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(3.34 MB 1960x2002 Talpt2.jpg)

(113.92 KB 1258x462 Talpipedo1.jpg)

(108.97 KB 1239x527 Talpipedo.jpg)

(57.83 KB 1280x720 ohyuh.jpg)

what in the goddamn? Anonymous 09/07/2021 (Tue) 12:27:00 Id: de82e6 No. 545
bruh i know we finna try not to recreate a cringe thread but shit liek this is too great to just pass up my nigs
>>545 We can add Dorain and Chaos to the list as well. Some artists reach a certain point when you don't want them around people especially kids.
>>573 I know Chaos is a real dick to people but whut did he do?
>>577 As you said being a dick and getting mad when people called out some pics of his(I think it was the Arthur ones.)
>>573 Chaos drawing kids is REAL sus, ngl. But he really does some hard core scummy shit, I got a friend who's srsly suicidal. Chaos many years ago talked him out of committing suicide and he felt indebted to Chaos after that. That's one thing but the whole time (6 YEARS) he fucking did nothing but lash out at the guy on a daily basis, giving him paragraphs about why he's a shit person (because he asked what asexuality is, just to explain it to him when Chaos announced that), paragraphs of why he deserves to be tortured (and we aint talking tickling) and all kinds of shit. Until he was suicidal again, Chaos told him that he should do it to cure his bigotry. My friend's okay but fuck Chaos for that. Worst part? He acts like his shit dont stink like hes the nice level headed one and everything he is he loves to accuse others of being.
>>616 That’s awful Anon but I’m not surprised he kicked somebody till they were down.
(119.41 KB 720x540 Nothowthatworks.jpg)

>>573 Talking shit about Chaos? I'm fuckin IN >Be me >Belgianfag >New to commissioning artists for porn because my drawing skills are garbage >Know Chaos for years, not a friend per say but not an enemy either. >Commissions him, tells him my idea. He accepts it at first. Then a week later bitches to me nonstop about not liking some of the characters on my list. Sonicfags, normy shit. >"Uhh...okay then? Just draw who you're comfortable with" >Don't hear from him for a year. >Figures he has a life behind the keyboard. >Chaos uploads his usual shit, then opens a raffle >WhyNot.png >Win raffle >Get pic >Coolbeans.png >another 6 months go by >Decide to check in on that old commission >Chaos plays "hurr durr, i dunno what ur talking about" in the comments >Get passive aggressive note with him going "ackshually, I do remember. How fucking dare you? That raffle was supposed to settle things between us!" >Never fucking said that or anything like it >"How d a r e" >That's not how that works tho >Just back off since arguing isnt worth it >Makes a journal detailing how he wants to quit for the 7000th time because "people are soooo toxic. How fucking DARE you be toxic, I'm a SHINING BEACON of light" >GuysFuckinMental.jpg MFW i got scammed for 60 euros by a passive aggressive cock with a condescending Aristotle complex
(147.53 KB 628x800 1585059404.ticklepaw_33.png)

(71.81 KB 353x450 1629984259.ticklepaw_gfgf.png)

repostin from old board >see an artist >little rough around the edges but they have potential >keep an eye on them >they get worse >aggressively worse how >(pic on the left is the original they drew a year ago, right is their new remake)
(1.10 MB 280x207 1629931392120.gif)

>>736 ....screencap?
>>747 Shameful.
(41.43 KB 1681x502 129387132.png)

Some Tickling Media Forum weirdness. Chigaco, who is an American woman who has been actively posting since 2003 and to my knowledge has been verified to be a real American woman was outed to be behind several fake accounts which isn't that special, but on one of those accounts she has been pretending to be a middle aged Indian male tickler since 2006 and for over 700 forum posts. First time I hear of catfishing that way around. She was outed and had all of her sockpuppets banned because she apparently got too enthusiastic about flaming people for "posting wrong" with them recently.
(159.59 KB 1280x720 ChaosButthurt.jpg)

(119.32 KB 1280x720 ChaosButthurt2.jpg)

>>752 I gotchu fam and i got one better im in this toxic server with chaos and on new years he started ripping into everyone cuz some1 posted a footpaws pic he kept tirading till someone stood up against him and from there he sperged out lemme get screens
(43.46 KB 224x235 1615236491655.gif)

>>858 >>859 >>861 >>864 wow, what a fucking shitbag.
>>859 >>861 >>864 I have no idea who this guy is beyond the context of him charging you and never giving you the drawing (which was obviously bad). In this conversation, he really doesn't come across as that much of an asshole. I don't think its unreasonable for him to have a bad impression of someone because they called him mentally challenged for liking feathers in his tickle art. And the other guy just going "He's right though! You mad? You mad?" isn't really making any kind of point beyond intentionally baiting him and trying to make him angry. "Other guy" comes across like an edgy teenager. Though, again, I don't really have any context for who this guy is outside of this. Also ignore >>877 the captcha kept fucking up and I replied by accident
(502.28 KB 176x144 Maired 1.mp4)

(4.72 MB 1088x612 Maired 2.mp4)

(1.23 MB 640x480 Maired 3.mp4)

>>853 wow what a cunt Here's old tickling clips she's done over the years that she doesn't want circulating, Enjoy!
>>879 more
>>861 What is stopping Chaos from doing something besides magic feathers?
>>887 His utter lack of creativity.
>>887 Pure laziness. The same thing stopping him from drawing anything other than the same pose he's been doing for over a decade now.
>>893 >>895 That’s depressing. Is that the fate of all TK artists?
>>898 Just the ones who get high off their own farts.
>>747 Reposted from 8Kunt I know the artist and their work well. They showed plenty of promise and potential a year ago…then their friends (and online friends) started converting them into being a tranny (it's a man baybay); one friend forced them to take pictures of themselves in women's clothing (they were 18 at the time mind you, just turned). Now theyre 19, ultra confused, ultra depressed and in Poland which particularly hates trannies, therefore further contributing to their depression. Demoralized and continuously harassed by their woke friends and blinded by woke culture (also close friends to them constantly tell them that their art needs to be weird looking, convinved them that practicing and NOT making characters fat and massive titted/cocked then their somehow mesogenic. Some shit to do with Michel-Angelo, cant make this shit up), theyre only going to go downhill. This reflects in their art.
>>902 If that’s true they need to find new friends and reclaim their identity.
>>747 this. ticklepaw had SO much potential. such a shame he got worse as time went on.
>>997 She's actually a SHE now named Kate! Mam! IT IS MAM TRANSPHOBE Nah but pissing around aside; yeah it's fucking brainwashed at this point. Doesnt help most Polish furs into tickling (its Polish) are all cut from the same cloth of woke bullshit.
>>747 >chubby Good, desperately lacking. >that fucking face, those malformed tits Into the trash it goes.
>>747 >they get worse So basically every artist who got into patreon.
>>1149 I noticed that trend myself. I don't know if I should call it laziness, being complacent with the audience they have, or just slacking off with not having a fire under their ass to stay consistent.
>>1150 Part of it is probably feeling of HAVING to consistently create content out of duty instead of drawing whenever you happen to get inspired.
>>1151 Surprisingly enough a lot of them produce less content since they joined patreon. Take reati as an example.
>>1152 The irony. One would argue once you actually have an audience paying you; youre obligated to at leats try and draw something. Of course, why do that when you can suit on your arse and claim money from desperate tickle porns, while uploading once a year exclusively to Patreon? If people bitch? Smack them down with politics and white privilege.
>>545 i usually lurk and dont post shit but is it me or does irkingir not give a fuck anymore? i mean look at this resolution man https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43772546/
>>1179 he 100% does not. Hes phoned it in hard. remember that shitty lucario/cinderace pic someone paid him over $100 for?
>>1183 >$300 >for THIS >That. Fucking. Face. Cinderace, I have terminal 7, face cancer.
https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZDHp4XZIi9gGsmAcfXW4g8RJINc0ywv0rBk furaffinity.net/view/39583788/ GOOD LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING IN HERE SOMEONE CALL A PREACHER
i was gonna bitch about dragonmaster how hes always in a hugbox and does nothing but go on and on about his thot oc girlfriend and will go supernova on your ass if you dont a praise him or b ask about one of his other 34 ocs but then he posted this journal can anyone decipher what this schizo is trying to say? he sounds unhinged af https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9977203/
>>1422 >I woke up when the sun rose, and at that point just accepted everything. I took out the food from my refrigerator (I should have earlier but my mind needed some sort of hope to keep hold of) and dumped it into a double layered bag. I prepared myself mentally for the job of going to toss it, mostly because of the yet another cold shower combined with putting on clothing. After psyching myself up, I went and did that, carrying it all the way and then walking back, figuring the sun was high enough now that said car place was open. Hi, Pajeet here, writing from my mud cabin, can anybody provide some context? Did everything over in Louisiana actually shut down to the point he couldn't even go to the store and was about to starve in his own fucking apartment? Why didn't he prepare before everything went to shit? Is the weather there really so fucked up as to sweat lodge this guy into writing this or is he just a giant pussy? Are three days of isolation really enough to reduce the average burger to this pathetic state? Cute scalie tho
>>1425 LA anon here in some places like right next to the water shit shut down, but he's upstate nowhere near the water only thing to shut down there was a McDonald's and a gas station guy spends all his money on porn he's super fucking sensitive so naturally as little as one thing not following his will can turn him insane he blocked one dude because he posted a journo saying 'dont simp for OCs' dude was like "no shit lol" and got banned another dude asked him why he doesnt get art of another of his ocs and he got banned so yeah this dude's a massive pussy with a grandiosity complex honestly funny af to watch him sperg out as for weather can confirm its a fucking sauna here but most of us are used to it, people live in fucking wood shanties on the bayou here still with candle light so its bad but not as bad as hes making it out to be hes what we call down here a pockon
>>1427 >so yeah this dude's a massive pussy with a grandiosity complex Figures, certainly writes like one. Proverbial thoughts and prayers for the ones actually dealing with shit, but this is just hilarious. Like how the fuck are these people even adults.
>>1428 >>1427 >McDonald's shut down >Literally shaking rn journal Well it is a fucking tragedy then, consoomer couldnt get his bigmac ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(93.27 KB 1225x441 birdfucker.jpg)

(190.99 KB 1248x579 birdfucker2.jpg)

(28.24 KB 500x500 HMM.jpg)

>One biblical truth >Entire favs gal filled with m/m hmm...
>>2247 https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8086934/ The comments are quite interesting, it straight up sounds like a cult
>>2247 Christian fetishists are weird. There was that JamesE82 guy in DA who was constantly commissioning tickling fetish art of his "Crimson Conservative Connie" character left and right and posted walls of text about his republican politics, and ultimately deleted most of the art from public view because he also went full Christian.
>>2249 >One hidden comment >"I knew you'd interfere" The question is whatd they say?
>self proclaimed '2 year oldchubby tomboy' >clearly TLC documentary obese in photos, looks nearly 40 >"NO LOLICONS, MAP, OR SHOTACONS" >draws fetish art of minors >obsessed with the little rascals like a 70 year old pedo goddamn
>>2607 22 year old*, even
Not necessarily tickling related but could "smelly-lil-feet" fuck off and die or kill himself? He's ruining foot content for everyone with his scat and musk fetishes. I didn't know we needed to gatekeep fetishes of all things but here we fucking are
>>2721 Yeah, musk sucks
>>2721 In a similar vain, redscript would be a 10/10 artist if he just stopped with the gross stuff and focused on tickling
>>2733 I can tolerate it if just a steamy white but the green smoke some Artists use is an eyesore.
>>2739 Let me point out that this faggot is ruining the search results with "scat"
>>2748 where?
>>880 >>879 >>853 This Tea.... Is Delicious.
(2.40 MB 1080x1439 ClipboardImage.png)

>charging $20 for this I suppose it's fine since the good artists are charging at least $100
>>2953 I've seen worse artists charge more this is hardly cringe
New board new containment zone edition. post anything tickling related you find cringe and keep it in here. Pictures, autism, art, stories etc. as long as it's related to tickling and cringe it goes!
>>3831 It's hilarious to me that the OP is not nearly as cringy as some others on the catalog that weren't meant to be the cringe thread. Also, this has been working as that for a while now >>545
>>3834 yeh OP is a faggot, M&M tickling is funnier than hell.
>>3831 Kek. OP poster of the original Cringe thread. Dimensional merge when, admins?
(27.65 MB 11996x9032 ClipboardImage.png)

>there are people who get off to this
>>3840 And this
Look what got reposted on the new ED https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Kujman
(656.76 KB 1024x553 ClipboardImage.png)

DeviantArt moment
>>10717 It's almost Dorain1 level.

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