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Special Requests Thread 7.0: No Erick/Lapis Allowed Anonymous 03/09/2022 (Wed) 23:40:08 Id: 89b07a No. 16281
Can I get uhhhhhhhhhhh free tickling art?
(276.94 KB 720x587 ClipboardImage.png)

This by ticklygiggles
Requesting "Miku Feet Box" by Jager, everything he does is of good quality https://jager233.booth.pm/items/3519082 https://yueyue233.gumroad.com/l/2333
>>16281 I'm going to end up being Perma-Erect every time I browse this board because of the fact you opted to use this pic for this thread. Fuck you OP. Anyway, here is this request again. Not the same person who requested it before but am interested in it anyway.
Can anyone update his page? https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/29321592
Can anyone make tickle Fanart of Fromsoft's new game Elden Ring? I also want a sleepy tickle art on Fia.
new board, third try If any kind samaritan out there got Sketchy volume 1
>>16293 Go commission them yourself
>>16295 Who would you recommend?
Once more requesting help to find the artist for this image
>>16298 Once bumping this because the artist looks familiar and this is beginning to bug me
does anyone have kusujin pateron exclusive versions of aqua from kanusuba
>>16298 Try lost art thread they might be able to help more than we can
>>16310 May as well at this rate tbh. Thanks, anon!
>>16296 Fia would be the coziest to tickle, but good lord Rennala's massive soles need it bad. Though if you do commission Rennala, do us a favor and ask that the moon meme hat be excluded lol
>>16334 If by "who" you meant artists, I guess that depends on your price range and taste, so it would help if you had like a shortlist.
>>16301 Many thanks, friend of friends
Requesting these two by Kandenrem please
>>16348 take
>>16349 That was fast. Thanks!
Anyone got this?
(158.10 KB 1200x630 J6Lyclid7YI.jpg)

(135.62 KB 1200x630 29iHfsk_sVw.jpg)

(132.61 KB 1200x630 38z14I50E8k.jpg)

(240.32 KB 1200x630 yL0usQaRvdU.jpg)

Anyone have this from Mrbelmont pls 🙏?
>>16362 I'mma second this Also hes putting prices up in may, bruh.
>>16354 PLEEEASE
(6.81 MB 2032x3533 vanilla.png)

(3.68 MB 3508x2480 ClipboardImage.png)

(878.67 KB 823x864 ClipboardImage.png)

Gonna try again, these were posted on the old board, ha anyone saved them? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78809979
>>16285 Yo for real though it would be awesome if someone had this, it's been going around in the request threads for some time now and I haven't seen it anywhere :(
(59.57 KB 600x397 96778298_p2_master1200.jpg)

Is there any I can stop this from happiness on kemono
Does anyone have this? "MDPC July 2021 #1: Megumin Punished" It was a drawing by the artist Kusujinn, but the drive link in Kemono doesn't work anymore.
(924.89 KB 1592x2200 megumin c19.jpeg)

>>16435 Did he do any pics with darkness?
Anyone have this from Arlioth? https://arlioth.gumroad.com/l/Ht_tt
Anybody have the Kusujinn art MDPC June 2021 #1: The Wrong House Part 2? The kemono link is down and never updated.
(683.83 KB 1200x1697 amxj2jDoR7Cx6YW2ZgvBx9RD.jpg)

>>16446 >a single sharp nail digging in the very center of each of her tiny pits Son of a bitch that's based.
>>16435 Thank you very much Anon! Take a gift here as a thank you. (This was in another thread).
>>16447 Good pit tickling is truly rare, but there's an artist that gets it
>>16446 Thank you very much Anon!
(340.97 KB 1400x961 FNPVt-EaAAQ_YVV.jpg)

any bros got the rest of this? Artist is bnn
Anyone have this from Teichikun?
>>16407 By any chance, do you have Edition 1 or 2 as well?
(107.81 KB 1200x630 Jx5m4BTO5At5mNgghPqhY5YB.jpeg)

(138.61 KB 1200x630 02PAnph65nDiMgZhOzyfD8f4.jpeg)

>>16446 Do you have this too anon?
>>16456 seconding this
>>16446 Oh I absolutely fucking love this. From the inviting position Tatsumaki’s legs are foreceably spread into by the psychic binds, to Fubuki’s smug gaze and blush indicating that she’s not merely enjoying lording this over her sister but in fact getting horny off of her ticklish distress, to those sharp nails swiveling teasingly against Tatsumaki’s armpits, to Tatsumaki’s expression as she absolutely loses it. The contrast between her usual standoffish demeanor in the top panel and the blubbering squealing mess she is in the second is the icing on the cake.
Does anyone have any packs from lost one zero
>>16484 I'm really after the Witcheror league of legends ones but I'm down to take any packs cus the ones on kemono are down
Does anyone know if arlioth has a kemono I can't find it
>>16495 No he doesn't have a kemono. If someone can had him btw
I am once again asking if anyone has this white whale of a video. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/74101/21307795/5-lady-bully-tickling-wmv
(266.63 KB 579x490 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this? Or at least know who tf the artist is? I remember seeing a few tickle pics by them too, but am completely unable to find who tf it is. (Also if ya'll got any pics of the Goblin Slayer characters being tickled or something would love it if you shared because it feels like a rarity).
>>16460 Sadly no
why did no one ever update gopher again? he's always made great quality art but for some reason his kemono is super outdated :( https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/31510945
Does anyone have new Nitro work or any at all I'm really after any mha, street fighter, resident evil,konosuba, dragon ball or anyone with dialogue.
Does anyone have this
(1.17 MB 1170x1564 image0.png.jpg)

Here check his Twitter next time the pic was free now and btw does any one have any of arlioths gumroad stuff
(135.31 KB 1024x592 pic.jpg)

Does anyone have this pic?
(9.44 MB 4167x3140 Naruto_Exclusive.png)

Anyone have this from ArisuYoku pls? https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc/
>>16674 Why do you keep posting this image?
>>16675 this is my bitch she makes my biscuits or bitch-scuites as I like to call them
>>16676 I love her. I want biscuits from her
anyone got this from cleaninghousetk?
Anyone got this Makima comic? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/96091234
>>16673 it's on arisu's kemono
>>16758 Thanks
(340.94 KB 1600x1200 candace.jpg)

>>16456 >>16473 Thirding this
>>16792 thanks friend
Anyone got this from Ghawkg? https://www.patreon.com/ghawkg
>>16946 seconding this
>>16946 Thirding this
(2.67 MB 2200x3000 Iinotk.png)

Anyone have any raidenthedeoxys foot job pics
>>16974 wrong board
Does anyone have anything from tkfeath like loba tickled pic or add a kemono please
(917.62 KB 610x1200 obraz_2022-03-18_194145.png)

Does anyone have any of the comics from guanblue? Here is their booth: https://guanblue.booth.pm And pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/44879969
this was available for purchase awhile back but all traces to the gum road page have been lost. anybody got it? posting this in the video thread too.
>>16964 A lot of artists have been getting much better at expression work as of late.
>>17047 Only if you introduce me to your bitch
>>17018 Its on the thread, go to ether page 16 or 15, it has some of her vids there
>>17066 What thread anon?
>>17069 She’s Chizuuf and the thread is currently on page 16. Although, I didn’t see that video on there. There is a Rem and Ram one but it’s different I believe. I could be wrong though. Here’s a link to the thread: https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/388.html
>>17074 Thanks for the link! I forgot 8chan had pages as well.
Anybody have this?
Anyone happen to have this from Kanden? https://www.patreon.com/posts/marins-64002348
Is kemono down for yall
>>17127 works just fine
>>17127 Actually no, you can browse it, but importing doesn't work
https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/202230 Can I ask something like this? Not only I can't afford it, fantia is more difficult than any other website Here's their preview if you interested https://youtube.com/channel/UCs_S5EoqiaXBlb6Ad_rrsTw
Twomario’s new work this week please?? https://twomario.fanbox.cc/posts/3569393
Here is another barefoot character in Elden Ring. It's a giant unamed Albinauric woman in a late game area. She is also bigger than Renalla
>>17074 Any clue what happened to her? She was a pretty hot asian ngl
(1.31 MB 1600x1598 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got this Marin Kitagawa piece by CleaningHouseTK?
Anyone have LethalTK's old Mei/Corona pics? That or any of his WIPs would be neat.
(1.06 MB 2120x2400 Mar.7th.jpg)

(8.81 MB 2000x4681 Ochaco_Red.jpg)

(117.18 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20220322-000112.png)

>>16964 Hi anon, do you have this too 😅?
>>17285 seconding
(1.53 MB 1850x3000 1.png)

>>17285 Sure mate, here you go
>>17301 Thanks, I love it. Jenny’s attitude about the whole thing, dread, and eventual insanity are priceless.
(234.63 KB 725x1024 76090797_p0.png)

(279.20 KB 725x1024 76090797_p1.png)

(360.24 KB 725x1024 76090797_p2.png)

(345.14 KB 725x1024 76090797_p3.png)

Long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone may either have this doujin and be willing to scan it or know if a scan exists. I call it a long shot because like many doujin it was only made available physically and the artist apparently has no plans for a digital download. Closest I've came is that there may be a preowned copy available on Mandarake. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76090797
Anyone got this?
For anybody who’s interested
>>17417 oh come on man, where were you a week ago when i already bought it? XD but thanks.
>>17417 Do you have any of Trappeddreamer's animations?
Is there a probleme with kemono party ? Because artist had not been updated since 10 days.
http://www.cuadruplef.com/ Anyone have all his works
shh shh 😭😭😭😭😭
Can someone update dazidentevil on kemono cus there are two missing posts for the Zelda pack
Anyone got meteorreb0rn's Patreon stuff? He keeps it hidden on some google drive or something
Can someone add tkfeath to kemono he doesn't have one
Anyone got these?
(2.54 MB 1945x1700 96866847_p0.jpg)

Does any one else know other sites like kemono.party
Anyone have the Ty Lee pic in here?
(724.85 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17596 It's made by panelblind btw.
Bit of a different sort of request, but does anyone have the full story of this: https://www.deviantart.com/featherscape/art/Your-Next-Ticklish-Babysitting-Experience-Preview-908406034 You need to be one of the writer’s patreon’s to access it.
>>17596 Oh wow, I made that 3x3 before my hard drive failed, it's good to see some pics I thought I'd never find again
>>17597 Thank you
Does anyone have the whywhatwhy Google drive folder?
(202.12 KB 720x1339 Screenshot_20220327-042711.png)

Anyone have this from Ghawkg pls 🙏?
(604.17 KB 620x927 1(1).png)

Anybody got works by this artist? This looks nice https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/31601424
>>17596 Anyone got those Annie pics
>>17596 by the way can anyone help with the scathach pic?
(1.02 MB 1080x1440 fate scathach.jpg)

Anyone have LethalTK's Mei picture? I don't have it on me anymore since my hard drive died, and going back to his gallery he either is joking or has hyper turbo Autism and set it to A Grand for it.
Does anybody have the variations of this pic by Neruvous? Would be much appreciated, thank you!
(49.24 KB 668x354 Screenshot_1.jpg)

https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/6810171 anyone has this guys work that isn't already E-hen/nhen. Or somewhere to follow his newly released stuff I don't think he has a fanbox so unlikely that there's a kemono either
>>17840 Goat
>>17852 Digging this
anyone got Miskyz-'s Marin Kitagawa piece?
>>17880 its on kemono
>>17899 oh yeah lol
>>17880 Who?
does anyone have this art pack by red2870? its been out so long but havnt seen it anywhere. https://www.deviantart.com/red2870/art/Art-Pack-8-Released-853853221
(45.36 KB 315x420 RJ355297.jpg)

>>17968 Hoping someone has these. This guy traces all his shit and somehow has the gall to be arrogant about his shit. Would love to see all his paid shit leaked
>>17968 Don't forget the other two packs.
>>17989 Art pack 9 actually did get leaked by somebody, but I think it's unavailable now wherever it was. But it's proof that somebody bought at least one of them and is willing to leak them.
>>17970 I hope this is what you're looking for. This place has given me some good stuff so wanted to contribute back in some way. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1atQpwA2tNOAXkXitUS9Ko8jRsakqYNoM?usp=sharing
>>18004 I love you anon, much thanks!
I wonder if that aza simp is still here
>>18017 Don't worry, I have it cover >pirating from aza-chan >*insert loli angry image
>>18017 Pirating from Aza-chan..... smh
>>18001 I've got one or two of them, just wrestling with my computer. Will upload when it behaves
>>18017 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>18023 >>18034 She is not going to fuck either of you.
Anyone have this from Redscript?
Please, tell me someone has this https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc/posts
>>18050 Seconded maximum
>>17899 I haven't gone to the kemono threads, which of the two has Mitzky's kemono?
(23.89 KB 136x102 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17840 >>17748 Both comment sections were nuclear wastelands, and most chinese artists were either scared of talking to me or actively trying to fuck me over. I'll eventually go around to make them public again, don't know when or how to go about it though. I understand how that makes me look like a complete retard, but getting banned from China isn't really a priority right now. Share them around all you want, I was really proud of these pics.
>>18069 Lethal I promise you, you're not missing out on anything if you're banned from china.
(102.04 KB 408x306 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18070 P-Please...Remove your message...I can hear them banging at my door...
he finally colored this one, anyone have it?
>>18069 Damn lethal, that really blows. Maybe you wanna upload the other one here too? You did a bang up job with both
(449.78 KB 881x465 ClipboardImage.png)

Can anyone tell me what is the name of this video? If you have a copy, would you mind sharing it?
(2.51 MB 4093x2894 evangelion asuka tcx.png)

>>18034 Fun fact: Azza would rather people pirate her stuff than have you guys whiteknight her. somewhere on the previous special request threads was a pic of a dm with her basically saying that.
>>18050 Jesus Christ, I need this so badly
(366.69 KB 1200x928 bfegfu8PUygfRsaW6QpWf1J2.jpeg)

>>18050 Okay, it wasn't that expensive and it was well worth it.
>>17989 >>18001 Forgot to post these last night, only got 1 and 2 so enjoy.
>>18113 Also thanks for reminding me about these... Forgot how good that Melony one was.
(128.93 KB 1200x630 OZAMCvpzAJ1CNxL1UV6sqoxc.jpeg)

(172.48 KB 1200x630 0ckUpTb5f5SQjZn9SlqH69pl.jpeg)

>>18112 tysm! Would you happen to have these ones too?
>>18114 Thank you for posting anon. Can't believe he charged up the ass for this
(271.20 KB 1200x722 az8Fdy3MT55BTkh0qXU8C26b.jpeg)

(180.99 KB 1200x1223 Jk2KsysssCnMFYf93iL00lLG.jpeg)

>>18115 Sure, no problem.
>>18116 In fairness, back when he did these first few they only cost a couple of bucks. I never bothered with the others cause they became something stupid like $20
>>18117 Thanks anon, may there be lots of tiggles in your future.
Anyone have hd and all alt version of this?
Anyone got this by symbiontiggles?
>>18077 Just a random anon with a different ID uploading his work haha :)))
(4.49 MB 1944x2782 IMG_4790.PNG)

Full set anyone?
(2.79 MB 2708x1346 rei_vs_lynn.jpg)

>>18041 Here ya go
>>18137 It's on kemono
does anyone have bad pierrots latest stuff?
>>18186 The google drive folder on kemono doesn't show the set though
>>18234 Kek he changed it. What a prankster, sorry anon, I don't have the set then.
(1.58 MB 2000x3385 96684201_p0.jpg)

(450.67 KB 2000x3385 96684201_p1.jpg)

Does anyone know what's on fanbox for this guy's Koneko pic? Is it just the no-tickling version? His Kemono hasn't been updated since December Pic source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/96684201 Kemono: https://nuchitarou61560.fanbox.cc/
(1.91 MB 1200x1198 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone on CleaninghouseTK that can do me a solid?
>>18300 Hopefully it's not disappointing like the last couple were. Between the MHA and the futaba one both were so underwhelming
>>18294 Fuck the animation, I want the pics.
(1.83 MB 1819x2500 komi_can_laugh.jpg)

(2.03 MB 1981x2500 tyrahnee_tickled.jpg)

(1.68 MB 2824x2500 Riza_captured.jpg)

(1.20 MB 3330x2500 captain_mizuki_relaxing.jpg)

>>18311 Here
>>18305 Yeah, hopefully this rivals the Chun-li and Cynthia packs.
>>18300 Well then, we will need somebody to update Dazident on kemono.
>>18313 >only komi's kinda giggling a bit out of these four >TTT still has 0 tickling Does my guy just no longer find laughter sexy?
>>18313 have you got the animation?
(160.29 KB 1200x630 FcvE28YBY149rvm3XxqV9JYT.jpeg)

>>18112 Do you have this too anon 😅?
>>18315 Can't pateron down on kemono it's gona have to go here
(466.13 KB 800x442 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this by confetish? Would really appriciate it :)
So does anyone got the new dazident pack
>>18245 Its just the no-tickling version
(187.79 KB 720x1445 Screenshot_20220404-160707.png)

Anyone have this from Bad Pierrot's Patreon pls 🙏?
(112.12 KB 689x498 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have the new wtfeather post? Thanks in advance.
>>18272 >>18320 >>18131 Seconding these
>>18381 I would love to see that!
If anyone has this it would be incredible, please and thank you.
(18.68 MB 5000x3345 Family Tomb Version 1.png)

>>18414 Here it is Anon. You can also go to these two links to see more of his art: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14850055 https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/18688682
>>18393 That was a hole lot better than the past two I might accualy go back to his pateron but I just hope he keeps doing more story ones cus the last two especially the persona one sucked
>>18373 Second
(103.33 KB 1012x884 IMG_20220405_072300.jpg)

Anyone have this from Ghawkg pls?
Does anyone have any of Jager work especially if it's translated cus I can't even find a pateron
>>18420 Stealing from someone and then insulting them, you people should just kill yourselves.
>>18490 What the fuck are u talking about I just found this guy on Twitter today
>>18490 HI Nitro, nice to see you too.
>>18502 What is Nitro talking about anyway
>>18503 >Nitro lurks around the board to DMCA anyone uploading their art >Nitro is friends with Daz >Tells people to kill themselves or other such things when they talk about pirating from him Is pretty much it.
>>18505 Hold up first of all I did not mean to insult daz Nitro I was just upset cus I'm having a little bit of finial problems and when I bought his work I was disappointed in the last two. And just for the record i have gotten every pack by accualy buying them too cus I accualy feel he deserves to be supported
>>18386 Begging for this as well. The 10 dollar "comic" styled ones if possible, pls.
>>18472 Seconding this
I know it's a risk asking this here but does anyone have the newest Rouge pack from the Unspeakable One?
>>18373 >>18421 Here you go
>>18596 Ha here you go
>>17239 Oh and might as well put this here too
>>18599 Would you happen to also have this one?
>>18602 Thank u!
>>18598 bless you!
(209.58 KB 1200x630 rmWjTAbwgS89X4XVEzYp7GJM.jpeg)

Anyone have this from Voarl10? https://voarl10.fanbox.cc/posts/3606642
>>18602 Could you get this one please?
>>18615 Get them while there hot
>>18602 >>18616 God bless.
>>18616 >Under sock tickling Amazing, thank you!
(222.98 KB 1200x630 W7ijh8bdsrbuo2soZCkTODCX.jpeg)

>>18616 Do you have this?
>>18592 >>18598 >>18599 >>18602 >>18616 You are the best anon, thank you Cleaninghousetk/ProjectCHTK is a good fanbox/patreon but kemono is inactive with tickle artists
>>18616 I love you anon!
>>18619 I do now
>>18654 Yes! Thank you so much! I wish there was something nice I could do for you to show my appreciation, anon.
>>18654 Yes! Thank you so much! I wish there was something nice I could do for you to show my appreciation, anon.
man im sorry to be repetitive but it would be so cool if someone had this from jager, it seems like such a good piece that i can't believe no one has seen it https://jager233.booth.pm/items/3519082 https://yueyue233.gumroad.com/l/2333
>>18668 Shit man I would take anything from Jager especially if it's translated
Anyone got the new Tied to Twins page from Kusujinn? At this point it's more out of spite rather then horny-ness lol
Does any one have this or at least know any other pics cus I can't find any pics of her
>>18676 Thanks man do you have any thing else from him?
>>18679 The artist is juzi, search for him on kemono
Anyone have the new art of ghawkg?
>>18660 Nah don’t worry to much about it though if you find any pictures of Akame or scathach that aren’t too known please send them my way
>>18686 It don't have all his comics thou. is there anouther?
Anyone got this?
>>18630 Yeah, it's one of the few I support. The original 3D animator needs a better computer so they can go back to their 3D works. The art flood is good and all, but we all know what we had.
>>18112 Requesting this, if this anon or any other happens to have it.
(5.20 MB 2000x3000 1 (1).jpeg)

(5.58 MB 2000x3000 1 (2).jpeg)

(5.62 MB 2000x3000 1 (3).jpeg)

(5.67 MB 2000x3000 1 (4).jpeg)

(5.63 MB 2000x3000 1 (5).jpeg)

(5.67 MB 2000x3000 1 (6).jpeg)

Does anyone have Briel7’s new stuff?
>>18676 you're based as fuck
>>18701 Not that guy, but the artist is not juzi and he doesn't have a kemono page yet. If you're ooking for the goddess and the demon trap sets, there were links to them in past threads so dig around and see if they still work.
Can someone please update Codricor1?
Anyone have this pls 🙏?
>>18791 >there are people who are actually sexually attracted to anyma
Does anyone have this? Its from mrbelmont273
(181.63 KB 621x1356 20220409_003251.jpg)

I don't know if we can ask for real videos and stuff here but is anyone willing to give out any of these videos from @afterdarkbog on twitter?
(13.76 MB 4320x7680 Nobara Kugisaki.png)

(333.67 KB 1200x1301 06.jpeg)

(291.52 KB 1200x1301 05.jpeg)

(270.24 KB 1200x1301 04.jpeg)

(373.34 KB 1200x1301 03.jpeg)

(307.59 KB 1200x1301 02.jpeg)

>>18749 Sure, buddy >>18320 Yeah, sorry I took so long to notice your post
(297.40 KB 1200x1301 01.jpeg)

(565.99 KB 1200x2060 00.jpeg)

>>18821 Missed these two.
>>18686 the artist is not juzi by the way, it's jager
I once read a hentai doujinshi with a scene that had one girl hold a boy's arms behind his back and another girl tickle his nipples with calligraphy brushes. I think it was translated, but I can't remember the title. Does anyone know this work and what the title is?
>>18820 Do u have this and the kanosuba one that's above me
>>18775 I can't find any of them I checked all the old threads and nothing
>>18821 Based, ty anon.
>>18870 Forgot to tell you, they're in the request threads of the old board. I think this is the one: https://8kun.top/tkr/index.html You'll have to look for them carefully since every picture is the same.
>>18870 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hKuUNlA3D7c-PR9CLFOHwu6ucsN69eZU I went to look for it in the old thread and here it is
>>18895 Do you happen to know if there's a translated version somewhere?
>>18899 I remember seeing this is english, she was a goddess or something and was bragging about her feet being "invincible" (I remember precisely because it was kind of a weird notion). I thought it was on pixiv but maybe it was on the old board? Anyway the artist is https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91356029
Could you also post this 2 please
>>18895 Thank you man
(664.25 KB 1440x799 97328669_p0.png)

(653.61 KB 1440x799 96824640_p0.png)

Anyone have these?
By Sawasa13
Does anyone have this I'm like 90 % sure one of the variations is tickling I would appreciate so much
>>18958 Nvm guys I found him on ehenti and there is no tickling at all only rape
(814.82 KB 1200x1675 erza4.jpeg)

>>18967 here
>>18968 >the cat is un-tickled pirata you coward
(697.58 KB 1012x884 ClipboardImage.png)

anyone have the new art of ghawk?
Anyone knows who is the artist?
>>18973 Looks like TwoMario
>>18973 Huh, never noticed his initials on the bottom right until now.
>>18975 Im looking for a HD version but i cant find it
(520.44 KB 1013x727 ClipboardImage.png)

Would appreciate if anyone had this
(111.87 KB 690x1024 IMG_20220106_162110.jpg)

Anyone know who drew this? I found it on twitter, but i don't remember who posted it.
>>18987 Seconded
>>18901 Second
>>18990 That looks a lot like Foozy’s artstyle. I, however have never seen him draw tickle stuff, primarily foot content. Must have came from a discord server since he’s rarely on any other platforms these days
>>18990 >>19061 Follow up: I found the character in question https://twitter.com/foozyartz/status/1478876235757457411?s=21&t=DiCfQJlwJiskZgY20u1wdg The tickle art is absent
(2.17 MB 2916x1750 IMG_6846.png)

>>18987 Here ya go
>>18831 Second
>>18831 Second this and the dokibi one and how long until he will release these like a month or 2
(194.64 KB 720x1426 Screenshot_20220412-163234.png)

Anyone have this?
Can someone please please post this here it's made my araghenxd I would appreciate it so much
>>19103 I forgot to say the link https://araghen.gumroad.com/l/acwus If anyone knows like a code to get this for free lmk
>>19103 Seconed
>>19103 Finally Cass is getting some tickling art I second this too
>>19103 Do u know if he is on ehenti because I can't find anything on him there
>>19103 seconding too, it's cool to see cass in a ticklish posee at least
(180.94 KB 1200x630 BgGY8ygbRuTtByVnBJBe6cmg.jpeg)

Anyone got new Kusujinn art?
>>19119 Do u know if he's on ehenti cus I'm really Trina get that
>>19096 Nice, thanks
>>19103 Going to be seconding this also fucking love Cass cain
>>19131 If you want people to stop impersonating you, use a tripcode. https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html
>>19132 What are people takeing the name lapis
>>19103 Fuck man if my card wasn't maxed out rn I'd have fucking bought that by now but I can't sorry I can't help yall out
(336.07 KB 1080x1733 Screenshot_20220413_151800.jpg)

(39.62 KB 1080x488 Screenshot_20220413_220508.jpg)

>>19103 So there is no ehenti for anything and he has none of his exclusive gumroad stuff like the Cass on on kemono
Can someone update mostlyfunstuff and dazidentevil on kemono party
>>19158 Pateron import still down
>>19179 So when will it be done
>>19187 Idk mabey by easter or next week they are running tests rn
Does any one at least have the new pic dazidentevil made of charlie
>>19103 So who's going to be the hero with this cus I doubt there will be anyother way this will be leaked
>>19189 I really want to see it
>>19191 Sorry man I don't have it but I can get u a link to watch on ehenti cus it might be posted later Here it is just in case just check it regularly https://e-hentai.org/?f_search=DazidentEvil
>>19190 I want to man but I'm no where's near being fincialy stable rn but trust me man I want that bad too
(1.92 MB 2868x1920 20220414_022221.jpg)

(1.82 MB 2868x1920 20220414_022218.jpg)

>>19191 Here u owe me lol
>>19202 Magic
>>19204 Could you also buy the cassandra cain thing that's above it's the same price as daz's pateron
>>19206 Lol he posted it on Twitter I think by accident but trust me if I had the money I would have bought it for myself and yall but I can so u gona need a different hero
(577.89 KB 1000x563 KyokaMinaDT1.png)

Does someone have all the files for this? Or can someone just give me the December 2021 mega file? Because Nitro said that this post was in here
>>19208 probably going to make it a 50 part pack or it was a one off so he said fuck it ima post it for free
Does anyone know any more websites like ehentibor kemono.party cus I'm trying to get that Cass cain pack
>>19218 Post it here if you manage to get them I want that pack too
>>19103 Oh fuck I had no idea this post was gona get this much people trying to get it to
>>19220 Hell yeah man right when I seen it on da I was like fuck I need this
Mad wild how all of these namefags make the same spelling and grammar errors like they're from third world South America...
>>19226 And they all just happen to be obsessed with the same DA slop!
Does anyone know anyother sites like kemono
Does anyone know anyother sites like kemono
I want the Cass pics too but that just fucking stupid to do all that shit. If you want them that bad just buy them. They are only $5
>>18968 Anon you absolute legend, I was just about to ask and there it is! Another great job from Pirata-3
>>18968 Although, if it's not too much trouble, do you have the full anticipation pic(s) as well?
Yo if anyone's got this from CollaredKid I'd really appreciate it. ^^
>>19288 God Dammit, didn't load the fucking pic
>>19288 >>19290 >>19291 Third time's the charm
Fellas, just jerk of to your tickle porn, y'all getting too heated over this shit. Requesting Juzi and Badpierrot btw.
(176.07 KB 604x556 1650059998.jpg)

Anyone got CK's latest piece? Or other F/M foot focused pieces with young lees. This one seems to inclufe foot play from ler which is extra good.
>>19297 Lol, didn't see
(297.28 KB 1024x1536 Dokkaebai.jpeg)

>>19390 Dont have the other ones but i do have this one
(577.89 KB 1000x563 KyokaMinaDT1.png)

Ik i already asked this but does anyone have this or the mega folder that this is in? I really want this or does anyone also have the new tied to twins pic?
Ohh ok. You think i should take this down then?
>>19409 not his characters, case has no legs
>>19414 I >>19408 Isn't it illegal to sell fan art of characters you don't own?
>>19420 Yes, really its nitro who would be in trouble if he tried to do anything about us posting his copyright infringing art. not sure why everyone is so afraid of this retarded tranny
>>19422 And most tickle artists that have a patreon are breaking the law yet get mad if someone leaks their art
(311.35 KB 1200x630 aiwLUhkKRoZrlyu54PGyVOXY.jpeg)

>>19400 Do you have this too 😅?
>>19425 Thank you for one of the pictures. Is there a way that you can give us the whole zip file or whatever that's filled with every picture?
>>18527 The what?
>>19423 its why we get ours for free, also does anyone have meteorreborn art? bastard keeps deleting mega links
>>19457 It's a psd file. Open Photoshop or any browser site like Photopea and you'll have access to all of the variants.
>>1948 Really? I didn't know that. How do i do that to get all of the variants with that psd file? I'm new to this stuff sorry lol
>>19483 You would need the Adobe Photoshop program in order to view the different variants. How it works is that the file puts these different variants on separate drawing layers that can be toggled on and off in the program. As far as I know, the only way you can view PSD files without information or data loss is through Adobe Photoshop, which is unfortunately a paid program only. You could try some free alternatives, but i can't guarantee that it will work as intended: https://www.supermonitoring.com/blog/open-psd-without-photoshop/
>>19494 dude it's a piracy thread, I'm sure if we can pirate pics you can tell him to pirate software >>19483 go to any torrent site and get a cracked version of photoshop. PSD files will automatically be opened with that if you double click. The most popular free alternative is Gimp and it can also be used to open psd files, but I've had some problems with pics not rendering correctly
>>19496 >>19494 The both of you, thank you so much. I'm on a phone tho so I'll see if i can get the results i want. If not i hope its ok if i can have one of you guys get some of the variants i want 😅
(139.33 KB 1502x586 IMG_20220417_161541.jpg)

Seems Kemono is back on the menu lads
anyone have TCX’s nobara pic?
Is mrbelmont273 on ehenti?
>>19499 Yeah if you need access to variants lmk, i have Adobe photoshop
>>19531 Yea man i need some variants i cant get it to work on phone like that. Thank you for helping me out
After fucking around with Photopea i finally got it to work. When i said i couldn't get it to work i was being lazy to find out what i have to do. I can send one i did if you guys wanna see it. I was fucking around with it tbh
Does anyone have these
>>19546 seconding for this
>>19547 he already posted the sailor moon one on his DA lol
>>19550 Different image, retard.
could anyone update nitropunk's links on kemono.party?
>>19554 or alternatively, his jaiden couch set
(184.57 KB 1200x630 HWqmlTpAHKywy1PpC5iYoPS1.jpeg)

(166.48 KB 1200x630 F8RDUYUKLWKL61pkmzzBy2pQ.jpeg)

(208.19 KB 1200x630 s964uXtuACOh2ufjPagkZTJw.jpeg)

Anyone have this pls 🙏? https://sawasa12.fanbox.cc/
>>19546 seconding for ela
>>19420 >>19422 Figured I'd weigh in as a law student here. Yes, it's almost certainly illegal to have Patreons or other paid content that features characters from existing franchises without the copyright owners' permission. You cannot "steal" from people who do this because they do not actually have the right to sell what they produce. They usually have the right to actually make the art and to put it out there freely afaik, but the only paid content that would be legitimate would be of OCs that don't include the characters, setting, or other major elements of copyrighted works. Which is why I feel no guilt whatsoever about using Kemono and its ilk to see this content for free. It was never theirs to sell in the first place.
Is yiff party down there is like no traces of it. If it's like kemono how did it get shut down
>>19564 Iirc, drawing copyrighted content like characters puts the created picture in a state where both the artist and the copyright owner detain a half of the rights for that picture, no party can technically do anything without the other party's consent. So you can't sell it without making a deal with the copyright owner, but on the plus side, he can't just take down or make profit of everything that has his character in it without the artist's consent either (if curious, there is a case where a remake for earthworm Jim used a fan drawing without notifying the user on DeviantArt, he discovered it the day he bought the game). >>19567 The owner just one day decided he didn't want to run the website anymore, and didn't want to sell/pass it to someone else, so it closed in like a day. Yiff also worked a lot on donations to pay the servs, so he ran away with that too.
>>19568 Fuck do u know anyothercworking sites?
Anyone has the new pack from nitropunkarts?
>>19579 >punkarts are these nfts?
>>19568 I don't know who told you about this supposed half ownership of copyrighted material but you were misled. If you make art featuring someone else's copyright without their permission, you don't own any market rights to that art. It's true that another person can't step in and sell the same art to anyone else, but that's not because the artist has any rights to it. Only the copyright holder does. It's illegal for anyone but the copyright holder to profit from the copyrighted work without permission. Generally unpermitted derivative works like fan art cannot be protected by copyright as it pertains to the artist. As for whether the original copyright owner can profit from a fanart that he did not create, that is much less clear. It could well be the case that no one has the unilateral right to profit from the fan art; I'd have to research that more. But what's not true is that the copyright holder supposedly can't take down unpermitted fan art. They definitely can take such work down if the artist is profiting from it unless it provably fits the definition of fair use. If you're profiting from your fan art that is a pretty hard standard to meet, as your best bet would be banking on the idea that it is parody. But that too is a pretty tough legal standard to match when all you're doing is drawing the character getting tickled lmao. As a result, I'm pretty confident in saying that you can pilfer all the paywalled content you want if it features copyrighted characters, because the artist has no right to profit in the first place and has no case for infringement over a property they don't own.
Tread's name: Special Requests Thread What I see: people talking about copyright because someone requested stuff from nitro BORIIIIING Just stop with the spam, this tread is for stuff only, not for nonsence about copyright
Long shot since the artist isn’t even on Kemono but: does anyone have patreon for Woooutk? According to the preview it’s got some f/m tickling with chastity play, and I’d kill to see that Thanks
Mods can u clean up the legal talk
>>19590 Oh nyooooo, talk is being diverted from leeching artists. How could a freeloader like you ever survive now?? Just shut the fuck up ass hat. This community or whatever you wanna call it is getting worse and worse.
>>19602 fool, the tread is to post stuff not for talking, do you want to sumon the lapis/erick theme again? DO NOT SPAM IN THE TREADS, IDIOT
(19.39 KB 400x400 aMb6Ioqy_400x400.jpeg)

>>19602 >Porn board >seething over piracy Twitter is that way
(3.40 MB 2416x2348 ClipboardImage.png)

Can someone post this one?
>>19654 It's by Codricor1
>>19654 seconding this
do yall know if i caN use a prepaid debit card on gumroad
>>19689 Can someone help cus I got the card but gumroad won't let me buy it
>>18799 seconding this.
anyone have this from tklsfm/knilsfm ? he usually just posts a Google drive link if anyone can share it
>>19654 I would also like to see that!
>>19708 Os he on kemono?
>>19733 He is, but it hasn't been updated for a while.
correct me if I'm wrong but is this account also Juzi but I guess exclusively only for Genshin? https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/78258142
>>19746 No, He's not Juzi.
Anyone have LostOneZero's stuff from march and April?
(238.24 KB 1200x630 Hjjv3VoP4uIkb8Z42bz9iPoC.jpeg)

Anyone got this from Kusujinn?
>>19736 thank you kind anon!
>>19762 Second
>>19762 holy shit that's probably the hottest face I've seen him draw in ages
Please tell me someone has this
>>19797 Hard seconded
>>19762 >>19797 Need both
Can someone send or upload Twomarios artwork from all of March and April week 3?
>>19797 Hard Thirded
(3.63 MB 3000x2000 ShibaZ_Apr.2022.jpg)

(2.32 MB 1417x2186 KonanKin_Naruto.jpg)

(2.37 MB 2000x1907 Jazmine.jpg)

>>19847 his march works should be on kemono party
(144.96 KB 1200x630 mh6YAJfVh5haaySEbKhaV2NP.jpeg)

Anyone has the new arisuyoku thing? https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc
Anyone got the new tied to twins stuff? Cuz if we being honest im trying to be constantly updated with the new stuff
(234.06 KB 1200x701 HjM5k1pKsedxVqP6CbCy7yfw.jpeg)

(222.13 KB 1200x701 3tkdwTDIqnMxl6St6F2ELwJU.jpeg)

>>19888 Sure thing, buddy.
>>19875 What month and week is that middle one from?
>>19971 I mean the other variants as they are patreon only.
>>19950 not sure lol. just had it in my gallery
>>19950 15 of april
>>20010 Seconded Theres like near to no artwork of Yuna
New image from SymbSymbtickles c:
(5.26 MB 4200x3400 Nina's_New_Toy_V1.png)

>>20014 Thirding
>>19358 This, anyone?
anybody have "miku feetbox" by Jager? there's no kemono for jager yet, sadly.
>>20046 Someone posted it here somewhere
>>20047 not in any thread i can see. saw that someone asked the same question in the special req. 5.0 thread, but thats about it.
>>20049 >>18676 Here the link that someone posted
>>20052 god, im blinder than bats! thank you very much.
>>19555 seconding this
>>19654 >>19797 Bumping these
(1.42 MB 1200x813 ClipboardImage.png)

damn apparently there are more pages now
(510.87 KB 1200x1675 erza1.jpeg)

(660.26 KB 1200x1675 erza2.jpeg)

>>19266 sorry it took me so long, I was busy playing elden ring also I don't have the new pics got these of vk
>>20107 where the past pages at?
(641.25 KB 1200x1675 erza3.jpeg)

(814.82 KB 1200x1675 erza4.jpeg)

>>20112 thought i already posted them but if not here
anyone have this and the new art of kandenRem?
>>20122 this and his variants
Anyone got this from Dan-5000?
(3.05 MB 2776x3600 pokemon.png)

>>20126 here
Okay it's me again, I finally got the picture to download load Now, does anyone have this?
>>18799 No one it's going to pay for trannie feet, just the idiots that thought he was a real girl
>>20128 Would you happen to have these too, based-sharer anon?
>>17799 His kemono page was updated, so you should now be able to find all the current pages for this comic there.
>>16281 Anyone got any of Livkrons old artwork (previously Omnikron) particularly anything that feature human characters
>>20107 Hey man, thanks so much! And no worries, I honestly think any responsibility at the moment can be waved aside by 'I was playing Elden Ring'...we're still in the honeymoon phase
(4.01 MB 3738x3071 ochako 2 fondo dialogos.png)

(915.78 KB 2124x4000 ochako DIALOGOS.png)

>>20134 no problem just returning the favor for being a useless non contributing begger for so long finally giving back >>20161 dude it is so good, i got so fucking lost i legit was doing shit in volcano manor and calid before even killing godrick and margit, then came back and pushed their shit in
>>20153 Was he also Momokon? I think I've got a bunch of his stuff if so. Not sure I saved anything from his omikron persei 8 days tho.
>>20171 I believe so but I'm not entirely sure. I've known him as Onmikron
>>20170 Thanks much, I hope to evolve one day from beggar to supplier too.
(5.79 MB 3508x2480 mirko tickled.png)

(5.65 MB 3508x2480 mirko tickled text.png)

Before anyone even asks, here.
>>20170 >>20186 Woah who does these and do they have a kemono?
>>20188 It's Codricor1
>>20188 Let me specify. The post with the bunny is Codricor1, while >>20170 Is Dan5000
>>20191 Sorry to bother you again friend, but do you happen to have the Gura drawing that Dan made recently?
>>20171 I checked again cuz I was unsure and yes it is Monokron I fell like a massive dingus for not remember but yeah. Anything featuring Human characters since I know they used to spam furry OCs for some expanded universe bull.
>>20197 I'm not subbed to Dan5000 so unfortunately I don't.
(601.59 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

(590.99 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

(588.50 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

Seconding people who has asked before me, does someone have these from Kandem? Even if updated on Kemono, some stuff is only as preview since he DMs the links instead of upload to Patreon I think, coulds someone share? Thanks!
does some have a comic named 'A Tickle in the Brain' by Mr Tenacious ??
(3.03 MB 2752x3380 gura dialogo.png)

>>20197 I'd update kemono but i'm worried my account will get hacked and the patreon updater is finicky this month
(583.34 KB 1080x1336 ClipboardImage.png)

(412.71 KB 1130x1076 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20253 do you have either of these by chance
>>20253 Can't really fault you on that part, thanks for sharing though!
(1.01 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

TKGeek has finally been updated, after many months of torture. The day has come.
>>20263 I wonder who's dick got sucked for it to be updated?
I killed the meme, I'm so sorry. shh
>>20265 What?
>>20266 I updated TKGeek
(2.13 MB 3200x2616 viridi fondo AMINO DIALOGOS.png)

(2.09 MB 2561x3200 lotte.png)

(112.42 KB 297x350 ClipboardImage.png)

(110.73 KB 300x267 ClipboardImage.png)

(108.35 KB 300x334 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20268 Do you have this pls?
(2.09 MB 2648x3296 my darling dialogos.png)

(2.27 MB 3637x3111 pyra fondo dialogos.png)

(1.96 MB 3380x2837 icarly fondo dialogos.png)

>>20268 Hey, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
(140.89 KB 1200x630 ktgPoa4DhmD0RD6iM9r7p894.jpeg)

https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc Anyone please? Thank you c:
>>20283 Sorry to be a bother but do you have these?
>>20267 Cool, still I think tkgeek suck, but cool
does anyone have erimoto's old 1k watchers celebration tickle pic, where her self oc is in stocks? she deleted it.
(424.42 KB 1152x1057 ClipboardImage.png)

If we're going on a Dan train I might as well chip in on requesting
has anyone been able to get their hands on this?
anyone have Toonboy's snuffy art?
seizing the moment, does anyone have just these two? 🙏
>>20267 Thank you king, I’m excited to see the pics. Hopefully those annoying mf’s will finally stop spamming now
(135.67 KB 581x472 2022-04-27_222004.png)

anyone have this of ghawkg?
(11.39 MB 6667x4167 yZghpyssELVsa.png)

>>20129 I second this
>>20129 Thirding this!
>>20318 Anybody have this image of lola loud from cleaninghousetk in pixiv fanbox?
>>20331 😳
(4.62 MB 3000x2575 nRGzi4DT1jS4NSVRwS4PXrwx.jpeg)

(9.19 MB 4944x4072 88x7OYJLutK5ZvuREiutnmWc.jpeg)

(9.19 MB 4944x4072 88x7OYJLutK5ZvuREiutnmWc.jpeg)

(6.58 MB 4167x3283 KandenRem Team Work 4.png)

>>20224 Surpise!
Does anyone have this? I'll also take any Nobara feet art
>>20379 Does anyone have Kusujinn's new futaba pic?
(7.99 MB 3035x4616 dmJYAPFAv7OTds8NzuP98KFg.png)

(7.77 MB 3821x2500 Ancient_Ritual.jpg)

does anyone have this?
>>20394 Thank you so much, do you happen to have the new tied to twins side story pages as well?
>>20395 Seconding this!
>>20395 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>20406 >tickling Aza-chan until she agrees to leak her own art early for us
>>20407 I know it's a joke, but this would actually make an awesome picture
>>20407 >>20428 God damn it, that is a good idea… Fine, I’ll be the one to try and commission that.
The patreon importer works on Kemono now!
Anyone have this from Voarl10? https://voarl10.fanbox.cc/posts/3606642
>>20428 Does she have a oc?
>>20441 >girl >but with GLASSES >somehow heaven You're the embodiment of cringe
>>20442 Imagine reaching this level of misoginy jesus
>>20443 this is your brain on ecelebs
>>20359 Thank you based anon
Anyone got this from Dan-5000?
Did anyone manage to grab the new Villain Simulator beta? (the 28). It finally introduces Tickling and seems to pretty much be that Tickling Dungeon Simulator thing but far better. Kemono has been updated but dude put the ol' Kusujinn switcharoonie and took them down. Does anyone have them?
>>20441 I know that you’ve seen her feet and tummy pics, but she is t going to fuck you bro. No need to simp for her that badly.
>>20477 Then I request her feet and tummy pics!
>>20359 Holy shit, thanks a lot!
>>20477 Can you stop harrasing random people just for being supportive? Jesus people here have serious anger issues
>>20484 Take your meds schizo Also you lost, get over it
>>20483 Yeah way too many people trying too hard to be epic chan posters, just ignore them. They don't contribute anything anyway.
anyone have this? i need this so much
>>20483 >>20486 i know you guys probably talk to her on discord or something but she isn't going to fuck you either anons
>>20299 Seconding this
>>20489 found it. have to say, this is one of the best redscript pictures to date (that doesn't involve a cloud of foot stink so strong it would break the Geneva convention for chemical weapons and enough toe jam to feed a tribe of starving African foot fetishists)
>>20497 Blessed rare not absolutely stomach-churningly disgusting Redscript, thank you anon!
>>20497 His "You will be tickled for 10,000 years and your sensitivity will increase by 9 million" dialogue still makes me cringe. It's like I'm reading the DBZ of tickle porn.
(70.52 KB 168x300 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20500 Ok and?
>>20500 yes but it's good. plus time scaling is a slippery slope. you start thinking 20 minutes is slot, then an hour, then 8 hours, then a day, then a week, month, year, decade, etc. and you won't stop until you hit eternal lifespan tickling until the heat death of the universe and then another infinite eternal afterlife in tickle hell. where do you go from there? plus i like it personally. your entire existence is reduced to being tickled, you have no other purpose, no other goal, there's nothing to look forward to, no escape opportunity or break or eventual end, just more tickling forever and ever, not even death will come for you. >>20497 honestly my favorite part of this picture is that the ear tickling is more like messing with the little ear fur tufts that really tickling. idk if you've ever had a cat or dog and you just touch their ear tufts, and theyll try to scratch it immediately. it's probably not actually ticking more than really really annoying/uncomfortable, just imagine that for eternity. i imagine it's the same concept as the water drop torture thing, something slightly annoying going for a long time will eventually drive you insane. i wish there was more of this "annoying but for a long time" kind of ticking in art tbh.
(848.12 KB 2048x1535 FRjZnh0XIAQBzJk.jpg)

Anyone have this from Moekaki?
>>20514 seconding
(295.09 KB 642x420 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have variants of this? https://voarl10.fanbox.cc/posts/3766549 >>20432 Bump
Does anyone have this??
(2.45 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(1).png)

(2.47 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(2).png)

(2.48 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(3).png)

(2.46 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(8).png)

(2.49 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(4).png)

Here, have these.
(2.42 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(6).png)

(2.44 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(7).png)

(2.46 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(9).png)

(2.49 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(5).png)

(2.46 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(10).png)

(2.46 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(11).png)

(2.46 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(12).png)

(2.47 MB 2324x1230 PatreonPic2 Apr2022(13).png)

(2.36 MB 1280x1791 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20564 holy shit source? I loved trap dungeon 1 and 2 I didn't know that artist did more
(1.71 MB 1648x926 chinesebdsmx.png)

Anyone have anything from this studio or able to add their page to Kemono? Mostly bondage but with tickling in a few videos it seems. https://www.patreon.com/chinesebdsmx
https://www.dlsite.com/maniax-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ388047.html source for tickle trap dungeon guy henrybird99
>>20564 Just bought it for you, I'm going to ask for a translation over on the other thread https://anonfiles.com/t4r1m7cay0/RJ388047_zip
anyone got the full version of knismotik's animation?
Anyone got Twomario final April week???
>>20617 Could you upload it to drive or mediafire? Anonfiles doesn't work for me :( (sorry for double posting, wrong answer)
Why is no one talking about the next BaronStrap, AviJustFeet? https://www.deviantart.com/avijustfeet/art/Life-is-so-Ticklish-Life-is-Strange-Tickling-914816162 Does anyone have his latest work?
(4.32 MB 1882x2405 LianBday (1).jpg)

(3.30 MB 3358x2000 Sae_Niijima_antici.jpg)

(4.34 MB 3358x2000 Sae_Niijima_tickling.jpg)

(4.03 MB 1840x2735 Kirby_FutaSet_Anticipation.jpg)

(5.02 MB 1840x2735 Kirby_FutaSet_Tickling (1).jpg)

>>20667 Thank you!!
(125.31 KB 1200x630 H793YetuUz7SRe8GQbV8ex3v.jpeg)

Anyone have this from Arisuyoku?
Kinda old but does anyone have this?
(170.67 KB 720x1340 Screenshot_20220502-173745.png)

Anyone have this from Bad Pierrot pls 🙏?
(232.41 KB 673x338 tiedto.png)

Anyone got Kusujinn's TTT new side story pages?
(1.37 MB 3073x4588 93261879_p0.jpg)

(665.85 KB 1955x2068 93261879_p1.jpg)

Anyone got the rest of this?
Does anyone have symbsymbtickles Mt lady pic?
(282.42 KB 2048x1576 Chloe Victoria SFM.jpg)

>>20659 I like what I see so far, but he's way, way rougher that Baron so far. Also I just signed up to his Patreon specifically for this, and it's not done yet. It's supposed to be uploaded in full "by the end of the month", but only what's on his DA is all there is so far. pic unrelated to AJF; just more Life is Strange shit
>>20619 This please
>>20744 I think the full vid is on his kemono
Does someone have this or can update Skaea’s kemono https://www.patreon.com/posts/65935521
>>20745 >Dead link oof
>>20695 kemono
>>20886 Who's the artist?
Would be nice if somebody could update Reati. :) https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2692320
>>20888 Thanks bro
(314.91 KB 666x500 A.png)

Anyone got the psd file?
Anyone got the Yamato pics from BP's latest?
https://arlioth.gumroad.com/l/Ht_tt Anyone have this from arlioth?
>>20983 it's on his kemono.party
>>19762 Bump
>>20987 It's not coming up for me
>>20986 What's his kemono
(106.38 KB 1200x630 uC98nxHHIpgv3gLQG1eoRPPl.jpeg)

https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc Pls tell me anyone has this
(5.45 MB 3756x2612 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.01 MB 3756x2612 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.54 MB 3756x2612 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.52 MB 3756x2612 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have the Zelda password from Daz?
>>21048 LOZBOW22DEFYT He usually posts the password on his gumroad
>>20299 Bump
(1.23 MB 1600x1598 ClipboardImage.png)

Man pleaseee tell me someone has the psd file for this i really want it
Two Mario April last week and first week may??
(4.11 MB 2562x1541 MagicRing_May.2022.jpg)

(2.89 MB 1138x2000 May.2022_MonthRewards_Akiteru.jpg)

(1.95 MB 3000x1812 Apr.8th.jpg)

(2.05 MB 2039x2994 Apr.7th.jpg)

(2.13 MB 3000x2000 May1st_1.jpg)

(514.91 KB 894x1200 98163941_p0_master1200.jpg)

anyone have Dan5000's Ironmouse pic?
>>21067 Here you go
>>21168 Thanks!
Just gonna leave this here... thank you to anyone who might have it!!
Does anyone have this
>>21201 My bad I did not see that above
(7.04 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic May2022(3).png)

(7.06 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic May2022(4).png)

(6.96 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic May2022(1).png)

(7.07 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic May2022(6).png)

(7.11 MB 3010x2690 PatreonPic May2022(5).png)

>>21200 >>21201 it's already on his kemono
Ik this just came out like 4 hours ago but i love nobara so if anyone has it please send all of the pictures or something please!
>>16285 Looking for the new Ibarada Ena's Ticklish slave conditioning. If anyone has that, that would be great
Does anyone have?
>>20933 Here you go!

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