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Special requests thread 5.0 Anonymous 10/26/2021 (Tue) 23:14:46 Id: b40f33 No. 4955
Last thread at >>3030 went over the bump limit.
>>4955 >pirating from aza-chan
(184.08 KB 499x343 1328038497334.png)

>>4959 >it's ok to pirate from all of those other artists >BUT DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE DO THAT WITH AZA-CHAN!!!! How much of a simp are you?
Anyone got Kandenrem's 2B pic? Also seconding the Aza-chan request because fuck that other guy
(475.07 KB 1878x2160 FoZz08Ionwk.jpg)

(477.52 KB 1878x2160 azrqfXZpnqM.jpg)

(4.27 MB 2941x2703 Raiden.png)

>>4972 Here
Anyone have this plz πŸ™?
>>4975 Who's the artist?
>>4961 It almost makes me want to create a tread to just "Pirate Azu-chan" because fuck that guy
>>4961 >>4980 Guy has been trying to force it as a meme if anyone here gives a shit, not realizing we have IDs and we can see it's him samefagging.
>>4959 My stuff comes out in like a month anyway I really don't mind all that much if it's pirated lmao
>>4987 If it's really you, based as fuck.
>>4977 redscript
Who has Miskyz's latest work? thx
>>4987 >aza lurks here Geez is every tickle artist lurking on here?
(980.58 KB 1008x568 ClipboardImage.png)

>tickle artist lurking in a tickle thread
(296.08 KB 982x826 879.gif)

>>5011 >tickle artist lurking in thread dedicated to stealing from them
>>5012 there are other threads on this board
>>5010 guys literally anyone can just put "Azamuku-chan" in the name field
>>5013 The real question is what threads do the most BASED artists frequent
>>4987 Honestly, the only reason I put your pic in the op is this guy >>4959 I am personally against asking for artists that release after a while because it is a waste of effort. >>5012 >stealing
γƒŠγƒƒγ‚·γƒ₯ (nush_advance) https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7894733 If someone can update it btw
>>5031 The fuck are you asking to update non-tickling artists? On a fucking tickling board.
>>5030 Ye, I getcha. Was mostly just replying to >>4959 anyhow.
Does anyone have Kusujinn's Fetish Palace Ch10p24 ? He changed the link already. Got his Albedo one in time btw
>>5034 Technically Nush did do tickle stuff... it was like once or twice, but it happened...
(1.07 MB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5052 But, he didn't do anything new tickle stuff anymore. Only specific foot fetish stuff.
someone has chapters 12, 13 and 14 of the "To Tickle List", by the artist oneoranother?
>>5078 I second this
Can someone update CollaredKid's KemenoParty page?
>>5078 >>5139 Thirding this.
>>5034 Feet are on topic, deal with it.
>>5146 This is not a foot fetish forum. If there is no tickling, don't send fucking requests.
>>5179 Feet and tickling have enough overlap that it's on topic, cope.
>>5180 I grant you permission to create a separate thread. Name it "Foot fetish shit requests thread." And send your fucking requests on that thread.
>>5180 >>5183 We have a whole board about it. https://8chan.moe/feet/
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/15659018 Someone wanna post some of the packs from this dude please? Kemono links dont work, assuming he's using some sort of work around or stopped the links from working like Nitro did.
If anyone has this I'll buy any Patreon you want and trade.
Muraki someonr have it?
>>5010 A lot of them are. Why would they ever wanna talk to us, though?
>>5281 Mind getting and posting this? It's currently $4 off until 10/31 https://anymatickleterrorist.gumroad.com/l/EnigmaTerritoryTsGame
>>5318 I'll second this request.
I know this just came out, but if someone gets it I would really appreciate it if someone could share it.
>>5377 You, sir, are based. I wish nothing but the best for you in your life.
I would like to thank you for posting this as well.
>>5396 >>5388 No problem
(774.38 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p24.jpg)

>>5051 Here you go, buddy.
Could someone post this please? https://asakuraneko.fanbox.cc/posts/2660458 They charge like 40 bucks per month to view older pieces.
>>5403 Thanks man. I just realized I didn't get Page 23 either. Would you happen to have it?
>>5438 And 25, which was just released and the link has already been broken.
>>5372 Looks awesome.
(2.62 MB 1920x2295 93789605_p0.jpg)

May I please have this one? There's not enough tickle art for Toph out there and this seems like it's one of the best ones yet. https://www.patreon.com/posts/57834819
(778.66 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p25.jpg)

>>5439 >>5438 Didn't manage to snag page 23, I'm missing that too. But managed to get 25 tho :)
>>5377 need more of this guy art man, it so good
(900.27 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p23.jpg)

>>5403 >>5438 >>5458 Thanks for Page 24 and 25. Here is Page 23.
>>5491 >>5458 Anyone have the third image?
(6.66 MB 4088x2970 Illustration.png)

>>5491 >>5458 Based anons. I just realized, going back on my collection, that my Chapter 9 Page 16 is just a WIP, and I may be missing pages because I have nothing after that. It always struck me as a bit jarring that it went straight from the Mom and Daughter being interrogated to all three being under that dominatrix, but I never connected the dots. Does anyone have chapter 9 pages 16 onwards? Sorry for begging so much lol
>>5500 You have my sincere thanks Anon
There used to be a set of nude versions of this one and another with Liz amd Patty, anyone got them?
(1.28 MB 1414x2000 TFPch09p16.jpg)

(983.17 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p01.jpg)

(858.25 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p04.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1414x2000 TFPch10p05.jpg)

(1.33 MB 1414x2000 TFPch10p02.jpg)

(893.07 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p03.jpg)

>>5542 >>5562 messed up the order and didn't upload ch10p3
(187.96 KB 1280x553 _vYWK6HcO6A.jpg)

(480.12 KB 1280x553 74949572_p22.jpg)

>>5558 I've got the Liz and Patty one and the Kim and Jacqueline one too, no nude versions though.
(22.70 MB 9072x3504 Jackie_Kim.png)

(22.85 MB 8984x3504 liz_Patty.png)

(24.37 MB 9224x3504 maka_Tsubaki.png)

>>5562 Thanks!
Anyone have the pass to mrbelmont's galleries? He's updated on kemono but the pics can't be accessed without passwords
>>5577 >>5578 >full res Groovy.
>>5586 I second this.
Does anyone have these
>>5192 Bruh how come when I asked for that or a fj one everyone was giving me shit cus I was new to 8chan
>>5586 I have the pic of park from cod
>>5617 In the last thread someone was asking for it and I guess someone bought the pateron to give the pic of park so they might have the others
>>5616 Because people will take any excuse to prolong their own suffering so they can complain about it later. If we didn't have footfags or similar to complain about this board would be a lot slower.
Does anyone have all of Kusujinn's tied to twins pics and videos?
>>5628 Probably don't have the most recent ones, but a lot of them are up on his public dA already
Where can I find the rest of the fetish place I only have chapter 10 page 25?
>>5646 kemono thread
>>5647 My bad
Does anyone have any pics of her sadly I can't find any Tickling pics and I don't know her name
(1.12 MB 1600x1084 FDIdBWgVcAEDO9-.jpeg)

Anyone have this?
>>5666 seconding
I get favors now
Does anyone have these?
>>5755 bless you
(96.78 KB 813x615 ClipboardImage.png)

I hope you guys are happy you pirated this person into financial ruin
>>5760 This dude got fucked by his state. But yes, it's all the pirates' fault, of course!
There is not even a single picture of him/you (I have this strange "feeling" you know) on this website so what are you talking about? Stop making people on this site responsible for his/your problems.
>>5755 Thanks ☺️
>>5758 In Kemono party
>>5760 His content was shit anyway πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
>>5760 Why would you set up your own business and not understand taxes? He should fire his accountant for not telling him that earlier.
>>5760 Who is it
>>5777 Nvm just found out but I genuinely feel bad for him I hope everything starts to get better for him
>>5786 I think it's a chick actually
>>5787 Yes, it is totally a Japanese girl and not a British manwhale.
>>5808 Oooooh ima donate all my money to her for a shout out
>>5808 I never said anything about her being japanese? Anyway, it says she's female on her deviantart doesn't it?
>>5864 Nigger listen to his streams it's just a giga troon as usual
>>5864 I'm guessing you're relatively new if you aren't aware of the truly unbelievable amount of drama that particular artist has generated in the past.
>>5882 What happend
>>5882 >>5894 Let's not turn this into a drama thread.
>>5617 lemme see
>>5882 you're right there, I do not know
>>5902 Are u sure
Guys is there a vtuber thread
>>5907 Use the catalog
I was not fast enough to grab these on kemeno.party but if any one has any of these please share it any help would be appreciated alot
>>5913 I did
>>5916 Sadly I do not have those but the park pic u wanted is in this thread https://8chan.moe/tkr/res/108.html#q4453 I can't find it on my files but it's in there I promise
(118.81 KB 1200x630 MYKiMFXXjf4Jfs3PapXL607R.jpeg)

(110.40 KB 1200x630 NRthHhiamOOwslqXQkaHkbgB.jpeg)

(114.34 KB 1200x630 RfCgypP3zZrDMYZLOsUayHLN.jpeg)

(123.07 KB 1200x630 kI3b5isfwPUrttMk2XSwo7aB.jpeg)

Anyone have these from Arisuyoku? pls c':
(1.35 MB 3624x3058 tN3rBHptfOXeRZ7wmYelmVwr.png)

(1.08 MB 1796x2720 DmJt4OwQlIEwF2ih9g88O1Pl.png)

(1.14 MB 1796x2720 6e3SR5hBG3A2UuPEx1viQKim.png)

(1.27 MB 1796x2720 i25ZGoUEKVxZ6aRVR7TOPdIW.png)

(1.40 MB 1796x2720 VkRJ63wWymVmMNAOX0BQTr11.png)

>>5931 A gift
(1.97 MB 1796x2720 H02m4PeeIAC6qD3AjZQZeMF4.png)

(1.19 MB 1796x2720 IBpU1lPzRvqrIju3UP2zrIRD.png)

(1.17 MB 1796x2720 reMDYEpQrA0LbvlzgdIeSnfm.png)

(2.25 MB 3422x2507 kF7oNSIxsdEBaOI47cCl2L9t.png)

(4.91 MB 3827x2212 DtzelpXMTloHa05vyiIZQHaK.png)

(5.64 MB 3827x2212 X19dZswjJiFtrSuO3fm6tdMJ.png)

(6.09 MB 3827x2212 lLR68JHxbnzJFDmSdCgOrYwb.png)

>>5916 Someone should start a thread for him
Does anyone have Weissisbae's Bayonetta and Guilty Gear girls drawings? I would post them but this site doesn't let me since it keeps refreshing the page. If anyone knows how to fix that issue and have the pics i ask for let me know c:
>>5963 Oh i also forgot the Peach drawing as well. The guilty gear girls he has are Ramlethal and Millia
Anyone got the new Tied to Twins page?
Can anybody get the ticking variants before the halloween spirit fades away entirely?
Anyone have this?
(102.48 KB 1293x597 Lady Dimitrescu.jpg)

anybody have this animation (or similar) from AviJustFeet?
All I ask for are these
>>6017 Aren't these all on his kemono?
>>5760 >nitropunk Based, fuck him lmao. Also, Nobody has been pirating from him for ages, he breaks all of his links regularly after all.
>>5880 He is not a tranner, only does it for the attention.
>>6004 I doubt any one will do that I mean shit kemono.party has not been updated for a year or 2
>>6019 Not at all. That is why I'm asking. None of his newer stuff is there.
Anyone have this?
Anyone have this
>>6047 Sadly no I think kemono.party is down anyway cus alot of artists are disabled. Can some one confirm if it is
>>6056 I second this who is it thou
>>6056 Artist?
>>5760 Screampunk/Nitropunk is infamous for pulling this kind of shit when he wants cash. Despite already being one of greediest out there. Back when he was on Patreon I remember him making a "I can't afford rent this month, and my life sucks, please donate some more okay?" post, only to like TWO DAYS LATER make a post talking about having just bought brand new tablet... or maybe PC or laptop, can't remember which exactly, but either way fucking shadily suspicious timing. I wouldn't trust a single word there, it might be true, but it's very likely a trick to just quickly get extra cash. And as someone mentioned, pirating NP's stuff is not worth it due to bloated file sizes and insta-deleting/changing passwords to anything that leaks.
Anyone have the fourth image pls πŸ™?
Is there a Kenomo for this artist, and does anyone have the picture? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/90236937#manga
>>6036 >>6004 Some anons previously uploaded in a separate thread but not updated the kemono, might be in the #4 thread somewhere
(522.96 KB 1200x1781 fcs78qUqAGxOUbo3nIsUiZBl.jpg)

(566.72 KB 1200x1782 BS0LLmFukfPBM4betRLD0BE4.jpg)

(574.89 KB 1200x1777 bjF1K0R4runtUXHj1KZeiIuC.jpg)

>>6068 There's an entire thread for kemono stuff bruv, and he is on there. I got this from sadpanda though.
anyeone have this?
Anyone know if this guy has a kemono? https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/18688682 I can't seem to find it anywhere, he has a pretty big collection too.
(319.55 KB 732x524 ClipboardImage.png)

Kemono party doesnt have this picture yet and i wonder if anyone has it.
>>6104 Link the kemono.party
Does anybody have the Lois Lane pic and fetish palace panels from Kusujinn from the past month? I didn’t get to see em before his bitchass deleted the link
(1.09 MB 6559x4101 Javelin.png)

(5.47 MB 9287x3580 Javelin 2.jpg)

Anyone have this? Please
>>6110 Do you have access to his patreon? There are a few pictures Kemono party doesnt have
>>6129 Sadly I do not I thought that was from someone else
>>6104 https://www.deviantart.com/anonymous557891 This guy has it but he is either extremely stupid or he trolls and pretends to not know how to send it, doesnt want to send it even tho he got it for free due to a fuck up from Redscript.
(795.52 KB 1600x1174 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have it?
>>6162 Spoke with him to try to get it and yeah he is a total cunt, pretends like he doesn't know how to upload the down load link and he won't upload it and deviantart because he fears his waste of data account will get copyrighted. What a fucking cunt and loser.
Can someone update mostlyfunstuff and mrchasecomix on kemono party
>>6183 Imagine throwing a tantrum like a spoiled toddler because you don't get what you want for free. You are pathetic.
>>6202 imagine typing out a sentence that shows you're triggered by it.
Does anybody has ony other video with Laura from All Art Fetish/ TMJ productions? I've been able to find this one video but her reactions and size 12 feet are just too good to settle on one video https://pl.spankbang.com/63s9d/video/laura+s+first+tickle
>>6202 Stfu gimp boy
Anyone got Kandenrem's Ann pic?
Does anyone have an old video on youtube that was called buttered tickled or something like that It was a black guy's feet getting tickled on the couch, camera was centered directly on his feet
>>6203 >>6225 Looks like I struck a nerve.
>>6293 better than being a scat furry
(239.76 KB 570x616 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this artist's stuff? https://kutonde.fanbox.cc/posts/2977603
(466.03 KB 613x432 ClipboardImage.png)

Does somebody have it? wtfeather's Patreon on Kemono is updated, but it's pointless since he redirects to the Gumroad, which is not updated in Kemono. Thanks!
>>6302 >Here you go. Thanks a bunch!
(25.91 KB 589x121 m8.jpg)

>>6300 All you need to do is to copy the discount code he wrote in pics description
Does anyone have a mega with Nitropunk's art? Most links on Kemono are dead.
>>6307 Sorry anon but we pirated Nitro to death, killing the golden goose >>5760
>>5451 I got it myself; hope someone else wanted to see it.
>>6309 >killing the golden goose Nitro get the fuck outta here you assclown
>>6312 thanks anon
>>6309 well yeah but wheres the pirated stuff that led him to ruin cause this cancerfag deletes all his links
Anyone got kusujinn's Tied to Twins #18 and 19?
>>6331 I wouldn't bother, it's just one of the twins stripping with only bra and panties on in the library while hiding from library goers. The short animation is just the camera panning from her feet with black toenails to her chest with her index finger on her mouth doing the shhh gesture.
>>6333 you got the whole collection?
anyone able to get this pack from vandiward? the page is on kemono but there isn't any link to the individual images anywhere. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/20244934/post/28646051
>>6399 >People paid for this Jesus fuck
Does anyone know some websites that have uncensored comics like I mean the ones that are censored cus of Japan law I'm trying to find some comics mainly Tickling ones but honestly I'd be happy with anything
Am I the only one that is disappointed in the tied to twins series
>>6442 oh not at all. it’s super slow and the story is pretty uninteresting. that being said, it’s high quality art and if/when he gets around to actual tickling i expect good things as always from kusujin
>>6470 where's the tickling
I don't suppose anyone has updated Collaredkid on kemono recently?
(7.46 MB 2057x5094 Boa_Hancock.jpg)

https://www.deviantart.com/virtualfairy/art/Patreon-Exclusive-Gura-897541504 Someone wanna yoink that on up? (Has tickle variants too).
(244.95 KB 1200x630 0bbNkYQgU7O1u6RCkxNSebkv.jpeg)

>>6506 Do you have this too bro πŸ˜…?
(119.65 KB 720x1512 Screenshot_20211105-215614.png)

Anyone have this pls πŸ™?
Actually if possible can someone post any of the new Twomario art that’s not on kemono yet or just update that??
Has anyone managed to save "MDPC November 2021 # 1: Esmeralda Interrogated" or "MDPC November 2021 # 2: Videl Tickle Tortured"? in kemono it disappeared faster than the popularity of FNF.
Can someone update him on Kemono now?
>>6527 I second this last time I had to wait like 2 months
(168.49 KB 1280x1920 20211110_175833.jpg)

Does any one have this pic of shark girl
It’s pretty new but if anyone has this that’d be sick https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91813879
>>6527 Bumping this, I'd love to see it too.
(3.88 MB 2552x2000 YukikoVSKazumi.jpg)

>>6516 I have it
Does anyone have kusujinn's Annie Leonhart Pic
>>6017 Bumping this to see if anyone has it at all.
plz someone update mostlyfunstuff and mrchasecomix on kemono party
(7.43 MB 4000x2800 5 (1).jpg)

(5.11 MB 4000x2800 5 (2).jpg)

(1.55 MB 2560x1834 6.jpg)

>>6555 i am also bumping this. the foot worship is probably between Cynthia and that girl, but given the fact it's in the Pokemon world, i still wanna take the chance and hope it's a pokemon like a Hounddoom doing the licking. that'd be a first for Daz.
>>6598 Same I can't wait to get it on kemeno.party BUT EVERY ARTIST I LIKE US RARELY UPDATED
>>6599 from what i can tell, some of them are not by the actual artists themselves. at least, i think. i dunno. but i agree, they do not update them enough. which is fair though. still have to make some money.
>>6527 Seconding this one as well
>>6605 Oh I fully understand I fully belive they should get payed and I mean I have done their pateron before I'm just not in a good financial position rn
Could somebody please update Tkgeek on kemono? I’ve been dying to see his Wonder Woman piece for a while now https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34108316
(912.16 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

Anybody can share this from KandenRem?
>>6581 seconding
anyone pls?
Does anyone have this
>>6527 Anyone got this yet
(798.00 KB 827x1169 88879142_p0.jpg)

(120.60 KB 660x599 94113589_p1.jpg)

Can someone please post these sets by Wonder Turkey? https://wonderturkey.fanbox.cc
(63.48 KB 350x326 gatomon_patreon.png)

(502.48 KB 848x535 ClipboardImage.png)

(337.35 KB 489x350 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have these from Redscript77? Kemono doesnt
>>6527 bumping again. apologies for us constantly bumping.
(272.93 KB 669x348 ClipboardImage.png)

(166.26 KB 405x357 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6527 Bumping down
>>6823 Oh shit there is alot of bumps
>>6824 There are a lot of freeloading parasites
>>6825 we're all freeloading parasites. some of us learn to accept it while others deny it and still act like them.
>>6825 Why u here if ur not
>>6835 Guys it's on kemeno.party
>>6844 it totally is on kemono.party. and my god, it is cuter than you guys can imagine. it gives you everything you'd want in pokegirls getting tickled in a pokemon world way:3
>>6856 It is certainly in Kemono, but it makes me uneasy and to know that the 72 of part 2 of the pack is unfortunately missing, does anyone have it?
(1.22 MB 600x916 ClipboardImage.png)

β€ŽAnyone has the kusujinns annie leonhart pic plz ?β€Ž
>>6766 Bump
>>6897 It's in Kemono
If anyone has this can you post the full set??
>>6899 Burh I just bought his pateron
>>6881 I second this
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14850055 Can someone update Kandenrem/Teichikun on Kemono?
Was anyone able to snag Tied to Twins 20 by Kusujinn? Link's already busted on Kemono
(24.89 MB 1080x1920 episode-20-hd.mp4)

(1.02 MB 1024x943 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone has this?
(2.52 MB 2650x2750 HayasakaTK.png)

>>6944 Ayyy, much appreciated, thanks
>>6923 Where you first see this?
>>6983 Collaredkids deviantart
(912.16 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

Someone could share this? Thanks!
(1.25 MB 3508x2480 93708502_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have the variants of this? https://afdian.net/@mismiskyz
(849.59 KB 1200x694 ClipboardImage.png)

I've been trying to find a video from PH after the purge I don't have a screenshot of it but I do remember it very vividly. Does anyone want to help me find it?
Anyone got that Annie Leonhart pic from Kusujinn?
>>7013 Who the hell is PH?
>>7020 Pornhub I'm assuming >>7013 Why don't you just describe it and if someone recognises it, they will source it
I know there's one Pornhub video that I know I'll probably never find where these two female cops are interrogating this drunk girl by tickling her feet using some of the straps she was tied in.
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/94184138 Anyone have this? It is apparently the full version of the animation.
>>6550 Bumping
The video I'm looking for is with a girl who's tied to a chair, completely naked except for some yellow panties. Her arms are tied up above her head If anyone has it, I'd really appreciate it
Please help, anons. Who is the tickler in pink? She's acting like this is a revenge tickle and I must see her tickled.
someone have "to the to tickle lsit chapter 12", the link is down on kemono. thanks
>>7064 Ur welcome
Anyone have a collection of twomario pics to share? Specifically female stuff but doesnt have to be. There's plenty of twomario stuff here but I don't have a lot saved
Does anyone have "To-Tickle List 12" by oneortheother, since the link on kemono doesn't work?
>>7064 >>7157 Seconding this request (And thanks for whoever updated the Kemono with the episode 13 and 14)
>>7093 He has a link in the Kemono thread
>>7064 >>7157 >>7159 Sorry anons. Didn't realize the link was broken when I updated his page. Here's the file. https://mega.nz/file/9clGSCbK#yvq8g5Vp_tbAaJL430UFQY32MvLCKK4L-L64APjEm_w
>>7188 Thank you very much!
>>7188 You da man
Are yall having a problem with kemono it says collaredkid was updated but last post is from june
>>7265 Yes, i cant even see the pictures on kemono since there are no files and it doesnt show it
Has anyone updated Reati on kemono before? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2692320
Did anyone get the risky boots pic from kusujinn, could've swore I downloaded it but ig not
(323.13 KB 1200x900 once again.jpg)

I am once again asking if anyone got the most recent Fetish Palace page before Kusujinn took the link down and can share
> 7326 If you're looking for 25, it's near the top of the thread.
>>7336 No dude, he means 26 >>7326 Bumping this, but I also want Tied to Twins 21
> 7341 My bad, didn't see he updated the page.
(5.66 MB 1767x2500 TiedToTwins21_hd.png)

(1.11 MB 1414x2000 TFPch10p26.jpg)

>>7326 His recent comments kind of point to it taking a hiatus after this chapter ends, but nothing's confirmed yet. I love the art in Tied to Twins, especially as a footfag, but I do hope he gets to the tickling soon.
>>7355 Daaamn, thanks man!!
(535.32 KB 764x800 ClipboardImage.png)

anyone have this?
Does anyone have this?
(28.81 KB 300x433 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got this and the Ann pic?
Was meant to be a request for Teichikun's Haru pic idk if it's loaded right
(61.94 KB 600x265 94289727_p0_master1200.webp)

Anyone have this from Redscript?
>>7415 Bumping this
Anyone got Azamuku-chan's latest art with Towa and Suisei?
Need that new Azamuku-chan art
(1.33 MB 892x775 flip.png)

>>7580 >>7584 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>7585 Not a part of the pirating thread or anything, I just wanted to say that this girl in this pic deserves a good tickling- Anyways, resume with finding the One Piece or whatever y'all are doing here.
(2.38 MB 1660x1240 miku vs lynn.jpg)

>>7585 No matter how many times you samefag with this exact post, people are never going to stop and it's never going to catch on. The artist you simp for is not special.
>>7591 >haha I've tickled you for a thousand years and made you a gorillion times more ticklish! whats the fucking point at that level? it becomes meaningless, like DBZ power levels.
Anyone have this?
>>7590 You deserve a good tickling
(3.18 MB 4700x2180 toph.png)

>>7611 I hate feet, i hate this pic, but here you go.
(395.57 KB 596x697 20a.png)

>>7633 >Hates feet >Posts on a tickling imageboard
>>7634 Feet and tickling are not always mutual to each other, there are other body parts to tickle, you know? but at this point, it is a FOOT fetish that want ANYTHING done to it, rather than it being a TICKLE fetish, which this board should be about. Are you going to seriously defend that Toph pic, in which half the pic was in the preview and the other half is just feet? It is a huge and very lazy disconnect in the art. Also, yes. this is a TICKLE imageboard. Not a FOOT image board. There is a foot imageboard around here somewhere but you footfags continue to pollute this board.
(202.67 KB 698x798 1623102654623.png)

>>7635 >Doesn't like the picture >Posts it anyway >Rants about people posting this kind of art People starting drama over petty shit like this kills the board quicker than just about anything.
>>7633 Thanks
>>7635 Seethe
>>7635 No one said they were mutual, and no one said you have to have a foot fetish to have a tickling one. But if you HATE feet, you're on the wrong board. There's a clear difference, surely you understand that?
>>7642 I wasn't aware this was a foot only board.
>>7643 Again, no one said that. But if you truly hate feet why are you here when you know it's going to be the most popular subject? Keep in mind, hate is the word you used, I didn't put that one in your mouth. You apparently hate feet enough that you can't help but vocalize it, but you continue to visit a board where they are going to be very, very common.
>>7645 ...because there's non foot related tickling here too? Is that not obvious? Why would you ask that question as if other forms of tickling doesn't exist on this board? Yes, you say it is very common, and it is. But the way you act suggests that there is nothing but foot tickling to be found, simply by telling me I shouldn't be here if I hate feet, as if that is all there is. In other words, it should be pretty damned obvious I'm here for everything that isn't foot related.
I know they've been asked for already but I figure it'll at least get us back to requests. Would love if someone has these and could post em.
(462.48 KB 2300x2000 Ann.jpg)

(13.46 MB 4898x7650 Haru burger.png)

>>7692 Here
>>7647 Why are you deliberately ignoring the point? Do you seriously not see the difference between "I'm not interested in this thing" and "I hate this thing?" You are willingly subjecting yourself to something you claim to hate, even posting an image of it. You're either baiting or need serious help.
(496.73 KB 1620x2160 UKrUKJtUWFc.jpg)

Does anyone know who the artist of this is?
>>7700 "You are willingly subjecting yourself to something you claim to hate, even posting an image of it." Are you seriously retarded? Have you never heard of someone contributing something to help SOMEONE ELSE out? it is called not being a selfish asshole and nabbing something you have access to you don't even life to help someone you're able to assist. grabbing stuff for other people to share is the ENTIRE point of this thread. But generosity seems to be genuinely lost on you.
>>7710 Yeah I'm sure you were intending to be generous by being a passive aggressive cunt >This pic is totally shit and I hate feet but here you go I GUESS
>>7712 >You have to like something to share with people. Get over it, I hate feet, but i felt like contributing something I knew i could get. It is 8chan, and if I want to be a dick about it, I'll be a dick about it. The guy was still thankful to have it
(1.91 MB 1280x2403 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone got this?
>>7696 I wasn't the requester but still blessed and based
>>7743 Seconding, this looks like some good shit
Does anyone have any borderlands pics
>>7610 the artist said he was a big fan of dbz and likes big numbers getting bigger, so
>>7704 Pabuluz
>>7763 Anon you're awesome. Thanks
>>7696 Thanks a lot!
(1.24 MB 2557x2000 temari hogtied - wip.jpg)

Does anyone got kusujinns finished temari pic? i only got the WIP one
>>7715 Hey, sorry for my fellow footfags. Usually it is the upperbodyfags that seethe but it looks like the footfag iq has been dropping lately.
>>7841 I'm not convinced it isn't a false flagging upperbodyfag to be honest
>>7848 Wrong thread?
Anyone got Belmont's new Tifa piece?
>>7848 Thx, was interested in seeing this one
(1.91 MB 1280x2403 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have this one by Teichikun / Kandenrem? I checked kemono and it's not there. I would really appreciate it.
(439.74 KB 2024x1518 RJ359057-0-page-001.jpg)

(408.37 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-002.jpg)

(415.45 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-003.jpg)

(529.86 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-004.jpg)

(338.65 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-005.jpg)

This is for you guys. Hope this gets translated in the future.
(286.47 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-006.jpg)

(338.56 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-007.jpg)

(322.27 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-008.jpg)

(349.38 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-009.jpg)

(406.78 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-010.jpg)

(349.62 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-011.jpg)

(391.47 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-012.jpg)

(376.01 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-013.jpg)

(406.15 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-014.jpg)

(394.30 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-015.jpg)

(337.97 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-016.jpg)

(466.00 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-017.jpg)

(415.03 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-018.jpg)

(430.91 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-019.jpg)

(491.99 KB 1091x1518 RJ359057-0-page-020.jpg)

Anyone got that sweet sweet sauce?
This is a real longshot, but does anybody have the full set of Talizorahfootfocus's Dawn art in original quality? The release of the new games has made me nostalgic for them, but all I can find is reuploads in worse quality.
>>7963 Do you have sketchy volume 1?
>>7970 Have you ever considered buying it?
>>7969 Here friend
>>7988 FUCK I forgot how good these were. She's the perfect blend of bratty and into it, and the facial expressions are god tier
>>7990 yeah, and this guy's art was spectacular. shame he's gone from DA though.
>>8004 it's good quality but he was kind of a one trick pony
Does anybody has new badpierrot's Triss pic?
>>7935 Not going to get on anyone's case for pirating because I'm as guilty as the next guy, but even if this is already available online I hope people with disposable income can still buy it to support the artist because it would be nice to see more art from them in the future. I did it myself and don't regret it.
>>7963 Mad lad, bless you
(108.03 KB 1417x401 IMG_20211128_121941.jpg)

Anyone got this?
>>8086 >pirating from aza-chan
>>8087 she will never love you, cope faggot
(419.07 KB 750x700 Frozen laugh.jpg)

>board that pirates shit constantly and has throughout its many incarnations >see an artist you like getting pirated, after almost certainly stealing shit from others >WTF STOP REEEEEEEE It doesn't stop it, it's never going to stop it, if it pisses you off so bad, you specifically go and buy it over and over again to make up for the losses.
>>8087 You will never make this a thing people care about. No matter how many times you samefag with this exact same post, you will be the only one who gives a shit. The mediocre artist you simp for is not special.
(5.61 MB 4124x3100 Monika Tickled Glitch.png)

(5.63 MB 4124x3100 Monika Tickled.png)

>>8087 >crying about someone pirating Are you being ironic? There's no way people like this actually come to places like 4chan/8chan
>>8093 I'm pretty sure it's the same guy every time, idk if they're tryina make it a thing or if they're just that dumb
>>8092 Not the requester but thanks! Do you happen to have the Suisei/Towa commission from Aza as well?
>>8095 It's not tickling nor exclusive, I just haven't posted it yet because the commissioner wanted to be the one to post it first, you can find it here- https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/94222193
>>8097 I don't get why these spergs keep requesting your art given that you post it a month afterwards in full quality.
>>8098 Eh, I don't mind. If anything I'm just flattered they care enough to want to see it early at all.
(102.89 KB 699x594 Screenshot_3.jpg)

(293.47 KB 493x493 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this? Its by footpaws.
I don’t know if anybody has a ticklabuse subscription, but if you can post β€œCorporate Joe” that would be great
(617.43 KB 900x1200 20211128_152410.jpg)

This used to be a pateron exclusive but he just tweeted it does he release it after a while
>>8095 >pirating from Aza-chan again
>>8119 If you don't want people pirating your stuff you should not reply at all. All you are doing is riling people up which will make them be more adamant about posting your works. I know it's frustrating, but monetarily your best bet is to just shut up and not say anything at all. Don't bring attention to yourself.
>>8120 Oh good god please do not lump me in with this guy lmao pirate my shit all you want
>>8121 LOL, even the person this guy's defending doesn't want to be associated with him. Given the amount of times Azamuku has clarified she doesn't mind, I'm pretty sure this guy's just being a troll rather than trying to defend her.
>>8120 At this point, I think it's a reverse psychology thing. If I wanted someone to share a certain artist constantly posting "Don't fucking do it bro!" might achieve that goal.
>>8121 Extremely based
(151.62 KB 1200x630 I32FN84sqMjEUqdm0BIekcuE.jpeg)

(173.02 KB 1200x630 0Lrq6cHP0AgJjp9rINg1eedy.jpeg)

(152.12 KB 1200x630 37W193QOgYOJbNNXhEakkkmD.jpeg)

(160.72 KB 1200x630 OQsphiPiihf7oIFkxZNPF3jE.jpeg)

(137.50 KB 1200x630 f04s4rTYl34NKQKRenNuOFq8.jpeg)

Hi, anybody has these from arbustro's pixiv fanbox?
(11.68 MB 2160x3840 AoT_comic_Pg1_Final.png)

(11.87 MB 2160x3840 AoT_comic_Pg2_Final.png)

Did Knismotik ever get around to finishing this one?
(10.87 MB 2160x4066 Hange_Dungeon_Page3.png)

(11.61 MB 2160x4066 Hange_Dungeon_Page_5.png)

(11.06 MB 2160x4066 Hange_Dungeon_Page_4.png)

Anyone has the last fetish palace chapter?
(3.21 MB 2400x3600 34-1.png)

(4.13 MB 2400x3600 34-2.png)

(8.54 MB 2952x4169 40.png)

(803.67 KB 2900x4096 E81Y6J4VoAA9biv.jpg)

Does anyone actually have MrBelmont's full pics downloaded? The updates on kemono are useless because you need the gallery to see them
(1.91 MB 1280x2403 ClipboardImage.png)

(689.48 KB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have either of these Nami's punishment time by arisuyoku and kaedes alternative execution by kandenrem / teichikun That would be great :)
(523.31 KB 1200x1487 5UMgwV4U95yl2TkRfebdBCUd.jpeg)

>>8176 Would you also happen to have this one based Arisupirate anon?
>>7968 Bebob here, that one (still) isn't out yet. It's a collab between me and another artist and mostly due to covid there has been super little time to finish it ;) As for pirating, like Aza I don't mind too much, it's the internet and imho as an artist you need to accept that it's going to happen. If anything I hope those who got Sketchy from here at last enjoy it. Number 3 is almost out, I hope you guys (and girls?) at least are willing to give it some time to sell before sharing, that would be grand. And offc, IF you buy it, it really helps me out a lot;) Cheers!
did someone have this
>>8202 I'm planning on buying it when it comes out like I bought the other 2 keep up the good work, Oh btw do you have that hitler rant meme you posted a few years ago when people were talking about sharing your comics literally the day before they were released, that shit was so funny
>>8202 Actually based
(1.91 MB 3565x2506 OqZT91FbO7Gr4L2L6i1wa7jI.png)

>>8184 Of course uwu
Anyone got a drive link or something for the Asui pack from Subscribestar, please?
(885.97 KB 1008x945 ClipboardImage.png)

(550.18 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.91 MB 1280x2403 ClipboardImage.png)

Any of these Thanks in advance :))
(2.16 MB 1168x1593 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anybody happen to have Badpierrot's november stuff?
>>8242 Really nice stuff here. Would you happen to have access to https://www.patreon.com/posts/revenge-of-57532146 also from ghawk?
>>8237 I second this
(806.49 KB 2152x2868 Kaede0.jpg)

(795.57 KB 2152x2868 Kaede1.jpg)

(793.13 KB 2152x2868 Kaede2.jpg)

(846.60 KB 2152x2868 Kaede3.jpg)

(1.04 MB 2152x2868 Kaede4.jpg)

(284.49 KB 581x308 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8264 i love you anon
>>8237 Be careful referencing that fucknugget, OH WAIT he went bankrupt lmao
Anyone have any of these?
Can anyone get the latest page of Kusujinn's Tied to Twins please?
>>8237 Is that new
Does anyone have this? If so, please give your opinion. https://tenaciousgaming.itch.io/jamie-knight-and-the-wolfs-bane-statue
(267.14 KB 1280x1811 biribiri_UraRin_001.jpg)

Does anyone remember this 75 page comic where Rin Tohsaka appeared? it had an english translation and it was on this page "https://e-hentai.org/tag/female:tickling". But one day it was suddenly erased and I could not save it in time, if someone has it I would be very grateful if someone could share it.
>>8306 The link doesn't seem to work, is it just me?
>>8320 worked for me
>>8320 You need to create an account on e-hentai to access exhentai.
Did anyone grab kusujinns Tied to Twins #22 before the link went down on kemono?
>>8320 Works fine for me
Did you guys know that girls think piracy is cringe and childish? Stealing is wrong!
>>8348 gotta work on your bait game nigga
>>8348 I would not steal a girl as a tickle slave but I would download one if I could.
>>8343 i second this. mf was really fast this time
>>8348 Piracy is based and is a moral obligation of any upstanding citizen
(1.12 MB 960x832 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone? specifically the Mordred, Byleth and Nolle one?
(232.28 KB 1169x1257 1.jpg)

(2.52 MB 2650x2750 1.png)

(129.39 KB 1200x630 Dm20Y6M1JeXQ1hXpAMJEbTFK.jpeg)

(183.36 KB 1200x630 LlgKHzfUybr0zJWVCYMHydTi.jpeg)

Anyone has these from arisuyoku?
I do have them
>>8355 I would love to see the triss one
>>8328 Ah, it's true, thank you
>>8306 And thank you very much anon for the link!
(859.59 KB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)

(512.06 KB 1200x630 ClipboardImage.png)

Could someone post these please? That would be cool Thanks in advance :)
Anyone got any araghenxd gumroad packs
(228.77 KB 800x351 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have tied to twins #22 by kusujinn?
>>8458 Need this
(2.82 MB 1527x2160 ClipboardImage.png)

anyone have this?
>>8503 Do they have a kemono.party
>>8458 May I request Fetish Palace page 27 too?
(864.88 KB 1414x2000 TFPch10p27.jpg)

>>8518 not him but i have it
(402.06 KB 750x375 ClipboardImage.png)

(397.07 KB 743x540 ClipboardImage.png)

(413.53 KB 745x363 ClipboardImage.png)

(729.41 KB 873x514 ClipboardImage.png)

Can anyone share any latest arts from mrbelmont273? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/33285097 Updates to his kemono are useless.
>>8458 Anyone got #21 while we're at it?
>>8374 seconding these
Is there something like kemono but for discord servers
>>8555 I'm pretty sure kemono has a discord category
>>8463 'π’˜π’† 𝒂𝒓𝒆 π’”π’Šπ’‚π’Žπ’†π’”π’† π’Šπ’‡ π’šπ’π’– 𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆'
Anyone have this from RedScript's Patreon?
>>8463 thank you
(420.66 KB 720x499 Screenshot_20211206-014244.png)

Anyone have this plz πŸ™?
anyone have red2870 paywalled stuff?
>>8374 Bumping this Tamamo needs more love in the tickle comunity
(1.23 MB 2560x1920 dXL0mJIUv74.jpg)

(1.12 MB 2560x1920 TB0YVyi0foo.jpg)

(1.21 MB 2560x1920 s030QhgG4FM.jpg)

(1.10 MB 2560x1920 Fxug98S4Rw0.jpg)

Anyone have this one?
does anyone have this one at an acceptable resolution?
(1.28 MB 961x2000 Riza + Lust.png)

>>8661 Best I can do is colourless
>>8661 Best one I found
>>8663 >>8671 thank you both I've been scavenging the internet all day, I must have seen every riza tickling pic on deviantart and pixiv. Do you happen to know who the artist is?
(334.30 KB 672x357 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8695 Why would you want this? That character is a dude.
>>5760 Almost cared until the "NOOOOO I need all muh bennies and they have to be paid for by muh rich" Also the begging with the "take advantage of me uwu simps pls donate to save maiden me" Fuck offfff
(294.57 KB 1200x764 X4ymvnccNISZLMaVXznmu9JZ.jpeg)

Here you go my good sir
(357.33 KB 1200x1649 fPLKE5gKtmiJOs2cNlEkA15X.jpeg)

>>8635 I don't think so, I've looked around to see if anyone has leaked anything but I've had no luck yet. Probably because the prices are so damn high.
yo what's kemono beta?
>>8722 How much
Requesting anything not already in the thread on the catalog with women peeing from being tickled
>>8714 Who's the artist
Anyone got either of these? Looking at the preview idk if the kasumi one has any tickling but i'd guess if ya can get one ya can get both right?
(818.38 KB 1600x848 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have Kusujinn's Videl pic?
(922.61 KB 1211x2400 videl_tickled.jpg)

>>8794 >>8754 Also second this, mainly the Makoto picture
(104.07 KB 1200x630 DCVEjisv1xvuq7lkiTr8GWKx.jpeg)

(183.36 KB 1200x630 LlgKHzfUybr0zJWVCYMHydTi.jpeg)

>>8713 Thank you very much! Do you have it in full resolution? c': Also, do you happen to have these two, too?
(275.99 KB 1200x1072 oWQ4UCuvuehsEHQ6uP6TXUok.jpeg)

(163.95 KB 1200x798 X4zlkOuJx3OLQbbnx8l4W4KA.jpeg)

Sure do
>>6017 does anyone have this? Also Pirata on Kemono hasn't been updated since June I think?
>>8795 thank you!
Anyone got MrBelmont's patreon stuff? He keeps it in a password protected mega folder so kemono's useless this time
>>8833 Who will be the brave lad who will prospect this mine?
Anyone got the Subject 532 - Sadako Yamamura from Briel7's 10 dollar Patreon?
>>8854 Please I'm begging you i'm on my knees please I'm gonna die and the only cure is Subject 532 - Sadako Yamamura from Briel7's 10 dollars Patreon!
>>8903 Honestly you're better off just dying.
I see a lot of I want this and I want that but barely any thank you. Thirsty bastards don't forget your manners.
(1.78 MB 1920x1080 1578837294543.png)

Anyone have Tied to Twins #23?
(5.82 MB 2669x4168 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8920 nvm found it
Does anyone have full original version?
Anyone have this? Yenn suffering is always great.
(1.40 MB 1531x2160 OQo4a-aCYzo.jpg)

Who do you think is going to do it first?
>>8960 Ty you much for this
>>8960 Is that tied to twins 23
(452.54 KB 1147x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this by mr belmont?
Does anyone have this uncensored?
When should dazidentevil be done the frog girl pack
>>9069 well it depends on the length. i think he's a big fan of MHA and of Tsu, i'm pretty sure, so it might be a long one. but i know it'll be good. it'll either be she's caught by villains and get her feet tickled and possibly lickled by a dog, or maybe by Nomu. or it'll be a cute one, and she's with Midoriya, who wants to play innocently with her feet.
Any two Mario bros up rn??!!
>>8960 Thanks a lot, anon.
Need more twomario stuff
(3.39 MB 3000x2000 Aqua.jpg)

(3.89 MB 3000x2000 BulmaAndroid18.jpg)

(88.53 KB 1200x630 FaZpGVzew5CeBA7HnGlSszWa.jpeg)

Anybody has the new drawing from arisuyoku?
(1.78 MB 1600x1229 ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone have this one by hedgehog19?
Does anyone have this one ?
Can someone update BILLY_BUDDY on Kemono.party? I'm good with any tier
Does anyone have the first volume of Sketchy?
>>9130 this one is on kemono for Reati
>>9151 I second this req
>>9118 I second this! Also Arisuyoku could use update on Kemono as well since last stuff there is months old
>>9223 Third
(88.53 KB 1200x630 FaZpGVzew5CeBA7HnGlSszWa.jpeg)

Anybody has this from Arisuyoku? (Sorry for asking again)
(680.58 KB 1147x1200 94785347_p0_master1200.jpg)

Does anyone have this?
Yo can any one see if what dazidentevil posted yesterday was about the new pack being late or sum
(44.78 KB 600x375 94623502_p0_master1200.webp)

(40.39 KB 600x375 94790384_p0_master1200.webp)

(26.72 KB 600x315 94380957_p0_master1200.webp)

If someone is subscribed to this artist could share these images pls πŸ™ ?: https://sawasa12.fanbox.cc
Anyone have this?
Anyone got these from Teichikun/Kandenrem?
>>9361 it wasn't. it was designs of some of his friends ocs, i'm pretty sure
(1.52 MB 3028x1030 1639428641066.jpg)

Does anyone have the Corrin one?
>>9421 Second this
(1.11 MB 999x1085 ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have this by Ghawkg?
(221.03 KB 1222x1500 Patreon_post_image-164.jpg)

>>9435 I gotchu homie
Anyone got the image for this? Its from ghawkg : https://www.patreon.com/posts/revenge-of-57532146
Tied to Twins #24
(1.55 MB 1200x1088 0-3.png)

Who made this and is there a darkness version
>>9491 It's by ArisuYoku and she made a different pic with Darkness once It would be grand if someone could update ArisuYoku kemono or at least post the two newest works here btw
>>6764 Who's patreon is this from?
(1.60 MB 3508x2480 78809979_p0.jpg)

(60.63 KB 823x864 78809979_p5.jpg)

https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78809979 I remember asking for these on the old board and someone posted them. Can anyone post them again? I've recently had a hard drive failure and I'm slowly getting everything back (also wasn't there a drive folder with lots of fate pics? Can anyone post that too?)
Anyone have DazidentEvil's newest patreon post?
https://sevenstar.fanbox.cc/ Can someone please add this to kemono?
(271.01 KB 1221x501 Banner.png)

Does anyone have this Meteorreborn piece?
Can some one help me find out what this characters name is. I seen a pic of her on DA but don't rember a name she was pink and had alot of hearts on her Any help would be nice and extremely appreciated
>>9564 thats incredibly nonspecific anon, any other features you remember?
(148.05 KB 1200x630 o4z9t263Yu8b86pDZKGxwpdS.jpeg)

Someone has the new image from arisu?
Anyone got the new Wtfeather starfire/raven/blackfire? Much appreciated
>>9630 Literally just saw it posted on the thread below this one. But we all know beggars here tend to be lazy.
>>9421 This please
Does anyone know what this position is called?
>>9566 She had her white boots that were going up to I think her knees ripped while her feet were being tickled. There was not much to the character thou pink skin, pink hair, pink glasses, just pink everything except her boots. And all the hearts on her But I do appreciate u trying to help
>>9645 And I think she had pink headphones and bracelets but I'm not too sure
>>9647 Sadly no but it's like the same color scheme Plus the vamp girl from that show was bad af
>>9645 You're talking about the miss heed from villainous! and this drawing you described was made by feeteraco and colored by jimbobadob, if you look it up in DA you can find it, and this same pic is around here somewhere, I just don't remember exactly where.
>>9651 Yes that's her thanks man I have been trying to find her name for some good pics of her Thanks again
(771.47 KB 1200x1694 Martha 1.jpeg)

(662.65 KB 1200x1694 Martha 2.jpeg)

(777.89 KB 1200x1694 Martha 3.jpeg)

(870.01 KB 1200x1694 Martha 4.jpeg)

(888.58 KB 1200x1694 Martha 5.jpeg)

Merry Christmas you fucking degenerates
Does kamdrem not have a kemono.party cus I can't find it
>>9712 Fr tho I’ve been dying to see the uncensored versions of some of his new pieces. Especially the Wonder Woman and TASM ones
https://www.deviantart.com/caoyue324/art/MIKU-FEETBOX-901384809 Anyone has a drive or something for the new set of images "Miku Feetbox" from Caoyue? I know this artist and i'm sure they're totally neat
Does anyone know what happen to the artist: Cachy47? tickling art is amazing but he just disappeared?
Sorry if this comes out as shit, I've never posted before here Does anyone have this image in higher resolution?
Do we have a board where someone would color in a pic cus I have a dazident sketch I want colored
>>9761 Here ya go
>>9749 Would love to see that
Anyone have the new Twomario peace???
(3.66 MB 1862x3393 CreamVanillaRouge.jpg)

>>9793 There ya go~
>>9618 +1 for this one
Does anyone have these?
Anyone got a colored version or this or does it not exist
Can someone import https://www.deviantart.com/arlioth on kemono. btw if someone can update https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7894733.
Anyone got higher quality versions of these
>>9878 It's hard to read what they say
>>9895 That's where I got them but I can barely make out what they are saying
>>9898 Go back to the kemono page and click the image first to see the larger version
(2.38 MB 3500x2000 94744229_p0.jpg)

Anyone have this from CleaningHouseTK?
Has anyone got this?
(6.31 MB 4000x4000 kula tickles.png)

(10.90 MB 6000x7500 kula tickled comic coloreado.png)

Does anybody know where I can find this video? I remember seeing it on Youtube many years ago, but I have no idea what it's called or where it was originally from.
>>7744 Bumping this
anyone got this?
>>10110 Yes thank you so much
>>10113 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>10115 Dumb, smelly coon.
Stop being a white knight about pirating loser
>>10110 Glad to help! Wish I knew who it was from though.
(10.48 MB 5314x6377 2. breasts train 4.png)

Hey does anyone have the Google drive link to whywhatwhys fanbox art
>>10115 Didn't' azu themselves say they'd rather people leak their stuff than have you asshats defending them?
>>10190 Ain't she a girl? What's with the them/their stuff? Is she more than one person?
Anyone have this from this artist?: https://weissisbae.fanbox.cc/
(189.17 KB 1754x1241 1rLqqCXpHJNPHsMxyOUW54k3.jpeg)

>>10132 >>10102 The only bit of lore I'm aware of is maybe lee is named Jenn and the various titles the vid has been 'Jenn bed tickling' or simply 'Bed tickling'. Also this clip if kinda legendary in the tk community imo. case in point
Does anyone have tickling videos where the ticklee gets angry when the tickler won't stop tickling even after the ticklee yells the safe word multiple times?
>>10229 I think these might be the same Lee https://m.youtube.com/user/laughingmadder/videos
>>10229 Jenn's bed tickling was the first time I jacked off at age 13.
>>10222 Thank you very much anon!
>>10220 I would also like to see it.
(692.70 KB 1176x680 ClipboardImage.png)

(550.13 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

(550.18 KB 1024x592 ClipboardImage.png)

anyone could share these? much appreciated!
(510.45 KB 1920x2010 1.jpg)

(415.06 KB 1920x2010 2.jpg)

(497.90 KB 1920x2010 3.jpg)

(448.46 KB 1920x2010 4.jpg)

Anyone have these pics from MrBelmont273?
(7.53 MB 3116x3100 Amber.png)

Boring foot tickling, I don't know what I was expecting Welp here you go, foot enjoyers
>>10229 Isn't dawn like, 10?
>>10229 Can you I post everything from that guy cus he's like a ghost
Does anyone have any of nitropunks ddlc packs. You can't download it from kemono because the mega link is no longer available Would really appreciate it :)
>>10273 Nitro went out of buisness right? Good.
Kemono won't work for me for some reason, anyone got any advise on how to fix it?, It always just says timed out
Need this expeditiously
(9.52 MB 2653x1885 2022(1).png)

>>11259 >>11259 gotta love them big words
>>10248 i remember seeing the kasumi and nobara ones ill see if i can get those for you, but i just downloaded makoto bc it was the only one with actual tickling in it
>>14014 if those ever vanish remember you can buy them from mikocon on mikocon ftp, you can also get them somewhere else for free, use the hidden information in the paste
Better late than never. Fulfilling last month's request. Contents are inside.
(10.78 MB 3200x1800 mikoconftp_vip.png)

>>14625 forgot one
Could someone please link the tkr pages that came before this one? Thank you very much.
Anyone have any of kanden rems/tachi kuns stuff? You can't get the full pics on kemono anymore
Anyone have this? I want it please

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