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Your tickling game Anonymous 05/28/2022 (Sat) 09:15:11 Id: 1a14c0 No. 22103
In this thread, we don't discuss real tickling games. What kind of tickling themes game YOU would make if you had the time and talent? Also, are any of you actually planning your own fetish games?
>>22103 I would like a tickle game where you playfully tickle the ticklee's individual body parts from neck, armpits, sides, legs and feet. I would also like it to have different tickle reactions like if you tickle the right armpit, the ticklee would struggle and move to the left in order to avoid the tickling of his/her right armpit and when tickling the feet, I want it to have a super close up to the feet as you use the mouse pointer to tickle individual parts of the feet from toes, between the toes, the soles, arches and the heels, each with different ticklish reactions.
Pretty basic Risk-clone where you conquer land and get rewarded with scenes of tickle torturing enemy commanders and rulers as spoils of war. Very basic space 4X-lite where you get to make alien queens into tickle slaves would also be neat. I have entertained thought of actually doing something like that too (it can't be THAT hard in this time golden age of game dev tools, right?) but I can't draw. Of course there also lots of ideas I've had for RPG maker project or as mostly text based mods for some games, but because of my mentioned inability to draw anything else than stick figures I always just start thinking that I might as well just write that idea as a story sometime.
>>22103 Was attempting to make a ToG style game awhile back with unique death scenes for every monster girl, got really deep into it too but setting up random encounters and puzzles got too annoying and I ran out of ways to get the story moving but I had written some really detailed dialog
>>22103 A point and click adventure game, like a King's Quest or something. The main character would go through various levels and solve puzzles to collect parts to build a tickle machine or summon a tickle monster or something. At the end you assemble the pieces and watch an intricate tickling animation. When she laughs, the level is beat and you advance to the next. At some point you meet a companion and it seems like it should be smooth sailing because he can just tickle you anytime, but then you find out that he has no hands due to an accident. You spend the later levels swapping between the two to solve more advanced puzzles. At the end you basically get to live happily ever after in a mansion where you've collected all your tickle machines and such, and can replay the scenes/animation as much as you like.
2D fighting game where all the characters' movesets are based on tickling each other through different methods.
>>22133 Upload it and show us
if i had that talent to make a game, it'd be a sidescroller animated game where enemies are all around, and they'd tackle you with a ! move, and if you get hit with it, you get caught in a tickling grapple, and your health goes down to 0, you get a game over scene with constant animations of getting tickled. but for me, it'd mainly be animal enemies, and girls would be the only characters you can play as. and each animal gets their own grapple and game over cutscene.
i wish there was a game that just had highly customizable tickle scenes. you get to pick the tools, the tickle spot, the position, the bondage, the setting, etc. and each slight variation gives you a few paragraphs of the scene and some cg's/animations or whatever.
(865.32 KB 1280x720 lis porn.webm)

>>22103 Life is Strange but instead of magic powers you're a dyke with a tickle fetish, and the entire purpose of the game is to get other girls to come just by tickling. You get different endings based on how many bitches you convert as tickle sluts. The soundtrack consists of shit from David Dean Burkhart playlists.

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