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Tickling animations Anonymous 09/26/2021 (Sun) 00:06:40 Id: dfe781 No. 1596
Surprised this thread didn't exist already
(2.71 MB 432x602 20210925_201915.gif)

(1.15 MB 430x602 20210925_201537.gif)

>>1601 these clips are from a WIP by some russian guy who was going to make a full video of renamon in 9 circles of tickle hell, but i don't think he ever completed or uploaded it and the only trailer i ever saw for it (which had some more clips than these) was on ph and it got nuked like everything else on that site
>>1597 Where is the animation of the girl hanging from a tree?
By HomunculusLover
(15.05 MB 466x558 20210925_201614.gif)

(9.53 MB 676x384 20210925_201453.gif)

(2.18 MB 448x416 20210925_201739.gif)

(4.88 MB 412x628 20210925_201651.gif)

(5.75 MB 286x464 20210925_201253.gif)

does anyone have any animations from AviJustTickle?https://www.patreon.com/avijustfeet
>>1597 Yo! What is that third one from? It's amazing.
(703.20 KB 471x269 Tickle_Fight.gif)

(1.37 MB 300x300 Lilian_and_Robin.gif)

>>1788 Holy shit that'd be much better without the dialogue. How does he fuck it up with like five words?
>>1790 I don't understand what's so bad about it? She's just asking to have her feet tickled
>>1790 Seems fine to me. It's way hotter when the lee enjoys it, and so little art really goes with that route. As long as the dialogue isn't "hahaha" and "tickle tickle" ad nauseum it's hard to fuck it up.
>>1800 >>1802 She is not supposed to like it! Noooooooooo!!!
>>1805 It's hotter when they like it imo
>>1805 >>1806 I really don't get why this is such an argument. Some people like the noncon torture angle. Some people like the wish fufilling "asking for more" angle. We should have artists that cater to both, and booing them out of the room when they do art that's not for you is why a lot of content looks the same.
>>1800 >>1802 Well, sorry about your shit taste problem. But if you care to better it, let me try in all seriousness to explain why I dislike it. And again, it's the dialogue not the set up I got a problem with, I like that part. For starters, it's unnecessary:. "yes keep tickling my feet" is easily conveyed through her expression and, you know, the vibrator she's holding between her legs. It's not even laughter or beggging or whatever, which can add to the feeling of intensity of a pic, but we'll get to that in a sec. As an aside, I'm pretty sure he must know that that bit's essentially pointless, because the line itself is as lazy as BadCrab's bad dialogue can possibly get, which makes me think he probably put it there just because it's what's expected of him at this point, but that's just baseless speculation. Second, last, and most important, I just think it's shit. I don't think 'lee dialogue is hard to fuck up at all, something as simple as her managing to say such an oddly well put together line is already enough to make me think she's barely ticklish to begin with, and what a fuckup that is for your fictional set up where you get to decide how sensitive your 'lee is. The formatting is bland, the three exclamation signs are eye roll worthy, if the shaky text was supposed to do something but bring more attention to the worst bit of the pic it failed. Continuing what I was saying before, better written dialogue will convey important bits that the drawing can maybe struggle to get across otherwise. Not just information mind you, but volume, intensity, reactions other than laughter that inform the scene and the 'lees mindset, like gasping or struggling to keep themselves together or moaning or just about everything else we have phonetic writing of. Giant walls of 'hahaha's are cheap, but boy do they fucking get across that whoever is getting tickled is losing their shit. Fuck, the shape of the speech balloon can do that on its own, but we get the most basic of them all, which implies the opposite. "yes keep tickling my feet" does jackshit of any of that. It's as stock as dialogue can get which only brings attention to how unnatural it sounds, which you should try as hard you fucking can to avoid with 'tickling dialogue', since it's cringe almost by definition except to us weirdos. So anyways, that's a parragraph worth of criticism of five fucking words that show I have nothing to do with my monday night and "yes keep tickling my feet" is the worst sentence in the english language. >>1805 >>1806 They're both hot, this is just a terrible example of the latter. >>1811 I hope I don't get lumped in with that shit, I like both angles, I just don't like, you know, shitty things.
>>1813 My guy, you're taking it WAAAAAAAAY too seriously. It's just fetish art, relax
>>1816 Oh, don't you worry about that, I'm perfectly aware of how ridiculous it is to talk this much about a single shitty thing in an otherwise unremarkable piece of fetish smut. I did, however, genuinely find it interesting to examine the reasons behind my instinctual aversion to it, and since you asked and you can't stop me, I found it acceptable to dump my diatribe on you like this. Nothing serious about it, promise. That and, as you can probably tell, I'm wordy by nature.
>>1813 I hate to just reduce it to this because it makes it seem like I'm being dismissive of your insight, but it really does literally turn me on just to hear girls say "tickle" or "feet". And then of course the more horny I am the more I want to hear it. It's basic as fuck but it hits my buttons really good.
>>1821 *giggle* So you want to tickle my feet? That's suck a strange thing to ask!
>>1821 It's your lucky day anon
>>1821 You and many others, apparently. And I mean, feel free to like it for whatever reason you want dude, I got shit I like even though I know it's pretty low quality and I don't give a shit. I'm not 'hoping' to make any of you dislike it either. I'm not that big an asshole, I'm glad somebody's getting a kick out of it, so if that's all it takes to tickle yours and any others' fancy, good for you. It's not for me though. I'm an entitled cunt with an opinion and my opinion is that a single poorly executed line brought that drawing down from a 'pretty good' to a 'ugh'. And as previously demonstrated, I'm willing to explain why I find it shitty beyond just going 'consent bad'.
>>1828 So is it just a weird quirk of my own brain that when I see someone go "X is bad and here's why", they are actively trying to make people who do like it turn away from it, like realize that the thing they like is bad and drop it? Am I just brain-fucked by three hour long video essays on YouTube going into every single nook and cranny of why they think a thing fails with a smug and self-satisfied tone of voice? it just feels like that's the point of saying "hey this thing is bad", in the hopes that people will stop producing the content that you feel is bad. That said I do prefer going into detail about why you don't like thing over just "ugh, thing sucks, hate thing". I like understanding why someone doesn't like it beyond just a surface "i mean it's obviously just objectively bad, i don't know why you can't see it". So I do appreciate that. >>1825 >>1826 Where did you get these from? They're nice and the voice is good but they lean a little too close to loli-ish "big brother" stuff for me, which I'm not terribly into.
>>1823 Suck a strange indeed
>>1829 I mean I wish we could have conversations where people can just disagree and there's no toxicity to it, but this is the internet, specifically 8chan Also this >>1813 >Well, sorry about your shit taste problem.
>>1829 Eh, probably not, most people are dickheads, on the internet or otherwise. I've just evolved beyond your average smug asshole and realized trying to convince others they should dislike inconsequential things in their life that make them happy is utterly pointless and just a massive douche move overall. Only reason I even talked about it beyond saying I'd have much preferred it without the dialogue is because someone literally asked me what was wrong with it, and then proceeded not to give a shit about my explanation, which is funny. Also, because dumbfucks wanted to assume I didn't care for it because 'consent bad', since after all, if I was dumb enough to disagree with them, I couldn't possibly have good reasons for it, right? And fuck no, I don't care if more shit porn is made on the internet lol. Do you know how much of that there is on here already? There's a lot of it. >>1831 Anon, if someone calling your taste shit is enough to trigger something inside you, then maybe the problem is not the toxicity of the internet, but that you need to grow a thicker skin. And/or some balls. People dislike shit. Deal. Also, and perhaps most importantly, this >>1813 >let me try in all seriousness to explain Implies I was joshing.
>>1834 My guy, saying a complete stranger has "shit taste" because you disagree with them is objectively toxic. I'm not triggered by it, but at least acknowledge that it's needlessly rude
>>1835 Pfft, fuck nah. >objectively toxic Fucking kek, absolutely amazing. So I need to concern myself with your 'objective' standard of toxicity? What's next, I can't swear because it hurts your precious feelings? Do I only get to talk about artwork if have nice things to say? Should I apologize for my terrible suggestion that maybe the stuff you like isn't that good? Positively hilarious. I even outright said I was joking too, goddamn. As previously stated, thick skin, balls, grow them. Sounds to me like you need a spine too, but what do I know. It's all ultimately insignificant.
>>1839 Good god you sound like an incel
(69.64 KB 452x363 9c3.jpg)

>>1841 >Good god you sound like an incel
>>1839 Different anon, but while I get that you said it was a joke after the fact, people do act like that genuinely, so until you say "oh, it was a joke", it's just as valid to assume you're just an asshole like them. Even with the "oh it was a joke" afterward, you can act like that and then wait to see if anyone gets offended. If they do, you can say "lol it was a joke" and insist they back off. If not, then, well shit, you just get to be an asshole for free. Maybe it's just me but I think that's a little lame and just results in online interactions being overly negative by default. Humor is subjective I guess and I don't find "your taste is shit lmao it's a joke" very funny.
(17.26 KB 100x100 image_2021-09-28_055000.png)

Jeez, I didn't mean to start an online war with that animation, I just thought it was cute, I can just delete it if it's that much of a problem
>>1844 Nah you're fine. Aside from the obvious flamebait I think it's resulted in some interesting conversation.
>>1813 Based autist. We need more people like you.
>>1841 >literal buzzword Here, a pity you. >>1843 In the same post my dude. I talked about 'getting serious' on the literal next line. I suppose someone might miss it if their eyes glaze over the moment someone says something that offends them. I agree with the sentiment though, but I'm not about to change my sense of humor to avoid overstepping someone's 'objective' standard of toxicity. >>1844 Nah, sorry I derailed the thread. I did not see that one coming from saying I thought a line of dialogue was shitty either, but here we are. Imma stop poking the bear now. I hope the take away for at least someone in here is that even though I think what they like is trash, I genuinely hope they find it enjoyable and have a happy fun time with. Nothing else is really that important. >>1846 Hah, this place would be a lot more lively at the very least it seems.
>>1825 I died a little inside. Thanks anon.
(6.50 MB 960x540 lily_underarm_GIF1.gif)

(12.16 MB 960x540 lily_underarm_GIF2.gif)

(13.84 MB 960x540 lily_underarm_GIF3.gif)

(10.36 MB 960x540 lily_underarm_GIF4.gif)

>>2464 thanks for sharting! I didn't know about the last 2, Elektratouch is on another level
(161.76 KB 400x400 image_2021-10-08_153811.png)

>>2722 >Sharting
>>1615 >>1637 there was a tumbr blog that had a few of these way back, they seem to be gone now though. this is the only other one I saved
>>3021 >Better animation than the actual show
>>1947 That shit was hilarious. I love it. Thanks Anon.
(19.25 KB 200x200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3557 Won't play for me
Anyone got the annie leonhart video from knismotik??
>>3897 >Ends right before her feet get tickled >Half the video is scenic filler shots Trash
(5.24 MB 1280x720 WIP_Tickle.mp4)

Are you suuuuurrrreeee?
(2.29 MB 974x720 RazzyOnStomach_Final.gif)

(2.76 MB 1280x720 DrizzleFeetPant_Final.gif)

(2.45 MB 1280x720 PecanFeetTickledAnime.gif)

(7.38 MB 1280x720 PecanAnimated_Final.gif)

(3.75 MB 1280x720 Pecan_JellyBeanSlower.gif)

(1.01 MB 540x470 Lick.gif)

(2.82 MB 1280x720 RazzyBangBang_Final2.gif)

(2.77 MB 1000x1000 PecanAnimated.gif)

(3.37 MB 1080x1080 RazzyJellyBean.gif)

(14.83 MB 1920x1080 FinalAnimationLooping.mp4)

(5.49 MB 1664x1436 DrizzleFinal.mp4)

>>1627 Amazing, the first two are super well done!
Some Japanese Twitter animators that have been putting stuff out lately https://twitter.com/TheoriachanK https://twitter.com/bananaunko114
(32.03 KB 391x391 oh god, oh fuck.jpg)

>>4805 That bootyhole tickling... Sauce?
>>4808 https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/defaultuser12/ need an account I think to view the NSFW
>>4813 Thanks! This... um... dog person also posts on Newsgrounds. So that might be useful for people who don't want to become furries like I just did, lol. https://defaultuser12.newgrounds.com/movies
(14.93 MB 1920x1080 MYGT.mp4)

>>3897 Where did you find this?
(2.79 MB 3840x2160 56725.png)

(1.12 MB 150x150 tcklglnkdtkhndhh.gif)

(1015.66 KB 150x150 vgkmnskoofng.gif)

This is gold and should be valued better.
(24.43 MB 920x1782 GwenDocFinal.gif)

(11.65 MB 1920x1080 RPZGT6.mp4)

>>4875 Anyone had experience commissioning this guy? I love his animation but they take a while to come out and he doesn't list prices. I've got an idea or two I wanted to see if I could have done but I've heard horror stories about some fetish artists. >>1813 lol calm down
(390.66 KB 600x400 Drake_tickles_2.gif)

(334.31 KB 560x402 fs_tentackles.gif)

(356.85 KB 405x405 tickle-torture-feet-demon.gif)

(9.93 MB 1520x1300 FINAL-ANIP2.gif)

Anyone has WTFEATHER's Ahri tickle animation
(355.97 KB 766x1080 94199906.mp4)

(745.50 KB 766x1080 ver94347442.mp4)

(7.60 MB 900x968 Test.gif)

>>7993 There were a few other gifs by this artists. Wish I could find them.
>>8315 Big vouch for this suggestion. Idk how but the animations just look so aesthetically pleasing
>>8557 the rare upperbody kidetic/kusujinn pic is always appreciated
>>6655 Does anyone have any more of these?
>>8557 amazing gif
(46.47 KB 100x100 tkldoctor4.gif)

(521.36 KB 150x150 tllfiklblly.gif)

(10.56 KB 100x100 tkldancer2.gif)

(556.22 KB 150x150 tgkkscrblckglr.gif)

>>8662 The artist really had a lot of tickle gifts, but the ones that are best made and last the longest are the ones that start with this red background and white letters.
(820.04 KB 150x150 cootilbndt.gif)

(541.95 KB 150x150 tilsprcooch.gif)

(700.08 KB 150x150 libcchitillft.gif)

(708.61 KB 150x150 atilspytklfthrrt_zpsb2997da4.gif)

(39.92 KB 100x100 tk_ani_003.gif)

>>8885 May as well post some more.
(79.02 KB 100x100 tk_ani_045.gif)

(13.60 KB 100x100 tk_ani_070.gif)

(156.06 KB 100x100 tk_ani_080.gif)

(277.99 KB 100x100 tk_ani_030.gif)

(369.26 KB 100x100 tklsnow3.gif)

>>8890 It really is good content, it hurts that no more was heard from the artist.
>>7857 Anyone got the source of the second gif?
>>9016 Hentai Discipline, episode 3 if I am not mistaken.
Not sure if you guys will care, but this guy has done a bunch of tickling scene cards for various Illusion games. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3620366/illustrations
(1.93 MB 1280x720 aMf_Fvjld7L8JiqZ.mp4)

(3.22 MB 1280x720 yB1PWNzFMacXM_H6.mp4)

(9.46 MB 1280x720 Z9W5I7SuAhQIi9W7.mp4)

(2.68 MB 1280x720 1dvapCeXd0KAqbOy.mp4)

This should be almost all of Hiiragi Minato's https://twitter.com/hiiragi_minato tickling stuff, I have not saved some of the oldest ones due to their low quality but the newer stuff is pretty hot. Should be entertaining for others of us who like bad endings, Touhous and Touhous suffering bad endings. https://mega.nz/file/ZY8xXAKT#CyPBRZXyUZ48PmmoWMq_yKm3b1SwS8Nk6durY2HyAtg
>>10741 Great contribution man, Did you save all the stuff with the twitter video downloader?. There's also this account https://twitter.com/okome0250 This guy has been posting idolmaster tickling animations here since 2017, but his older account had videos dating back to 2013. Sadly, the older account was closed. More accounts on ecchiwara: https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/majiasann https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/as1987 https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/%E3%83%9E%E3%83%81%E3%83%A3%E3%83%B3
>>4053 Well, this is interesting. Who's this from? >>10756 I've gotta second that majiasann account. Those videos are nice.
>>10756 I didn't have to download them all from Twitter thankfully, the madlad has uploaded plenty of them to youtube where they were easy to grab with a browser extension as well ass ecchiwara where it's just a matter of right clicking. https://www.youtube.com/user/RENON50/videos https://ecchi.iwara.tv/users/柊%E3%80%80湊
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1RZnXyaGLhpNMpsiZkaS5NYmD_RpyuL5 There's tickle warriors on youtube. It's super cheesy but it cracks me up.
(12.28 MB 1005x1200 ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif)

>>10930 Just finished watching this thing and ended up really enjoying it. The fact that the author pretty much just puts in random Japanese voice lines and how each girl's given a unique laughter that's basically just a sound rip from some tickling video or visual novel gives it strange earnest amateur charm.
(5.28 MB 800x800 SADAKO.gif)

(23.47 MB 1200x560 SADAKO edit.gif)

I found it a bit sad that Briel7 made 5 great faces for his Sadako piece and then just slowly looped them, so ... let's change that
>>12120 Absolutely fantastic.
Here's one that's a little smoother...
>>12125 >>12127 Those aren't animations morons
There's a thread for tickling gifs, separate from animations
>>12127 Which TA vid is this from?
>>12189 I really love that Jenn model more than the new one. The new one is too uncanny and slutty
>>4053 sauce?

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