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(646.99 KB 1081x1013 no.png)

Artists you hate Anonymous 10/11/2021 (Mon) 03:23:01 Id: 979c89 No. 3030
Talk shit online anonymously. Pic extremely related.
I hate your favorite artist and my favorite artist is the one you hate.
>>3030 Why do you hate her?
(481.50 KB 975x968 hello there.png)

>>3040 not even OP, but i guess it comes with all footfag artists that have very bloated ego, did you even see their latest contest? fucking "HEY, SUCK ME OFF AND SUBMIT TO ME, AND MAAAYBE I'LL DO A SKETCH FOR YOU", fucking hell.
>>3041 Cliffnotes version please, that screencap doesn't give much context
>>3043 just look at the screencap retard.
>>3041 >artist pls show foot and bagina >"no" >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I hate aritst she no show foot and bagina >I better shitpost on a tibetian foot fetish textboard about it sage
>>3044 >Just look at these random unrelated posts ???
>>3045 >being this retarded you can't read jesus christ all right, CaseytheII had a toxic as shit server full of elitists who were also coincidentally footfags, she just gave them a platform to be toxic and she herself is extremely uncaring about the people around her. Alienboy_7 is someone known for making friends, getting what he wants out of them, either art or sexual gratification and then dumps them like whores. Espeon is a schizo who nuked his server not too long ago because his ego was entirely derlated and people weren't sucking him off as hard as he wanted them to Reckless is mostly fine, i just hate the fact that he was so uncaring about a part of his audience, and instead of being cordial about it, he just did a doug walker and flipped them off instead of being amicable about it.
>>3041 >The EVIL FOOTFAGS are oppressing us again bros Rent free
>>3047 "She is toxic", cool but what did she actually do? Seems like a pathetic attempt at cancellation. Pics or gtfo. >Alienboy_7 is someone known for making friends, getting what he wants out of them, either art or sexual gratification and then dumps them like whores. Post pics/logs. >Espeon is a schizo who nuked his server not too long ago because his ego was entirely derlated and people weren't sucking him off as hard as he wanted them to Post pics/logs. >Reckless is mostly fine, i just hate the fact that he was so uncaring about a part of his audience, and instead of being cordial about it, he just did a doug walker and flipped them off instead of being amicable about it. Explain
I don't HATE him, per se, but caroo really boils my carrots obnoxiously popular, has a legion of simps to defend his every action and suck him off traces designdoll models, like, not even covertly. He livestreams himself doing it. draws scenarios that are so over-the-top they cease to feel erotic, like, yeah shes strapped into a latex ticklegasm machine for months, who cares at that point excessively cops-out on anatomy at every opportunity,wall- trophy pics, portals, etc. Like nigga you ALREADY trace directly off designdolls, how many corners do you need o cut? BUT, I cant even fault him on it, cause the cumbrains eat it the fuck up. Like, you can give Todd Howard shit for constantly re-releasing skyrim all you want, but the fact remains the only reason he keeps doing that is because people keep buying it. I guess, in that aspect, Caroo is the Todd Howard of fetish art.
>>3049 >she's toxic i don't have any screencaps with me since i left her server long ago, but she was constantly riling up the people around her, most notably chrissythesquirrel and someone named Pink or jackiebuncake, on which she got extremely on their case for mineal bullshit and then she expected to get an apology despite her wronging them; in regards to the server, they had a little "let's make fun of people" chat where they'd just post a random artist and start talking as much shit as possible about them, or if they got in any beef, they'd go to that channel to clown on them, they literally started to throw darts to square the blame on someone and aimed for the navelfag (idkw) >pics/logs i can't get into DMs of other people, but i remember some notable cases like bonniecakes and the navelfag from before, itsDQ. >Umbreon they LITERALLY nuked their server, i think that should be proof enough, they aparently were going trough some episode or some shit and when one of his friends (jimmyzoroark idk) didn't acknowledge a pic on their server, umbreon just obliterated the server >reckless if i remember correctly it was by the time he drew the "upper body foot tickle" pic, where he came out as a full on footfag, then he did a bit of gloating and went like "IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE UPPER BODY, THEN UNWATCH ME, BECAUSE I'M NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE", which is extremely rude.
>>3041 >>3051 So in other words, it's upper body fags sperging out that their niche interests aren't being pandered to. As usual.
>>3052 nigger do you even read?
>>3041 What does WTFeather have to do with all that?
>>3054 WTFeather is worse, he became a patreoncuck who never posts outside of it because it doesn't make him money, he sent his entire furry fanbase to eat shit because "fuck you", i don't care about upper body or feet stuff, i care that these people are fucking cunts.
Sometimes I wonder if any of the other fetishes have to deal with the shit we do. Do you think transformation fetish boards have entire drama threads full of "fuck this artist they don't do the transformation art I like and also they're toxic" or does everyone just get along and we're the weird ones?
>>3056 That's strange, I figured furry stuff tends to pay pretty well. He sounds like a cunt for sure though.
>>3057 Unironically yes, they do.
>>3051 So, she basically did some vague stuff that you don't even remember. >they had a little "let's make fun of people" chat where they'd just post a random artist and start talking as much shit as possible about them Sounds like this thread. >i can't get into DMs of other people Did you make this up then? >they LITERALLY nuked their server, i think that should be proof enough No, not really. >which is extremely rude. More like extremely polite because it saves people that followed him and are into upper body stuff time. >>3057 The furry fandom has a lot of drama. >>3056 Maybe he just stopped being into furry. Although I agree about the patreon shit.
Wonder how long before this gets bumplocked
>>3060 >vague stuff bitch this happened a while back, at least a year ago, cut me some slack, if i remember correctly i think it was Chrissy being annoyed at Cas's attitude, in the other end it was Cas mocking the other person because they were into transformation and found it weird i just remembered another one, someone that goes by milky, she got kicked off of Cas's server because Milky made one of the elitists angry, and when Milky tried to defend herself, Cas just banned them >did i make it up no, you can see his DA page, he talks to a bunch of people and then these people dissappear from his life, i'm going to try and see if that itsDQ guy has something tho, since bonniecakes deleted his own account by being a massive shitheel. >not really i took a chance to find what happened, and apparently, umbreon snapped at someone in DMs about how "they didn't appreciate his art" and how he cancelled an art trade about it, and he started to lay on this friend of his until it reached a boiling point and he nuked the server. >polite there could have been better words to say that, at least in my opinion, that's why i'm siding with him a little more, and probably i saw it rough as an ESL thing (with him being german i believe), so yeah, i don't know.
>>3057 All the time, my dude.
>>3052 Yeah basically.
>>3091 Christ, will they ever shut the fuck up and fuck off?
>>3092 Pfft, I fucking wish. They'll whine and bitch and whine that an artist only does foot stuff when that's what they do in the first place or that's what they cater to more. Expecting them to suddenly make upperbody shit and getting mad when they don't.
>>3093 Gee it's almost like feet are the most popular fucking fetish on the goddamn planet and it pays better than pandering to a bunch of contrarian weirdos. They really are the vegans of this fucking fetish, going somewhere they aren't wanted and crying that they aren't being pandered to.
>>3050 This. Only thing I truly hate about him is e v e r y Discord server he copy-pastes the same "sub to my Patreon update ;)" message every. Fucking. Time. And ignores everyone else otherwise. Now obviously Discord are cancer, I can't blame him for not interacting but on the other hand he only exists in one to self advertise and get his dick sucked.
(29.18 KB 1280x1118 photo_2021-10-11_02-10-55.jpg)

(42.03 KB 1280x984 photo_2021-10-11_02-10-56.jpg)

Not artist's per-say but anyone who knows these icons should have ptsd or some shit
Bro the positive thread got deleted? That was fast
>>3103 The OP deleted it because I mentioned there was already a positivity thread: >>2153 They didn't need to fucking delete it, I was just pointing it out because it had been pushed so far down that no one remembered it.
>>3104 The admin merged it with the existing positivity thread.
>>3091 >>3092 >>3093 >>3094 actual bottomfeeding trash who doesn't know how to fucking read.
One peculiar case for me is BillVicious, now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the guy and his art is very good and his patreon is affordable... but what I don't like is his community on patreon since they are the ones that chose the victims and methods of tickling... and most of the time is going to be foot tickling on overused characters that already has way too much art of them... Like seriously, one of the last pics from patreon that he made was of "Unpopular victims" and the chosen victims were from fucking Naruto... I know Tsunade and the other chick are not the most popular from the series but common... you can hardly call someone "unpopular" if they are from Naruto
>>3143 yeah, that shit bothers me too, to be honest. the higher you go up in the talent tree the less creative a lot of artists seem to get, which makes sense economically i suppose. still frustrating
>>3143 This isn't really a BillVicious thing, it's just a patreon thing. For some reason Patrons have the shittiest taste and want to see the same victims over and over from every artist.
>>3153 I used to think the problem was with the artists until I joined some of their patreons. I was an extreme member on BillVivious' patreon so I could suggest characters and picking someone that isn't from one of the top 5 most popular anime/Nintendo franchises is almost pointless because pretty much only those characters get any votes. The problem is that most people in the community would rather get their 38th picture of Asuna getting her feet tickled in stocks than anything remotely interesting.
(9.40 KB 225x225 KirB2_1.jpg)

>>3102 FUCK iletyoutickleme even his icon is making me pissed
>>3163 I can concur with this, as far as can recall Ero-MR and Kidetic were both like this to a decent extent. I will say though that with Kidetic there was at least a chance if he liked the character or idea.
>>3215 I'm afraid to ask but what did he do to be hated?
>>3223 where to even start? He begs nonstop from artists, considers you a "friend" until he gets what he wants from you. He raged over Symbiontickles doing his last request a while ago and raged to some poor bastard in the comments threatens suicide every 5 minutes and when friends finally have enough and cut him off; he completely looses his shit, examples given
>>3239 Good god the passive aggressive energy from that first conversation. It's too much internet for me
>>3041 Take your meds.
zp92/zack dragon Hate's probably too strong, since there are some stuff he makes I like. So I'll just say I "dislike" several aspects about him and his art. Like the over-exaggerated proportions with characters having fucking clownshoe sized feet, massive asses and breasts bigger than their fucking bodies. Creates a ton of characters but never does anything with them, with the exception of 5 characters and they're pretty lousy. He's also so fucking full of himself constantly shitting on things he claims to dislike only because they're "popular".
>>3469 On a similar note, I really really dislike BillVicious because of his stupidly exaggerated proportions on every single character he draws. I remember when he drew Ishtar, a character that's flat or medium at best, with massive fucking honkers. Not everything needs massive tiddies or asses to look good.
>>3215 I remember watching some youtube video about video games or something, and then the character he uses in his profile picture appeared and I reflexively blinked, sat up and closed the tab. Had a good laugh when I realized what just happened a moment later. I can hardly believe someone with that level of social ineptitude could exist. Just, there's no self-awareness over how awful he acts towards the people around him, and every other post he makes is talking about how he's going to open commissions for the last time and saying how awful his life is because no one commissions him. Like he doesn't know how to communicate in a way that isn't some form of emotional manipulation. Except he's terrible at that too. He had this weird fight with another artist over some bullshit with paypal or something and decided to post the entire private conversation, complete with invoice, on his account.
>>3470 He originally drew breast expansion and you could really tell with the first pics he has on his patreon. He still likes making the characters thicker that they originally were, but I wouldn't call these stupidly exaggerated.

(8.37 MB 4961x3508 89343426_p0.jpg)

>>3469 >>3470 >>3485 I suppose it bears adding that the whole ridiculously curvaceous body shapes thing is not necessarily an issue of technique but rather one of taste. I don't care for it too often but it clearly works for a lot of people and, every once in a while, it'll do it for me too. No reason not to dislike their stuff for it regardless of course.
>>3030 >Check it if I'm in the thread or not >I'm not Feels good not being hated bros
(7.92 KB 268x188 s1u8DBs.jpg)

>>3514 same
>>3514 This
"Hate" is a strong word, but I'm really bothered by Bandito's art style these days, I get that intensity is hot but his overly exaggerated female characters with their giant stiff nipples and extreme ahegao faces almost look like caricatures. It's a shame since I find his older stuff that wasn't quite as cartoony and over the top very fappable.
>>3120 Cope harder you mentally ill faggot.
(2.07 MB 806x986 1608770609860.webm)

>3545 >buzzword buzzword buzzword keep trying buddy, maybe one of these days you'll make a competent insult
(28.59 KB 524x115 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3030 This guy Come on How did no one talk about him yet It's not so much the art, it's the guy himself. Check out the descriptions : https://www.deviantart.com/konstantinossk/art/Ms-Pac-Man-Tickle-Madness-888281757 https://www.deviantart.com/konstantinossk/art/Fixing-it-Amy-s-Ticklish-Santia-Toes-894794698 https://www.deviantart.com/konstantinossk/art/Angry-Birds-Hogs-and-Tickles-1-2-876770321 This guy is an actual schizo, there's no other way to put it.
>>3611 >Actual schizo >Has Sonic icon >Clearly member of sonic fanbase What did you expect?
>>3514 >>3516 You and me both, my brothers. Or maybe I'm just not that relevant

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