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Anonymous 05/27/2021 (Thu) 21:08:46 Id: 1c9107 No. 58
Anyone got some of Michio-Chan’s art? Like the uncensored ones
I'll post more once I dig them up from my drives
(155.29 KB 2048x1444 maybe michio2.jpg)

(89.39 KB 723x476 path29872.jpg)

(139.67 KB 919x677 path2987.jpg)

(202.83 KB 2239x1599 maybe michio.jpg)

>>5038 Take your time boss I also just remembered back in the old 8kun tkr’s in memorium thread, someone had posted their google drive collection of his old stuff, til it went 404
>>5118 Thanks. Its taking me much longer than expected. I really wish that site hadn't gone down so soon. I probably could have preserved a lot more. Gonna look deeper this weekend. I know I got more than this somewhere.
(115.86 KB 1223x729 puppy.jpg)

(110.98 KB 904x817 elf.jpg)

(130.98 KB 964x1422 hands.jpg)

(204.40 KB 1335x858 pleasure.jpg)

(154.00 KB 1090x1120 lickem.jpg)

>>5118 >>5339 I've saved those into my archive when the drive was up. I can share a mediafire folder. It'd only be 68mb.
>>5358 Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.
(101.04 KB 1023x828 naughty.JPG)

(751.79 KB 1142x1376 1357166191679.jpg)

(217.91 KB 1600x1187 michio.jpg)

(265.89 KB 1133x1142 skanuj0002.jpg)

(199.29 KB 1326x1050 ticklish.jpg)

Actually it maybe easier to share whats not already on da

(132.97 KB 1047x829 21.jpg)

(160.03 KB 1249x1209 trvdf.jpg)

(383.73 KB 1107x1111 high.jpg)

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