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Anonymous 10/22/2021 (Fri) 13:35:56 Id: 7b7e0d No. 4245
>based art > regular Xchan memes in this work and descriptions >knows about sneed Is LethalTK /ourguy/?
He's a talented artist but he hasn't really drawn anything I'm crazy about. But otherwise, yes.
Considering he just posted this as a WIP in a different thread a few days ago with his name on it, yes, I'll take a wild guess and say that he does in fact frequent this board.
(761.15 KB 499x499 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4245 I'm very flattered, but really there was no need to do a whole thread about me - I'm pretty sure half of the dA artists check /tkr/, just like they used to on /tk/ at the time. Now people are going to think I did this thread kek But yes, I'm very much regularly lurking/ posting around here, but you won't see me namefag much. In any case, thank you for appreciating my stuff !
>>4261 Damn, do that many artists actually browse /tkr/? Makes you wonder how much shit they've seen here.
>>4249 link?
>>4262 I don't know why it would be surprising that artists with a tickle fetish browse a tickle fetish forum.
>>4262 >Makes you wonder how much shit they've seen here. And what they think about... certain threads... >>4264 >>3943
(157.40 KB 561x521 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4262 I mean if you can't take shit being thrown at you then better not visit this place - not that I want to get shit thrown at me >>4266 >Still not talked about in the artist hate thread LethalBros, we won...
>>4268 How can anyone hate LethalTK? They're great.
(612.67 KB 1501x1016 2x1.png)

>>4262 i can say i'm here, though not a lot of people seem to care.
>>4262 I started to browse this board recently, although I am just a small amateur artist lol.
>>4301 hey dude, that's pretty cute! i can suggest that you practice with posing tho, the first, third and last picture use a very similar pose and at least *i* believe that it may lead you to a rough path of being a one trick pony, but that's just my two cents.
>>4307 Thanks a bunch! Oh I know those poses are a bit too similar, been trying to diversify my poses more for future drawings! That and I also have other drawings like these. (One of these is a WiP)
>>4354 alright, good on you! and yeah, this is some pretty good stuff, keep at it champ.
>>4355 Thanks a bunch, and I will!~
>>4364 Ack, forgot to change my name.
>>4301 You're the one who did those 3H gifs of Bernie, Lysithea, and Annette right? I love those things, super cute stuff
>>4262 Nothing worse than what people say in other forums really.
did you seriously make a thread dedicated to yourself lmao
(13.52 KB 242x237 nDvmebz.jpg)

>>13603 kinda sucks, theres loads of artists I'd love to praise but if I do, I'll just be immediately accused of being them. So I don't, cause I don't wanna make them look bad.
only complaint i have is that he has a real life, so he doesnt upload often, but everything he does is quality
>>13685 >only complaint i have is that he has a real life ...
>>13720 wheredoyouthinkyouare.png
>>13679 People's cynicism on image boards like this borders on schizophrenia. Imagining someone liking something or someone they do not launches them into accusation mode, but since the majority of this place has some form of Asperger's syndrome this isn't surprising.
>>13773 I mean... There was a guy shilling his own shit pretending to just be a fan like literally the day before yesterday in the Gainax thread, so it's not all schizo paranoia. There's probably a good part that's just easy low level trolling too.
>>4262 TWACC here, if you've seen my stuff on DA. i can promise you that almost all the people you have talked shit about have seen it and looked it at it. They just dont care enough to try and defend themselves. And this is not to say they don't deserve it, they just think everyone on here is a 14 year old mindlessly following each other like twitter mongaloids. anyways I wouldn't be surprised lol
>>4262 Hi yeah... Artist on DA here. There's a lot more of us than people think. I mainly browse this place for ideas but the "artist you hate" I check religiously to see if I'm on it. Perks of being a smaller artist!
>>13792 It takes an extroverted type of artist to namefag on a board that they know is often very abrasive and critical of fellow content creators. Not everyone will fit that mold. It’s not gonna do an artist much good to defend themselves on here, nor will it do them much good for them to speak here if they feel like they can’t handle the heat that’s always possible to receive with making themselves known here. Lots of artists come here though. Lots more of them pirate each other, surprisingly. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them even like the gossip that comes out of visiting here. But I can say that every time someone thinks they’ve spotted an artist, they’re just calling out some anon that isn’t actually who they think they are.
>>13790 They're right to be honest, this place is full of vitriolic shitters >>13797 >Fellow content creators >Implying anyone here actually makes shit and doesn't just whine about people with more talent
(6.66 KB 440x389 non fungible.png)

>>13798 >Implying anyone here actually makes shit and doesn't just whine about people with more talent explain this then, shitsucker
>>13798 Well Bebob, Jimbob, and Lethal, as just three examples, definitely visit. Artists do come here.
(649.23 KB 518x579 go_off.png)

>>4266 im an artist, somewhat popular to put it humbly. me and many other artist friends agree with 90% of whats being posted there besides the clearly anrgy "reee this artist didnt draw what i wanted!" autism >>13800 im sure a certain canadian/australian comes here a lot and looks in from time to time. ive seen proraindancer namefag on a few threads so he comes here too, to shit talk other artists no less lol gotta respect the balls on him honestly, not too many people would dish out shit and attach their name to it but i can respect that
>>13798 the peeps in the caption and drawthread would probably disagree with you >>13799 Based, based, based.
>>13790 >TWACC I am a big fan!
>>13828 Thank you, I post once a year with boring anatomy but thank you lol
He's actually a pretty big asshole
>>13918 Expand on that.
>>13919 Talks a lot of vitriolic shit about people while pretending to be friendly with them. Some of the shit he said about Caroo, while I sort of agree with, just makes me gag a bit because he's so friendly with him in public. Definitely not a genuine person.
>>13920 That's like, 80% of artists though. And fuck Caroo he deserves it.
>>13921 Explain >>13920 Yeah, this. Nobody seems to see it for some reason.
>>13920 That's more people than you think it is. Professionalism doesn't mean treating everyone with respect at all times, it means treating everyone with respect publicly. Trying to police what they say or think behind closed doors verges on thought crime.
(31.90 KB 534x443 1316997543997.png)

>>13920 >Talks a lot of vitriolic shit about people while pretending to be friendly with them how many people use this board to anonymously shittalk artists on the reg, but are amicable with them otherwise
He draws the same position over and over.
>>13942 I'd be willing to bet big money this is the case
>>13920 Based. Sometimes you have to put up an act in order to not garner the vitriol of his circle jerking fanbase. most of it is probably true though so it's not like any harm was done.
>>17277 >lethal speaking in third person

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