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Undertale tickling 10/01/2021 (Fri) 17:56:38 Id: e3e852 No. 2140
Any tickling art from the game Undertale
(46.07 KB 500x492 1604288733935.jpg)

>>2140 no, fuck off, this is the only place i've been safe in where i don't have to hear about that shitting fucking game, please, have mercy.
>>2142 calm down nigga it's a tickle porn board, not your sacred cow. And theres nothing wrong with the game. Deltarunes been way better though.
(1.13 MB 1280x1143 unbridled rage.png)

>>2144 i despice the game, at first i hated it because people wouldn't shut the fuck up about it, but i grew a pair and tried to play the game and then i hated it even more, i despice the characters, i despice the soundtrack, and i've been living with this anger in me for six years now, it's like a rabbit stuck in a cage with an ultrasound alarm playing on loop 24/7. >inb4 just hide the thread bro or >just ignore it bro i can't hide threads in this fucking board but i will try to ignore it just like how i've been doing for so long.
>>2146 >despice are you even old enough to be here
(77.89 KB 600x1189 image0.jpg)

>>2146 Dafuk are you on about? Just don't click on the thread. It takes more effort to willingly click on it then it does to just ignore it.
(1.04 MB 970x1280 image_2021-10-01_180226.png)

(2.11 MB 1024x938 image_2021-10-01_180307.png)

(1.96 MB 1160x1280 image_2021-10-01_180350.png)

(1.69 MB 1280x1280 image_2021-10-01_180404.png)

Guys it's bait, just ignore him
>>2147 i'm ESL, give me a break >>2156 you'd never understand.
>>2163 I definitely wouldn't. How do you care so much about something you don't like? I don't think I'd even thought about the game in years until chapter 2 came out Also, you definitely can hide threads ya mook, there's a "do not" sign next to all of them, use it >>2144 >Deltarunes been way better though. yee. Queen art, when?
>>2163 >i'm ESL, give me a break you might be ASD, too. Why the fuck are you still in this thread?
>>2160 Always great seeing Muffet but feel like she's sorely underused as a tickler. Like c'mon you got someone with 6 arms and you're NOT gonna use her to wreck some people?
>>2171 I agree with you, of course it is nice to see her from time to time being a victim. However, it would be more enjoyable and fun to see her use her spider web threads to catch her prey and put that terrifying number of 30 fingers to good use and squeeze their potential into every part of the body she can reach to touch.
Thanks for the bump faggotron, but I'm not giving you any (You)s. >>2164 As the victim or the top?
>>2251 Both, obviously. Victim to begin with tho, Noelle needs to get some revenge
>>2259 >Queen doing her OHOHOHO laugh and her visor going LMAO as she's tickled Pretty based tbh
>>2292 >Fan art porn has voice acting now Every time I hear voice acting and these things that always amazes me.
>>2292 This is hot but Asriel's Shadow the Hedgehog voice is boner killing.
>>2292 Why did it have to be Asriel, he's so fucking ugly
>>2292 Why does he sound like Shadow?
>>2292 Full version
>>2334 he sounds like a much more homosexual shadow
>>3494 God bless Aza-chan. Now let Tasque Manager have at the Queen please
Not the original anon artist but I thought I'd repost this gem from back on 8Kun
(689.94 KB 800x1280 Da Goat1.png)

(1.78 MB 3000x2000 another goat drawing.png)

(823.98 KB 2188x2000 Sweet and Sour.png)

>>3497 I'm that original anon. Here's the old Toriel stuff plus a new thing
>>4405 you are a blessing wrapped in a fluffy crepe
>>4405 So unbelievably based
(751.76 KB 1500x1500 Spamton_Upload_1024x1024@2x.png)

Please stop making porn of Toby Fox's characters.
>>4409 >Please stop making porn That'll be a yikes from me bro
>>4409 fuck you someone name a character
(40.74 KB 273x398 e43.png)

>>4418 Best monarch of course
>>4405 Bless you Anon!
>>4409 When he stops making hot characters sure >>4420 Seconding
(48.85 KB 681x529 lol.png)

>>4410 >>4413 >>4418 lol okay coomers.
>>4434 Do you even know the context of the comic that's cropped from?
>>4437 I don't masturbate to fictitious goat people there buddy. Give your head a shake.
>>4439 >I don't masturbate to fictitious goat people >Posts a crop from a comic about Sans fucking Toriel
>>4441 How do you even know this stuff anon? Perhaps you should seek some help about your porn addiction.
>>4434 >Nigger goes on /tkr/ >A board themed around tickle porn >A board themed around porn >Nigger goes on a porn board and is fucking ass-blasted over people posting porn You’re actually 8 or retarded - Stop visiting any image board until you reach pubescence. In other news, I’ll get stupidly hard about the idea of Muffet getting tickled just to spite you
>>4447 it's bait, fampai
>>4444 The better question is why do you have it? Perhaps you have some...skeletons in your closet?
>>4447 Please explain to us why you want to fuck spiders, I am really curious. >>4448 I'm just concerned for our friends well being and don't want to see him end up in prison.
>>4405 Absolute king.
>>4448 Too late brother, I already started Muffet is IN THE JAR as we speak
(73.68 KB 1280x720 download.jpg)

>>4449 I've gotta bone to pick with you. >>4452 She's not real bro, just get some help already.
>>4447 Also please only posts the funny meymeys that are in english I can't reach whatever fucking language that is.
>>4456 Seems like you can't "reach" English either
(27.20 KB 300x250 download.png)

>>4457 I don't need to reach for anything. Your degeneracy is plain for anybody 2 C. Again, please stop making degrading Toby's hard work with your coomings.
>>4461 Ralsei is probably extremely ticklish, fluffy fucker is just asking for it.
>Filter ID >Suddenly there’s nobody complaining about people posting undertale porn anymore I did it guys, I saved the thread
>>4461 Nobody's cow is sacred my niglet. There will always be porn of everything. Let me coom in peace on my coomer site
(40.67 KB 736x736 download.jpg)

>>4464 No.
>>4463 HAR! HAR! HAR! Funny stuff, my dude!
>>4471 shut up coomer
>>4409 Spamton would definitely hustle Kris into starring in shady underground tickle fetish videos and sell them for delicis kromer.
>>4473 Eh, maybe.
>>4409 See >>>/sm/3058, >>>/sm/7539 and everything after >>>/fur/3752.
>>4476 I don't get it. Has your brain melted from the constant need to orgasm? Is this what porn does to your brain? Geez.
>>4465 I want to put my dick in that bird.
>>4484 I will happily circumcise you, goyim.
>>4484 But Ralsei is a goat
>>4490 Isn't it weird how Ralsei is a goat but he still has regular furry feet and not hooves I mean thank goodness he does but
>>4472 HAR! HAR! HAR! Funny stuff, my dude!
(4.02 MB 1742x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2171 Well put my man
>>4405 love this so much I colored it hope you don't mind
>>4989 Why is Susie such a perfect tickling victim
>>4990 big grumpy tough girl who's secretly a goofball softy on the inside
>>4405 >>4989 love this so much I wrote a story to go along with it hope you don't mind
>>5001 Omg please let this be the start of some amazing chain we're going to get
>>5007 what the fuck would come next? "I love this so much I decided to make it into an NTF"
Tickling Susie seems like fun until you remember that her laughter sounds like a dying chainsmoker.
>>5001 >>4989 This colorjob and story are as top tier as the drawing. Great work you two. >>5017 That's not a dealbreaker for me.
>>5001 Well damn, didn't expect this. Guess I really should draw more huh
>>5033 would be lovely if ya would tell ya what, making a pact, whatever you draw/post next, I'll color that too, could be whatever you want
>>5033 >>5124 Damn, I'm not gonna be left behind. Whatever you draw/color next I'll write something up for, as long as you're both cool with that. Do it drawnon, I dare you, I double annoying dog dare you.
>>5124 >>5131 Drawanon this is your chance to draw So Sorry and RUIN these two fools.
(13.42 KB 404x216 didIstutter.jpg)

>>5147 >Whatever you draw/color next I'll write something up for >Whatever
(1.08 MB 3000x2000 Revenge (mostly).png)

>>5147 >>5124 >>5131 Funny as it would be to do a lil trolling, I feel like I have to honor all you beautiful degenerate fuckers and the potential of this thread. Hopefully this has a little something for everyone
>>5151 >Since when were YOU the one in control?
(12.19 KB 159x219 1318578263683.jpg)

>>5169 You think I cant or wont color this? already starting. gime a few days. lovely work, btw
(373.24 KB 3208x2000 20211028_084231.jpg)

(74.66 KB 1024x689 20211028_084215.jpg)

>haven't played Undertale/Deltarune >just here for the tickle porn as the characters seem cool >deer girl seems cute >I'm not a furry BUT... Is is worth playing dudes? I fear I'm gonna start searching/drawing some cringe tickle smut of the cast if I do.
I'm ready to dance this dance 'till we drop boys. Are you? Will update when the colored version gets posted btw. >>5169 So unbelievably based. We don't deserve you drawnon. >>5172 Your move, creep. >>5182 It's cute, funny, meta, creepy at times. It doesn't work for everybody but it does for plenty. The fandom can get fucking cringy, but the smut, case in point, can be pretty good. Give it a shot anon, it's not like it's that big a deal.
>>5169 Man, I really like the way you drew Ralsei's feet. I honestly kinda wish I could see you draw something focusing on those cute softboi soles. Your art is fucking great, is there any chance of you making an account people can commission you from? >>5187 And you, damn, the way you write is just so charming. You should find somewhere to post tickle writing stuff. I'd consistently keep up with whatever you wanna put out.
>>4494 >All of the goat monsters walk around barefoot even in canon Toby knew He fucking knew
sorry for the wait on this, been busy with commissions n shit rest assured, progress is being made
>>6246 Hell yeah, looks like it's coming up nice man, I'm HYPED
>>6246 Take your time, bro.
Bumping due to the quality OC that came out of this thread.
(1.04 MB 1999x1796 For the homies.png)

>>5204 I apologize for making you wait this long, good anon. https://www.deviantart.com/anothertkranon If you want to commission me send a note to that profile there. I have a journal set up for info on commissions. Fear not anyone else, I will still post free stuff on this board from time to time. Here's a free thing (roughness is cuz of drunkness) Thank you and good night.
>>8043 based. based. Based. Based! BASED! BAAAASED You're on the list and that list is "artists I need to come to first with money when I have very specific tickle porn needs to see done". You should post the stuff you've done here so people can see how good your shit is!
(18.41 KB 597x519 poopsock.jpg)

>>8043 pack o dicks im not done coloring the second one, slow down lovely work, though
>>8043 Holy fuck, dude, that is H O T
>>8061 Lol my bad. I know you got your work cut out for you.
>>8043 When money comes in I will definitely be hitting you up in the future. I hate to ask, but with Deviantart being a nightmare to use nowadays with the search being clogged with RP and MS paint stuff, do you have any plans of crossposting to something like Furaffinity?
>>8111 I don't see why not, I'll set that up soon enough
>>8112 Super appreciate it dude!
(673.43 KB 2500x2000 Commission 1 ver1 (complete).png)

(708.67 KB 2500x2000 Commission 1 ver2 (complete).png)

Well boys... I'm in. The first commission has been completed. Don't worry color anon. I don't expect you to color this one.
>>8126 I don't know what else to say beyond, god damn, this is really good, and I love the work you do.
>>8126 Better call me jevil cause I can do Anything
>>8043 >>8126 >>8139 Man, I wish my drivel could keep up with you guys' quality work (but even if it don't, watch me swooce right into your wonderful collabs once again). Behold, the finalized version with the previously presented story and a background color that doesn't stab you in the eyes!
>>8139 Beautiful work. Your color pallete is fantastic. Well worth the wait. >>8147 Don't sell yourself short. Your writing makes these 10x better
>>8126 Revenge
>>8147 Not to beg but could we PLEASE get a caption for the Kris/Ralsei pic I adore your writing style holy shit
(548.52 KB 936x1036 1632549905.godvermin_noelle.png)

(68.83 KB 750x551 knux nut.jpg)

>>8267 This is wonderful. Goat mom looks curvalicious here. You are a gift that keeps on giving, anon. Thank you.
>>8279 >>3494 >>4989 >>5182 Noelle is too darn cute, I love her tickle content too much~
>>8157 Thank you, kindly. >>8267 Lawd, that claw on pit action is BASED >>8268 Thanks! I'm more than willing but busy, so I'll just give you one of these. Valid for one ticklish goat story. I'll get back to you on that one ASAP.
>>8303 BLESS, thank you anon! I await your ticklish goat and offer up some of my own.
Anybody got anymore Doggo tickles?
>>8464 Adorable work! Thank you anon!
(1001.64 KB 2500x2000 Comission 2 P2 ver1.png)

(977.40 KB 2500x2000 Comission 2 P2 ver2.png)

I pull up
>>8505 I'd have given her webbed toes, looks good though
>>8505 Based and Undyne pilled

(145.90 KB 1280x927 15.jpg)

>>11307 Hot take, zp92 has terrible UT content. Dialogue is absolute trash tier and the way he draws the characters are borderline disgusting
>>11665 That’s cause he has that weird habit of drawing characters with cow udders that should make it hard for them to move and give them back problems.
>>11665 >>11666 yeahh I don't care for it either, I've just been dumping any deltatale tickles I find for posterity
Good old classic
>>11304 Who's the artist for the first Frisk pic?
(280.54 KB 1000x1666 1543176704.png)

(80.87 KB 720x1041 D03RRPCX0AEWA9z.jpg large.jpg)

(92.91 KB 675x1200 D0nYFSQXQAI87yv.jpg)

(459.21 KB 3400x3000 suzietest_by_kiraxcx-dct5pae.gif)

>>11774 reeduxxed or someone, I think

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