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(195.56 KB 650x451 no-dont.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2021 (Mon) 17:31:50 Id: fa50a4 No. 4687
Mainstream tickling scenes. Post whatever good stuff you got from non-fetish content.
Parts 2070-2072 of https://www.yafgc.net/
(856.19 KB 508x763 ash.jpg)

My favorite mainstream scene; from the Evil Dead IDW comic series.
(41.38 KB 377x272 cxm96_02_ticklish.jpg)

(137.78 KB 610x550 ddevil.jpg)

(469.77 KB 1066x1533 File0148.jpg)

(123.23 KB 432x634 lostm004.jpg)

Ah what the hell I'll post more
(137.89 KB 437x667 nightcrawler.jpeg)

(24.05 KB 229x357 Tankgirl bagno.jpg)

(99.38 KB 600x916 sm13.jpg)

(64.08 KB 720x223 lostm020.jpg)

(435.15 KB 1000x533 scan001001.jpg)

(117.93 KB 764x594 toon187.jpg)

(26.22 KB 480x280 wendy19901115.jpg)

(40.83 KB 450x420 wendy19901116.jpg)

(43.28 KB 309x480 wendy19901117.jpg)

(28.05 KB 480x241 wendy19901118.jpg)

>>4938 Holy shit. I have not thought about this webcomic in goddamn DECADES. In fact, it was this EXACT tickle scene that got me interested in reading the comic, or at the very least I saw it very early on and was excited to get to it. I cannot believe you just hit me with this very specific nostalgia I never thought I'd see again.
>>4997 There's a link on the TV Tropes page for Wendy, there's at least one other scene in the comic that I recall. Think it has an octopus.
>>5025 All of the links to the website just lead to a blank page that say "Bye". It seems like the creator of the comic abandoned it some time long ago. Unless I'm just a dumbfuck.
>>5028 Must have happened in the last few months. Shame, but not the first time the artist has taken it down. Might crop up again somewhere.
(209.79 KB 683x900 FCdXOAQWUAIEoCf.jpeg)

Bugs Bunny: the original trap.
>>5306 >she censored the feet gdi does anyone have the full pic
(153.19 KB 758x1000 FBLQnWHVgAA4NzV.jpg)

>>5313 oop, found it
The artist has a no gag version on their fanbox. This isn't it, it's just a crappy stitch of the posted pic and the preview he had, but if anyone has the actual one it would be nice if they could post it here. Hearing her say "Jesus, I would cry. I would definitely die from that." was pretty hot, even if she did say she really hates being tickled afterwards.
>>5395 It was absolutely hilarious how she said "this person specializes in feet and like, tickling the feet, so this one's probably going to be pretty tame, I probably won't even have to censor this one", and then she saw it and immediately changed her mind like "NO I'M GONNA CENSOR IT"
Technically not mainstream since it is bondage manga, but there is a tickling chapter https://mangadex.org/chapter/e99417a0-4991-4222-b345-019f520db151/14
>>5712 >Only two pages of her feet being tickled Lame
>>5712 why are anime feet always so hand-like?
>>5306 stop posting this bitch, everywhere i go you faggot simps keep posting her! >omg s-she did a... a LEWD??!?!! a real girl commissioned porn of herself and acted cute and surprised??? SO LEWD!!!! Jesus fucking Christ everywhere i turn i see this dime a dozen generic blonde broad being posted by people who i would wager have never touched a woman in their lives, and it's really getting annoying.
This was a fun find. One way to use a feather to get truth.
>>5782 I mean, you have to admit a chick who commissions smut of herself in the current femanazi state of the internet is pretty fucking based. But on the other hand, did she really lock other people's art behind her own Patreon paywall? Can you do that?
>>5401 Also yeah why the fuck did she need to censor it? Have I just seen to much of this shit that I'm numb to it? It's just feet being tickled, it doesn't seem that bad
>>5782 I think I understand why so many guys are into it, they're so used to girls completely rejecting their fetish and being disgusted by it, but this girl goes so far as to commission art of herself. Like she willingly put herself in those sexual fantasy situations that most girls would probably call the police over. Something about that is gratifying even tho she said she doesn't like being tickled.
>>5785 It was because of the visible panties and this is youtube so she was being careful. No one would censor bare feet being tickled. >>5788 While what you're saying does make sense, I think you're seriously reaching there. This is a tickling board, the video is relevant, so someone posted it. Literally the only person freaking out is the person you're replying to. And him calling everyone here a virgin when he sounds exactly like one is hilarious.
>>5790 That's fair lol I guess I was trying to defuse to situation by responding with a possible explanation instead of just throwing gas onto the fire
(93.36 KB 1024x1365 FC0hDAyVgAQzbmI.jpeg)

>>5790 But she also censored this one despite the fact that her panties aren't visible
>>5784 >I mean, you have to admit No the fuck you don't >is pretty fucking based No it fucking isn't Stop trying to justify simping for these e-thots. Fuck me I wish Jewtube didn't take down Low Tier God's video about female cosplayers, some of you newfags seriously need that advice in your lives.
>>5790 >mainstream tickling thread >come in expecting to see pictures from comics, manga, tv shows, movies, etc. >see some hornybaiting YouTuber e thot not relevant to the thread sorry
>>5795 >>5782 >>5785 >>5798 Oh god, is it the VPN sperg again? Who the hell gives so much of a fuck about something this inane?
>>5803 She does not know you exist and she will never fuck you, get over it.
>>5804 Lmao, wut? I don't even know who she is, nor did I say a thing about her. Kek what are you going on about mate? You alright? Do you need a moment?
(972.10 KB 717x654 kuva_2021-11-02_213137.png)

If your character has a "Lunatic" trait in Crusader Kings 2, there is a pretty big chance that torture events will be about the most excruciating punishment of all... Torture with a feather. What is intriguing about this event is that there is a chance that the prisoner is into it and likes you more. It also has a 20% chance of being actual torture for the prisoner so that experiencing the tickling session plunges them into severe stress. I got no idea if this event is in Crusader Kings 3, I haven't played it as obsessively since it still lacks content and flavor.
>>5803 yes anon, there is one single guy in all of 8chan who doesn't like attention seeking whores and the faggots who give it to them, now go back to your queen and tell her you did a good job defending her online, I'm sure she'll say your name on stream or something
>>5793 >>5790 it's because of money, idiots. do you really think she's got some weird moral code or something? she knows that at the very least a small portion of her viewers are footfags, and they would pay money to see that art, so clearly she put it behind Patreon knowing she would get a few extra dollars this month.
>>5858 I just don't wanna believe there's this many autistic faggots in this community man, like fuck >now go back to your queen you're acting literally delusional mate lmao, I already said I have no idea who she is, you're fighting a made up battle against an enemy that doesn't exist, about something that nobody with any sense would genuinely give a shit about. It's only more hilariously sad if there really isn't just one sperg, fucking kek.
(19.25 KB 200x200 ClipboardImage.png)

I was trying to diffuse the situation
(19.90 KB 390x414 EtAgI5ZXEAQBIzH.jpg)

Never in my wildest fucking dreams did I think that 8chan of all places would have people simping for 3dpd eceleb whores. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.
>>5861 I mean, the chan sites are the gathering ground for autistic morons so it's not that surprising there are more than a few here. There's a pretty good reason why people have a certain image of the people on 4chan. Still sad to see how many delusional fucks there are who believe they're fighting some imaginary army of simps when they're the only ones around here who give a fuck about this girl. >>5862 I'm sorry anon, I may have ruined you're noble attempt at peace. You're too kind a soul for this site.
>>5865 So then you acknowledge that you don't belong here and should promptly fuck off to Reddit with the rest of your ilk?
>>5865 nah not you lmao idek who this girl is, I'd never even heard of her until now, I'm just surprised by this visceral reaction. Did she kill someone?
>>5867 She's a 3d ethot. Do you not understand how serious a crime that is?
(694.64 KB 294x233 316.gif)

How did something so mundane turn into this argument? I don't know who she is either, don't really care tbh. But if you don't like her then just don't click on her stuff. Simple as that. No need to freak out about it
(83.18 KB 500x327 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5868 Apparently pretty fucking bad
(68.32 KB 1200x675 EW3h7jEXYAgXG-n.jpg)

>>5862 Just ignore us man, none of this dumbfuckery is worth caring about. And I thought the pic was a fine contribution, for the record. Alright, let me ease ourselves back into the tracks with just a little bit of cringe for good measure. Is anybody aware that there's a subplot in the Riverdale series about a tickle fighting ring? Apparently inspired by Tickled, the documentary. I'm don't watch the show, looks trashy, and I'm not gonna get into it to watch a bunch of hot studs getting tickled, but I am curious about it, figured I'd ask. I'm also curious to know if any more Tickled inspired content is out there, since that documentary is probably the most open exposure this fetish has ever gotten. Which is probably a bad thing, by the way. >>5869 >How did something so mundane turn into this argument? Autism is a hell of a thing.
>>5871 Yeah I agree, let's try to get back on track https://youtu.be/fzaB6Pm6Yek
when did this board attract so many retarded normalfags goddamn
Let's just relax and post cute tickling clips https://youtu.be/uOkEsSOgEZo
>>5874 Good to see this classic animated.
>>5874 This and the MHA scene are gonna turn a whole generation of anime weebs into tickle fetishist perverts.
>>5883 Yeah, they'll be for this generation what Digimon 4's torture scene was to the previous and Don Turtelli was for the one before.
>>5885 And then the two versions of the Fujiko scene bridge the generation gap
>>5883 That's interesting to think about. I can't help but notice almost all of the most famous tickle scenes that awakened most of us are torture scenarios, and if Nagotoro's goes down as awakening a new generation of anime weebs to tickling, it might be the first one that's a much more gentle, playful tone. I don't know if that'll lead to anything or shift how that new generation views tickling, but it's very interesting to think about.
(256.90 KB 441x426 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5909 Sir nighteye: Allow me to keep things balanced
>>5910 You left this world too soon, based glasses man
>>5909 That's because it's an easy family friendly way to write torture because you can't have people getting waterboarded or electrocuted in a children's cartoon. The writers just didn't think of the consequences.
(1.54 MB 1920x1080 3420987234.png)

(113.41 KB 2000x1359 Eva LaRue Ghoulies3.jpg)

>>5909 Speaking of torture scenes, something I only recently became aware of, bothered to crop and upload it just now. A scene from 1990s cheesy and campy comedy horror film Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College, where the villain and the ghoulies have the female lead tied down to torture her. They have removed her shoes by the beginning of the scene already, and at the 0:58 you can clearly hear one of them saying "Tickle her feet" as she screams. Too bad it's short and not shown properly. https://streamable.com/93w0lz
>>5954 Not particularly detailed as such, but something that gives a general list of mainstream tickle scenes is TV Tropes. Including a page for tickle torture/interrogation stuff exclusively: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TickleTorture https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AccidentalTickleTorture https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FriendlyTickleTorture
Hot take; the Digimon and MHA scenes are very overrated and the old version of the Lupin scene was way better.
>>6255 More like a shit take. I would ask what your reasoning is but I'm 95% sure the answer is feet.
>>6262 Rent free baybee
>>6262 That's a completely valid reasoning though
>>6255 They are liked because most of the people in fetish communities are straight men, I don't think there is much else to it. My first exposures to mainstream tickling were /M tickling scenes in comics, and my sexual awakening was thinking that I wish they did that to women instead.
>>7156 >My first exposures to mainstream tickling were /M tickling scenes in comics Any specific examples?
In an absolutely unprecedented move, Touhou Lost Word confirms that not only is Luna Child canonically ticklish, YOU THE PLAYER are canonically ticklish! Or at least, the character that exists as a stand-in for you, the player, which the game establishes is not specifically you, the player. But like, damn, wouldn't that be wild if this mobile game just looked you in the eye and said "You're ticklish, deal with it"?
>>7215 >just looked you in the eye and said "You're ticklish, deal with it"? Fucking hot. Anything or anybody that had the capacity to do this and will it into reality before tickle torturing the fuck out of me would kind of be a dream come true tbh
>>7156 As the other guy said, it's because hey were prominent tickling scenes with girls as the victims, something that is still probably still pretty rare comparatively. If it weren't for the fact that 98% of tickle scenes in cartoons and such for most kids here were /m while /f was a super-rare feature I kinda doubt I'd even have this fetish.
>>7222 Speaking as a young, cartoon-loving kid in the 90s and 2000s, I can confirm that a weirdly high number of mainstream tickle scenes did have dudes as the lees. And they ranged from "still good" scenes to "for fuck's sake she's RIGHT THERE and you picked this old/ugly fuck?"
>>7225 I think it says a lot that many ticklefags (and footfags by extension) got so obsessed with the April scene when she's only tickled for 5 seconds before they decide "She's too tough" and move on to the guy. I still wonder sometimes if the ratio of /m to /f was intentional, like there was some unwritten rule that tickling females was frowned upon.
>>7227 A lot of cartoons at the time didn't like to depict women being hurt in any way, even men getting hurt was usually done in a very lighthearted manner. Hell the earlier superhero cartoons couldn't even show people being punched.
(1.86 MB 1988x3056 RCO015_1494471605.jpg)

(1.69 MB 1988x3156 RCO016_w_1494471605.jpg)

This is one of those scenes that i love for it's good points: the form of restraint and the fat dominant alien mommy, but hate because of the fucking ugly lee. Definitely too niche because of my fucked up tastes, but i wish certain scenes got similar followings where they became a template for future art, like the ones that we're sick of i.e turtelli, or the ones i still don't get and never will, like kaa and that stupid goofy tiger. I would gladly see this recreated a hundred times with better victims. If this was supposed to be based on their fears, Nebula would have been perfect. Imagine that angry bitch furiously protesting, looking like an idiot encased in that block before being brought to laughing and pleading.
(153.48 KB 1000x1503 RCO002_1492135155.JPG)

(117.86 KB 1000x1457 RCO003_1492135155.JPG)

I just remembered this one too
>>7237 >his name literally means "it tickles" in japanese
(520.45 KB 945x1080 kelp maidens.png)

From the new Path of Champions mode in Legends of Runeterra. I choose to believe that this comfirms all the League of Legends characters canonically ticklish. >>7158 The first one I remember was a Donald Duck comic of all things, where Gyro Gearloose is kidnapped and gets his feet tickled to reveal some science thing X. Another one was some adventure comic which was a true >>7225 situation for me, it had a scene near the end where one of the heroes ruined villain's plans while his friends were still his captives, and the villain took his revenge by foot tickling framed as TORTURE... on two male side characters, while the female protagonist was menaced by threat of force feeding rest of the captives bad tasting fish oil. Bummer.
>>7280 Ugh, why does the doctor have to be a dude?
(145.50 KB 611x348 hold the fucking phone.png)

>>7282 > why does the doctor have to be a dude? why do you?
>>7287 bruh fuckin gottem
>>7280 No feet? L.
>>7280 Tickle belts are fucking underrated and underused bros
(1.60 MB 400x300 neVrTh.gif)

(5.92 MB 960x540 23958745.mp4)

(14.05 MB 960x540 359877.mp4)

>>7280 >gradually increasing tickling >more ticklish one taunting how this is nothing while being tickled to tears Talk of accidental fetish situations, jesus christ. >>7290 Have some based krauts to make you feel better.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si-NThtAc88 >>7280 Fuuug, so that's just basically a tickle torture machine for the one on the left huh? >>7297 They really are, and it's a shame, it's such a good concept. Honestly that whole Manray thing feels like a monkey's paw wish where someone asked for a full mainstream show episode where a villain with a hot body is kept in line by forcing them to endure tickling at the push of a button and the curse made it so it happened in Spongebob out of all places so it's perpetually stuck between based and cringe. Like really, just picture the same scenario as some sort of silly twist in MHA, make it a female villain for good measure, and it would be just about the best mainstream tickle scene pretty much ever with multiple fairly long clips, hot tortured begging, an absolutely based method of tickle torture and plenty of blatant fetish fanservice. Shit, it wouldn't even be out of character for Nighteye either. I want to live in the timeline where that's how it went so bad bros.
>>7313 There is a scene in Persona 3 where one of the female characters has a device similar to the two women in the spa clip and it tickles her enough that she can't get it off. Someone overhears her gasping and the buzzing and thinks she's using a vibrator so rushes off before the one stuck in the belt can ask for help.
(12.37 KB 512x288 kg1634.jpg)

(12.27 KB 512x288 kg0322.jpg)

Hey, someone have this video? It's from a german show named "Tigerenten Club". The girl's name is Katharina Gast. I've searching this clip a long ago but found nothing since 2012.
>>7311 What are they saying in these videos?
>>7313 >Fuuug, so that's just basically a tickle torture machine for the one on the left huh? Exactly what makes it so hot. Too bad the photos she has posted of herself online are on the more conservative side, it hinders my cooming to her a little bit. But just a little.
>>5896 Sauce? that looks pretty good
https://youtu.be/-nYH83QVZ8g Shouko-CHAD showing people how to bond when you're too socially anxious to talk: just tickle them
>>7781 Based ler Komi. "Oh, you're too shy to talk to me? Oh, you'll talk eventually. Soon you'll be BEGGING to talk."
from the book 'a bad case of stripes' this page made me feel a way as a wee lad
(592.95 KB 1421x800 AntonFlashbackThumbnail.jpg)

>>7784 Hoooly shit, you bought back some memories dude
>>7784 I'm man enough to share this >Be me >3rd grade >Just barely understanding the concept of tickling and that i'm sexually infatuated with it >Cartoons, books, boomer parent doesnt know how to computer, usual shit >In class >Some nigger threatens to stab me >Threaten to drink his blood >Sent to office >Stuck in front office with staff "watching" (theyre just fucking around with paperwork and calling their boyfriends) >See this book >Get bored >Get horny >Read it >See feather >AwShitHereWeGoAgain >Been sitting there a solid 3 hours >Fuckit.pdf >Stealthfully pulls out my 8 year old cock >Stealth fapping, tip only exposed because i aint finna stain my only good pair of jeans >Here comes another Chinese Earthquake.roblox >Cum >Put cock away >Time to go home >Get up so I can catch the bus >Suddenly, see another kid get dragged in by one of the school safety cunts >It's the fucking nignog >He sits in the chair I was in >Gives me nasty look >MomsSpaghetti.pdf >Have to sit on other side of him now >He tries to kick my under the table >He misses >He gets up >He's got my cum all over his shitty beige cargo shorts >Staff freaks out >Nurse freaks out >Teacher freaks out >Never caught >He got suspended for 2 weeks >MFW
(77.89 KB 600x1189 image0.jpg)

>>7330 I don't speak German so you have to just believe second hand sources here. The first one is about girl asking what she gets for her birthday and her mother refusing so tell her until she "hires a torturer". Janina: You'll get a new bicycle! Daughter: Which color? Janina: Hahaha, yellow! Daughter: But I'd prefer pink. Janina: OK, OK, pink it is! I think the medieval one was supposed to be a skit where the guy gets pissed when the prisoner's confession is just laughing, and the punchline of the joke is that it was not mockery, she is being tickle tortured.
(246.46 KB 500x375 disgusted sigh.png)

>>7795 Why would you post this
>>7781 >>7782 My favorite thing about this is it doesn't seem to be a misunderstanding, like it usually is with Komi, she actually thinks about it and genuinely comes to the conclusion that tickling is the best way to break the ice and it freakin works. Instant classic
(312.79 KB 740x1024 5941410552_8062b71c41_b.jpg)

Questionable if exactly "mainstream", but I often wonder how much forgotten tickling content there is in old sleazy pulp stuff.

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