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Tickling Memes/Shitposts Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 04:10:13 Id: 8fac5c No. 5157
probably an ill defined subject, but I think we can piece it together
Thanks for making the thread, anon. I think if there’s one thing /tkr/ has going for it, it’s the potential for shitposts. Only anonymously would most people share stuff this autistic. I’m actually surprised there aren’t some of the more basic ones. >Crying doomer girl: “PLEASE STOP TICKLING ME” >Chad face: “no” Could be edited together in a split second.
(1.64 MB 989x1000 ClipboardImage.png)

This shit has to be a fucking joke right?
(23.85 KB 112x112 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5261 What the FUCK
>>5261 end me
>>5261 Kinda hot actually
>>5261 cringe thread is down yonder
>>5157 You know, if you open the thread to 'meme' girls, like every other trending character that explodes in popularity and makes every artist draw them getting tickled before they fade out of existence forever (Samsung girl, Bowsette, Earth chan, Poklonskaya, what have you), then you might have a thread. If you're really going for just shitposts/memes then we might be stuck with a cringe thread 2.0 and those shitty meme generator edits that pop up on DA and look like satire, even though I'm pretty sure somebody is actually fapping to them.
>>5270 the difference is intent, something done in earnest vs taking the piss. Like, remember when that one fucking dude hosted an art contest on deviantart and the prize was 500 deviantart points, and he actually tagged a bunch of artists he wanted to enter it, incuding bebob? And bebob entered a shitty ms paint drawing of don turtelli tickling samus going "your feet smell like cheese!" really wish I saved that.
>>5275 Actually the drawing he did was of Jinx from LoL, calling it about what he'd charge 4 dollars for. The samus one came later, and is equally amusing. Yes, this is the actual size.
>>5286 I always appreciate a guy with a sense of humor.
(289.87 KB 1280x1080 1551996338107.jpg)

(856.36 KB 1280x1098 ClipboardImage.png)

I swear this guy seems like he's always shitposting
>>5295 I unironically like the wiggle lines in tickle pics.. long as they dont overdo them, anyway
Does ShinnJacob count as a tickling meme? He kind of achieved meme status in one of the last incarnations of /tk/ Also including ChinnJacob and MarmosetJacob
(97.11 KB 460x357 EGeHGbG.jpg)

(1.35 MB 745x3797 capncatf1sh.jpg)

Don't know if this counts but its relevant I'd say.
>>5295 This and the Turtellini pic from the OP are the best in the thread so far
>>7125 Lmao, thats sad.
(24.18 KB 500x375 Krusty.jpg)

>>7125 Hilarious, but not a shitpost. That was an earnest effort to fool people that was unexpectedly found out, and is therefore cringe and not a meme.
(374.12 KB 1862x2048 jalka-alttari.jpg)

>>7125 >>7149 >they don't not have a foot tickling shrine of their waifu
>>7150 I am simultaneously disgusted and intrigued.
(227.90 KB 434x462 IjM7CZS.png)

>>7150 >>7151 If that was a drawing, it would be hot, but it existing irl makes it weird af
(448.63 KB 800x800 shinn1.png)

>>7288 Why does he look like Scott the Woz's evil twin
>>7150 The fact that this looks legit is the kinda high impact sexual autism I can respect tbqh
>>7150 I remember the guy who made this posted several of these images from a few different angles. Feels like pretty a creative use for a foot fetish themed masturbation accessory. Has anyone here actually purchased fake feet? I've been legit thinking about it.
(354.65 KB 2560x2560 4oss54ol5qy61.jpg)

I was bored and made this. Does it count?
>>7350 It's very cute.
>>7356 Thanks a bunch!~
(272.57 KB 1280x2106 image.jpeg)

>>7378 Oh that's adorable~
(16.55 KB 598x114 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7500 That's really good. The rest of their tweets... eh.
Why is vore a thing? I mean, tickling is a physical touch thing that elicits a unique sensation/reaction and doesn't hurt yet can be used for torture, makes perfect sense that it's a sexual fetish. Didn't lifeforms evolve specifically not to get eaten?
(22.42 KB 728x223 4829.PNG)

>>7500 >>7501 Gotta love how he talks like a villain explaining his secret intents to people as he takes over the world
>>7501 >>7512 Yeah it's pretty over the top. Here's another account without the food stuff. https://twitter.com/yolo48679468 >>7510 I'm not into vore, but it must be a dominance thing. Like, there's no bigger act of submission than to let yourself be killed by someone more powerful than you willingly for the killer's nourishment.
>>7519 >No bigger submission than being killed for nourishment I got one, letting yourself be killed for pleasure
(209.85 KB 916x1084 ZomboMeme_16062020213157.jpg)

(213.60 KB 504x350 pedo.jpg)

I created this one explicitly in response to artists who draw tickling art of minors so I guess this one counts?
(202.97 KB 565x677 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8369 I'm drawing her and there's nothing you can do. Seethe
>>8370 I don't think that meme applies to teenagers who are legal in most of the world.
>>8369 Wait so you've explicitly come to a fetish-board that's a continuation of a continuation of a website that got shut down hosting a guy who shot up a mosque to tell people to stop wacking it to particular drawings? Isn't that kind of...dumb?
(918.92 KB 1702x947 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8371 forgive me my autism but I could go on for hours about how age-schizos are more often than not just projecting or looking for moral highgrounds to innocent themselves. Don't put it past them to tell you every single character they don't want you to draw for whatever reason is a child, you're a pedo all the same to them.
(649.94 KB 1085x614 Abtin.png)

(704.42 KB 1324x984 nafedude.png)

(185.12 KB 2048x431 EoA7ZwaXMAEnHb-.jpg)

>>8375 I do see the hypocrisy pretty often. How many times has some twitter dipshit tried to moral grandstand about underage fictional characters only to be outed as a groomer?
>>8375 I don't like seeing sexualized art of characters that look like children, but I definitely find it suspicious when someone starts acting morally superior to people fapping to 16-17 year old anime girls that look a decade older than their canon age.
>>8372 >8chan.moe is a hobby project with no affiliation whatsoever to the administration of any other "8chan" site, past or present. By the way Trump lost and you're a pedophile cope and seethe
>>8383 cringe and dilate tranny
... anyway >>8369 any tickle porn of the bitch on the left yet?
>>8375 >Moekaki Isn't this the same guy who got banned on twitter for getting into a political slapfight and had to make a new account?
>>8383 I envy you, anon. I imagine being this guileless would be pretty blissful. Oh and Sneed and yikes and all that.
Did you guys know that all girls think sexualizing underage fictional characters is cringe and childish? You definitely should not be having lewd thoughts about Misty or May or Dawn!
I want all normalfags purged from this board
>>8392 you now how many girls wanna see underage anime boys dick eachother down its shockingly high
(90.98 KB 306x450 mansonfeets.jpg)

>>8369 >>8370 >>8371 >>8372 >>8375 >>8379 >>8382 >>8383 >>8384 >>8385 Two words: Sodie-pawp. That's all I'm sayin.
>>8392 you seem to be under the incorrect impression that i care what women think (if they do at all)
(16.07 KB 645x770 29a.png)

>>8946 >you seem to be under the incorrect impression that i care what women think (if they do at all)
>>8951 I’ll never understand angry Jew wojak or how it’s used
>>8962 It's pretty much >This is literally you
(504.09 KB 500x910 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8962 /pol/jak
(35.71 KB 872x421 Capture.PNG)

The future is now old man
>>11145 Found the source
>>13691 https://youtu.be/Cc1JPlsTuI8 Just gonna leave this here
(412.39 KB 2048x2006 20220215_183949.jpg)

Any art where the doomer girl tickles the guy?
>>15052 No, that's gay.
>>15063 >Between a girl and a guy >Gay
>>15064 Well yeah, you want to see the guy getting tickled.
>>15067 Are you the same fag who sperged out on half /d/ every time someone posted /m content?
>>15067 What if I just wanted to see the woman one doing the tickling?
>>15068 Nah, I'm just a nobody who was bored. I'll stop now. >>15069 You watch f/f .
>>15063 > gay is when straight
>>15071 I'm a straight guy and I like watching f/m because I find the idea of a chick domming a guy hot because I want her to dom me.
(61.77 KB 658x468 E9iOE9QVoAQ7ZyN.jpg)

>>15076 >"I watch f/m" >"for the sub male aspect"
>>15079 So is 8chan just where the kids who resorted to ad hominems when they didn't know how to respond to a completely valid argument ended up? You might as well be holding up a sign saying "I lost the argument and don't have a valid response"
>>15086 Mate I wasn't even in on this argument lmfao I was just an observer and thought that would be funny. The fact that you're getting so heated over someone's opinion even still is pretty stupid And if you want my opinion, f/m is pretty gay lol
>>15089 Bro I'm not getting heated, I couldn't care less. I just find it hilarious that someone tried to explain their reasoning behind liking f/m and basically all you're saying in response is "lol ur gay" Wouldn't it make more sense for a gay person to watch m/m anyway?
>>15089 >shitposting in the shitposts thread Who the hell do you think you are?
(211.50 KB 519x400 16034250497.png)

>>15089 anon thats not an 'opinion', thats just being objectively wrong. m/f or f/m cannot be gay, by definition. Words mean things, you can't just decide they don't and throw up your arms going "well, thats my opinion". you know whats way more gay? a man tugging on a penis. which happens every time you masturbate
This is what bad taste looks like.
>>15869 I don't get it
(47.30 KB 430x880 Lori_Loud_render.webp)

>>15870 Spending money on a commission and putting Don Turtelli in it along with some shitty dialogue. By the way, this is the character that's about to be tickled in her original art style.
>>15869 >>15871 >the loud house Why does this show trigger so much ticklefag autism?
>>15872 Ever notice it looks like BenTheLooney porn art style?
(10.72 KB 448x412 1470821958047.jpg)

>>15874 >Have you ever seen BenTheLooney and the guy that created the Loud House in the same place at the same time?
>>15872 This stupid fucking fetish has ruined me, because I had never heard of the Loud House until I started seeing tickle porn of the characters. So when Nick All Stars Brawl was announced and two of the characters were from Loud House, I'm sitting here watching this trailer with characters I literally only know because of tickle porn, especially because one of them is the goth girl so there's a TON for her. I have no mouth and I must scream.
(867.03 KB 1023x1167 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15874 >>15876 Dear god... >>15877 Based actually, gigaticklechads don't consume any media if it isn't through the tickle smut made of it. Kek
(21.69 KB 512x248 1603055943635.jpg)

>>15880 >"that red feather" >its blue
>>15877 I only know of it because the lead showrunner got busted for being a sexual predator.
>>15872 Half literal children, half registered sex offenders.
(1.41 MB 2800x2850 MEME.png)

>>17994 sure, consensual tickling is fun, but I think this is more in character for them
(343.37 KB 1510x1080 crunchyroll hime 0.png)

(373.03 KB 1510x1080 crunchyroll hime 1.png)

(357.62 KB 1510x1080 crunchyroll hime 2.png)

(322.31 KB 1510x1080 crunchyroll hime 3.png)

(371.39 KB 1510x1080 crunchyroll hime 5.png)

don't know if she counts as a meme girl (I think she might be comparable to samsung sam?), but here's some shameless shilling because I'm very happy with this one
>>18762 based af. i'll admit the avatar is cute and also fuck crunchyroll. so definitely deserved punishment
(779.08 KB 1280x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18806 yup! And that one's really good! I was very surprised to see that there already were some tickling pics of her. Out of only 28 results on pixiv, 4 of those are tickling, that's incredible in a way. I guess the cute avatar + shit company combo was too good to pass up. these two are from https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/11534368
>>18808 These are really cute as well! I find this cutie to be, well, really cute, and being able to punish her in her company's place makes it even better! Plus she's just really cute~
>>15079 >>15076 you fucks are all the same. All you want is girls in tickle related situations. It's so fucking lame.
>>18806 holyyyy thats cute af. thank you for the dopamine
>>18816 No problem! She's just too friggin cute~
>>18815 What are you saying anon? The only based tickles are the gay tickles?
>>18815 >Straight people are attracted to the opposite gender Wow no fucking shit genius
>>18914 What an unparalleled development. I should change my ways and go jerk off to the eight billion tickle vids with a disgustingly repulsive male ler like the shyandwild guy
>>18815 Yes..... that's.... to be expected of any place dominated by straight guys, i.e. almost every imageboard. I get the desire for more F/M or/M/M or etcetera, but.... that's how it is.
>>18815 Get fucked faggot
>>18979 Fuck him yourself, coward
this is all 10x as funny when you remember almost everyone on 8chan is a real life soyjak
>>19003 Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I'm ripped and handsome and can pull a man apart like a twizzler.
>>19015 > almost for every five soyjaks there must be a Chad
Sleep deprivation has made this the funniest shit I've seen all day
(1.56 MB 2800x1900 E1AcoE_WYAAlM6p.png)

>>24713 >RedditBuddy
(1003.97 KB 1654x1488 hthdettf12.png)

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