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(646.99 KB 1081x1013 no.png)

Artists you hate Anonymous 10/11/2021 (Mon) 03:23:01 Id: 979c89 No. 3030
Talk shit online anonymously. Pic extremely related.
I hate your favorite artist and my favorite artist is the one you hate.
>>3030 Why do you hate her?
(481.50 KB 975x968 hello there.png)

>>3040 not even OP, but i guess it comes with all footfag artists that have very bloated ego, did you even see their latest contest? fucking "HEY, SUCK ME OFF AND SUBMIT TO ME, AND MAAAYBE I'LL DO A SKETCH FOR YOU", fucking hell.
>>3041 Cliffnotes version please, that screencap doesn't give much context
>>3043 just look at the screencap retard.
>>3041 >artist pls show foot and bagina >"no" >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hate aritst she no show foot and bagina >I better shitpost on a tibetian foot fetish textboard about it sage
>>3044 >Just look at these random unrelated posts ???
>>3045 >being this retarded you can't read jesus christ all right, CaseytheII had a toxic as shit server full of elitists who were also coincidentally footfags, she just gave them a platform to be toxic and she herself is extremely uncaring about the people around her. Alienboy_7 is someone known for making friends, getting what he wants out of them, either art or sexual gratification and then dumps them like whores. Espeon is a schizo who nuked his server not too long ago because his ego was entirely derlated and people weren't sucking him off as hard as he wanted them to Reckless is mostly fine, i just hate the fact that he was so uncaring about a part of his audience, and instead of being cordial about it, he just did a doug walker and flipped them off instead of being amicable about it.
>>3041 >The EVIL FOOTFAGS are oppressing us again bros Rent free
>>3047 "She is toxic", cool but what did she actually do? Seems like a pathetic attempt at cancellation. Pics or gtfo. >Alienboy_7 is someone known for making friends, getting what he wants out of them, either art or sexual gratification and then dumps them like whores. Post pics/logs. >Espeon is a schizo who nuked his server not too long ago because his ego was entirely derlated and people weren't sucking him off as hard as he wanted them to Post pics/logs. >Reckless is mostly fine, i just hate the fact that he was so uncaring about a part of his audience, and instead of being cordial about it, he just did a doug walker and flipped them off instead of being amicable about it. Explain
I don't HATE him, per se, but caroo really boils my carrots obnoxiously popular, has a legion of simps to defend his every action and suck him off traces designdoll models, like, not even covertly. He livestreams himself doing it. draws scenarios that are so over-the-top they cease to feel erotic, like, yeah shes strapped into a latex ticklegasm machine for months, who cares at that point excessively cops-out on anatomy at every opportunity,wall- trophy pics, portals, etc. Like nigga you ALREADY trace directly off designdolls, how many corners do you need o cut? BUT, I cant even fault him on it, cause the cumbrains eat it the fuck up. Like, you can give Todd Howard shit for constantly re-releasing skyrim all you want, but the fact remains the only reason he keeps doing that is because people keep buying it. I guess, in that aspect, Caroo is the Todd Howard of fetish art.
>>3049 >she's toxic i don't have any screencaps with me since i left her server long ago, but she was constantly riling up the people around her, most notably chrissythesquirrel and someone named Pink or jackiebuncake, on which she got extremely on their case for mineal bullshit and then she expected to get an apology despite her wronging them; in regards to the server, they had a little "let's make fun of people" chat where they'd just post a random artist and start talking as much shit as possible about them, or if they got in any beef, they'd go to that channel to clown on them, they literally started to throw darts to square the blame on someone and aimed for the navelfag (idkw) >pics/logs i can't get into DMs of other people, but i remember some notable cases like bonniecakes and the navelfag from before, itsDQ. >Umbreon they LITERALLY nuked their server, i think that should be proof enough, they aparently were going trough some episode or some shit and when one of his friends (jimmyzoroark idk) didn't acknowledge a pic on their server, umbreon just obliterated the server >reckless if i remember correctly it was by the time he drew the "upper body foot tickle" pic, where he came out as a full on footfag, then he did a bit of gloating and went like "IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE UPPER BODY, THEN UNWATCH ME, BECAUSE I'M NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE", which is extremely rude.
>>3041 >>3051 So in other words, it's upper body fags sperging out that their niche interests aren't being pandered to. As usual.
>>3052 nigger do you even read?
>>3041 What does WTFeather have to do with all that?
>>3054 WTFeather is worse, he became a patreoncuck who never posts outside of it because it doesn't make him money, he sent his entire furry fanbase to eat shit because "fuck you", i don't care about upper body or feet stuff, i care that these people are fucking cunts.
Sometimes I wonder if any of the other fetishes have to deal with the shit we do. Do you think transformation fetish boards have entire drama threads full of "fuck this artist they don't do the transformation art I like and also they're toxic" or does everyone just get along and we're the weird ones?
>>3056 That's strange, I figured furry stuff tends to pay pretty well. He sounds like a cunt for sure though.
>>3057 Unironically yes, they do.
>>3051 So, she basically did some vague stuff that you don't even remember. >they had a little "let's make fun of people" chat where they'd just post a random artist and start talking as much shit as possible about them Sounds like this thread. >i can't get into DMs of other people Did you make this up then? >they LITERALLY nuked their server, i think that should be proof enough No, not really. >which is extremely rude. More like extremely polite because it saves people that followed him and are into upper body stuff time. >>3057 The furry fandom has a lot of drama. >>3056 Maybe he just stopped being into furry. Although I agree about the patreon shit.
Wonder how long before this gets bumplocked
>>3060 >vague stuff bitch this happened a while back, at least a year ago, cut me some slack, if i remember correctly i think it was Chrissy being annoyed at Cas's attitude, in the other end it was Cas mocking the other person because they were into transformation and found it weird i just remembered another one, someone that goes by milky, she got kicked off of Cas's server because Milky made one of the elitists angry, and when Milky tried to defend herself, Cas just banned them >did i make it up no, you can see his DA page, he talks to a bunch of people and then these people dissappear from his life, i'm going to try and see if that itsDQ guy has something tho, since bonniecakes deleted his own account by being a massive shitheel. >not really i took a chance to find what happened, and apparently, umbreon snapped at someone in DMs about how "they didn't appreciate his art" and how he cancelled an art trade about it, and he started to lay on this friend of his until it reached a boiling point and he nuked the server. >polite there could have been better words to say that, at least in my opinion, that's why i'm siding with him a little more, and probably i saw it rough as an ESL thing (with him being german i believe), so yeah, i don't know.
>>3057 All the time, my dude.
>>3052 Yeah basically.
>>3091 Christ, will they ever shut the fuck up and fuck off?
>>3092 Pfft, I fucking wish. They'll whine and bitch and whine that an artist only does foot stuff when that's what they do in the first place or that's what they cater to more. Expecting them to suddenly make upperbody shit and getting mad when they don't.
>>3093 Gee it's almost like feet are the most popular fucking fetish on the goddamn planet and it pays better than pandering to a bunch of contrarian weirdos. They really are the vegans of this fucking fetish, going somewhere they aren't wanted and crying that they aren't being pandered to.
>>3050 This. Only thing I truly hate about him is e v e r y Discord server he copy-pastes the same "sub to my Patreon update ;)" message every. Fucking. Time. And ignores everyone else otherwise. Now obviously Discord are cancer, I can't blame him for not interacting but on the other hand he only exists in one to self advertise and get his dick sucked.
(29.18 KB 1280x1118 photo_2021-10-11_02-10-55.jpg)

(42.03 KB 1280x984 photo_2021-10-11_02-10-56.jpg)

Not artist's per-say but anyone who knows these icons should have ptsd or some shit
Bro the positive thread got deleted? That was fast
>>3103 The OP deleted it because I mentioned there was already a positivity thread: >>2153 They didn't need to fucking delete it, I was just pointing it out because it had been pushed so far down that no one remembered it.
>>3104 The admin merged it with the existing positivity thread.
>>3091 >>3092 >>3093 >>3094 actual bottomfeeding trash who doesn't know how to fucking read.
One peculiar case for me is BillVicious, now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy and his art is very good and his patreon is affordable... but what I don't like is his community on patreon since they are the ones that chose the victims and methods of tickling... and most of the time is going to be foot tickling on overused characters that already has way too much art of them... Like seriously, one of the last pics from patreon that he made was of "Unpopular victims" and the chosen victims were from fucking Naruto... I know Tsunade and the other chick are not the most popular from the series but common... you can hardly call someone "unpopular" if they are from Naruto
>>3143 yeah, that shit bothers me too, to be honest. the higher you go up in the talent tree the less creative a lot of artists seem to get, which makes sense economically i suppose. still frustrating
>>3143 This isn't really a BillVicious thing, it's just a patreon thing. For some reason Patrons have the shittiest taste and want to see the same victims over and over from every artist.
>>3153 I used to think the problem was with the artists until I joined some of their patreons. I was an extreme member on BillVivious' patreon so I could suggest characters and picking someone that isn't from one of the top 5 most popular anime/Nintendo franchises is almost pointless because pretty much only those characters get any votes. The problem is that most people in the community would rather get their 38th picture of Asuna getting her feet tickled in stocks than anything remotely interesting.
(9.40 KB 225x225 KirB2_1.jpg)

>>3102 FUCK iletyoutickleme even his icon is making me pissed
>>3163 I can concur with this, as far as can recall Ero-MR and Kidetic were both like this to a decent extent. I will say though that with Kidetic there was at least a chance if he liked the character or idea.
>>3215 I'm afraid to ask but what did he do to be hated?
>>3223 where to even start? He begs nonstop from artists, considers you a "friend" until he gets what he wants from you. He raged over Symbiontickles doing his last request a while ago and raged to some poor bastard in the comments threatens suicide every 5 minutes and when friends finally have enough and cut him off; he completely looses his shit, examples given
>>3239 Good god the passive aggressive energy from that first conversation. It's too much internet for me
>>3041 Take your meds.
zp92/zack dragon Hate's probably too strong, since there are some stuff he makes I like. So I'll just say I "dislike" several aspects about him and his art. Like the over-exaggerated proportions with characters having fucking clownshoe sized feet, massive asses and breasts bigger than their fucking bodies. Creates a ton of characters but never does anything with them, with the exception of 5 characters and they're pretty lousy. He's also so fucking full of himself constantly shitting on things he claims to dislike only because they're "popular".
>>3469 On a similar note, I really really dislike BillVicious because of his stupidly exaggerated proportions on every single character he draws. I remember when he drew Ishtar, a character that's flat or medium at best, with massive fucking honkers. Not everything needs massive tiddies or asses to look good.
>>3215 I remember watching some youtube video about video games or something, and then the character he uses in his profile picture appeared and I reflexively blinked, sat up and closed the tab. Had a good laugh when I realized what just happened a moment later. I can hardly believe someone with that level of social ineptitude could exist. Just, there's no self-awareness over how awful he acts towards the people around him, and every other post he makes is talking about how he's going to open commissions for the last time and saying how awful his life is because no one commissions him. Like he doesn't know how to communicate in a way that isn't some form of emotional manipulation. Except he's terrible at that too. He had this weird fight with another artist over some bullshit with paypal or something and decided to post the entire private conversation, complete with invoice, on his account.
>>3470 He originally drew breast expansion and you could really tell with the first pics he has on his patreon. He still likes making the characters thicker that they originally were, but I wouldn't call these stupidly exaggerated.

(8.37 MB 4961x3508 89343426_p0.jpg)

>>3469 >>3470 >>3485 I suppose it bears adding that the whole ridiculously curvaceous body shapes thing is not necessarily an issue of technique but rather one of taste. I don't care for it too often but it clearly works for a lot of people and, every once in a while, it'll do it for me too. No reason not to dislike their stuff for it regardless of course.
>>3030 >Check it if I'm in the thread or not >I'm not Feels good not being hated bros
(7.92 KB 268x188 s1u8DBs.jpg)

>>3514 same
>>3514 This
"Hate" is a strong word, but I'm really bothered by Bandito's art style these days, I get that intensity is hot but his overly exaggerated female characters with their giant stiff nipples and extreme ahegao faces almost look like caricatures. It's a shame since I find his older stuff that wasn't quite as cartoony and over the top very fappable.
>>3120 Cope harder you mentally ill faggot.
(2.07 MB 806x986 1608770609860.webm)

>3545 >buzzword buzzword buzzword keep trying buddy, maybe one of these days you'll make a competent insult
(28.59 KB 524x115 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3030 This guy Come on How did no one talk about him yet It's not so much the art, it's the guy himself. Check out the descriptions : https://www.deviantart.com/konstantinossk/art/Ms-Pac-Man-Tickle-Madness-888281757 https://www.deviantart.com/konstantinossk/art/Fixing-it-Amy-s-Ticklish-Santia-Toes-894794698 https://www.deviantart.com/konstantinossk/art/Angry-Birds-Hogs-and-Tickles-1-2-876770321 This guy is an actual schizo, there's no other way to put it.
>>3611 >Actual schizo >Has Sonic icon >Clearly member of sonic fanbase What did you expect?
>>3514 >>3516 You and me both, my brothers. Or maybe I'm just not that relevant
>>3030 Why do you hate homunculus? What did she do? Apart from having a weird ass name for a fetish artist
>>3470 Bill does BE art on top of tickling, so that's probably why he draws tits like that. Makes sense that it wouldn't click with you if you're not into that.
Dorain. Need I say more?
>>4094 His insistence that it is perfectly normal to like young boys the way he does it so bizarre. No idea how he hasn't had his house raided yet.
>>4111 There are a fuckton of pedos out there in this "community" which I guess isn't surprising, but they do a really shitty job of covering their tracks. Just waiting for one of these fuckers to get visited by the feds.
Also why is it okay to draw blatantly underage characters and call them "adult versions" like it absolves you of any crime?
>>4173 Because they are fictional and drawings do not have rights
>>4173 Because they're aged up?
>>4075 She gives me massive "do not trust" vibes. Too bad her art's actually kind of cute.
>>4173 You're right, that's cringe. Characters should be tortured no matter their age by virtue of them not existing.
>>4193 >Do not trust vibes How so b0ss? Disappearing with money? Scamming?
>>4320 Kill yourself pedofag
>>4324 Calm down nigger lol
>This entire thread turned autistic
>>3030 >>4196 >>4193 >>4075 would one of you fucking no lifers tell me what the deal with hughamungus is? fuck me at least give a reason aside from "she sus trust me bro". If we're gonna hate an artist there has to be more of a reason than that
>>4358 Yeah I'm getting the impression there's some weird personal beef they have but don't want to look butthurt so won't elaborate on it.
>>4358 She's extremely hard to work with, extremely opinionated to the point where she'll turn the slightest disagreement into a massive point of contention. If she doesn't like the concept of one little part of your commission idea, she'll straight up tell you she's doing it her own way and if you dislike it you can "feck off" in her own words.
>>4358 addning onto >>4368, homunculus is extremely self agrandizing, always standing on a little soapbox asking for both praise and recognition, and when people don't heed to this or try to talk sense, hounculus literally starts going on tangents fueled of blind rage and adhomenims at the people who she's "debating" with, and if it's nobody wronging her, then it's her just going on some weird rave about how certain things in the tickle comunity are not okay, like her saying something to the tune of >noncon is not okay, it's agression on the lee and it breaks personal boundaries but when it's her art she goes >well, that's the point of my character, she kidnaps people but IT'S WITH CONSENT! it's just a bunch of hypocritical contradictory statements, and if you don't agree with it, BLOCK.
(215.72 KB 1229x689 ClipboardImage.png)

(59.92 KB 200x234 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4358 Bro Let me make it simple for you 1) Exposes her shitty opinion over on twitter, which is a thing almost everyone does nowadays, but for someone whose character revolves around kidnapping and torturing other people's OCs, she's very, very against the concept of non-con tickling, and WILL tell you how non-con is actually creepy and you're creepy for liking it. 2) OC has as much charisma as a fucking plank of wood. And yet is shoved around everywhere.There's a new contest every two months. >Anyma and friends contest >Anyma christmas contest >Anyma this contest >Anyma that contest "YOU HAVE TO DRAW YOUR CHARACTER BEING TICKLED BY MY CHARACTER TO WIN, PLEASE DRAW MY CHARACTER" A year ago I actually tracked every single Anyma related event or contest that are just glorified requests, pic related is the result. 3) The artificial popularity caused by weird internet relationships of her with other oldfags in the community basically forces other artists to participate. They don't *want* to participate, they're put in a situation that they have to because "homonculus is fren i cant betray fren :(". Reminds me of when oekaki went berserk over not receiveing a birthday gift. Then you have all the twitter 13 year olds following the trend : "yes yes of course i love anyma, please good sir give me more of kitchy the stinky clown , razzy the autistic rabbit, and kusujin's lame nagatoro rip-off" 4) Homunculus' art style is bland, convoluted, and generally not appealing. Everything is so small, every expression is the same, and colors could have very well been done by an AI, but that point is mainly subjective. I hope you understand why people are actually sick of seeing a mediocre artist at best getting so much attention, probably just because of artificially inflated twitter trends coupled to an 'I'm a girl on the internet look at me" syndrome
I used to have a DA account and do some tickling pics and all (preety bad art also now that I look at it) but then I had some personal health situation that turned into a loss. I made the absolute terrible decision of writing a journal on DA to tell those people following me that I would've went on a big hiatus due to those situations I mentioned before. Homunculoslover jumps saying that I was a scam, an attention whore etc. As I try to defend myself and ask her how can she says such things (can't remember the exact words, I was really in a shitty period of my life), she simply blocks me. Left DA for good when half of those that replied to my journal were "friends" of her, telling me to stop being a drama queen and other kind of slurs. So yeah, that's why I'm glad I live in a different country from her, otherwise I'd be tempted to punch her in the face at least once
>>4372 Every other criticism here seemed pretty blah, but that's just straight up scummy. And you've no idea where such a thing would come from either, she was just being a psycopath? Sorry you had to deal with that btw. Also I kinda hate to ask, but... screenshots? As I said, this one's kind of a step up in how much of a shitty person she is, I'd like to see some hard evidence.
Screenshots of any of this would be nice
>inb4 "yeah a bunch of us totally have had run-ins with her being a total cunt over everything, constantly, and yet it occurred to nobody to keep a record of it"
>>4370 Hard disagree on that second point, Anyma's smugness and proclivity for tickling are awesome imo but to each their own
>>4383 Seriously yall screenshot the most innocuous shit and random journals you think are "cringe" but when people actually literally attacks you no one thinks to record that for future use?
I saw Homunculoslover at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told them how cool it was to meet them in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother them and ask them for photos or anything. They said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but they kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing their hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard them chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw them trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in their hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first they kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, they stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, they kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
(1.42 MB 600x338 4fd.gif)

>>4399 Yes I was the woman at the counter, I can verify that this indeed happened
(29.74 MB 1280x720 I Like Bukkake (HD).mp4)

>>4399 I hear they like bukkake.
literally just go to her twitter you lazy shits, i've been scrolling down her page for a good five minutes and i'm at a point where she's showing someone who's lying to her about the drama of one of the hate artist threads. https://twitter.com/HomunculusLover/status/1434180632167469059 everything up to this point and a little after is all >I I I I I ME ME ME ME ME the only post that technically hasn't been like this and gets a pass is the OC QnA, and to make it worse there is a massive circle jerk hugbox behind it, something like this https://twitter.com/devious_drake/status/1425907858726653952 a reply to a poll about selling plushies, and though one can appreciate them trying to talk to all of their followers, it's just a massive vomit inducing hugbox. i've scrolled down some more and everything that i find is just Anyma talking about herself, trying to be coy and shit, posting her own stuff and responding to comments, though this makes me spark a theory, two technically first, i feel like people who also dislike Anyma are mostly justified in a past context, sure, she's done bad stuff, but maybe she moved past, that or maybe she just hasn't been forced to talk about it wink wink the second thing that comes to mind is that in reality is just a it of a heartwrenching scene for "lesser artists", since the people who talk to anyma are not just oldfags, but some other high ranking artists like bluishfeather, and seeing the upper eschelon talking all nice and chill while the "lesser" artists are still down in the dirt, not even being recognized, it may just hurt their feelings for not being acknowledged. but that said, i don't know if anyone has the autism to search trough any RECENT comment to get something out of her, so i won't focuse on Anyma anymore.
>>4416 nothing you linked is that egregious, m8. And shittalking Ashleyhellsan64 is based. fuck Ashleyhellsan64.
>>4417 fucking read my post retard, i'm saying there is nothing incriminatory and that maybe anyma matured.
>>4416 >literally just go to her twitter you lazy shits The last time someone did this, we found out she unfollowed Oekaki Tickles, he made a point to find out she did it, and then flew into a shit fit and she had to explain she did it because he couldn't stop his constant politisperging. That was presented as though SHE was politisperging. tl;dr her worst crime is being kind of a self-important 'tard in an ocean sized sea of self important 'tards. Until shown otherwise I'm dismissing most of you as some bootyblasted fag who got into some minor Twitter beef with her and have been seething about it ever since.
>>4422 see >>4421, you absolute egg.
(77.89 KB 600x1189 image0.jpg)

>>4416 >the second thing that comes to mind is that in reality is just a it of a heartwrenching scene
>>4094 In one of his journal entries on DA he said when he was a kid he was raped by a teenager. It's fucked up if it true but it might explain why he is the way he is and his was of coping. Like when you tell the dude why 10 year olds being tickle tortured in bondage gear is sus he'll go on a rant about people sexualizing his stories and start calling everyone pedos.
>>4430 Is that the guy who wrote those stories about kids getting kidnapped into some pizzagate tier shit? Shit is weird man.
>>4370 >Reminds me of when oekaki went berserk over not receiveing a birthday gift. What is the lore? >>4372 Okay, this annoyed me, fuck her. Post some of your art.
>>4470 Damn, that's based.
>>4470 You might be talking about lightworkleader https://www.deviantart.com/lightworkerleader
>>4485 Yeah pretty sure that's him, didn't know he was still around. Jesus.
Oekaki is the Onision of tickle fetish, AshleyHellsan64 is a sperg, and Homunculus is two-faced and fake.
(84.10 KB 256x256 1357168093471.jpg)

>>4580 > the Onision of tickle fetish
What did Oek do? >>4580
>>4589 I know he's a notorious politisperg, and as mentioned earlier, when he realized someone unfollowed him (as of now, he has well over 1000 followers), he made a point to actually try and find who it was so he could whine about it. I'll try and find the tweet because it started a brief and embarrassing back and forth with him and Homunculus over shit nobody cares about. But it was strange he got that bent out of shit to begin with over an unfollow over all things.
(38.73 KB 375x375 1546663450592.jpg)

>>4368 kinda based, actually I've worked with commissioners who have no fucking clue what they're talking about, it's a pain in the dick like they want to see both the characters boobs and soles at the same time, but they also want them to be siting in a certain way where thats not anatomically possible, and you tell them this an they're like "no man like they're turned to the side' bitch she's gonna look like a fucking picasso, I'm fine with blurring the rules of anatomy for the sake of porn and art but not if it looks fucking retarded. of course I do it, anyway, cause I'm too nice. They get their boring OC contorted like a fucking pretzel, they're happy for some reason, I get my money, and live with the embarrassment of people seeing that shit with my name on it. rinse, repeat.
>>4621 Stop defending shitty behavior with two instances that have no correlation.
(511.44 KB 507x617 ClipboardImage.png)

(149.03 KB 131x450 ClipboardImage.png)

(440.88 KB 1980x1979 balding_softboi.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1280x1320 ClipboardImage.png)

You know what I hate? Normal artists, albeit weirdos, going obsessed over snapchat filters, hiding their beard and chins, and shoving their fucking feet pics down everyone's throat, trying to make up some lie about how they were actually girls all along. Like, come on. I get the Astolfo thing, it's quite literally the epitome of the "Draw a girl, call it a boy" fetish, which I don't mind. But holy fuck, looking at you Veavi, Quinnstix, and all other grown men in onesies thinking they need to paint their nails black to be a passing tranny. You're not passing, you're adult men, and the only people you're attracting are the balding incels of the community who are far too desperate to tell you how fugly and cringe you are. And yes, I'm assblasted over the gigantic amount of clout a single fag can get by pretending to be a girl. TD;DR : Fuck Trannies
>>4817 Not sure why you are seething so much, the last pic is cute.
>>4817 Veavi is trans?
(1.35 MB 995x613 ClipboardImage.png)

(1012.47 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4819 Did you not know about the transition or did you fap to him thinking it was a legit girl lmao >>4818 I was nice enough to send a flattering fanart rather than the crusty onesie dude's dusty room
>>4822 Holy shit I tried doing as much research as I could and everything I could find told me he was a chick. I fucking hate this shit. Not the whole astfolo thing because at least he's honest about his gender, don't fucking lie tho
>>4822 Meh, looks fine to me. Idk why you are so triggered. >>4824 Boohoo
>>4825 >Boohoo Great meaningful contribution to the conversation. I could really tell your argument was well thought out. Good job
>>4830 >noooooooooooo I fapped to a tranner now my dick has the gay grrrrrrrr
(1.03 MB 527x840 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4825 Hey Veavi! >>4824 It's easy dude >Pretend you're a girl >Get clout and attention like no man ever would >Also requires much less effort than producing quality content Really sorry you bought into the troon propaganda though
In any case, is this veavi bastard even on da anymore? I can't find anything when I search it up
>>4832 >pretend Trans girls are real girls Also, nobody owes you an explanation as to what their gender is. >>4833 Looking to harass/stalk her?
>>4831 I haven't fapped to anything DeviantArt. Why would I? There are perfectly good actual porn sites. I just think people should stop lying about who they are
>>4835 She did not lie.
>>4836 >Is a dude >Says is a chick >Not lying apparently
(3.65 MB 400x168 41f.gif)

>>4833 https://twitter.com/AfterDarkBog >>4834 >>4836 For someone who says I'm seething, you're painfully invested into that conversation Veavi is a grown man, and you're either him, or another tranny. In both cases, you will UNIRONICALLY never be a woman
>>4837 Read on transgender people. Also, why are you so worried about their gender? Would it annoy you as much if she said that she was born in june but was actually born in march? >>4838 Meh, about as invested as you actually. >and you're either him, or another tranny Wrong
>>4834 >Looking to harass/stalk her? No of course not, that accomplishes nothing, I just wanted to unfollow because I remember following that account a while ago under the belief that I was following a girl
>>4840 Gross dude You follow people because of their gender rather than because you like their content or them as a person? I hate using that word but you seem like an incel. People like you is why "Get clout and attention like no man ever would" from >>4832 is a thing.
(7.00 KB 226x223 lowqualitybait.jpg)

>>4841 (you)
>>4839 >Would it annoy you as much if she said that she was born in june but was actually born in march? Okay I mean if someone lied about their birthday to pretend to be over 18 when they were actually still 17 then yeah that would be an issue. But that's besides the point. >Why are you so worried about their gender? >>4841 To answer both of these questions. I have a foot fetish. Which means I have an attraction to feet. I'm straight. Which means I have an attraction to women. Men's feet don't do it for me because they're men's feet. Simple as that
>>4842 >oh you have pussy? (even though it has nothing to do with feet or tickling?) yeah, I am your friend yes yes ;) >no pussy?? I am not your friend grrr you tricked me and made me gay, dilate tranny reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
>>4843 Cool, so you see a picture of her feet, you think that she has a pussy so you fap to it and enjoy it, all fine, right? Then you learn that she has a cock, you stop being attracted to her feet despite nothing about her pictures being different, okay, kinda weird but fine, so.. why are you irritated now? Just fap to some other feet my dude, you act as if some irreparable damage was done. It seems like sage does not work in this site, kinda weird.
>>4841 Also are you really trying to high road me by saying I'm following fucking fetish content creators for the wrong reasons? Every artist who's work gets posted on this site makes fetish porn. People like it because we have said fetish.
>>4845 I'm not irritated, I couldn't care less, I'm just defending my position
The poor mods
>>4844 >>4847 shut up faggot
>>4849 To be honest I can't tell who you're upset with here, both of us?
>>4822 I just liked their art, not really into 3D.
>>4846 Yeah, you like some fetish porn image so you fap to it. Suddenly you learn some more stuff about the creator and decide that you don't like it anymore? Kinda weird but ok, who am I to judge. Seems like you weren't following them for their content - their fetish porn or whatever, you followed them because "muh pussy, maybe she will become my gf if i try uwu". >>4847 Defending your position like >this veavi bastard >I fucking hate this shit. Not the whole astfolo thing because at least he's honest about his gender, don't fucking lie tho You act as if your position is that you are attracted to women's feet, but your actual position is about how some form of permanent damage was done to you because you fapped to some feet that you thought belonged to someone with a pussy but actually didn't, which caused you to hate them. Anyway, in her mind she did not lie, she always felt like a girl etc etc, also, some people consider a male being with a transgirl as straight, you are free to disagree ofc.
>>4817 I actually like quinstixx's art. No need to be transphobic tho
>>4853 >you like some fetish porn image so you fap to it. Suddenly you learn some more stuff about the creator and decide that you don't like it anymore? Kinda weird I already explained this bro, I like women's feet, not men's feet, so when I learned that the person who was posting their feet was in fact a dude instead of a chick, it changed my opinion of it. Also who tf faps to DeviantArt?
Also I just throw curse words around in general, it doesn't indicate my mood. I assumed on fucking 8chan swear words wouldn't be that much of a problem
>>4853 What I am getting at here: if you did not know that she was trans until now then 1: She did a good job trying to pass, putting a lot of effort into it, her feet "looking female", etc 2: You probably liked her pics So why would this newfound knowledge change anything? >>4855 >Also who tf faps to DeviantArt? Me and presumably everyone else in this board. To be honest it feels like you are doing it out of principle rather than any actual attraction changes (again, not judging you for it). I usually don't take any lore into account behind any particular pic, if I like it I fap to it, simple as. >>4856 Okay, fair enough I guess. It seemed like you were actually hating them for it.
Look guys it's complicated, I'm a straight guy as well, I understand the sentiment of losing interest in someone you thought was a girl because it turns out they were actually a dude. But I also want to respect the feelings of trans people. If she says she's a chick, then she's a chick. Would I be as attracted to her feet as I would any other girls feet? Probably not and maybe that's some latent transphobia on my part. As I said, it's complicated
>>4858 >I usually don't take any lore into account behind any particular pic, if I like it I fap to it, simple as. To be honest I envy your ability not not overthink shit and let it distract you.
Jesus Christ, I can’t go anywhere on the internet without coming across the “are trans women real women” argument. Does it fucking matter? Fap to what you want. If them being trans puts you off, then you can stop. The wonderful thing about the internet is that none of this matters and you can do what you want. That said >>4855 haha you jerked off to a guy that’s pretty gay
>>4863 I didn't tho. My bad for escalating this whole conversation. It got way bigger then it needed to be. >>4860 Yeah I can see where you're coming from
>>4861 By the way, sorry if I came as trollish or insulting, that was not my intention.
Wow I actually floored that an argument on 8chan actually ended up resolving somewhat peacefully
>>4863 >Fap to what you want. If them being trans puts you off, then you can stop. The wonderful thing about the internet is that none of this matters and you can do what you want Yeah this guy has the right idea, just chill out and don't take it too seriously
>Be gay >Fap to mens feet >Muh mens feet.pdf >I am what NegativeXP tried to warn society about >Fap to another men's feet >He's a woman >A woman pretending to be a man >Get deflated boner WTF I'm transphobic now?
(382.65 KB 544x369 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.39 MB 1115x894 ClipboardImage.png)

>People are ACTUALLY reducing the idea to "wow you're an incel transphobe if you cant appreciate trans feet" The fact this board can't rejoice in good tranny hate fun shows how overrun by sensitive faggots we are. >>4870 This guy understands
>>4885 >how overrun by sensitive faggots we are You know shit's bad when cursing is triggering people. I honestly can't even blame the trolls, this place is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better if it doesn't get a crash course on 'there is such a thing as being too soft on the internet' asap.
>>4885 Fuck off back to halfchan you retarded schizo.
>>4889 Cursing was not my issue, "I hate this person because I got tricked nooo" was my issue. Being in a thread named "artists you hate" did not help.
(122.33 KB 359x268 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4890 seethe bunkerfaggot
>this is the most active thread on this board by miles This place really was DoA.
>>4841 why does it annoy you? he thought he was jacking it to a girl, sorry he's not gay i guess? you want him to apologize or something? take your lithium already
>>4844 this is such low tier bait >>4845 >Then you learn that she has a cock, you stop being attracted yes. because I'm not a faggot. maybe you'll make enough money for your penis removal surgery by the end of the year if you keep tricking people on Twitter for money, veavi. what's the deal with hiding that youre a tranny anyways? since you're clearly not ok with these kind of people following you, why don't you just let people know? we all know it's because you know you'd lose over half your followers if you were open about being a trans woman instead of a real woman (inb4 you are a real woman, that's not the point and you know what i mean). don't act like you're "surprised" at someone acting like this, you know this is exactly how at the very least half or more of your followers would react if you told them, that's why you try to hide the fact so much. Go look at any dating app or site, trans people let other people know they're trans, so why lie via obfuscation? why just not be up front about it and get the type of followers you want to be following you? I know you're smart enough that you that if you did that it'd be a bad move for your follower count, so i hope you're also smart enough to realize that we know this too.
jesus christ on a monocycle, and here i thought i derailed the thread with my original post [spoiler]which is still true btw
zp92/ticklishways Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows how shitty a person he is.
>>3030 imagine paying for this lmfao
>>4904 lmao this is awful
>>4903 i would ask for my money back, no shame. I've had meh commissions done that im like yeah i like it when I don't really but they're passable, i just don't want to hurt the artists feelings, but dude if i got this i would straight up say i want my money back
>>4904 What the fuck is that FACE
(38.08 KB 486x295 55555.png)

you dipshits are overcomplicating things
>>4909 Only applies to 2D
>>4911 >>4909 this. 2d traps are just "draw a girl call it a boy", while real life trannies are just generally just disgusting looking wether you look at them as a woman or a man, they're in that weird spot where they're not attractive to anybody (except for very very very very rare occasions)
>>4904 So how's the enigma comic?
>>4903 What happened?
>>4954 he's just a typical uppity rude black guy with an ego. iirc he left a various discord servers because they wouldn't kick someone he didn't like from there for no reason, or would throw a shit fit when people wouldn't stop drawing pony tickle art just because he said so. still enjoying his art though, but the guys a total egotistical asshole.
(136.30 KB 546x700 c62.jpg)

>>4966 >he's just a typical uppity rude black guy with an ego
>>4966 Leaving a server because someone you think is a faggot is there is totally justified, Discord's block feature is dogshit. But sperging out because people won't stop drawing something you don't like is maximum cringe for sure.
I have a joke /tk/ pawstickle
>>4986 his criteria for disliking people are borderline retarded, much like his temper tantrums. if anyone is better or more popular or simply just getting more attention than him (or at least he considers them to be) he immediately hates them for example. >>4967 nothing more insufferable than a new York nigger with an ego and an attitude, and he falls right into the stereotype, sorry not sorry sweeite
>>4904 disgusting,fuck!
>>4904 >>4905 >>4908 >>5018 >tfw seeing this exact image as the OP for a thread on this very board
>>5020 Folks making the OPs here legit have horrible taste a lot of the time.
>>4998 This Little fucker commissions artists, then Patreon's them without the artists consent You wanna see his porn? Gib him 10 bucks Artists tell him to stop but he refuses.
(17.58 KB 1190x1112 le poljak.png)

>>4999 >nothing more insufferable than a new York nigger with an ego and an attitude, and he falls right into the stereotype
>>4817 fapped to her feet before you knew, didntcha anon?
>>5126 He's not exactly wrong. They are already insufferable enough, then them being from New York makes it atleast 50x worse >>3030 He annoys me because I go to his art, and someone comments on it about it being real good. While I am against cringe comments that hint that they're beating their meat to it, what really irked me about him was that the character found it disgusting and so did he. As if we gave a shit about what he or his characters think. It's weird, sounds like an autist post but it bothered me. Him thinking that we shouldn't bust a nut while looking at his work or something.
>>4817 >Balding Softboi top kek. What bothers me about him is the fact he makes sure to tell us all the unnecessary shit like if we actually gave 2 and a quarter shits. Just post the art and stfu. Christ. Also he posted some furfag shit so that's not a good sign. >You're not passing, you're adult men, and the only people you're attracting are the balding incels of the community who are far too desperate to tell you how fugly and cringe you are. Lmfao. I agree but this made me kek >And yes, I'm assblasted over the gigantic amount of clout a single fag can get by pretending to be a girl. Yeah this is so fucking stupid. They pretend to be a girl and get massive clout. We really need to go back pre-2015 when we were able to freely judge trannies. I agree, fuck Trannies. That said the one art you posted is pretty fire, though that's because it was made by a good artist. unlike the actual image you posted like three posts down of the dude in a crusty onesie lmao.
>>4834 >Trans girls are real girls No the fuck they are not. They are not at all real girls. They are grown ass men not getting any real fucking attention so they pretend to be girls to get said attention. Many such cases!
>/pol/cucks sperging out on a fucking fetish board Guess orange man losing the election really mindbroke these retards
(75.37 KB 519x600 1610234794560.jpg)

>>5132 >Also he posted some furfag shit so that's not a good sign. Imagine still being mad about furries in the year of our lord 2021
(486.73 KB 800x1349 615.png)

(531.44 KB 1016x900 r4v71u3b98n51.png)

(254.25 KB 1418x1168 234.jpg)

>>5145 >>5148 I have added pointing soyjaks over both of your posts, proving me the dark horse victor in your argument.
>>5153 This makes me want to see tickle-themed shitposting and wojak edits. There must be some, right? I almost want to make a thread for stuff like that.
>>5154 there was an awful pic of pepe being tickled in stocks I saw way back someone made for an /r9k/ tickle thread. I think it's lost to the sands of time, though.
>>5132 >They pretend to be a girl and get massive clout. have you heard of tera soul AKA exhausted panda cake?
>>5160 see veavi being trans was never really a secret, pretty much anyone who was familiar with her on discord or DA shoulda known this Tera soul is an active catfish
>>5160 >>5161 She did not post her pics though afaik, just her art.
>>5132 >They pretend to be a girl and get massive clout Can't you see that the real issue is that just being a girl gives you free clout because of dumb coomers?
>>5174 simp coomers even
>>5174 >>5175 Did you forget that IDs are active?
while I don't dislike the artist themselves I really dislike Dazident's stocker series the overgrown feet are 300% such a boner kill does anyone here genuinely enjoy those actually curious
>>5197 No, consider it like editing my post
>>5198 I get the boner kill thing with those, but for me, it's kind of dependent. With stockers that are stuff like feathers and brushes, my brain fills in it's just a perspective thing. It only gets uncanny when there is a pair of hands and they only cover a third of the sole itself.
(45.90 KB 141x200 ClipboardImage.png)

Oh I mean the feet size itself being almost twice as long as the entire person they're supposedly attached to just make normal sized feet man
>>5211 Also maybe don't use a microscopic file size
>>5211 Pretty sure that's just perspective, anon.
>>5198 Yes, I would say I enjoy it. But I have an additional fetish for very large/long feet so I guess that would make sense.
(891.08 KB 921x867 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5232 There's no way this is perspective unless your definition of perspective is that their feet got stung by 500 bees. every time I would look for fap material and a daz stocker shows up my boner dies a little inside but anyway I just wanted to get that out it could most definitely just be me.
(30.85 KB 680x763 66f-1.jpg)

>>5252 yes, and?
(1.43 MB 1094x791 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5252 This but unironically
>>3030 Xixipingcartoonmang or whatever his name is dude bootlegs and frankensteins these abominations against humanity also has a weird obsession with bootlegging izzy or some shit https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yingcartoonman/
>>5245 >>5211 anon their feet arent giant, they're just in the foreground
>>5211 Imagine not understanding perspective lmfao
>>5255 if we mention Tiananmen square, think he'll get banned?
(13.97 KB 404x396 irkingir.jpg)

this bitch
>>5671 whatd he do?
>>5701 >$300
>>5710 Cinderace, I have Terminal 7. Brain cancer. This is what it looks like Luig- I mean Cinnabun
>>5710 >>5715 That's it? I mean yeah, the pic sucks ass. But to hate someone for one picture?
>>4834 >Trans girls are real girls LOL You'll never be a woman.
>>5826 Trump lost
>>5828 Biden cheated.
>>5828 >>5839 go to fucking pol you cockmungling dickwads, we already have enough insuferable dipshits in this thread.
(147.15 KB 994x423 infinite feedback loop.png)

>>5828 yes he did, but luckily you don't have to be a maga chud to know that you will never be a real woman
>>5839 This is Unikran >>5828 This is Veavi You guys are just too easy to see through
>>5800 Its not so much that as it is the fact he charged someone 300 bucks for it. I know another dude who waited 3 years for a 300 dollar picture from him too, and another who got banned because he made a Trump tweet. That aside i know Izzy the past 2 years has dosed himnself h a r d on fucking antidepressants so that probably has a lot to do with it
>>5839 >Monokron >Unikran >Tyberdyne >Attention-posting >Suicidal threats >"Imma delete the server i s w e a r" >Claiming to be everything from a loli fucker, to irl pedo, to zoophiliac >Really none of those things, he just wants the attention How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?
>>5889 he even saw the same thread last board and absolutely fucking shriveled up like a prune, fucking cuck, i don't know if i should feel bad for his stupid underage fans who actualyl believe this larping.
(18.84 KB 1253x252 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5828 >>5839 This board becoming popular was a mistake
>>5926 How did we become so popular though?
>>5928 I guess it means it's a more common fetish then it seems
Homunculuslover is a bag of shit
>>5962 Homunculuslover doesnt HAVE AIDS, Homunculuslover IS AIDS
(175.88 KB 1378x1378 Untitled1_20211103181002.png)

Pls gimme free art cuz I'm a cunt
>>5976 I really appreciate the fact you gave Anyma purple pubes on her gigantic nutsack. Fukkin masterpiece.
(1.88 MB 5000x4000 anyma1.jpeg)

(2.15 MB 5000x4000 anyma2.jpeg)

Which one of you did this?
>>5889 >pedophile >zoophile elaborate please
>>6108 A pedophile is someone who fucks kids, I'm assuming a zoophile is someone who fucks animals
>>6108 bre he used to ALWAYS claim outrageous bullshit like that in PMs and shit to people. Because he wanted attention.
(39.67 KB 427x400 Feds.png)

>>6108 >on 8chan >Doesnt know what a pedo or zoo is Are you old enough to be on this site, son?
(1.01 MB 1200x797 Untitled3_20211106132925.png)

I hope this helps me win the next contest
>>3051 >Pink Probably Pink-a-belle? All I know is they used to do some tickle and paw stuff but have since quit and relegated solely to TF stuff.
>>5252 I always found it weird how seba basically did a 180 in their art. Used to be a lot of traps and shit, now it's his current crappy stuff.
>>6130 LMAO not gonna doubt you, I wanna see proof tho cause that'd be wild >>6146 definitely
>>6180 Trying to find your mole, Uni?
>>6131 take your lithium and re read the question, you literal schizophrenic.
>>6181 Whatever happened to the time-honored philosophy of 'pics or it didn't happen'?
>>6195 I like that this is going to be the new cope >I-it totally happened you guys... b-but it was in DMs, and if I post it, they'll find out the mole! Nobody ever really posted the laundry list of crimes HomunculusLover was accused of, either.
>>6181 LMAO I'm not Uni at all, I just tend to be skeptical of things >>6195 Basically this reply
(109.90 KB 1052x818 Caaruuu.png)

Finally a place to vent in shitty MS paint style.
(126.95 KB 1052x818 Anyooma YCH.png)

>>6088 Ngl though this is kinda hot.
(121.89 KB 1052x818 DAzident.png)

>>5245 I don't hate Daz at all. Probably catering to what you guys want after all. (Not my thing though)
>>6209 this one is unironically great, 10/10 work anon
(102.82 KB 788x832 IMG_20211107_105617_395.jpg)

can't draw for shit, but here's my contribution. maybe someone can do this idea better
(2.03 MB 1379x1026 unknown (2).png)

i sure do hope i'm going to win
>>6208 Genuinely good caricature.
(6.54 KB 100x100 sharky-b.jpg)

I'm not sure if I hate them but they're certainly annoying.
>>6238 sharky is based, the fuck you on about?
(113.92 KB 1280x720 wrong.jpg)

>>6238 What'd Sharky do anon?
>>6238 sharky is fine, eat dick.
>>6238 Fuck off fag.
>>6238 You're right He's not bad by any means but the dude is certainly mentaly fragile
>>6256 >the dude is certainly mentaly fragile >citation needed
(211.14 KB 800x450 cover1 (3).jpg)

>>6238 >gee sharky, another dozen FF14 poser images and a single rough stream sketch this week? thanks!
>>6266 I understand this feeling, but I forgive him because his actual art is unique and dynamic among tickle art
>>6269 i agree, i really like his art, he's s one of the best imo. which is why I'm baffled at why he decides to pump those FF14 posing program pictures so much. I'd really like to see him draw some of them, like the characters and the scenario if anything.
>>6210 Daz's faces on his tickle art always creep me the fuck out for some reason
>>5962 >>3030 >>4368 >>4369 >>4370 >>4372 imma just leave this here https://curiouscat.qa/HomunculusLover/post/1247107651 for all you Homunculoslovers out there
(132.94 KB 445x365 1589249480665.png)

>>6321 nigga I'm not scrolling through a gorillion curiouscat questions looking for something incriminating. The only think I've gleaned from this is they have beef with zp92, which like, who doesn't at this point?
>>6322 Who said anything about scrolling?
>>6327 The post you linked seems to be (Curiouscat's layout is a bit terrible) the "To Anyma: Have you had any… “playmates” that, for whatever reason, you’ve grown attached to?" question. If that's what you're trying to bring as evidence that HL should be hated, the other anon is probably confused, as am I, because this seems like the most inane shit in the world. Which is why Anon went scrolling to find what is the Oh So Bad thing you want to show us, because this ain't it chief.
>>6329 jesus christ you autists overthink shit i was proposing some shitposting lmao everyone with a CuriousCat is just asking for shitposting
>>6330 >twas merely an act.parchment
>>6321 I mean it's retarded but the "in character AMA" shit is pretty much par for the coirse for anyone that does OC shit. This is like the third or so time someone has "just left some shit here for you guys...", it being nothing, and then said poster angrily defends themselves with "y-yeah I never said it was anything! Goddamn!"
>>6238 would be nice if there was more kylie or vivian. demis are my fucking weakness.
>>6433 Vivian is god tier really. Kylie too. To be honest his friend with the blue kat girl is also hot as a motherfucker. Not really huge on the chubby body positive characters he does though.
>>6217 >>6226 guys HL isn't a mtf, shes a fat british chick who decided to be a nonbinary genderspecial theythem. Completely different animal. >>5889 It's a bit Ironic innit. He's so terrified of being considered a lolcow, but he's done everything in his power to make himself into one. >ardent /pol/fag >obsessively stalks a much beloved artist in this community into an indefinite hiatus >the constant attention whoring >creates extended universe where he's the main character, populated by people who were mean to him in high school That last one is borderline cwcville shit. Come on.
>>6883 Lol I wanna know more on the first and last point, I'm curious Plus, I mean, this is the artist hate thread, lol
>>6968 Him being a /pol/fag isn't exactly a secret. He would go on rants in his discord server sometimes, if I remember right. Too bad he nuked the place, which is convenient for a 'dude trust me' thing, I know, but if you ask around there are plenty of people who'd back that up. As for that last point, first I'm hearing of it, but I do know that one of his "OC"s is actually a girl who rejected his advances in high school. The one with the glasses. So, that tracks. >>6883 Who did he drive to hiatus?
>>6973 Never was on his server, so wouldn't know. Also, looking at info from other servers, seems it's RepulsionSwitch.
Pedophile, attention whore, and extremely autistic cunt who paragraphs the fuck out at the slightest bit of drama his way and will literally fight anyone, even close friends. Literal psycho https://www.furaffinity.net/user/xxxdragonman https://inkbunny.net/gallery/KnightRayjack/1/f658c5fb9b
Did he actually draw nothing but this one OC for over a year solely out of spite because not enough people appreciated her? This is probably a joke, right?
>>7271 Wouldn’t people start to hate/ignore her out of spite?
>>7276 Of course not, you think ticklefags would turn down literally any content? Especially not any involving an attractive mother figure. He didn't even have to try hard to make people like her, so I don't know where he gets off saying this is one of his least popular. As always, I assume it's either his least popular FOR HIM (which means still above most other artists), or he's deliberately lying to make himself look better.
>>7295 Good point.
(73.91 KB 1160x735 CHeez.png)

This guy. Not an artist, but a commissioner. Has basic, shit-tier taste in scenarios. Where the fuck are furries getting all this money to waste on commissioning people to draw the same fucking pictures over and over again?
(210.47 KB 649x372 iu.png)

>>7494 heh
(97.53 KB 253x420 AngeryMalina.gif)

>>7494 That goddamn OC makes me so angry every time I see it. Any piece that's been done for this dude is by default unappealing because it has that gross-ass character in it. I want to harm this fictional character.
>>7494 >Where the fuck are furries getting all this money to waste on commissioning people to draw the same fucking pictures over and over again? Try not being a min-wagie dropout
(93.75 KB 601x508 2f7.jpg)

>>7494 >>7496 >>7497 >>7498 Was worried about the day when you fags go after Bolt. He's harmless, and I actually follow both his DA and FA favs because I know for a fact that it would appeal to (most of) my taste. He's liked some cringe but for the most part he's very Vanilla which really isn't a bad thing once in a while. Honestly fuck this thread it's fine to have criticisms about popular artists but this is just circlejerking how much you guys hate every popular artist in the community. Like yeah some are valid criticisms but this is just a guy doing his own thing and that's fine.
>>7503 sup bolt
>>7496 Literal cwcville shit right there lmao.
>>7503 T.Bolt shortly before commissioning thirty Bowsette pictures in the year of our lord 2021.
>>7496 Good God... >>7503 >hOnEsTly fUcK tHiS tHrEaD oh hai, Bolt hos the endless foot worship and copy paste females going?
>>7508 >>7520 see i knew you guys would accuse me of being bolt, y'all are the most predictable bunch of losers
>>7523 >Bitching about hate >On fucking 8Chan Where do you think you are, princess? Gb2 hugbox
>>7503 >>y-youre circle jerking about hating other artists! >the only artist mentioned are ones ripe for criticism >other artists like bluishfeather, billvicious and Arisuyoku nowhere to be seen keep coping Bolt you stupid fuck, get some creative braincells and come back when you grow a fucking spine.
>>7503 I don't even mind Bolt's relatively tame taste overall, I just cannot fucking stand the design of that OC that he insists on inserting into everything he commissions. It's just really unpleasant to look at.
>>7547 That's because it's Sonichu.
>>7494 Remember when he was called "Bolt the Hedgehog"? Pepperage Farm remembers...
>>7568 Pleb
(55.07 KB 500x500 NewCanvas1.jpg)

>>7569 nah hes right I hate seeing shit like this
>>7523 because no one fucking likes bolts stupid fucking ugly ass disgusting picture ruining OC except himself.
>>7695 Gatekeeping 101
>>7701 nigga how tf is that gatekeeping lmaoooo no one likes a cringy sonic oc except the people who make them
Motherfuckers STOP responding to people who act like this, the engagement is exactly what they want, how are all of you motherfuckers so hyper-aware of "oh you're clearly someone in disguise trying to hide, I'm too smart for your scheme" and yet you dumb motherfuckers don't get the base concept of trolling, "if I just act stupid they'll keep arguing with me and I get to laugh at them". I've never seen the same fish jump at the same bait over and over again.
>>7706 but it's fun
(13.16 KB 474x253 FDqngqSX0AMLlcF.jpg)

>>7707 >but it's fun
>>7707 Well, fuck. I guess I have no answer to that.
so are we all gonna ignore that homonculuslover went full schizo on twitter and started accusing some rando of being a stalker who made an alt account to follow him or something? i mean even if it did end up to be true, any sane person would just block them and call it a day, but they had to sperg the fuck out publicly
>>7716 are you gonna post sceencap?
>>7717 ffs they deleted most of it. this is what I could find from it but there was much much more. the person they were accusing now deleted their account but from what I remember it was just them saying they asked HL about the guy and they snapped on them and immediately started accusing them of being the guy. again most of it is gone now, so don't believe me if you don't want to, i should've screen capped it knowing it would be gone soon.
>>7718 was desmond the nigga who tried to get them to draw free art and used the texas power outages to try to guilt them into it?
>>7706 I ain't even trying to start a fight here, these people are just really dumb
>>7695 >>7547 All of this. I keep finding art that could be great if his shitty fucking OC wasn't there ruining it.
>>6210 Daz I say isn't too bad but this just reminds me of Screampunk/Nitropunk. Thousands upon thousands of variants and goes above and beyond to prevent any pirating of their content period. None of the shit scraped by Kemono is actually accessibl at all..
(28.37 KB 589x173 ClipboardImage.png)

I don't even know what posts he's referring to in the rant he did on the back of this. Searching both this thread and the one on the old board he's hardly mentioned in either other than a couple of people saying he needs to stop drawing his shitty Animal Crossing OC.
(56.49 KB 591x573 ClipboardImage.png)

(179.93 KB 2001x1125 EH-7_Q0WoAIYham.jpg)

>>8198 >>8199 fucking kek, it went over his head like a rocket; the problem is that it's not that he has an OC, the problem is not that he draws whatever he wants to draw, the problem is that he knows people don't pay much attention to the OC and actively and vocally doubles down on using mamabito because he likes her and that's all that matters, it's like pawfeather holy shit. >also that patreon post lmao i swear all patreoncucks are retarded, fucking "A-I DRAW ART PLEEZ PAY MEE!" and they never upload outside of it only makes artists fucking die, every fucking time.
>>8199 >>8198 I'll give one thing to Pawfeather, he doesn't give a shit about the bants and keeps doing what he's doing, that's almost respectable in a way, whereas these niggas like HomonculusLover or Chaz get wind of some criticism and respond with an essay over how much they supposedly don't care and how it doesn't make them mad lmao.
>>8198 The moment I saw a single post about him come up I knew he'd respond, specifically on Twitter where people idolize him rather than treat him like a human being. Exactly, there has been some extremely negative, terrible shit said about so many artists here, but the moment one post is made about Chaz, all of a sudden he's here and it's time to compose Passive Aggressive Tweets With Capitalization For Emphasis. You'd think that someone who insists on being friendly and helpful to everyone who needs help and standing up for the little guy would speak out before he himself became a target, but I guess threads like this are only a problem when they directly target him.
>>8212 Hi PF
>>8199 >pay me this man is apparently in financial trouble every fuckin' week! and he begs or sometimes even has the gall to DEMAND Patreon money and donations every couple of posts. he's like DarkSydePhil, every other week he's got a new random crazy unexpected bill to pay and he e begs until he gets enough, only for him to overspend on his credit card the next week and get yet another crazy wacky unexpected credit card bill and the cycle starts again from there. the dudes poor wife is probably breaking her fuckin back maintaining him and herself barely afloat while he keeps drawing his ugly, lazy, poser doll traced and somehow even worse looking, background clipping head ass OC, neeting it up at home and refusing to get any real job to help out. maybe next time, change the default hand pose at least you fucking lazy hack. or even better yet, get a real job and help your wife out.
>>8283 now that you've pointed it out, it doe reek of designdoll tracing. especially the pose of legs. I unironically like the one on the left more either way, she feels like an animal crossing character and not just a bitch with a triangle nose.
>>8198 Oh nooooooo that weird capitalization shit he's an extremely online leftist huh
>>8198 >>8199 Remember when he used to draw decent fetish art?
>>8283 >>8288 >ALWAYS in Financial trouble >Begs and demands donations constantly ...Wikipedia? >>8290 >He cant be commie since he begs for money Bruh 90 percent of champagne twitter socialists worship capitalism while denouncing it, watchu talkiin bout Willis?
>>8283 "I have trouble finding a job." Nigga fuck you. There's more decent paying jobs out there now than in decades. Getting laid off after ten years and acting like you're jumping into the subprime mortgage crisis economy is a laugh. The triangle nose should point down toward the dick he can suck
>>7829 just gonna take chance to ask this. Anyone got either of Nitropunk's Coco stuff? No zips on the subscribestar and dead link for their PixivFanbox on Kemono for either of their Coco pics.
(323.33 KB 406x532 1638233106230.jpg)

(100.32 KB 387x389 1638181426160.jpg)

>>8291 >>8283 presented without comment
>>8738 Does art echo reality or rather does reality mimic art?
>>8738 I highly doubt people who browse this thread or 8chan in general look any better.
>>8738 Listen man, making fun of people based on their appearance is fucked up regardless of how cringe they are. It's too easy, especially when most male content creators on the Internet look the fucking same anyway.
Not really hating on anyone specifically but more of a complaint about fetish artists as a whole. The increasing difficulty of maintaining communication and commissioning them. There are a lot of fetish artists who have run to Patreon or Subscribe Star in order to escape the bullshit on DA and I can respect their desire to make more money off of their art on those platforms. But I get the feeling that these pay walls are becoming more of an excuse for them to say "I'll draw what I want and you pay to see it, no feedback allowed". Case in point, ChazTheWeasel. He does great artwork and has a whole pantheon of original characters that deserve more kink art/attention, but all he does is draw his Animal Crossing comic which I'm not gonna pay x amount of dollars a month to get an update on. Make a separate Patreon for that content or sell it somewhere else. I didn't follow your work for a fan comic of an overrated game. And of course he doesn't take commissions or notify when they're available, If he did, then he'd be forced to draw something other than Animal Crossing. That's the other thing that generally frustrates me too; the lack of commission slots or willingness to take them now from various artists. I get that irl schedules comes first but come on, if there's a group of people willing to throw money at you for it then you should at least give them the time of day to say "Sorry, can't take any now" or "I filled up and can't take anymore. If you want to make a down payment to reserve a spot for next time let's talk but now I can't take it on." MFS comes to mind here. I never ever see him post journals or anything about commission slots but during the rare times he posts on DA its always "A commission for [Name]". Dude, when were you taking those? Why didn't you say anything or message back any previous inquiries on it? Are you only drawing for a small circle of people or something? If that's the case then just put out a journal or something saying "Commissions for Patrons/Friends Only" or something rather than get people's hopes up that maybe they'll catch you at the right time and get the thing they really want to see done by you. On the subject of commissions, whatever happened to Bad-Pierrot and Kusujinn aka Kidetic? Are they Patreon exclusive now for commissions or what? Given their talents, they could still make a viable income from commissions but if those are Patreon exclusive options now then they should really say something. That's all I gotta say. More of a ramble than anything.
>>8738 I mean yeah he looks like the soijak which is kinda funny but he's not terrible looking. I know I'm gonna be called out for being the guy for saying this but I gotta level with you.
>>8761 Patreon and its consequences have been a disaster for the fetish art community.
(1.74 KB 126x117 littlefoot.jpg)

>>8745 >>8750 I didnt say anything...
>>8761 I do agree with a lot of this. What I dislike about Patreon as the primary model of payment for porn artists is that it's supposed to be just to universally support an artist without expecting rewards, and my money is too tight right now to just support someone without getting anything back. So I support someone for five dollars a month, because every single porn artist wants to have the 1 dollar "thanks for your support!" tier and the 3 dollar "only sketches" tier and then the 5 dollar tier is the first "good one", and I end up getting a handful of pictures for characters I don't care about and maybe one or two I do. I'd really rather just buy the specific pictures I want at full price. As much as we make fun of Screampunk/Nitropunk/Whateverthefuckpunk, they still post all of their content on Gumroad and you can buy them individually for reasonable prices. Oftentimes they draw all these characters I don't give a shit about but then they'll nail someone I want to see and I'll buy that one in a second. Omegazero01 is the same way, he posts stuff on Patreon, and then at the end of the month he posts all the Patreon stuff on Gumroad for five dollars so if I want it, I can buy it without marrying him for five bucks a month. I'm no artist, but isn't that a perfectly fine method that includes everyone? You still get your supporters every month, but the gallery is open to people who want to pay for pieces individually, like a buffet. Regarding commissions and specifically MFS, I know he does for certain post journals saying his commissions are open. The problem with that is twofold. He's very popular, so those commission slots fill up fast (and I believe he's Australian so his time zone is way different from most of us), but the more pressing problem is these people I can only describe as lampreys. These people just have all the money in the world and yet never seem to have a job or obligation, and instead they just hover around the artists they attach to and wait for them to open commissions. Then, the moment that journal goes up, they swoop in and latch on and claim "their" commission slot. This is part of why artist slots fill up so fast, greedy selfish bastards who treat the artist as "theirs" and feel obligated to get a commission every time their slots open. This is why oftentimes when you see an artist post batches of commissions, there's usually one or two names that show up every single time. They're just greedily hogging all the time and effort to get their specific indulgences out. Again, I'm no artist, but I've had artist friends in the past who confide that this happens to them and it makes very hard for them to take commissions because it just means "oh it's time for you to draw whatever my obsession is again", but they pay so it's hard to turn them down.
>>8761 The high tier artists have realised that they can draw what they want and people will still pay them more the enough money to get by now via Patreon. And you know what? Good for them. Most of the big names have been doing the commission gig for almost a decade now, it's only now they can go nuts drawing what they want while maintaining income due to their consistency and bulk of previous fetish work. As for commissioning current artists I suggest you widen your search. There are still plenty of decent artists out there that can draw you fetish smut, some are not even dedicated fetish artists. Just gotta be a bit more proactive and message a bunch. What's the worst that can happen? And speaking as a hobbyist tickle smut drawer myself who has been offered commissions work, sometimes the juice just ain't worth the squeeze. (But that might be because of my low skill level) That's my limited take though.
(25.14 KB 603x640 disgust.png)

>>8738 Not to say he's particularly attractive or anything, but I can count on one hand the amount of people in ticklefaggotry that aren't completely fucking disgusting looking.
>>8738 Do we have any images of fetish artists irl? I want to laugh at them. I saw Komori once at a con, but she was just selling sfw art for her vampire comic, and didn't even go up to get a good look at her (though I think she was fat?) but I don't think that counts.
>>8828 komori's not even into tickling, she just gets commissioned by ticklefags a shitload.
>>8828 >>8829 yeah Komori is a legitimate industry artist who is just willing to take light fetish commissions, she's nowhere close to being a ticklefag
(32.75 KB 640x480 miitwo.jpg)

>>8830 People have a problem with Komori?....How? I mean I aint checked in for like a 7 years but last I check she wasnt really offensive or anything, worst thing was some faggot in the comment section raging about her drawing fetish stuff for the money, and that aint even her fault
I like his work but zp92 as a person is a fag How long before he "auctions" this character only to keep drawing her He did that with Cody.
>>8954 leave it to a nog to rob
>>8828 >>8827 just go into any fetish discord server and check the "selfies" channel. (they ALL have one. two even sometimes.) you'll see people that look like him and worse, though he looks like he belongs on the lower tier. people are so fucking fake on there too, you'll get either the most dishevelled looking man who looks like he hasn't eaten in a week with pink dyed hair wearing his roomates or sisters stolen dress that is obviously like 4 sizes too small and stretched out to shit, or the fattest hairiest world of warcraft dwarf with more hair on them than a furfags favorites gallery on da, wearing a 2$ Amazon cat lingerie outfit in a black and white filter and saying like "don't i look like a cute little femboy tee hee" and everyone scrambles to say omg so cute so adorable i would tickle your toes and feet and soles and belly and- like shut the fuck up. no you wouldn't, you would cross the street if you saw that monstrosity outside.
>>9114 settle down
>>9114 I lol’d
>>8954 Looks so much better in proportion
>>4370 I have the link around but I remember a strange thing with Kingnamine once. King is friends with her and has made art of her O.C in the past. The self insert one. One day he does art of the O.C like he's always done and she just loses her shit. https://archive.li/03HF8 https://archive.li/sWBnB IDK why I archived but I guess good for fags that sperg abut le proves. You can also check for yourself. Look up art of Kate the self insert on King's page. Yu will find othr art of her still up and her praising it in the comments. IDK why she sperged here. >>4480 >What is the lore? Okekai is fucking mental but I know a bit of this. There is some artist named Codri who had this cat girl O.C which are a dime a dozen. This O.C was in his mixed race lesbian tickle fetish comic as a cat burglar to tickle the MC. However Codri did not do anything for his birthday or even knew what was going on so he threw a shit fit over it and basically blocked him. bitched in a journal, and picked some other dime a dozen catgirl character.
(79.54 KB 1146x1188 FFp_KGfUcAEOZgS.jpg)

>>9162 There's a reason why everyone calls you guys Tickle Autists you know...
>>9162 >>9164 like I know people are cringe and do cringe shit but there's something so intrinsically "serial killer" about having archived documents on hand to post about people who make art on the internet, like it just seems like way too much effort for shit that's pretty unimportant.
>>9176 I get that you’re trying to dunk on the guy, but do you really realize how retarded “Don’t screenshot the spergs and speds”is as an argument?
>>9176 >post blogs on public websites in the form of "news updates" >link that public announcement >"Bro what are you, some kind of serial killer?!" shut up faggot
>>9176 >Sperging about proofs >"here's your proof she's a fat schizo bro" >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT DO THAT THATS SERIAL KILLER BEHAVIOR
>>9221 >>9209 You two definitely have dead women in your freezers.
(57.73 KB 1280x720 5StarMan.jpg)

>>9247 That may be so, but it doesn't change the fact that saying "Bro you can't just link public content like that!" is still 100% retarded.
>>9247 >Post proof. >NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT DO THAT THATS SERIAL KILLER BEHAVIOR As >>9221 said. Alternate universe where I do not post proof. >Where is your proofs bro? You can't say shit without da proooooooofs. I'm proooooooooofing. Seems to be a damned if I do or don't situation. Any case I briefly was on the tickle fag scene before boking it out of there and just wanted to enjoy the porn for my fetish. Still does not change the fact on why people tend to dislike Kate and is a reason for it (I really don't know what set her off against King like that.) Aside from that I also agree with the take that Kate has a big ego and its grown since she is an oldfag so people suck her off. Anthr example I can give is Jimbob made a game "Trixie's Bad Bot day" with lots of other ticklefag O.Cs with Anyma or whatever she is called in the game. These cameo O.Cs are being tickled by the main bot villain for power since porn logic but Anyma not only manages to get out and free herself unlike the other. Her cells somehow has a hatch leading to the outside world of the lab with Jimbob even doing a follow up piece on his account of that O.C meeting Trixie at the gate to her lab after the events of the game. Its little things like that and it stands out since no one else of their O.Cs gets special treatment like that.
>>9176 >>9247 Hey homunculus. Have a lot of time on your hands given that you're an unemployable welfare cunt. Just remember that ebegging might get you a batman gaming chair now but won't pay off for your NEET ass when diabetes claims your legs in your early fifties.
>>9297 Oye m8 She really a welfare case?
>>9162 Homunculus is 100% in the right on this. Don't draw other people's OCs without asking first. Hell, as she said herself this wasn't even solely about King.
>>9311 >DONT DRAW MUH OCCCC Neither is in the right because they're both fucking childish ass retards. They need to get laid instead of worrying so much over fucking drawings.
>>9311 Think about this the next time you jack off to whatever fucking flavor of the month anime chick there is. They're OCs too yet nobody has a an issue stealing literal copyright. Let's get up in arms over amateur artists with no copyright claim of their own IP though. You fucking dunce.
>>9311 >caring about OC’s Weeooo weeeooo Retard alert
>>9311 Btw fuck off Homunculus. I hope someone does art of anyma getting sacrificed by Boko Haram
>>9311 >m-muh OC! >my super quirky purple haired enby unique epic cool valid mask oc!!! be thankful someone wants to draw them you autistic sperg. fuck you and your shitty art
>>9311 How many artists: 1. Draw popular anime characters that don't belong to them 2. Make money from it in some way
>>9311 As much as I hate jumping on dog piles, it is fun to see such an absolutely buttfucking retarded opinion taken down so thoroughly.
(540.18 KB 1440x1440 20211214_195206.jpg)

I really can't stop laughing thinking about this
>>9327 I mean, it is just striking.
>>9332 >>9327 I'm kinda curious now, how many ticklefag artist are legit attractive? there's gotta be at least a few.
(17.48 KB 305x349 nopeface.jpg)

>>9345 In the pre-porn purge era of Tumblr, there were a handful of attractive ladies on there that surprised me. They were, however, very quickly driven off. So there are probably quite a lot, and next to none of them are going to be willing to actually expose themselves to a thousand desperate autists.
>>9347 I remember these times. Damn shame. >>9345 I know of at least one who's a pretty handsome guy, he asked not to spread his photo around, though. Looked like a handsome jesus. A sad handsome jesus.
>>9311 The issue is that King had drawn her O.C countless times. Even aside from King others had drawn her O.C countless times or rather your O.C Kate. The issue is that King was drawing it to be nice as he has done this countless other times and suddenly Kate is having a fucking sperg fit about it and its par the course of her personality of being arrogant and bipolar.
Bruh... I just remember some old oc from a guy that deleted his stuff quite a while back... kind of remind me of someone else's OC...
>>9397 Oh yes Ellie I think was her name. I saved a lot of his stuff, good idea for a thread. IDK what happened to him as he was just gone one day.
(322.83 KB 446x750 1605498030592.png)

>>9327 Chaz just posted more "AC content" on his twitter, should i reply to him with this?
(19.15 KB 220x123 star-wars-do-it.gif)

(16.97 KB 400x400 7330744.jpg)

(748.96 KB 1600x720 Screenshot_20211217-200411.png)

>>9625 idk who that tv is but I'd fuck the shit out of her
>>9705 Max G really struck gold with Burnbot's design lol. She's just a TV but Lord there's a lot of people that want to fuck the TV.
>omg what ever could she be doing?!?! mamabito on Santa's dick?? jk their bodies cease to exist 4 inches beyond the purposefully misleading preview thanks for the money though :^)
>you guys go CRAZY when i post [family member]-bito!! >proceeds to post the most repulsive designs possible >18 likes 2 retweets >woah you guys LOVE her! also, return of the symmetry tool and 3d model hands. i like how he just straight up traces models instead of using them as a reference or base, mistakes and all, like he can't just try to go off the model even a little bit to fix anything that looks odd
oh no, a whole year without the amazing character design that is papabito? we better get him to 2,500 followers FAST guys! if this doesn't get posted this year I'll be thinking about how yet another family member-bito looks for the next 365 days! (spoiler: it'll just be another animal crossing traced head pasted onto a regular sized 3d model traced body) i wonder what'll happen when he runs out of characters and starts drawing lolibito... (probably right after sisterbito brotherbito cousinbito and greatgandpabito) he gives off that kinda vibe honestly
>>9882 >>9885 >>9886 hand me the link to his most recent post and i prommisse i'll post it, by the time people replied it was way after the post i mentioned had traction.
>>9720 Hence him literally giving her a body and using his patreon to draw "pics" of her. It's the pink cat all over again (and no, not the one named after a biscuit)
>>9903 just go to his Twitter page and look at his most recent post?
>>9885 Whoever this person is, mind posting Papabito or whoever the hell just so we can see Chaz mald?
>>9909 that IS papabito, and that's the comic that you have to wait a year to see if you don't get him to 2,500 followers.
>>9885 >>9886 I'm just gonna say it; I don't get why you think this is so funny. Him seething nobody liked it initially was funny but I think now you're under the impression we're all on board and consider the Animal Crossing shit in and of itself funny, and it's just kind of retarded. >look, he posted the fucked up Amiibo monster again! Isn't that CRINGE?! I guess, but you just posting it 900 times is starting to lose appeal.
>>9957 >Amiibo >Monster hold up
(39.15 KB 758x426 FHQ2Ll2XMAUCMEq.jpg)

>>9956 He posted another preview of the character in the vein of the grandparent pictures in >>9885, and it's also likely on Patreon. Here's the preview, that should help whoever PatreonLeaker is find it. Can't use Kemono to circumvent that, dude's Kemono hasn't been updated since May or so.
>>9957 ok chaz
(150.00 KB 620x1054 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9980 Hope you like this SUPREMELY FETISH FUEL artwork I paid for this garbage for the lulz as they say. Patreonleaker fren is merely retranscribing my anger after I gave him the "goods" Just knowing there are people right now on this planet that are being guilted into giving this hack money hoping for porn but get mediocre fanfics instead makes me seethe to the highest degree. Also it's time for your daily dose. Take some pawfeather cringe https://twitter.com/PawFeather/status/1474798950293164058?s=20
>>9957 Welcome the hate list, Chaz. Enjoy your stay
>>10039 We win /tkr/bros
(348.81 KB 378x544 tfw Latza.png)

>>10039 >I paid for this garbage for the lulz as they say >I gave him money >"as a joke" anon is a retard
>>10046 Hi Chaz
>>10046 Chazzy booooooy!
(49.16 KB 1013x1080 Abigail Shapiro lulz.jpg)

>>10047 >>10048 it's me, Chaz. thanks for the seethebucks, they spent just like cash.
(38.59 KB 280x472 Charles_Finster.webp)

>>10046 >>9957 Go home, Chaz
(82.32 KB 692x392 latest.png)

Chaz get out of our house
(768.95 KB 2048x1536 FCVJeEdXEAM1B88.jpeg)

>>10046 I'm financially well enough to not give a shit, thanks to me he'll be able to buy candies or exactly one sparkling water bottle in the restaurant of his choice. Keep being poor faggot
I can tell you fucks for positive that anyone posting here in defense of Chaz is not Chaz. Chaz wouldn't come here and astroturf himself. Chaz would post about it publicly on his Twitter saying "for people who shit talk me on a certain website" because he knows we'll see it and he knows his fans will know something's up, so they can all respond and ask him about it. He thrives on attention above all else.
(62.01 KB 740x879 seethejak.jpg)

>>10123 >I'm financially well enough to not give a shit, thanks to me he'll be able to buy candies or exactly one sparkling water bottle in the restaurant of his choice. Keep being poor faggot
>>9319 I know it's a few months late. But if that's what you want, so be it.
>>10168 How toxic are you children, you are the ones that everyone must hate, you damn quintals of shit.
>>10194 O shite nigga was good Hugh Amongus?
Was it?
(236.70 KB 2048x1152 FH_msHZX0AMAGPA.jpeg)

>>10168 anyama_fanart.jpeg >>10194 >quintals yeah ok pal. I'm sure she'll give you attention now, such a strong white knight keyboard warrior >>10551 she's not even getting actually tickled it's like a light tease at best, a poke at worst. >make tickle fetish comic >don't actually do fetish stuff >shoehorn in bad story that would only be deep to someone with 6th grade literature level >now it's just a bad comic for fucks sake this guy sucks at everything!
>>10551 Chaz is the kind of person who got so far up his own ass with "if I delay the payoff, it'll be so much more satisfying when I finally do give them what they want", but then he delays the payoff for like three years, then draws an off-screen hand lightly gesturing near his character's foot, and he expects us to go nuts over us finally getting our climax. It's not satisfying.
(1.21 MB 480x270 1601561923165.gif)

(25.66 KB 625x221 what the fuck.PNG)

>>10570 you kinda seem like a genuine faggot yourself, anon...
>>10573 Yikes.
>>10573 it's a bait account you fucking retard.
>>10575 sure it is, shitdick
(614.17 KB 640x600 1604282826917.png)

>>10577 why do you think i haven't posted anything in that account since four months ago you cum guzzling faggot?
>>10578 because you were stupid enough to post Chazjak like everyone was going to flip their shit and crown you King of Lulz for stealing some meme. >I FINALLY FUCKING DID IT >GODDAMN thems the mannerisms of a ratfucker, ratfucker.
>>10582 the fact that you're so fucking enthralled by two bait posts i didreally shows how much of a manlet you are, you have nothing else to say. pityful
>the yikerinos just keep on coming /tkr/ cringe is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
>>10584 ah, it's the retarded vpn fuck, nice job outing yourself idiot.
>>10583 you act like a fucking 12 year old about posting a shitty meme lmfao >i did it finally, i posted a lowtier meme to a post he made that ive been promising and hyping up for a month now are you even old enough to be here?
>>10583 >>10585 you know what's the biggest indication you were totally goofing and not a retard? how totally not mad you are right now.
>>10585 Kek, based vpnCHAD has ruined so many off-meds schizos with paranoia.
>>10590 Oh shit, what's good VPN army?
>>10585 >>10590 >>10598 you guys do understand this board refreshes post IDs after like a day or so right? They renew so quickly it almost entirely defeats the purpose of them. There's zero need for VPN, you literally just wait and get a fresh one.
>>10604 we wont bend 2 ur propaganda scrub
At first I was gonna laugh that someone bothered to update his kemono... Now? I'm just gonna laugh harder. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/299091/post/52894144
(57.35 KB 1300x957 concerned.jpg)

>>10802 im not here to rain on the parade, or anything, but i've completely lost track as to why we're rooting for scorched earth on this guy
Could anyone give me a rundown on the Vandiward lore? Seems to have somewhat of a rep outside of his circle and an oddly specific blacklist for commissions.
>>10809 I guess it's cause his reactions and posts are easier to make fun of than most? There are other artists who act like much shittier people or charge outrageous prices, but his being very forthcoming with his financial trouble and e-begging, not to mention his personal political opinions, makes him very visible and easy to laugh at.
(243.81 KB 519x360 Mordoface.png)

>>10809 Ticklefags are grudge-holding faggots. Bear in mind; even all the posts in this thread, nobody sperging about HomunculusLover ever really explained why exactly we're supposed to be seething over her, either. Just vague, occasional "cringe" shit that's supposed to keep everyone all hyped up for months on end. That said yeah, openly spewing so many personal details so often is extremely off-putting. I'm not happy to see the dude go broke, but a grown man doing the internet equivalent of holding a cardboard sign begging for change is uncomfortable to witness.
>>10976 >>10975 Did he at least draw tickle fetish stuff (running polls) once a month? Did he seriously risk the whole household on a niche fetish only to not draw that niche? I feel bad, but I cant spare a penny for more of this Animal Crossing stuff
>>10985 In the last few like 6 months, I only recall hearing about a tickle piece... Maybe 2 at a stretch and even then, he combined those with foot art to double dip before returning to animal crossing web comic only he wants.
So wait, is Saturn1 now a transbian? Last I saw his OC is now also a tranny who’s going around fucking other peoples OCs? Dude is a fountain of creepiness.
(25.14 KB 474x517 large05.jpg)

>>10802 >>10809 again??? he does this EVERY FUCKING 2 WEEKS. see >>8283 >he's like DarkSydePhil, every other week he's got a new random crazy unexpected bill to pay and he e begs until he gets enough, only for him to overspend on his credit card the next week and get yet another crazy wacky unexpected credit card bill and the cycle starts again from there.
(56.72 KB 454x661 not hiring i guess.JPG)

>in the middle of a major labor shortage >fired from a previous RETAIL job at best buy >they dont want him back >they put him at 0 hours at target to get him off their back damn this guy must be either completely insufferable IRL as well or be incredibly incompetent to have been basically fired from multiple seperate retail jobs
>>11218 Why... Would he willingly post that he cant keep retail employment? I'm not about dogpiling on people but posting shit like that is almost bait
>>11219 So people feel sorry for him and give him more money. Absolutely disgusting.
>>11084 >Transbian Please use the proper word for them; 'Incels'.
>>11218 good god, what the fuck's wrong with him? >>11219 also this
>>11218 His art could use some work but it's competent and the characters he draws look appealing. Is he really so socially inept that in like a decade of doing this stuff he hasn't made any connections in the industry to land a job doing something with drawing?
>>11260 dude's kinda got a cool voice tbh
>>11260 i hate him with a passion but thats a really good argonian voice
>>11260 Boom There it is. Now these fags can stop crying whenever you point out he’s a dude
(653.01 KB 731x1172 5de.png)

>>11260 >No sexual stuff >Has a near unlimited supply of porn Kek. I wonder if we'll have to subscribe to him just to commission his voice
>>11292 Fiverr doesn't have options for nuance. If you're a voice actor, you can only pick from a checklist of which gender roles you'll play.
>>11260 >Voices in Yandere Simulator Yeah, that probably explains a lot of things.
>>11302 mostly explains why he's been doing gore/death variations of all his art, but it doesn't explain why he would ever think it's a good idea to do that... >>11301 listen to yourself man. are you seriously gonna listen to those voices and say nah nah that's a woman Fiverr just isn't nuanced???
>>11315 Not a cis woman, a trans one.
>>11351 >be trans woman >proud of doing a male voice yeah i dont think thats how it works. the dude is an yanderedev fan, what are the chances he lies to get idiots to pay him under the impression that he is a girl? i know a lot of people who do or have done that, and once they get caught out they jump with the whole "ermmm im actually trans guys!!!" despite not doing a single thing to actually try to be trans >inb4 uhh actually you dont have to try to act/look like a woman to be a trans woman
>>11396 Would be a retarded way to go about it considering shes been out as trans for years.
>>11396 "Because I, random 8chan user, am the gatekeeper, nay, the arbiter, of what it means to be trans. No trans person may pass until they have met MY standards!" Chill the fuck down, incel. I bet you creeped on her and either got blocked, ignored or went in full gay panic when you realized she wasn't your concept of a woman and now your sperg raging to cope.
>>11403 Oh hai Nitro, how are you doing?
>>11403 yeah yeah, keep spouting buzzwords nitro I'm sure that'll prove everyone wrong. don't you have some 4.6 million gore/necrophilia variants to work on or something?
>>11260 His voice is honestly pretty good. I might commission him to treat me like a girl and tickle me. >>11315 >>11396 Back to pol. >>11437 I don't see anything wrong with this image. Take your pills.
>>11439 >His voice is honestly pretty good. I might commission him to treat me like a girl and tickle me.
>>11403 >her lol fag
>>11474 >fag lol incel
>>11474 >fag lol chud
It's not worth getting worked up about trannies. Just toss a coin and call it a day. The rest will take care of itself in due course.
(504.65 KB 240x240 MajorSparseDikdik-max-1mb.gif)

b r uh look at all this ratchet ass bullshit bruh tranny anti tranny yall niggas need to get a room for real and nitro? bruuuuuhhhh nitro got that big ass nose nigga like Bambi nigga all chargin a nigga money just to see them like bruh i dunno whats worse the simp bitches payin for this shit or the lady marmalade ass nigga sitting on a throne of foot and bitchniggaism yall niggas be spraying cope while copin yoselves like daaamn this shit funny af g this shit get any saltier i finna put this on worldstar bruh foot ass worldstar niggas ay yo but like for real tho ya boi nitro be a double bitch if he gotta sockpuppet a thread like bruh you aint finna be the fried chicken trolling crew nigga you butthurt and it makes you look weaker than anything these niggas can ever say to you like damn bruh we get some butthurt here but damn this nigga be just all over all posting until nodoby else is cuz they done gone and moved on nigga wearin a crown of ego ass centrism finna takashi 6x9 this shit with yo rainbow foot ass bruh its monday, nitro in france right? like bruh go enjoy the motherfukin culture there and shit trap bitch or not all comin wasting u life here liek its somethin to do bruh i wish i could see france instead you got me stuck in a hood up in teh backroads like nigga whining about a platinum crown from a golden throne spoiled ass nigga aight my nigs imma fuck witchu on the next one peace
>>11552 Bix nood
I'm actually surprised it took this long to get to this part of the thread.
>>11617 you need to realize tkr at this point is like the same 10 people talking to each other, and like 10 other artists/autists lurking until someone calls them out. it's bound to happen in every thread sooner or later
>>11552 I'm gonna take a wild guess that you have autism.
(960.66 KB 245x250 eea.gif)

>leave the thread for a week
>>11694 we're just waiting for the next artist to fuck up or post something retarded
>>11762 Erryone download all of their content anyways. If we're going down (however doubtful that may be), we're taking them down with us.
>>11762 >>11796 They sent it to Google so realistically this won't lead to anything apart from maybe being removed from search results, which may be a good thing.
>>11762 Alright, Nitro...you want autism? You got autism
>>11762 Lol this dude sucks so hard
>>11762 lmao seething so damn hard
(56.36 KB 907x745 cope.jpg)

I have never met a bigger emotional snowflake than NecromancerGhesh.
>>11949 context?
>>11951 I've been in a couple of servers with him, servers that he temporarily leaves or throws a temper tantrum if someone has an opinion different to his, acting as if they were personal attacks regardless of context.
>>11953 Are you the same person as >>3041? This is literally nothing.
Yes, you're right. I'm just sick of this snowflake curling themselves into a bubble and wailing because they can't accept someone else thinks differently. Every time someone thinks differently than him, good or bad, they start screeching like a butthurt bitch with a red ass. Even when they're art is compliment or criticized they can't help but crave attention like a whore with daddy issues.
>>11964 This person slighted you at some point and you just naturally think this board is a personal army request forum or something, don't you?
>>11967 I don't know the guy but I would join his army if I can shoot stuff.
>>11968 I don't care about shooting stuff, but if I could interrogate prisoners...
>>11964 You're just mad because he's not afraid to ask the real questions.
>>11969 Well, we can't all be on prisoner interrogation duty!
>>11972 Holy fuck that's the funniest thing I've seen on this board And you all thought philosophy was a dead art smh
(43.72 KB 287x297 Underbitetroll.jpg)

>>11964 Chill retard
(47.11 KB 960x949 1604287923937.jpg)

>>11967 >>11972 >hurr durr i'm to stoopid to understand the point >>11979 Ghesh is such a fucking bitch, i've seen him flee from other servers before because people just say anything that he sees as an insult because he can't grow a fucking spine, his style may be cute, but he's a coward who cries for attention and then fucks off when he gets it.
>>11981 Nigger everyone understands the point. We're just laughing at it because it's pointless drama.
(497.91 KB 622x621 1642304102370.png)

>>11983 >it's all pointless drama >POST EVIDENCE SCHIZO one or the other, faggot.
>>11981 >>11984 I don't know what you think we "don't get", it's just that you're a retard for thinking anyone else would care. What reaction did you expect us to have at "no name vaguely whines sometimes"? What comedy gold did you think you were sharing with us, fag?
(2.07 MB 806x986 1608770609860.webm)

>>11985 thanks for proving my point shitskin.
>>11986 Now you're just blurting shit you've read on /pol/. I don't know why homosexuals like you think people can't see through blatant newfaggotry but rest assured you deceive nobody.
(58.60 KB 588x391 807.jpg)

(24.69 KB 125x125 1595144629401.png)

>>11987 >people call me a nigger >NNOOOO YOU CAN'T CALL OTHERS NIGGERS POLTARD! GO BACK TO YOUR CONTAINMENT BOARD! NEWFAG! BUZZWORD! i didn't have to do anything.
(593.32 KB 600x445 1522571856490.png)

(72.68 KB 744x1340 fuck off retard.png)

(9.59 KB 480x360 1612538719590.jpg)

>>11992 doesn't apply, keep trying.
>this thread
>>12000 I'll give it a shot. Here goes. "Boy I shure do like making fun of tickle porn artists when they decide to do something absolutely pathetic or mind-bogglingly stupid." It's just doesn't have that fun ring to it like it use to. Maybe if artists like anyma persuaded her gazillions of twitter stans to donate to a charity or did some volunteer work in addition to the usual e-begging for a shiny new gaming chair she might contribute something fun to the community besides colorful art and a mutual sense of dread.
(483.13 KB 850x1200 86086017_p0.jpg)

>>11981 Nobody fucking cares retard. BOOHOO OH NO HE DISCONNECTED FROM A DICKSORE SERVER A FEW TIMES WAAAA Post something interesting instead. Did he rape cripples? Did he scam commissioners to spend on hookers? We do not care about random shit. >>11986 Are you 15? >>11985 >>11990 This >>12005 Most charities are scams and don't provide anything to increase our supplies of tickleporn.
(1.88 MB 472x360 1625199749412.gif)

>>12011 2 for 2
>>12026 Take your L faggot, jesus christ. Enough of these 9gag tier reaction images, too, they're not helping you disguise your newfaggotry.
(139.54 KB 532x360 1612487240697.jpg)

>>12027 >Seething and buzzwords lol
>>12028 >doesn't even understand what a "buzzword" is
(7.58 KB 190x265 05008108.jpg)

>>12030 and you want me to tell you? that way you can stop being an obnoxious dipshit
>>12031 How excited were you when you posted this shit thinking you were gonna get all those Anons rallying around you to go after that CRINGE rando? How pissed off are you now that you know it's not gonna happen?
>>12032 i didn't post it, but i support the cause for the sake of chaos.
>>12034 >i support the cause for the sake of chaos. god you're a faggot
>>12036 is that really all you can say? is your brain so smooth that you can only come up with one insult? you're not even a broken record, you're the record designed by a stupid retard who wanted to hear the same five seconds on loop like a song from toby fox, you uncreative reddit tier mongoloid.
>>12038 tee hee, I did it for DA CHAOS! faggot.
b r u h these comments no one mentioning he got catfished by a kid https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45503444/
>>12118 I feel like that'd be completely out of his control, since even adult furries speak and behave like retarded children even in the best situations.

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