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February7 Anonymous 10/26/2021 (Tue) 07:22:28 Id: 7c2348 No. 4790
Does anyone have any more of his art saved? Before he deleted everything, all I had backed up was his Supergirl comic. Post anything you have of his here so it's not lost to the void.
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(8.95 MB 1623x4901 page 4.5.jpg)

In particular, I'd love to find his 'Fetish Underground' comic, if anyone still has a copy of that.
(2.40 MB 3512x1767 board_by_february7.png)

>>4821 Final part. We never got the teenage daughter joining her mommy :/
>>4823 Such a shame this was never continued. Thanks for posting these.
What happened to the guy anyways? He was posting like normal until one day he just did everything he could to erase any trace of himself and his artwork ever existing.
>>5472 someone said that he was banned from deviantart, but I don't know what happen with his rest media
>>16958 >>5472 One theory in the old board was that something sudden and messy happened between him and his girlfriend/wife/whatever who had played a part in creating his content and whose likeness he had used on some of his characters.
>>17020 is a shame, his stuff was great
Found some more in my gallery

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