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Tickle GIFs 10/05/2021 (Tue) 14:30:54 Id: e141e0 No. 2468
Post em!
(200.05 KB 485x364 capture3.gif)

I was experimenting with these on DeviantArt before my acct. got hacked (repeatedly)... where only a small bit of the pic is animated. Kinda fun! :)
(378.45 KB 600x334 captureA4.gif)

(2.90 MB 800x800 Isabelle.webp)

This one isn't a cinemagraph, but I loved the pic of Isabelle Silbery (from Gogglebox), and I've always wanted to see her tickled! :)
(326.04 KB 647x364 AlHy5.gif)

...and one of my old favorites, the gorgeous Al Hy and her tickle singing challenge...
>>7966 Looks really fucking weird when the only part of her body that moves is her foot…
>>7967 :) True... but it allows sneaky graphic editing; her face is frozen from a frame in the clip that's different from the bit with her foot squirming under the tickle...
(158.45 KB 416x331 bed2c.gif)

>>7977 I like to imagine it as the girl being mostly magically paralyzed/frozen, and only able to move her tickled parts... I *love* the artwork where a girl was turned into a statue except for her foot, which could still squirm and be tickled (but the rest of her was helpless, and couldn't move or make a peep)!
(211.82 KB 600x334 stock2A1.gif)

Reminds me a little of this (cute) piece by TicklishPhyllis at Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/ticklishphyllis/art/Samira-tickled-by-Tickle-Gorgon-859328002
(1.91 MB 850x704 desk_final.webp)

(382.74 KB 400x300 box5.gif)

It wouldn't be complete without a "sole box", with detached ticklish feet which you can pack up and take with you on the road! Great for those long nights during hotel stays!
(3.60 MB 1228x1280 final_2.gif)

(3.55 MB 1228x1280 final_3.gif)

Can't make up my mind which version I like better. Version 1 is more of an NBM sole box look, version 2 looks better with the original pic with toes up. Oh, well... have two! :)
(2.09 MB 647x364 compress1c.gif)

There's just something yummy about girls being magically helpless while they're being tickled... feet in another box, girl turned into a statue except for wiggling feet, girl compressed into a ticklish head-foot toy... yum! By the way: really fun story on Deviantart about that 2nd idea (girls turned into statues, then only their feet "thawed" so that they can be tickled)! https://www.deviantart.com/soleofthestone/art/OM-Muffled-Cries-in-the-Gallery-892914394
(5.10 MB 270x480 giphy1.gif)

(7.29 KB 250x141 giphy (7).webp)

(3.63 MB 480x270 cash.gif)

(3.89 MB 270x480 giphy 7.gif)

(4.35 MB 600x1067 ezgif-2-a45b64e98184.gif)

(1.95 MB 480x480 112.gif)

(1.93 MB 480x480 113.gif)

(1.76 MB 480x480 111.gif)

(1.51 MB 205x365 3.1.gif)

(1.79 MB 205x365 4.1.gif)

(2.76 MB 480x270 giphy (5).gif)

(4.13 MB 480x270 giphy (4).gif)

(5.31 MB 480x270 giphy (8).gif)

>>2471 Post full video pls
(3.29 MB 333x250 1_2_3.gif)

(16.18 MB 541x336 Bollywood_Belly.gif)

(6.84 MB 320x240 Marcia.gif)

(28.98 MB 800x450 Over_Now.gif)

>>9727 Wow. Sexy! Thank you for posting.
(7.95 MB 640x360 capture.gif)

>>9739 Where are the first 3 from?
>>12180 A video of me tickling my ex gf
>>9739 these are perfect
>>12206 Post full vid
(12.65 MB 600x338 ezgif-5-d2f5ec7768.gif)

(1.47 MB 368x248 Tumblr_l_27301395213213.gif)

>>12269 Seconding
>>12269 lmao the entitlement never stops it's his personal vid and he honestly shouldn't have told you guys where it was from go outside and touch feet
>>16755 Bro nobody's acting entitled? Lmfao
(22.56 MB 647x364 capture5.gif)

(11.84 MB 647x364 capture3g.gif)

(7.09 MB 205x364 capture2a.gif)

(6.62 MB 205x364 capture6.gif)

(9.91 MB 205x364 capture7b.gif)

BTW: all of these clips were from the YouTube channel "Stimulating Feet"; go check them out!
>>18872 Such a fascinating channel. Are they just covering up the obvious fetish aspects by pretending to be a reflexology channel or whatever?
(8.57 MB 476x416 Squirming_lee.gif)

(3.63 MB 1280x874 pootkl_final.gif)

Thought I'd stick to this thread for a while, since a few people were getting kind of territorial on a few other threads... :/
(92.67 KB 286x580 14-o.jpg)

>>23734 Lmfao what the fuck am I looking at?
(48.26 KB 600x300 CZxS0jwWwAAfTD8.jpg)

>>23734 >Thought I'd stick to this thread >turns out nobody wants literal poop tickle porn in their thread Ain't that surprising.
>>23734 You were fucking banished from captions thread be an autist
>>23734 Is that Kamala Harris?
>>23876 From the thread you mention: "Don't get me wrong, nobody's going to kick you out (unless you go back to posting blatant CP) for posting things that differ from the theme of the thread [...]" Either you have difficulty reading English, or else you're so irritable that you'll say any old crap to lash out at someone you don't like. Either way, you're completely, provably wrong. And you're behaving like an ass. "Be an autist?" Try again in English, dude? Again: no problem with people having fun even at the expense of a post of mine--it's really, honestly not that important to me. Rip away. Just know that ripping posts (which is fine, and I laughed at some of them) is different from ripping the person who posted (which is just being an ass). Own it.
>>23888 dude you and the dragoness guy have to be the two most autistic anons on this board. your pics are weird and low effort
(8.05 KB 100x100 undefined.gif)

>>23926 >Dragoness guy this guy and his pretend girlfriend?
>>23945 Nope, I think he's talking about me T-T >>23926 Hey~ I'm okay with you saying my likings are weird, although it's a little bit hurtful, but I understand I have an specific liking in tickling that not everybody is going to like. However could you not say that the pics are made with low effort? I consider them beautiful gifts from different people that put their efforts on them, so I think you shouldn't say something like that
(6.13 MB 540x304 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

>>23926 LOL! That's just sad, pal. So, lemme get this straight: 1. "I don't like your stuff" = "you're autistic". Right. Got it. Coming from a troll who has to rage obsessively at what he doesn't like, that's pretty funny. :) Project much? 2. "autistic anon"... says the anon, to a guy who actually chooses a specific handle. Heh. Irony, thy name is anonymous troll. 3. "my tastes are elsewhere" = "your stuff is weird and low effort". Dude, did you misplace your meds, or something? CHILL, and HIT BLOCK. Yes, we all saw how powerfully you beat your chest. Woohoo. *slow clap* Bravo. Encore. And learn punctuation. It doesn't hurt anyone. ;)
>>24158 As someone who actually kind of likes your works that focus on unattached body parts, like the feet on the beach ones and whatnot, I can say definitively that the fucking poop gif was straight weird, man. I don't know why anyone would like or want that.
>>23851 Heh. This is one that actually made me laugh (not from derision, but because it was actually funny)! Just for the record: of COURSE the lady with the poop emoji was supposed to be silly and lighthearted! Does every tickle pic have to have the weight of the U.S. Constitution? I was doing a search for "laughing model bikini" (which is where some of my other pics came from), and I found this original: https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/a076777d-dc0f-47b9-9550-c69794ac6178_1.68709cb2f62bc52e6a2cd2afa1fb94b2.jpeg Cute model, funny inflatable, cute bare feet under the float, thought it'd be funny to tickle her feet in a gif. Really, nothing cosmic. I have no poop fetish, if that's what y'all were wondering. (As you were... and honestly, I don't mind people poking fun at my posts! :) Just needed to smack down the frothing troll who followed from the other thread.)
...and just for good measure (as a parting kick in the tailpipe for the troll on his way out): here's a shamefully lazy, low-effort, minimally-creative, that's-not-a-caption-you-moron gif, horrifyingly using a recycled pic, and taking less than 5 minutes to make... just for the hell of it... XD
>>23926 Lapis You will notice how these are all namefags, btb. But I'm yet to see the dragoness guy throw a tanty and shit up several thread just because someone called them out on being obnoxious faggots that nobody likes though, to be fair.
>>24167 :) *pats you on shoulder* Have the last word, buddy. I'm all done here. All yours.
>>24167 true lmao i forgot about lapis but he always struck me as like some third world hispanic kid tbh i aint even reading the guy's last reply but he types like an r/atheism user circa 2016
(11.81 MB 647x364 China2b.gif)

(10.45 MB 647x364 China2c.gif)

(4.50 MB 647x364 China2d.gif)

(2.77 MB 647x364 China2e.gif)

China seems to have some pretty good videos in this regard, if you can wade through the Chinese language... :) Here's the original video link: https://vk.com/video586433036_456239042 Good visuals, the girl is cute, and I like the guy's slow, teasing approach; the laughs aren't all that great, though--makes a better gif, imho.
(16.69 MB 626x360 capture.gif)

Relatively new(?) studio, which has some of the best "total restraint/immobilization" that I've seen so far: https://tickling-videos.net/category/fettish/

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