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Find that Art Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 16:21:41 Id: 80ee91 No. 1958
Thread for finding specific artist or art you might’ve lost or forgotten. Start off by asking if anyone knows the artist for this.
>>1958 this looks like tkltkltklyou's work
>>1962 I agree, but all of his non foot tickling stuff just has no online presence. I wanna see it all, but it’s like he just deleted it all
Source of these?
(2.59 MB tklyou.zip)

>>1958 Can comfirm it's tklyou. I managed to find really few of those. I think he had a C4S with image pack of those, but it was like 15$ for 3 pictures, and I'm not even sure if it's still online, or if there are pictures there still not uploaded, he don't think he did much of those.
I remember there was a continuation to this (at least 1 more page). Anyone has it?
There were two pictures of tangrowth. One where its holding hilda above it and tickling her on her belly. Another one of it tickling gardenia on her belly while having her arms wrapped and held up.
(723.84 KB 1746x2336 1457264109163o.jpg)

Anyone know the artist of the pic
(163.56 KB 540x960 IMG_20211002_114929.jpg)

(78.15 KB 960x410 IMG_20211002_120653.jpg)

>>2064 Here's references I can't find the artist or full pictures itself
Also might want to post it and tag it on the ticklebooru https://ticklebooru.booru.org
I've asked for this in few incarnations of these boards already, but I'm still on my quest. I'm looking for a mainstream tickle interrogation scene from early 2000s webcomic, which was scifi parody. It had a page where a Darth Vader spoof had captured a Princess Leia type character. He goes to see her in torture chamber, where she is locked in stocks and a torturer is tickling her feet with a feather as she laughs hysterically. The villain asks the torturer if the prisoner has talked, and torturer answers no. He is ordered to stop and the villain begins to interrogate the prisoner personally, and after catching her breath she says that she's been trying to tell them that they forgot to ask her any questions to begin with. What a funny gag about a ticklish woman laughing so hard she could not talk even if she wanted to and even then she would not know what to say! Also hot as hell. I remember the page itself quite vividly but have no idea what it was actually from. I'm pretty sure it was some mainstream webcomic, not direct fetish stuff. I haven't found even a mention of it from any mainstream forums but I'm also pretty sure I haven't just made it up by mixing it with other fetish art in my adolescent brain.
>>2216 I saw this relatively recently, actually. I think on 4chan? sorry, I didnt save it, I thought the girls feet looked weird
>>2232 At least you confirmed I haven't imagined it. You have my forgiveness, like a lot of lost tickling media of my teens I've rediscovered it probably won't be as hot as it was as a horny teenager.
(361.50 KB 1617x1317 tactile2mf3-1.jpg)

>>2018 here ya go
>>2242 Amazing! Thank you very much!
>>2309 Thank you!
Well, in some threads people is talking about lord reckless, so i ask for lost works of Lord-rekless, specifically for his hiena OC
Does somebody have something from Vikafizzy ? Particularly from these girls in >>3192 >>3194 Some anon told me in >>3206 that the artist made some good pictures but then delete them. Thanks!
>>3191 How are there people that fap to this nightmare fuel?
>>3262 some people really do hate themselves. You can fap to literally the cutest, prettiest, woman imaginable on the internet and we still get stuff like this pop up
This is a long shot since it's old as fuck and written, but I'm gonna try anyway. A long ass time ago, I wanna say between 2003 and 2008, I read a story on either TMF or TickleTheater about a guy who isn't into tickling being forced to watch his wife get tickled. I've been looking for years but there are very few people degenerate enough to enjoy both tickling and cuckshit. I don't remember any more plot details, but if you have the faintest clue what I'm talking about please help.
>>4325 This doesn't match your premise exactly, as the husband here is way into tickling and his wife never let him do it. But then she researches the fetish more, gets really into it, and tricks him into being bound and forced to watch as another guy tickle tortures her. https://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?316240-Story-I-Found-On-Literotica-(To-be-continued-by-me)-Ellie-s-Decision
>>4477 I've seen this one before, it's not bad but definitely not the one I remember.
Looking for a Peni Parker one that was done by Badpierrot. I think it's been nuked off the face of the earth All I remember is that it had Peni stuck on a web with a spider-like thing tickling her, and iirc the background was purple
>>4594 That's the one, you have my thanks
(78.97 KB 1178x808 1431760252416o.png)

(85.77 KB 1166x1074 1447228362069o.png)

Anyone know the artist?
(164.64 KB 657x906 2yzc7OXtmqA.jpg)

(91.28 KB 500x459 pWalMnn2KSI.jpg)

>>4779 Can't find the artist I'm afraid, but here's two more for your collection.
>>1962 tkltkltklyou is a cunt. He creates fake tickling videos with voice modulation and video tricks to make it look like other people are involved but is actually hiding the fact that he's alone and miserable doing all said content by himself.
It had just (straight and directly) implied tickling, but I'll wish for it anyways. Years ago, I remember stumbling upon a Deviantart account which included a 3D art series about two sisters who are held chained against the wall of a medieval style torture chamber for unclear reasons. The descriptions told story of the sisters with a comedic tone, there were there to be tortured but they constantly kept bickering and trying to get each other into bigger trouble just out of spite and overall seemed to consider the whole imprisonment and torture thing just a major inconvenience. It had one part where one of the sisters "accidentally" slipped how her sister can't stand being tickled which resulted into the sister in question freaking out, and - after some banter between the sisters and the guard - being dragged away for several days of tickling in the special tickle torture chamber of the dungeons. The other sister was happy that she would get few days of peace and quiet now. Does anyone else recall seeing such thing? I can't find it from the DA for the death of me and would not be surprised if the artist has deactivated. In another installment of the same series that I remember the sisters suddenly realize that their mother has also been brought in and chained between them, and she naturally starts motherly nagging about the circumstances of the girls. Then, one of the girls wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream, and tells about it to her sisters who shudders and comments that having to stand mom there too would be true torture.
(221.28 KB 637x800 TsLR7V2GpRs.jpg)

Anyone got old Heroine Universe poser art comics? This vk album https://m.vk.com/album-42291453_256096464 has plenty, but it is incomplete and unsorted.
Artists for these?
I know their art is super simplistic and not all that good looking. But they once had a few pieces of art of Jenny XJ-9 and one with Wendy from Gravity Falls in a magic saw in half box. Anyone have those arts saved because I can't find them anywhere anymore.
Does anyone know where this is from?
>>6249 fella named dogmatic2122 they were mostly a pee artist, iirc. they were just kind enough to draw a non-pee variant of this one heres a better res
Does anyone have this drawing by the artist Bad-pierrot entitled "Raven's Revenge", but in better resolution?
(312.53 KB 1162x1280 Mu-FqOO1bj8.jpg)

I've been looking for this artist for months now. Does anyone know who they are?
(108.88 KB 1199x730 Saber vs Mordred.jpg)

Anyone know where this picture with Saber and Mordred in a tickle fight belongs from?
>>6848 DDD on pixiv and sadpanda.
>>6849 Thanks Anon!
(50.36 KB 250x324 QTPCover.jpg)

(55.04 KB 250x340 KTQCover.jpg)

(42.75 KB 235x332 HCcover.jpg)

>>1958 Don't know if this counts because it's writing instead of art but figured i'd give it a try. There's these stories that used to be on MTJ Publications (Knight takes Queen, Queen takes Pawn, and Happy Center) that were taken down at some point, and I can't find them in any of the usual comic drive folders. Anyone save any, or are they even worth saving?
(541.47 KB QTP01n.pdf)

>>7126 I have Queen Takes Pawn, I thought I had Knight Takes Queen but I think I passed on that one, I was more interested in f/m. I've never seen Happy Center, unfortunately, so it seems this is all I can give you.
>>7202 Not the one who asked, but man I thought queen takes pawn and knight takes queen were lost forever, I saw npeople searching them for years, You're the real man; thanks so much dude.
>>7204 I just feel bad now that I don't think I ever got KTQ, purely from an archival standpoint.
>>7202 Thanks anon, really appreciate it! Don't worry about the others, it was already a bit of a stretch that anyone would have bought these and still have them. I'm sure they're not gone forever though, someone's gotta have them.
>>6681 Yes, I know them. It's actually me. This is one of my older pictures when I was just starting out with posing and 3d models. I don't think it's that good really, but good to know you like it I guess.
There's an old FirefoxSF piece, at least I think it was him. It's been so long I could just be misremembering, but there's an old pic of this four-armed bug(?) girl tied down with two people digging little back-scratcher things into all four of her underarms. I've been looking for this pic in every archive of FFs work that I can dig up but have never been able to find it again. at this point I'm wondering if I hallucinated it
>>7286 Could you be misremembering this by Sir Bombers?
>>7291 That's a good one (thanks), but it was in a black and white style, and she was laying on a bed.
(404.76 KB 1911x1573 ArrieBombers.jpg)

>>7292 not the pic but is this the four armed character in question?
>>7294 THAT'S the girl! At least, I'm pretty sure. This must have been like 8 years ago at this point.
(1.58 MB 1944x2592 IMG_20211128_223703.jpg)

Drew it the best I could remember. I remember there being an old thread with a creepy monster like woman being posted there. She had pale white skin, red hair and red around where her disfigured arms and legs is. I forgot the name of the character but I think there was a tickle pic or two of her. If anyone remembers the name of her may you tell me?
>>8122 My initial guess would be the witch from left 4 dead, but she doesn't quite match your description and I can't find the other tickle pic of hers I remember seeing
(31.90 KB 534x443 1316997543997.png)

>>8122 I now the pic you speak of, I drew it. sadly it may be long gone, I'll have to go digging but I don't have high hopes of finding it.
>>8132 her name is jessica, btw creepy statue by a russian artist who got waifu'd by /x/
>>8133 That's her! Thanks :D
Does anyone have an old pic from TickleFanatic? It's a Machoke being tickled by Haunters, thankss
(411.03 KB 900x900 1434325019985.png)

(464.10 KB 1117x737 frisbee.png)

>>8226 that thats not the one I drew
Source pls
https://www.deviantart.com/princecommissions I stg I remember this artist having a picture with girls from huniepop, did deviantart take it down or something?
Does anyone know the artist for this drawing?
>>9122 looks like this guy's work https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/62576917 its all loli shit, so be forewarned
Old pic on Deviantart I found- I dont remember the artist and I've been trying to find the pic for a long time now- might just be gone entirely but uh. Picture Description: Red Dragon character w/ white hair sleeping in bed / another red dragon character with darker hair licking their feet. Had some small story with it too- artist wasnt a fetish artist at all. But had a couple feet things between those characters. Lucky scavenger hunt to anyone who can find it!
>>10076 https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/7572.html#q7572 Literally go this thread. It's the same board
>>10076 Glad you like it, I did it a few weeks back for the tickling FJ thread :)
(348.32 KB 513x700 kuva_2022-01-01_234543.png)

Does anyone have the old Tats McCree picture where she is locked in stocks and tickle tortured for information by back scratchers on her soles as she screams she doesn't know? I recall that it was official pic but I could not find it from TMF or DA.
(190.17 KB 1280x920 Tats_Promo1.jpg)

>>10591 Did you mean this one?
There's this tickle pic of Ryuko I saw on Pixiv with her feet double-team tickled by brushes with hearts appearing above Ryuko. I don't remember the artist and I've been trying to find it for ages.
>>10606 I swear I know what you're talking about but I don't know the artist
Been looking for this picture for a while, i cannot find the original lower res version that made me go on the hunt, basically, its a furry with his feet infront of the camera, they're crossed i think, the boots are on the bottom left of the screen next to the soles, and theres a watermark in the very bottom, it's a red fox but the feet are black and pink, please someone help me find this, peice or the artist.
Forgot to specify the waternark is at the bottom right, the entire pic has a thin black border, i think he was wearing a camo type outfit, and his feet were on a table.
(521.42 KB 720x1280 78843095_p0.png)

>>10606 This one?
>>10595 Not that one, but thanks for it too. The picture I'm after had no visible ticklers (just tickle tools and sppech bubbles) and had her both feet locked in same stocks.
No clue if anyone will know what I'm talking about, but I remember this image of a girl with kind of a goth/punk style being tickled by a bunch of disembodied arms, with one of them coming up between her legs and flipping the bird to the viewer. It was in a distinctly Western style and I think the girl had a bellybutton piercing. It was posted on Deviantart for sure but it was from a non tickling artist so I've lost it.
(1.33 MB 848x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>10641 Is it this one?
>>10666 That's the one. Thank you anon.
>>10668 Welcome :)
>>10621 That's the one. Thanks anon
It's probably by a long shot but over a year ago I saw this art on twitter of a girl being tickled everywhere by disembodied hands while being suspended by a bunch of ropes. It was highly erotic but when I checked out the artist apparently he/she also draws guro art. The image was in black and white and I think the artist was Japanese.
hi, im looking for Zelda getting tickled in Stocks, it was a drawing by the artist Monokron, does anyone have it?
There's a picture I saw a while back of Ibuki and Sakura from Street Fighter. Ibuki was tickling Sakura while she's suspended upside down, with Sakura's body bound by ropes. Her tanuki Don was also tickling Sakura's belly button with a backscratcher. Does anyone have it saved? The person also made revenge art with Ibuki in a TickleAbuse-esque position if that makes it easier.
>>10926 You are an actual godsend, thanks so much. These pics were both my faves, especially the first one. Ibuki ninja trickery and cheekiness lends herself so well to these sorts of scenarios.
Does anyone know of a picture with Tails' feet about to be tickled in stocks with him trying to hide his feet from the hands? I saw it on Furaffinity ages ago, but it seems to have been deleted.
>>10936 Did you check e621
>>10950 I've checked. It isn't on there
>>10936 by twomario?
Anyone got a sauce?
(355.85 KB 1026x1500 suda page1.jpg)

(325.77 KB 1026x1500 suda page5.jpg)

(343.31 KB 1026x1500 suda page3.jpg)

(384.04 KB 1026x1500 suda page4.jpg)

(323.84 KB 1026x1500 suda page2.jpg)

Does anyone know the source of this comic? Its name? Or where I can find the rest of it?
>>11316 It's utterly tickling-free, but if you're a footfag it's good shit still. Go nuts fren https://nhentai.net/g/199924/
>>11316 Aoi Tiduru - Ashi ga Suki Nano? Do You Like Feet? https://nhentai.net/g/199924/
>>11296 Thanks anon
This picture used to be on deviantart. It was a ninetales tickling a vaporeon and another pokemon with her tails. There was a caption as well I think
Anybody got the dialogue version of this piece by Shadow-Aspect?
>>11895 When I saw the thumbnail I first thought you put a caption on this. I think the use of text boxes alongside their character profiles is nifty and spices up the piece. Thanks for finding this.
(5.08 MB 380x213 1641796312855 (1).gif)

Hi I recently found this gif on a Discord server, the original poster said he found it on an old 4chan thread but it didn't contained any info about the original autor or anything Does anybody knows the source or who was the original author? Thank you in advance
I once saw an animated machine tickle torture for one of the Fairy Tail girls that wasn't Lucy. It was someone with twin tails. I thought it was from Cesar3o0 but it isn't on his site at all. The person who showed it to me said that the audio came from the girl's actual voice actor, but I'm sure he was lying. The audio was really damn good and convincing though.
I am looking for a picture where Loz did made of a figure of asuka Langley from nge in a summer outfit
and if anyone could find it, I would be grateful
(262.59 KB 1080x1573 IMG_20220117_160411.jpg)

Anyone have the picture of this figure of asuka who lost one zero made? She was tied up by blue tape
Anyone remember a tickling comic with a group of girls who would go on adventures through bio-altered tickle animal dungeons? I only remember two of them, each themed differently. One avian, one aquatic. Artist seemed to have a thing for tickling with obscure animal parts, wattle, pleopods, etc.

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