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(1.61 MB 1280x1280 My_3x3.jpeg)

3x3 Anonymous 11/06/2021 (Sat) 12:02:42 Id: 4dc37c No. 6128
I was horny and bored, and I thought it'd be fun to make a thread where we try to fill a 3x3 with characters that would fit the description. I tried to limit myself to one character per franchise to make it more fun, but you don't have to. Template at https://kapwi.ng/c/aBN65i6_ZE
Here mine. Changed it to how characters will react under interrogation and their worst spots, and I tried to keep it as true to cannon as I could.
(1.55 MB 1280x1280 Copy_of_3x3_Template.jpeg)

>>6133 that's cool, tried doing it myself, it was hard to separate by tickled area for each character, but here
Played around with Paint for too long before realizing the website had a program for it. Here's my take on the original.
(1.31 MB 981x983 tickle3x3.png)

Here is mine. I also gave my explanations for each in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order. Also, someone should make a ler version of this at some point. Corrin - Let's themselves get taken as a prisoner of war, and the interrogators have no idea why they keep asking for more. Ritsuko Akagi - She's too dignified and put-together to show it, but she lives for having all that dignity and maturity tickled out of her. Bowsette - Secretly a hardcore masochist that deliberately makes mistakes to get locked up in Peach's tickle dungeon. Mikuru Asahina - Not sure if she likes it or not, but the thought that she can resist at all doesn't even cross her mind. Lusamine - Powerful, ambitious woman with an omnipresent need to be in control is learning new things about herself while suffering tickle torture. Fae Valentine - Will absolutely NOT let you know that being tickle tortured is turning her on BAD. Nia Teppelin - Firmly lets her torturer know that she is not enjoying this, then is confused when the tickle torture continues anyway. Tsunade - Still vehemently insists she is a "hokage" three years into her tickle slavery. Himiko Toga - She really hates it, but she's a villain so everyone just locked her up in a tickle machine and forgot about her.
>>6133 Who's the first girl?
>>6140 If you're asking about the one on the top left, that's Aqua from Konosuba.

(938.32 KB 1123x1639 Samus_Captured_color%20copy.png)

(24.69 KB 300x400 9487.jpg)

>>6137 Actually, following on from the last one, probably a good idea to have explanations for mine as well: Tracer - A very bubbly sort who loves to laugh, willing to surrender if it means getting tickled some more. Chun Li - Keeps her role as a cop in mind, but more than happy to give after enough tickling. Samus - Has her whole reputation as bounty hunter to keep on and probably not used to affectionate touches, so struggles back. Yomiko Readman - Not against being tickled, but most likely hates how it makes her lose her glasses. Wonder Woman - Doesn't want to show weakness, since she's a warrior and princess. Tries to keep herself together during tickling, but flounders eventually. She-Hulk - Flirty and powerful, hates being reduced to a giggling weakling, even if the actual tickling feels nice. Rally Vincent - Tough bounty hunter, although inexperienced with affection from others. Strong tickling will probably break her down completely. Sonya Blade - Tries to keep herself professional, but soon breaks down with some cursing and hoping to get her hands on her tickler later. Leona Ozaki - Hates everything about this and will threaten everyone involved unless the tickling stops right now. As long as she keeps up that attitude, it'll never stop. And here's closer look at some of the images that were cut off slightly.
>>6142 I'd like to add, Wonder Woman is definitely into bdsm, in the older comics she literally loses her powers when someone ties her up. Plus the whole "loving submission" thing, you know. She totally loves taking it while trying to maintain her dominance. I put Samus in the "tries to keep dignity" column mostly because I don't see her wasting her energy on pointless struggling, but she'd not let go easily. But yeah I agree she'd love it, the not being used to touch plus the relief from all that responsability (Samus was always a softie deep down) probably turns her on. Also props for She-Hulk, one of the few super heroes to be canonically ticklish. Can you post the full pic?
(1.22 MB 1166x1650 Shulk.jpg)

>>6143 That's a fair point on Wonder Woman. Probably one of those things where it depends on who's giving it to her at the time. Another Amazon or someone close, loves it. An enemy doing the tying/tickling, really tries not to show how much she's enjoying herself. Samus struck me as fighting initially, if only to try and spare herself being embarrassed when someone tickling her, but gives in with time. Her being a softie helps too. Sure, here's the pic in question.
>>6144 thanks! and of course, Samus can perfectly fit the "fights it" column, she's still the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy, she won't give in without a fight
Had some time so I decided to make one with a Fate theme for the original template.
(1.48 MB 1280x1280 3x3_Template.jpeg)

Thought this looked interesting so I tried it, sorry if I totally messed something up
>>6185 Looks OK. If you want to keep the images scaled down while still looking good and a consistent size, can click on the link in the first post and then on 'edit'. Helps a lot. I do like the selection of the last pic, thought the character was drunk at first, seemed like a kind of good way to highlight how aggressive they could be. >>6138 Nice run down of potential characters and who would work best in it. What kind of axis would a ler one have? Sadistic to mean to playful one line and favored spots on the other? Or silent, taunting, breaking them by talking instead?
>>6186 >click on the link in the first post and then on edit that's exactly what I did
>>6186 Definitely playful through sadistic but maybe the other axis is "claims they are" vs. "is really". As in you've got stuff like "claims they're sadistic, is really playful" and "claims they're sadistic, is sadistic." That kinda thing.
>>6186 >What kind of axis would a ler one have? one could be the intensity at which they like to tickle? Slow and prolonged, small intense bursts, full on tickle torture?
>>6206 Yeah, I think a good axis would be "tickles to tease" to "tickles to torture", with something middle ground in between. Maybe the other axis could be playful to sadistic like >>6186 said, representing their attitude towards tickling as opposed to their methods. Maybe? I dunno I could be talking out of my ass.
(1.13 MB 1280x1280 3x3_Template (1).jpeg)

So, tried a take on the ler version of this. Just one idea for the axis, most likely room for improvement. Felicia - Certainly a sweetheart, will keep things very playful and not go overboard, just doing enough to make someone smile and giggle. Mai - Generally a nice person, but will take advantage of someone being ticklish to get more out of them, see them calling out for it to stop as encouragement. Sombra - Never one to go out, Sombra will use a light touch and breaking words to drain someone's defenses, keeping them on edges without ever having to push herself. Wasp - More rough and tumble as a hero, Wasp isn't going to back off while someone hasn't given in. Once they do though, she's going to stop and comment how fun it was. Cassie Cage - A brat without being a sadist, Cassie will tickle someone intensely, even enjoy herself with it once someone really gets laughing and she starts mouthing off at them. Ryoko - Not one for to stop her own fun, Ryoko's going to dominate anyone she finds is ticklish and make sure they know she's in control, ramping up the embarrassment fiercely. Ayame - A ninja, an assassin and a complete brat, Ayame's going to let her mouth do most of the work, breaking down someone while keeping the tickling relatively light. Not much fun taunting someone if they're too busy laughing to hear it. Android 18 - More business like than the others, Android 18 is still going to destroy whoever she gets her hands on. Unlimited energy and a bit of a dark side, she'll get her victory over the ticklee. Juri Han - Going to tickle someone to insanity and enjoy every moment of it. Juri will use anything and everything to break someone's mind and body, most likely while getting off on it too.
>>6215 I like this template a lot so that's what I went with. Mamako - Huge mommy dom energy. Her tickling is light and playful and she'll talk about how cute you're giggling is. The most hardcore she gets is pinning your arms to your side. Misato - She gets drunk, ties you up, and tickles you as a prank, but she doesn't realize how good she is at it. Princess Peach - Definitely a secret sadist. Her tickling never gets above teasing level, but it's RELENTLESS. She'll ask you how tickling can possibly be so bad three hours into a session when you're begging for mercy. Hanji – Would work you over with an attitude like you were her dutiful and willing research subject and ask your opinion about which spot you think she should torture next. Cammy - If you have information she'll ask you, and if you refuse to give it, she'll gag you and see if you're more cooperative in an hour. LeBlanc - She'll work you over, make you give up every embarrassing little secret you have, force you to make up some to keep her interested, and then keep going anyway. Nui Harime - She is utterly brutal and relentless. Every time you scream that you can't take anymore she'll boop you on the nose and say, "yeah you can silly! You don't have the choice not to!" Esdeath - The idea of owning a slave entirely devoted to tickle torture interested her for maybe a week and then she got bored. But rather than killing you, she ordered you to be tickle tortured every day for hours, just in case she wanted the pleasure of the thought that you might be suffering somewhere before she forgets about your existence again. Azula - She would be sprinting on a hedonic treadmill to come up with ever more brutal tickle torture methods to get off to tickle torturing you as the novelty wears off. Would probably kidnap and tickle torture your friends and loved ones in front of you just to keep feeling something.
>>6222 Good choices and write ups for the lers there alright. Good job on the images as well, went with basic characters ones as finding some pictures with the characters as lers rather than lees can be tricky at times.
(1.99 MB 1280x1280 3x3_Template.jpeg)

Tried it on Sailor Scouts
(1.59 MB 1280x1280 tickle chart.jpeg)

(1.60 MB 1280x1280 3x3.jpg)

Amy Rose - probably likes it Nejire Hado - seems like she would like it but doesn't want to look so discombobulated Starfire - loves it but can't help but resist it Kirino Kousaka - turns her on but thinks it's embarrassing Tharja - humiliated by how much she loves it Jane - canonically hates that she loves it Zelda - hates it but accepts that it's for the greater good Samus - hates it and doesn't want to look weak Devil Sword Luchefried MC - hates it but has to fight it or she basically dies
(1.05 MB 1280x905 0f.png)

(979.66 KB 1920x2716 BillVicious Nejire Hado.jpg)

(597.25 KB 1200x1169 Sisters.jpg)

(566.08 KB 1920x2716 BillVicious Tharja.jpg)

>>12633 full size of each
(1.04 MB 1000x1468 TickleTrap02_pg01.jpg)

(184.61 KB 1280x1182 Common_116_min.jpg)

(7.51 MB 4983x3900 Samus_doom2_finalizado.png)

(240.85 KB 465x620 Rokuro4.png)

(2.27 MB 1280x1280 tkl waifus.png)

(1.58 MB 1280x1280 3x3_Template.jpeg)

No one's posted one in a while, so I figured I'd give it a go. 3x3 Fire Emblem Edition Loves it/Takes it: Corrin. Is it any surprise? A girl that insists on going barefoot her whole life with feet that cute is pretty much just asking for it. She knows what she likes. Loves it/Tries to keep dignity: Lucina. Confirmed ticklish in her support with Inigo. She threatens him when he tickles her, but it's in a sort of cutesy, impossible-to-take-seriously way. She was just flustered about getting so familiar with the Shepherds' certified tickle fetishist. But I think she loves it. Loves it/Fights it: Elise. Little explanation needed. She is confirmed to love getting in tickle fights with her siblings. She loves to be tickled and will fight back. Loves and hates it/Takes it: Robin. The girl always in control, always in charge, ever pragmatic and tactical. Someone like her gets a thrill like none other from having that control taken away from her, and having her weakness exploited. And as has been discussed before on this board, that girl habitually hides those feet of hers. Getting tied down and having her weak, sensitive soles tortured at the whim of someone else is a dream for her, guaranteed. But it can't be denied that it's also torture for her. That just makes it better for both parties, of course. Loves and hates it/Tries to keep dignity: Severa. Classic tsundere. She won't admit she's having fun, not only because that would involve admitting to having such a shameful and childish fetish, but it also really is just torture. It ain't easy being so tsun. Loves and hates it/Fights it: Lissa. Perhaps not as prolific a tickle fighter as Elise, but is there any doubt that she's seen her share of tickle scrapping? She doesn't have Elise's stamina though, and where Elise is enough of a lee that she doesn't mind losing, Lissa really will try to win at all costs. She just often loses anyway. Hates it/Takes it: Bernadetta. Poor Bernie learned a long time ago that fighting just makes the punishment longer. Just take it, laugh and beg if you must, but don't try to get away, and don't even think of lowering those feet. Poor girl. Hates it/Tries to keep dignity: Flora (and to a lesser extend, Felicia). Both sisters are surely ticklish and can't stand to be tickled, but when working for a family that includes siblings like Corrin, Camilla, and Elise, the chance that either maid could avoid tickling was very near zero. They've learned to just take their knocks (and their turns in the stocks). Hates it/Fights it: Ingrid. She hates how ticklish she is. It's beneath her dignity as a knight, and if you tickle her she will try to destroy you. If you plan to tickle her, you'd better be willing to go all in, because once you start, your only chance is to tickle her into submission and wear her out until she's too weak to fight back.
>>17641 I would really like to believe Inigo is a certified tickle fetishist, would make him even more based.
(6.79 MB 2467x2474 aotgraph.png)

Made one for AOT girls. Some of these are kinda just my horny fantasy lol
>>17658 For me, Petra goes into loves it/tries to keep dignity, only because she is best girl and I wouldn't survive if she hated it.
>>17659 Fair enough. she's a cutie
(1.94 MB 1173x1169 ClipboardImage.png)

No xenoblade X because I haven't played it yet. Pyra: She just loves getting tickled and has questionable armor choices otherwise. Fiora: Good wife who doesn't want to show that she loves it too much but also has no reason to escape. Nia: She is too ticklish to be able to handle it, so she does her best to have it stop as a reflex, sadly for her that she isn't that strong. Poppi: Fits in every one because she is programmable and lucky for us, her creator is a pervert. Mythra: She hates that she loves it, fighting back would cause her to break free but she doesn't want it to end, so she just acts like she doesn't want it. Even more questionable armor than Pyra to boot. Morag: Tough girl that's ticklish and doesn't want people to abuse it, so she tries to fight against it, but liking it in the progress. Melia: She hates it but would go along with it because it makes you happy, maybe it's possible to have her love it. Brighid: Always appearing so tough and cold, so having tickling make her into a giggling mess, she just tries not to laugh and hates it for that reason. Patroka: Just hates having something as silly and childish as tickling be a weak spot for her.

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