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Femboy, Trap, etc. Tickling thread Anonymous 06/02/2022 (Thu) 01:35:27 Id: a032d3 No. 22362
feel like I should preemptively tell... certain anons that no one's forcing you to look ar rhis, have a feeling some of you might soyjak out over this
trap hater here. this is fine, rather it all be contained in this thread than spread around this board
I’ve recently found and been obsessed with this femboy I found on da that posts feet pics. If anybody here doesn’t believe he deserves the tickle treatment I don’t know what to tell you
>>22506 link to their da?
>>22508 not that anon but this is KinkItKai, love their stuff https://www.deviantart.com/kinkitkai
>>22506 any boy who takes really good care of their feet and paints their nails deserves to be tickled to tears (not saying this because I’m one of them)
>>22362 dialogue indefensibly reeks of ESL and 2000s amateur clip but hey, it's pride month
>>22533 Nail polish on males is retarded. But aside that you make a good point.
(63.51 KB 1200x675 Max_Stirner.jpg)

>>22604 society taught you the spook that is gender roles, anon, but okay
>>22604 My guy, you’re telling me that you wouldn’t tickle these feet >>22506 because they have nail polish?
>>22604 how to say your sexuality is extremely fragile without saying "my sexuality is extremely fragile" the gay (or maybe straight, I'm sure there's maybe 4 or so femanons here) isn't gonna get sucked out of you by them wearing nail polish
>>22620 Yeah. Basically. So close to perfection as a footfag but the nailpolish kills it. >>22621 "mUh SexU" shut your bitch ass rainbow flying "Trans Women are Real Women" ass up. I don't give a fuck. I said what I said. It's preference. On males Nailpolish is fucking weird. >>22605 Trans women aren't real women btw. Happy Pride Month and all. Enjoy the 1 month of attention that you guys get a year.
>>22623 Honestly I get not finding nail polish appealing but the thing that has me confused is the specificity of it being “on males” that makes it weird. Like is it not weird on females? What’s the difference? Also I don’t think anybody mentioned trans women, this is a thread about feminine boys and trans women are are totally different thing. I don’t quite see the point in bringing them up since they were never mentioned.
>>22623 when an anon is seething somewhere I know I've done something right
>>22626 granted OP's last pic is of MissAmyRisa and there's that one drawing with obviously ESL dialogue in this thread but yeah anon just has Tranny Derangement Syndrome, many such cases
>>22628 Everyone can see that you literally posted both of those anon, sorry to break it to you. To the milking setup from the Felix Argyle pic with you!
(179.63 KB 1024x768 f9417.jpg)

(168.34 KB 1024x717 f5167795.jpg)

>>22533 same goes for underarms keep them silk n smooth
(84.89 KB 1000x681 341.jpeg)

(568.81 KB 1067x1200 90304632_p1_master1200.jpeg)

>>22605 Whether tickling traps is gay or straight, if it gives me a boner it all amounts to the same.
(317.57 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

>>22632 Oh that reminds me I have to shave mine Thanks for the reminder anon
(504.72 KB 1280x1007 k_amy.png)

(519.09 KB 1456x3072 l_amy.jpg)

(490.15 KB 1500x1875 f_amy.jpg)

>>22632 Seriously Ive been looking at some link cosplays and their underarms just look so ticklable
>>22875 >>22632 I respect it but I'm enamored with that tummy
>>22696 Fucking hell. What I would give to tickle Amy.
(4.00 MB 4072x3000 Astolfo and Caenis.jpg)

first word that comes to my mind is… well you already know, i'm sure everybody else here is thinking of the same word
>>22626 I kinda get it I guess. Like I'm straight and I like polish on girls but I'm also fine without it. I do have a bit of a sissy kink though and for some seeing polish on a male lee really does it for me. like the idea of being restrained and forcibly having my nails painted or being made to willingly submit to polish is huge bonerfuel. At the same time, whenever I see males with nail polish outside of fap time, its just kinda weird to me. Again though, I'm straight. What I like about the femboy and trap stuff is the power and humiliation aspects and imagining myself in the role which is probably why I don't really care for photos or videos. Much harder to envision myself in the role of the lee (or ler sometimes I guess)
>>23098 T-i-c-k-l-e s-l-u-t
>>23098 why do irl traps always look so shit? like damn, every drawn trap is cute as hell and makes me question my sexuality but then I'll go onto twitter and look up accounts of some real traps and 99.9% of them are either a waste of extremely good masculine genetics; chiseled wide chad jawline that could cut steel, good wide shoulder and back to narrow hip ratio, etc. or the most lankiest, sickly, near anorexic looking mother fuckers you've ever seen, or the hairiest motherfucker you've ever seen, you'd think you saw a caveman that just got unfrozen from a glacier and given a laptop and a cheap party city maid dress or something kind of off putting when the "cute softboi trap" has stubble that rivals most people weeklong attempt at growing out a beard even though they shaved yesterday. the only "passable" traps I've seen have had more skin covered than a middle eastern woman. like yeah, you kind of look like a girl if you wear a face mask, long thigh socks, a skirt, a long sleeved shirt with sleeves so long that only your fingertips with nail polish are sticking out of, and a beanie over your grown out hair and wear mascara, but the second you show more than 2% of your skin the super feminine cute subby trap~ illusion breaks immediately
>>23703 the only ones who can sort of pull it off naturally after maybe age 20 are ones who had extremely low-T puberty likely due to lucky genetics and malnutrition. There's also cases like F1NN5TER but he(?)'s 100% DIYing HRT at this point and barely trying to hide it so it doesn't count. Blatant anglefrauding too.
>>23703 The traps you see in all this cutesy art aren't real anon. They are a nice fantasy but unless you have the right build and genetics a majority of transsexuals can not pull the look off at all. Those so called famous cute traps? They are paying bundles for their female hormone cocktails, makeup and other 'girly' things to make them passable. Plus as you said, they cover their features heavily to give the illusion of femininity. The average discord tranny doesn't have these. It's a rather sad state of affairs to be honest. Instead of taking responsibility for their failed masculinity, they chose the easy way out and go trans because it 'feels right. The madness in society is making it okay to transition without telling them of the disastrous consequences later down the line to their bodies and mental health. I admit I have occasionally looked at the odd cute trap tickle art. But in art. In fantasy only. And I understand the difference between fantasy and reality. And it's time for a lot of these transsexuals to wake up. That's my sperg rant on a tickle board everone. teehee have fun ;>
>>23707 lol OK anon, nice theory but you're pulling this pretty much entirely out of your ass. https://genderdysphoria.fyi/
>>23711 yeah i definetly a believe that a website genderdisphoria dot fyi is not heavily biased towards a certain perspective. on that note let me link you to VaccinesCauseAutism dot info as a totally unbiased source btw. and im definetly sure the site is definetly not being pushed or in someway funded by big pharma making literal millions of dollars from selling synthetic hormones every month for almost the rest of peoples lives, and the surgeries that cost over literal hundreds of thousands of dollars (i think i read its around 600k including all the doctors visits before, the surgery itself, and all the other appointments afterwards), and not to mention the psychiatrists prescribing antidepressants and anti anxiety medication making bank cleaning up the mess when/if they ever realize that maybe they made a mistake. >inb4 lol american healthcare its FREE for me!! doesnt matter if you pay or not, the hospitals and the pharmacaeutical companies are still getting their money be it from you or from the government using tax dollars. im not saying that actual trans people who genuinely believe they were born in the wrong body dont actually exist, im just saying its very clear that transness is being pushed hard on the internet as a fix all solution to any poor autist's insecurities online. cant get a gf? well girls have an easier time getting partners, become a girl! social reject? girls are always the center of attention, become one! not happy with how you look? its because youre actually meant to be a girl! depressed? you have gender dysphoria thats why!
>>23744 if big pharma wanted to use gender dysphoria as a stepping stone for making cash it'd be far more effective for them to create some patentable, strong antipsychotic/antidepressant that only "cures" it by basically creating a walking husk and is comically overpriced this is raw psychosis in action
>>23746 they already do that for antidepressants and depressed people. but for that youve gotta wait for someone to be depressed. with this, theyre creating a problem and then selling the solution (extremely expensive surgeries and medical procedures, expensive hormones, etc).
forgot to add, im not saying big pharma is the sole entitiy pushing this, im just saying this benefits them immensely and they encourage it here and there. fund a website or two, fund a favorable study here, fund a trans pride campaign there. id wager out of maybe 1000 people pushing the trans stuff on twitter, itd be at most 5~ people who are genuinely trans and the rest are people who either fell for it as a "fresh start new life", fad chasers who want the social praise and attention that comes with being so brave trans, people who have stuff like crossdressing fetishes/feminization fetish etc. (you think shit like sissy hypno webms and audios are listened/watched by any actual real trans person?), have been groomed and convinced into it by other trans/feminization fetish weirdos when theyre really not trans (and dont pretend it doesnt happen, because it does sadly), etc.
>>23703 It's probably because real life humans can't compete with idealized drawings where you get to perfectly draw exactly the type of human you find appealing, anon. Real humans have to deal with the body types they got dealt. It's not their fault you just hate people.
>>23748 >>23748 Men tricked by big corps and sissy hypno into becoming feminized tickle sluts is a hot concept.
>>23846 big pharma CEO sitting in his big evil villain office and he rings a bell and a brainwashed sissy trap shows up in a really skimpy maid outfit and smiling head empty or big pharma CEO observing a window of his companies lab and it's just a row of femboys being tickled while having headphones playing the strongest sissy hypno and they're each hooked up to an estrogen drip idk kinda hot if you ask me
>>23846 >Men tricked by big corps and sissy hypno into becoming feminized tickle sluts is a hot concept. The main problem is that the demographic with the highest and fastest-growing trans rate is teenage girls. What's really concerning about it is that it mirrors the trends of how 30 years ago a disproportionate amount of teenage girls had eating disorders. Then 15 years ago a disproportionate amount of teenage girls had anxiety or depression. Now teenage girls have a disproportionate amount of trans and non-binary population. It's not unreasonable to make the connection that a large part of the trans situation is a similar sort of memetic social contagion. I'm a complete degenerate so I'm happy to buttfuck or tickle sissy trannies and femboys, but in about 10 years there's going to be a large subset of young women who've been essentially conned into getting chemically castrated and possibly also having their tits chopped off over the equivalent what 15 years ago would've been just going through an emo-phase.
>>23911 Hi, tranny with a ftm best friend here; you're a fucking creep and I hope you know that nobody will ever love you. Trans people make up less than 1% of the total human population. Your chances of meeting a detransitioned cis woman are about as high as meeting a woman with schizophrenia.
(359.53 KB 1566x1198 1654722206214.png)

>>23921 What info am I supposed to infer from this chart and how is it related to what I said?
>>23922 Google “false equivalence” Also never let anyone who posts that chart near children.
Hate to contribute to the shitstorm in this thread, but: >>23924 That's not what false equivalence means and the equivalence is not false at all. >>23922 In ye olde times, being left-handed was considered sinful/shameful/weird/wrong. So people hid it. Left-handed people forced themselves to learn to use their right hand, would not admit to being left-handed in governmental surveys, etc. This made left-handedness seem even smaller than it actually was. When the stigma started going away, numbers started rising as more people stopped forcing themselves to pretend they were right-handed, until it reached that 12% plateau. AKA: Mankind ALWAYS had a 12% rate of left-handed people. But the reported number in 1880 was 6 due to cultural factors. The same is true for all examples >>23919 mentioned. Those are a bit more muddy because Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety do have factors actively contributing to their "true" rise as well (economy being fucked, current generation working more and earning less than previous ones, etc), but the same is also true for them: We don't have more depressive people worldwide nowdays; what we actually do is less people hiding their depression, and better ways to diagnose it. Being trans is closer to being left-handed than it is to eating disorders - Environmental factors don't "cause" gender dysphoria. It is, as far as studies know, mostly determined by genetical, embryonary and neurodevelopmental factors (there's a good study I enjoy a lot showing the anatomy of a trans person's brain tend to be closer to the anatomy of the brains of people of their identified gender than that of their assigned sex. Or, translating: MtF trans people literally have brains that are more anatomically similar to biological female brains than biological male ones, and vice-verda for FtM). So: You're not seing a rise in transgender cases. It's just that the number that has always been there is now getting the chance to be noticed, and things that in the past would have been dismissed as demonic possession, "it's just a phase", or as other sorts of queerism, are now being understood for what they always were: gender dysphoria, and receiving the adequate treatment. Returning to the left-handedness chart, we're in the 1920-1960 period in which things are being learned and accepted but hasn't reached the peak yet. Eventually it will, and it will plateau.
>>23911 Yes. that would make a great comic. >>23919 >in about 10 years That's the next generations problem lol.
>>23944 if this were completely true (not saying it isn't partly) then you wouldn't be also seeing an increase in the detrans community and ex-trans people telling stories about how they were basically tricked by others into thinking it was a solution to their temporary typical teenage problems. i mean there's whole subreddits, pages, sites and Twitter circles about people who are detransitioning. and if they dare speak up on a public place outside of their circle, they get downvoted, called names, discredited etc. would left handed people call out and insult someone who tried to write with their left hand and realized theyll just stick to their right hand? false equivalency. sorry anon. tl:Dr the reason there are more trans people now is PARTLY due to social acceptance, but the equally growing number of communities around detransitioning and people telling how they were basically sold being trans as a cure to their problems is evidence that the increase is also partly due to other things more than just actual trans people coming out
>>23944 I understand the stigma argument, but that does not account for the fact that in the case of teenage girls the trend is that entire friend groups simultaneously realize that they're trans. What's the probability of that? The populations distribution of trans people across age, sex, race, location, and (shockingly) family wealth simply does not make mathematical sense. >>23944 >Being trans is closer to being left-handed than it is to eating disorders There's a big problem with that statement. Left-handedness can be diagnosed and empirically proven using MRI brain scans. I've heard about alleged studies using MRIs can also show brain activity proving someone is trans, but I've also heard that those studies are outright wrong. I'm no neuroscientist so I can't tell whether those studies are real or fake, but the point is that nobody's actually using MRIs to diagnose trans people. Instead, they're being diagnosed via either self-diagnosing to therapists who are legally forbidden to question whether they're trans or not, or they're being diagnosed by therapists who have a financial interest in gender-affirming care. If you're so convinced that the sudden sharp rise in young people claiming to be trans and its demographic disparity can be simply explained away by saying that they're more willing to come forward due to less persecution, would it really do any harm to trans people if the requirements for hormone therapy, breast removal, and genital surgery (especially in the case of minors) were held to a more rigorous medical standard? The unifying complaint of de-transitioners seems to be that they were basically railroaded into an invasive and permanently damaging treatment. How would adding safeguards against that harm trans people?
uh-huh... that's whatever you all are talking about for ya.
>>23997 That's just /tkr/ for you. Can't leave a single thread schizopposting free on a fetish board. I'm OP, turns out my warning did fuck all. on a lighter note, holy shit the things I'd do for a few hours of fun with Amy
>>23957 >>23985 Made a big reply about it but do not wish to derail the thread further, so I shoved it into a pastebin so you guys can read my points further if you wish: https://pastebin.com/VfZbHNW6 Anyways, will not be replying anymore to not derail the thread further, let's all enjoy the tickling of femboys.
(773.33 KB 849x1200 96881867_p0_master1200.jpg)

(902.19 KB 1200x901 89173609_p0.jpg)

(823.01 KB 1100x786 91060240_p0.png)

(2.57 MB 1920x1357 66261853_p0.jpg)

>>24013 I've read the pastebin and find a lot of it arguable, but I agree with the sentiment of not derailing the thread further so I'm done with the topic as well. It's difficult to resist the temptation of discussing a subject that's taboo practically everywhere. Anyway, have some stuff I grabbed off pixiv as a peace offering.
>>24013 Unironically a bad take. >believe the trans kids but not the old ex ones! They still are they’re just in denial :) Everything there is carefully handcrafted into being either dismissive or plain stupid >can’t use solely the medical criteria, you have to use our special tumblr criteria’s because you guys just don’t understand it yet, unlike us, actual sick in the head people, who know we need our dicks cut to be happy. We arrived at the point where you glorified fags++ can’t define what a woman is to not hurt your little ego despite the fact that: No, Transgenderism does not have any proven base in biology, and is no more valid than our little tickle fetish. The only difference is we don’t go around telling kids to be tickle sluts. Here’s more Hideri
>>24025 >"trans people are pedos but we aren't" >literally 2 pedophile threads on the first page Your brainworms must be hungry.
>>24025 Transgenderism has nothing to do with biology, it has more to do with psychology and societal roles. There is no single definition of a woman because any possible definition would always exclude some cis women no matter what.
>>24028 difference being that normal people know and understand the line between fantasy and reality, trans people on the other hand, clearly do not. also the fact that fetish people aren't the ones trying their hardest to be allowed to go to grade schools and "educate" kids about their fetishes. anyways anyone have the uncensored of this?
>>23999 Same, same, samee. Something about her is just so fucking irresistible.
>>23999 Post your details of that few hours in the shameless fantasies thread my dude.
>>23098 I'm imagining a Tickle Intensive-esque setup where a gang of three is staffing their armpits, exposed midriff, and dick respectively. Hoping for visible tears and sweat to make up for the masked facial expression.
(96.21 KB 1050x900 FZ-Atz0acAA2cEk.jpg)

>The OG is finally back Don't fail us, artists
>>27372 This is actually the only tickling fanart with Bridget I've ever seen. Which is surprising because the older costume had exposed armpits.
>>27904 There's also this one by lululewd, but other than that there's surprisingly little of it
>>27904 https://nhentai.net/g/70674/ some bridget tickling for ya
>>27905 That ain't bad. I like the green nails on the hand. >>27906 Oh yeah, I forgot about this. The artist actually uploaded something new but it's one of those implication pictures where the tickling is offscreen.
>>27904 That's something I've been thinking about lately too, those armpits definitely deserve some tickles.
>>27950 If I can find someone willing to draw it I'll commission it.
>>27906 Thanks, anon. That's a nice find, I've been wanting to see those pits tickled for a while. >>27960 That would surely be a sight to behold. Let us know of any updates anon! If anything that tied up Bridget pic is some criminal teasing and I'd kill to see some good tickling in that scenario.
(872.06 KB 1200x1022 100831159_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>27989 >>27982 I'm more of a tummy fan, but if I were to comm Bridget's old outfit it would definitely be a pit focused piece. It's too easy.
>Listening to Bridget's Strive voice >Multiple clips in a row that are just progressively more enthusiastic giggles Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do
(1.45 MB 2550x3302 f_373-1.png)

Good news
>>28098 >Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do dump it, carve it up, and post ithem
>>29381 You want English, Japanese or Korean?
>>29369 What is the sauce
>>29386 Japanese, please
>>29409 Aw damn it, I wanted English.
>>29391 CleaningHouseTK Patreon >>29409 >>29413 All the audio is in the same files, assuming you're okay with just downloading the whole thing I can link that.
>>29434 Yeah sure, link it
>>29457 https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vvlolbq2ij6ch/Strive_Audio(ogg) Right here. You're gonna have to sort through to find what you want though.
>>29472 Thanks
>>29482 Yeah no problem hope you're happy with it

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