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(8.87 KB 320x240 preview.mp4.jpg)

Tickling: Lost media thread Tickling: Lost media thread 03/10/2022 (Thu) 00:27:21 Id: 64bd14 No. 16287
I'm talking about things that you wouldn't even be able to buy if you wanted. Like videos from defunct stores, lost art, and lost stories etc. For example, she made tickle videos but her store is defunct so her videos are basically lost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWD13J0gadE Few videos of her do float around though: https://www.xvideos.com/video29305901/irish_tickle_wish_2 The kind of infamous waytooticklish studio had a stock that I've never seen before, but their store don't exist anymore so can't buy their videos either.
Edited last time by Flatty on 03/11/2022 (Fri) 03:56:08.
(6.14 KB 246x138 hqdefault (1).jpg)

(16.18 KB 336x188 hqdefault (2).jpg)

It's that time again where we bring this topic back up from the grave again in the slightist hope some clips could still be out there. The tkltkltkl guy. Leopard lady, clown puppets and all. And I know we all know it's mostly one guy tickling his own feet in the dark and when you look back at the stuff it can be really cringe. But when you've watched with clips so young into your formative years of this fetish, it's kinda burned into your brain forever. I remember this two clips where he uses test plague doctor puppet or something and rping some medieval french dungeon tickle torture. I recall the title being "Littlest Tickler" or something like that. These and most of the early library have wiped from the internet but who knows, maybe somebody has them out there
>>16377 Agony of Dee’s Feet Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44gFLGLDuoc Agony of Dee’s Feet Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlsccyzV3B8 The Mother Of all Tickles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDdZ83Tgk14 And this channel has a bunch of stuff of his saved: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ROgaEhZNfejR2S-SuA0mg I have a soft spot for it too even though it’s fake. The sultry tickle talk and foot wriggling just makes me diamonds.
(871.62 KB 899x718 3455671243.PNG)

>>16287 I see these "feet online" videos every now and then. The women are pretty fucking loud, which I really like, but man it is hard to find these videos.
>>16377 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1klpAnOBTVDiYwxoEAcyQ-7RcMittuUnu here's every single one of his videos in their entirety. enjoy
(17.53 MB 360x240 3 Girls Foot Tickled.mp4)

This video by silvercherry is the video that really got me into tickling and feet. I was wondering if anyone has it in higher quality since i can't find it anywhere unfortunatley. I would really appriciate it.
>>16379 >>16382 Thank you kindly both of you, there were a couple of vids i was looking for here. Thou just to clarify, the drive is the library of vids tkltkltkl culled his earlier larger gallery of vids down to. I distinctly remember them uploaded to photobucket but that's since gone. Again, I'm not calling to hunt this vids down, I thought this thread was here to morn the loss of inaccessible content, but that drive link should go in the goldmine thread for safe keeping
Does anyone have a backup of Sensitive Creatures by androidkisser? It was my favorite tickle fic but they deleted all their stuff a few years ago.
I can't recall exactly if the clip contained any tickling since it has been many years, but this seems like the right thread to try again. I'm looking for a clip from Hangten/Foottime/Foot Cuties featuring a girl who was paid to walk barefoot in the snow and is understandably upset. I feel certain that the clip is from the aforementioned studio and was either never uploaded to their Clips4Sale page due to being part of some defunct membership program, removed or never uploaded because the producers felt bad, or for some other reason. I say the producers may have felt bad because I recall one of the selling points in the description being how upset the girl was and how she only did this due to really needing money. Obviously could have been bullshit meant to appeal to people like me, but who knows.
>>16386 Never heard of it but the title makes me curious: what was it about?
Anyone have anything from misstoegoddess aka missy?
>>16429 or anything from “tinalovesshoes”? she used to make a series of stock tickling videos
>>16428 It was a Nier Automata fic with A2 capturing and tickling 2B.
>>16457 Those are her! She had the full versions of these videos and a few others with stuck/tickle scenarios but theyre lost to time, I was holding out for a longshot someone had them buried in their collection
Magic Touch Productions (tickling.ws), Salem was my favorite model. Finding any pictures or videos from any model is impossible, let alone a specific girl.
>>16380 The "loud" Russian redhead Katarina Nikita did a video for us in the early 2000s. She was arguably the loudest of the Feetonline models.
(154.21 KB 924x839 di4tick.jpg)

(43.76 KB 640x512 tickle102.jpg)

(241.67 KB 640x480 Mvc-013f.jpg)

Here are a few that are mostly lost to time. The first is from around 1994 and was part of an early 2000s site called itsmells. I have no video. The next two I actually have several clips from and they are also late 90s/early2000s Boundfeet and Ticklespot. Anything prior to the 21st Century that isn't active or was a large producer is lost or on a dusty vhs tape in someone's closet. I've tried to find some of this stuff and convert it to digital with mixed success.
(191.71 KB 1147x766 Mummification Tickle 2.flv.jpg)

(190.25 KB 1147x766 Mummified Tickle Part 3.flv.jpg)

(209.09 KB 1147x766 Mummification Tickle.flv.jpg)

Did anyone ever see these? Saw the male/revenge version, but never the woman getting tickled.
>>16568 It's a shame not a lot of people saved files from the 1990s - early 2000s content sites. I'd love to get this old stuff back on the internet for more people to see. Although getting people to convert old vhs tapes or dig through old hard drives for free is a big ask.
>>16606 I've had some people contact me who had VHS tapes and they sent them to me and I converted them to digital. Unfortunately, the stuff from the 90s back is hard to find because, believe it or not, the 90s was a long time ago.
>>16614 I was born in 93 and it sometimes feels like a million years ago.
(77.65 KB 1280x720 14.jpg)

(51.36 KB 1280x720 8.jpg)

(73.63 KB 840x630 -201604280003-image-1.jpg)

(89.30 KB 840x630 -201604280005-image-5.jpg)

Before they made The Fantasy Chest, they were MyTicklishSide and famously the two clips of the guy Myles getting tickled by the girl Sophie are reuploaded most places. The guy and another girl are still making content but I really would have liked to see some more of that early stuff.
(39.79 KB 480x369 2.jpg)

(63.49 KB 684x574 1.jpg)

When I first started exploring my fetish I found these f/m drawings from Chad Pet. I've seen others pop up randomly on other tickling sites but I am 100% sure I haven't seen most of them. He deleted all of them and I'm pretty sure the same guy does some pedo shit now so that's unfortunate.
(187.75 KB 1080x378 IMG_20220405_144105.png)

There was a Facebook group called Streamers Feets that got streamers to show their feet and tickle themselves, but the group got deleted as well as all the videos and I never managed to download them, not sure if anyone here has saved them but I’d appreciate it if you can share them
anyone know what studio this is from?
Anyone have electricchimera baikens punishment?
>>21749 Seconding this.
(216.42 KB 640x474 TS2.png)

Long (and I mean over the horizon) shot, but does anyone still have this vid? It was called Real Friends Tickling Shoot on Youtube years ago.
(599.57 KB 600x595 794.png)

>>21761 What kind of cursed...
>>21765 Yeah, doesn't look great when you have to blow it up, does it?
>>21761 >>21768 I kinda like it actually, I can almost imagine some sort of creepypasta-esque backstory about a ghoulish tickle-obsessed creature that preys after really sensitive people and devours their life essence through their laughter, spurred on and crazed by an insatiable hunger into brutally and mercilessly tickle torturing them with sharp claws and a long retractable tongue. Never stopping, never feeling pity or guilt, just an uncontrollable animalistic desire to force its prey to laugh...
Anyone have any dragongirls stuff?
(7.06 MB 570x382 Tumblr_l_28913641489030.gif)

I couldn't find these videos. The channel was called "Tickle Surgery" and it consisted of a guy tickling chubby girls on their bellies. This is a gif of the videos. It's really a pity that I can't find them now
(7.06 MB 570x382 Tumblr_l_28913641489030.gif)

I couldn't find these videos. The channel was called "Tickle Surgery" and it consisted of a guy tickling chubby girls on their bellies. This is a gif of the videos. It's really a pity that I can't find them now
(212.65 KB 320x240 generated_5227127.gif)

I'm looking for this video for a while and I think it's gone. I was hoping someone had more of this person's content. Hope the image helps (it's the video gif)
There's this one video with a "step mom and daughter where the daughter tickles her so bad she pisses herself. I keep finding the video, but it always stops just shy of when she pisses herself. I saw it just ONE TIME and now it's gone forever. It has that older lady in it who is in a lot of tickling vids.
>>21867 Renee, that's a Tickling Paradise video
(6.12 MB 320x240 Ticklor gets the Girl.mp4)

>>21860 Here ya go brotherman
>>21874 Thanks, hope you have more of this stuff, if not that's fine.
(35.90 KB 300x239 TickGirls2n5qs.jpg)

Does anyone have the full version of this video? I remember being 1 and a half hours long.
(36.16 KB 600x417 973bf7924.jpg)

>>16287 The following is one of my desperate attempts to find a very good video that has disappeared off the face of the earth: I'm been looking for a deleted Pornhub video for a very long while, searched for it everywhere, even old websites with old Pornhub thumbnails that got saved for some reason to see if I get lucky but I've never actually found anything useful. The reason I'm so persistently looking for this video even to this day, is because I remember it being pretty hot, and it was also one of the most popular results at the time when you looked for similar stuff on Pornhub. It's still very clear on my mind, it was about a young girl, probably 18-25, who was tied up in some sort of gym equipment with her arms up, her feet were also tied. The camera was recording in a way she was facing right. The video would start with her saying something along the lines of "Guys this is not funny please stop" several times. Not long after begging (Her acting wasn't the greatest either), somebody's hands would show up and start tickling her underarms for what I remember being a few minutes, and then the hands would then proceed to tickle her bare feet. The girl was white, not pale white, but still a white girl, and had long dark hair. She was wearing a sleeveless black top, and long jeans, though she was barefoot. The background walls were colored something yellowish-beige, kinda like some of the classic realtickling videos wall color. The video would show up on Pornhub search on page 1 or 2, when you searched for stuff like "underarm tickling" or "armpit tickle", which is why I thought it wouldn't be hard to find it after the purge, since it was a little "popular", but I didn't seem to find it anywhere. Also, I remember it being named some minimalist name like "Armpit tickle" or "Feet tickle" Does anybody have ANY information that could possibly help finding the video, or maybe even the video itself? Saying "I remember the video too" also helps, not finding it, but helps me making sure I'm not going crazy. Seriously tho, it was a pretty good video plz help!!1!
(89.51 KB 700x525 18.jpg)

(27.76 KB 300x400 19.jpg)

(113.32 KB 700x525 1066647.jpg)

Okay so this is from Tickling Paradise, but I can not find the full clip of the two girls tickling each other wrapped up in a rug. They also get tickled together outside, there is a clip called Buffet 5 where they are ticked together in a stock, but nothing on them outside.
>>21937 Similarly to this request, there used to be a video on pornhub called "Tickling Games" that had two women and a guy tickling a naked, bound woman who they later blindfolded. The guy would occasionally blow a whistle to order the girls to stop tickling, then blow it again to get them to start tickling once more. Always remember it had a particularly good bit where he used a makeup brush on her toes that got her to start muttering "No more!" while she laughed.
anyone have vids from viper productions that aren't on known sites already? I only ever see the same handful and was wondering if anyone had a private stash of ones that haven't seen the light of day since his store closed
anyone have vids from viper productions that aren't on known sites already? I only ever see the same handful and was wondering if anyone had a private stash of ones that haven't seen the light of day since his store closed
Anyone have some of CaliforniaSoles older videos? I know this one exists, but unfortunately is hidden behind the Ticklify pay wall: https://ticklify.com/asian-tickling/tickling-my-friends-asian-feet-in-the-car/
Anyone got this video, I know this is for lost media but I want to know if anyone has this video https://ticklify.com/asian-tickling/very-sensitive-good-looking-japanese-boy-tickled-by-a-girl/.
I've asked this before, but does anyone have a backup of Sensitive Creatures by androidkisser? It was a Nier Automata tickle fic and my favorite one, but they deleted all their works at the time a while ago.
Here are few stories by Morandilas that can be only found by digging old newsgroups because they were removed from TMF. No Pity was removed because it features scenes of tickle torturing a kidnapped 17-year-old cheerleader which didn't fly anymore when TMF started zero tolerance in "no minors". Baghdad tickle torture is about American journalist and her daughter imprisoned as alleged spies and tickle tortured in Iraq during the Gulf War, and it was removed by the author when US invasion of Iraq started in 2003 because then he considered it to be of "poor taste".
Does anyone know where to find the caption on 4chan with a petrified girl being tickled? I remember it had a line like "at least you can feel"
Lots of lost massage tickling videos on youtube. There was Mika ASMR who had a lot of tickling content, and other one-off vids that were cool, but I sadly never grabbed. If anyone has anything of the sort, a massage video where the person is really ticklish and the masseuse takes “advantage of that” that’d be cool
(278.17 KB 640x480 ClipboardImage.png)

Please... I've hungered after it for so long... It was called "Tickle Meeting", which might've been a translation of the title "Reunion cosquillas", and it featured some spanish speaking men and women wearing masks and tickling each other in a public park. They were clearly just some random fetishists meeting to play games like tickle jenga, where whoever managed not to break and 'won' was later restrained and gang tickled, or just endurance competitions to see who could take it the longest without needing a break. It was so nonchalant and casual about regular looking people tickling each other and enjoying it, and it was most likely an amateur upload from a random participant that decided to bring a camera that day, quite possibly being the only person to upload a copy of it somewhere... But I found it merely a week before the great purge... And I couldn't save it... Not in time. It haunts me ever since. It used to be hosted in this link: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d22b73305b2a I came close to madness when I found another clip in spanish where the 'lee was wearing a mask and being tickled outdoors and I thought I was close to sniffing it out, but it turned out to be a dead end: they just can't get the spices right.
Almost impossible finding old "Rock-Tickling" videos online. Been trying to find the full video of this clip for decades.
There were three clips on clickchix where the premise was sorority initiation. The first one Crystal Clark has two girls tickle and I think edge a tied up guy. the second was crystal tickling the girls, and the third was the girls getting revenge on her. They all disappeared and I think she said on TMF it was an HD crash or something.
Does anyone have any more tkltkltklyou clips, I remember finding an old membership page on C4S but it's gone apparently. like strange titles like the foot tickle project and "the nest" or something like that... hope finds more of their lost content.

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