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New Server Anonymous 09/26/2021 (Sun) 18:15:23 Id: 0c6de8 No. 1659
So since the last server went fucking gonzo, me and a few other anons have made another shithole for the lot of us. Footfags, Ubfags, Furfags, Loli and Shotafags, even the gurochads. Nonces can fuck off, as can the glow spooks; no illegal content for fuck sake. This restoration effort will be faithful recreation of the culture it's meant to represent. Not soft DA-tier faggotry. Come join the (un)official /tkr/ community. https://discord.gg/ZtQ8uH2ueT
>>1659 >Discord nah
>>1660 Fair
>>1659 >So since the last server went fucking gonzo huh? Would anyone want to join a matrix tickling server?
>>1665 There used to be a /tk/ server ages back. It seemingly disappeared. Or rather, has become a cunt to actually find.
>>1667 It turned to shit.
>>1667 https://discord.gg/UaEe7SU2 you mean this one anon?
>>1715 That's the one.
>>1715 Yup, that's it.
(13.38 KB 657x527 R14kkDj.png)

>>1659 >awesome! a new, drama-free fetish discord! >apparently one of the mods likes to kick random people for no discernible reason >head mod just shrugs it of knew it was too good to be true...
>>3198 Explain please.
Where are all of these users coming from anyways?
>>3244 Eighty-fucking-two??? That's it???
>>3246 So you don't think that's kind of ridiculous for the kind of traffic we usually get?
>>3237 Poison is a fucking retard.
>>8251 Expand on that.
>>8252 Poison is a janny on the server and keeps banning this one user for literally no reason. He's just retarded, simple as.
(218.36 KB 421x429 1540352375718.png)

>>1659 >it's dead lol
(248.52 KB 657x527 detecte.png)

looks like the server owner might have been banned from discord judging by some of the things he said, loli/shota may have been the least of his ToS violations
(35.97 KB 220x206 hungry-anime.gif)

>>8455 Oh do elaborate
(30.76 KB 593x511 EI0E_cDUEAA1whF.jpg)

>>8461 he was pretty vague but kept talking about guro shit and that there were things in hidden channels that could get the server nuked the loli/shota channel was not hidden
Discord always gets cancerous. Is there anywhere else where we can rp?
>>8468 F-list. >>8455 >>8461 I didn't get banned. Just made a new acc for a more TOS 'friendly' server. But yeah, there was a 3d gore channel :^)
Whatever you do, don't join castle of tickles. Owner is a power crazed sociopath who bans genuinely nice people for the dumbest reasons
>>10667 They don't allow loli there. That should've been your first sign of cringe leadership.
>>10670 That sounds pretty based to me, loli is trash.
>>10670 They probably don't want to get their shit nuked, cause Discord ToS forbids that stuff.
>>10671 True, but policing is cringe. >>10672 Who's out there reporting it, though?
It's time for lolifags to accept the truth. Yours is an extremely unpopular niche fetish just like NTRfags and scatfags. Drop the victim complex, quit seething, hit the weights, take a shower and get a clue. Go make your own server instead of whining that people don't pander to your fringe tastes.
>>10674 Hey King, you dropped this
>>10674 $20 says you're into the real thing.

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