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(1.15 MB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(610.47 KB 900x635 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.91 MB 1600x1131 ClipboardImage.png)

Tickle/Marry/Kill Thread Anonymous 04/28/2022 (Thu) 16:41:39 Id: d5d47f No. 20350
Bringing it back from the old board baby! You have a set of three (and oftentimes more) characters, and you have to decide which one you want to: -Tickle: Have a single no-holds-barred tickle session with them, no safeword, just a passionate night of loud non-stop laughter and bodies glistening with sweat contorting in hysterical hilarity where you can be as nice or mean as you want. -Marry: Keep around in whatever capacity you see fit, maybe as an unwilling tickle slave to torture whenever you feel like it, or perhaps as a loving wife/husband that either shares your fetish or lets you indulge in it out of love, you name it. -Kill: Throw into a dimension of eternal tickle torture taken straight out of the cheesiest fetish scenarios, it can be literal hell, some kind of research facility, whatever, but either way, they will know no mercy and spend the rest of their lives (or eternity) in perpetual ticklish agony. You get to visit and watch whenever you want to, of course. And that's it! If the characters presented are more than 3, you can still only choose 3, so do so wisely. Feel free to explain the logic behind each of your decisions and any details you'd like to add to the way you'd tickle them, or what your relationship would be like if you 'married' them, or what kind of hell awaits them in their ticklish doom if you choose to 'kill' them, since that's half the fun. And also, go ahead and throw in your own set of characters for others to decide! Alright, without further ado, here's the first challenge: The girls from MHA Class 1A, T/M/K?
(236.48 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)

(617.67 KB 942x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

And right from the get go, another set: The girls that got us into this mess in the first place: Fujiko, Zulpon (yes, that is her name) or Zoey, T/M/K?
>>20350 Set 1: Marry Tsuyu and fluff her large feet with feathers. The occasional wake up tickle would also be fun. Tickle Momo by strapping her into a tickle chair with cartoonish rubber gloves. Kill Jiro with a tickle research facility that specializes in experimental methods to sensitize body parts. Having a set of automated scrubbers that fine tuned to a certain type of music would also be fun. Set 2: Marry Mina and prepare for tickle fights day in and out. Tickle Toru whether she’s clothed or not and your fingers or tools all over her inviso body. Kill Uraraka and take her to a planet with an alien race that wants nothing more than to tickle her silly. Maybe they even have pods to keep her alive forever. >>20351 Marry Zoe and give her tummy a good feathering day after day, tying her down on the couch, bed, or wherever suits you. Tickle Zulpon with an army of tickle hungry, fuzzy fantasy creatures. Kill Fujiko. Exact same scenario as in the pic, but endless and with a more thorough exploration of every inch of her body. I suppose I’ll through my own hat in the ring as well with three Street Fighter girls. Makoto, Ibuki, or Elena, T/M/K?
(624.78 KB 874x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.33 MB 1200x849 ClipboardImage.png)

(969.82 KB 786x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20350 Amazing concept, let's see. I'll take the 6 characters as 2 groups of 3, and I'll group them by rows of the first picture. First of all, pedo-aside, not the actual girls, but their eventually adult versions, don't fuck me up. First group: -Tickle: Jiro -Marry: Momo -Kill: Tsuyu There's something in the personality of Jiro that makes it hot to tickle her idk. Tsuyu is waifu, I'll cry this death, but Momo is waifu and rich. Also her all demeanor of a ojou-sama is gold. Second group: -Tickle: Toru -Marry: Ochako -Kill: Mina Cheese as fuck, but Uraraka isn't that bad tbh. Also, Mina is ok-ish at best, I won't cry. Don't tell me it would be hot to tickle (and more) an invisible tied woman, come on. I'll suggest these three, giving a try to a bigger audience to revive this game. Standard all-time blondies.
(819.89 KB 1000x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.05 MB 987x1818 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.22 MB 918x1816 ClipboardImage.png)

(741.19 KB 1000x1418 ClipboardImage.png)

(865.05 KB 1000x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20350 First Set: Tickle Tsuyu: She's cute and probably has big feet, would be fun to tickle for a good session! Marry Momo: The idea of being able to make her create a tickle tool and then tickle her on the spot that did is just too fun for a one-time session! Kill Jiro: She's my favorite, but god do I want her to ticklishly suffer all around her body! Second Set: Tickle Toru: An invisible lee is cute for one session imo, but it would be a great one! Marry Mina: The tickle fights and that adorable pink skin is just perfect for marrying! I need her for sure! Kill Uraraka: I just want her to suffer ticklishly, for the exact same reasons as Jiro! >>20351 Tickle Zuplon: Haven't seen the anime she's in, but I think a lickle session with her would be so fun! Marry Zoey: Her tummy deserves tickles forever by my hand. Enough said! Kill Fujiko: I just wanna see her strapped to that table and tickled forever, as she should be! >>20377 Tickle Ibuki: She's just really cute, and I would love to interrogate her for all her secrets! Marry Elena: She's just so fun and I think she'd be a perfect switch! No way am I not marrying her! Kill Makoto: I just think it'd be fitting for her to be sent to tickle hell. >>21101 Tickle Peach: I would love to make the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom squeal at my hands all over her ticklish body! Marry Samus: I mean it's fucking Samus. No way am I not marrying Samus and tickling her forever. Kill Zelda: She's so cute, but she's also perfect for eternal tickle torture. So, to the eternal tickle torture she goes. Now for my own: T/M/K between the FE Avatar Ladies: Robin, Corrin, and Byleth! You can also replace them with the male version is you prefer them over the female ones, and you can add an extra in Kris and decide where she goes!
>>21101 I'm retarded and didn't read properly to what OP wrote and assumed it was your typical Sex/Marry/Kill but with tickling instead of sex. But nah, then it would be like who to tickle once, who to tickle everyday (or occasionally) and who let to be tickled forever by others, but at the end it would be more or less the same. Makes it easier imo. I'll stick to my retardness for the sake of challenge, so I'll have to live with the fact that whom I decide to kill won't get any tickling. Sad. So for the FE women: >>21126 Fuck, a hard one. But let's go with: >Tickle: Corrin I agree with all the people who say that she just loves it. Fantasy aside, she probably would have fun. Tickle her would also be fun. I'm a foot-tickling chad, but we have to accept that regardless of what their Supports say in game, someone who goes all the time barefoot won't be ticklish on her feet. We have to accept it bros, it would be like that. But it's not the end of the world either. The body isn't just feet. >Marry: Robin Even tho I chose and prefer her adult version, I would still marry her. So cute and wholesome. Minor tickling here and there can be enough. >Kill: Byleth Even if tickling her would be hot and fun as hell, and marrying her would also be excellent , sadly I had to choose. I hope she find Sothis in the afterlife. I don't have another round of characters atm, maybe I could find something later
(723.05 KB 663x1054 ClipboardImage.png)

(589.55 KB 728x979 ClipboardImage.png)

(473.62 KB 640x696 ClipboardImage.png)

As the other anon mentioned, I'll consider every character's adult version, since I'm not into lolis and stuff like that. >>20350 Tickle: Toru - It would be interesting to tickle an invisible girl. Marry: Uraraka - Once married, we could have tickle fights/sessions any time we want. Kill: Momo - I just want to see her laugh for eternity. >>21101 Tickle: Peach - I'm not too invested in Mario games, so I'd just have fun with her for a night. Marry: Samus - She has a lot of similarities with Darkness from Konosuba, that's enough reason for me to marry her and tickle her / get tickled by her whenever I want. Kill: Zelda - I'd just like to see her get relentlessly tormented, preferably gagged. I don't really know why, it's just what came to my mind first. Finally, I'd like to throw in some characters as well, I'm eager to see your answers. Hori Kyouko from Horimiya Ichigo from Darling in the FranXX Hayasaka Ai from Kaguya-Sama Love is War
(84.46 KB 571x905 Djeeta.jpg)

(133.58 KB 536x779 Katalina.jpg)

(280.93 KB 800x1347 Yuel.jpg)

I do think it would be more appropriate to call it Tickle/Marry/Doom but it still works. A little bit of Granblue for you since the series needs some love. From left to right: Djeeta Katalina Yuel
(823.68 KB 1200x869 ClipboardImage.png)

(422.99 KB 1200x686 ClipboardImage.png)

(674.81 KB 848x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Even if I don't know the characters, I'll give it a try based on the pictures. >>21145 Tickle: Ichigo Marry: Hori Kyouko Kill: Hayasaka Ai Well, she seems fun to tickle and also her name reminds me of Bleach and marrying Ichigo would be gay. One tickling won't matter. Simping for blondes just for being blonde is also gay, so I'll kill her and marry the other. >>21146 Tickle: Djeeta Marry: Katalina Kill: Yuel Katalina seems my type ngl. Also, Djeeta seems ticklish and fun to tickle. Yuel goes barefoot, ew. So, as I said in >>21131 I'll add the followings. No idea what normies like or even know, so I'll try with these 3 and see. Alex (black hair), Sam (red-head) and Clover (blonde) from Totally Spies. I think they all are canonically ticklish, so have fun with them.
(1.42 MB 1866x1042 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21131 Actually, Corrin is canonically ticklish on her feet. Also, if Byleth found Sothis in the afterlife, it'd be in tickle hell as well...though honestly that might just be a double win-
(245.12 KB 568x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(642.55 KB 1437x890 ClipboardImage.png)

(144.71 KB 414x324 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21126 I'll answer these under the assumption that I will be administering the tickling or at least take part instead of just condemning them to their fate; Tickle: Byleth since I think she could use the laugh and unwind a bit, no one would question a few laughs in the middle of the night in the monastery. Or perhaps a massage session during tea time. Marry: Robin ironically decided this to be tickle unrelated as I just find her design really cool, who's to say there aren't any hot steamy tickle sessions in private Kill: Corrin, welp I've never actually played her games but her design screams 'look at my feet' and I will happily oblige and watch her be tickled for eternity (even though I don't think I've seen a corrin tickle art I actually enjoy yet) >>21145 Tickle:Ichigo here cause I have nowhere else to put her, I did watch some of the show but never really an affinity towards the character Marry: Hayasaca, honestly if you hadn't put her here i would have married hori instead. But I feel theres a gem to be found and something satisfying once you get to know her and break through her gal and maid personalities and find her real attitude (which canonically is like kaguya's) and tickle her then Kill: Hori, oh sweet sweet hori, She is a masochist and I am all for it, slap on the straightjacket and into the tickle machine she goes. I enjoy it, She enjoys it (in time), we all enjoy it. I'll keep the last 3 short Tickle: alex for fun Marry: clover (yes I do like blondes how did you know) Kill: Nerd girl tickle hell period As for my set of submissions; Rin from Fate Misaka from Index/Railgun Erina from Shokugeki no Soma yes I like tsunderes how did you know
>>21101 Tickle Peach by sneaking into her castle and giving her a feathery wake up. Marry Samus and get into daily tickle fights with her. Kill Zelda and have her get tickled forever by the Gerudo. >>21126 Tickle Robin, but it would be one tickly curse with feathers and shadowy tendrils running all over her body. Marry Corrin and give the barefoot dragon girl the constant tickling she deserves. Kill Byleth and Rhea (and Sothis too) by sending them to another realm or even having them get kidnapped by mermaids while at the beach, becoming their tickle slaves. >>21178 No shame in loving tsunderes anon. Anyways, Tickle Misaka by sending her into a research facility facility for the day under the guise of studying how her esper power works. Marry Rin and perhaps wind up in a huge tickle version of the Holy Grail War where you and your significant ticklish other get to compete against each other. Kill Erina. I don’t know much about her but perhaps a trip shady tickle school where she’s tied down in different positions and tickled by malicious sorority girls would do.
(1.88 MB 1920x1345 ClipboardImage.png)

(286.73 KB 500x700 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21146 Don't know anything about these girls but I'll give it a shot based on looks: Tickle Djeeta: She looks like the right combination of badass and adorable that would be an absolute blast to push to the point she breaks and completely loses it. Marry Katalina: I'll take an armored beauty any day. I'd like for her to be a secret kinkster that gets hopelessly turned on by being tickle dommed in the bedroom and can't ever get enough of being forced to beg for mercy under ticklish duress. Kill Yuel: She's revealing so much skin, kinda asking for it. Throw her in the pit of endless ticklish suffering and have her regret her decision to tempt us ticklefags with all those exposed spots. >>21153 Easy-peasy: Tickle Clover: Bubbly personality that would make for great company for a long session that ends with her reduced to unintelligible pleas for mercy and cute giggles coming from a brain turned to mush by the intense sensations. Marry Alex: Need tomboy. Helplessly ticklish and a horribly embarrased that she's a big squealer and falls apart completely mere minutes in, but let's me indulge my fetish out of love and enjoying the kinky attention. Sam: Fuck would it be fun to see her tickled to the limit and then some, just breaking the analytical side of hers and seeing her stuck at the height of ticklish suffering forever in the hands of some shady organization. >>21178 >I will be administering the tickling or at least take part instead of just condemning them to their fate >effectively end up with two tickle slaves under your care This move should be illegal. My own contribution: the keions. I'll also throw in their teacher in case anyone wants to do the 2 sets of 3 thing, or you can just pick your favorites. From left to right: Ritsu, Mio, Yui, Azusa, Mugi and Sawako-sensei.
>>21153 >Marrying a girl would be gay
(6.07 MB 3840x2160 evangelion rei.png)

(423.17 KB 1586x1432 evangelion asuka rei.jpg)

Let's go with some classics >>20350 -Tickle: Jiro, she's cute -Marry: Momo, she's perfect -Kill: does Toga count? She's not in the pics you posted but I don't really think any other of them deserves it tbh. But if she doesn't count then I'd say Uraraka because I might as well pick the one who deserves it less and enjoy being evil. >>20377 -Tickle: Makoto, I just love to see a tomboy lose it -Marry: Ibuki, the cutest of the bunch -Kill: Helena, probably the hottest and fits quite well in a tickle hell scenario imo >>21101 -Tickle: Peach, I don't really care for her so she can go after one night. -Marry: Samus, I just love her so much. She'd be better suited for a tickle hell scenario, but I love her. -Kill: Zelda, although it sort of depends on which version. Twilight Princess? Hell yeah. Skyward and BotW? They're probably better in a marry scenario, but sorry, that spot's already taken and they're too good to pass after just one night
(61.46 KB 728x1456 rebecca-chambers.jpg)

(894.34 KB 770x1577 Jill.png)

(1.57 MB 1184x3121 Claire.png)

I will drop some Resident Evil heroines in the thread. What will happen to Rebecca Chambers, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield? >>21219 Two sets of keions? Don't mind if I do! Tickle Yui: She is a bubbly airhead and would probably be lot of fun for both playful and torturous single tickle session. Marry Mio: My definite choice for a personal tickle toy. I'm certain her tits would be terribly sensitive. Kill Ritsu: Just imagining an energetic tomboy like that screaming in laughter in eternal tickle torture gives me all kinds of feelings! Preferably something like fleshy tendrils kneading on her skinny ribs and sides forever. Tickle Azusa: I'm just not especially attracted to either her body type or personality, so she will get off relatively easy. Just a singly excruciatingly torturous tickling session. Marry Sawako: She has that combination of proper appearances and a wild side that I would really like to see coming out in long, drawn out tickling sessions, and enjoy seeing her formal professionalism turning into anger, which would then turn into terror. Kill Mugi: I already got a perfect fate thought out for her, such yuri fan should get all the skinship she needs from a group of gorgeous succubi, but unfortunately for Mugi their attention would be of ticklish kind, and their lust for her laughter and begging would be endless.
(281.74 KB 850x1039 0111lillie.jpg)

(199.06 KB 850x944 0111may.jpg)

(923.44 KB 800x1150 0111dawn.png)

>>20350 >Tickle: Momo I could probably get her to produce something to increase her sensitivity and drive her even crazier. It would be a fun night but I think the novelty would wear off over time so once should be good enough. >Marry: Jiro She's the cutest one and I'd love to torture her every day. >Kill: Ochako Sending her to an eternity of being tickle while floating endlessly and completely deprived of her sense of up from down sounds like a fun thing to occasionally look at and jerk off to. >>20351 >Tickle: Zulpon I think I could get what I want out of her in one night. Plus her laugh is kind of annoying. >Marry: Zoe I had a crush on her as a kid and I always wanted to see her feet get tickled. She gets exhausted in the anime after a bit so I don't think she'd be a good fit for endless and a single session probably wouldn't last long enough for my liking. >Kill: Fujiko Watching her suffer from endless tickling sounds like it would be pretty fun. Slap her onto a table like in the movies. >>21101 >Tickle: Peach She's hot but the other two are way too good to pass up for the other options. >Marry: Samus Insanely hot and would probably be the most fun to interact with over a long period of time. I'm sure she gets sweaty in the suit too so I would love to smell her feet fresh out as well. >Kill: Zelda I don't think I could ever get tired of the sight of her getting the shit tickled out of her by any means really. A bunch of Gerudo doing it sounds hot though. >>21126 >Tickle: Corrin Idk shit about her but her feet are sexy and I wanna get my hands on them personally. >Marry: Robin Ez wife material. >Byleth Nothing personal but she gets stuck with this. Can't think of anything too creative since idk her much either. >>21153 >Tickle: Clover Hot as fuck gotta get my hands on her personally. >Marry: Sam My fave growing up. >Kill: Alex Sorry you're stuck with this one. Put her in a facility for it, I'm sure they have one at the HQ or whatever. >>21248 >Tickle: Rei She doesn't really seem like she'd be a fun time more than once so this will do. >Marry: Misato Only real option tbh. I'd love to fuck this woman. >Kill: Asuka She's already suffering forever I might as well get something out of it. I'm sure NERV has something that could work to tickle her forever. Here are some Pokégirls. Lillie/May/Dawn
I'd like to nominate every single namefag on the board+any and all mods for a round of tickle/marry/kill, thank you. >>21248 Tickle Misato: Too hot to pass up. I'd break her and start her down the road of becoming a total tickle slut that's as obsessed with getting fucked up with tickles as she was with sex in her youth. Marry Shinji: You read me right. No, I don't care he's not supposed to be a part of this. Have him find his place in the world as a tickle slave that gets more love and understanding than he bargained for in the form of intense tickle torture and milking sessions that leave his mind numb with pleasure and ticklish suffering. Kill Asuka: Break the brat. Hook her up to some NERV machine and destroy her psyche worse than Arael by way of endless tickle torture that reduces her to a cackling maniac that can't even stop laughing long enough to beg or apologize. Spare Rei... She won the coin toss.
(870.67 KB 1001x751 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21356 >Marry Shinji: You read me right. No, I don't care he's not supposed to be a part of this. Have him find his place in the world as a tickle slave that gets more love and understanding than he bargained for in the form of intense tickle torture and milking sessions that leave his mind numb with pleasure and ticklish suffering. Based as fuck.
(735.34 KB 858x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1008.72 KB 1184x850 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.01 MB 1200x978 ClipboardImage.png)

No idea who you normies know, so I would go with Persona 5 ladies. Sadayo Kawakami (black hair) Tae Takemi (blue short hair) Sae Niijima (gray long hair) Have fun.
>>21101 Marry Samus. Seems like the natural choice. Big ticklish feet are gonna do it for me every time. And after a long day fighting space pirates, a girl's gotta let loose. Tickle Zelda. Doesn't matter which Zelda, they'd all be a joy to spend a loooong night exploring. Kill Peach. You've been playing hard to get too long. These are the just results. Enjoy a loooong stay in tickle hell. Mario's never coming to this castle I'm afraid. >>21126 Marry Robin. Robin is already my unabashed waifu so this was a no-brainer. We have a long and happy life of mutually enjoyed tickle torture ahead. Tickle Byleth. Time to see if Dorothea was right. Does Byleth have a ticklish weakness after all? I would love to take the time to find out. Kill Corrin. Come on, she deserves it. Look at her. That outfit is begging for it. I feel no guilt whatsoever about sentencing her dragon feet to an eternity of ticklish torment. >>21248 Marry Asuka. Tsunderes do it for me man. Night after night, slowly teasing my way through all that tsun until she admits she's having fun too. Tickle Rei. Tbh I don't feel strongly about her. But a night with her could be fun. Kill Misato. Teasing seductresses get sentenced to tickle hell, that's just how it is. >>21794 Marry Sae. The prosecutie is too good for one night. I need her as my ticklish companion hereafter. A woman who's so used to being in control all the time needs to let loose and let someone else take control. She'd get into it I am sure. Tickle Tae. A night in with the doctor seems like fun. A very long "physical." Kill Sadayo. A woman who thirsts so openly for high schoolers is really deserving of punishment. Off to the eternal tickle torture realm with you!
(4.40 MB 3100x2064 ClipboardImage.png)

how about this classic trio? I was pretty surprised to see Sakura doesn't have nearly as many pics as the other two. >Marry Saber, I just love to see the proud king of knights lose her mask and turn into the innocent little girl she is. >Tickle Sakura, she's suffered enough, but she's a horrible person and needs some atonement. Although, considering how starved she is for love and how kinky she is, she'd probably enjoy it. >Kill Rin, she deserves it for how she treated Sakura, and for being a selfish, arrogant, snotty nosed brat. Now, to reply to someone else... >>21794 Marry Sae, she needs to apologize for being a bitch in the interrogation room, but she deserves some love, too. And I just happen to love seeing confident, strong women being tickled into submission. Tickle Kawakami, she could use some stress relief and she looks like she'd enjoy it. She'd never admit it, but we'll see to that. Kill Takemi, she needs to be put down a peg or two. Let's see if she still calls people her guinea pigs while she enjoys tickle hell. >>21328 Marry Dawn, she's a good girl, she'd be fun to tease constantly. Tickle Lillie, I don't really know her since I haven't played her games, but she's Lusamine's daughter, right? Then I guess she needs some very vanilla, wholesome tickling to compensate for the lack of maternal love. Kill May, I still haven't forgiven for wall blocking me in Emerald as a kid. Off to tickle hell you go. >>21252 Marry Jill, I want to see the super tough nemesis-slayer cry and beg. Also, she's the hottest of the bunch. Tickle Claire, I don't think she's an interesting victim, but I guess it'd be fun to see her in a scenario where Sherry tickles her. Kill Rebecca? I don't think she deserves it particularly (Jill was probably the most interesting to see in this scenario) but I guess she got the sharp end of the stick. No Ada, though? She'd have been perfect for tickle hell. >>21248 FInally, since I forgot, I'm gonna reply to my own post Marry Asuka, I'd never get tired of tickling such a fiery girl into submission. Tickle Misato, she has to give up her dignity and admit she loves it like the sex-addicted slut she is. Kill Rei, maybe that'll get her to show some emotion for once.
>>22233 Easy money baby: Marry Saber: My dear waif, coulnd't have it any other way. I'll take her as a loving wife that absolutely can't handle how much tickling makes her lose control, but lets me indulge my fetish out of a combination of love and being way too stubborn to ever admit the proud King of Knights of legends is too much of a ticklish little girl to take it, except for all the times I tickle her into saying it out loud. She eventually grows into enjoying the thrill of being tickle dommed (although would die before ever admitting it), and specially, the one of getting back at me. Tickle Sakura: The least interesting of the three imo, but it'd be hot to see how that lascivious side of her personality takes being abused by way of merciless tickle torture. Kill Rin: Perfect target for ticklish doom type bad endings. Tickle the smugness and superiority complex out of the brat with relentless torture, being broken into submissive tickle slaves is the right fate (heh) for all tsun-tsuns. There's that one bad ending in the VN where she gets captured and tortured forever by Sakura inside the shadow, so my ideal is pretty much just that, except with tickles. Here's another classic: useless goddess vs useless crusader vs useless explosion loli, TMK?
(3.09 MB 3600x3000 Core Have No Mercy.png)

(2.45 MB 3000x4000 Weak and Sensitive Humans.png)

(3.35 MB 3800x3000 I Know Your Weak Point.png)

Tickle marry kill, Marcy Wu, Sasha Waybright or Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia: >Marry Marcy: keep her around as an adorable tickle slave to atone for her mistakes by suffering the terrible fate of squeals and out of control giggles galore. Also, she's autistic, so you know she's like twice as likely to turn out to just totally be a ticklefag. >Tickle Anne: Are you going to miss out on the chance of tickling a god into submission? Didn't think so. Plus her VA is adorable. >Kill Sasha: Bitch had it coming. Let's see how that controlling side of hers likes being reduced to someone else's ticklish plaything for all eternity. Plus she's hot, so there's that benefit too. How about you anon, green nerd, red bully or blue dumbass? Also, bless Symb for making pretty much the only decent art of these three.

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