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Horror/DBD tickling Horror/DBD tickling 03/19/2022 (Sat) 17:47:01 Id: ff700b No. 17062
Anyone have any DBD tickling or horror tickling media in general? I dont know what it is, but a killer tracking you and tickling the shit out of you really gets my goat.
this one isn't exactly tickling, but it's sort of close
(4.46 MB 1920x1200 1.png)

(4.47 MB 1920x1200 2.png)

(4.44 MB 1920x1200 3.png)

(4.43 MB 1920x1200 4.png)

Heather is in Silent Hill and Dead by Daylight so she definitely qualifies!
someone needs to make a tickle fangame where you grab survivors and put them into tickle machines and you have escape attempts and the machines tickle more with each capture. Something I thought of while playing the game
>>17062 Horror is an underrated tickling genre
Tickling would work well with Silent Hill, with the metaphors and punishment monsters and all that shit.
(185.24 KB 1024x811 U6MLZ1_hBsY.jpg)

(3.08 MB 2220x2600 ticklingu.jpg)

(8.56 MB 2089x3000 curse_failed.jpg)

>>17097 AYO got any more of Kusujinn's tickle haunting
>>17064 I paid good money for this set of pictures and it was worth it. On top of that, it inspired another artist I like into drawing a similar scene, so it was like getting two for the price of one.
>>17064 >>17064 I didn't know I needed this until now. Thanks for this
(955.23 KB 1352x1500 AnnoXanti-ResidentGeek.jpg)

(497.14 KB 905x1251 Squirm No 013.jpg)

(592.86 KB 1078x1289 The Dunwich Horror.jpg)

(158.50 KB 871x636 Texas Reconsidered.jpg)

(385.91 KB 1283x801 Amy's Personal Hell.jpg)

Love Horror, love horror-themed tickle torture! (simple as) Which DBD killers work the best as 'lers, do you think? The Clown? The Doctor? The Nurse? And who the best victims?
I finally watched this the other day (DVD rip can be found by googling if someone else wants to waste 1 hour and 41 minutes) and it indeed wasn't good. It is a bad slasher film where most of the first half of the movie is spent on serial killer case without any tickling content, and while there are some decent ideas in tickling scenes, they are short to still keep the focus on horror plot instead of making it straight up fetish content. Also, almost all tickling scenes end in murder, and while tickling someone to death is a hot fantasy, most tickle kills opt for gory stuff like tickling woman's sides so hard she is disemboweled. It's no wonder this is never brought up in in tickling communities despite it being a decade old. As a funny detail, one of the damsel actresses still has a minor b movie career. https://imdb.com/name/nm2366218/
>>17064 >>17107 Heather is an underrated waifu. Wish there was more of her. Since Sadako just joined the DBD roster she qualifies as well.
>>17248 It's a shame this sounds like mostly missed potential. But it still sits right in the middle of my interests - corny slashers and tickle torture - that I'll probably still happily waste that time checking it out. Even just for the sheer curiosity.
>>17299 Heather is top tier. One of my absolute favorites, I wish she was more popular in the tickle scene, because we do have a decent porn stash of her (although it could always be better). Unfortunately she's not going to get any more exposure any time soon; her time is past and she won't ever be represented beyond by people already familiar with her.
>>17112 i see the artists signature is C.A.B, but do we know the socials/name of the artist who did these? i wanna follow them. the clown with long nails tickling the disembodied feet is making me feel things deep inside 😭
>>17542 https://www.deviantart.com/ceeaybee He has mostly retired from fetish art these days but created plenty of stuff while he was still active.
I got these commissions recently from @TheDragonJade on twitter. Love how they turned out, there really should be more DbD tickle art out there.
Any one have some good ones of the dbd killers like huntress
>>21924 Oh I know that guy. Fucking love vikingshaman. He would Def be one of the few people I would get a pateron for. Fuck I hope for Halloween it's all the female dbd killers up like that
>>21926 I don't really care for the animal licking parts but he is Def one of the best artists on da. I hope soon he goes full time with drawling
We need more dbd ones

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