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Lost art Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 11:39:37 Id: e6f93c No. 5200
Time is cruel, post the art that you were able to rescue. First 5 images by color-arcano Last image by reati
(11.15 MB 6100x6500 zoe_by_reati1-d7wezba.jpg)

>>5200 >Last image by reati it did not upload, I meant this
(28.27 KB 217x613 Anime2.gif)

(174.71 KB 338x625 Ghosts.png)

(20.80 KB 254x300 Paper.gif)

(61.59 KB 410x323 Robots.jpg)

(99.21 KB 405x437 TowelGirls.png)

Can barely remember where I got these ones from.
(463.65 KB 900x590 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.00 MB 894x894 ClipboardImage.png)

Absolute classics
(124.95 KB 200x200 c1c.gif)

>>5221 Is that the second R.O.D. tickle fetish art I've seen around here in two days? Like what in the fuck is going on here man, I didn't think there was one in existence.
>>5231 Yomiko is a woefully underrated character for tickling, alright. ROD is the more obscure stuff as well. Seems like a number of those late 90's/early 2000 anime are overlooked for tickle stuff.
>>5231 I happen to have this one, does this make it three? Yomiko Readman is a classic waifu of mine, one of my earliest, and it baffles me that no one knows about her.
(2.39 MB 498x371 dirty-pair.gif)

>>5235 Yeah, understandably so, but it is a damn shame. Even the more popular stuff gets so little action, and it's all ripe with characters that deserve a good tickling man, with the amount of cash that was flowing into the industry back then, boy, things looked gorgeous and character designs were top tier. Thanks for sharing mate, it's a cute one. >>5236 Two as far as I can tell, the other one I noticed was of a girl that looked like Anita from ROD The Animation in a different thread. I know Pabuluz did some sort of concept art of Yomiko as a tickler at some point that really stood out to me, but I don't know if he ever followed through on that. Fine taste btw. And the reason nobody knows about her is because not enough people are ever talking about how good her show is, both the OVA and the sequel, honestly. It's like my favorite thing ever man, it's campy, positively wild, the OST kills, the animation is gorgeous (for the most part in the case of the sequel, kek), creative as all hell, emotional, fun... I'll stop gushing, but I genuinely love it, and I never even got into the LN.
(2.07 MB 3508x2480 Yom vs Bec.jpg)

>>5237 There was this one that features the powers being used, although with an odd crossover into the mix. And the OVA was top notch, really good animation as you say. Kinda reminded me of the 60's Avengers show with its out there strangeness and most people being weird British people.
>>5238 >there's still more I'm baffled and discombobulated. I had no idea he'd made something with his design in picrelated. What a fantastic little rabbit hole we've gone down man, I was not expecting this treat any day soon.
I think Axethrower deleted all of his stuff, so here's what I saved as well.

(519.90 KB 1154x1136 no_sacrifice_today_by_AxeThrower.jpg)

(688.73 KB 1184x1328 nyak_by_AxeThrower.jpg)

(248.09 KB 1591x1466 sacrificed_by_AxeThrower.jpg)

(221.78 KB 805x1381 so_boring_by_AxeThrower.jpg)

And here's the last of what I have from them.
(1.39 MB 1024x877 294153221848795.png)

Did anyone save the pics of yenny's sister buried in sand before he took them down?
>>6155 This one?
>>6160 That's the one! The other two are new to me. Maybe ozzy told him to take them down.
Did anyone have the luck of saved more of Desertlizard content before deleted his Deviantart account?
>>6601 cringey childish tickle autists BTFO https://files.catbox.moe/hxhnwu.7z
>>6602 I would gladly welcome this place returning to obscurity desu.
>>6602 Thank you!!!, It's a shame that there is still missing art
>>6602 how many women have called you gross after you tell them you like vore? I can tell you how many have called tickling gross in comparison if you really want
>>6602 >>6604 Thank fucking god, the normalfags are leaving
>>6613 Got any more Red2870 lost art, like the Octodad one?
>>6665 I swear I've seen this artist before and I'm supposed to hate them for some reason...
>>6665 Are you talking about this one?
>>6717 Yes, thank you friend if i'm honest, it's just the porn acting scenario that i'm after in spite of the less-than-stellar edit
(108.88 KB 1199x730 Saber vs Mordred.jpg)

Anyone know where this picture with Saber and Mordred in a tickle fight belongs from?
>>6757 I totally get it, as someone of the same opinion on that pic. Sometimes the concept or dialogue behind a pic can get you going even when the art itself isn't good. Just makes me wish more talented artists didn't get caught in the trap of drawing the same basic things over and over because they know it's popular.
>>6847 It's from DDD.
>>7010 Do you have any link from where to get it?
>>7012 It's on his Pixiv page
>>7012 I have a zip file with a lot of his art if you are interested, most of them are not in his pixiv.
>>7016 Could you please share it? I am interested in knowing what else it has in its content.
(322.49 KB 884x1200 57573163_p1_master1200.jpg)

(300.86 KB 849x1200 57573163_p0_master1200.jpg)

(338.36 KB 1200x1191 57573163_p2_master1200.jpg)

I’m trying to find an old comic strip about a woman fighting in a post apocalyptic world taken over by robots. She eventually gets captured and is tickled, but she has never felt this sensation before and is confused, and was explain ed to by a talking robot what she was experiencing . I last saw this comic abt 4 years ago, so my memory is hazy on other details, other than it being black and white. If someone by chance knows what I’m talking about can they link it or upload the pictures here please?
Looking for a pic that was commissioned for Dr-Randonm-Art of GibiASMR getting tickled. Anyone have it?
(59.41 KB 640x498 5a1fa384.jpg)

(90.59 KB 498x640 __hr_She's all mine now.jpg)

(86.80 KB 495x640 Agent Shaneesha.jpg)

(68.72 KB 495x640 Beka and Trance.jpg)

Artist known only as Camp
(46.30 KB 480x371 Bound Together.jpg)

(52.01 KB 480x371 The Tickle Glove.jpg)

(89.69 KB 640x495 Claire and Jill.jpg)

(86.23 KB 495x640 Princess Peach.jpg)

(99.19 KB 495x640 Storm.jpg)

More work by Camp
(52.01 KB 480x371 The Tickle Glove.jpg)

(50.48 KB 374x480 Tied and tickled.jpg)

(51.76 KB 371x480 Tifa.jpg)

(57.87 KB 371x480 Tifa2.jpg)

(48.98 KB 480x353 ZeroGirl.jpg)

The last of my collection of Camp
(41.55 KB 480x378 1c758df4.jpg)

(53.02 KB 600x465 213dc2f0.jpg)

(32.70 KB 550x414 babes.gif)

(27.31 KB 400x321 chadMich13.jpg)

(43.16 KB 396x632 chadpet004.jpg)

Artist known as Chad
(52.39 KB 487x439 indians.jpg)

(46.38 KB 480x440 Special+move.jpg)

(94.26 KB 540x720 lost1414.jpg)

The last of my collection of Chad's art
(34.83 KB 1187x587 8eb7762d.gif)

(49.55 KB 480x460 49d56b07.jpg)

(167.82 KB 632x797 27e82b72color.jpg)

(563.86 KB 2492x1773 1e6864a7.jpg)

(692.63 KB 2305x1797 2625b2c5.jpg)

Relics of the long beloved and fan favorite FTKL.
(60.55 KB 505x663 24474dcb.jpg)

(53.84 KB 533x651 c1a93a2.jpg)

(107.25 KB 754x570 a95031f9.jpg)

(70.52 KB 500x477 bac2.jpg)

(705.59 KB 2616x1988 4374bf93.jpg)

FTKL part 2
(57.92 KB 500x467 c40dc830.jpg)

(42.84 KB 468x333 ftkl001.jpg)

(74.29 KB 693x519 e8837cdf.jpg)

(75.38 KB 826x638 f944c1f9.jpg)

(137.94 KB 777x963 e6442429.jpg)

FTKL part 3
(42.84 KB 468x333 ftkl001.jpg)

(60.55 KB 505x663 ftkl002.jpg)

(45.45 KB 458x357 ftkl003.jpg)

(48.05 KB 632x797 ftkl004.jpg)

(62.85 KB 721x548 ftkl006.jpg)

FTKL part 4
(62.85 KB 721x548 ftkl006.jpg)

(49.55 KB 480x460 ftkl007.jpg)

(34.83 KB 1187x587 ftkl008.gif)

(50.39 KB 347x480 ftkl010.jpg)

(107.25 KB 754x570 ftkl009.jpg)

FTKL part 5
(56.82 KB 480x372 ftkl022.jpg)

(85.18 KB 480x373 ftkl018.jpg)

(106.77 KB 792x589 ftkl026.jpg)

(165.09 KB 900x685 ftkl029.jpg)

(2.26 MB 4468x3461 ftkl023.jpg)

FTKL part 6
(63.50 KB 480x358 ftkl030.jpg)

(58.00 KB 480x237 ftkl031.jpg)

(1.55 MB 3519x2604 ftkl034.JPG)

(1.10 MB 2714x3480 ftkl035.jpg)

(1.15 MB 3448x2615 ftkl032.jpg)

FTKL part 7
(60.15 KB 623x473 heroines.jpg)

(44.88 KB 1200x668 mchang.gif)

(66.76 KB 382x500 ftkl038.jpg)

(95.85 KB 720x545 ftkl039.jpg)

(83.83 KB 452x532 toon163.JPG)

FTKL part 8 My apologies if some of these are repeats. I have saved a variety of FTKL pieces from various forums, threads and more over the years all under different names when finding them and all of varying quality. I try to share as many different versions as possible for anyone who may also be interested in said versions.
(18.50 KB 300x218 bgirl000copy.jpg)

(29.09 KB 271x400 Green Demon.jpg)

(39.93 KB 327x400 Ground Demon.jpg)

(27.50 KB 306x400 Hands2.jpg)

(133.39 KB 701x864 lost1021.jpg)

Artist Lost part 1
(110.06 KB 720x486 lost1417.jpg)

(97.73 KB 720x510 lost1418.jpg)

(112.46 KB 506x720 lost1420.jpg)

(101.99 KB 720x497 lost2016.jpg)

(84.13 KB 496x640 lost2017.jpg)

Lost part 2
(42.49 KB 431x480 lost3028.jpg)

(79.21 KB 491x640 lost3034.jpg)

(67.22 KB 348x480 lost8012.jpg)

(85.23 KB 497x640 lost8013.jpg)

(132.49 KB 864x701 lost8011.jpg)

Lost part 3
(56.94 KB 373x480 lost9012.jpg)

(80.95 KB 497x640 lost8014.jpg)

(98.63 KB 482x720 lth3.jpg)

Lost part 4
(47.24 KB 575x778 001.jpg)

(54.20 KB 600x353 mandell.jpg)

(58.74 KB 558x592 mandell002.jpg)

(57.22 KB 864x648 mandell003.jpg)

(65.88 KB 521x601 mandell005.jpg)

Artist Mandel part 1
(142.66 KB 420x550 mandell009.JPG)

(65.52 KB 1064x580 mandell006.JPG)

(82.09 KB 468x606 mandell007.JPG)

(98.33 KB 646x470 mandell008.JPG)

Mandel part 2 Unfortunately my archives of Mandel are lacking. If anyone else can share with me it would be greatly appreciated.
(35.68 KB 573x734 01.gif)

(53.71 KB 306x418 1fdc018a.jpg)

(52.85 KB 468x640 4ee4b0cb.jpg)

(21.46 KB 458x336 23.jpg)

(99.35 KB 638x826 03.gif)

Artist Smith part 1
(48.96 KB 306x418 24.jpg)

(36.89 KB 418x306 105de907.jpg)

(46.91 KB 418x306 24080fda.jpg)

(50.76 KB 366x652 angela1.jpg)

(109.68 KB 769x589 apes1.jpg)

Smith part 2
(375.15 KB 1777x1269 beach2.jpg)

(56.21 KB 640x480 cb002.gif)

(125.82 KB 531x645 asian9[1].1.jpg)

(70.24 KB 680x540 cb001.jpg)

(375.15 KB 1777x1269 beach.jpg)

Smith part 3
(28.54 KB 600x450 cb011.jpg)

(66.09 KB 803x586 cb004.gif)

(100.16 KB 711x671 cb006.jpg)

(104.41 KB 711x671 cb007.jpg)

(95.51 KB 736x576 cb012.jpg)

Smith part 4
(25.59 KB 386x335 cb014.jpg)

(59.07 KB 749x682 cb015.JPG)

(41.31 KB 701x412 cb017.gif)

(92.40 KB 592x543 cb016.jpg)

(579.07 KB 508x400 cb019.gif)

Smith part 5
(62.95 KB 741x584 cb023.GIF)

(39.58 KB 418x306 cb64edb4.jpg)

(45.66 KB 416x529 chores.jpg)

(70.20 KB 576x724 cb021.JPG)

(92.13 KB 568x738 cb022.jpg)

Smith part 6
So since Neiissu has deleted all of his accounts, has anybody saved his more recent stuff?
(491.54 KB 2081x2300 Kim_possible.jpg)

(160.29 KB 1920x551 MILFs tickling session.jpg)

(101.91 KB 768x1041 erimoto.jpg)

(136.33 KB 1143x2000 kid icarus palutena.jpg)

(154.43 KB 811x1499 skullgirl parasoul.jpeg)

(219.25 KB 1400x1400 lupin fujiko.jpg)

(412.69 KB 2500x1736 persona 5 sae niijima.jpg)

(150.91 KB 1280x2012 riveria.jpg)

(154.43 KB 811x1499 skullgirl parasoul.jpeg)

>>8905 mistakenly tagged op earlier
>>8913 Thanks, do you have the Lucy pic?
(293.67 KB 2200x1950 92685397_p0.jpg)

(292.34 KB 2200x1950 92685397_p1.jpg)

(143.87 KB 1192x1080 90311078_p0.jpg)

(213.23 KB 687x1080 92223124_p0.jpg)

This and couple more
>>5200 What makes it sadder is when you know the art and now go "Wait that's gone now?"
Does anyone have any of the deleted art from Sp0rel0rd? Particularly the asuka or spider gwen pieces, but anything really
(180.78 KB 900x635 3071 - anime arti.jpg)

does anyone have any of bebobs old stuff, removed from dA, scattered to the winds, or posted in time immemorial? this is all I got
Does anybody have the old Christmas and Korra pics by TheBoundArtist?
I had another gif that featured Shelly from ORAS getting tickled by an Arbok, but the file was corrupted by a bad drive. If someone has it handy, it would be appreciated.
(658.18 KB 634x422 shelly.gif)

>>9938 Got you, bro.
(29.31 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

Not sure why my last post caught a dirty delete. I'm looking for Flek-Lola / Illionore flash animations and games that are no longer on their DA account... or seemingly on the web. Any and all are welcome, but more looking for the tickling focused ones. Such as "Mindy's Punishment Machine". Seems most have been scrubbed from the internet, any and all help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
>>10089 Use this thread
>>9939 Do you know who’s the artists for that picture? I think its the person that made made the drawing Im looking for.
(18.88 KB 450x320 5b8e564f6a1fe-450x320.jpg)

I came across this slot machine game video on youtube, the game itself seems to be themed on the anime "Witch Craft Works". There's a tickle scene when you "win" a round, is this tickle scene from the anime itself? If so, does anyone know what episode and timestamp? Thanks all. Video of the scene in the slot game, time stamped: https://youtu.be/YgCj5OyJfNE
So... Progress has been made in finding out about the scene. Judging from this site that made the slot machine, it looks like it's a new image made specifically for the slot machine. https://pachnkogateway.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/witch-craft-works-pachislot-bydaxel/amp/
Anybody have these comics?
>>10435 I only remember that there was a comic of sakura and ino in a tickle fight, very similar to this one with the brand "Magic". Unfortunately I could never find out where the comic was from.
>>5200 Wait, those two quit already? How and why?
(328.46 KB 707x500 59254131_p2.jpg)

(590.99 KB 707x1000 59254131_p1.jpg)

(539.87 KB 707x1000 59254131_p0.jpg)

>>10470 You pirated them to death
>>10431 Thanks bro
>>10470 Reati didn't really quit, but they delete art that they consider not representing their skill" which is weird considering that I like their older stuff more (2nd pic realated and was removed from their gallery) I have some older works from them saved, but I can't access my full archive.
>>10471 These were free images though. >>10470 Reati didn't
>>10505 I have various of his pics archived as well. What happened to your archive?
>>10511 I keep the main thing on a 3.5" HDD and don't have anything to access files on those since I disassembled my desktop PC
>>10505 Their art is decent, but holy shit they're unbearable in comments, always in rp.
>>10587 Their art was decent before they started a patreon. Now it is kinda trash.
(103.44 KB 954x901 Kiku.JPG)

(104.85 KB 814x1058 Klepto.jpg)

(441.77 KB 900x646 TK Machine Breakdown.png)

(159.98 KB 479x800 Syiahanging.jpg)

(1.09 MB 1581x2059 OshizuTK.jpg)

(1.08 MB 3074x1730 NukunukuTK.jpg)

(71.70 KB 1247x548 Raven.jpg)

(391.49 KB 619x800 Tentacletickle.jpg)

(217.87 KB 1329x1108 yuumis.JPG)

(77.15 KB 659x887 tickling_sonya_2.jpg)

(57.96 KB 562x655 tickling_whitney.jpg)

(71.47 KB 592x842 tickling_suzuka.jpg)

(72.68 KB 636x846 tickling_vivio_2.jpg)

(87.29 KB 703x799 tickling_vita.jpg)

>>10632 ert!!!! Do you have the one with latias?
(77.54 KB 726x872 tickling_leaf_2.jpg)

(50.67 KB 513x628 tickling_liza.jpg)

(76.08 KB 782x590 tickling_lio_3.jpg)

(76.05 KB 739x696 tickling_lrc.jpg)

(99.84 KB 900x676 tickling_lio_2.jpg)

>>10633 Got quite a bit of our man ERT, but none with any keyword 'latias'. Like the pokemon though?
>>10640 "Bianca"?
(47.77 KB 553x531 tickling_bianca.jpg)

(107.26 KB 855x935 tickling_bianca_2.jpg)

>>10640 That one I mean
>>10663 This but in higher res
(43.74 KB 507x462 1380262341153.jpg)

(85.13 KB 816x711 tickling_lyra.jpg)

(94.96 KB 724x841 tickling_alice.jpg)

(94.34 KB 830x962 i_got_yoshida_kazumi_2.jpg)

>>10664 Doesn't look like it, sorry anon. Seems my collection is incomplete.
(289.92 KB 1683x864 IMG_20210222_045910.jpg)

Does anyone have the repurposed lum drawing from this sketch? Artist is "Benis waifu"
Does anyone have the old Kidetic picture where several guilty women of the Ace Attorney series get tickled?
(174.03 KB 1280x1161 1600994262552.jpg)

>>10733 this one?
(1.56 MB 1300x1700 1.png)

So this artist https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/31085087 (kanahiyori / hiyorinoibara) recently deleted almost all of their stuff out of nowhere (not the first time they've done this). Their Fanbox page is also basically wiped. Luckily kemono still has most of their art archived, but there's definitely some missing stuff from the past 6 months. I was able to snag one of their Fanbox posts, (pic related, link below), but this is basically all I have. Does anyone else have some other missing pics from this artist? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AaiBlpiQ8EQJmPWPb7UdF3OnXMtSo13v?usp=sharing
>>10744 Yooo I thought this one was lost to time
Can't find this picture on any other website so might as well post it here (plus a little higher quality on the raven one. The one I could find was really low quality)
>>10744 Yes Thanks! I dunno why he deleted that pic.
>>10752 Fucking hell, and I liked his art.
There was an artist called d_am and had various shota-tickling by older ladies sets, anyone got any of them?
>>10828 This link is just a white screen my dude
>>10831 Based newfag
>>10831 No, it isn't :^)
>>10832 >>10834 Okay, what do I do?
>>10828 Very lucky indeed. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks anon.
>>10832 Been lurking around here a few years myself, still have no idea how to access ex
>>10835 >>10887 Make an e- account
>>10855 Do you know if it contains all of the deleted images that were in his pixiv?
>>10897 I believe it does. Their Fanbox had everything that was on their Pixiv w/ added variations in addition to the paywalled exclusives. Your link has the missing Fanbox art so it should include everything they had on the Pixiv from before, if my memory serves.
Does anyone have that piece where Ibuki from Street Fighter tickles Sakura Kasugano while she's upside down and bound with ropes, with Ibuki's pet Don tickling her belly button with a back scratcher? Thanks!
Does anyone remember of a pic of Gasai Yuno tickled in pink underwear by "ghost hands"? There is even a topless variant of that...
Nada (nadatickle/nadadadaaan) deleted their Twitter and their pixiv
>>10957 Never heard of him, can you post some of his works?
Post orochitickle stuff that got deleted. Pic unrelated, just wanted to start this thread off.
(3.50 MB 2400x2000 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.79 MB 2000x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.07 MB 2200x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.65 MB 2100x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

Its by EtherealLaughter but they deleted their DeviantArt account, it would be nice if anyone has the second part or any archives.
>>10957 It’s a sad day. Nada was my favorite tickle artist.
>>10957 What's with artists throwing hissy fits and destroying everything whenever they're mildly inconvenienced?
>>10980 Do you remember any of the deleted pics?
>>10988 I wish I knew man, Jap artists especially do it all the time.
Did anyone manage to salvage some of orochitickle's Kula Diamond stuff before DA nuked him and forced him onto a new account?
>>11015 Most of it is on his Pixiv I believe.
>>11017 Checking there, it looks like the Kula Diamond another history thing is there, in addition to some spicier stuff. Thanks.
>>11018 Guess yesterday's trailer got you in the mood, huh
Anyone has the Yuno Gasai tickled made by Mellowtk? https://www.deviantart.com/mellowtk/gallery
>>10471 I've been looking for these for almost a year now, would you happen to have a folder of their art?
>>11018 link?
(2.72 MB 1988x1755 43-7.png)

>>11053 Proceed with caution, his pixie has plenty of futa pics. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/74890749
>>11104 *pixiv
Reposting from the RIP Thread because it feels more appropriate here https://www.deviantart.com/drawntogether Alright /tk/ I have an odd one here; not exactly a great artist but a missing person, rather. Drawntogether was their name on DA, they disappeared about ~2007-8, I know they interacted with the fetish community a bit (did a collab with Helios, persuaded IrkinGiR to make that Master Splinter pic, was close with RustyStelle apparently). Anyone know what happened to them? Are they still around under a different name or did they just fade into obscurity like so many others do on the net?
Anyone got the deleted art from https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3539737 ?
Since this artist deleted all of his pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4307710 Here is the art https://exhentai.org/g/1743841/59c791db99/
>>10828 The link doesn't work
>>11238 Is there a link that's not exhentai?
(395.57 KB 596x697 20a.png)

>>11323 >>11355 >Newfags
>>11323 Read the thread >>11355 No
>>11425 Suspected to be these
Anybody have that comic book-esque pic of Artemis getting tickled? I think Briel7 made it.
>>10465 I actually stumbled upon that artist recently, they post on pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/44879969
Got access to my archive, gonna post tickling/ imminent tickling pics from reati that I couldn't find when searching on DA

(128.37 KB 802x997 round_3_by_reati1-dbinmch.jpg)

(274.36 KB 1600x1236 round_2_by_reati1-dbdf2d3.jpg)

(105.81 KB 1140x700 round_1_by_reati1-dbc1c3l.jpg)

(109.90 KB 1160x688 malekia_by_reati1-dbchiah.jpg)

>>11516 I have way more that I didn't post because my archive is foot fetish focused instead of tickling, so if you need one of the non-tickling works, I might have it
>>11519 You are doing god's work anon. I did not know that he had deleted so many. You can post the feet stuff over at https://8chan.moe/feet/
Anyone have the dialogue version of this piece by Shadow-Aspect?
Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about when I say this... Does anyone happen to have this series of Kancolle tickling pics made by a Japanese artist that had the girls restrained to an enemy from the game, with their arms and legs locked inside them, and their upper bodies getting tickled all over? There were variations of those pics in which they were tickled by hands or tentacles. I can't find any reuploads of them anywhere.
(806.59 KB 1448x2048 20220111_134547.jpg)

(1.47 MB 1200x1600 20220111_134650.jpg)

>>11551 Same anon here. I found out the name of the artist in question. They are @hiyorinoibara on Twitter and simply "哀" on pixiv and fanbox. Their art looks like this, and the pieces they deleted that I'm looking for are very much like the third image, as I described in my previous post. If anyone has even more of their work saved, that'd be awesome too since they deleted a lot.
>>11599 Idk why is didn't think to check kemono. Thank u
>>11424 Oops, my bad. I'm an idiot.
>>10752 Here's one completely missing from the archive. Don't know about any of the variants.
(9.93 KB 613x161 problem1.PNG)

(94.51 KB 1023x799 problem2.PNG)

>>11357 Might help to share these while on the subject. https://howtoaccessexhentai.wordpress.com/2012/03/19/how-to-access-exhentai-org-2012-update/ I'm gonna assume this is why the guy asked to begin with.
Another missing art its from gladiatore 89 https://www.deviantart.com/gladiatore89 I remember seeing his drawings in an Italian forum but only i have this pixelated drawing I remember too another pic of Lenalee from D gray man
>>10752 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dpPjIaihiJ0axyyYriDnv-qf9ckb2KvU?usp=sharing I haven't been updating it with the latest stuff, but if you're after the stuff from day 1, here it is. Haven't updated this version in a while, but maybe it has what you're looking for.
>>11683 Woah, well though and thank you so much for the share. I'm gonna push my luck here and ask you something: did you save the old stuff from the twitter/pixiv @unknown_tamago? he has deleted his stuff twice I think, but it was a few years ago.
>>11683 You are amazing, even got grayscale stuff which I had not seen before.
>>11690 Sadly I don't think I do, didn't find them until recently, and the stuff I remember him making is already on his twitter.
>>11737 Are you using some sort of software for archival?
>>11737 That's too bad, these two artists are the reason why I started hoarding pictures from all over twitter and pixiv. Thanks again!
(214.76 KB 1275x1755 39565341.jpg)

>>11759 I think that us archivists should collaborate.
By the way can anyone find these uncensored? The artist is apparently "Furuhata_NIK"
>>11763 Oh shit, I have some stuff from him but it is on my other computer. Will upload them tomorrow. Anon you are blessed for sharing these.
(3.10 MB 2479x3508 73462356_p0.png)

>>11766 If the artist is Japanese they might not exist in uncensored form.
>>11763 The 2nd and 3rd pic is on their twitter, the rest probably too. https://nitter.vxempire.xyz/Furuhata_NIK/status/1474584679856885763
>>11772 Thanks anon, doesn't seem like they have fully uncensored but it's better than what I had before. This artist seems to just not like uploading their art.
Edited last time by Flatty on 01/13/2022 (Thu) 01:43:58.
>>11768 >>11763 Man this brings me back, I also recall one with platalet from cells at work and a 10+ picture set with another character. >>11767 Please do!
(382.13 KB 768x545 edit.png)

>>11766 >>11773 So this is the best I could do after stitching up some of the pictures/previews in their twitter using Paint. Someone with a better image editing software could probably do better than this, but I guess it's better than nothing.
>>11766 This might be an interesting one. I'm bad at reading moonrunes but I don't think they're actually an artist, they're seem to be posting things they have commissioned from other artists. That will make it difficult to track anything down as private commissions are quite common for Japanese artists. The third one looks to be Yaneko Uta's art style, but I can't find it on their page anywhere.
(298.41 KB 842x595 70101379_p0.png)

(820.12 KB 2048x2048 74018592_p0.jpg)

(2.36 MB 2479x3508 73360033_p0.png)

(4.67 MB 2479x3508 73396476_p0.png)

>>11767 >>11791 Here you go. I might have the platelet one somewhere else if I am lucky but I don't remember a picture set. I feel disappointed now.
(353.90 KB 820x595 70133350_p0_master1200.jpg)

>>11861 here
(331.18 KB 820x595 70133350_p0.png)

>>11912 I had the full res saved apparently
>>11913 >"high quality version" is the same size >it is also smaller in size than the thumbnail uhh, thanks pixiv
>>11861 Thanks man, that set was one of his last works before the reset so it's understandable. It was really damn good though.
>>11928 If you can find the pixiv id I could search for it in my (extremely disorganized) archives.
(2.36 MB 2157x3123 noel.png)

(3.36 MB 2310x3192 taokaka.png)

This is gonna be a long shot but does anyone have a really old pic drawn by DazidentEvil? It was a black and white pic of Noel Vermillion tickling Taokaka's feet. Daz never uploaded it on his own account, but I believe it was on one of Nitropunk's old DA pages back when they went by Satur1n. I think it was posted around 2012-2014.
(218.96 KB 900x612 taokaka_by_sa2r1n-d51munx.png)

>>12085 This one?
>>12086 Not quite. It's been a long time, but I believe Noel was tickling Taokaka's feet with her fingers and a hairbrush. It was 100% drawn by Daz so it should have his artstyle.
>>12086 Unrelated to the original request, but would you (or anyone, really) happen to have any more of the old Satur1n art? It's been pretty scrubbed from the other corners of the internet from what I've found.
(1.79 MB 1612x2085 shinku_satur1n.png)

(1.29 MB 1746x1937 suigintou_satur1n.png)

(270.05 KB 900x732 motoko_satur1n.png)

>>12089 >>12090 >>12092 >>12093 >>12095 nitros old stuff felt so much better, what happened?/
(13.96 KB 250x250 MqyWrOBR_400x400.jpeg)

>>12089 Thank you bruv, this is above and beyond my expectations. The only thing I remember that's not here is like a Christmas flash thing that I might have just dreamt up - but that might be un-uploadable even if anyone had it. You're one hell of an archiver.
>>12104 Patreon and narcissism happened.
I am looking for a picture where Loz did made of a figure of asuka Langley from nge in a summer outfit
>>10419 >>10421 I was able to make a gif out of the tickle scene in the video. My apologies that it isn't of high quality.
Anyone have the colored versions of these three pics? Last pic is an unrelated contribution.
>>12299 Apparently they deleted all of their "loli" pics and explicitly forbid them from their commissions. I feel like getting gaslighted. I am sure that there were some other pictures not in any of the archives as well.
(216.05 KB 1280x1013 242.jpg)

>>12303 That's kinda funny, I remember them being pretty chill about it. Do you think found Jesus or just their fear of the FBI? A shame, really, lolis and ArisuYoku's cruel but adorable style go so well together.
>>12303 >Deleted all loli pics Very, very based.
>>12303 There is also another tickle pic of Nia that was wiped from existence. Can't seem to find that one anywhere.
(181.60 KB 1280x1127 74396412_p0.jpg)

>>12328 This?
>>12333 Yeah that's the one. Good shit anon.
anyone got the briel7 pic anna and elsa destroyed by umbrella corp ?
I could've sworn I caught a glimpse of a picture of Leah from Stardew Valley being tickle tortured by JojaCorp on my DA feed once, only to come back looking for it later and find absolutely nothing of the sort. Anybody know if such a thing ever existed? Pic only somewhat related, obviously, but as a random note I'll add I really like that almost faceless tourist in the front getting visibly turned on by the ongoing tickle torture. >>12333 Nice.
(134.32 KB 269x334 1642537598773.png)

>>12372 leafy mystic can draw some really good looking feet but sometimes they miss hard
I tried this in another thread with no luck, but I BELIEVE there is an old art piece by FireFox featuring this four-armed bug girl with all four of her arms tied to a bed. There's two ticklers scratching at her four underarms with backscratchers or similar tools. If anyone has this pic I'm going to explode with gratitude
>>12097 Damn, isn't there one of Irelia that was commissioned by electricchimera? Anyone happen to have it? I never managed to find it...
There was a two-part artwork of Maya from Ace Attorney. The first picture was like "She shall be tickled without end for 500 million years" and Maya showing her feet and saying "what are you talking about?" while the second pic was her being tickled. Does anyone have it?
>>13699 I don't know if the artist ever finished the second picture beyond flat colors. This is all I have.
I could’ve sworn way back then there was a colored version of this
Anyone have the laternates for there? Would love the nude blake one
Was wondering if anyone may have two older works by Scamwich, one of which I know exists and the other was mentioned on either /tk/ or the previous /tkr/. https://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?12583-quot-Snow-Bound-quot-info-amp-Coceptual-Art-Sketches-M-F&highlight=Scamwich The above is the one I know exists, in some form at least. The one I'm not sure of was supposed to feature Nadia from The Secret of Blue Water being tickled. She may have been tickled by brushes and it may have been a machine tickling her.
>>13755 Ive been looking for those for ages! Thank you very much Do you have anything else from that artist? I don't remember if he did other interesting pics or not
>>13755 Thanks anon, you are based.
(210.95 KB 1275x1755 61781697_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have the deleted images of https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/1706062/artworks ?

(2.38 MB 1654x2480 01.jpg)

>tfw starevolet and abbychan are both gone
>>14193 star evolet and abbychan both quit? oof.
>>13786 WTFeather quit? Kinda shocked to see that. I figured he was making more than enough money thru Patreon and Gumroad.
(5.08 MB 380x213 1641796312855 (1).gif)

I recently found this on a discord server, op said he found it on an old 8chan thread but it didn't mentioned any information about the artist or the source Does anybody knows who may be the artist of this?
>>14225 I would like to know where that is from myself.
Does anyone have any more by this artist? https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/3805943
Ever since Flash lost support, quite a few tickle games have met their tragic end.
Do you know what a real lost art is? Well this: A tickling animation that consisted of this princess getting her boobs tickled, and damn it was so cool, it even had sound. Since adobe flash stopped working, it was lost, now it doesn't exist, it can't be recovered anymore.
>>14700 I can still open this using IE since I believe it still supports flash. How long that will last, who knows. Enjoy it while you can.
Anyone archive any of Matheow045's stuff? Dude was really talented, but he purged his DA, Twitter, and Pixiv it seems.
>>14702 I have downloaded it, but I don't understand how to open it :(
>>14702 >>14740 For anyone having trouble opening this, download Adobe's Flash Player projector content debugger. https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html
Someone in the artist hate thread mentioned that Kusujinn/Kidetic did some drawings of Haibara from Detective Conan (pic of character attached) Does anyone have those saved?
>>15654 Surprised none of these aren't tickling. Or... not surprised. It is Kidetic after all
forgot one
These pieces were by an artist on deviantart called Highway-85, they deleted their account about 2 or 3 years ago, most of their stuff is completely gone. Anyone else save some of their stuff?
>>14703 Wanted to upload a ZIP, but it's too large. Is there a less tedious way to drop
>>15808 Damn, can’t believe that this much of his art got deleted. Good work saving it all.
>>15723 He lurks here I think, or at least did when we were /tk/ and not /tkr/. If you're still here Hermit please stop deleting your stuff every 3 months.
>>14703 Could only find this one, I known that I have more saved, but they were from pixiv and my archive is not organized enough to find them
>>15824 Good job saving all that, got any more?
>>15842 Nice, thanks.
>>15842 What happened to the artist anyway? I remember seeing something they drew on FA about a year ago. it looked like they created a new account there but then it ended up getting deleted again the next time i checked. This was the pic btw
>>15848 They went under multiple names, they tend to pop up on either Deviantart or Furaffinity only to just vanish again. I don’t recall if there was any specific reason as to why, unfortunately That said, here’s a few more from them!
>>15882 Damn, sucks that they keep disappearing so frequently, their stuff is actually pretty good. Could you post the remainder of what yoy have, assuming you havent already?
>>15905 Sadly that’s all I’ve got, I regret not saving the other pieces that are missing.
>>5325 I’m wondering if anyone has more of Axe-Thrower’s stuff; There was a Renamon picture of the same pose as the first image. There was also a Lucario tickle pic they did I requested about a decade ago to them (Being tickled by a Bannette if I remember right)
>>15914 Couldn't find lucario, but I did find the renamon pieces they did
Hi, anyone still have Eleptoclypse games?
>>15922 BLESS I hope the Lucario one emerges sometime again..
(54.75 KB 600x553 2884.jpg)

>>15914 >>15922 I got you fam
(208.10 KB 835x832 3245.jpg)

(68.21 KB 600x562 2919.jpg)

(312.74 KB 785x1606 2900.jpg)

>>15914 >>15970 found a few more digging through the caverns of my ticklefag folders
>>15970 >>15973 The axe-thrower archives are very rapidly reaching completion (Bless anon)
>>15973 BLESS YOUR SOUL, ANON. Haven’t seen the Lucario pic in YEARS, I feel like I went back in time to when I requested the drawing from Axe-Thrower himself. Truly a restored memory thanks to you
Can someone help me find this pic I have not seen it for over 8 years i think it was shock ti tickling asokas feet by sucking on her toes but that all I rember
By any chance does anyone have a image of a Jolteon being tickled by tentacles with feathers? I don't recall the artist but I know it's from FA in particular
Does anyone have the drawing with Sailor Mercury and Sailor Uranus locked in stocks having their feet tickled by Nephrite and Jedite(or Zoisite can't remember) it has nsfw elements as well so if anyone has that please post it here i would greatly appreciate it
Anyone have JefftheLizard's ancient flash animations? Cat furry named Rita I think. His sona used to be Master Chief
Don’t think this would be considered ‘lost’ but hoping someone knows the artist for this image
(162.84 KB 1000x1000 EvsToC_VgAAJLxR.jpg)

(159.43 KB 1096x1116 FJlIvstVQAEt202.jpg)

>>16317 style reminds me of rasperryjoseph, but I don't think he has a patreon
>>16317 I'm also interested in finding out who made this. So far I haven't had any luck tracking it down.
>>8909 what's the name of the character in the first pic?
>>8906 and who is the blonde one in the second picture?
anyone have any of blackbison01's work before he deleted everything? all I have is this
>>17808 I'd be interested in this too, never seen their work before.
>>17510 Is that the artist? I don't see the pic in there unless I'm using the page wrong.
>>17991 >>17510 I’ve given a check. That’s not the artist, of course the post isn’t there either. Still hoping the source pops up somewhere
>>18052 Thank you so much Thought I'd never see any of these again
(2.28 MB 2000x1800 90297273_p0.png)

(353.08 KB 488x998 erika.png)

Was anyone able to snag kanahiyori's fanbox pic of Erika from Pokemon tiggled in stocks? They posted it literally yesterday and now it's gone lol. First time i've seen someone delete a paywalled pic within 24 hours. It had a similar pose to this one.
>>15848 Dude was a nutjob in private, weird dramas about him acting like a theater kid incel well over the age of 40. I don't know what particular event got him to quite but it's certainly a relief.
(105.49 KB 845x1221 68498140_p0.jpg)

(9.46 MB 2880x3840 90968481_p0.png)

An old picture of a ninja(?) girl with a scarf on a bikini being tickled on her feet and armpits by paintbrushes. It was on pixiv. Any clue?
>>18621 Asuka from Senran Kagura
>>18651 Probably, it's not on pixiv anymore though.
>>5200 anyone got omnikron (now refereeing to themselves as Livcron'gallery
>>20102 I've got a few scattered around in my folders, i'll keep digging. I probably should have organized these by artist instead of series....
>>20108 I thought I had more than this? I'll keep looking. If there are any specific pics you remember I can check and see if its buried in there someplace.
>>20102 I have a few - pls forgive my schizologic file naming. https://mega.nz/folder/MyYlEIpD#drXNUsYqFYlR-9AezUCvMA
>>5200 >>20108 >>20111 >>20118 Wonderful, thank you all, I haven't seen their arr in a while and I'm a particular fan of tickling the brunette OC
>>20131 *Art I can't spell for shit lol
>>20131 If you mean the recurring brown-haired girl with glasses, she was apparently a chick Omnikron liked IRL and might have been a touch creepy towards. The constant with him was cute art and he himself generally being a social maladjust.
>>20131 >>20133 Really? Dang, seems to be no in between. I just generally found the OC cute but hearing that feels off now.
>>20133 >>20137 Either way. I've always been a fan of whenever he drew Hyman characters. But thats just me
>>5200 >>20118 Out of curousity, are you able to find anything else from when they made other human characters? Like the pink haired one for example, if not I understand.

(262.84 KB 1230x1536 21+_ONLY_by_Monokron.jpg)

(2.87 MB 2100x2500 Monokron_Trade.png)

>>20111 >>20111 Nice, anything from when Monokron drew human characters. Like the brunette or dark pink hair girl?
To the guy that was asking for "Whatever it is Now" Kron's work, here's all I've got https://www.mediafire.com/file/evhjhqud3ttkojy/Monokron.rar/file
Anyone have melissar1's old stuff? (Now goes by PastelCore) Not just the tickle pieces, there was more before they took down everything and migrated to PastelCore
(1.59 MB 1240x1754 87322518_p0.png)

>>18621 Some more info: her positioning was like so, maybe her legs were a bit more raised up and covering her body more. Also, it could be that she had a ribbon on her head instead of a scarf.
Does anyone have the Mallow animation by MichaelScottCannon? I tried to get it from his Patreon back in the day, but he had already taken it down.
>>20302 Could you put this on something thats openable on phones?
>>20472 It's not on Kemono?
Someone save something of the waldosolaire's art? He deleted all of his account in pixiv and dev
(870.98 KB 1280x1158 image0.png)

does anyone know the source to this
>>20480 If it is, I can't find it.
>>20999 are you able to post the images?
Hi, I was here a little over a year ago searching for all of Anitickle's GIFs, but the previous mediafire file containing them has been removed. Anyone have a backup or the gifs themselves? Previous thread: https://8kun.top/tkr/res/11780.html
>>21102 Why didn't you save them the first time?
>>20515 All I have saved of his are his wendy and Mabel wall stock art, if you don't happen to have those
Anyone have any lost QuintonQuill art?
looking for an old briel7 pic called ELSA and ANNA (Frozen) Destroyed by Umbrella corp. can't seem to find it anywhere does anyone have it?
Has anyone happened to save all of bikkuru's tickling art? They kinda just deleted every account they had online and there's some art of theirs that I'm unable to find now. It's a shame since their art was pretty great.
(746.44 KB 800x800 ichigo.png)

(629.30 KB 1200x1000 68499280_p2_master1200.jpg)

>>21522 Sorry but this is all I have.
>>21563 are you able to say the name of the sourc