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Vibrators on feet Anonymous 10/23/2021 (Sat) 14:41:13 Id: 2c9cfe No. 4352
(569.06 KB 624x479 mfw homercomputer.png)

Is this in the middle of a fucking store?
>>4352 > daria_s_hard_hogtie https://www.deviantart.com/mathewisko/art/Daria-s-hard-hogtie-20-889935830 found the sauce, not sure if you buy it if you get a video or more pics
(1.58 MB 2100x1427 FDQeA3raQAEMZrs.jpg)

Well today I found out I can't orgasm from a vibrator alone.
>>4366 For that one, the link to their bentbox has the option to view box content and it's all JPG, so it's just more pics. Just as a forewarning for anyone that planned on buying it for vid.
>>6069 Post them.
>>6093 I did not buy them, as RL pictures don't really do anything for me anymore, just wanted to give forewarning to anyone that wanted to buy it that it's only pictures. Apologies.
>>4361 Now I want a tickling story where a cute cashier girl is left like that for hours by mean robbers.
>>4361 Pretty sure that's just someone's kitchen anon

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