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Anonymous 06/30/2022 (Thu) 02:18:19 Id: 9c8fff No. 24063
Who would you hate tickle and why?
this is raw schizo terminally online ramblings but goddammit I'd love to keep Vaush in some basement ticke dungeon for being the most brainread creepy debatebro out there, I hate him but he's hot as a bear. His theymab roommate Conure hasn't really done much wrong but they're cute and therefore will be coming with. Feeling upperbody + dick and feet respectively for reasons I can't actually explain.
(185.58 KB 673x644 1.PNG)

(23.46 KB 744x227 2.jpg)

(40.51 KB 750x523 3.jpg)

>>24063 >personal dude I went to school with a few years ago, total dipshit rich kid but wasn't strong enough to be a "bully", so he was just kind of shitty and sarcastic like a woman all of the time. Knew for a fact he was stupid ticklish and hated it, so I figured that would have been a cool way to humiliate him. >famous Shoe0nhead. Not for political reasons, she just bugs the shit out of me and I feel like she likely would have loud, violent reactions to the tickling that would be fun to watch. She also got solicited to do a tickle video once by some autist and clowned on him hard, so I think it'll be like pottery, it rhymes.
(5.27 MB 3200x1800 Nicki-Cardi.webp)

nicki minaj and cardi b both of them are god awful female rappers that have huge egos and need to be put in their place for having such awful music and obnoxious fanbases not sure how much it would tickle, considering the plastic surgery, but damn i want to make these bitches into tickle sluts so god damn bad
don't mind me I'm just waiting for the eventual political figure to be posted and the ensuing debate that will derail the thread...
JK Rowling. Hate her like everyone else. Would definitely make that bitch suffer excessive and brutal tickle torture
>>24066 >She also got solicited to do a tickle video once by some autist and clowned on him hard Explain
>>24066 >Shoe0nhead Dunno about violent, but sure. https://youtu.be/Pfeq0zWI85s?t=296
(1.00 MB 2048x1621 31KARDASHIAN-superJumbo.jpg)

Kardashians. Absolutely useless celebrities and so superficial and artificial that women like that are a violent turn off to me in real life, but they also appeal to my shameful desire to tickle torture fake bimbos beyond broken. Paris Hilton appeals to it as well.
>>24063 >hate tickle Is it weird that I can't think of a single famous person to do this to? I mean there are a few people I've known in my life that come to mind, but when it comes to celebrities and public figures, I either like them enough that it wouldn't be a hate tickle, just a like tickle, or I find them so unlikeable that I'm not attracted enough to want to tickle them no matter how they look. Case in point, people having secret sexual fantasies about either AOC or Candace Owens (whichever you oppose politically) seems equally aberrant to me, even though neither of them are bad looking. I guess it'd be a different thing if you knew them personally, but I'm not sure I'd be able to form any kind of chemistry or intimacy with them.
Is it related if I want someone I hate/don't find attractive to tickle me? Because I have severe fantasies of being tickled into submission by the likes of Elizabeth Warren followed by Dagen McDowell. Each of them trying to get me to care about whatever stupid viewpoint they have. Disclosure: all politics are fucked, none of these ghouls give a shit about anyone other than themselves (doubly so for celebrities), and participating in this futile game is a waste of life.
Kind of a cliche, and hate is a strong word, but Anita Sarkeesian. Seeing a normally smug and self-satisfied woman lose all control over her reactions and fall into indignant laughter and scream abuse at her tickler...I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't appeal.
>>24103 Politics aside the bitch has gorgeous little feet https://www.wikifeet.com/Anita_Sarkeesian
>>24103 >>24107 Basically this >>24066 And also her too.
>>24066 Lowkey hate tickling annoying wimpy dudes sounds fun
>>24099 Nah I feel you, Warren is too much of an old bag for me to get into it but imagining AOC or some unnamed activists for any number of specific causes tickling me for hours then filming it is hot
>>24103 ok gardenerjames
>>24111 So you want to tickle torture a liberal on her leftist feet?
>>24116 Yeah, and her rightist feet too
Sometimes I worry about people who comment on these types of posts... I don't imagine them as decent people.
>>24123 cope faggot
>>24123 if you ever thought the average /tkr/ user was anywhere close to an upstanding member of society I don't know what to tell you.
(27.48 KB 620x274 CTZTicDUwAAQDmX.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQIZ6sVCNMk She's an insufferable cunt for a variety of reasons & reviewed Gitchy revealing how much she hates being tickled. The hate tickles write themselves.
>>24135 ditto, Vicfag
(447.13 KB 1532x2048 20220801_203950.jpg)

Self-explanatory, I'm just gonna leave this here and encourage you to use your imagination.
>>24135 I can't imagine the levels of autism required to make a movie like this.
No one honestly, people I hate don't deserve to be included in my fantasies.
>>24135 Why would you watch a whole review from someone you think is insufferable?
>>24126 On the contrary, the average /tkr/ user should be hung
>>26139 Is hate watching something really a foreign concept to you?
(338.26 KB 478x536 r3f3fr.png)

Kelli Lynn Sage streams live from her car sometimes when travelling and the other day was asked about hate tickles. She said she'd viciously tickle torture Nancy Pelosi to death, and also "Brandon".
>>27417 Did you see her harassing some Walgreens wagie the other day? Fucking nut.
>>27417 Wow, fuck Brandon.
I could rehash but I'll just link to the previous thread instead since it's the exact same person and point. https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/15941.html#18022
>>27421 Yes haha. She's fascinating to watch. Like I always thought she had the crazy eyes when she first showed up in tickle videos, but the last couple of years she's really gone off the edge. I would be genuinely scared to be tied down and tickled by her. Which makes it all the more funny that she runs a "legit" tickle therapy site now, like she's on the same softball normie level as that place in Dallas.
(3.14 MB 4608x3456 20220512_141506.jpg)

Ive scoured the fuck out of my senior yearbook and couldn't find a single picture anywhere, so this drawing I made of him will have to do Me and Ari were good friends, he was much taller than me, already wore big platforms, and honestly just dressed a lot like bayonetta. Though I never pursued anything because I was literally friends with his boyfriend long before I was with him. We are literally perfectly fine. Until one day I showed him a picture of a moth. It was that one with the tentacles, we both like moths so I just thought that was sorta cool. He gets up minutes later and tells me how ive been flirting with him (I havent) and I needed to knock it off. You know what else the complete CUNT does? Tell the teacher, of animation, whom I look up to immensely and always want to impress, that ive been harassing him for months and citing the most nitpicky shit for his discomfort. The teacher, who I respect immensely, is also 10x smarter than me, and also very pissed at me. Ive never had someone go so far out of their way to ruin my life, especially since my ability to walk on graduation was in trouble there. So, obviously, what I would do to him if I got my hands on him. Im a lee but, no, theres a lot of Hate in this Tickles. He would be a permanent resident of my tickle dungeon. I would tickle him with whatever tools I see fit until he's a sobbing, tearful mess. Especially those pale arches of his. I would also fuck him daily, as well as those feet. He wouldnt get to see the sunlight, he would only exist for my pleasure.
>>27445 Also tldr dont fuck with mental illness girls, no matter what
>>24103 I'm still surprised that there isn't more art or fakes of her or zoe quinn. You think "controversial" figures like that would get more attention for that reason. Greta thunberg is another one. Especially after Naomi seibt came along as "the anti-greta", that scenario writes itself.
>>27508 Quinn is gross as shit. Sarkeesian can look legitimately quite hot. Thunberg was also incredibly young when she entered popular conscious and most people probably still think of her as some ugly child, which isn't hot. She's also almost certainly autistic, which is gross.
>>27510 >She is most certainly autistic, which is gross My guy youre on a tickling fetish forum
>>27510 This. I've had some shameless fantasies about some insufferable people including Sarkeesian (imagine how those big hoops would dance when she's tickled). But never Quinn, she'd be like a video game boss that sheds stds out her pores with every tickle she takes. Same with Brianna Wu. There's some people I wouldn't even want to see taking a hate tickle.
(109.23 KB 680x962 Laugh of the Hill.jpg)

>>27512 Most of ya'll are gross though, so he isn't wrong.
>>27512 Doesn't take away from the fact he isn't wrong.
Chaos99 absolute ego driven bitch of a person who treats his commissioners like shit god help you if he disagrees with you he will insult you in every way possible and shit all over you if he decides he doesn't like you very passive aggressive artist I would have him in my basement for months tickling him insane and forcing him to cum just to spite his holier than thou ass forcing him to lotion and oil himself up breaking him and forcing him to draw tickle porn I would make him give me the password to all his accounts and upload his tickle porn he deserves no mercy

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