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detached body part (NBM) tickling NBM Dude 10/20/2021 (Wed) 23:15:13 Id: 1c1f97 No. 4123
Is anyone else into the idea of magically (or using portals) detaching feet (or other body parts) and tickling them at a distance from the "host"? I think the idea is so hot! :) And so convenient--think of having the living, detachable feet of some girl of your dreams in your luggage, and when you get into your hotel room during a business trip, you can unpack them, lie on the bed, and tickle in private and in perfect security! Here are a few examples: Credit: from left to right: https://www.deviantart.com/jeffers1125 https://www.deviantart.com/gamera1985 https://www.deviantart.com/castleoffeet https://www.deviantart.com/amyroseater ...all from Deviantart.
Edited last time by Flatty on 10/23/2021 (Sat) 12:06:44.
Sorry for the messed-up html! :( Don't know how to edit the post, either...
(14.06 KB 508x90 172402.jpg)

>>4124 Left click here, delete it and try again
(2.09 MB 2047x953 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.24 MB 1280x720 WIP_Tickle.mp4)

(2.23 MB 1450x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.99 MB 2048x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4134 Holy shitcakes, man... where did you find that??? Awesome!!
These are freaking amazing! XD Thx, y'all... and keep 'em coming if you have 'em!
>>4125 :/ Thx... I'd love to, but I'd wipe out all the contributions so far; I'll just deal, and learn for next time, I guess...
Any links/sources for any of these? I'd love to track down the artists...
This one was posted on the games thread on the old board; I love the "sole box" idea, and it's so awesome when NBM tickling is animated! https://twitter.com/okome0250/status/1227961977298767874
(8.29 MB 720x576 87921792.gif)

(7.13 MB 640x480 88931608.gif)

(8.59 MB 640x360 86318291.gif)

(10.08 MB 640x480 86318074.gif)

Here are a few more by a brilliant guy on Pixiv named "Silent Bear":
(630.61 KB 2732x2048 Portal.jpg)

>>4359 I can't find him in the search. Got a link?
>>6156 Here ya go! https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/52087837 You'll need a free pixiv acct to see nsfw works, tho...
>>4359 Another one by the same guy. He's Japanese (I think), so has some trouble with English; he flags all the tickling pieces as "ticking". :) https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/93241645
(7.96 MB 4093x2894 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.11 MB 1614x1920 NBM feet 1.png)

Here's a pic that's kind of a reconstruction of one I had on DeviantArt before it was hacked/deleted...
Hey @ NBM Dude, you wouldnt happen to have your old youtube videos you made a while back would ya? I would so greatly appreciate it! Been a fan of your work since you came to deviantart!
>>8584 Oh, I *wish!!* No, they were lost when I got hacked. :( It's a pain in the neck to animate those things, too... Thx for the kind words!
(3.08 MB 1614x1920 NBM feet 3.png)

One more version with another NBM body part of the 'lee being tickled! (Sorry about the weird interaction between the background and the model's hair!)
(4.43 MB 4098x2304 A Magician's Hasty Quest.jpg)

(9.15 MB 3723x2285 ClipboardImage.png)

(134.25 KB 400x600 1.jpg)

(496.73 KB 1620x2160 UKrUKJtUWFc.jpg)

(937.49 KB 647x364 box1.gif)

At least this way, I won't disturb the people in the apartment below me. Niiiice and silent! :) So much fun to imagine the noise her upper half must be making, across town... Maybe I should give her a call and see what she screams... er... says! Hehe...!
love the gifs NBM Dude! Keep them up!
Oops! Forgot to include credit for the source of that last one (it's a YouTube video which I photo-edited and gif-ified): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZRH8Zidg4Q It's from a genius fellow whose account name is "DiegoCv", and he has a Patreon full of this stuff. (This is from a promo clip of his.)
(4.50 MB 647x364 box2c.gif)

Put together another one! :) Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gLc-TvKnnk I wish I could have gotten rid of the left box, to make it more realistic, but it was too much of a pain to edit (the angles of the floorboards changed too much, and the lighting was too different). Oh, well... the end result is still fun! :)
(6.45 MB 647x364 box3b2.gif)

...and one more (these are three different girls, by the way... though it's a little hard to tell from their feet! :D I envy this guy, having a harem of beautiful ticklees...) Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDcM6Wr-u8g
(6.47 MB 647x364 beach1 (1).gif)

Well, what would YOU do if you found a pair of live, detached, wiggling girl feet at the beach...? :D
>>14997 private account
(4.51 MB 647x364 capture5.gif)

Another one by Diegocv; be sure to give his Patreon some love: https://www.patreon.com/diegocv The guy's a freaking genius! :)
(2.85 MB 381x364 chair2a.gif)

...and I couldn't resist making a detached-feet version of the awesome work by Elektratouch... Poor, little twitchy feet... no Megan to reclaim them... :D
(1.53 MB 900x506 nbmlee1.gif)

...and I also can't resist letting Lily see her beautiful ticklish victim's other part via technology... :)
>>21603 WHOA! I only saw a promo clip for this one, and you scored the whole thing?! You're a god!! :) Thx!!
>>21603 I love the idea of "foot boxes" too! :) They're not common to find, but more fetish producers seem to be noticing them... Here's a place on Twitter that's gotten into the idea: https://twitter.com/feetdish/status/1460994457638035460
Hey guys, got some more footbox goodies. This time its made by DDK00 whom you can find on Pixiv. He makes some great works imo, works are mostly in chinese. Password: 9WTC52 https://www.mediafire.com/file/femfv6cmx9jljbl/PDF.pdf/file
(5.12 MB 600x338 troll_NBM.gif)

Here's an NBM mod I did from the brilliant work of "Toermentor" (from DA); here's the original: https://www.deviantart.com/toermentor/art/Tickletou-feather-roller-special-animation-886590463
>>22121 Link is gone :( got another reupload?
>>24421 ...though I think I like this one at half-speed--more teasing and torturous! :)
>>24426 I don't have the files that the Anon posted, but here's the page on Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4046335 (You can download the pics with a free account.)
(18.67 MB 1280x722 troll-story2.gif)

Here's another variant of the same pic (re-upload, with easier-to-read text)... ...and do check out the original, by Toermentor; the troll girl is cute! :)
(5.57 MB 485x364 beach2a_mod.gif)

I've always loved girls buried at the beach with their feet tickled... and my fantasies often turned to girls with detachable feet who left them at the beach. (Hey, they leave their purses with credit cards at the beach... why not? :D ) I desperately want the job of "beach custodian" who has to clean up the beaches, and can "dispose" of neglected items as he sees fit (say, by taking them home to his bedroom)... :)
(8.25 MB 642x364 beach3_mod.gif)

NBM Dude, your stuff is always amazing! I can't wait to see what else you can create! Keep up the good work!
>>24772 :) Thx! Finally found a way to cut the "edit out the head" process to about 10% of the time it used to take...
(10.11 MB 205x364 beach4.gif)

...and when you find some live, detached feet (that happen to be really ticklish!), there's no point in ALWAYS keeping them to yourself! Invite a friend! :)
Stop posting pictures of minors please
>>24801 Um... the minor wasn't the one being tickled, and there wasn't anything even remotely sexual about the pic, but... okay(?)... Just for reference: you're okay with this thread: https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/1244.html ...but my pic wasn't okay? Honestly not trying to be a jerk, here... genuinely trying to understand.
>>24801 Given that the original (un-"giffed") clip was on a publicly available, non-adult-restricted commercial site, I also don't see how "real kid" (not drawn/CGI) in the clip could be a problem. Seriously confused, here... >>>link redacted<<<
Edited last time by Flatty on 07/13/2022 (Wed) 15:11:32.
>>24833 https://8chan.moe/site/res/4481.html Ruling2: Media containing children, DOST, and context Global Rule 2 broadly disallows posting pictures of underage people in any sort of lewd or lascivious context, or from trying to change the context of an otherwise innocent pic into something lewd with the addition of other content. Media of IRL kids was originally allowed on non-pornography boards including /b/ provided the letter and spirit of Global Rule 2 was maintained. This exemption has been revoked. Pictures or other media containing real children may not be posted on the site other than well known memes which contain no lewd content (e.g.: "Disaster Girl"). Global moderators may use their own discretion concerning removals and bans for such material. >Why Because children are provided with special protections under the law, the very act of posting pics of kids in a NSFW environment can be considered posting them in a lewd context. There is some legal grey area, but the site endeavors to avoid that grey area and follow the law as best we can. Formerly "cute kid pics" of a non-lewd nature were permitted on the site, but this has led to persistent, repeated abuse that has been difficult for Board Owners to moderate, and this poses an unacceptable risk to the site's hosting.
>>24835 Fair enough; thanks for the clarification. I'll abide by it. (Other boards, such as DA, don't have that broad of a rule--not complaining, just explaining where I was coming from. Didn't mean to make your job harder!)
would anyone by chance have anything from magical creations (also known as magical housewife) on patreon plz and thank you :D
(2.44 MB 1614x1920 goomba1.png)

Got the itch to play with Daz a bit more... always loved the idea of "goomba girls" (just head and feet)! :) What else would you do with a pretty goomba girl, other than shower her with loving smooches and tickles? :D The hair pokes through the tickler's face a bit (which I'm too lazy to fix with geometry editor)...
(3.89 MB 2451x1634 goomba2.png)

Revised it a bit, and added another lucky tickler, so the cutie goomba girl is getting it nicely on both feet! :) Also changed the position to avoid the poke-through with the hair. Models used: "Pin-Up Girl", "Barefoot Dancer" (both from Genesis 2 Starting Essentials) and "Chameleon Rose 2" (free from Renderotica).
(3.35 MB 1634x1634 goomba3a.png)

(3.17 MB 1634x1634 goomba3b.png)

Two other angles... Man, these renderings take forever! I interrupted all of these at the 40-50% mark, and it still took a half-hour each! I do love the way it turned out, though... :)
>>25522 >>25535 >>25538 These would be the worst shit I've seen in my life if it wasn't for that gif you made of a girl being tickled by the poop emoji and some plant tentacles.
Who hurt you? NBM Dude does some amazing stuff, and all you do is be an ass. So what I am going to say is this, you don't like it? That's fine, don't need to be an ass about it. Go touch some grass and try to be a better person.
>>25543 So... aside from proving yourself a total asshole, you went out of your way to shit all over my thread... WHY, exactly? It might not work with you, but here's what I'd say to grown-ups: if you don't like it, get the fuck off the thread and read something else. Man... not sure if it's Aspergers syndrome, or what, but a small, vocal group of anons here just can't handle social graces to save their lives.
>>25544 :) Thx, friend! Good to read a kind post after reading sewage.
Almost forgot: more homage to the brilliance of Diegocv, who has a new video out: https://vimeo.com/591886869/07fb11cbf4
Not a problem my friend, always enjoyed your work. Don't let the trolls get you down. You make whatever you wanna make. You will always have a fan :)
>>25548 You forgot to change your name dumbass
So many assholes lol, do you all just love trying to be docks to everyone to make you feel better or are you all bored. Time to tell mommy to take your iPad away cause it's time for bed.
>>25562 :) I think he was trying to flag my name to write back to me, and it got in the wrojg slot. But just for your reference, troll: see the little alphanumeric code in the little colored box by each post? On this forum, each user gets a code that sticks with them for the entire login session (from the "captcha" they entered, I'm guessing). Look at the code I had (812de3), and then look at the code he had (e4740a). Different, right? They even color-coded them for trolls who don't know how they work! Nice of them, I think!) Even if I logged out and back in, I'd never get his exact number and color. So no, I wasn't using a sock puppet to reply to myself. Heh. See? You learned something, today. Maybe.
>>25579 Enough chatting with yourself please, its very obvious. You making yourself look starved for attention. >>25545 >"all over my thread" This is also a public anonymous thread and not your thread. The topic of disembodied parts itself is interesting alone but if you made this thread to promote your work, I'm sorry but your making yourself look bad by displaying petty attitude to hundreds of lurkers that only view and don't even bother to interact, but they take notes of people. Even if you are posting them to make the thread more active, I'm sorry but some ideas are quite... lets say off-putting to some of the Anons here. Not all of them but some. The topic itself is interesting enough on it's let it be. Anons like >>25543 have their ways of criticizing. If someone posted something on an anonymous board that is known for negative things, then you can only expect the same. Though there are trolls and if they are trolls you should not give them attention to fuel more trolling. Anon not everyone is going to be a troll and some harsh comments are not trolls, harsh and rude comments that are direct to the point and even with a pinch of roast tell that you that people don't like something. It's up to you if you want to appease and meet their demands, or to argue and with them and halt your progress, or to ignore them them and keep working on your art and finding more ideas. Not everyone is going to like what you make Anon. Keep working, keep refining what you have, don't try to find fans for your work as fans would naturally come to you if you make something unique. Make them because you enjoy them, not because need to prove something, stay active long enough and keep improving. Try a different platform if this one is to negative Anon, just be true to what you like, be kind while being yourself, and people who share the likes will reply in similar fashion. Good Luck!
>>25572 come on man we all know it's you, you insult people like a reddit atheist with Asperger's. Nobody but you talks like this lol
>>25607 this was the kindest thing someone said on this platform
>>25607 *sigh* How on earth do I respond to that? You're one of the most civil people who've responded to me so far, so you deserve a response... but I'm in a catch 22: if I defend myself, one group of anon trolls will rage about "shitting on/filling the thread with stuff about me" simply because I reply methodically (i.e. with something longer than a micro-tweet with misspellings and lol's and emojis), and simply because I don't roll over and submit meekly to them (and why the hell should I?). If I don't defend myself, another group (or perhaps the same group) of anon trolls will gloat that I have no defense against what they said. Frustrating. But I'll try, for the sake of your civility, and for the sake of the many lurkers that you mention. I'll let the reader be the judge of whether I'm being reasonable or not. (Sorry about the numbered list, if that's not your thing--just trying to stay focused.) 1. I have NEVER attacked ANYONE else on this forum simply because I didn't like their stuff. Not once. Go check. I find that to be obnoxious, rude, and completely lacking in maturity and self-control. (If I don't like something, I simply pass over it and look for something that I *do* like. I don't think that my opinions are such a "gift from God to the world" that every opinion of mine needs to be splattered online.) Every pointed/sharp comment I've ever made on this forum was in self-defense against someone who shot off his mouth. I do think that's worth something, yes? And when people join the convo halfway through and see a pointed or irritated reply from me (which was provoked and completely justified), it's frustrating when those people say, "Wow, you're writing big, irritable posts--play nice, can't you?" 2. I really and honestly did NOT post the comments with code "e4740a". And I'm just as baffled as you as to why comment 25548 had a variant of my name (unless, as I guessed, the anon was trying to put my name in the subject line of the comment, and " missed"). But there's no logical way for me to prove that. ,I could point to the different login codes (see above), and you could just reply, "You hopped on a different computer, or a different browser!" I could even ask the mods to do an IP search (if they can do that) to show that they're different--but you could just reply, "You used a VPN, or something!" I don't know what to tell you. Believe what you like, and call me a liar if you like. I've said my piece on that, and I stand by it. You're simply mistaken. (Quick technical note: this is a subtle point, but I *always* use allcaps with "NBM" and capitalize the "D" in "Dude", and the comment in 25548 spelled it "Nbm dude". Small point, but it implies two things: (a) It couldn't have been a case of me "forgetting to change/delete my normal name" in order to try a sock-puppet... since the forum auto-populates the name line with what was typed before... i.e. "NBM Dude"... which makes the "you forgot to change your name" comment in 25562 simply stupid. b) To get the new spelling, I'd have had to go out of my WAY to type a brand-new version of my name into a message that I supposedly intended as an "anonymous fake reply" from someone OTHER than me. Think about that for just a second: does that sound at all reasonable? 3. I didn't start this thread simply to promote my own work, nor is that even the main point. Almost every step of the way, I've welcomed (sometimes enthusiastically) other contributions and references; I always LOVE seeing new NBM works that are good. I've praised at least 4 different creators (diegocv, silentbear, MrWrapture, okome0250) and included references when possible, so that people can go enjoy their work. I'm not sure where you get the idea that I was self-serving, in that. Never have I said that my stuff is superior to anyone else's; if anything, I praise theirs and gripe about the limitations in my own. I enjoy the material, I enjoy creating the material, and I enjoy sharing the material (whether it's mine or not), and that's it. My arguments with trolls does not change that, one bit. Again... with all due respect, you're simply off-base, here, and you've misjudged me. 4 When I said that it was "my thread", I didn't mean that in any absolute sense; I don't know if you caught earlier exchanges on other threads, but some anons were outraged that I was posting things on some of those threads which they claim didn't fit the "intent" of the thread... so I retreated to the thread which I started, to avoid that nonsense. I hope you can see that I'm in no danger of "violating the intent" of the thread if I *started* the thread? That's what I meant. I wasn't trying to claim absolute ownership, or anything. 5. I have absolutely no problem with anyone being "put off" by my work. I've been "put off" by LOTS of things posted to this forum (some of which I found downright disturbing), but I personally feel that a little self-control and self-editing in my replies (or declining to reply) goes a long way. "If you can't say anything nice about something, don't say anything at all", and all that rot? Look on this forum, and see if you can find ANY example where I commented on someone else's work other than to PRAISE them. You won't find any. That's just how I roll. You say that others have different approaches. Sure, they do. Some act polite, some act irritable, some act funny, and some act like obnoxious assholes. I don't think it's a "scandal" to the hordes of lurkers and civil people when I call out assholes for ass-holing. Most people will read and say, "Hm... yeah, that troll was asking for that. Nothing to see, here. Moving on..." And there you have it. I invested a good deal of typing in this, because I appreciated your civility, and because--although you made some errors along the way--you asked thoughtful questions, and I wanted to give them as thorough a response as they deserved. Some find looooong posts to be obnoxious by definition (and I'm sure I'll hear from those who think so, and who have no self-editor)... but I intended it as a compliment to you (thoughtful question deserves thoughtful response, which usually doesn't fit into a sound-byte). And with that... I'm happy to leave this topic to fade into the sunset, and continue with the thread, already in progress! :) Thanks for writing.
Learn to use tripcodes if you don't want people impersonating you, don't use the same password anywhere else - https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html
>>25757 Thanks for the tip (I'd never heard of tripcodes, before!); I'm not sure it would've worked, this time, since the poster used different letter cases (lowercase where I use uppercase)--but I'm not sure. But thx! I'm still pretty sure (despite the awkwardness and confusion it caused) it was an innocent mistake by the guy/girl who posted, though.
(8.98 MB 647x364 capture2b_fin.gif)

Back to business, then... :D I'm loving the "Stimulating Feet" channel on YouTube; the girls aren't always very ticklish, but they make some great gif's! (The camera stays put, and the girl's feet are at least sometimes "off to one side", making the editing lots easier!) This girl's feet (apparently carelessly left behind at the beach) are being tickled by her yoga instructor... heh. :) Maybe the rest of the girl's body is back at the yoga studio, trying to fight through the tickly distraction to finish her workout? Original video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R8ktqfgFkA
(1.81 MB 480x360 capture12a.gif)

(510.79 KB 764x1057 cbf1.jpg)

This is a real oldie (found a reference to the event online--people reminiscing about what started their ticke/foot fetishes): David Copperfield (magician) cutting Catherine Bach (from a TV show called "The Dukes of Hazzard", among other places) into multiple pieces, reducing her to head, shoulders, and feet, and tickling her "feet" while she's upside-down. Fake as hell, but she's cute, her laugh is cute, and apparently this was one of the seminal moments for modern foot fetishists... :D I included a photo of her in another barefoot pose, just for context (and for better quality image); wow, she's cute!
(506.45 KB 705x1056 cbf2.jpg)

Holy crap! I thought this second photo of Catherine Bach was photoshopped, but apparently it isn't--it's the sequel to the first! Not sure what she's doing in that contraption (hanging sit-ups, maybe?), but I approve! (And I wanna get a time machine to go back to that photo shoot and position myself by her feet for some loving attention... :D "That's right, Catherine, babe... just 29 more sit-ups to go, on the "advanced difficulty" setting!! *tickle, tickle, tickle...!* XD
(6.48 MB 205x364 capture5a_fin.gif)

ANYway... back to the main topic! :) Yet another beach bunny who lost her feet at Fetish Beach... alas! XD Beach sign: "In the event that any of our patrons find any misplaced, discarded, or otherwise abandoned NBM feet, be responsible: adopt them (or give them to someone who will), and give them plenty of love and exercise!" ;)
>>25876 If she failed to do so within a certain amount of time I’d definitely lock up her wrists too and then tickle her soles for thirty minutes.
(11.45 MB 482x360 McDon1.gif)

Off the main topic again, but I had to mention this one... on the forum where people were reminiscing about what jump-started their foot/tickle fetish, this scene from an actual McDonald's commercial(!) came up. Wow... why can't we have commercials like this today?! (This is from 1979, I think... there's a shorter 30 sec. version, but this is a harder-to-find 60-second version with a very slightly longer clip of the tickle scene.)
(1.19 MB 435x315 McDon2a_crop.gif)

Grr... I wish the camerapeople would stop moving around and zooming and panning, when I want to mage a gif! :) Here's a photo-edited zoom-in of the tickled McDonald's feet, with an attempt to remove the camera "panning" the feet off-screen; it looks like a crappy ancient home movie from the 60's, but at least it focuses on the feet!

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