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Artists you hate 3: Dante's Awakening Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 18:13:18 Id: cd233c No. 21267
Ridicule spergs once more. btw Kusujinn can't draw faces
>>21267 Every single installment to the series has been a consistent downgrade. What a waste of artistic talent.
The golden age of him is far gone, for me ne reached his peak around the 6th Fetish Palace, then idk he lost it
>>21279 >>21301 To play lucifers avocado a second, He's still dropping gems once in awhile, I really like this one.
wHAt iS tHe dEaL wItH nItRoPuNk aRtS? wHy dO tHeY hAvE sO mAnY vArIaNtS? wHy aRe tHeY dO tHeY tRy tO gEt EvRYoNe wHo sPeAkS aBoUt tHeM bAnNeD? wHaT tHe fUcK iS tHiS?
>>21308 Nitropunk is just a fat troon pretending to talk Japanese and fails at being subversive on every level. I will however still fap to his Jaiden porn that i won’t pay for Fuck troons, but especially this one
>>21308 The thread about him got deleted right? I think that does kinda prove he has friends here
>>21310 Let them come. It only proves our point
(1.00 MB 220x196 noexit-elgenerico.gif)

>>21311 >>21310 this isn't gonna be like when we found out chesh was the mod of the last place right?
>>21310 Are you just the same person who won't shut up about your thread being merged (not deleted, merged)?
he only draws feet, total lost cause
>>21314 Yes, there's a troll here who's trying to stir shit up using nitropunk because life got too boring ever since lapis left
>>21317 Na he still here I was arguing wit him like a 3 or 4 weeks ago
>>21319 Then he was a troll, because I left this tread, is full of pedo stuff and toxic people
Is this what complete insanity looks like?
>>21309 well don't just say that, hook us up
>>21315 Rent free
>>21314 nah, I barely post here mostly lurk. But I did notice that 2 days ago iirc in the morning there was a thread about nitropunk and the whole chizuu stuff and it was deleted. Can't get a sense for what actually happened, I know chizuu rebranded to megami-phantasy on DA but she hasn't posted anything, that whole situation does seem a bit weird to me with how they just nuked everything
(179.30 KB 750x354 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21314 >thread being merged (not deleted, merged) >>21339 >there was a thread about nitropunk and the whole chizuu stuff and it was deleted >that whole situation does seem a bit weird to me with how they just nuked everything >thread being merged (not deleted, merged) Boy, you are slow >>21076
(637.14 KB 534x700 1607196475622.gif)

>>21335 come on anon, let the man enjoy himself, it's not some fucking smurf story tier insanity and he managed to mesh the image well, also he's not that bad looking, if only balding really.
>>21310 Nitro doesn't have any friends though.
>>21308 This guy blows That being said anyone have his REAL early stuff?
>>21344 every artist has simps, anon
Does anybody remember Jenna, a DA-based artist from Belarus? She was around circa 2013 for a couple months and then disappeared. Her art style was suspiciously similar to Nitro's.
I wish Baronstrap still made tickling content
(78.14 KB 480x323 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21459 So that you fags can spam his videos and how much you love the hecking consenterino and aftercarino of X character willingly putting themselves through an edging machine? Baronstrap was garbage, he peaked at the 2B video and even then he has no idea how the fucking human body moves without looking utterly retarded
>>21472 >2b >Human body Based retard
OP of the other thread here, sorry guys i didn't see this one... I deleted it already. feel free to use this picture for the next one!
>>21485 Give it up, sperg. This is like the 6th time you've tried this. You're obsessed.
whatever you say nitrofag
>>21472 idk, I think the Jill one was fuckin great
>>21491 The Tifa and Jinx ones were good, not sure about the others.
(6.72 MB 600x338 arcade.gif)

>>21472 >>21491 >>21493 The Tracer/DVa arcade gamer torture device was pretty hot, even if the actual tickling came across as more seizure-like than "tickling".
>>21494 the mouth tickling was incredibly based and so underdone
>>21494 Tbh this one didn't really interest me as much. The only bs animation that I liked was the akali/jinx one. The voice acting in that one pushed every single one of my buttons
>>21335 Yeah that one is extremely weird, I dunno
>>21335 Konnichiwa, senpai Please notice me I watch Asian cartoons I'm a weeaboo I live in my mom's house I'm like 32 I collect swords and throwing stars 'Cause I'm a weeaboo Sticks and stones may break my bones But I will always be one step ahead of you Because I read the manga (You're such a fucking pleb, are you even even Japanese bro?) I haven't showered in like 16 weeks All my friends and peers are ashamed of me 'Cause all of a sudden I think I'm Japanese Yes, I'm a weeaboo Yes, I'm a weeaboo Yes, I'm a weeaboo Yes, I'm a weeaboo A filthy weeaboo (Naruto's so overrated) A dirty weeaboo (You wanna see my katana collection?) A fucking weeaboo (I'm learning Japanese on Rosetta Stone) A disgusting weeaboo (So I'm like basically Japanese now) I live at my computer desk And argue with teenagers on the internet About atheism And how Japan is superior to other countries I learned a bit of Japanese So now I'm qualified to be a part of their community So I made my avatar a kawaii waifu Yes, I'm a weeaboo (Uh duh, everybody wears kimonos) Yes, I'm a weeaboo (Ninjas are still real, okay?) Yes, I'm a weeaboo (Uh, k-konnichiwa) Yes, I'm a weeaboo (Yeah, domo arigato) A filthy weeaboo A dirty weeaboo A fucking weeaboo A disgusting weeaboo
>>21508 off topic retard
>>21335 God I miss when Pawfeather actually drew PAWS and not these forgettable pastel girls. All of the roleplaying is really weird too.
>>21532 This. When was the last time he drew anything even remotely paw/scalie related?
>>21532 >>21533 We're losing all the niche artists bros, it just doesn't pay the bills I guess.
>>21528 mods will erase posts talking shit about screampunk but won't erase actual spam ffs >>21532 didn't he base raspberry off his wife or something right before she basically asked him to stop touching her ever again? might be some cope while he goes through the divorce process >>21538 do you think anyone actually pays him for that raspberry bs? sure it's popular with that one random fat guy who shops her in pictures but is anyone actually saying like "omg i HAVE to pay for his Patreon i absolutely LOVE raspberry and her pastel pals"? >>21472 i hate these people so damn much. and these people almost always draw noncon shit like DiD or kidnapping or clearly unwilling tickling, but then turn around and say "ummm it's actually consenting they agreed to kidnap each other several days ago". it reminds me of that "disguised predator" stonetoss comic, they are trying so hard to seem appealing to everyone they can without realizing it makes them sound really suspicious. if you see a McDonald's ad that says "we definitely don't put asbestos in our burgers!!" you'd be kind of suspicious. why is this person telling people randomly? "hey guys I'm definitely not a rapist btw" like no, i think you are actually. >>21459 what does he even make now? i haven't kept up with him. still so sad he didn't do a DVa video... who's left in the tickling animation community? knilsfm/tklsfm? Cesar? fuck them both. also just to let anyone know, don't commission them. i commissioned Knil about 1.5 years ago and never got anything more than a "preview" of what i asked for, where a camera just panned around the room with the victims tied up and i never got the actual tickling. I wanted to commission cesar but the average animation will cost you near 200$ for 30 seconds. the man charges you 15$ per feather and 20$ per tool if you want anything else. if the video is longer than 20 seconds or so, it's like 20$ more per 10 seconds. (aka just looping) and god forbid you want audio that's another 20$ fee on top of the base that's like 90$. i could literally pay astereffect for 200$ and get gold.
>>21557 Knilsfm/tklsfm is a fucking joke. Ever since Patreon basically atomized all their Russian patreon users, he moved over to boostly. This wouldn't itself be bad when you don't consider the fact that he decided to put his work under a 4000 ruble paywall. For reference this is $60 USD. What a scam. In terms of animation community, the almighty Elektratouch seems to have some nice projects coming up soon. A couple others that I sort of follow are Knismotik and ElectricChimera.
>>21582 Sad that knismo sucks and chimera is like dead basically. Knismo just gives previews to like all his work and then never comes back, and leaves on retarded long hiatuses. At least chimera makes quality finished work, except is on indefinite hiatus for some reason. A shame too, I wanted to see chimeras cynthia vid or knismos dva vid
>>21582 i love Electra touch but they never do an actual tickle torture video, it's always cutsey couple uwu shit. i don't hate them at all, the guy is super talented and his animation is probably the highest quality the tickling community has ever had and will have, including baronshit, i just wish he would do an actual 5~ minute long actual tickling animation, in stocks or a table or whatever, instead of "omg they're so cute together look at my wholesome adorable Pixar expressions!!" but that's just my preference though. >>21582 luckily for us the idiot uploads everything to google drive, if he puts the Link up top, you can usually copy it manually from the preview into a browser and get to see it for free. or just ask anyone to share the Google drive link.
>>21584 I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the person who can't see the difference between merging and deleting is blind
>>21557 A lot of the time when you see people saying "btw it's actually consensual" it's them trying to cover their own ass so they don't get banned. That's exactly what happened with Patreon.
You guys are pretty overly dramatic. I wish Baron made more tickling-focused stuff a la the 2B one, but most of his recent works have pretty good tickling bits in them. The Supergirl one is great in how she reacts (although I suppose that's also a big merit of the VA).
>>21595 >merit of the VA You have never heard someone being tickled, ever
>>21595 The VAs were dogshit.
>>21586 ok nitro, you can go back to grooming children now
>>21606 tbf most tickling videos have very obviously fake laughter anyway
(2.78 MB 800x8711 ClipboardImage.png)

(18.20 KB 100x100 ClipboardImage.png)

>>21647 i was on board until the slicing what the actual fuck
>>21652 This is one of his least gory ones, this girl (Probably a guy) openly says that they fantasizes about cannibalism of feet
>>21652 I didn't read the replies and immediately read through the comic until I got to the slice part. Holy shit, absolutely nuke that comic. What a terrible day to have eyes
>>21654 That comic isn't even that bad compared to what else they have
>>21647 Y'know it's funny... most choices thus far have been just minor incontinence or petty bitching. This is the first legit "yeah fuck this guy" I've seen.
>>21656 sorry, meant "Inconvenience" stupid spellcheck.
>>21656 >groomers, pedophiles, shitty people all around, scammers mentioned in this & the last thread >someone posts a guy with a different fetish GUYS FUCK THIS GUY SO HARD!!! THIS GUY TRULY NEEDS TO GET FUCKED!!! like yeah its really off putting and kinda fucked up, but if its just a drawn fantasy and they arent actually trying to be the next armin meiwes or whatever i dont really see how it affects anyone here. if anything this would be a minor inconvenience and petty bitching.
>>21668 >This guy needs to get fucked! Oh, you offering there buttercup? ;)
>>21669 meant to quote you, sorry. but yes come on down to my place and we can have hot tickle sex
>>21668 They literally fantasize about eating people's feet
>>21702 nigga and Loli fans fantasize about fucking little kids but we still let them have a thread. not saying it's not completely weird and disgusting, just saying i don't really see the fuss about hating it that much
>>21704 I never said i hated the guy, only that he is weird af
(154.74 KB 1000x1000 76e.jpg)

>>21668 >you WILL sperg about Nitro as much as me!
>>21733 Go home, Nitro...
>>21733 no one mentioned nitro though....
Listen you fuckers i dont have a friend I AM the friend i own this board and i own all of you now if you talk shit about me again im IP banning and doxxing all of you fuckers you want to help me go to my subscribe star and pay you fucking MAPphobes and transphobes https://subscribestar.adult/nitropunkarts
(40.48 KB 405x720 03d.jpeg)

Nitro-sama of the 10 trillion variants...I kneel...
>>21759 being this unfunny should be grounds for public execution
(391.37 KB 1348x3009 WhyTheFuckYouLyin.png)

>>21747 you, specifically, did. barely two days ago.
>>21774 >no one mentioned nitro in that post >BUT YOU DID!! YOU MENTIONED HIS NAME 2 DAYS AGO ON A TOTALLY UNRELATED CONVERSATION! take your lithium already schizo
(464.63 KB 3200x2400 autismboy.jpg)

>>21779 >"nobody mentioend Nitro!" >literally mentioned Nitro >"s-SCHIZO!"
>>21780 this is what nitrofags have devolved into ladies and gentlemen.
>>21787 in fairness, if you didn't like it maybe someone shouldn't have spent the past week and a half demanding everyone discuss nitro
>>21789 i mean you're the one defending a pedophile so idk how superior you think you sound right now
>>21801 but to be clear you now realize you did, in fact, mention nitro...
>>21759 1. Poe's Law my beloved 2. I'm amazed by how you specifically bring out the full spectrum of shit opinions on /tkr/ 3. sexual attraction to minors is bad actually in that kids are too dumb for consent and a relationship between one and an adult is inherently predatory
(861.90 KB 1327x1043 1633805821255.png)

>>21807 That's not Nitro though.
>>21803 >you did, in fact, mention nitro sure.. 2 (now 3) days ago in a totally different conversation in a totally different context that had nothing to do with the current topic, but sure. i wonder, if your friend told you 3 days ago he's going to the store to buy milk, and then today he tells you he's free to come over and have gay tickle sex with you, do you say "umm didnt you mention you were going to buy milk???" or do you understand that completely different conversations that happen 3 days ago are not related to conversations that happen today? listen, if you heard pedophile or groomer and immediately thought of nitro, well thats just on you bud. must be for a reason i guess. >>21807 im sorry anon, your intentions are pure but thats not nitro...
so what's the quick rundown on Phillis?
>>21267 I did not much care for ZP92 latest stuff, but then I made the idiotic mistake of following him (them?) on Twitter and boy, DO I hate him now... He tries so hard to be funny/edgy and repeatedly delivers mostly unimaginative pseudo pin ups... And he used to be so creative
>>21878 Agreed. He's over-opinionated with more shit takes than good ones. He has a good selection of characters but barely draws them, let alone draws tickle stuff much anymore. Doesn't also help I'm not a fan of the exaggerated proportions he gives to many of his characters with tiny heads and gigantic asses and breasts.
>>21876 She originally came from Tumblr and spent most of her time there being a total cunt to everyone.
>>21814 >hey if you just pointed out I literally demanded a personal army and then tried to pretend I didn't and threw a temper tantrum when nobody acquiesced that ain't my fault good one faggot
(4.84 MB 960x540 Megan_Stocks_Angle3.gif)

>>21584 >i just wish he would do an actual 5~ minute long actual tickling animation, in stocks or a table or whatever The most of that he's done is this, but he is working on a full body scene.
Why do all the good artists have to disappear off the face of the planet?
>>21904 Most of them are still around but on Patreon so you have to pay to see their stuff.
>>21884 Lmao she still spends most of her time being a Cunt to people, but everyone still clings to her cuz MuH fEmAle TiCkLe ArTiSt. Just goes to show that you can have a rock bottom shitty personality and still have loads of followers.
>>21931 this post was typed by tranny hands
>>21647 Man you guys flipped out about this guy, but I see pictures like this fresh out of the kitchen (heh) every now and then on pixiv. For some reason it's always chinese artists, must be a cultural thing. I have mostly grown desensitized to it but it still makes me cringe a bit.
>>21938 life is pretty cheap over there so it makes sense
(1.67 MB 900x991 1650389434238.png)

>>21936 ??? Even though phyllis was some twitter drama that garnered a lot of tranny hate, I don't see the correlation (including that previously posted tweet). She's got a server full of actual simps who GAVE HER THEIR ID CARDS for "security reasons" You actively have to doxx yourself if you want to be in the same server as this retard
>>21947 >She's got a server full of actual simps who GAVE HER THEIR ID CARDS for "security reasons" Most tickle servers instruct you to do this now
(8.36 KB 211x193 lego.jpg)

>>21951 no they don't. I'm in like six major ones and none of them do this.
>>21951 they don't, i'm in three and they don't ask you for that, that's actually weird; if they asked you for only your birth date and to show it in your ID that'd be fine, but this is fucking dangerous
>>21970 >>21972 The NEST one does, some other TMF affiliated one does, that one "Toad" from Tumblr ran did at one point, etc etc I don't know how they work in terms of the ones that only revolve around one artist (i.e. Baron Strap doesn't make you etc) but nearly every "community" one I've looked at made you do it, so I've never actually stayed in them. It's bizarre and asking for disaster, but it's far from unheard of as far as I've seen and I can't believe neither of you have ran into it before
>a literal real life event/convention that needs to make sure a 14 year old girl doesn't show up to a convention full of 30+ men walking around with permanent boners >a bunch of TMG boomers probably making a list of underage users to dm later >a literal Tumblr user that probably has a hard time saying the word tickle out loud color me shocked I'm in like 5 of the biggest tickling "communities" as you call them on discord and not one asks for your ID, and besides that I'm like 8 artist specific discords and none of them ask either. maybe you should join some servers that aren't absolute shit? just a thought.
>>21990 why are you so pissed off? I had seen other ones do it before and said as much. Do you think I'm trying to get one over on you or some shit? Calm the fuck down, all I said was I said it around before.
>>22010 you seem to be the only one pissed off here, friend, try toning down the projection next time
The only kinds of posts 90% of /tkr/ users know how to make: "Anyone got this?" "Can someone update ___ on kemono plz?" "Can someone color/caption/translate this for me?" "Nitropunk, what's his deal? Something fishy is going on with this guy, and the mods on this board. recap of what's happened >someone requests videos of chiizu on the tickling video thread >someone who claims to know chiizu says to please not share them since she was groomed into making them by nitropunk/screampunk >nitropunk comes in the thread and starts ranting about how he has never done anything, but in the rant accidentally admits that he did have to groom/push her to make at least one video she didn't want to make >someone else tells nitro to shut up because they know it was true since he tried to groom them when they were underage >"chiizu" (aka nitro changing his name) comes in the thread and says "hey guys nitro did nothing wrong i wasn't groomed :))) please buy the videos" >no one buys it >nitro deleted all his "chiizu" posts >suddenly every single post speaking bad about nitro is deleted by mods >the ones defending nitro and sceenshots of "chiizu" saying they werent groomed stay up >people keep trying to post screenshots of what nitro said or talk about it so people don't post videos of someone who didn't want to make them in the first place >all posts are immediately deleted by mods, except the ones defending nitro yeah, something fishy is going on here for real. does nitro have a mod friend? Also he's known to try to DMCA/report threads that talk badly about him, but if he hasn't done anything why would he be that desperate to hide the fact that he groomed chiizu? shit ain't adding up. if this thread goes down, then we know for a fact nitro has friends in the mods here, since there are like 3 other artist discussion/hate threads that have been up for months with no issue."
>>21936 Actually not lmao. I just have general distaste for her flavor of fetish artist. I wouldn't mind being a tranny though. it would spice things up around here at least. >>21947 It wasn't ID cards when I was over on that part of town. Just selfies and some stupid ass word in Swedish written on a piece of paper. I guess its just paranoia on Phyllis' part. She's pissed off enough people to score a few death threats. Then again, this was at least a year ago. I wouldn't put it past her to ramp up the security theatre given her current reputation. >>21951 No they don't lmao, you're just salty that all of the server owners/admin chuds think you're sus.
>>22070 You're STILL trying this? Give it up you obsessed fucking sperg, no one gives a shit about your retarded conspiracy theories.
>>22078 Dude has a vendetta against nitro I guess... I KNOW, LET'S FUCK UP THIS THREAD EVEN FURTHER!!! I'm willing to bet five crisp smackaroos and a chewed up piece of 5 gum that this is Chiizu typing this up tryna get the guy cancelled. just something to chew on.
>>22070 Bro please for the love of god understand that people can post on an anonymous image board saying "I'm X guys trust me" and be LYING Please understand that people can LIE TO YOU and not take every single word someone says at face value
>>22078 >>22086 you guys are pants on head retarded aren't you? an instant gut reaction to jump to nitros defense lol. he's quoting/making fun the post you retards
(56.40 KB 805x449 1vyhe4.jpg)

>>22117 >>22118 "Please! I NEED that to be the case! PLEASE!" Fuck off, take your pills.
>>22119 look at the quotation marks, if only you had anything above a 3rd grade reading comprehension level/you weren't nitro though i am glad this got the discussion going again lol
>>22118 >you guys are pants on head retarded aren't you? thats my line
>>21335 Nigga looks like Louis CK
This is more of a personal preference but as much as I LOVE Redscripts art style and when he does straight up tickling art its friggin masterful but I can't friggin stand the extreme foot stink and toejam/cheese stuff he does which seems to have slowly become the majority. It honestly turns my stomach and makes me want to vomit.
>>22191 oh hey same disgust. i complained about this exact thing in the last thread lmao Permanent scenarios are great and Lynn is a fantastic vehicle for plunging people into eternal tickle hells but fucking hell is going through his gallery like navigating a minefield.
>>22191 >>22192 I'm not a fan of the foot stink stuff either, but I can still deal with it. On the other hand, the toe cheese content, especially the parts with someone eating it, just fucking kills me.
>>22191 same, i like the normal foot stink and tickling stuff but the toejam and crustry feet shit is just gross.
>>22191 Those feet don't need tickles, they need to be examined by an oncologist or some shit because if they don't get treated they're gonna end up being amputated with those unhealthy lookin tumors.
>>22191 do we know if its redscript drawing that shit cause he wants to, or is it some commissioner who asks for the same shit every time like that guy who keeps commissioning kandenrem for blue dress tifa?
>>22269 Shit that was one fucking commissioner? I swear people that like Tifa Tickles have the most basic taste ever. The oversaturation of that one particular person in fetish art kind of ruined her whole character for me
>>22280 yeah it was one commissioner, got him to bite on DA too. Hes not very nice to say the least.
I'm pretty sure the Tifa guy used to post on half /d/, if it's the one I'm thinking of. Pretty unpleasant dude.
previously on HL sperg outs: HL stretches out a weird guy asking for free art into a week+ long issue to gain sympathy and play the victim instead of blocking/ignoring him on today's episode of HL can't stop making everything about themselves: HL publicly makes fun of a literal autistic person in order to get back pats and play the victim tune in next week to find out what new and embarassing lows HL will go to in order to play the victim and get sympathy points
>>22319 > So stop this now before you find yourself Blocked. Just block him and move on, damnit. Any self respecting sap would've done that instead of trying to milk as much drama from it as humanly possible. I find it hypocritical that she, an 'autistic enby' herself, has to go to twitter just to make fun of a dude with autism. Guess the disability card is only allowed to be used by people with clout. At this point, nothing surprises me. HL could get sent to prison for murder and her twitter followers would still defend her with even more convoluted BS along the lines of "WeLl AcKsHulLlY, hE dEsErVeD it". Did anyone call her out on her shitty behavior over there, or is it still on big fap to anyma circlejerk?
>>22319 To be fair, that shit is cringe as fuck. >>22320 To be less fair, this post is correct and she really needs to block them and be done with it rather than wallow in the mud with them just to call attention to how hard life is for her.
>>22320 it's a big circlejerk. a bunch of RPers apologizing on that guys behalf and saying like "omg I'm so sorry you had to go through that :( not all RPers are like that guy"
>>22321 to be fair, a lot of retardes do that in deviantart actually: starting roleplay in tickle pics
>>22319 Not that I disagree with you, but considering the nature of this thread I don't think we're in a position to take the moral high ground.
>>22352 youre right, but on the other hand we dont act like we do have the moral high ground like HL does. nor do we make posts about ourselves for back pats and dick sucks
This guy is really anoying, he have a alt account only to stalk his old 'friends', the ones blocked him because 'they don't give me a second chase, I changed, it was five years ago' and that shit
>>22495 Seen this guy before, wanted to RP then disappeared. Didn't think much of it. Details on Techdragon lore?
>>22521 Whoever buys tickling games on their public steam account are scary mfers I don't mess with
>>22522 I remember awhile back he sperged out about unikran in holdplacer's server, went on a long rant. Which was weird cause that server is dead as hell. was probably too much of a chickenshit to say anything in an actually active server that isn't owned by an inattentive schizo.
(2.59 MB 800x600 full.gif)

>>22522 All I remember from him is that he would unironically get mad from jokes and had a drumpf obsession Also he cosplayed Sans undertale once, it was awful
>>22524 You can set your game info to be private
>>22521 >Caroo I sleep
>>22522 sorry, my mistake. The person about I were talking was iletyoutickleme (yeah, that man), he post that picture to cry because 'all of his old friends abandoned me, and don't give a second chase'. He has an alt account called 'coochieboi', where he stalks any user who has blocked him
This is just a general complaint about some RPers on DA. I have two DA accounts. The one i'm active on, and the one I RP with. Though I do RP on my active account as well, I have the genders swapped. It irks me that I get RP requests from the same account on both, but the person puts more effort into the other account. Like, dude, if you don't want to RP with me then fucking tell me instead of wasting my time building up and stopping like holy fuck. I'm tempted to call him out but honestly it's already weird as it is having two accounts for some autistic shit. That's my rant. Don't leave someone hanging when you're RPing or talking to them. Fucking tell them you've lost interest. Holy fuck.
>>22543 This. Fucking this. Especially when they're all interested and spend weeks building shit up just to ghost you.
>>22558 Kinks, characters, hell a fucking story and it goes up in smoke because the dude doesn't want to say "Hey, maybe you could do this." or "Hey, maybe this isn't going to work out" Meanwhile I'm replying much more like a tard on my other account and he's still going. So clearly it's the 'female' part that has him hard for it.
>>22543 This especially is annoying And when you ask them if they want to continue they reply a month later saying "Sorry was busy" meanwhile still replying to your other rp and others rps
>>22567 Precisely. Like I do genuinely understand that life outside of fap material RP exists. No shit. But have some decency to mention it. This is why I'm considering giving up on it entirely. It's either filled with people who can't string a sentence together coherently or people who who just ghost after starting strong.
>>22571 There is a dude who ghosts you then puts out a rp request daily, if you reply to him you probably won't get an awnser
>>22581 One person I will call out by name is Lonolio or whatever his name is. Fuck that dude. He gets mad when you call him out on his shit.
lol why dont u niggas RP as someone with a likable personality LMOA
>>22606 Because they always ghost you
>>22596 The dude im talking about is Kyle1709 He will ghost you after starting strong
>>22606 Ebonics anon, the issue is that you barely talk to them after planning shit with them and then they ghost you.
>>22609 >>22614 wish u niggas was ghosts so I could bust u
>>22571 >This is why I'm considering giving up on it entirely. To add my 2 cents on this. Long time ago I got tired of trying, like trying to keep a long-term RP is impossible. Of course I have had contact with people I've RPed with for days, weeks, months and once even for a whole year. But not even in the latter case, the other person has the respect to tell you to fuck off, they just disappear one day with no warning, even if the last time you talked you both did a great talk/RP. So I don't bother to try forums anymore, or DA, or even Reddit, fuck that noise. Of course if something randomly happen, I'll take it, but I just don't put effort on it. What I do sometimes is still going to Omegle. No other website has worked for me tbh, everything is shit. Sham.chat worked a bit, but the page is down, and some people say to try Rolechat but I've not tried. If you have the time and patience, you could get to RP with a few retards in Omegle, sometimes an average human being and seldom someone decent. But that's it. Like you know what you're looking for (basically just kill some time when you're horny/bored with some hope of getting something not necessarily good) and you gamble to see if you get something or not.
>>22617 Oh, and to add to how/where to keep in touch. I never give socials. People sometimes ask for a Kik, but fuck off, I'm tired of downloading shit to my phone and create useless accounts I'll never use, for random bitches to never reply to you again anyway. What I do is making a room in Chatzy, use it for the moment (to prevent a random disconnect in Omegle) and maybe trying to keep contact there for a few days (as long as you remember/save the link to the room somewhere and keep coming back) if the other person wants to. Sometimes it has been lasted months. Discord could work too I guess, but I don't give my personal one and making one for this stuff keeps getting disabled for inactivity lol
>>22617 >>22618 That would be fine if you're RPing as yourself or something like that. But if you're trying to do some fandom or something those places are really all you have. Which sucks heavy balls.
(209.82 KB 304x324 Consider the following.png)

i genuinelly think this entire problem can be circunvented by just finding someone who has actual characters and investment in those same characters, and i'm being entirely honest here: why would you like to work for a character you have no investment in other than a sexual one? just find someone with an OC you like and try to do something that isn't purely fetish, something you may like besides that, even if the stories have fetish have that character go trough something, it's really that simple. and to be fair, you don't have to be into OCs, you can perfectly have your own AU with the characters you enjoy, but you have to find people who are willing to make that AU something more than a fetish pit, because once you get off of that sexual high there is nothing left beyond that, even worse is when the person doesn't know how to roleplay good but that's besides the point, basically, just find someone with some investment into what you're doing and that way you both can enjoy the pass time
>>22637 Its difficult to do that because even if you do they still sometimes ghost you
(40.12 KB 873x187 ClipboardImage.png)

DarkCrowStudio's artwork is meh tier, but their descriptions are the definition of weeb cancer Pic very related
>>22655 He’s a schizo. Not throwing shade or anything, but he’s obsessed with blue and cyan. (Just look at his commissions and notice the girls will ALWAYS have blue nails) Im worried he could be just very autistic irl. He’s always been very nice and overall harmless though, I wouldn’t hate him for this admittedly strange obsession
(1.07 MB 1418x765 Untitled.png)

I think this person may actually have some serious mental problems. They keep uploading the same batch of shitty revenge fiction over and over and over again, even though nobody care enough to look at it. 28 pages in their gallery of this stuff loaded over and over again.
>>22660 YES. This dude scares me. I really hope the girl in the middle is some celebrity and not someone he knows IRL.
>>22625 >That would be fine if you're RPing as yourself or something like that. Yeah, in Omegle people is usually not willing to play or let you play as a character, but 99% people suck anyway, you might be lucky (I've been)
>>22660 Dear God... I am now afraid. Curiosity led me to his page and man.... you weren't kidding. Four images uploaded again and again. If it ain't some kind of bot then it's a person with serious need of expert help...
(775.50 KB 1080x2400 Screenshot_20220605-190144.jpg)

Alert. Alert. We have gone full delusional. Only remedies are to touch grass.
does this guy bother anyone else ceaselessly? or is he just obsessed with me? he used to be called Wikihowguy9 or something, where he would just reupload pic related 80 times, then his account would ether get deleted or he would delete it (probably because he'd get blocked by so many people) then come back with a one number higher username so like wikihow10,11,12, etc. each time he would dm me this picture and pictures of female deodorant and ask me about this characters sweaty armpits. i think his last one was 17 until he decided he was no longer obsessed with her and then he switched to being obsessed with d.va from overwatch and he's been doing the same with different named alts and now DVa pictures. he's been doing this to me for literally the past 6 years and won't stop
>>22677 Just tell him to fuck off?
>>22674 Oh Yeah I saw this. I was on the toilet when I saw it and laughed so hard that I shat cleanly. Anyway I don't think that touching grass is the solution to this. I honestly thing this dude needs legit help.
>>22674 That's some dedication, but as usual, the japanese did it better. Still based tho. https://twitter.com/hatsukidashio/status/1385597083088945154
>>22677 YES. Jesus Christ this guy is a relentless creature, and would wait like years between spam messages. Telling me about the anniversary of me ghosting him from a new account. Actual mental patient. DA needs IP bans
>>22680 >lol just tell him to stop bro you've never met a truly dedicated sperg have you?
(25.14 KB 603x640 disgust.png)

>>22689 >Telling me about the anniversary of me ghosting him from a new account
>>22660 Yeah, this person has been at it for a while. Literally annoying asf when I can't scroll through my Deviantart tickle art searches due to 20ish Despoina posts by this fuckwit clogging up everything. Worst part is that this isn't even his first account, I remember blocking this guy multiple times in the past. Seems to make a new account as soon as enough people block his latest one.
>>22706 Agreed Also i hate how many people make tickle Fakes, they clog up so much, and some even put them behind a paywall
>>22660 have you guys read the story? it's fucking hilarious. you'd think if the guy was into it enough he'd write a new story at least but nope, he's been posting the same shitty fic about some Nigerian girls beating up the girl in the pic. can someone identify her even? is she some minor celebrity or YouTuber or something? i really hope she isn't the guys neighbor or classmate or something
(6.37 MB 2315x1637 ClipboardImage.png)

>>22191 He's also somehow gotten worse at drawing faces
(10.49 KB 251x240 1375092639655.jpg)

>>22734 I like desperate, exaggerated faces from severe tickle torture as much as the next guy but theres a limit godam
(230.51 KB 721x502 ClipboardImage.png)

>>22734 It's not completely his fault Check out his previous drawings with similar faces, they're all commissioned by the same guy who's been keeping the Patreon perk for himself since march 2021 Hes specifically asks for garbage ugly goofy expressions but the customer is king, and because the general dA audience and patreon paypigs are a bunch of cock suckers, they'll never tell redscript the vast majority of people think this is awful.
>>22736 If it's a specific person who wants to see it then I understand. There's a lot of dumb shit that gets me off in tickle art that I can only see if I specifically request it, because it's stuff only I want. So if this is a guy who wants to make sure he gets what he wants then I can't begrudge him. Also I kind of like it myself so I don't have a problem with it.
>>22682 Remember the time a dude posted plastic feet on DA for a tease or some shit? Flashbacks.
>>22734 Reaction image.jpeg. I'm stealing it.
>>22743 Come to think of it, this whole board is a mine of reaction images.
>>22706 Speaking of, a new account popped up. Alright, which one of you posted the response?
>>22734 still better than wtfeather
I would just post the same message over and over on da and usually he just blocks me outright. Guess he forgot. Just your average lurker here on 8chan that gets tired of seeing his revenge kink every few days.
>>22754 Honestly I can't even see either being better than the other, they're both equal parts hot garbage
>>22734 Holy fuck, that is nightmare fuel...that's enough to kill any boner in this community
>>22756 Nah man. meme face aside, that's one impressive gumline showcase and tongue. At first glance, I am convinced that the artist is at least capable of drawing more than three kinds of faces, and has the mental capacity to experiment with different shit if they wanted to. I can't say the same for the latter in the slightest.
>>22734 I don't like it, but it doesn't look that much worse than that anime where the ant eater licks that womans foot and she goes apeshit. It's a bad stylistic decision, but I can see why he went with it. Hope it's not a routine thing, though.
(6.30 MB 2315x1637 xinyan_fix.png)

>>22734 Collaborative effort from some friends and I to fix the clown face Hopefully this salvages some nuts for you
>>22773 You're not the only one who thought of that huh? Still mad it was taken out of the remake. Hope the sales of that puritan shit didn't go positive.
>>22774 Ooh, that's much better. Nice work!
>>22774 This could become a cottage industry. Fixing bad art.
>>22755 i just ask him who the fuck despoina is and i get blocked everytime, ez. doesnt help too much though, since he makes a new account nearly every week. so many questions. why does he post the same thing time and time again with no change? same story, same 4 girls and the girl in the middle, over and over and over again. i didnt know they had schizos in nigeria. they ship lithium pills over there?
>>22753 >Which one of you posted the response? Desponia, obviously. She's a slut.
He either block me or deactivated since I can't spam on his profile. I just posted the longest youtube comment from one of the lotuseater videos.
I hate FTKL Tons of models wasted on foot focus garbage.
(358.70 KB 445x667 image_2022-06-08_123638381.png)

>>22816 Bleach worthy material
>>22816 Sorry Golden Order, the Two Fingers are out, the Two Toes are in.
Mattmurderface/mini_m3/rockotickler7/ whatever else he's come up with. Nuff said.
>>22774 Holy shit wtf that is amazing. You've got talent sir
>>22816 I can understand that there might be a handful of people out there who are into WoW troll feet, but forcing that shit onto a human is just disgusting. Pic kinda related since this character’s supposed to have hooves.
>>22831 Her having those feet im fine with since its basically her actual feet but a human having them just looks so bad especially if its photoshopped
(324.19 KB 1015x787 A.png)

(359.78 KB 1015x787 B.png)

>>22849 I feel you.
>>22850 You. I like you. I probably could've done something similar to B myself, but the fact that you went through the trouble of doing both just because I bitched about it means a lot. Thanks.
>>22850 Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you, anon; I hate it when retards draw great art and ruin it with some crappy musk dialogue.
I don't hate the man but his art, he even has some very good tickle settings ideas like this one, but the faces are not very pleasing to look at, would love to see this exact same piece but done by another artist
ohhh so THATS why hes drawing those gook bitches so much. man is singlehandedly destroying his internet career by trying to get the attention of some internet female and drawing her 10000 times.
(268.73 KB 1920x1017 FUyuLVhVUAAtZfE.jfif)

Artists who abandon their drawing career to do shitty 3D garbage. Sharky and Alienshade are the worst offenders.
>>22880 Did they really have 'careers' to begin with? They're getting on now anon. Just let them do whatever. Always new artist filling the scene anyways.
>>22880 At least this has some life and energy to it, and that lalafell is cute. Is that supposed to be one of his OCs? Because I know the one with the purple hair is Kylie.
>>22880 Goes other way too. I liked the 3D images NDT2000 churned out in 00's and early 10's more than the 2D stuff he now seldomly does.
(770.65 KB 1200x2220 1(5).png)

(806.56 KB 1200x2220 1(4).png)

I really didn't want to do this. I actually like WTFeather's art (while agreeing with the complaints I still enjoyed his stuff.) and even commissioned him once for some private stuff, but this WIP of Yor....holy fuck man. Also don't bother going to Color Anon, once the colored pictures come out I'll drop them.
Caroo took out ads on e621 for his shit game
>>22894 I say we bootleg this motherfucker
(273.05 KB 1674x862 ClipboardImage.png)

This entitled cunt. Maybe you're losing patrons because your projects always get abandoned or take years for anything to happen. Maybe it's because the only interesting series of yours has had almost no tickling for a comic about being ticklish. Maybe it's because people have their own expensive gas prices.
>>21335 That’s not Pawfeather. Pawfeather is an Italian guy with black hair from Chicago. That’s some weirdo that commissioned him
>>22977 Ohh I was just came here to talk about that delusional fuck... With every new post I hate him a bit more, and I hate myself for having spent money on him at all, even if it was just at the beginning... That fucking "comic" of his has been going on for ages, and the last time someone mentioned the lack of tickling on a work that has the damn word in the title, he threw a bitch of a tantrum... Imbecile likes to take project after project, only for him to abandon them or just sideline them for yet another project, I'm honestly more surprised he still has patrons left And this is entirely a personal opinion, but his artstyle looks worse with every "comeback" of his
>>22978 Pawfeather is married, anyway unless she broke it off with him over all the foot mousepads
>>23015 If I remember, pawfeather started off uploading tickling videos of his wife on youtube, so shes probs got a foot/tickle fetish too...
>>23017 Some men have all the fucking luck…
(58.94 KB 776x174 ClipboardImage.png)

I get serious pedo vibes from this guy. He creeps me out.
>>23051 yes groomed at 13 too got banned so no screens but i told him my age i still get very horny and want to rape him irl im not being ironic i serusly need help
(12.43 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

>>23017 >>23019 his wife doesn't have a tickle fetish, he made a Twitter post a while ago basically saying that his wife made him stop touching her at all and that's when he started drawing raspberry like crazy.
>>23058 Wait are you serious?
(4.13 KB 343x147 source.jpg)

>>23058 >>23064 >inb4 no screencap or archive
(3.53 MB 2481x1754 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.79 MB 2481x1754 ClipboardImage.png)

It's the month of June Post life-changing cringe Pictured here is AnonBB, am I the only one who finds this style disgusting?
>>23107 Good art but very questionable taste. Also very much want to punish the (I think) OC, in the first pic for this, they're basically asking for it in that pose.
>>23069 He truly has gone off the deep end
Their gigantic ego doesn't match their junior high level art style that hasn't changed at all over the course of 15+ years.
>>23107 another artist that had so much potential and then got absolutely decimated by the circle of trannies influencing them (and their art) akin to pawfeather >>23108 ok anonbb we know its you, you can stop pretending now
>>23181 why does this thread always bring out the conspiracyanons?
>>23183 because no one in their right mind would think that that creature is in any way attractive much less want to tickle it. anonbb comes on here, its a known fact, and it wouldnt be too hard for them (you?) to pretend to be slightly critical of your own art while praising the abomination of a character design
>>23185 1. can't really prove this at the end of the day but I'm not anonbb and my thoughts were genuine. 2. is it really that shocking for someone to be enticed by a character in that pose drawn to be conventionally attractive?
>>23186 >conventionally attractive you can say you like it personally, but this is anything but conventionally attractive
>>23054 actuually thats a normal reaction for rape traumawanting to have sex with their abusers sodie used to talk with me when i was 15 ghosted me when i turned 18
>>23192 oh so this is why you post sodie every thread, youre just mad at being rejected?
You know we can see you samefagging right
>>23195 are you talking about me? if you are, then you really dont know what samefagging is do you? it's when someone replies to themselves pretending to be someone else, where im just replying to a bunch of people because this is the only interesting semi active thread on this board, which i will continue to do until the thread 404's or 8moe goes down
>>23194 >Angy >Defending an open secret pedp >Over explaining when called out lmao defensive much, screampunk? or are you Shinn this week?
>>23107 I like a few of their pieces, in particular the piece they did of Yelena.
>>23197 good bait, it warrants a nibble
(861.66 KB 320x176 yvDizS.gif)

>>23206 I mean like I've seen this exact same callout in an older incarnation of/tk/ over 3 years ago. If that shit still hasn't been taken care of, then you might not want to get too involved with the administration of where ever that is if you catch my drift.
>>23208 Sadly true. The mods on that site don't seem any different than the ones on DeviantArt: They'll fight tooth and nail for groomers, while fucking over everyone else.
>>23208 > post not found Where'd it go???
(379.35 KB 700x603 Vivian_Tickled.png)

(72.12 KB 759x603 FU035h4XEAAEBaD.jpg)

(254.29 KB 712x603 FUQnlldXEAE4QrA.png)

(61.40 KB 803x603 FVfirUtVIAMiO7i.jpg)

I wouldn't say I hate him cause if he wants to pay for this shit shit, it's fine, it's his money, but jesus fucking christ, how much money does this guy have? I've been seeing new commissions he gets of these characters like three or four times a week for like a month or two now, with no end in sight.
>>23425 i would say i hate him. no matter who i unfollow, block, hide, etc on twitter i still see his cancerous characters. im so fucking tired of them guys... he literally commissions anyone and everyone, there seriously hasnt been a single day i havent not seen them while scrolling through my twitter despite unfollowing anyone who retweets them. they are the cancer that is ruining tickling on twitter. god forbid youre on a random discord server with the guy. heed my warning, do NOT talk to him even ONCE. i did since he seemed normal enough, but then the guy would DM me every single pic he got and wouldnt stop even when i asked and in the end i had to block him
>>23434 Lol what? Sure this guy commissions a lot of his characters but to say they are the 'cancer that is ruining tickling on twitter' is fucking hilarious lol. Let the sperg have his art. I for one welcome our new Pronce Charles.
>>23449 prince Charles would get one commission every once in a while and he wasn't EVERYWHERE, plus he eventually cooled down with his Disney princess size 3 1/2 petite feet and now gets like one commission of his wife a month. (she is his only princess now) this guy gets like 10 commissions a week. as an artist who does commissions i can understand wanting the money so i don't blame the artists, but it's really annoying to see this shit fill up my twitter feed. maybe i exaggerated by saying it was like cancer but it feels like it sometimes tbh. i try to block people who retweet their art and them but I'll still get like 3 artists i follow drawing them a day. to be fair a follow a lot of artists but still. and they're always on the couch! what's so special about the couch? why are they ALWAYS on the fuckin couch?! have them be somewhere else PLEASE! is the couch his version of petite size 3 1/2 feet?
>>23468 >now gets like one commission of his wife a month. (she is his only princess now) Based and wholesome.
>>23425 >>23434 Never understood people who get big from reposting commission pieces yet don't have any creative merits of their own aside from creating like 3 or 4 characters. Deadass almost followed this guy very early on in his posts until I found out (relatively quickly) that none of the art he posted was his.
I don't hate countfire, in fact I really like his character designs and the little universe he created is rather cute and charming even if the dialogue comes across as unnatural. I just wish he would spend more time on his drawings because I feel like he plateaued on quality but he pumps out content like nonstop. Like I said I like most of his stuff but I wish he'd go beyond just flat coloring and poses.
>>23477 Countfire is one of those artists that FEELS like they have a lot of potential but just never really improve. they find a look and they stick with it indefinitely.
>>23477 Some people are just doomed to mediocrity.
(927.70 KB 919x919 A key for your troubles.png)

>>23477 i also like countfire, and what you say does make a lot of sense because you've seen him fall for a bunch of pitfalls, mainly in his art style, that at this point a lot of his drawings feel same-ish? the faces are always the same, the smiles drawn the same way, it's usually very similar posing in the context of the art, i just don't understand it; that and the fact that he doesn't even have smooth or predictive lining in his lineart so most of his lines remain strangely wobbly. i really don't think the guy's bad at all, he has a lot of potential, he still does, maybe he just needs a break to readjust and think about his priorities in a drawing, because he clearly doesn't live from his art much like myself, and i personally follow the advice of "i don't owe anything to my audience and my aduence doesn't owe me shit either", i do this for a hobby and i'm happy that people like what i do, so maybe he could take the same approach and work to improve his art that way, just measuring his time.
(3.92 MB 324x576 1649102961900.gif)

>>23487 >namefag >avatarfag We get it, you're you Less attention whoring more bitching
>>23520 (you)
>>23487 >>23523 no no, he has a point. the whole point of image boards is to be anonymous, namefagging is only supposed to be used for specific threads where it's relevant that people know you're the same person across multiple posts for things like telling a long story that hits the character limit or sharing multiple sets of pictures so no one else hijacks your posts pretending to be you. but what's the point of wanting to be known on an anonymous imageboard all the time? it's no coincidence that all namefags are incredibly annoying and constantly attention seeking (like lapis, proraindancer, and it's DQ), and that's because the only people who would namefag have such a big ego and crave attention so badly that they want people to KNOW it's them. they can't fathom the mere thought of any little insignificant picture or post being attributed to anyone else but themselves. they think what they have to say is so important that it has to be attributed to them. you're essentially walking into a room of people having conversations and yelling really loudly "HEY GUYS ITS ME ITS DQ YOU NEED TO KNOW IM HERE!!!", that's why people hate namefags. you feel the need to call attention to yourself despite being no one of any real note, not having anything interesting to say, and generally being a really annoying person.
Which is more annoying: namefags or the 20 different people who ironically namefag as lapis?
>>23527 namefags
(327.70 KB 605x348 pkhws571v8a21.png)

>>23527 Trick question: you wouldn't have ironic namefags without the obnoxious twitter/da fugees that are incapable of understanding that nobody gives a shit about who they are, what their shit 'art' looks like, or what their shit takes are.
>>23530 We wouldn't have ironic namefags if people read the posting guide and learned how to use tripcodes
>>23526 yeah, i understand what you're saying, it's basic chan culture, the reason why i've done it is because some people get really schitzophrenic in these kind of threads, and i'm just here to try and mitigate that, because between all the foaming autism there is a nugget of truth to what they say (or in some cases pure delusion), i've kept my name around in two different threads and if i'm being honest, sometimes i think of removing it, mainly when the IDs are about to change to go back to anonimity, and i've done so a couple times already, i just like giving my opinion on this thread and that's that. in a way i know the risk of namefagging because people will know i'm using this board and since it's anonymous and anyone can put my name on their posts they could make me look bad like whatever the fuck is going on with Lapis, but i personally just don't care, it's pretty glaringly obvious when someone tries to impersonate me and i just don't care because if in the end someone comes to confront me about it i can just be like "nah, that's just not me". what i'm trying to get at is, i personally do like namefagging sometimes depending on the context or where i do it, but i don't do it for attention, i think i explained in another thread that i already got "confronted" by someone i used to be friends with because some schizo came to foam out of the mouth in the previous board and her and her discord group was ready to jump at me to roast me or whatever, so i genuinelly do it in this situation to not have to deal with that kind of shit again.
can I just say i really dislike this shit for so many different reasons? >draw a regular male that looks like a male >call it girl >she's trans btw ;) >makes sure to focus and constantly call attention to "her" having a dick like dude, really? you can just say you're into feminine guys, or traps or whatever. what's the point of making a trans character if you're just going to draw a dude that looks like a dude jacking off his dick anyways? from another side, also i kind of feel like it's kind of insensitive tbh. I've got trans friends and i can guarantee you, calling attention to the genitals they don't identify with is the last thing they want to do. i would say it's just blatant fetishization of a serious issue some people have of not being able to identify with the body they were born with, but in the end he's just drawing a dude listening to sissy hypno so i don't even know at this point anyways fuck kimberco
>>23667 schizo rant ahead but reminder that AGP is real but not in the way Blanchard thought, it's way more sissy hypno shit like this than whatever schizo borderline astrology people like to throw around yeah yeah I know dysphoria and the worst parts vary case by case but I really doubt uwu throbbing girldick types and sissy hypno addicts are trutrans I can believe the John, 50 esque repression stories, the anons whining about a few millimeters of facial bones on /tttt/, or the overdramatic woe is me trutran radmed teens are all actually trans and need help to become the true selves they were robbed of due to some prenatal BS happening it's just sissy hypno weirdos, teenagers with 50 sets of pronouns, and anyone who sticks to uwu sad gays sounds shit over 18 who raises questions
(49.16 KB 1013x1080 Abigail Shapiro lulz.jpg)

>>23531 >tkr and any of it's 50 incarnations >understanding even the most basic aspects of imagesboards nearly a full decade after starting them
>>23668 anon i literally do not understand what youre trying to say, can you please use real words instead of made up words, terms, acronyms, and (im assuming) authors from your close circle community that no one outside of it would possibly know of?
>omg you guys they are DISCRIMINATING against foot fetishists! they call us CURSED!! lmao footfags want to be victims so bad
>>23783 this is "unironic gamers are the most oppressed minority"-tier victim conplex

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