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(2.54 MB 3550x1488 176.jpg)

(765.24 KB 1804x1006 84.jpeg)

Captions After Dark (aka the loli tickle caption containment thread) Anonymous 04/23/2022 (Sat) 00:35:01 Id: 8e4a19 No. 19983
Fun for all ages!~
>>19983 We already have a loli tread, but I take it
(5.38 MB 6250x4093 192.png)

(7.13 MB 5550x3508 125.png)

(2.20 MB 2600x1490 130.png)

(6.40 MB 3470x1980 166.png)

(1.00 MB 1950x1000 183.jpg)

Man, when you put these all together like this, it does kinda seem like I might just maybe have a problem maybe, doesn't it? Anyways, don't think about that, let's inaugurate the thread instead! I can't think of a better way of doing it than subjecting an adorable little girl to an unusually cruel and evil tickle punishment until her cute face transforms into the visage of ticklish suffering and anguish incarnate, for nothing else than our sick amusement, and for far longer than it could possibly be in good fun! As such, picrelated (plus a bunch of stuff I have saved nobody has posted yet). Also, if you care about form at all, remember to post any requests involving lolis here instead of the captions thread proper, so anybody can just hide this thread and pretend sick freaks like us don't exist if they so desire. Any requests made there involving lolis I happen to take I'll post here too, so keep an eye out over here if you're interested! Don't be surprised if the thread happens to be slow as snail though. >>19959 Your loli of choice had the honor of being the first of many to be sacrificed in the altar of degeneracy, good sir. I pray it finds you well. Also, nice choice of a pic, Wendy's adorable and super fun to abuse, and this artist is fantastic at making tickling look both cute and utterly unbearable and intense, which is the only proper way to treat a loli if you ask me. Absolutely loved to work of this (it kinda shows in the word count, kek, sorry about that).
>>20198 Great to see you here Tri, I can't wait to see what doom awaits so many poor loli's~
>>19986 I wish someone continues the penni's series, it was really good
(2.85 MB 2344x3000 Jan_7th.png)

Violet getting her shield broken by having feathers drilled between her sensitive toes caption
Adeleine about to be tickled by Ribbon
>>20311 Seconding this hard
>>20311 Thirding this just as hard
I humbly request a caption for these Gabi pics. They're the only tickle content I've found for her and she deserves to get tickle bullied for life
>>20368 Seconding. This brat deserves it.
Ougi Oshino tickling Shinobu Oshino caption
(3.03 MB 3000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20588 Use the one with that has the missing tendril also colored in. But I agree this is a legend tier suggestion
>>20588 Thirding this
>>20588 Make the cute vamp squeal
>>20588 fourthing this
Jack the Ripper from FGO, someone please punish this loli
>>20789 Yes please, especially since she's canonically been tickled.
>>20791 I need the source for this
Anya Forger
>>21087 So cute. Need this captioned
dropping these off here
Rika Furude from Higurashi: When they Cry, concidering she's always targeted by an evil organization the entire series the story basically writes itself
This is a good material for a long history
>>21147 Source for the first one?
>>21087 The way she's bent here sort of makes me uncomfortable ngl.
Ib remake came out last month. Could be neat to see someonetake a crack at one for Ib.
>>21158 Artist?
(1.35 MB 3000x2344 Sothis vs Viridi.jpg)

well this thread died, but I will just post this
>>22882 Well, the issue was that it was just one or two Anon's doing the writing. Tri and Precipi. And on top of that some people were bitching in a different thread about writers vs artists and I'm sure that scared off some writer that would've otherwise given it a try.
i posted this in the other caption thread not realizing we had a loli thread (lol) either one (or both ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) will work character is lillie from pokemon
>>22892 I miss Tri
(1.33 MB 1500x1941 831334150.jpg)

I think this has great potential as an anticipation to tickling
>>20640 I took a crack at this.
>>22882 Here you go, I had a bit of fun with this one.
(203.69 KB 718x720 back-by-unpopular-demand.mp4)

Hey. Guess who hasn't found their way to Guantanamo for their literal loligagging and uncouth treatment of the youths just yet? I'll take two reqs specifically for loli captions over here. Now, what younglings shall we have our fun with today, anon?
>>24303 The Messiah has returned I'm just going to uhh... leave this here >>20368
>>24303 Praise be to the Devil, Tri has returned! No doubt keeping his many tickle captives occupied whilst we pondered on his whereabouts. Humbly requesting this one from the colour thread.
>>24303 I'd put forth this >>24309 and the alice pic up here >>21099
(820.06 KB 2480x3508 FPL11gGUcAIMymO.jpg)

(1.28 MB 2480x3508 FPL11gFVUAcT6tL.jpg)

(7.24 MB 4096x3449 Nanako Rise.png)

>>24303 Welcome back. Dunno if your doing first come first serve but I'll throw these images in because the situations are pretty unique.
>>24303 Welcome back wondering if you could do this >>21087 or this >>20311 >>24215 >>24168 and thank you to the person who made these, I love them
>>24315 Whoops forgot to mention names 1st image set Miyu Kasumizawa from blue archive 2nd image Rise Kujikawa (left) and Nanako Dojima from persona 4
>>24303 Suppose I should give you names for the pic(s) i requested, so Gabi Braun and Pieck Finger from Attack on Titan
>>24316 1st image is Anya Forger from Spy X Family 2nd image is Violet Parr from The Incredibles
(1.04 MB 3901x4096 FRrl8lwaIAE--My.jpg)

>>24303 Oh shit, the legend has come back!
Gabi Braun would be great
>>24316 You’re welcome. They were simple yet fun.
It appears I have been called upon again.
>>24309 sauce plz?
curious to see what an 11/10 would look like from Tri 🤔
(894.62 KB 1200x1145 99511101_p0_master1200.jpg)

(891.28 KB 954x1200 99511101_p1_master1200.jpg)

(1.21 MB 1280x1950 196.jpg)

>>24305 Got you a thing boss, let me know what you think! I had to take a page from Mr. Precipitickles' book here and cook up a long boi, because the proportions of this pic were just unwieldy, going with my usual set up would've resulted in a comically wide pic. If you prefer a pdf for future reads, do let me know too, I'll get one going. >>24309 >The Messiah has returned >Praise be to the Devil Kek. Wonderful pic, btw, saw it in the colouring thread, was hoping to do something with it, will be coming at some point in the future. Also, check this lad: >>24390 And let me ask you... should I use this one to show him? Also, for the rest: Thank you kindly for the warm welcome! I'm not currently expanding the stock of requests slots, so the second and last pic for the time being will be that Mabel one, but there's so much good stuff in the thread, you can be sure I'll get to some of these other ones in the future. Just be aware, I'm taking it slow overall, and this thread's already way slower than the main captions thread, so patience will be of the essence. That'll be all gents, toodles!
>>24506 Holy hell, that was incredible Amazing job as always, you never disappoint. And the format doesn't matter since your godly writing is just too good
>>24506 Yo good stuff from you Tri. Gabi was a little shit and deserves this and more. Alot more. Glad to have you back as well.
(121.01 KB 1052x744 FX2vyoHUIAA4uCG.jpg)

(89.59 KB 1052x744 FXc2dtaUsAA_02E.jpg)

(143.28 KB 1052x744 FX3stVYVQAAn4C6.jpg)

(167.85 KB 1052x744 FXsbygbUIAIsCtQ.jpg)

(138.22 KB 1052x744 FXg-HcNUEAAA8Rl.jpg)

Shota captions anyone?
Rory Mercury being tickled by Itami From Gate
Made an edit for this and figured I'd throw it to the wolves here, I *might* make a caption to go along with it but it's free grabs otherwise I mean, what's some overwhelming, helpless tickle torture *without* some deliciously enchancing forced ticklegasms? ;3 (included the og too)
(5.06 MB 6250x4000 199.png)

Man, I should really not be writing about cute little girls when I'm going through a mean streak, right? There's no way it's good for the soul. It's good for a fap though, I'll tell ya. Anyways, spice ahead! Enjoy it in moderation, give your favorite loli plenty of headpats and cuddles as reparations for the enjoyment we get out of the suffering of their kind, and steady yourself for more in the future, anon. >>24309 Job's done bossman. How ya like it? Still love the pic btw, hope I did it justice. Western 'lolis' of sorts are really nice for a change too. >>24508 Ay, you're too nice anon! The pleasure's all mine, real happy you got a kick out of it. >>24512 Yo! Absolutely man, glad you'll have me. And Gabi getting absolutely demolished through intense tickling isn't only cathartic for me, huh? Perfect, lol. >>25241 A loli pokemon? Now that's just inspired, hehe.
>>25425 Awesome work as always Tri! Cute girls belong in tickle hell~
>>25425 >>25241 Hey, if the shoe fits,,, ;) Nice work on this one, by the way. >>25425 knows what's up- the cutest ones *always* deserve it the meanest
*meant to mark >>25428 there oops
>>25425 Requester here. Epic stuff. Thanks a bunch! Goes against the laws of humanity and into the tickle sin-bin for all the right reasons. And hey, if you ever need any particular western 'lolis' thrown your way just ask.
Not sure if Captions are still a thing but it this would be my request if it ever got picked up again
(1.04 MB 1070x724 75102946_p0.png)

Ilya from Fate Kaleid
Surprised these were never put here.
Takagi seems like the type of dominant lee that would tease you into giving her the tickling she secretly craves~
>>26664 Decided to give this one a go after a sudden flash of inspiration. I incorporated a few of Gura’s quotes on stream to make this feel feel more like a fitting, albeit cruel twist of fate for her. I also threw in a unique tickling device to add a little extra irony to her fate. Hope you enjoy.
(401.62 KB 1100x1100 1656441580467.png)

>>28290 Lol I didn't think I'd get my request taken, I like how you referenced it with things Gura has said relating to feet and tickling in her streams, very good job friend!
>>28312 Thanks, I’m glad the poster of the idea loves it so much, and thank you for the smug li’l chibi Gura as well. I originally passed this idea up a month ago because I had zero ideas on what to do with it. Then yesterday while half-asleep and half-awake my mind wandered to one of Tri’s captions, the one with the Au Ra and the infinite tickling spell. And then I realized I could structure this in a similar way by using Gura’s quotes to make her fate seem even more fitting. Glad that paid off.:) Also for everybody else reading I left the captor’s gender intentionally vague so that anyone can self-insert into tickling the sharkie.
>>20789 Can anyone do a Jack the Ripper Caption?
>>27213 Ever since seeing that episode where she teases her ticklish armpits I've wanted to see a scenario where Takagi ends up NTRing Nishikata with a guy who is willing to tickle her.
(1.36 MB 1436x1200 unknown (60).png)

Cub version of Shishiro Botan
(5.20 MB 3569x3514 Anya 2.PNG)

(2.49 MB 2208x2214 Anya 4.PNG)

And the thread is dead again, might as well post this and ask for a caption
(456.17 KB Violet Caption.pdf)

>>29780 Hot damn this is good! You taking anymore requests rn?
>>29780 The twist at the end of this is both horribly cruel and wickedly delightful. Bravo.

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