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(757.57 KB 1024x619 image_2021-09-30_064457.png)

BadCrab Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 10:46:08 Id: 53da5a No. 2022
Love him or hate him, you gotta appreciate a tickle artist who specializes in willing lees
He is definitely one of artists of all time.
Love the art, hate the dialogue.
Aight, well here it is, the fetish smut that started world war 3. As an outsider looking in, you people are hilarious. As for my thoughts on the actual piece itself, the dialogue isn't that good but I can still appreciate it despite that. It's not worth ripping out each other's throats over. We all enjoy strange stuff here let's just try to get along.
(1.41 MB 3500x2150 3.jpg)

(1.47 MB 1280x971 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.85 MB 1245x930 ClipboardImage.png)

So who has the cringiest dialogue: Badcrab, Reati, or Prince Charles?
>>2200 Bad crab = Retali > power gap > tight gap > prince charles.
>>2200 Prince Charles just pays for the same thing over, and over, and over again
>>2200 >>2246 I wonder how much money Charles has that he can afford to commission literally every single fetish artist on the internet to do the same exact drawing. Like is he rich, or does he live in squalor surrounded by prints of the same three Disney women? I find the man fascinating lol
>>2631 I always find it curious how some people are consistent about their peculiar fetish haha Not tickling related but other guy that comes to mind is this one dude who is always commissioning porn of spider man with Fire Emblem(especially Lucina) and RWBY girls, it's like Spiderman is his self insert... also pretty much every person with a OC based on themselves, like this man that ruins perfect scenarios of some Fate girls servants with his ugly ass tickling them like he's their master
>>2640 >also pretty much every person with a OC based on themselves Azu-chan tho
>>2644 She's a cute anime girl in real life though, so that's unfair.
(135.83 KB 896x504 are you sure.png)

>>2655 >girl
There are no girls with a tickling fetish, all girls think you're creeps, weirdos, and babies for getting off to tickling.
>>2657 Man, SassySnake really fucked you guys up, huh.
>>2657 there are plenty, they just get scared into keeping a low profile by all the horny spergs constantly begging them for foot pics and RPs
>>2657 I can tell you from experience that you are incorrect., I have met them.
>>2658 Context on sassysnake? It's been years since I have last heard of him/her.
>>2662 SassySnake was a lady with a snake OC who loved tickling and was beloved for her remarkable art skills. Then it was revealed Sassy was a persona for a male artist who went on to become QuintonQuill, who continued to be beloved for his remarkable art skills, but now less people wanted to fuck him.
>>2656 Was it confirmed that azu is a dude?
>>2664 As stated before, all tickling fetish artists are dudes. All real girls think tickling fetish is cringe and childish.
>>2678 There some Tumblr artists who are into and confirmed girls. They’re not models or anything but they’re girls.
(497.29 KB 722x800 image_2021-10-08_010543.png)

>>2678 Can't tell if this is a troll or not
(2.07 MB 2126x2138 86314477_p0.png)

>>2680 >>2681 Sorry but you must be mistaken, girls want a real man who gets off to rough sex, not silly kids stuff.
>>2660 This and most of them prefer to be the dominant one rather than the victim.
>>2685 stop asking people about the alf cartoon tickling scene, you sperg
Wtf is happening
>>2683 Imagine taking the bait when it's this flagrant lmao
Post badcrab stuff if ya have it

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