you'll be sat up in an arcade cabinet, your member jutting out of the console like a joystick, ready for a personal attendant to tease and tickle, while the inside of the machine comes to life with all sorts of brushes and hands to tickle your upper body to exhaustion. Maybe still, you'll be "kidnapped" into a virtual reality simulation, and milked by strange alien machines as you watch other captives helplessly tickled nearby in their cruel experiments. The better you tickle or the longer you last at these games, the more tickets you earn, which can be exchanged for prizes, or to have a staff member remove some of their clothes. It's not a strip club if you're not paying real money, right? (You can pretty much apply the format to whatever other fetishes you have, like mine is feet, and still come up with different ideas). And then there's the tickle theme park, with rides, attractions, games, and costumed characters all themed around tickling. Kind of self explanatory. There's that really good Summer of Laughter story on writing . com that has a whole section on the idea. But you can tickle or be tickled on tons of different rides, or venture off to find whatever video game character, disney princess or famous celebrity you can like, and book a tickle/tease session anywhere from a public stockade in main street or buried in the sand along the beach. Tickle coasters (where your feet or whatever body parts are left bare and exposed and put on a track where they'll whiz by thousands of feathers) and the house of horrors (populated by all sorts of monsters that pop out to tickle you as you're strapped in your cart) are just some of the other attractions on offer.
>>16009 The cruelest type of tickling, but one that's just so friggin cute. I imagine a poor cutie walking into an old booby-trapped house or some magical girl casts the wrong spell and just being eternally tickled. They'd beg and plead for mercy, for someone to save them from their small error, only to eventually realize that they are forever doomed to being tickled. Idk if this would be better with a lee that deserves it or one that doesn't deserve it at all~ >>16021 Gosh Ellie is so cute as well, like really friggin cute. That tickle pic of her is sooooooo friggin cute, I wish I was a Piranha Plant here-
A while ago I was really into the fantasy of someone being tickled until they admitted that they "deserved" to be tickled, even if (and in some cases ESPECIALLY if) they really didn't. As an example, imagine a woman who wears sandals or goes barefoot a lot. That's just a personal choice that says nothing about her or her intent. But imagine she knows a guy who's kind of a self-righteous incel type who has a foot fetish and assumes that her doing that is a subtle implication that she wants comments on her feet. So when she rebuffs him and says she'd really rather he didn't, he gets upset and takes it out in a completely rational way by kidnapping her, strapping her to a table or chair, and mercilessly tickling the soles of her bare feet until she admits that it's her fault that she's in this situation and she deserves everything she's getting. Surely if anyone else reasonable were around they could vouch for her, but they're not, she's all alone with this guy, so her only options are suffer the torture or "take responsibility". Sucks to be her. Could be totally gender-flipped, too. Crazy fangirl gets it in her head that her favorite heartthrob singer secretly loves getting tickled, so she sneaks into his dressing room and tries to get him to "admit it". The kind of stuff that would surely get someone locked behind bars if things were even slightly realistic, but because I want to jerk off, things get a little weird. I am always and will always be into the classic spy interrogation. A perfectly capable upstanding spy makes one small mistake and ends up shackled in the back of the enemy organization's warehouse as the boss sics their most twisted interrogation specialist to get the information out of them. The kind of interrogator who's clearly just using this as a front to satisfy their own sick fetishes and their need to see strong, capable individuals break down in front of them. It depends on my mood whether the spy gets rescued just in the nick of time, or if their organization abandons them the moment they're trapped behind enemy lines and there's no hope left but to start rattling off your real name and information and ratting out your employer, and hope that maybe they'll have mercy if you comply. >>15978 Honestly I've had exactly the "change your political opinions or we'll make you suffer for them" fantasy too. Based on your specific call-outs I'm left to assume you're pretty a pretty conservative Republican? I'm not gonna judge you or anything, I just think it's very weird (in a fun way) to see someone I politically disagree with subscribe to the exact same kink fantasies I do. >>16009 I've had similar perma-doom scenario fantasies where the victim is being held captive, and their "reward" for submitting to the torture is being placed in a box or a spot in the wall for the rest of their life, with just their bare feet sticking out for the captors to use their feet however they want. Just turning the victim into a helpless pair of feet to tickle and use for the rest of their life, getting that one last look on their face as the box shuts closed. Bonus points if it's just called something ominous like The Box or The Wall and you get to watch the victim get dragged kicking and screaming as they try to beg for their life to avoid their fate.
(1.51 MB 979x1490 ClipboardImage.png)

>>16060 Very based, the cuties deserve to get it the worst. Give me those adorable faces completely screwed up with sweat and tears and spit as their owners lose their mind eternally stuck in ticklish agony <3
>>16063 It's just too flippin cute, right? A poor cutie getting stuck in what is essentially eternal tickle hell, no matter what it is tickling them. They assume that someone could help them, but as the laughs keep coming out and the tears keep pouring, they slowly realize that this is their fate. I think it's even better if some magic is involved and they are now immortal with infinite stamina, meaning they can never pass out or perish, just laugh and cry~
>>16060 “Ellie gets her feet tickled IRL feat. Keely”
(194.60 KB 1280x960 04_008.jpg)

>>16064 i concur with this as well, an entire realm where no matter where one goes, where one steps, there is always something out to milk them of their laughter.
>>16065 Gosh that'd be so cute. I wanna see a tickle challenge video with Ellie and Keely with both of them getting tickled with a timer, and whoever holds out longer wins. The loser, of course, has to be tickled for however long the winner wants and in whatever way they want- >>16066 No matter where one wanders off to, there's always another ticklish experience to be had. They're forever trapped in a dimension where they are the lee~ Or, alternatively, they're bound and tickled in one position for eternity, unable to do anything but cry and squirm as they laugh during their calls for mercy. Sadly, they're stuck in that position to be tickled forever~
>>16068 I like the way you think. a perfect description of a ticklish hell. Though, truthfully, there should be circles of laughter, no? A circle of tickling beasts and monsters, a circle of a neverending nightmare temple of tickling traps, a circle where the specters of close friends tickle them all over, a circle where its just a mass of tickling slime, everywhere, even raining down at times. Things like that
>>16066 Not sure what you mean by milk, but that reminds me of another fantasy. Tickling a girl like crazy and then milking her. That’s pretty fucking hot I think
A combination of all of yours pretty much is my fantasy. Mine is to be one of those crazy powerful rich tycoon type people, the kinds with money and connections, and as that obviously comes, corruption. Now, imagine every friend, coworker, classmate, person on the street even, that you looked at and thought "She'd be fun to tickle." Imagine if you could just DO that. Say you had the connections to make all of these people disappear. Right into your secluded bunker, hidden somewhere on your estate not listed in the blueprints. A soundproof gigantic prison, with interrogation rooms and cells on cells. Girls are taken there for being your personal toy. You toy with them, strip and tickle them, slowly convincing them that this is their new life, and they should accept it. Nobody is coming to save them. All they're gonna know is tickling for the rest of their lives. And tickled they are, for hours and hours. Tickled until they're crying, screaming, offering themselves to you. And when you take up their offer, you make sure that it's with their legs in the air, biting their heels and tickling their toes, another hand pinching their sides as you fuck them hard, their mind splitting in two between agonizing ticklish hell, and pure pleasure. When you're finished with your session, they go into The Wall. A cell beyond a wall that cements their permanent stay. It has food, a bed, water, a toilet, etc. But against the bottom part of one of the walls is 3 holes: one their ass to sit against, and two for their feet. When they are requested, they have 2 minutes to get into position within the wall, where they are locked in place. Waist is tightened firm by mechanisms, ankles are latched and toes tied. They will be used and tickled for as long as the session may last, afterwards they are free to do as they please in their cell. And if they don't meet the 2 minute mark, guards will force them into the position, with the added punishment of said guards tickling her upper body at the same time. Of course, they're more than welcome to give her a round in the wall after you're done using her. They all stay like this, anyone you please, no repercussions. They all simply are your ticklish prisoners to use and tickle as you like.
>>16071 As in make them laugh, just keep it pouring.
Anything that has to do with a cocky and stereotypically attractive character be it hero or villain wearing locked-on tickle clothes with no other restraints. Specifically the Tickle Belt is really hot to me cause it taunts the wearer with mocking hysterical laughter, and it's impossible to take off or stop without help. If you wanna humble or humiliate or force a character to submit its basically perfect for that.
>>16080 I now want a villain who can make people's clothes tickle them. Imagine a cute hero is fighting a villain and manages to pin them down, ready to take them to prison when, all of a sudden, they feel their clothes tickling them. They'd be an easy target for the villain to push off and knock out then, since they're crying in laughter. Then maybe they're taken to a completely sealed room where, once they wake up, their clothes begin to tickle them as they squeal and thrash around, trying to find an exit as the villain mocks and teases them over a speaker~
>>16082 A straightjacket given this tickle curse would be absolute hell, huh?
>>16085 Oh it would be! I imagine being tickled like that would be beyond maddening~
>>16086 It'd be so maddening that you'd probably end up needing the straightjacket! It's a endless cycle!
>>16087 An endless one, but an amazing one! >>16082 I never understood why villains don't rely on this more, it's an easy "incapacitation" button plus its hot as hell.
In a straight jacket, feet also covered or left uncovered. Which one are you choosing?
>>16087 Too bad for whoever's wearing it~ >>16088 Well it's likely cause it's hard to make tickle clothes. The villain here has a power to make clothes tickle, so they have an easy time here~ >>16091 Depends, am I wanting to watch them suffer, or do I wanna physically join in on making them suffer?
>>16092 Why not be the villain themselves? Don't want to sound cliche, but I'd just be a clown based villain with magic. Laughing gas, hankchief ropes used as tentacle tickles, spritzers that make them super sensitive to tickling, tickle machines, and a strait jacket gun that tickles whoever is hit.
>>16092 Depends. Whatever you think
>>16093 Honestly? Based. I imagine you keep your favorite ones as your 'audience?' >>16094 I'd prefer watching, it'd be fun to see how a lee reacts in that situation-
>>16095 of course, an 'audience' to entertain and keep them laughing~ however I please. their bodies nothing more than canvases to my tickling whims
>>16096 Oh my, what a lovely villain you are! I can imagine that you nab fellow villains who aren't complying to your terms for a partnership and 'entertain' them until they comply~
>>16097 if you have a discord, i'd like to talk there to keep things from flooding this thread
>>16098 Sure! It's CoFu#4382
>>16099 >CoFu#4382 sent
Here’s a fantasy I would like to share. Tickle Cucking. Basically the idea of cucking, consensual or forced but with tickling. Imagine you and your girlfriend get tied up, and I tickle your girlfriend while you can only watch. Or I capture and tickle your mother as a way of getting to you. Tickling somebody else to humiliate you or another person. Be it the wife of a neighbor, your best friend’s sister, the mother of your enemy. Would love to wreck some ticklish girl completely while somebody else watches or begs for it to stop
>>16023 This. I once watched a video called White Girls Are Ticklish. Will try to post it if anybody is interested by it involves a black woman tickling a white woman and mocking her with teases like how black people deserve to dominate ticklish white bitches...white girls are the most ticklish people on the planet... etc
>>16061 Two enemies united through our shared love of tickle torture
>>16066 THIS... not enough stories about literal tickle hells where everytime they escape one trap they wander into another in a world comepletely uncaring about their torment
>>16115 I find cucking kinda gross tbh but oddly enough this is a hot scenario
I play a lot of gacha games, and you'll notice a recurring theme with those games that they always have a specific title they call you (so they don't have to use a name) and it's almost always something with a lot of respect or prestige tied to it (to justify why they all answer to you, but also to feed the ego of the player). Things like Captain, Doctor, Commander, or even Master. The issue with me is that I'm generally more submissive and a lee, so despite the game giving me an excuse to dominate all my cute waifus and husbandos, I really just want them to fuck me up instead. So I love to imagine that my high ranking term is really just a formality, and they all know they can push me around and make me do whatever they want with the right pressure, and I kind of just have to deal with it because I can't say no. This usually culminates in the character that represents me being placed in the stocks right in a public place so that all the female units I've pulled can mercilessly tickle my feet and all the male units that I've pulled can relentlessly fuck my feet and just use me for their own pleasure. I just wanna be used, man. I wanna be public use in a pair of stocks with a little sign next to my bare feet that says "Free to use! Do whatever you want!" and be forced to accept and deal with whatever happens.
>>16139 Oh, minor addition: This also goes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where you're the mayor. I want to be put in the stocks in the middle of town with Isabelle encouraging everyone to come have their fun with me at my expense and completely ignore my status as mayor, just treating me as someone to tease and use and make suffer.
Alright, time for some prime depraved meme posting I'm talking Incest here so moralfags be gone. Take a Mother and Son, or Father and Daughter. Or Both that's also fine. Son is forced to watch her quite attractive mother being tickled fucked by machines ruthlessly. Pistoning out of her cunt, her toes sucked on, nipples teased. And he can't help it, he gets an erection. His own cock being teased and edged as the headphones around his head let him hear her squeals, shrieks and grunts as her first orgasm racks her. Her tits squeezed, her clit teased, hands squeezing her hips and sides and one finger around her navel. He's not allowed to cum though, forced to watch her enjoy another forced ticklegasm as his cock is leaking precum. A different room, the Father is watching as her daughter is debased by depraved men who want to make her scream with laughter. Tied similarly to the son, but watching as she is deflowered and DP'd on both sides, but also aroused at the fact her daughter is being absolutely annihilated. She's filled to the brim with Cum in all holes before they start using her ticklish feet to please themselves, then using the Cum as lubricant for the brushes that abuse every single inch of her soft feet. Her perky tits with marks from heavy squeezing, her chin coated with residual cum from the person she was forced to suck off, leaking from her ass and tits as well. And yeah here we are. Like and Subscribe.
>>16143 >>16143 I like some ticklecest from time to time but jesus man
>>16143 Don’t know if I am just down bad but damn man that is really fucking hot
>>16148 Hornyposting
>>16153 Glad someone else shares this sentiment
>>16129 Not the person you're replying to but post that shit son
>>15941 One thing that i find super hot tbqh in a degrading kinda way, is as a lee getting gaslighted while getting teased and tickled.
Is it weird that I find clawed feet more attractive than regular feet? Like the demon-like feet you'd typically see on certain Succubi, with slightly elongated toes and sharp nails. You typically see this on some lizard/fish/monster girls too. I guess this is my "I'm not a furry BUT" moment. Whenever I see a barefoot demon girl with long nails my dick takes control of my body.
>>16161 No, I can get into that too. Sometimes it doesn't look great, but I kind of like the idea that sucking on a monster girl's toes might be dangerous.
I'm joining people with politically charged fantasies. One of my favorite fantasies is being a professional interrogator working for an authoritarian regime, tasking with making all those (real or suspected) student activists, troublesome journalists, radical dissidents, spies and generally suspicious foreigners talk. One soecific convoluted fantasy I like is being tasked with with discraging some prominent opposition politician by subjecting a chain of people to lenghty interrogations, starting from people close to her staff and family members, using their confessions to get closer and closer until the politician herself can be legally arrested and sentenced for life (of tickling) through a completely legit conspiracy case based on dozens of written confessions.
>>16181 Less politically-charged so much as I really like class-based stuff. I've had a fantasy percolating in my head for a bit of a Duchess that's always been morbidly curious about what they do down in her dungeon, so she tells the guards what she's going to do and strips down to a prisoner's gown and has them roleplay taking her down to the dungeon to share a tickle torture session with a common prisoner. The duchess in disguise and the prisoner get to know each other in their cell and share "sympathy" over the unjustness of their sentences. When the time comes for tickle torture, the duchess lasts all of five minutes before she says that she can't take it and makes the guards stop and take her out of the dungeon. As she's leaving the guards ask what to do with the other girl and she says something to the effect of, "oh I'm sure the peasant deserves it. Carry on." I've got a handful of these fantasies that essentially boil down to, "rich elite has callous lack of empathy for other people's suffering and inflicts meaningless tickle torture on a whim that they may not even get off to or care about in the slightest."
>>16157 Damn, I was not expecting to enjoy that as much as I did. I have no problem believing she wasn't acting
>>16186 That duchess scenario is hot af. Enduring it in a controlled environment she can stop at any time just to get an idea of how bad it is, realizing it's awful, and immediately continuing to order it anyway. Absolutely devilish. Maybe after she's experienced how bad it can be, she actually takes more of an interest and spends more time watching her dungeon guards work. Occasionally gets a hand in herself if it's a prisoner she takes a particular interest in.
>>16192 No fr though, i wish there was more like this
definitely my biggest fantasy is like tickling rude or bitchy customers that you meet. like u find them after work and you tickle the hell out of them until they apologize for acting like a whiny brat
>>16213 Wow, something like that actually happened to me when I was younger. I used to know this girl from school when I was 18 I think and I absolutely hated her. She was selfish and really bitchy but her boyfriend was my friend so I had to put up with her. Then one time at a party she was being really loud and annoying, and when she took her heels off after dancing, I tickled her feet and sides and gave her a really good tickling for a good few minutes. She was screaming and laughing but the party was loud and she normally was loud so nobody really cared or noticed. I tickled her for a while and played it off as a joke and she kept saying she was gonna piss herself which I found pretty fucking hot. I did stop after a while. Lucky for me after the party she didn’t even remember it because she was so fucking drunk that night lol. Eventually my friend broke up with her after she cheated, so I’m glad I was able to at least get some sort of revenge on her at the time for being quite a bitch
>>16226 u are one lucky person u know that?? that sounds like heaven lol
>>16229 Thanks it was definitely pretty great at the time. Even if she was really annoying to be around, I can’t lie and say she wasn’t hot or fun to tickle
>>16231 I would even go to say that her being annoying made it hotter no? Call it revenge.
>>16161 Not at all I accualy wish someone would make a thread just for clawed feet like in that pic but if it's like accualy resembling a animal like a birds claw I don't like it
>>16250 Exactly. I took joy in tickling her to her screaming levels. I didn’t like her but she was hot, so that was worth it. She was really annoying and quite rude, so that was also worth it. And she later cheated on my friend anyways so at least I got a chance to tickle her at some point. Honestly would be interested to see what she’s doing now and if she’s mellowed out or is still a princess that deserves another tickle torture
(80.21 KB 828x564 xl8x1wixx7e51.jpg)

there's nothing more i want to do than grab one of those fluorescent colored hair twitter "enby" girls, tie them up and tickle them for hours on end, giving them the personal attention they crave oh so much until they admit they're not enby they're just a tomboy or bi and like the attention. kind of like the reverse of this image basically, but with tickling
>>16279 Based and hot as hell
>>16279 This except with forcing straight men to beg to suck dick
>>16322 Yes, yes yes! Straight guys being brainwashed into being gay is the hottest thing ever! I think this exchange has showed us that anyone being indoctrinated into abandoning their previous ways and accepting a new identity is hot no matter who or what it is, but straight guys have always been my favorite to "corrupt". Just tickle and edge them until they're so backed up from the orgasm they can't have that they'll beg anyone to give it to them through their tears, even if it's another guy. Who could resist such a thing?
>>16325 i can cum hands free from doing kegels so much, your gay conversion plans are useless against a man of god such as myself
>>16339 Damn, and here I thought I was special
>>16051 I don’t think this idea’s weird at all, it’s actually pretty adorable. The rollercoaster piece by Bombers is a good choice for depicting your idea, since a tickle based theme park would certainly be funny, especially if the mascots specialize in their own unique tickle methods. Booking a beach tickle session and a tickle house of horrors are especially enticing to me. >>16073 Extremely hot. I know there’s many a person who has strangers, friends or acquaintances they really want to see screaming and squealing for the rest of their days. I naturally have a couple myself. >>16139 Hot. You know what you love, and what you love is pretty hot. I’m particularly picturing something like FGO where all the female units go to town on your feet. Especially since a lot of the ladies in FGO can be pretty cheeky.
>>16051 >>16554 I've always been a fan of horror fetish stuff, and like a haunted house where you get scared and tickled by things that jumps out is so exciting to me and it's something i have always thought about. Or tickle rollercoasters that go ultra fast terrifying you but tickling you into a giggly mess
>>16555 Rollercoasters can sometimes make me feel nauseous, however I think the tickle element your mentioning could make them feel the right amount of terrifying and exhilarating. I dunno how to explain it, but the two examples you’re mentioning here sound like the person on the ride wouldn’t know whether to scream from fear or scream from laughter, creating a more memorable experience and perhaps enhancing the tickling itself given that their nerves are on edge.
>>16559 Oh yea totally imo a big thing as well is feeling disoriented and unbalanced I believe might increase the feelings of sensitivity.
My fantasy is utter and complete humiliation. I’m talking about rich women tickle tortured until they give up all their wealth and possessions, young girls randomly kidnapped and kept as pets only meant to suffer and public tickling punishments on which people are restrained against their will and absolutely destroyed for anyone to see.
>>16560 Very much so. You could be on an elevator, get spooked by some cackling cartoon jester with fuzzy fingers that then tickles your sides while you can’t escape, then suddenly isn’t there when the lights switch back on. Then as you go into the next area you’re already on edge waiting for something to happen, making the next tickles feel worse and worse. A good friend of mine has an OC that leans into disorienting her victims since her domain is basically a swirling realm of chaos. And she has a somewhat creepy design, which I think further works in your favor. Of course, another funny thing to see after these rides would be glimpses of photos of you being tickled by the rollercoaster equipment or horror characters, photos that you can purchase for a dollar each either out of morbid curiosity or a lingering rush of excitement from the whole experience.
>>16563 Totally, imagine how confused one would be just stepping out of that elevator heading towards the next area still alittle dizzy and giggly. Also friend seems to have a very based OC Also the pictures are something I never even thought about, it'd be an extra teasy touch to have to see how red your face got or what kind of faces you made.
>>16564 Extremely based OC. And yeah, would be funny to stumble around all dazed from the tickling right into the clutches of another monster. Exactly! You’d turn red with embarrassment just looking at all the hysterical faces you made, maybe even catch glimpses you weren’t able to in your laugh-addled state of the monsters smirking in smug satisfaction at having you right where they want.
My fantasy is getting lovingly tortured by pretty girls!
On the topic of turning guys gay >>16325 and all the other posters talking about how much being a tickle toy turn them on from the whyboners thread, I have a fantasy that merges the two. Tickling straight guys into realizing they're One: gay and Two: get hard when they get tickled. In essence - "Tickle him stiff". Bonus points if they're feet end up being erogenus zones too. And the imagiry to look for is simple. A bound guy tickled with a tasteful hard-on. Bonus bonus points if they also still reject the notion that they love being tickled but deep in their psyche know they are the most turned on they have ever been. And for you >>16339 , to tkae this fantasy to the its logic end, if that guy is so turned on and so erognous on his feet and body, they may even be able to cum 'hands free' as you put it. No jerking the gherkin, just tickling everywhere else that sends them over the edge. Maybe then they will confront the fact they are a tickle slut (or whatever the male equivalent is) (I guess still slut?).
>>16619 I have kind of an inside-out version of this fantasy where I'm in a torture session when my torturer says that it won't end until I cum from tickling alone. But while the torture is enough to get me hard, I'm forced to deliberately concentrate even harder on my own torture to try and bring me over by the added power of my mind. Unfortunately, the torturer slows down to more teasing tickles at that point, and so, after hours of begging and pleading for the tickle torture to stop, I now have to start begging and pleading for harder tickle torture. I'm even forced to start bargaining for MORE tickle torture by promising footjobs, blowjobs, agreeing to a longer sentence, or saying humiliating things like that I'm a tickle whore who lives through the soles of his feet. Literally anything to make the tickle torture bad enough that I can cum from it. If and when it's finally enough to tip me over the threshold, the tickling continues for another 15 minutes so that my post-orgasm sensitivity doesn't get wasted before a cock cage gets locked back on and I'm made to crawl back over to my cage and stew about everything I had to promise to increase the torture enough to cum from.
>>16636 Damn. I'd be lying if I said that's not one of the hottests fantasies described to me. Literally ticked all my boxes for the perfect tickle slut. brb i'm going to the bathroom
>>16636 Hey that's cool anon why don't you post your address and personal information and when you're least likely to be noticed being taken from your home for absolutely no reason
>>16636 Honestly that’s been mine for years, sans the gay shit. Good taste buddy
are there no women on this site? probably not...smh gay people out here having all the fun
>>16636 Also love that there’s more chastity crossover with tickling. Now we just need some more art.
(141.70 KB 415x367 sweating.png)

>>16636 Holy shit
>>16845 >Women >On imageboards kek
>>16845 women into niche kink shit tend to keep a low profile because the communities are flooded to the brim with desperately thirsty spergs
>>16619 Tbh I enjoy the idea of getting tickle tortured by a man in a humiliation way I love the idea of getting humiliated by being tickled and responsive getting a boner and feeling humiliated and emasculated cause another man Had this much power over me and used it to make me giggle like an idiot and then it made me hard. I also love the idea of being tickled to organ I imagine that'd be mind breaking the ultimate humiliation of getting tickled and giggling until I ejaculated with the best orgasm. Both point for getting mocked, and bullied relentlessly and being pinned or held making it more embarrassing. The idea of getting kidnapped then have this just sends me.
>>17094 This sounds kinda hot anon. I hope you find a female let willing to drive you nuts and give you the ticklish affection you deserve.
>>15941 my biggest fantasy i basically beeing transported into fantasy-medival tickle world scenario (basically a world where everyone and everything wants to tickle and/or enslave you) with me and every person i ever went to class with (middle/primary/highschool/colledge etc.) i basically get off to the idea of me and them beeing trapped in the endless series of tickle torture in different scenarios, sometimes it's a plant that traps you and tickles you for several years, sometimes it's beeing enslaved and tickle tortured/bastinado-ed/raped for lifetime of the owner, sometimes owners are orks, sometimes are hobbits, sometimes are other human, sometimes its getting sacrificed to tickle god, really whole point is that they know it's because of me they are now trapped in their nightmare and my wettest dream, oh, and also most of the time i have some kind of perma chastity to prevent me from ever cumming, sometimes they have it too ...
I fantasize about being a sort of feudal lord and exercising a sort of tickle-based "droit du seigneur," where I reserve the right to take any woman on the day of her wedding and, for the first night of her marriage, tickle torture her senseless. Her new husband is made to watch, naturally.
I love the idea of dorky unattractive female ticklers, particularly if they are outwardly prudish and/or religious. I want to be wrecked by a sex-deprived girl who is chubby with glasses and not the best teeth, packed awkwardly into a dress with a big waistbelt, hair up in a careless messy bun, who is tickling me mercilessly to hotwire my body into wanting her. And the whole time her face is in a giggling sneering grin.
>>17788 You conjured up that much of this fantasy ler's description and you're just gonna not tell us how big her feet are?
My fantasy is getting tied up and tilked while i'm milked dry with post orgasm torture. Got another fantasy where i'm being tickled while milked by a machine next to a girl i like getting the same treatment and we are next to eachother so we can hold hands to comfort eachother through the experience and maybe bond from it.
>>17801 Look there's something hot about getting taken to be a tickle cow. Getting milked and tickled till im literally drained of everything constantly
>>17801 we can hold hands to comfort eachother through the experience and maybe bond from it. absolute degeneracy
>>17788 I have a similar fantasy, getting absolutely tickle-wrecked by some chubby fujo. maybe after spotting me at some anime con dressed as her husbando, follows me back to my hotel room and ambushes me. Sadly, I don't think i'm the average chubby fujo's type, I'm not attractive in an anime pretty boy way. I'd say I'm a decent looking guy, just leaning hard into the masculine side.
>>15941 Reading this actually just realized how hot itd be to the subject of tickle cucking. Imagine your with your girlfriend and get pulled up by some sexy dom maybe shes supernatural or just some really tall dom. Your girlfriend is jealous and tries to stop her but then she holds you or sits on you or ties you up as you watch her completely wreck your girlfriend like completely past a breaking point till she just lying there drooling, slightly giggly and giddy in tears watching you get carried away by your new dommy mommy
>>17793 Not really a feet guy but to complete the picture, definitely wide awkward fluffy on top feet - pedicured but it was obviously a long time ago.
>>17823 Just a lil trauma bonding as the cherry on top of the depraved tickle sundae
(138.28 KB 1825x611 ClipboardImage.png)

(349.57 KB 1828x1797 ClipboardImage.png)

My fantasy is scenes like this~
One of my biggest fantasies has always been having tickle art made of non-tickle artist’s ocs without them knowing I’m not an artist though so that’s never gonna happen lmao
My biggest fantasy is to have lots of intense but loving tickle sessions with the girl of my dreams! She doesn't have the fetish and is super sensitive, can't take it at all, so she only indulges me at first, but slowly develops an interest in it which culminates with her coming to share my fascination with tickle torture, specially when it's time for her to dish it out and for me to take it instead!
>>17992 sauce?
>>17998 commission someone nigga
>>16279 >>17998 Like this but more specific i know a guy who - for the longest time - was gay "but not gay(tm)" type; used to jerk off every single time and go on about how much he wanted it. years later he made a twitter and somehow became a popufur, claims to be a sexual now with heavy fetish focus but even some in his inner circle admits he makes that up so he can play the gender/sex card for attention. he was always an attention whore, he preaches that sex and those who get aroused are evil and how asexuality is some kindve master race while having sex often himself my biggest fantasy would be tying up and torturing him and forcing him to cum over and over again so i could leak it to his twitter and humble his lying ass lies to his poor bastard bf too they havent met irl yet but theyre both filthy rich i hope he isnt using him but i know he is
>>18022 Holy shit based anon
>>18022 Very based
>>18022 I remember a confession here similar to this. Are you the same anon who ranted about a friend?
>>18022 Usually IDGAF about furfag bullshit but holy shit Anon's not kidding, look at this arrogant fucker. He deserves that shit. Anyone have any other proof?
(196.21 KB 671x967 ClipboardImage.png)

>>16279 This one in particular
I've always kind of fantasized about finding a video someday where it's just... different. Like it would start with the girl being bound and very clearly terrified, gagged but obviously trying to speak. And as the tickling starts, it becomes rapidly apparent that she's not only deathly ticklish, she's also utterly unable to handle this. Over time it becomes more and more clear this is an actual non-consensual tickle torture session being filmed. After a while she's crying, bargaining, trying anything to get out or even just get a break. And it's a long session, too. I'm convinced such videos must exist like that somewhere, but I've never earnestly looked. More just an idle thought.
>>18548 Would you keep the video for your "enjoyment" or would you help the victim keep some dignity by destroying it?
>>18551 Almost certainly keep it tbh. It's already made, and it's not like I would go spreading it around.
>>18009 Looks like oneortheother from the dots. I think the galaxy series.
My biggest tickling fantasy would be going back to being a high schooler senior year. I pay the jock with the hottest girlfriend to try “something new” in the bedroom with her. “Something new” being tying her up to the bed by her wrists and ankles blindfolded. But right when she’s at the peak of being turned on I come in and mercilessly tickle her. The whole time she helplessly wonders where Brad, who is a nice and busy football player, got his torturer kink. We continue this ordeal for months until she gets turned on purely or mostly by tickling. Eventually, when Brad was busy at practice or studying, I’d kidnap her and tickle her stocked toe-tied feet and exposed armpits while stimunaging her clit for hours. Not saying a word having her convinced it’s her lover. She goes to school wondering how Brad has time to be a grade A student and star athelete yet STILL make her cum so hard to her new kink. Eventually after graduation she and Brad go to seperate colleges. We all part ways, me being content knowing I gave a young man a loyal wonderful lover and a young woman a life long sexual perversion she would beg her future partners to partake in
>>18715 stimulating*
(2.11 MB 1614x1920 nbm.png)

(3.08 MB 1614x1920 nbm2.png)

(382.72 KB 400x300 nbm3.gif)

:) Heh... won't be much of a surprise to anyone, but I love situations where the 'lee is magically cut into pieces (or has parts "portaled" away to another location) and tickled. For me, there's nothing quite so helpless and hot as a collection of ticklish girl pieces, all separated to the point of utter helplessness, and squirming under lots of loving tickles...
>>15941 Lowkey would kill to get tickle bullied. Like imagine you're not fairly strong or big just trying to get through and now constantly you get pushed around and teased by bigger bullies that tickle you and poke you randomly as they push you around, sometimes even pinning you and tickling your armpits and feet, or they hold your arms from behind and tickle your sides and underarms till your knees collapse. Maybe they circle around you and push you around taking turns tickling you silly.
>>18744 200% felt. Definitely doesn't help that I have an insatiable love for stronger/taller women. Talkin' 6'+ tomboys with abs, or at least toned a good bit. What I'd do to be locked in a room with one (or more, tbh) of them.
I don't know what it is about the word "slut" but it just really adds a rush of "fuck yes" to any tickle scene. Love when the word is thrown around to describe the lee, especially a lee in the throes of some incredible, mind-breaking torture. Been seriously digging mental scenarios where someone who's normally hypersexual/who sleeps around a lot is caught by some tickle monster that doesn't begin with tickling right away, instead just holding them down and teasing them relentlessly. Rubbing up against them, grinding against them, stroking them off while feeling them up, threatening them with tickle torture on their hypersensitive body if they actually cum so they have to fight against their normal instincts and mounting frustration, essentially putting themselves in edging hell to avoid tickle hell. Bonus points if there's no real way for them to get out of either situation, so it's a matter of when and not if.
>>19004 Actually while thinking about this I remembered another fun scenario that keeps popping into my head, where a hapless slut-mage gets tangled up in some spell meant to get them off, but it was actually a magical trap. It's a false sex spell created by some evil third party to help gather victims, slipped into places where people who'd use that kind of thing would be expected to find it. You know, like normal fantasy forbidden knowledge shit. The spell binds the user to the wall and summons a gaggle of fairies or demons or whatever that just start tickling the shit out of the user while they're helpless to fight back or avoid it, and then comes the real fun part. If the victim cums while being tickled, they forever belong to the fairy/demon gang and immediately get pulled into their realm to be ticklefucked forever. Since there's no way for the victim to break the spell, escape, or even call for help, they can't do anything against their inevitable fate and lay there while their tormentors mock and belittle them, taunting them with the knowledge that their eternity of torment is coming and nothing can stop it.
>>18969 >tfw you will never be bullied by harpy girls
I want to be held in a naga's coils while she teases my neck and ears :( or grabs my head by the hair and forces it back so she can tickle and lickle my neck. And don't even get me started on affectionate slimegirls...
>tfw you will never be tortured by big tiddie bunny girls
>>18969 Frrr i feel you on that, plenty of opportunity for teasing and humiliation would abound
>>19005 What a fucking hot scenario, scenarios where lee can't cum or will be royally destroyed by tickling are so hot. Not to mention trapped in a tickle hell for cumming.
This might be a weird one, but one that's always kinda lingered in my head. I've always been fascinated and painfully intrigued at the idea of someone being tickled, but somehow unable to register it's happening. So how I picture it is someone suddenly giggling and wriggling around a bit, but continuing their action or conversation like normal, as if nothing is happening at all. I don't know why, but the idea of seeing someone giggling up a storm and wiggling around while asking what you want from McDonalds is weirdly arousing. I got plenty more, but I figured this was one that was less likely to have already been shared or to be shared in the future.
>>19146 Thanks! Hopelessness is a big turn-on in a lot of my scenarios, especially if the lee is told, repeatedly, that there's nothing they can do about their fate. The tickle mimic from the caption thread was good for me because of that, the captured adventurer's own mind repeating to her that someone caught by a tickle mimic is unlikely to ever escape on their own. I think I've said this in another thread but there's a fantasy I like going to where the lee is captured by some supernatural creature who's an extreme tickle sadist. The victim is kept relatively healthy but tickled to breaking point every day, and every day the creature gently pets their hair as they're coming down from the latest bout of torture and tells them that they're making "a wonderful sacrifice," how their suffering is keeping "so many more" from suffering the same fate, and how the creature is wondering how long the current toy will last. Then the victim looks over and sees walls of trophies or tally marks, so they know they're not the first, they won't be the last, and none of the past victims have ever escaped or been rescued. Then the tickling starts again.
>>17825 This but I'd be in a cute crossplay. Same with incorporating my cross dressing kink with a session of merciless tickling slash edging. Did a few sessions like that with my ex, good times.
m/m tickling and getting tickled by another man does nothing for me. But lately I've been getting off at the idea of a girl getting off watching me being tickled by dudes. It all started with a girl sending me an xvideos clip where a guy is being milked by a venus 2000 and fingered by a dude while two other guys watch. She said it makes her cum like nothing else and ever since then I can't stop thinking about being in an mmm/m tickle session at the behest of a girl who is watching and getting off.
you know what's really good? noncon kidnapping, i don't know why i have a tickle fetish, hell, most of us don't, but i can attest by many here that one of the bst aspects of this fetish is kidnapping, regardless if the lee is into it or not, the idea of nabbing a girl and leaving her powerless, just forced to endure her tickle torture for as long as the captor wants her too, that's fucking peak deliciousness. that said, consentual kidnapping is the most basic, boring fucking by the books bitch pussy coward yellowbellied setting that can exist in this fetish, it's the antithesis to it, it's basically a fucking playdate arrangement, pussy shit, i spit on it. noncon kidnapping 4 lyf
>>21853 Based and evilpilled.
>>21853 This, but instead of capturing a cute girl, I'm a male who wants to be captured and tortured for an extended period of time. You guys ever hear that Taylor Swift song Blank Check? Where she goes "boys only want love when it's torture, don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya" twice before going back to the song? I'm just saying I think about that specific line a lot, and evil women sensually singing about how bad their male victim surely wants it while they're stretching him over a rack and exploiting his helpless body.
>>21853 >second picture Ambitious snooping journalist/detectives/amateur investigators/etc. getting in over her head into a ticklish distress will eternally be dangerously based.
(688.54 KB 850x1170 1589059381910.jpg)

(933.65 KB 2637x4057 E3ecPcqXEAstm4q.jpg)

(398.67 KB 645x845 octo2.png)

>>21856 i don't mind the gender or the sexuality of the lee, just the general idea of taking a character, pinning them down and tickling them senseless is a golden idea, hearing them scream and beg for mercy or plea for help from their friends or family, hopelessly crying out for anyone to help them and to make it stop to no avail because they're so deep into the belly of the beast that nobody would hear them besides their captor is like the horniest shit you can imagine. >>21863 yeah, totally, i wanted to do a comic, i think i mentioned it on the previous board, about one of my characters trying to flee from a facility owned by a competitor in the market only to be caught and subequently subued by twice the ammount of tickles she would have recieved if she had just stayed put, it's like some perverted cat and mouse game, where the mouse loses almost every time. >oh, and inb4 tickle twitter comes for me bcuz "dangerous sexual predator" or "threat to female acquaintances" if you couldn't tell, everything i'm bringing up here is fictional, because i have enough braincells in my fucking head to know that you shouldn't do this shit irl unlike the people who need to constantly cover their ass and pretend it's con and have to constantly remind themsleves of it or convince themselves about it, it's just fucking stupid TBH; if you really enjoy Con kidnapping, be my guest, but if you constantly have to go on about how it's immoral and shit and tone down your fics due to flak you may recieve or something, then just fucking grow a spine.
>>21880 >oh, and inb4 tickle twitter comes for me bcuz "dangerous sexual predator" or "threat to female acquaintances" Are those people relevant nowadays? I have written some very non-con fetish fiction (though not for a good while now) and don't remember ever getting feedback like that.
>>21880 >That restraint in the third pic that has appendages tickling her belly I love that shit, it's so rare to see though.
(46.07 KB 500x492 1604288733935.jpg)

>>21885 well, that's more of a personal thing, i brought it up because it's happened before that people acuse me of writing posts in this platform, one incident in particular involved some anon foaming out of the mouth about some people with feet fetishes and having basically a meltdown, and though i don't wanna mention her by name, she inmediately acused me of doing it and started shit talking the fuck out of me on her server which i had been on, and it felt really shitty because i never did anything to her or any of her friends and believed i was her friend at the time, so yeah, i rather just specify instead of having to deal with something like that again.
>>21880 holy fuck that second pic with the blob wall and belly focus is *exactly* my jam Where'd you find it?
Stumbled onto this place while looking for inspiration/prompts for stories, and holy shit, I hit the biggest motherlode imaginable. Y’all have some AMAZING fantasies~ 🤤
Alright, I'm fucking back bitches this time with a real fucking curve ball. Firstly, I wanted to give a shout-out to tadashbaka for flipping the switch in my head to the concept of Rule 63 for this use. I initially dismissed it as a nothingburger in hentai but then he fucking did the pic included and I've basically been full "Neuron Activated" over it. So far it's only her that's gotten my attention but I wouldn't be surprised if in the future it hits me with someone else. But I just want to see her, along with Alexis just....they lose. This is their fate. Like 4Kids Ending for the show but enjoyable for us degenerates instead of how they ended it.
>>16129 >>16023 https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/21060.html Me too, there's a page for that, we really need more content!
>>15941 Holy shit fantasy thread reborn
>>16129 Black girls legit love torturing white girls. There was that video footage years ago at a cheerleading camp where a white girl was being forced to do the splits by two black girls and they were obviously loving it. A white friend of mine briefly had an IG bellybutton page and told me multiple times black girls would want to do RP sessions where they tickle tortured relentlessly until she agreed to make out with them. Which also is exactly the premise of this clip, leading me to believe that tickling a white girl into wanting to kiss them is a common black girl fantasy and that is hot as fucking hell. https://txxx.com/videos/11688541/skater-chick-toetied/ (2:35 and 4:00 for the moments)
I've had this one fantasy lately where I love the idea of buying slaves for their ticklishness and forcibly breeding them together to artificially select for extreme ticklishness as a trait. The offspring would be given out to selected families so that they could grow up normally (you don't want their brain development slowed by spending their formative years in a tickle dungeon). But at 18, they're re-captured and get to learn the truth when they join their real parents in being tickle tortured and they find out that they are also going to be bred the same way. Rinse and repeat until you have your own race of natural tickle slaves bred for hypersensitivity.
Have you seen Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt? What I thought of involves the time travel aspect of the movie. For all of you who haven't watched it, the idea is that if the protagonist dies, he is sent back in time to the previous day at a specific time, where everything happens the same unless he changes it. It's sort of like a branching path situation. Recently, I've been watching a bunch of videos where the lee is tickled with a hairbrush, and the first time that it's done is always the worst. I was thinking it would be really cool to be able to explore a lee's spots "freshly" as if for the first time through the time travel aspect. Obviously, this wouldn't involve dying, but some sort of mechanism that would let you go back in time to the start of a tickle session.
>>22715 Why is the idea of get race dommed so hot?
>>22715 Also post more about anecdotes where you've seen this i wanna hear more
>>15941 gonna resurrect this to post about a dream I literally had. Where I was taken to this giant white building along side other people where we were gonna get tickle tortured by our friends. But as they were tickling us we were gonna get auctioned off?? But also for some reason getting auctioned off meant we die??? Unfortunately some giant storm happened before any tickling took place
There's something incredibly enticing in the concept of tickling conversion camps. Like, yes, mindbreaking someone to the point where they change sexuality and/or gender identity or at least repress hard is just.... *chef's kiss*. Like, obviously in real life this would be horrific and about as ineffective and destructive as the other methods they've tried but the aesthetic is 10/10. t. bi theymab enby incorporating my brainworms into my kinks
>>23373 For real the idea of complete emasculation where a guy is tickle tortured and teased endlessly is hot. I had an intense rp with a guy who would describe coming to kidnap and that he'd slowly erase things of mine while tickling me like tickling me to beg him to destroy my belongings or photos for relief. Threatening to tickle me to death if I didn't hand over my phone so he could tell everyone I'm leaving (in rp ofc), tickling me and gaslighting to forget my name and other memories. Also getting thrown around and physically dominated. In rp all to break me into a sensitive giggly tickle slave.
I want to be completely and utterly helpless. I want a session to last merciless years. I know it's impossible irl, but I've recently been thinking of concepts like time bubbles; the sort of year-inside-hour-outside deal, but while inside, you don't need to eat, sleep, or do anything else. Can't get hurt or rope burn or bed sores or anything; pure fantasy realm. In the bubble with me is some hot witch or demon or monster girl that never gets bored of me, binding me or holding me down in inescapable binds/holds. Tickle torturing me, edging me to the point I lose my mind, sucking me off, and taking advantage of post-nut sensitivity increase. I never get used to it, and it doesn't stop for weeks or months or years. Once the bubble pops, barely any time in the 'real world' has passed. In my fantasies, depending on the mood it either results in terrified despair as the ler effortlessly creates another bubble and taunts me with a potential eternity (or so close to it that it doesn't matter) of ticklish suffering and forced orgasms, or I ask them to create another willingly because nothing else compares to it.
>>23394 Mf wins the thread
>>23505 not at all bro
>>23373 >>22387 I spun off of these ideas with a fantasy about a utopian future where, to combat those evil large corporations soaking up the whole penal market, someone comes up with an app to let small, mom-and-pop prisons compete. Airbnb for prisons, if you will. Law-abiding citizens interested in diversifying their investment portfolio can bid for government contracts to keep a few prisoners in their basement to help pay their way through college. This is also a win-win because, since these Airbnb prisons are run by private citizens, they aren't bound by annoying, burdensome regulations like the 8th amendment. One of these boutique prisons specializes in taking violent criminals and making them tame and submissive through a program of tickle torture conditioning. Daily tickling sessions, humiliating rituals like thanking their warden for their punishment and being forced to refer to themselves in third-person as, "this ticklish prisoner," maybe some brainwashing by adding estrogen to their meals and requiring prisoners to speak in a higher-pitched voice to avoid punishment. The chastity goes without saying. This would of course be wildly successful at reducing recidivism, because how can anyone take seriously a violent criminal who leaves jail with pedicured feet, a docile demeanor, and a healthy learned helplessness in the face of wiggling fingers. The free market triumphs once again.
>>23529 Such an amazing idea, I love it imagine getting all your masculinity tickled away, and having your whole world view destroyed by tickles and brain washing. A great means of social humiliation would be marking free prisoners with a tattoo or something so EVERYONE know what's happened to them. See my crooked fantasy us someone wrongfully being tried in a kangaroo court and sent there

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