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Likes/Dislikes Discussion Thread Anonymous 09/28/2021 (Tue) 13:36:01 Id: 7318b5 No. 1856
All the arguing in the animations thread made me think that there might be at least a few people around here interested in a thread like this. Just post a pic that you like or dislike, and talk about why you feel that way. Also feel free to shit on/praise other people's pictures, it's a discussion thread. I'm going to start things off on a positive note. The artist of this pic did an amazing job conveying how ridiculously ticklish Harley Quinn is. I like the more loose choice of bondage so you can see how she's thrashing and trying to break free, the hysterical facial expression, all the hahas of varying sizes to show how wild her laughter is, and how all of that is caused by a single feather. The panels in the middle that show the feather gliding between her toes are a great addition, and I'm loving how thick Harley looks.
(1.22 MB 1444x1317 image_2021-09-28_112815.png)

>>1856 >Ler is a fucking detailed ass dude Sorry bout your shit taste bro
>>1862 But like seriously tho, why is this even somewhat common? Is there anybody out there that wouldn't prefer the 'ler to be just as sexy as the 'lee? Why are ugly bastards even a thing? Some kind of fucking low self esteem self inserting type shit? I need answers dammit. Other than that a good breakdown of the pic OP.
(291.65 KB 2048x509 E_vo_fCXEAUwYzc.jpg)

I like how anime girls overreact to everything, my headcanon is that they're really into it and roleplay along for fun
>>1875 Well, is kind of a fucked up logic, some guys that were rejected by women so much that they hate them and get excited seeing they suffer and humiliated, the ugly bastard is kind of a self insert at some degree... ugly not just outside but inside as well
I think feet are overrated... I'm an upperbody person lol
>>1877 Incel here. You touched upon part of it for sure. Low self esteem, autistic retard in social situations etc. I don't blame woman at all, I'm just a spaz. The idea of 'hate tickling' a girl though would be rad though to let off steam. My fantasy involves having a really slutty, bitchy and downright terrible girl - the type that would have multiple tatooes and look kinda punkish (but have a rocking body with cute feet) be at the mercy of some super intense tickle torture setup. If the girl has a terrible personality and is a bad person I could not feel an once of guilt. She would get absolutely tickle wrecked. Fucked up big time. Full on bondage. Toeties. Gag and blindfolds. Multiple tickles. Oil and hairbrush. The works. She's not getting harmed, she's not getting penetrated. Just tickling. A reacting prison of flesh for my amusement. Feel free to call me a misogynistic bastard. I've always been ignored by girls and woman to the point where I've accepted it. This is all on me btw, I don't blame them at all. I have just not adapted to female nature well enough.
(675.79 KB 1280x1808 20.png)

(840.43 KB 1280x1808 21.png)

(822.90 KB 1280x1808 22.png)

>>1877 Hmm, you raise an interesting point. Being that I enjoy the humilliation and suffering of 'lees myself, I'd love to unpack that a bit further, because I'm almost certain there's gotta be some negative feelings making their way out through that kind of stuff somehow, but I don't feel particularly identified with the idea of suffering from rejection and wanting to take it out on someone. But! I do kinda get it now. I suppose it's a bit like the suffering/humilliation I like, kinda, just... on roids. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's an awful idea with more cons than pros, but I at least can see what someone would find appealing in it, so thanks.
>>1879 While I can't exactly say that I agree with you, I do understand your point, life is complicated and experiences may differ I had a hard time with girls growing up, but I never really had the desire to humiliate them, in fact I got so used to being tormented by them that I turned out to like the idea of being dominated by women
>>1880 Indeed, the ugly bastard applies to many other stuff, not just tickling of course, glad I could help you to have a new perspective on the topic Most fetish stuff comes from experience of life after all, most "fucked up" fetishes comes from either traumatic experiences or some kind of self defense to the person
Okay so what does it say about me that a much prefer a willing lee? Like it's infinitely hotter to have a girl teasingly put her feet up and wink at me then a girl who wants nothing to do with it. Does that mean I'm just a massive pussy?
>>1888 No. You're a healthy minded individual who actually wants to indulge in the positive aspects of the fetish rather than the negative. Maybe it's just me but over the years the tickle fetish does seem to have a large majority of sadistic artists out there. Perhaps the younger generation won't be as fucked in the head.
>>1888 Yes. I once heard this fetish described as BDSM's gay cousin, I think they might've been referring to your take on it. But actually, no, chill. I dig a willing 'lee quite a bit myself anon, even though I also love the mind-shattering, nightmare scenario, endless tickle hell type thing. Nothing wrong with either imo. If you want to know what that 'says' about you though, you'd probably have to examine what is it that interests you about this fetish and those scenarios first. Putting myself as an example, if I boil my fetish down to its very basics, I'd say I like the control/power play aspect of tickling. So when I fantasize about a 'lee being sent to a dimenssion of endless ticklish suffering, I'm often getting off on the fucked up idea of robbing someone of any control/power over themselves and turning them into an object for my entertainment, which if I put my fake psychologist hat on, probably speaks about my troubles dealing with people and how I'd much prefer to have them reduced to easy to handle 'things' rather than complex individuals. And when I fantasize about a very ticklish 'lee willingly putting their arms up for me, biting their lower lip and quietly asking me to tickle their pits with feverish eyes and blushy cheeks, the biggest turn on for me is the idea that they have so much trust in me so as to put themselves in a vulnerable position either to let me indulge in controlling their every reaction for a bit, or even better, getting off on it themselves. And again, fake brain wizard hat on, that probably ties back to the same thing, and me finding some sort of solace in the idea that this person trusts me and/or complements me so well that the whole control/power play thing is actually a source of connection, not the opposite. So yeah, tell us more about yourself anon, and let us go digging in that mind brain. We'll figure you out before your waifu can say 'please tickle my feet'. >>1889 I mean I don't appreciate the suggestion that those of us that like the fucked up tickling stuff are not healthy minded, but then again, here's a couple hundred words arguing that I probably aren't.
I don't completely hate the idea of torturous tickling, in fact one of my favorite fantasies is a girl biting off more than she can chew in regards to tickling. Like she overestimates how much she can take and insists for the ler to "bring it on" only for her to completely break down and regret her choice. She's suffering in ticklish agony but she's got no one to blame but herself. >>1893 >I fantasize about a very ticklish 'lee willingly putting their arms up for me, biting their lower lip and quietly asking me to tickle their pits with feverish eyes and blushy cheeks, the biggest turn on for me is the idea that they have so much trust in me so as to put themselves in a vulnerable position either to let me indulge in controlling their every reaction for a bit, or even better, getting off on it themselves. Yeah I feel that
>>1856 this may give me away to some people , but i LOVE game over scenarios, it's the best way of non-con imo, not just "oh poor girl who got kidnapped and is now going to get tickled for a gorillion years" kinda shlock, it's more like, the lee deserves to get captured for trying to do something that would put them in high risk, and as such she must be punished for her foolishness, i've tried to do some works related to that but i just have no time, uni is kicking the shit out of me and i still have personal projects plus people wanting to comission me, so i don't have as much time as i'd like to do that.(or energies for that matter) here are some examples of what i like, you can ask for any picture if you want to know the backstory i have in mind.
(595.11 KB 857x1200 74663618_p0.jpg)

(517.53 KB 1250x1250 67406fa516731c612f107c5d78fc5d7e.jpg)

(1.51 MB 1280x892 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.29 MB 1280x905 ClipboardImage.png)

Warm and relaxing girly tickles you could fall asleep from~
My tastes and obsessions shift a lot as time goes on. I tend to focus in on one specific scenario or method of tickling a lot and then eventually move on to something else. It doesn't help that I'm a switch, so it's largely random whether my fantasies involve me being pinned down and forced to beg for mercy or getting to watch someone else reach a new level of ticklish suffering. A while ago I was obsessed with the fantasy of girls (or guys, but especially girls) being forced to admit they "deserve" to be captured and tickled forever, or to have their feet used, as if they did something wrong to earn that punishment. Currently if I think back on stuff that's been on my mind, it's having honey drizzled or brushed onto a victim's soles (specifically honey because it's visually distinct and has a good texture to it and also I really like the taste of honey) for animals or people to lick off against their will, or the classic cartoon white-gloved hands, whether they be floating and magical or on mechanical tentacle arms. And I'll always love simple feathers tickling a helpless pair of soles no matter how "um, actually, feathers don't tickle that much and wouldn't make the victim laugh hysterically like that!" people get about it. It's my deviant sexual tendency and I get to choose how hysterical the victim gets at the slightest touch. >>1911 >here are some examples of what i like, you can ask for any picture if you want to know the backstory i have in mind. I'm curious about Bianca and Agent 8.
>>1929 >Bianca oh poor blonde, such a loud mouth, the moment that the Unova region found themselves yet again under Team plasma's threat of domination she couldn't help but go snooping in on their plans, but her bashful attitude landed her on a really tight spot, because when she was found out she was ganged on so hard she couldn't do much but watch her pokemon be easily dealt with, and with no pokemon to fight, needless to say she couldn't deffend herself either. however, Bianca got lucky when a similar proffesor, Colress, layed eyes on her and recognized her as Junipher's assistant, decided that instead of taking her pokemon they'd instead bring their true potential by putting their trainer on the line; now the helpless blonde finds herself trapped within a small containment, bound and defenseless as her entire body is tickled senseless, with her laughter broadcasted at her poor team of pokemon who give it their best for their trainer to be released from such torment, but a man such as Colress, who's studies never end, feels the need to keep them all around to make sure his testings go without a hitch. >8 delicious octarian beauty captured at the bottom of the sea, such is the fate of eight, who try as she might was just too weak, slightly bumbling even, when completing her tests, and as such she was offered a special test of sorts, an endurance test even which promissed her an unspecified boost trough her testings, turns out this was merely a facade for a scheme underneath, victory doesn't come easy, and by taking the easy route 8 now finds herself stuck inside a room, being constantly tickled, exploded, and respawned on the same hellish chair where she gets tickled mercylessly, each test a little different, sometimes soft tentacles grazing across her large soles, sometimes brushes scrubbing against the sides of her tummy and her bellybutton, sometimes even soft feathers in her ears or squeezes to her tighs, she just can't get used to any of it, and so she tries again, and again, and again, and she's going to keep trying, because i mean, there isn't any other choice at this point, is there?
>>1946 Wow sucks to be them.
>>1946 Here's a better version with the foot color fixed
>>1875 From my experience a friend of mine told me that generally, hentai and usually the rape and other horrible tags are portrayed by ugly bastards to incite that horrible actions are done by horrible people. So to discourage such acts it is implied that only ugly bastards would do such ugly horrible things. Along the line as time progressed, people subconsciously transfers these techniques on other fetishes even if they are not that rapey related. Not 100% sure.
>>1954 That actually makes sense, though I know some girls who legit say they want to be the victim in certain fetish pictures with ugly bastards.
>>1954 That's an interesting idea. I can totally believe in the existence of the cognitive dissonance of masturbating to something monstrous like that and simultaneously thinking 'I'm not nearly as bad as this asshole, look how fucking ugly he is, I wouldn't do that'. I gotta ask though, is such a thing worth it? Idk about anybody else, but ugly bastards are actual boner murder for me, I have no clue how to remain turned on by the hot girl when 50% of the pic is filled with a hairy, sweaty fat bastard. Can't we just embrace the degeneracy and have cute anime girls doing all the disturbing stuff to their kin? Oh well, I guess if the author genuinely believes the alternative is to normalize rape and other horrible acts, the sacrifice is probably worth it. >>1955 >I know some girls who legit say they want to be the victim in certain fetish pictures with ugly bastards Well shit, can you ask them why? Because this is the real headscratcher for me. Is it like the other anon suggested, and maybe the fat bastard is just a part of the sadism/masochism dynamic by making whatever's happening more painful and humilliating?
>>1964 >Maybe the fat bastard is just a part of the sadism/masochism dynamic by making whatever's happening more painful and humiliating? Yeah that makes sense, I agree with you though, the fast bastard trope is an immediate turn off for me
>>1968 >>1964 Another "I heard this from one girl" take here, but a woman I've discussed BDSM/fetish stuff with links it to guilt aversion some women might do in their fantasies. They may gravitate towards fantasizing about terrible things done to them against their will because for whatever reasons they can feel guilty about fantasies where they are active participants who want sex. Basically "sure, I just fingered myself to fantasy of being kidnapped and raped by some ugly creep but at least it doesn't make me feel that slutty".
>>1975 Damn, that's wild. Am I getting this right? You mean they prefer to have rapey/noncon or otherwise fucked up fantasies rather than more pleasant ones to try and avoid feeling guilty about their sexual desires? "I really wanted dick, but I'm not a slut that'll go out looking for it, I just happened to get raped and got it" sort of a thing? Or are their fantasies fucked up to begin with, and they just tack-on the ugly bastard because it makes them feel less guilty if the horrible thing being done to them against their will is at least being brought on by this borderline subhuman monster rather than the hot guy they actually want? More of a "this is fucked up but I'm not involving regular/good people, it's just me and the dark side of my imagination here" sort of an attitude? I didn't really expect this much to come from the topic of the ugly bastards (it's just tangentially related to tickling by now lol) but maybe I should have. Things have a way of getting bizarre quickly when examining the intricacies of what gets us humans hard and/or wet.
(17.49 KB 200x198 NPC_wojak_meme.png)

(4.53 MB 2104x3000 010.jpg)

(4.35 MB 2104x3000 009.jpg)

(4.19 MB 2105x3000 011.jpg)

(3.70 MB 2106x3000 013.jpg)

(4.37 MB 2106x3000 012.jpg)

It's a shame most tickling art is sadistic rather than affectionate
>>1878 Paragraph long rant on why belly tickling is the master race against footfags for no reason other than to piss of the thread when?
(522.63 KB 960x500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1856 So I just read the aforementioned argument in the animation thread and it seems like it wasn't so much the disagreement itself that caused the argument, but rather just one dude being an ass for no reason, and when he was called out on it he just doubled down and became more of an insufferable shitstain. The conversations in this thread haven't been nearly as cursed by comparison. Who would've thought acting like a decent human being decreases the chances of petty arguments?
>>2087 Hi, insufferable shitstain here. Maybe I'm about to tip my autism hand a bit, but I still don't get what went so fucking wrong over there. As far as I can tell, I called someone's taste shit, explained why I thought the thing they liked was shitty as clearly as possible, inmediately told them not to take my take too seriously, went on to say that even though I thought what they liked was trash I genuinely hoped they enjoyed it because I wasn't out to ruin it for them and to admit I like my fair share of low quality stuff myself, and I thought that was fine too. Next thing I knew we weren't discussing anything related to the actual topic, and instead talking about how I'm the scum of the internet. I didn't back out of anything and instead told the other peeps off for freaking out over what to me seemed like a somewhat mild discussion sprinkled with a high dosage of swear words from my part (I guess those might've come off too strong but ffs man, cut me some slack, you call your firends cunts and no one gets pissy, yeah? Do the swearwords of a random really mean that much to you?). And that was that. Like what happened, did I blank out and threw in a couple of racial slurs at some point that I forgot about? Did I tell a couple anons to go kill themselves for not agreeing with me? Did I reply to everybody's arguments by spamming seethe/dilate/copes? Worst thing I did I can think of was telling anons to grow some balls and/or mocking someone's claim that I was being 'objectively toxic', and by golly you can't tell me that's the most offensive thing you've read on the internet unless you've come here directly from the youtube kids app. And by that point I was getting pretty annoyed myself, thinking whoever had even asked for the explanation was just choosing to ignore it and instead call me rude for the sake of avoiding having to admit that the thing they liked maybe wasn't that great to begin with, which I'll admit, pretty fucking petty of me, part of the reason why I decided not to continue shitting up the thread, not my proudest. And before everything goes awry over here too, listen up you fucks, two things: 1. Dead horse, nobody really cares by this point, I can guarantee you have an opinion on the whole thing by now and nothing is going to change it, and that's fine. I'm just curious myself because I can't believe it's apparently worth bringing up still, I genuinely have no clue how that thing got dramatic enough to span a thread of its own. And 2. FUCKING CHILL. I don't know if any of the anons over there were/still are pissed off at me, I seriously hope not, but just to be extremely clear, I wasn't trying to fuck with you then and I'm not now. If I made an ass of myself and made someone's day shittier, I swear to god I have no idea how it got to that from me trying to explain, out of all things, how BadCrab's dialogue can be real shit. Please be patient with me, I'm apparently retarded. Or not, call me a shithead, and get it off your chest if you think that'll help, I'm completely okay with that too.
(171.07 KB 400x400 image_2021-10-01_044605.png)

It's spreading
>>2092 >You call your friends cunts and no one gets pissy, yeah? I mean, point of order, I don't call my friends cunts. Not that I think there's anything wrong with what friend groups do on their own time but I assure you if I started calling my friend cunts they'd probably wonder why the fuck I got so mean all of a sudden. That said, it doesn't matter if it's fine to call your friends cunts, you're not my friend. You're some dude on the Internet, so when you come out swinging with "your taste is bad and you should feel bad", I'm just inclined to assume "asshole" rather than "charming fellow with the jokes". You're not "the scum of the Internet" and you didn't throw out racial slurs that made us excommunicate you, dude, you were just kind of an asshole and we weren't ready for that attitude because we don't know who you are, we don't know your specific sense of humor. Aside from some very specific outliers, we're all anon here and any poster could be any other poster. I knew this post >>2087 was a bad idea the second I saw it, and holy shit it came true in record time. People are literally just asking for arguments at this point.
This thread was always destined to end up like this, at least it isn't gumming up the animation thread anymore
>>2095 Alright, fair! I have no clue who any of you are either, I guess it was silly to imagine nobody would give a crap if used "strong language". Like, these are my own shortcomings alright, I swear like a sailor and don't mind it at all by this point, hell, I was calling myself an "entitled cunt" like two posts below that one, I clearly don't care about that shit, but you don't have to feel the same way and I get that. So if anybody seriously believes that me saying your taste is shit is worthy of an apology; I'm sorry, there you go, I genuinely didn't seriously mean it, I could've just as easily said bad and conveyed the same exact meaning, I thought that was clear enough by the tone of my post (it did have the words "the worst sentence in the english language" in it you know?), and I guess I was wrong. And just to further clarify, since I guess no matter how much I've done it's still not enough: yes, I think what you like is bad, no I don't think you should feel bad for it. And not even that bad btw, I stated clearly that the pic was really good other than the 5 words that shall not be named. Like whatever you want, don't let assholes on the internet ruin it for you, that certainly wasn't my intention, I was simply asked to explain why I felt the way I felt about the pic. >>2093 >>2096 It's fine, calm down! I swear! I'm not gonna escalate this nonsene any further, this is ridiculous enough as it is. If there's any hope of preventing bad blood from settling I would actually like that, and other than that, this is all hot air.
>>2067 What did footfags do to deserve all this vitriol bros, we just want to nut in peace
>>2016 You are getting both quite right, yes. It is interesting subject, as weird and messed up fantasies/fetishes in general. I'm almost exclusively into non-consensual kidnapping and/or tickling fantasies which don't even have to include sex to get me off, and have wondered a lot if my sex negative Christian upbringing is partially to blame. I was a hypersexual teen and had to direct that somewhere, but sex is bad.
>>2102 in short, footfags usually find a way to polute other fetishes and then pretend and act dumb when they're confronted about it, it's like youtube clickbait in a way; plus, most footfags are extremely toxic, a bunch of popular figures in fact represent this, pretending they should be treated like kings because they draw smutt for the internet and then whine when they don't get the respect they feel they deserve, just look at XPTZart
>>2141 Hmm, quite curious. There's probably also an element of self-punishment, right? You're doing something wrong by getting off to something horrible but you're getting fucked up in the process, so it justifies or rectifies it a little bit. Just a wild guess there, but I will say, and this might be a bit bizarre, I kinda find that hot in a 'lee. The idea that they feel like they deserve the tickling punishment, the suffering and the humiliation for 'being bad' but they're still eagerly getting off on it, no matter how fucked up it gets... Shit, this is starting to sound like the first step into getting into ugly bastards, I might need to backpedal a little bit. >have wondered a lot if my sex negative Christian upbringing is partially to blame Oh, that kinda checks out too imo. You supress that stuff, it comes out sideways, specially if you were, as you say, hypersexual. Btw, I know you're not necessarily catholic, but have you ever found yourself fantasizing about capturing and tickling a nice looking nun (not that there's a lot of those in reality lol)? Kind of a funny thought, I know, and kinda going on a whole different tangent, I'll probably just make a different post later to see if anybody else relates to my feelings on the matter, but that's something your theory made me think about.
I really wonder who is buying all Shyandwildtickling’s stuff… like who’s out here looking for porn and they see some fucking fat lard tickling a really hot chick and you’re like “omg this is HOT! I have to drop 20 dollars on this” nothing makes my dick softer. Even putting my free hand over his face isn’t enough… because he never shuts the fuck up.
>>2141 >>2173 Mostly brought up in a very sheltered, Christian area of my country so I can understand the feeling of having all these sexual feelings being repressed. >have you ever found yourself fantasizing about capturing and tickling a nice looking nun Wew. Capturing and tickling religious girls is a secret fantasy I must admit. There's something about tying up and 'punishing' a pure, devout girl to repent for the possible wrongs and impure thoughts they may or may not have only to satisfy your own terrible sins. It's niche I know but art of it always gets my attention.
(572.54 KB 1013x1575 15_TheRuthless004_Pinup02.jpg)

I love all sorts of damsel in distress scenarios and bad ends or ambiguous cliffhangers in tickling art/fiction. I can be quite forgiving for artistic failures as long as I think the scenario is sexy enough and the victim is appropriate, I also like it if the victim is given at least some brief contextual backstory instead of being just some hot girl.
>>2102 I don't think you want a full answer. That could be a pretty long one detailing a variety of things I've noticed over the years. But the short of it, aside from what >>2145 said, is the overwhelming sentiment of entitlement and arrogance of having the largest portion of a somewhat related fetish cater to them. Not all mind, but many.
>>2241 Just post it, this thread is already autism central, it's not gonna get any worse.
>>2173 I was born in a protestant family in a protestant country. That being said, all kinds of female authority figures are the preffered tickle victims in my fantasies.
(625.69 KB 1280x1808 3.jpg)

(474.10 KB 1280x1808 14.jpg)

(480.16 KB 1280x1808 15.jpg)

(559.00 KB 1280x1808 16.jpg)

(524.81 KB 1280x1808 18.jpg)

>>2199 >>2267 Right, what I was getting at. Power dynamics are probably my favorite part of this fetish, and are involved in just about every aspect of it, after all, the basic result of tickling is making someone squirm and laugh under the control of the 'ler, so it's really no wonder that some of us gravitate towards other forms of powerplay in our fantasies, ranging from owning a tickle slave that's entirely under your control at all times to tickle torturing police officers, queens, badass warriors, what have you, people in positions that would normally have power over you and get that taken away from them and subverted. And specifically, I find religious contexts to hit a bunch of the right spots for me when it comes to that aspect of tickling. It's the inherent element of control that most religions have being turned around, plus breaking the taboo of sexualizing something you're not supposed to, plus the fact that, having been brought up christian myself, I actually have a point of connection to it that makes it so appealing. Also, quite possibly my favorite type of 'lee is one that's a closeted fetishist, just terribly ashsamed of their desires and unwilling to admit them, but still gets hopelessly aroused by tickling and, if you push their buttons just right, quickly breaks down into a lustful tickle slut that insists they're not ticklish or they don't like it but continues to get aroused and fall apart laughing no matter how hard they try not to, and I find that all fits perfectly with the profile of a horny and repressed nun or otherwise religious girl that has to keep up a facade of purity and a holier than thou attitude, the type you'd find in all manner of religious circles growing up and always had a vibe of knowing all your shameful secrets and, if you're me, you would've loved to tickle torture into admitting her own sins. Except better looking, because this is a fantasy, of course. Would also make for some mean 'lers btw, if they were to decide to torture the loathsome desire out of you for the salvation of your soul. and ended up getting a little too into punishing you for your sins. Also, I have to admit, actually thinking about this a bit is making it clearer that the experience of growing up christian definitely has influenced the way I interact with my fetish, I think you were right on the money when you suggested it could've done something similar to you. A bit of a funny thought that one. >>2183 >Shyandwildtickling Yeah, this is a bit baffling to me too. Not as much as the ugly bastard trope, after all these guys are real, nobody is going out of their way to make them ugly and fat, they just are and they happened to be the ones with the money and the motivation to make a fetish studio. But still, how does anybody not find them terribly distracting? You'd think they'd try to stay out of the way of the camera and keep quiet like some other 'lers do, but they almost always take up a big chunk of the frame and sometimes even obscure the 'lee. Like damn dude, I get paying another hot girl to do the tickling might not be viable, but at least try to remove yourself as much as possible from the camera, I very much doubt anyone is buying your videos to see you and not the model. They do sell enough for them to remain in business though, apparently, so I guess there really is a big chunk of ticklefags out there that are entirely unfazed by this. I personally don't fucking get it.
Bruh... Imagine paying for this kind of shit I feel really bad for foot fags, so many lazy artists trying to make you guys their money makers
>>2417 The thing about the trophy wall concept is I get why people are into it; it's very dehumanizing and some people are specifically into that. It literally turns the lee into a trophy, like a symbol of conquest. They're a prize that you've won. That's pretty hot. My problem is that the trophy wall concept is ALSO an EXTREMELY easy way for artists to draw popular characters without having to draw any of the hard parts. Just a head and a pair of feet. It's so fucking mass-produced, and that's REALLY apparent with a YCH where they probably won't even bother to change up the feet sizes and shapes, it's just adding details onto a base head model to look like the character you want. It's like a character in a fighting game that has a skin that "turns" them into a similar character. You're not really playing that character, it's the other base character but now they LOOK the part. It feels like it's becoming such an easy cop-out for stuff like this where they make money off of doing as little work as possible. And is this seriously up to hundreds of dollars? Are you kidding me? I don't know what the "SB" and "MBI" and "AB" stand for, but bro if I'm paying you hundreds of dollars I'm getting exactly what I want, not whatever you have half-done. Get out of here with that Caroo-tier shit. Why is it 250 FUCKING DOLLARS for a TICKLING version? The fetish that most of us are actually into? You KNOW you're just gonna draw floating feathers in and call it a day!
>>2302 >They do sell enough for them to remain in business though, apparently, so I guess there really is a big chunk of ticklefags out there that are entirely unfazed by this. I personally don't fucking get it. i blame the cuckold fetish faggots for this kind of thing
>>2417 >>2423 the funniest part is that all of the feet are copy pasted, who would actually pay for this shit?
>>2436 >>2417 >>2423 Non-footfags have no idea how good they actually have it. Sure, you have less content, but your ratio of quality is much better. Being a footfag means you have to sift through THOUSANDS of low quality MS paint scribbles just to find half decent shit, and even then a lot of the half decent shit is extremely uninspired content-wise. And a lot of otherwise good artists have taken to doing this low quality shit and charging a fortune for it. At least you guys get your money's worth, rhetorically speaking. Take my word for it bros, this is one of those cases where the grass isn't greener. Trust me.
>>2417 That many footfags love this so much makes me feel as though they'd be happy if women were turned into goombas, like physically reduced to just a head and feet. And yes it's obviously very easy to draw. I've hard artist friends who admitted they loved getting these commissions for that reason alone, and some weren't even into feet.
>>2452 You can fuck right off with that shit. Yeah, we do have less content. The problem with this is that we have to sift through ALL of your shit, and the shit of our shit, just to get anything good. You fuckers have so many avenues for your content that you have no reason to fucking complain. we all have about the same amount of shit we have to go through, we just have less content overall. You footfags literally insert yourselves into every fetish and take over, you deserve no sympathy for the shit you people produce.
>>2424 I am into NTR and find this disgusting. >>2481 Chill nigger.
(27.12 KB 200x200 1604890336848.gif)

>>2481 absolutely based, something that footfags don't seem to understand is that the world doens't revolve around them, a faggot once posted some shit about foot smell in the previous board and said >"w-well it's not tickling but i don't care because you can tickle them" fuck right off, at first i had sympathy for the idea but then i remembered that when i sort by new anywhere, i barely see anything from the tighs up, and when i do it's one in a sea of fucking MS paint "photoshop" about a celebrity's feet or some shit.
>>2506 Exactly. it isn't just tickling, they insert and inject themselves into any fetish as long as they can use it to expand their own foot fetish, damned be the casualties. I'm tired of footfags saying it isn't their fault, when they've been doing it for years, filling up everything with their shit, unapologetically when it comes to their content, and then get asshurt when you say "Dude, is there any tickling that doesn't involve feet?" it's not that they have a tickle fetish at this point. Considering how they act with every other fetish, they just plain out like ANYTHING be done to feet. To the point that I almost believe you can have disconnected feet from a body and that'd be enough because nothing else matters. Stinky licking worship tickling ryona and even masturbation they infect all of it and attribute it all to feet, and pollute everything with the endless waves of foot pics. Nothing is sacred to them, nothing.
(228.04 KB 358x408 dUAHXTV.png)

>>2508 Here's the thing anon. It's not going to change anytime soon. You know how popular foot fetishism is? Very. Like, one of the most generic fetishes there is. So it's pretty much guaranteed you're going to have a high percentage of selfish scrotes who only care about their fix with so many people being into it. Foot fags will cross their fetish with as many other kinks as they can get away with. Majority rules. It's just something you have to deal with. Want to do something about it? Post content you like - comment about why you like it. Commission art featuring only armpits, tummy, thighs or whatever. Do SOMETHING to at least make the content you wanna see happen. >they infect all of it and attribute it all to feet, and pollute everything with the endless waves of foot pics. Nothing is sacred to them, nothing. Footfags are sure as hell not gonna stop being the viruses you claim them to be. So start being the vaccine.
>>2452 I get what you are saying and there is some truth to it, especially in the case of shit like trophy pics. However on the other hand I'd still say you have the advantage with how many dedicated artists you have. There are also a lot of little things that non-footfags have to deal with in their own right to balance it out. Seeing a scenario or pose that would scream for upper body tickling only to have it just be feet. Having a pic with both that clearly focuses on the feet while the rest is just treated as an appetizer. Or a full body pic where none-the-less the victim has to be screaming "NO NOT THE FEET ANYWHERE BUT THE FEET!" as though we need some verification that she's most ticklish there. And of course greater number of comments asking where the feet are when there are no feet. Things like that. That's the reality for the other side. For yours it might be more corners being cut, as feet are easier to copy-pasta, especially if they are detached from the body. Hell that's part of why I'm not as big on feet. But it seems many footfags are ok with this so I wonder if you are a minority within your own here.
>>2481 The hell do you mean "insert" dude? It's not like footfags are just forcing themselves into a fetish, you make it sound like feet and tickling aren't naturally associated to begin with. >The problem with this is that we have to sift through ALL of your shit, and the shit of our shit, just to get anything good. And we don't? We get cucked by lazy ass garbage, literal Microsoft Paint trash and all kinds of other bullshit. Being a niche means you guys get all of the good artists. I'm not even saying this to complain, because by numbers alone we're gonna find some diamonds in the rough, I just wanted to give you guys some hope and perspective. I didn't think you were gonna fucking sperg out on me. >>2506 Dude what? What you just described is exactly what I'm talking about. Sort by new and you get a bunch of trash and maybe one halfway decent image if you're lucky. This shit is suffering man, at least you guys know if someone draws for you it's gonna be decent. >>2508 Almost like it's one of the most common fetishes in the world...you really think you wouldn't see the same shit from anyone else if theirs wasn't just as common? >>2510 This anon has the right idea, if you want shit to change then do something about it. That's what we have to do, find an artist you like and pay them to draw what you want.
>>2520 Some discord servers even have to have a 'foot' section just to keep you people quarantined. You also don't seem to realize that we have a ratio of our own shit we have to wade through to find good stuff too. Once again you're acting like "Oh, poor me, we don't have a ton of dedicated artists who do basically nothing but feet". Fuck you, just look at the kemono section of this board where it's become nothing but footfag posting at this point. We all have to deal with trash, by proportion of how niche our tastes are. You complain, yet, i can't stress this enough, the kemono topic for both this and 8kun are FILLED with foot artists after the initial regular tickle artists (in which there were already tickle artists) had been posted. You're deluding yourself if you think you have it nearly as bad as us. even when I do commission something, there's a thousand of you commissioning your crap at the same time. And with the evidence posted in this very thread, you people will pay hundreds of dollars for the most generic crap imaginable. You want perspective? whatever you did, you did it to yourselves, and yet you still get much more content than we do, period. Being a footfag was never suffering, and you ignoring the evidence is hilarious. Hell, there's a booru called ticklebooru, that is 98% footposting. Go look there and tell me you have an appropriate perspective on anything. You're a poison, period. And just as I said, you try to drum up sympathy (or 'perspective', as you call it) when there's none to be had
(2.31 MB 380x352 1629931929422.gif)

>>2520 okay, let me explain what i mean let's say good foot art and bad art was...25% to 75%, 75% being bad, then integrate all that to tickling, and say that tickling is 50% feet focused and 50% anywhere else, that's already a large chunk of tickling that has been overtaken by feet and even more bad feet art, then say that the tickling anywhere else is also 50-50 with good and bad, meaning that bad tickling content plus the ammount of bad feet-centric stuff is about 64% of the total results, then about 24% is feet tickling and the last 12% is anywhere else tickling. TLDR; we have to wade trough YOUR trash to get to OUR trash to then find something good for ourselves.
>>2522 And even though I posted, I want to add to this. In the damned furry community, you have TONS of foot pics and foot tickling pics that wouldn't be considered a poison, its a damned plague, it is like 'paws' only exist there. Tons of stuff that would be quality, focused on feet more than anything else. It doesn't matter where you look. Human or Furry, feet dominate. And for people who just want tickling on anywhere but the feet, it is a fucking mission to find the good stuff.
>>2511 >There are also a lot of little things that non-footfags have to deal with in their own right to balance it out. Seeing a scenario or pose that would scream for upper body tickling only to have it just be feet. Having a pic with both that clearly focuses on the feet while the rest is just treated as an appetizer. Or a full body pic where none-the-less the victim has to be screaming "NO NOT THE FEET ANYWHERE BUT THE FEET!" as though we need some verification that she's most ticklish there. And of course greater number of comments asking where the feet are when there are no feet. Things like that. This just sounds really petty man, you can't blame the artist for shit people post in the comments section. >>2521 See, this just sounds like you're upset that footfags even exist. We don't do that to you, why don't you show that same respect in return? No one shits on your tastes but we always have to look at "footfags are cancer, I hate footfags" on every board and comments section. >>2522 Sure, but doesn't that go both ways? We have to wade through your stuff as well, even if it's mostly quality. >>2523 Well, I'm sorry man but I don't know what to tell you. You can't be surprised that people want to draw what's most popular. All I'm saying is that the gold rush leads to way more bad than good.
(544.96 KB 937x842 49443276_p0_master1200.jpg)

(404.55 KB 716x995 49443276_p2_master1200.jpg)

(453.96 KB 1016x702 49443276_p1_master1200.jpg)

I like tickles to the pitties
(72.76 KB 1280x720 1610662367301.jpg)

>>2524 >does it go both ways no, no it doesn't, because you're more prone to find feet stuff in general, say if you want something like tighs tickling, in the same percentages it's going to be 1 out of 10 picutres, and out of those 10 drawings, 7 of them are going to be feet, good or bad, so one is going to be easier to find than the other, meaning that you "struggling to get trough our shit" is nothing more than just not looking at it, instead of having to toroughly check every drawing and tag to find the shit that all the feet trash obscures
>>2524 You don't get it at all. he just gave you appropriate numbers. You barely have any of our stuff to wade through to get through your stuff. You are deliberately ignoring the ratios to make your case. And, you admit yourself, that your stuff is popular. You have a ton of stuff of your type of quality compared to us (In fact, I noticed you ignored many of the good points of both posts and his post to continue your pity party). Again, we have to wade through bad and generic crap on our side too, plus nearly 100% of your crap, both good and bad, to get something you like. You want to know why people fate footfags? Because despite all the evidence, despite your myriad of content, you still act like the victim and only pay attention to the points that suit you. we are sometimes waiting days, to weeks, not only for at least one or two good pics to appear, but sometimes even a commission because certain artists suddenly go crazy or lose interest or are backed up on something. You guys? You guys get both good and bad pics every damned day, every day. Again, your whining is hollow. You ignored the ticklebooru point you ignored the ratios you ignored the kemono posts just to continue to whine your stupid point that pales in comparison, and is inflated, compared to a regular ticklefag's plight. Good work, because if we ignore all the evidence, then you'd be right. But going off what we know, what we see, and the years and years of content. You have no case.
>>2527 I'm not trying to make any point except that it's not all sunshine and roses on our end. I never said it was worse and I never said you guys didn't have a right to be frustrated. I was trying to make you guys feel better but I can see now all you're gonna do is take out your issues on me despite the fact that I'm not responsible for them. You're right, you guys have it worse, I never said you didn't nor did I say you don't have a right to complain about it. All I said is that it's not as it seems from the outside.
>>2536 And if you were paying attention. We were basically calling you out for your shit, because things are nowhere near as bad for your side as you say it is. We don't care about you making us feel better, that was never the point. The point was you spouting nonsense and STILL somehow spouting your nonsense despite all indicators showing that you're simply full of shit. You still didn't address any of our actual points, at all. That's why we don't like you or you're kind. You attempted to throw a pity party, ignored our actual points, and are now trying to weasel out of your own shit.
>>2536 >>2537 https://puu.sh/IgkCm/dd695baabd.jpg case in point, this is the front page of ticklebooru, without any kind of search. WOOOW, look at that, entirely foot focused. You guys really have it hard, wow, like, it totally is an inconvience. The fact I had to do the work for you to show how full of shit you are is actually the part that frustrates me. Because you footfags aren't only full of shit, but you're lazy as well.
(207.70 KB 1008x610 5163d797b8[1].jpg)

>>2538 And here's a look at the second page, without using a search.
>>2539 https://ticklebooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list and I realized, I shoud have just posted a link to the booru itself. in case you accuse me of faking the pictures.
>>2541 >suggestions have number of posts >belly: 109 >armpit: 203 >FEET 3545 IT'S A HARD KNOCK LIFE
>>2520 >Being a niche means you guys get all of the good artists. What artists? I can't really think of any 'dedicated' UB artists. >>2524 >This just sounds really petty man, you can't blame the artist for shit people post in the comments section. Obviously the comments thing wasn't about artists.
(77.12 KB 500x500 1450689441095.jpg)

Imagine the absolute gall of calling other people entitled while bitching that artists won't stop drawing the most popular thing to pander to your weird niche. Upper body faggots are so pathetic, kek.
>>2544 bluish feather has gone on record saying he doesn't have a foot fetish, though he has drawn pictures of feet being tickled, it's the tickling part that he cares about
(206.67 KB 500x380 image_2021-10-05_235213.png)

Also c'mon guys there's no need to fight, we all like weird stuff here let's try to get along
(801.59 KB 1450x1058 ff0q3upi21yz.png)

>be me >trueborn, purebred tickleCHAD through and through >catered to by every tickling artist in existence ever >never have to worry about tickling content you can't fap to >even find feet, pits, abs and every other potential spot on their own hot by virtue of them being ticklish >get to watch all the secondaries have their petty squabbles from atop the foodchain >they will never know how good it is at the top Gotta tell ya, this is pretty terrific.
(324.14 KB 860x606 image_2021-10-06_003152.png)

>>2559 yeah see this guy gets it
(1.08 MB 2304x3072 93259268_p0.jpg)

(774.36 KB 849x1200 93253559_p1_master1200.jpg)

>>2559 Sorry but you're not a true tickleCHAD until you're able to get off to ticklelolis, ticklesnuff, and ticklescat
(43.81 KB 603x877 1610323441049.jpg)

>>2559 i'm not even against feet, everyone has their preferences and i have mine in the upper body, tough i have degrading tickle fantasies about some kind of jail or prission for girls with very sensitive soles where the only thing left of them outside their rehab room are her feer which are firmly cemented on a wall, ready to be tickled by onlookers or people who want to rent their ticklish soles for a while; that said, the reason why i'm even on the debate is because a lot of footfags are really entitled, i at least like to present a logic as to why they generally annoy me, but it's not like i hate feet or some stupid shit like that, i just like the scum that promotes them.
>>2565 same, its not like I don't have feet tickling saved when it turns out to be cute or have something else or even a character I like. It was more footfags being delusional shits that flood everything with just foot shit and take over everything else.
Why are mommy feet and daddy tickling fighting this time?
>>2544 There are a few Japanese artists that specialize in it
So there was some arguing in the kemono thread about this, what's your guy's opinion on ticklish Phyllis? She's on tumblr and instagram iirc
>>2417 It wouldn’t be so bad if it was different angles and tools but 9/10 it’s always generic magic feathers and copy pasted feet. But hey if you could get paid by doing less people will take it.
>>2579 Phyllis is a nice gal, she's got a pretty solid art style, even if a little stiff.
>>2726 While I do think this scenario is very overused I don't have nothing against it XD I just think is not very creative... But the price that the dude put on their YCH was absurd, his art look like shit, I've paid for commissions of much higher quality for much more less than that garbage he's trying to sell
I like feet but for some reason only 3dpd feet, 2d feet are almost never appealing to me. I don't fucking know why.
I really like the idea of a transgirl or a crossdresser being tickled and trying really hard to keep her voice feminine.
I like anime girls
>>4583 Hey somewhat related. I fuckin' hate loli/shota stuff. Makes me cringe any time I see that shit.
Take your pedo-sperging to >>612 and stop shitting up existing threads please
>>4579 Source plz
I hate when there are dudes present in tickle art/videos/anything. Instant bone killer. Especially in videos where everything is going well and then the fucking camera man starts talking and I'm immediately taken out of it, just shut the fuck up man. I'm straight, I don't want to be aware that there's a fucking hairy ass dude there. Also fuck OP picture of this thread for that exact reason. I like women, I want to see women doing the tickling
>>4676 I know a lot of guys that are like this with normal porn too so this definitely isn't uncommon.
>>4676 Exactly, i agree. I hate it when they also join in and do some of the tickling since they usually are very unattractive and are very bad at tickling The first one that comes to my mind is that weirdo from Russian fetish studios, he is present in 95% of the videos and just ruins them
>>4663 >Thread about likes and dislikes >"Hey I dislike when children are involved" >"Stop shitting up the thread"
>>4772 You obviously didn't see the absolute shitstorm that was in this thread earlier
>>4773 Evidently did not, haven't checked it since last night. Did I miss some shit?
>>4775 There was basically 60 posts of this going back and forth
>>4777 >pedophobes Christ on a fuckin' unicycle and here I thought my post got taken down because I was complaining about it but if this is where it went then yeah, no wonder that entire bit got purged. Like fuck's sake, I hate that loli shit but unironic defense of actual child molestation? Get the rope.
>>4778 Here's some more gems before it got deleted
>>4781 >No choice in the attractions they have Technically, yes. But we can choose to not fuckin' try to normalize them when they're objectively wrong.
Okay, but why is this board pedo discussion central all of a sudden? The amount of talk happening every day regarding this seems unwarranted. Like, there wasn't this much shitflinging in 8kun even when actual cp spammers frequented the place. I guess someone figured out the best way to stir up shit around here, and people keep taking the bait? How about we just talk tickles instead?
>>4784 >I guess someone figured out the best way to stir up shit around here, and people keep taking the bait? I think this is exactly it. We've gotten an influx of people either acting dumb or stirring shit lately and I think it's all people deliberately trying to fuck with people, and for some reason no one here can see a shitty post and just let it sit, they have to wave it around and proclaim how shitty it is.
I mean, this thread was basically made for arguing
>>4778 >but unironic defense of actual child molestation Nobody did that, stop lying. >>4783 No attraction is ever objectively wrong. Only actions are. I am not sure what you mean about normalization. >>4784 Some hateful trolls decided to shit their hateful vitriol around after being triggered when I said that I have been masturbating to tickling bdsm fantasies since I was 4 and then the based admin deleted their shitposting in another thread.
>>4800 It's pretty obvious the admin was intending to delete your messages but whatever helps you sleep at night
>>4828 wut? what you are saying does not make sense dude but ok whatever
>>2424 >>2183 >>2302 I was in another thread talking about Shy and Wild Tickling videos a few days ago. Basically comes down to the fact that he's a good tickler with good bondage and for some reason I can mentally filter his presence out. I also don't mind banter/teasing in videos which I know a lot of people hate, and I'll readily admit his banter is among the absolute worst. Like the videos could definitely be way better if he made any effort to remove himself from the frame, but I can still jerk off to them as they are. No cuck fetish either. That being said I don't buy the videos.
>>4672 It's from Klaudsan's patreon. You're welcome.
(64.84 KB 874x622 150841.jpg)

Uh, yeah so, what the fuck is up with picrelated? It's a good video too, kek. >>4887 Yee, I saw that. I also noticed an anon that straight up admitted to liking that the guy was 'kinda creepy', which was quite illuminating. I suppose, looping back to all the talk about ugly bastards, that there really are more ticklefags that appreciate what they bring to the table than I initially gave them credit for. What about you, any overlap there? Do you see a pic like OP's where the 'ler is an ugly sweaty oaf and you're completely cool with that? Would you maybe prefer it if it was a hot anime girl dominatrix?
>>1856 I wanna drop a post in here just out of curiosity, as this seems to be an unpopular opinion: I LOVE when Lers talk to their Lees. Any video, comic, image, whatever. M/F, F/M, F/F and M/M. It's a big reason I'm like >>4887 and actually quite like Shy and Wild tickling videos. I don't care if his banter is bad, and I don't care about whatever fake scenarios they've made up for the lee to be in the situation, I just love it when lers taunt their lees.
>>4925 I generally don't care much about drawings, I'm a videos guy but in the case of the drawings I 100% prefer the 'ler to be a cute anime girl because with drawings you have 100% control over the scene, so why not make the ler a hot girl too, it doesn'tcost any extra or make things any more complicated. I have no special desire to see fat sweaty ugly oafs in tickle porn, but some times in videos you have no choice. Like I 100% prefer a fat, ugly slovenly tickler with good technique over a hot girl with dogshit technique. What's more important to my enjoyment is that the tickler's face is covered or obscured in some capacity. At least the Shy & Wild guy does that most of the time. I am actually more uncomfortable with a fit, good looking male ler who leaves their uncovered face in the shot than a fat ugly s.o.b. who covers their face but leaves their clothed body in the shot. >>4978 I also prefer teasing and taunting but I'm picky about it. Scarlett Sinns is the best at taunting. Priscilla James was also amazing at it but I struggle to think of good taunting lers aside from them.
So, for the people who really hate it when there’s a far ugly dude as the tickler (which I totally get), what is your opinion on if the video features an old or ugly woman tickling a younger good-looking girl? Is there any appeal in that for you, or is it mainly the unattractiveness which is the issue? I think I understand why some people are into it. It makes the situation a little more alarming and uncomfortable for the ticklee, which can add to the torment.
To add into the "ugly bastard" discussion, I do like it when ticklers of sexy and petite women are ugly to the point of being scary or monstrous, it is probably the contrast of expectation (she is going to be raped and killed) and reality (she is being tickle tortured to insanity/death) of those scenes that makes them so hot. it doesn't really work as well in videos since they tend to lack the proper over the top creepy factor, ugly men tickling pretty girls doesn't work unless they go all out about the horror of the situation. Thus it works the best in art/stories. >>4995 Depends of course, but if we talk of "vanilla" tickling content it would be more appealing to me than just some old/ugly man doing the generic "normal" tickling just by the virtue of both being women. Still, I do have some messed up fantasies related to that, like an old witchy hag in the woods abducting camping teenage girls for brutal tickle torture rituals or a girl getting kidnapped by a lustful madman, and whenever not subjected to his perversions she is brutally tickle tortured by his equally deranged jealous wife for "seducing" his husband. Still, I mostly jerk off to pretty women tickling pretty women, the appealing stuff I described is niche.
>>4982 Alright, I gotcha man I can dig that. Good tickler > Cute tickler, but Good Cute Tickler > Good Ugly Tickler, esentially. I generally agree, but my treshold for how ugly is a deal breaker is lower. The mask thing is interesting to me, would you still prefer it if the 'ler was someone you were attracted to? Leaving their ability as a tickler aside. >>4995 It's definitely the unattractiveness that does me in, if it's some ugly hag it's in the same boat as the ugly bastards. I also kinda get it btw, specially after all this talk, but I still don't think it's worth it. Like you can make a tickler creepy and alarming without making them unatractive in my opinion. Hell, I like some 'lees that are creepy and alarming because I still find them attractive. >>5026 Alright, I can see a bit of that too. It's kinda like the deal with bondage/damsel in distress stuff, I think. Like the contrast between a really distressful and scary situation vs a very childish torture that still messes them up but forces them to appear happy while it's happening is understandably appealing. See, all this talk makes me understand why some aren't even neutral to the ugly bastard trope but outright like it, but the real issue I have with it is so basic I don't think any amount of understanding is ever going to make me get into it (not that I think any of you set out to do that, mind you): The simple fact is... whoever is doing the tickling is half of the equation. Like, I know it's a meme, that if you're fapping to man on woman vanilla porn you're fapping to 50% dude, but I think it kind of applies here. Maybe it's the fact that I'm bi AND a switch, meaning I typically can get as much of a kick from seeing the 'lee being tortured into a hot mess as from picturing myself in their situation, but I'm usually very attracted to the 'ler themselves, like it's a big element of some of my favorite tickle porn. And how in the hell is that ever gonna work for me when the one doing it is the 'BUENO' meme guy? Kek, it does it for some 'lees too, as we were talking about earlier in the thread, so maybe it is just me that's concerned about that particular aspect, idk. Btw, something that I haven't seen brought up regarding this conversation is the originality aspect. Like anime girls are the peak of 2D attractiveness, we all know that, but they do get old if you're fapping to nothing but them long enough, so I can at least appreciate the effort to have a 'ler that's memorable and distinct rather than Anime girl #22914.
>tiggles people like this should be executed.
I hate black people in tickling videos and artwork, no matter if they are being tickled or if they are tickling others. It's just cringe and ugly. Anime-style dark skinned girls like bea are fine however. Macho men being tickled is also very gross.
>>5203 Why do you hate black people? Do you just mean the ugly bastard trope or are you actually just racist?
>>5205 I am not racist, I just hate it when they push them in artwork. Check this shit for example https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/1244.html#1254
>>5203 >darkies are... LE CRINGE! Weebs deserve death.
(1.02 MB 799x1119 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5207 Artstyle isn't exactly great but what does her being black have to do with it?
>>5128 I only care about masks for male ticklers, but yeah I def prefer an attractive tickler over an unattractive one in any situation if ability is not a factor. It's just that for me the quality of the actual tickling and the reaction of the lee matter so much more that my threshold for how ugly the tickler is is pretty high. I have other weird preferences that are more of a dealbreaker than a generally ugly male tickler, like I hate barefoot male lers. I hate male lers with visible bald spots (shaved head is OK), male lers with long hair and male lers wearing short sleeves or shorts. Basically the less skin shown by a male ler the better in any case regardless of attractiveness. I think I would prefer a fat, masked, hooded, fully clothed male ler with bad teasing over a conventionally attractive minimally clothed, barefoot male ler with exposed face.
>>5215 Ugly and gross
>>5207 >Drawing a black person being tickled is "pushing them" Not even trying to hide your election butthurt anymore, tourist.
(425.97 KB 768x949 61572020_p1_master1200.jpg)

(653.52 KB 800x1119 61572020_p0_master1200.jpg)

I like pretty anime girls
>>5234 Go back to /pol/ shitdick
>>5356 >Thread about likes and dislikes >"Hey I dislike when blacks are involved" >"Go back to /pol/ shitdick"
>>5300 I am not an american.
>>5442 >>5443 You know we have IDs and can tell you're samefagging, right?
>>5448 >replying to different posts is samefagging Are you braindead my dude?
>>5452 If you weren't trying to samefag you'd have just replied to them in the same post. Face it, you got caught.
>>5452 It just looks odd, but for what it's worth, clicking a new No. on a different post adds it to the same comment. You can respond to multiple things at once. But more to the point you're ALLOWED to not want blacks in your whackoff content, but "forced diversity in tickle content" does come across as retarded.
>>5455 Ok retard
>>5456 I am aware of that, making separate posts for each reply is superior because you often get to refer to a specific sentence by simply referring to a single post id. In addition to that replying to a single post made before your own makes the thread a tree instead of a (potentially cyclic) graph, giving you more options in terms of representing it and reducing the changes for any potential confusion. (although this time I made separate posts because I saw the other post after I posted) >But more to the point you're ALLOWED to not want blacks in your whackoff content, but "forced diversity in tickle content" does come across as retarded You probably wanted to respond to my post at >>5234 then, as this is unrelated to any of my 3 last posts. This was not why id 638898 told me to go "back to pol", rather it was my dislike of blacks in tickling context.
>>5457 >Trying this hard to save face after exposing yourself as either a samefag or a newfag This board getting popular was a mistake, too many tourists.
>>5460 >tourists Oh, everything makes sense now, you are >>5300, you decided to hide your id in order to samefag and now you are projecting and trying to troll me instead of responding to my arguments or accepting your mistake, how cute.
>>5460 >>5448 >>5455 >oh my god look it's multiple posts from the same ID, that can only mean one thing: you just got caught samefagging my guy LEL >>5356 >shitdick the real shitdicks are the ones who dick shitskins
Man, when did the tickling community get racist?
>>5499 Where do you think you are newfag
>>5462 Stop bumping your spare chromosome parade back up to the top of the board you fucking faggot, use the fucking sage button. Don't add time to my scrolling for anime girls being tickled you cunt.
>Let's use a sarcofagus as a stock >maybe the girl could be stuck inside of it with her feet sticking out >maybe it's so thight she can't move and little tendrils tickle her from the inside >maybe it could even be a girl struggling to not get bondaged while being tickled into being forced in >BAH CREATIVETY IS FOR CHUMPS LET'S MAKE IT A FUCKING STOCK! i hate this
>>5550 Just hide the thread bro
>>5550 Except that the sage button does not work.
>>5576 Click "more" and put "sage" in the email
I really really really really hate toe ties, part of the fun to me is seeing their toes wiggle and thrash from the tickling and they can't do that if they're tied in place.
(1.07 MB 1058x530 ClipboardImage.png)

Cute girl, sexy bikini feet in stocks, hot tickler, and lots of tickling with hands, love this shit
>>6080 Thought it was a video, you got me
>>6083 Full video was too large to attach, I can upload it somewhere if you want though
>>5551 I mean, how are you supposed to know who's inside? unless you divide it in two pages/panels.
(2.11 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

How to ruin an entire piece with one character:
(473.70 KB 1214x1719 17.jpg)

(475.37 KB 1214x1719 18.jpg)

(834.65 KB 1214x1719 19.jpg)

(660.66 KB 1214x1719 20.jpg)

(533.99 KB 1214x1719 21.jpg)

Can tickling scenarios go too far? When do/have they for (you)? Like, I take a good measure of autistic pride on being open minded and enjoying all sorts of situations involving my fetish, but still: parasites under your skin that tickle your nerves directly? I think I should feel guilty that this gave me a boner, but then my dumb coomer brain goes "But can you imagine how intensely that must be tickling her...?", and it gives me pause. Where do you draw the line between based and cringe?
I like the loving aspect of tickle torture, it's too bad most of it is mean-spirited.
>>6621 >handle his cock >"wtf did he CUM?!" >the one touching his dick is somehow the most shocked out of all of them I like Caroo more than most of you but this is kind of retarded
>>6755 Damn that's wild and pretty uncomfortable to look at.
>>6755 I'm a superficial wanker, I find the concept of that scenario really hot but actually seeing skin bulging by something being under it makes fapping to that impossible.
>>6755 I don't hate the idea of this, but the execution could be better.
>>11222 Yeah, this artist's got a few things that definitely go well into wild and uncomfortable
>>6767 That line was actually said by the blonde playing with his ears. Kinda obvious when you notice she's the only one disgusted by it.
(523.69 KB 2480x3508 87447068_p1.jpg)

(3.07 MB 2133x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

Aight, here's my attempt at trying to revive this thread: What's your opinion on clothing as it relates to tickling, be it IRL, in artwork or whatever? I don't know how uncommon this take is, but even though I love a hot naked body as much as the next guy, I often find partially clothed tickle victims a lot more enticing. It just adds a bit of... texture, I guess I would say? And don't get me wrong, I wouldn't suggest ticklingover clothes beats direct contact with the skin (at least not always), but I find removing socks or sneaking fingers under shirts to get at a 'lees upper body a lot hotter than it all just being bare from the get go. Tearing them to expose ticklish spots is a huge plus too, as is clothes leaving major spots uncovered that an unsuspecting 'lee would never think of as some sort of vulnerability that could be exploited (or hell, if they're left intentionally open to tease 'lers, even better).
>>15098 I feel the same way anon. In my case I am a sucker for any type of clothing that leaves the armpits exposed, so much to the point that just seeing it excites me. Also love it when the lee is wearing something much more revealing than the ler, there is something about the added vulnerability that just does it for me.
>>15098 No offense, but I don't like it at all. Probably one of the main things that kills a pic for me.

(422.47 KB 1438x2000 82140925_p0.jpg)

(504.11 KB 1007x1400 76802626_p0.jpg)

>>15227 A kindred spirit, I also find just seeing them arousing. Nonchanlantly exposed pits should be considered lewd exposure and punished by pit tickle torture. I think we're coming at it from the same angle too, I like the idea of clothes being there but failing to provide any real protection, making a 'lee feel even more helpless and vulnerable. >>15228 Why would that be offensive? You can dislike stuff as much as you want anon, don't let anybody tell you different, specially in the discussion thread out of all places. I do feel like I should ask though, why is that? Do you just see tickling as something so sexual that it bothers you it might happen with clothes on? Is it just a visual thing, where you'd rather see the spots and skin directly in pics or videos? It interests me you feel so against it, since I think most tickling IRL that doesn't happen specifically for fetishistic reasons probably happens between clothed individuals.
I don't get the weird trend towards f/m that's been going on in recent years, especially when a lot of it in art and writing has been extremely degrading and humiliating. Tickling as a fetish is comprised of about 95% men or something similar, and the whole point is to kind of put yourself in the position of the man tickling a woman. I guess gays are here too but that's a minority. Also the whole divide between people who like feet and dislike feet literally started as one autist on /d/ fucking with people; no one in this fetish cared until they started deciding to let themselves get upset about it because it was the "cool" thing to do. Now every other thread devolves into legitimately angry arguments over nothing. You can't even just hide them anymore because any thread can just get taken over by the same few autists over and over. I am extremely tired.
>>15245 If tickling follows even remotely similar trends as other BDSM esque kinks, it has surprising amount of submissive men. I recall estimations that around ~40% or so of straight men into bondage would prefer to be dominated by women, which creates discrepancy because at the same time overwhelming majority of kinky women are mostly submissive and dominate their partners just to please them. I have read quite a few zoomers/younger millennials into tickling writing that they felt uncomfortable by older tickling communities precisely because they were so heteronormative and focused on female ticklees to the point of flaming people for posting /m content (I would not know really, as I've always been only interested in checking out /f content) so it can be kinda understandable that they've only started to bloom with the rise of platforms like Tumblr and Reddit that enabled them to interact with others than forum boomercoomers. It also at least used to be somewhat popular discourse in Tumblr that earlier tickling communities as well as art/fiction also pushed some women away because they focused pretty exclusively on sadism and objectifying/dehumanizing domination aspects instead of more sensually playful soft domination stuff.
>>15233 Maybe I misunderstood what you asked, do you mean like people being tickled through their clothing? Just trying to make sure I understand before I respond in detail. >>15245 You don't get it or you don't like it? Cause those are two separate conversations. I don't like it either but I definitely understand why it's a thing.
(32.07 KB 409x557 snakes.gif)

>>15245 >Tickling as a fetish is comprised of about 95% men or something similar, and the whole point is to kind of put yourself in the position of the man tickling a woman. >Why would men fantasized about being touched by women? That's WEIRD! >Now every other thread devolves into legitimately angry arguments over nothing. You can't even just hide them anymore because any thread can just get taken over by the same few autists over and over. I am extremely tired. Because that's what happened on DA, and whether people want to realize it or not, /d/ and these threads aren't "anons" that started seeing tickling threads on imageboards. They are DA people who thought it was a new place to set up shop while keeping their same DA mannerisms and explosive DA tempers and same instant reaction to autstic screeching. It's little surprise one of if not the most popular threads on the site is just a "bitch about DA artists" thread, and that the bulk of it is filled with the most minor grievances being aired with psychotic vitriol. Just like on... You're not going to escape it. It's an incredibly autistic fetish community, and the entire imageboard era was ushered in by probably one of the most autistic segments of that community outside of the TMF boomers. You'll just need to learn to deal.
>>15298 I've basically never used dA for anything beyond simple image searches, would you mind redpilling me on this shit?
>>15233 Great to see there’s someone out there with the same, more specific, interests. Surely there is nothing more sensual for me than a woman flaunting her armpits, either nonchalantly, or knowing what is gonna happen to her once hungry fingertips make contact with her sensitive hollows.
(471.87 KB 1280x1024 33932983_p0.jpg)

(560.32 KB 1280x1024 33947607_p0.jpg)

(287.41 KB 702x1000 78846191_p0.jpg)

>>15292 Not through clothing no, like I said: >>15098 >I wouldn't suggest ticklingover clothes beats direct contact with the skin I think that's pretty straightforward, you want that direct contact. The only pro I can think of is maybe the suggestion that if tickling through clothes is enough to drive a 'lee wild, the actual contact with the skin would be a lot more effective, but even that is probably not really worth it unless there's a payoff to it. Oh, that and latex, which I do find hot, but that's kinda different. I was just talking about 'lees being partially clothed while the tickling is happening, as opposed to fully naked. It can be some kind of outfit like a maid or whatever, or just their actual clothes, and then you can just tickle them directly in whatever way you see fit: ripping clothes to expose spots, going under them, removing socks, targetting spots the clothing already leaves exposed... As a side note I will add that the non-descript bikinis that some artists use don't really do it for me, I'd prefer naked at that point when there really isn't any 'personality' to the outfit. >>15298 >They are DA people who thought it was a new place to set up shop while keeping their same DA mannerisms and explosive DA tempers and same instant reaction to autstic screeching. This is scarily accurate. >>15307 Ditto. And the idea of it happening intentionally, specially when it's specifically to tease or entise ticklefags with the thought of moving their nails over the flawless pale skin, legitimately makes my heart skip a beat.
>>15308 Okay that makes a bit more sense. In that case I have no problem with it at all. I'm sorry for misunderstanding.
>>2102 Footfaggotry is literally the most mainstream and common fetish, so it tends to bleed into adjacent, but much more niche fetishes. Then, when people who aren't into feet complain that the art of their fetish now focuses almost exclusively on something they aren't into as a result, the footfags get sand in their cunts because they are the majority, and "all [non-foot tickle spot]fags are whiny and entitled, bitch moan complain bitch moan complain." That sort of negative attitude tends to persist more strongly here and on similar imageboards because vitriol is usually accepted and encouraged in such sites.
>>2452 As >>2481 said, we have to sift through the same shit you do just to get to the shit we like, and then we have to sift through the poor quality content of that to get to the good shit. >And a lot of otherwise good artists have taken to doing this low quality shit and charging a fortune for it. Yes, including artists who used to draw the shit that we like, and if we want to pay them to draw the shit we actually like, we now have to pay an even bigger fortune for it. Thing is, we have far fewer good artists than footfags in general, so every time we lose one to the low-effort high-price content mill, it harms our niche that much more than yours. Polite sage
I hate how most tickling videos are kind of bad and the shitty tickler can't focus on a single spot for more than a second or goes 'tickle for 2 seconds, pause for 5 seconds' repeatedly
(45.15 KB 500x693 playboy comic.jpg)

>>15302 Much of the weird attitude problems, weird clique infighting, and general dramatic faggotry all started there. Basically just a bunch of bitchy little weirdos who would clique up and mouth off against each other, just a general bunch of bizarre bullshit. Another, I guess more modern example I guess is how everyone has at least some kind of negative experience with "tickling discords", no matter which one specifically, just because they're all 100% guaranteed to be full of people being overtly flirty and clingy one second before a huge explosion of extreme fighting over shit nobody cares about. And that'll often result in months, sometimes years long feuds with these multiple, retarded camps that ally and split apart seemingly at random.
(86.75 KB 643x552 chadpet1.jpeg)

(85.82 KB 644x480 chadpet2.jpeg)

(91.26 KB 716x500 chadpet3.jpeg)

(96.97 KB 664x510 chadpet4.jpeg)

>>15245 I've been in this scene for a long time, and I never understood the animosity towards f/m. The idea of a powerful warrior, typically used to being in control, being reduced to a laughing, begging mess by the gentler sex — a lady's touch — is hotter than a thousand suns. As >>15298 mentioned, it's not hard to understand. If you don't think beautiful women teasing and tickling your most sensitive spots is appealing, that's fine. But the response it gets from people is insane. Any f/m art will always have a comment underneath it saying "Great, now get her next" or "Ugh, would've preferred you got her, but whatever." Almost as bad as footfags. It could also be because some of the first tickling art I stumbled across was f/m, but even without that I probably would still find it appealing
>>15402 A lot of guys are insecure about anything related to femdom, mostly single men which I'm sure is just coincidence.
>>15402 >>15406 There are a few reasons for this. For one, the idea of masculinity and dominance. Being tickled into submission is seen as a less dominant attribute, thus diminishing one's value as a man. This is pretty well rooted in culture too. If many were to see a woman being tickled into submission by a man they may rush to her defense or at least show disdain for it. But if the reverse happens? They'd all point, laugh and mock him, thinking less of him. This isn't just a tickling thing either, but a sort of classic relation between the sexes. And also on a similar note, the oft-attempt at subverting such ideas could also play a part. Consider a BDSM scenario of some kind be played out in a film or show, usually for humor. How often is it a male portrayed as the dominant? Nay, it's most often a dominatrix female and a male being made to submit to her. Likewise, consider how the vast majority of tickling scenes in media are /m vs /f, especially in the West. I think for some guys who grew up seeing this often it could have had an effect as to make them dislike /m tickling and seek out /f tickling that they grew to fetishize as a result in some capacity. Just some food for thought.
>>15408 Personally this is what I love, being tickled into submission by the supposed weaker/timid sex is hot!
What's your favorite kind setting for tickling fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, or something closer to the real world?
>>15098 Tbh I don't mind clothes at all, whether it's fully clothed or just underwear, doesn't really matter to me. I generally prefer it, full nudity doesn't really do much for me. Socks too. If you can get under or tickle through them, then it's all good to me, though yeah I generally prefer exposed spots, it's no big deal if they aren't. Shoes though, shoes are the exception. Shoes just kill it for me
>>20894 Medieval high fantasy is my favorite. I also love contemporary horror/mystery settings.
Found these on VK and realized how rare are "tickled by a sexy teacher" f/m scenarios. Would totally love more of that.
>>20955 Kiss marks on feet are S-tier, I love seeing though
>>20955 Oh fuck, that’s a hot find right there. Tickled by a teacher is one of my fantasies. I even had a teacher who kind of looked like the teacher in that art. Would have loved to be in this position
(498.47 KB 918x618 ClipboardImage.png)

I personally really enjoy toe bondage, big toes tied together are a treat, I'm not so sure on big toes + pinkies. But all 10 tied is peak for me. something about them being unable to scrunch and at the same time having them little digits vulnerable. I do wonder how many people irl actually are tickling between the toes, if at all. Another thing I find hot is small details like the feet slowly getting pink and sore if it has several panels, same goes for finger/toe twitching, I understand its not that easy or worth it to draw minute details like that but to the artists that do, makes me appreciate them more.
How do you guys feel about images where the character is reacting very strongly to something that realistically would barely tickle or wouldn't at all? I used to hate them but now I think they're pretty hot due to the implication that the character is superhumanly ticklish or that even just the threat of tickling is enough to get them laughing hysterically.
>>21382 It's cute but doesn't really hit my boner buttons it's like seeing a kitten get tickled or something.
>>21382 I really like it when light tickling and hysterical reaction are coupled with heavy bondage and appropriate scenario like interrogation, but intense reactions to casual tickling don't really do anything to me.
>>29830 Hit and miss, but they're far better than most of the shit that attempts it like FTKL
>>29830 I really want to see one of these, if only for the novelty, but they really don't need to be charging that fucking much for them.

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