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(223.68 KB 428x450 ClipboardImage.png)

/UAG/ - Underrated Artists General Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 18:21:43 Id: 81bbc8 No. 5247
With how the hate threads are going, it's not too hard to understand the famous artists are generally disliked by this place. How about the artists you like? The small ones who aren't necessarily great artists by themselves but have a little something that makes you go coom all the time. I know this isn't an e-celeb board, but judging by the rest of the discussion here, artists definitely are a hot topic. So let's spread some love this time ok?
>>5247 Wouldn't this go in guilty pleasure artists?
>>5250 I think guilty pleasure implies artists that are generally disliked, while underrated implies lesser known
>>5250 it's for appreciating artists who don't get much clout, case in point: https://www.deviantart.com/gameskit pretty good art, though he could improve a little bit more with proportions.
Sharkstorm seems to be generally accepted as good, but I feel like he's on a much higher tier than he's given credit for. "Ticklegas", a guy who seems to just be getting started, is a very stylized kind of material I doubt everyone will like, but I can't get enough of it.
>>5279 >Ticklegas >seems to just be getting started ?? hes been at this for like a decade, m8
>>5279 also sharky is absolutely top tier in my book, he just doesnt make enough content to grab attention. which, I honestly prefer it that way. much better than other artists who are constantly churning out pic after pic to the point where it becomes samey and stagnant. wont name em but you know the type I mean.
(307.02 KB 1953x1275 E9up-WlXIAsjbDO.jpg)

(259.19 KB 1632x1719 E9uqHBtWUAIoYQY.jpg)

(267.07 KB 1875x1377 E5dy1rDWUAE1zEx.jpg)

(323.32 KB 1596x1266 FCqv7mYWYAYgtuN.jpg)

>>5282 Calling Spanktoons underrated feels odd since he use to be pretty well known/popular before the name change, but he posts exclusively on twitter now, and no too many people seem to remember him as Solettico
>>5668 wasnt meant to be a reply

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