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Characters who deserve it Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 16:40:30 Id: 52fdf5 No. 279
They had it coming
I could list the numbers of cuties that deserve it, but we'd be here all day XD
Wow this thread DIED
>>3207 It's really just way too generic. "Characters who deserve it" could apply to pretty much anyone.
(2.06 MB 2048x1080 makima sawasa13.png)

(6.81 MB 2892x4096 makima.png)

Best type of ticklee.
>>3238 Not necessarily, don't get me wrong, it's fun to see any type of girl get tickled, but I get the feeling most people on this board just think a girl "deserves it" because they just want to see her get tickled. When I think of nagatoro or takagi-san, I undoubtedly think those are characters who deserve it
(222.17 KB 2048x1102 ClipboardImage.jpg)

(96.31 KB 751x1063 ClipboardImage.jpg)

(357.14 KB 1024x1195 ClipboardImage.jpg)

(160.48 KB 1280x1722 ClipboardImage.jpg)

(303.68 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.jpg)

(423.21 KB 1586x1432 Evangelion Asuka (1).jpg)

(133.61 KB 628x696 AsukaTickled2.jpg)

(1.29 MB 2454x1543 asuka sp0rel0rd.jpeg)

(106.23 KB 751x1063 asuka klaudsan.jpg)

(5.64 MB 3508x4961 Asuka (final version).jpg)

oh right, I forgot about Asuka
>>3282 >>3238 What about villainous characters? Surely they deserve it.
(880.95 KB 1638x1158 akame5.jpg)

>>3617 Of course they do. Imagine some cold, heartless bitch who believes the strong deserve to rule over the weak being made to beg for mercy from tickling.
(6.17 MB 2895x4092 nia.jpg)

(2.28 MB 2408x3000 ngtro_y.png)

(5.15 MB 4010x3736 nagatoro.png)

(107.79 KB 1024x896 lightning.jpg)

(1.18 MB 2251x2160 monika ddlc.jpg)

(3.31 MB 1470x2300 monika.png)

(5.15 MB 3467x2100 Ishtar Tormented.jpg)

(656.77 KB 1200x800 ishtar.png)

(945.56 KB 2400x2151 ishtar (1).jpg)

(2.25 MB 1110x1637 62416574_p0.png)

>Total sadist who gets her kicks out of hurting people in a fight >Reduced to a giggling mess by fingers prodding at her pits, sides and navel
(6.62 KB 170x296 download.jpg)

>>3755 >Ishtar tickling pics >Feet are left alone
>>3808 There are four pictures of Ishtar posted there. Two of them have a focus specifically on the feet. That's 50%. That does not warrant crying.
I've been thinking commissioning an "Evil Queen in Tickle Hell" pic for the longest time from someone but have never gotten to it. Maybe someday.
>>3808 Stop being a little bitch Ishtar is already a overused victim with more than 80% pictures of her involving foot tickling There is more to tickle than just feet, fucking footfag
>>3835 Sneed >>3838 Nobody said there wasn't, but if you're gonna draw a character who's main appeal is her feet and not tickle her feet you're just being a contrarian for no reason. Same for >>3807
(8.10 MB 477x498 neco-arc-1.gif)

>>3875 Ishtar has her entire body exposed. Feet isn't her main appeal, retard.
>>3878 You're the one sperging out over someone else's opinion >>3879 >Her entire body exposed >Including Feet Based retard
(51.53 KB 663x743 franxx3.jpg)

(226.34 KB 930x1200 franxx4.jpg)

(252.36 KB 914x1200 franxx5.jpg)

(44.22 KB 1024x606 franxx6.jpg)

Guys there's no need to fight. We all like tickling here, just relax and post pictures of cunts getting what they deserve
(4.76 MB 3438x2000 larxene topless ver.jpg)

(4.80 MB 5282x2952 93742992_p0.jpg)

(4.69 MB 2897x4096 86312501_p0.png)

(7.58 MB 4203x5650 88156542_p0.png)

Elaina needs to be tied down and tickled all over with no regards for her consent and no consideration for her sanity. All her weak spots should be abused hard until her mind snaps and she can't do absolutely anything but laugh herself crazy, not even beg for mercy, and is left scarred and with a permanent ticklephobia that makes each further session, of which there should a lot of, worse than the last. She needs to be owned as a tickle slave by a cruel master who has no use for her if not for her ticklish suffering, and needs to be broken so bad she comes to internalize that she's nothing but a tickle toy that exists to do nothing but laugh, cry and beg pathetically for somebody else's amusement. All of these things are objective facts and would have the net effect of the improvement of her character.
>>3996 I keep hoping that there'll eventually be a scene in the sequel manga where she gets tickled, but so far it's just 10 more scenes of the guy. She voluntarily told him she has extremely ticklish armpits, and he still hasn't grown the balls to tickle his own wife. >>5573 I can't tell if you like or hate her. Witches do make great targets for tickle torture, though your scenario is too extreme for my tastes.
Takagi cosplaying as megumin isn't something I knew I needed until now
(86.63 KB 1028x778 revenge.jpg)

(153.49 KB 1280x969 revenge2.jpg)

(87.74 KB 1028x778 revenge3.jpg)

(8.89 MB 4124x3100 ClipboardImage.png)

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