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(66.58 KB 639x847 hiro06.gif)

(72.87 KB 897x528 hiro07.JPG)

(70.55 KB 632x805 hiro08.JPG)

(46.30 KB 540x688 hiro11.JPG)

(37.23 KB 349x480 hiro17.jpg)

Post the OLDEST shit you got Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 02:12:46 Id: f6ed88 No. 755
Oldfag here. Pretty sure Hiro M was the very first ever Japanese tickling artist, at least as far as what we saw here in the west.
(88.83 KB 828x704 hiro10.JPG)

(90.83 KB 501x438 hiro12.JPG)

(102.61 KB 666x933 hiro13.JPG)

(102.70 KB 795x536 hiro14.JPG)

(127.70 KB 569x689 Mihoshi.jpg)

(60.17 KB 411x589 20040919478105.jpg)

(91.46 KB 496x543 20050311629543.jpg)

(49.99 KB 621x451 hiro04.jpg)

(115.73 KB 610x869 hiro05.JPG)

(77.58 KB 610x844 hiro09.JPG)

(22.07 KB 400x336 10.jpg)

(240.84 KB 605x722 1124141668311.jpg)

(37.22 KB 230x325 1164421015459o.jpg)

(76.05 KB 753x566 20040117587834.jpg)

(99.38 KB 863x601 20040119605772.jpg)

I'll dig around and see what else I can find.
>>755 That third picture is a blast from the past, I remember it from SWTickle. http://web.archive.org/web/20041216021942/http://swtickle.com/
(44.58 KB 606x443 66d30a9b.jpg)

Very first TomatoDragon art back when he was still called "Swindows" (2002)
(246.41 KB 1000x1000 polaris-small2.jpg)

(360.04 KB 1200x1800 jean pg2-b.jpg)

(235.87 KB 1000x1000 polaris v jean.pg4.jpg)

(281.71 KB 1200x1200 polaris v jean.pg5.jpg)

(397.16 KB 1200x1548 polaris v jean.pg6.big.jpg)

Just a hot comic by Tyklfynd
(309.28 KB 1000x1167 polaris v jean.pg7.jpg)

(351.22 KB 1200x1029 polaris v jean.pg8.jpg)

>>763 The rest
(139.72 KB 738x556 julie.jpg)

Does anyone have all or more of Kidetic/Kusujinn’s old and deleted art saved? I think these ones are by him at least
(337.98 KB 1200x1200 buns3.jpg)

>>763 >>764 Missed a page
Hmm, now I'm curious: do we ticklefags have a "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife"? What's the earliest evidence of our fetish, or at least the sexualization of tickling, we can trace back? Catherine the Great?
(56.59 KB 308x480 superhero13.jpg)

(35.68 KB 573x734 01.gif)

(99.35 KB 638x826 03.gif)

Including a version with (free thus crap) software increased resolution of the superheroine picture. The original picture that was size meant for human eyes is probably lost media by this point.
(849.48 KB 1000x1572 clrhentai1.png)

(888.24 KB 1000x1333 clrhentai2.png)

(887.80 KB 1000x1333 clrhentai5.png)

(961.06 KB 1000x1333 clrhentai6.png)

(729.64 KB 1000x1333 clrhentai4.png)

>>766 Anything in specific you remember? Just asking since it'll be faster than sharing all of his work. I also don't believe he is responsible for those pieces. Not sure who the exact artist is, but I think they were part of a series of pictures that was commissioned by someone named Ralavik and posted on Tickletheater. Funnily enough, they seem to have been responsible for a Blood Elf foot piece I was admiring recently.
(770.71 KB 1000x1333 clrhentai3.png)

(1.72 MB 3000x1902 1381358563704.jpg)

(1.37 MB 961x2000 1379991594888.png)

(503.45 KB 1228x868 Commish-Huberstein (resized).jpg)

(390.18 KB 1000x1008 Maka in stocks.jpg)

(635.16 KB 480x1920 megbízás-4 (resized) (Large).png)

(529.58 KB 993x2209 naruko order.png)

(1.01 MB 998x2000 nightelf_for TW.png)

(514.02 KB 2000x909 Peach Tickle.jpg)

(90.09 KB 524x842 rangiku 2 sketch.jpg)

(68.99 KB 464x842 rangiku sketch.jpg)

(137.50 KB 1000x756 Rukia (colored).jpg)

(456.62 KB 1622x907 Sakura vs Karin.jpg)

(631.91 KB 975x1500 Soifon_for TW.png)

(1.13 MB 909x2000 Temari_for TW.png)

(1.63 MB 1754x1500 YoruSoi_high res.png)

(196.17 KB 707x1000 yorusoicom.jpg)

(636.80 KB 746x1024 Bleach 1.png)

(528.19 KB 746x1024 Bleach 2.png)

(463.22 KB 575x800 Bleach 3.png)

(405.27 KB 583x800 Bleach 4.png)

(473.69 KB 768x1056 Bleach 5 (Medium).png)

(297.65 KB 575x800 Bleach 6.png)

(392.77 KB 582x799 Bleach 7.png)

(341.23 KB 582x800 Bleach 8.png)

(303.10 KB 683x884 Bleach 9.png)

(389.87 KB 704x911 Bleach 10.png)

(335.27 KB 586x758 Bleach 11.png)

(406.15 KB 618x800 Bleach 12.png)

(458.53 KB 618x800 Bleach 13.png)

(471.54 KB 618x800 bleach 14.png)

(405.07 KB 618x800 bleach 15.png)

(55.80 KB 600x800 RukiaxRenji 1.jpg)

(63.19 KB 600x800 RukiaxRenji 2.jpg)

(673.32 KB 2304x3072 RukiaxRenji 3.JPG)

(60.17 KB 600x800 RukiaxRenji 4.jpg)

(721.97 KB 800x1164 hentai01.png)

(490.49 KB 800x1164 hentai02.png)

(425.06 KB 800x1164 hentai03.png)

(602.86 KB 800x1164 hentai04.png)

(329.49 KB 1000x817 Bloodelf relaxing.jpg)

(350.88 KB 1228x868 Commish-Huberstein 2 (resized).jpg)

>>786 This is a TICKLING forum dude.
>>796 As far as I'm aware there is no risk of running out of space, it makes no difference that I tacked on the additional three pictures for completion's sake.
>footfags being entitled to their fetish regardless of the thread >pretenciously pretend they can get away with it because "i-it don't matter broh!" checks out.
>>755 Why is the first one a gif? It doesn't seem to be animating
>>828 >non animated gif That's just how fucking old that shit is lmao
I don't remember what year this is from, has to be at least 2005?
>>828 Back in the dark ages there was no rhyme or reason behind image file extensions; I still have a few that are “tif” format and I’m not even sure they can be uploaded here.
>>828 Zoomer detected
(428.45 KB 961x1836 riza fma2.png)

>>766 >>777 I actually have a colored version of the Riza pic, maybe it was color anon from the old board?
>>837 No I didn’t color this one. I did color the one of Yoruichi and Rangiku though, and more recently the one of Temari.
>>826 rent free
(91.86 KB 384x507 D&T1.jpg)

(81.73 KB 507x384 D&T3.jpg)

(78.50 KB 571x432 D&T4.jpg)

(151.71 KB 728x550 D&T2.jpg)

(151.01 KB 600x792 D&T6.jpg)

circa 1996
(213.87 KB 560x696 d&t8.jpg)

(223.66 KB 560x685 D&T71.jpg)

(737.67 KB 637x963 ClipboardImage.png)

(380.45 KB 840x610 ClipboardImage.png)

(438.35 KB 641x930 ClipboardImage.png)

>>854 Ghostshinobi is good stuff, think they were one of the first tickling artists on DA. I'm tempted to say some of their work still stands up, but maybe that is just nostalgia.
>>845 dilate
Old Bandito stuff was so good.
>>831 That's from Tickleague, and surprisingly the site's still up! http://tickleague.h.fc2.com/
>>831 If you want the specific date the image data on the site says last modified, "Thu, 22 Mar 2007 05:20:40"
Does anyone have the old Teen Titans Raven art from KravenDude? There were two pics I believe.
(169.25 KB 808x1063 bac007.jpg)

(217.59 KB 808x1080 bac008.jpg)

(204.40 KB 808x1080 bac009.jpg)

(235.60 KB 808x1056 bac010.jpg)

(248.00 KB 808x1083 bac011.jpg)

Got some older than dirt BAC stuff
(233.02 KB 808x1083 bac012.jpg)

(222.73 KB 804x1080 bac045.jpg)

>>3581 continued
(202.76 KB 612x792 bac053.JPG)

(177.28 KB 612x792 bac054.JPG)

(165.51 KB 612x792 bac055.JPG)

(172.38 KB 612x792 bac056.JPG)

(175.13 KB 612x792 bac057.JPG)

Sharing with y'all the classic tickling lit-comic, "Wok Don't Run"...go ahead and indulge in the cultural inappropriateness assholes I don't give a shit...
(191.29 KB 612x792 bac058.JPG)

(182.26 KB 612x792 bac059.JPG)

(184.07 KB 612x792 bac060.JPG)

(191.60 KB 612x792 bac061.JPG)

(181.46 KB 612x792 bac062.JPG)

>>4206 part 2
(159.86 KB 612x792 bac063.JPG)

(174.04 KB 612x792 bac064.JPG)

>>4207 ......purple helmeted love pillar....WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK LOL
>>4209 If you all want more of this old shit, REPLY and make your voices known...I got a lot of this old crap from a bygone age...
>>4210 Go on......
(66.09 KB 803x586 cb004.gif)

(106.54 KB 711x671 cb006.jpg)

(111.16 KB 711x671 cb007.jpg)

(56.21 KB 640x480 cb002.gif)

(93.45 KB 680x540 cb001.jpg)

(28.56 KB 600x450 cb011.jpg)

(25.61 KB 386x335 cb014.jpg)

(95.53 KB 736x576 cb012.jpg)

(59.11 KB 749x682 cb015.JPG)

(92.45 KB 592x543 cb016.jpg)

(41.31 KB 701x412 cb017.gif)

(579.36 KB 508x400 cb019.gif)

(93.41 KB 576x724 cb021.JPG)

(62.95 KB 741x584 cb023.GIF)

(92.15 KB 568x738 cb022.jpg)

(155.35 KB 500x815 rnrPAGE1.jpg)

(169.45 KB 500x794 rnrPAGE2.jpg)

(188.27 KB 600x680 rnrPAGE3.jpg)

(206.87 KB 500x857 rnrPAGE4.jpg)

(205.39 KB 500x1020 rnrPAGE5.jpg)

More old shit? More old shit! Todays dump is from the legendary artist "Smith"
(197.01 KB 500x847 rnrPAGE6.jpg)

(106.88 KB 532x692 smith028.jpg)

(158.64 KB 612x780 smith029.jpg)

(112.00 KB 540x688 smith030.jpg)

(132.01 KB 552x700 smith031.jpg)

(124.54 KB 568x732 smith032.jpg)

(44.58 KB 754x576 smith037.gif)

(43.86 KB 720x540 toon195.gif)

(27.38 KB 639x388 toon194.gif)

(50.27 KB 630x491 toon152.gif)

(29.57 KB 631x415 smith034.gif)

(37.11 KB 630x514 smith035.gif)

(26.12 KB 623x427 smith033.gif)

(52.81 KB 418x306 smith011.jpg)

(50.90 KB 306x418 smith024.jpg)

(48.20 KB 306x418 smith006.jpg)

(42.28 KB 418x306 smith020.jpg)

(88.14 KB 584x801 smith042.gif)

(92.81 KB 586x800 smith041.gif)

(88.42 KB 574x808 smith040.gif)

(105.88 KB 650x906 smith1122.jpg)

(130.60 KB 650x906 smith1119.jpg)

(106.73 KB 650x906 smith1117.jpg)

(144.92 KB 650x906 smith1121.jpg)

(129.68 KB 650x906 smith1120.jpg)

(162.25 KB 650x906 smith1116.jpg)

(121.91 KB 619x727 sareypencilsm.jpg)

(125.20 KB 700x748 Smith_HH.jpg)

(375.16 KB 1777x1269 beach.jpg)

(127.75 KB 600x522 rnroriginal1985.jpg)

(375.16 KB 1777x1269 beach.jpg)

(189.39 KB 801x626 img8.jpg)

(804.30 KB 1560x2170 ladiabla71color.jpg)

(61.47 KB 450x534 tutbrush1.jpg)

(118.19 KB 721x585 fury1.jpg)

(71.27 KB 625x475 police1.jpg)

(50.78 KB 366x652 angela1.jpg)

(145.24 KB 894x694 octopus1.jpg)

(132.18 KB 883x678 luanatoon3.jpg)

(96.65 KB 500x636 LD2_cover.jpg)

>>4723 There may be the occasional double in the mix; sorry about that.
(57.83 KB 765x329 smith01.jpg)

(24.95 KB 348x348 zzz11.jpg)

(45.71 KB 416x529 chores.jpg)

(51.31 KB 306x418 military.jpg)

(67.08 KB 736x570 police.jpg)

(199.14 KB 1023x724 sis1.jpg)

(109.70 KB 769x589 apes1.jpg)

(80.50 KB 554x763 jack.jpg)

(32.98 KB 418x306 stocks.jpg)

(154.47 KB 565x729 mstodd1.jpg)

(49.00 KB 306x418 24.jpg)

(21.51 KB 458x336 23.jpg)

(129.03 KB 596x800 smith026.jpg)

(10.97 KB 512x342 smith027.gif)

(62.98 KB 385x530 smith008.jpg)

(53.64 KB 619x478 smith009.jpg)

(75.65 KB 654x624 smith010.jpg)

(52.89 KB 468x640 4ee4b0cb.jpg)

(104.74 KB 414x566 smith016.jpg)

(36.93 KB 418x306 105de907.jpg)

(24.33 KB 418x306 smith022.jpg)

(118.02 KB 612x837 smith018.jpg)

(64.98 KB 418x306 smith017.jpg)

(74.49 KB 414x566 smith019.jpg)

(230.10 KB 869x1188 smith013.jpg)

(39.62 KB 418x306 cb64edb4.jpg)

(46.95 KB 418x306 24080fda.jpg)

(49.65 KB 418x306 d9a81734.jpg)

(53.75 KB 306x418 1fdc018a.jpg)

(33.20 KB 306x418 ee8a9c94.jpg)

If anyone has any requests regarding art from the old days, PLEASE be sure to let me know and I can see what I can find.
>>4731 got any tukano?
(47.64 KB 610x590 gymn1.jpg)

(70.76 KB 587x569 nurse1.gif)

(19.67 KB 564x405 super1.gif)

(52.10 KB 618x354 toon026.jpg)

(111.74 KB 1032x857 sf10.jpg)

>>4738 Yes!
(71.39 KB 711x463 toon027.jpg)

(89.64 KB 726x423 toon038.jpg)

(57.59 KB 732x433 toon039.jpg)

(25.21 KB 235x275 toon061.jpg)

(40.90 KB 397x389 toon062.jpg)

(60.99 KB 512x381 toon063.jpg)

(81.08 KB 693x385 toon145.jpg)

(61.94 KB 450x351 toon146.jpg)

(22.83 KB 726x484 towel.gif)

(123.24 KB 910x639 toon177.jpg)

(90.39 KB 400x297 tukano001.gif)

(19.24 KB 647x501 Tukano1.gif)

(28.33 KB 400x330 tukano002.jpg)

(27.23 KB 400x292 tukano004.jpg)

(23.35 KB 400x317 tukano003.jpg)

(35.17 KB 322x400 tukano005.jpg)

(23.76 KB 400x309 tukano006.jpg)

(88.57 KB 400x291 tukano007.gif)

(75.50 KB 400x248 tukano009.gif)

(94.65 KB 400x311 tukano008.gif)

(96.46 KB 400x243 tukano011.gif)

(68.21 KB 400x224 tukano012.gif)

(24.02 KB 400x286 tukano014.jpg)

(16.06 KB 400x243 tukano013.jpg)

(26.96 KB 400x261 tukano015.jpg)

(25.67 KB 400x274 tukano016.jpg)

(109.24 KB 359x400 tukano017.gif)

(25.77 KB 400x337 tukano018.jpg)

(97.08 KB 400x319 tukano019.gif)

(30.38 KB 400x298 tukano020.jpg)

(32.72 KB 400x371 tukano021.jpg)

(177.07 KB 400x398 tukano025.gif)

(25.74 KB 304x400 tukano022.jpg)

(97.69 KB 400x321 tukano023.gif)

(154.96 KB 391x400 tukano024.gif)

(99.82 KB 400x328 tukano026.gif)

(93.13 KB 400x306 tukano027.gif)

(97.99 KB 400x322 tukano029.gif)

(120.48 KB 396x400 tukano030.gif)

(26.79 KB 400x327 tukano028.jpg)

(70.94 KB 400x233 tukano031.gif)

(82.19 KB 400x270 tukano032.gif)

(70.33 KB 400x231 tukano033.gif)

(83.71 KB 400x275 tukano034.gif)

(33.41 KB 398x400 tukano035.jpg)

(72.77 KB 400x239 tukano036.gif)

(76.41 KB 251x400 tukano037.gif)

(22.37 KB 400x275 tukano038.jpg)

(39.91 KB 400x374 tukano039.jpg)

(92.83 KB 400x305 tukano040.gif)

(52.00 KB 400x388 tukano041.jpg)

(27.64 KB 400x251 tukano042.jpg)

(88.27 KB 400x290 tukano043.gif)

(27.21 KB 400x281 tukano044.jpg)

(35.95 KB 400x274 tukano045.jpg)

(48.45 KB 400x159 tukano046.gif)

(115.62 KB 400x380 tukano047.gif)

(18.43 KB 283x400 tukano048.jpg)

(24.26 KB 400x289 tukano049.jpg)

(78.24 KB 400x257 tukano050.gif)

(78.24 KB 400x257 tukano051.gif)

(17.68 KB 400x242 tukano052.jpg)

(24.75 KB 400x362 tukano055.jpg)

(77.63 KB 400x255 tukano053.gif)

(101.03 KB 400x332 tukano054.gif)

(24.75 KB 400x362 tukano055.jpg)

(74.59 KB 400x245 tukano056.gif)

(99.51 KB 400x327 tukano057.gif)

(69.73 KB 400x229 tukano058.gif)

(44.28 KB 480x369 tukano059.jpg)

(52.10 KB 618x354 tukano060.jpg)

(71.39 KB 711x463 tukano061.jpg)

(89.64 KB 726x423 tukano062.jpg)

(57.59 KB 732x433 tukano063.jpg)

(25.21 KB 235x275 tukano064.jpg)

(40.90 KB 397x389 tukano065.jpg)

(61.94 KB 450x351 tukano069.jpg)

(60.99 KB 512x381 tukano066.jpg)

(81.08 KB 693x385 tukano068.jpg)

(72.11 KB 733x368 tukano067.jpg)

(358.92 KB 595x762 ToonsTotal.jpg)

This is my full catalog, mostly content pre-2000. Also sorry for the weird subject the last number of posts; forgot to change it for this thread.
>>4763 >Also sorry for the weird subject the last number of posts Off topic, but serious question: how's there such a gigantic struggle with the difference between names and thread subjects on this site? It hardly happened at all on 8kun, but the number of time anons mess it up around here when starting new threads is kind of absurd. You're probably excused because of being a shambling oldfag btw.
>>4766 >You're probably excused because of being a shambling oldfag btw. Yeah I'll take that. I am an oldfag kek
>>4763 Wow, can you publish them in Google Drive, some are lost media
(43.18 KB 396x632 chadpet004.jpg)

(41.56 KB 480x378 1c758df4.jpg)

(27.33 KB 400x321 chadMich13.jpg)

(53.03 KB 600x465 213dc2f0.jpg)

(32.70 KB 550x414 babes.gif)

>>4763 I even have Chadpets earlier work before he became a raging "moral pedophile" tickling artist.
>>4918 Do you have Crazy Wolf's art?
>>4763 second that, put that in a drive. definitely some good stuff in there.
>>4943 This is all I've got of his work.
>>5061 I believed you have more
>>4787 >>4973 Honestly? I feel like that would be disingenuous to the board as a whole...I'd prefer to provide content in gradual amounts to keep this board going over time. Just uploading everything I have to a file server would undermine the value of what I have. But don't worry...I'll be sure to create many threads in the future to share my forgotten lore ;)
(205.29 KB 1468x861 crazywolf.jpg)

>>5081 Nope! Thats all!
>>5085 What a sad. At least you have content from Farfat?
(132.38 KB 600x436 the_interrogation_by_farfat.jpg)

(229.76 KB 471x635 slowandlongticklinguu9.jpg)

(576.13 KB 876x638 the_excape_by_farfat.jpg)

>>5088 Thats all I got
>>5089 Cool, and finally, can you show Kitelcat works, I bet you have something interesting
(50.96 KB 568x304 afe446e2.jpg)

(52.41 KB 487x439 indians.jpg)

(82.72 KB 726x446 mentoon012.jpg)

(66.41 KB 714x542 mentoon017.jpg)

(126.29 KB 907x469 bunkbig.jpg)

(46.71 KB 368x414 pullup2.jpg)

(46.42 KB 480x440 Special+move.jpg)

>>5095 Thats all I got
>>5096 That's good
(84.06 KB 800x643 1378278333006.jpg)

(186.13 KB 1072x878 1240962305215.jpg)

(126.27 KB 871x800 jupiter_small.jpg)

(108.57 KB 750x523 milk_love_hina.jpg)

>>4763 Would love to see whatever you have of Nessonite's.
>>5136 Who's that second character? Anita from R.O.D.?
Any nylon tickling artwork or Mandell, Scamwich, just like the stuff on the old yahoo groups >>4731
>>4731 Absolutely would love any Bztickler, FTKL stuff and most of all any "Lost" (League of Super Ticklish Heroines) stuff. There is one about a heroine in red tickled upside down by a robot that is impossible to find.
>>4763 Wonder if you also have Mkeemer artwork
(47.64 KB 575x778 001.jpg)

(57.27 KB 600x353 mandell.jpg)

(57.24 KB 864x648 mandell003.jpg)

(65.90 KB 521x601 mandell005.jpg)

(58.77 KB 558x592 mandell002.jpg)

(65.54 KB 1064x580 mandell006.JPG)

(82.27 KB 468x606 mandell007.JPG)

(98.52 KB 646x470 mandell008.JPG)

(142.98 KB 420x550 mandell009.JPG)

(90.62 KB 498x640 __hr_She's all mine now.jpg)

(59.42 KB 640x498 5a1fa384.jpg)

(86.84 KB 495x640 Agent Shaneesha.jpg)

(68.74 KB 495x640 Beka and Trance.jpg)

(46.31 KB 480x371 Bound Together.jpg)

(89.74 KB 640x495 Claire and Jill.jpg)

(44.98 KB 371x480 Do you expect me to talk.jpg)

(90.91 KB 611x720 lost1018.jpg)

>>5509 (only posting the work of his thats tickling related)
(41.36 KB 279x360 Page 18.jpg)

(86.28 KB 495x640 Princess Peach.jpg)

(99.23 KB 495x640 Storm.jpg)

(52.03 KB 480x371 The Tickle Glove.jpg)

(50.50 KB 374x480 Tied and tickled.jpg)

(89.56 KB 800x623 Tickled+in+her+sleep.jpg)

(102.34 KB 495x640 You want to speak to Yenny.jpg)

(49.00 KB 480x353 ZeroGirl.jpg)

(51.78 KB 371x480 Tifa.jpg)

(57.91 KB 371x480 Tifa2.jpg)

(23.77 KB 480x354 Superfight.jpg)

(34.83 KB 1187x587 8eb7762d.gif)

(49.56 KB 480x460 49d56b07.jpg)

(42.86 KB 468x333 1e6864a7.jpg)

(174.51 KB 632x797 27e82b72color.jpg)

(45.47 KB 458x357 2625b2c5.jpg)

(62.87 KB 721x548 4374bf93.jpg)

(107.26 KB 754x570 a95031f9.jpg)

(76.94 KB 500x477 bac2.jpg)

(60.57 KB 505x663 24474dcb.jpg)

(53.86 KB 533x651 c1a93a2.jpg)

(57.94 KB 500x467 c40dc830.jpg)

(75.39 KB 826x638 f944c1f9.jpg)

(137.95 KB 777x963 e6442429.jpg)

(74.30 KB 693x519 e8837cdf.jpg)

(42.86 KB 468x333 ftkl001.jpg)

(60.57 KB 505x663 ftkl002.jpg)

(45.47 KB 458x357 ftkl003.jpg)

(48.07 KB 632x797 ftkl004.jpg)

(62.87 KB 721x548 ftkl006.jpg)

(49.56 KB 480x460 ftkl007.jpg)

(34.83 KB 1187x587 ftkl008.gif)

(107.26 KB 754x570 ftkl009.jpg)

(50.41 KB 347x480 ftkl010.jpg)

(76.94 KB 500x477 ftkl011.jpg)

(53.86 KB 533x651 ftkl012.jpg)

(57.94 KB 500x467 ftkl013.jpg)

(137.95 KB 777x963 ftkl015.jpg)

(74.30 KB 693x519 ftkl016.jpg)

(75.39 KB 826x638 ftkl017.jpg)

(85.20 KB 480x373 ftkl018.jpg)

(48.20 KB 649x676 ftkl019.jpg)

(77.04 KB 796x597 ftkl020.jpg)

(60.17 KB 623x473 ftkl021.jpg)

(56.84 KB 480x372 ftkl022.jpg)

(149.03 KB 750x581 ftkl023.jpg)

(41.86 KB 417x416 ftkl024.jpg)

(70.90 KB 401x480 ftkl027.jpg)

(52.49 KB 390x479 ftkl025.jpg)

(113.41 KB 792x589 ftkl026.jpg)

(73.24 KB 563x432 ftkl028.jpg)

(172.55 KB 900x685 ftkl029.jpg)

(63.51 KB 480x358 ftkl030.jpg)

(58.02 KB 480x237 ftkl031.jpg)

(58.22 KB 600x455 ftkl032.jpg)

(84.02 KB 452x532 ftkl033.JPG)

(174.03 KB 600x444 ftkl034.JPG)

(53.80 KB 468x600 ftkl035.jpg)

(103.86 KB 720x545 ftkl039.jpg)

(66.77 KB 382x500 ftkl038.jpg)

(84.02 KB 452x532 toon163.JPG)

(41.25 KB 478x273 megan.jpg)

(60.17 KB 623x473 heroines.jpg)

(58.22 KB 600x455 toon045.jpg)

(44.88 KB 1200x668 mchang.gif)

(48.76 KB 480x379 ax4520.jpg)

(49.37 KB 466x642 bwtoons013.jpg)

(46.13 KB 480x354 c06a4e2enew.jpg)

(52.14 KB 480x360 ax4516.jpg)

(23.32 KB 300x218 bgirl000copy.jpg)

(29.11 KB 271x400 Green Demon.jpg)

(39.94 KB 327x400 Ground Demon.jpg)

(27.51 KB 306x400 Hands2.jpg)

(68.94 KB 720x540 lost1002.jpg)

(121.18 KB 612x792 jen.jpg)

(141.30 KB 720x524 lost1005.jpg)

(200.62 KB 1224x801 lost1020.jpg)

(143.79 KB 720x653 lost1019.jpg)

(113.99 KB 720x465 lost1115.jpg)

(140.85 KB 701x864 lost1021.jpg)

(40.00 KB 480x301 lost1302.jpg)

(49.06 KB 714x540 lost1410.jpg)

(100.41 KB 540x720 lost1414.jpg)

(126.68 KB 720x600 lost1415.jpg)

(120.52 KB 561x720 lost1416.jpg)

(116.02 KB 720x486 lost1417.jpg)

(103.05 KB 720x510 lost1418.jpg)

(118.54 KB 506x720 lost1420.jpg)

(101.93 KB 569x720 lost2012.jpg)

(106.50 KB 557x720 lost2014.jpg)

(106.25 KB 720x497 lost2016.jpg)

(84.15 KB 496x640 lost2017.jpg)

(77.56 KB 430x600 lost3001.jpg)

(38.67 KB 672x540 lost3003.jpg)

(37.49 KB 540x720 lost3005.jpg)

(75.82 KB 520x720 lost3007.jpg)

(53.91 KB 640x399 lost3008.jpg)

(66.29 KB 720x493 lost3009.jpg)

(56.63 KB 590x462 lost3010.jpg)

(101.17 KB 612x720 lost3013.jpg)

(264.15 KB 786x1224 lost3014.jpg)

(42.51 KB 431x480 lost3028.jpg)

(123.03 KB 581x720 lost3032.jpg)

(103.09 KB 720x437 lost3033.jpg)

(79.23 KB 491x640 lost3034.jpg)

>>5534 >g files to upload or click
(121.43 KB 550x720 lost8009.jpg)

(139.41 KB 864x701 lost8011.jpg)

(85.25 KB 497x640 lost8013.jpg)

(67.24 KB 348x480 lost8012.jpg)

(80.96 KB 497x640 lost8014.jpg)

(56.96 KB 373x480 lost9012.jpg)

(98.65 KB 482x720 lth3.jpg)

(26.84 KB 280x480 monet2.jpg)

(36.44 KB 584x640 Pink Ranger.jpg)

(31.52 KB 350x480 Parla tesoro!.jpg)

>>5535 I haven't seen a non-upscaled full resolution version of that nazi dungeon picture for a longest time, thank you!
>>5510 Thanks for the photos! Just wondering if you have scamwich nylon tickling artwork? I think its from the nylon dungeon. Additionally, would love to see the Mkeemer stuff. Thanks again
>>5540 I posted ALL of the Scamwich tickling art I had (was never much of a nylon fan) and apparently the one and only MKeemer piece of art I had was actually from BZTickler; my bad.
Well done gentlemen of this thread. You have done a noble thing of preserving the history of our community's work. I am especially grateful to see so much of BAC's work here. Those are truly great works that need to be preserved and shared for the future. Many of the things here will proudly be in my own archives and I thank you. Here are some of my own contributions to this thread. Let us continue to save these works.
(1.67 MB 3300x2550 3-Toon_-_BAC-4.jpg)

(100.11 KB 831x768 Caroline-Kenya.jpg)

(27.29 KB 372x633 Caroline-Ticklemiester02.jpg)

(27.90 KB 281x392 CarolineTickled.jpg)

(55.62 KB 677x372 CITA1panel07.jpg)

(16.42 KB 696x125 CITA1panel08.jpg)

Have some very old CITA stuff. Some of it is a bit aged with the black and white art, but for older stuff that's overlooked, might be with a glance.
(27.73 KB 221x565 CITA1panel13.jpg)

(55.21 KB 542x440 CITA1panel15.jpg)

(54.20 KB 802x287 CITA1panel16.jpg)

(66.39 KB 484x672 Cita2Panel08.jpg)

(56.41 KB 533x668 Cita3Panel08c.jpg)

(55.77 KB 458x784 Cita3Panel11.jpg)

(274.70 KB 848x1096 db1.jpg)

(439.71 KB 848x1096 dbt2.jpg)

(495.88 KB 848x1096 dbt3.jpg)

(79.83 KB 848x1096 dbt4.jpg)

(509.97 KB 848x1096 dbt5.jpg)

(25.56 KB 427x479 DecimationPanel01.jpg)

(47.24 KB 466x764 DecimationPanel07.jpg)

(27.62 KB 404x643 Gift01-Panel01.jpg)

(88.95 KB 744x1056 DecimationPanel06.jpg)

(37.35 KB 823x455 Gift01-Panel03.jpg)

(51.30 KB 763x519 Gift01-panel04.jpg)

(71.53 KB 800x562 Gift01-Panel07.jpg)

(72.67 KB 832x702 Gift02-Panel01.jpg)

(38.35 KB 277x490 Gift02-Panel08preview.jpg)

(39.34 KB 400x379 misc83.jpg)

(52.65 KB 727x844 mrlucasdisciplines.jpg)

(66.04 KB 928x470 HOP07.jpg)

(279.38 KB 848x1096 sweet_misery%204.jpg)

(217.23 KB 848x1096 sweet_misery%203.jpg)

(280.45 KB 848x1096 sweet_misery%205.jpg)

(467.23 KB 848x1096 ta-tas1.jpg)

(461.55 KB 848x1096 ta-tas2.jpg)

(173.95 KB 848x1096 ta-tas4.jpg)

(438.75 KB 848x1096 ta-tas3.jpg)

Shall spoil it from here as there's images involving breast growth and I know it's not what everyone likes, goes a bit overboard.
(263.67 KB 848x1096 ticksweet_misery_1.jpg)

(235.15 KB 848x1068 ticksweet_misery_2.jpg)

And last two here. Back to regular breast size. Images are showing their age and the quality did improve as the artist went on, but some stuff from when the internet was kicking off.
>>5987 No problem! Sorry for requesting so much but wonder if you could share the toe truck and Zuni folder artwork? Thanks
(63.92 KB 862x646 toon022.jpg)

(69.78 KB 713x633 bwtoons012.jpg)

(65.10 KB 857x570 toon050.jpg)

(66.14 KB 518x769 toon051.JPG)

(97.57 KB 439x434 toon167.JPG)

(58.91 KB 501x610 toon209.jpg)

(51.40 KB 773x460 zuni001.jpg)

(69.78 KB 713x633 zuni002.jpg)

(46.10 KB 480x365 zuni003.jpg)

(63.92 KB 862x646 zuni004.jpg)

(65.10 KB 857x570 zuni005.jpg)

(66.14 KB 518x769 zuni006.JPG)

(40.85 KB 623x687 zuni008.gif)

(97.57 KB 439x434 zuni007.JPG)

(26.45 KB 679x587 zuni009.jpg)

(58.91 KB 501x610 zuni010.jpg)

(118.01 KB 446x312 zuni011.jpg)

>>6336 Thats all I got from Zuni...
(53.16 KB 475x347 1467.jpg)

(72.34 KB 498x440 1468.jpg)

(33.39 KB 460x230 1472.gif)

(37.58 KB 460x316 1473.gif)

(19.29 KB 310x278 1474.gif)

Gonna post some VellyZ...meaning posting artwork Ozzy posted under a pseudonym because he didn't want to come off as too gay. I mean come on its obviously his art people.
(63.49 KB 600x431 1477.jpg)

(37.43 KB 237x394 1478.jpg)

(474.17 KB 892x892 1522.jpg)

(226.58 KB 1069x612 VZP001.jpg)

(192.10 KB 1069x612 VZP002.jpg)

(288.64 KB 1069x612 VZP003.jpg)

(139.41 KB 804x460 VZP007.jpg)

(270.27 KB 1069x612 VZP004.jpg)

(273.03 KB 1342x768 VZP005.jpg)

(272.76 KB 1342x768 VZP006.jpg)

(125.93 KB 804x460 VZP010.jpg)

(140.91 KB 804x460 VZP008.jpg)

(133.43 KB 804x460 VZP009.jpg)

(128.38 KB 804x460 VZP011.jpg)

(147.40 KB 804x460 VZP012.jpg)

(193.81 KB 804x460 VZP016.jpg)

(175.89 KB 804x460 VZP017.jpg)

(167.05 KB 804x460 VZP014.jpg)

(176.86 KB 804x460 VZP015.jpg)

(192.45 KB 804x460 VZP013.jpg)

>>6343 Honestly how could anyone NOT realize that VellyZ was actually Ozzy...I mean if anyone did fall for the rouse than they're mentally challenged.
(129.81 KB 1000x800 angel4.jpg)

(89.92 KB 1463x1153 ass.jpg)

(196.47 KB 1200x960 angel6.jpg)

(218.99 KB 1100x1084 box-final.jpg)

(337.98 KB 1200x1200 buns3.jpg)

More Tyklfynd's art...
(243.46 KB 800x874 dangle.gif)

(158.52 KB 1500x938 chloe-color-final.jpg)

(238.54 KB 1000x1167 ctkl.jpg)

(292.35 KB 1100x880 hangvyv-small2.jpg)

(282.78 KB 1000x1333 hermione-small.jpg)

(235.85 KB 1200x771 jami-pg1-small.jpg)

(50.96 KB 520x985 lfoot.jpg)

(243.51 KB 1000x1875 page1d.jpg)

(242.85 KB 1000x1875 page2d.jpg)

(307.03 KB 1050x1400 part1-bedsocks-smaller2.jpg)

(178.69 KB 637x877 pledge.jpg)

(38.52 KB 400x314 rfoot.jpg)

(217.50 KB 1000x1000 pix1s.jpg)

(224.82 KB 1000x667 pixy3c.jpg)

(252.66 KB 1000x1333 queensdelight.jpg)

(38.52 KB 400x314 rfoot.jpg)

(50.67 KB 600x661 sole1.jpg)

(277.18 KB 1200x900 sara-nylons1-small.jpg)

(285.78 KB 1200x900 sarasfriends5-small.jpg)

(119.62 KB 572x787 torment.jpg)

(175.98 KB 800x1867 v1ftkl5-small.jpg)

(205.00 KB 1312x1500 tummytickle5.jpg)

(357.47 KB 800x1091 vev2.jpg)

(367.04 KB 1000x1333 vts-small2.jpg)

(1018.95 KB 3108x4751 wj13.jpg)

>>6350 Thats all I got
>>6337 Hello! Thanks for the art! Do you happen to have the toetruck stuff too? Thanks
(389.75 KB 784x587 RevengeisPriceless.jpg)

(249.14 KB 585x756 spidertickle02.jpg)

(320.92 KB 585x756 spidertickle01.jpg)

(369.97 KB 525x679 thetickletavern01.jpg)

>>6393 Thats all I got of his stuff...
(74.41 KB 793x607 1.jpg)

(111.59 KB 700x536 2.gif)

(64.43 KB 783x607 2.jpg)

(63.44 KB 607x789 3.jpg)

(67.22 KB 612x790 475.jpg)

Now here's a dump of Tklman's work....
(39.01 KB 610x787 564.jpg)

(58.69 KB 776x588 747.jpg)

(67.80 KB 587x787 6548.jpg)

(53.98 KB 599x790 56743.jpg)

(61.50 KB 596x803 57645.jpg)

(52.27 KB 785x606 346345.jpg)

(118.61 KB 484x663 400866ac.jpg)

(29.43 KB 400x315 Batgirl+Tickled+%232.jpg)

(90.19 KB 720x530 c26a7372.jpg)

(20.06 KB 314x400 Catwoman+%231.jpg)

(57.59 KB 429x480 featherTK3.jpg)

(62.79 KB 610x842 fgn.jpg)

(123.93 KB 515x699 fth.jpg)

(73.13 KB 610x787 ftymdytm.jpg)

(69.55 KB 786x607 gjk.jpg)

(33.00 KB 311x400 Gwen+Tickled!.jpg)

(103.06 KB 700x536 hcdnbc.jpg)

(22.43 KB 360x272 Melissa.jpg)

(102.20 KB 700x539 nmvm.jpg)

(74.09 KB 431x480 PowerStar1.jpg)

(28.43 KB 267x360 Supergirl.jpg)

(73.28 KB 490x634 TFTA #22.jpg)

(121.44 KB 484x659 vghk.jpg)

(53.01 KB 606x787 w45w46.jpg)

(58.08 KB 350x265 vt1.jpg)

(15.00 KB 207x400 Wonderwoman+Tickled+%232.jpg)

(81.90 KB 777x533 xbxfcb.jpg)

>>6472 Thats all I got for tonight...
(78.55 KB 650x499 CHEER4.JPG)

Illustration for ancient story No Pity which written as advertisement of early MTJ Publications. It was reposted back in the day too but has long since been removed from TMF, probably because the kidnapped ticklee is 17 years old in the first part. Luckily the Internet never forgets and it can be still found from ancient Usenet. https://groups.google.com/g/alt.tickling/c/chjopqUEZdg
(225.10 KB 1090x690 1.jpg)

Oldest but probably my most favorite of all time
(73.59 KB 390x505 !f3991863sm.jpg)

(101.05 KB 824x621 33.gif)

(73.41 KB 504x535 bac 03.jpg)

(75.77 KB 406x590 bac 05.jpg)

(246.67 KB 576x411 8x10.jpg)

BAC Dump!
(37.36 KB 536x515 bac014.JPG)

(67.06 KB 670x631 bac013.JPG)

(162.64 KB 808x1071 bac006.jpg)

(202.03 KB 720x908 bac016.jpg)

(323.77 KB 720x908 bac015.jpg)

(61.37 KB 480x477 bac018.jpg)

(55.91 KB 373x480 bac020.jpg)

(38.78 KB 480x377 bac021.jpg)

(69.26 KB 510x396 bac019.jpg)

(344.38 KB 720x908 bac017.jpg)

(60.66 KB 306x418 bac022.jpg)

(44.14 KB 371x480 bac023.jpg)

(44.53 KB 480x326 bac024.jpg)

(172.75 KB 825x625 bac029.jpg)

(192.85 KB 800x990 bac030.JPG)

(62.01 KB 622x392 bac031.jpg)

(31.83 KB 418x306 bac033.jpg)

(35.25 KB 400x320 bac034.jpg)

(117.88 KB 654x532 bac032.jpg)

(139.95 KB 560x662 bac036.jpg)

(113.64 KB 444x580 bac038.jpg)

(102.98 KB 589x456 bac043.jpg)

(160.48 KB 831x638 bac037.jpg)

(175.65 KB 720x908 bac039.jpg)

(131.53 KB 455x584 bac040.jpg)

(125.78 KB 573x821 bac046.jpg)

(63.42 KB 788x1036 bac069.gif)

(165.17 KB 828x638 bac047.jpg)

(267.63 KB 824x638 bac044.jpg)

(352.20 KB 720x908 bac051.jpg)

(59.97 KB 747x587 bac070.jpg)

(21.35 KB 328x400 bac071.jpg)

(37.42 KB 177x480 bac072.jpg)

(41.26 KB 184x480 bac073.jpg)

(383.47 KB 788x1036 bac069.jpg)

(41.94 KB 469x640 bac074.jpg)

(31.89 KB 469x640 bac075.jpg)

(67.33 KB 377x412 bac078.jpg)

(67.64 KB 451x480 bac080.jpg)

(185.14 KB 831x634 bac079.jpg)

(63.07 KB 406x480 bac081.jpg)

(55.82 KB 401x480 bac082.jpg)

(53.77 KB 480x370 bac084.jpg)

(155.10 KB 775x586 bac083.jpg)

(53.87 KB 474x545 bac085.jpg)

(112.00 KB 506x764 bac086.jpg)

(55.69 KB 360x276 bac087.jpg)

(76.23 KB 828x625 bac088.jpg)

(75.92 KB 480x375 bac089.jpg)

(373.21 KB 900x1133 bac090.jpg)

(45.93 KB 338x436 bac091.jpg)

(31.99 KB 851x578 bac093.jpg)

(102.08 KB 828x638 bac094.jpg)

(98.96 KB 825x638 bac095.jpg)

(447.37 KB 1174x1522 bac092.jpg)

(126.65 KB 825x638 bac096.jpg)

(77.35 KB 496x701 bac097.jpg)

(70.24 KB 361x480 bac098.jpg)

(69.22 KB 750x300 bac099.jpg)

(102.05 KB 404x517 bac100.jpg)

(85.63 KB 463x475 bac101.jpg)

(93.21 KB 640x375 bac104.jpg)

(304.63 KB 1009x835 elbacco.jpg)

(433.35 KB 1700x2338 bac103.jpg)

(1.35 MB 1559x2153 bac102.jpg)

(124.42 KB 567x727 elbacco2.jpg)

(83.96 KB 703x535 elbacco3.jpg)

>>8174 Thats all I got
I hate how many of these have shitty 3rd party colorjobs and the originals are nowhere to be found because the ancient coomers had shit taste and saved the gawdy MS painted versions instead
Looking back, it's really interesting how much the formula for tickling art has changed. It seems like almost all of the older stuff is way more fetishy and sexual in nature, is primarily foot focused and is either totally original characters or Marvel/DC capeshit. Looking at it makes me a bit nostalgic, I'm glad this thread exists to take me back down memory lane.
>>8401 I agree, I find a lot of it much better in general and memorable too.
>>8411 It's very reflective of the times. A lot of this was posted before the generation that grew up with anime started drawing, so the style and content is totally different. It's a bit of a lost art, but admittedly how well it holds up depends entirely on your tastes. If you aren't very explicitly a tickling FETISHIST with a clear interest on the sexual part, you're probably not going to be a fan. Also if you don't love feet and/or find Western comic characters and art styles to be unpalatable, you probably won't be a fan. Nevertheless, I'm glad it's preserved all these years later.
(312.79 KB 740x1024 5941410552_8062b71c41_b.jpg)

>>8412 >>8401 The boomer tickle stuff draws major influences from old trashy pulp literature and softcore horror/thriller/"historical" movies, you can tell that plenty of boomer tickle coomers recreated scenarios from them but with tickling instead of rape and painful torture. Despite never living those times myself (except lots of pictures in this thread being my first encounters with fetish art online in early 2000s), I still really love the pulpy fapfiction aesthetics and their special atmosphere and think it's a shame it's fading away.
>>8168 I've been dying to find the artist of that second image.
>>8417 Spot on. And since that type of media doesn't really exist anymore, or at least not enough to influence newer generations, that whole style has basically gone extinct. Boomer and Gen X artists were influenced by that, millennial and zoomer artists got theirs from anime, so I wonder what the future generations will come up with.
(6.66 MB 3220x4315 0189-1.png)

Do I win with obvious fetish content from 1912 snuck into a newspaper? https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83045396/1912-06-09/ed-1/seq-41/
>>8441 Don't worry anime will only go extinct when libshits ban the entire artstyle for being way more attractive than they are.
(729.92 KB 1669x1285 1.jpg)

>>8441 >>9047 The nu-manga style most of these guys use today sucks complete ass too, though.
>>9047 >>9050 Meds now
>>8172 Bumping just to say pic 1 is one of my favourite pics ever! It would be great if all this content could be saved into a zip/one-drive as a backup. May have to look at doing it myself when I get time.
>>765 Anyone have more Chadpet work?
(82.26 KB 500x692 the_pits.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1656x2404 0rOCQ54k_4x.jpg)

I always wondered who this Heroine was. Can someone help?
>>20147 this image looks like it was upscaled by some program, looks kinda bad. do you have the original?
(56.31 KB 414x601 TickleMecha.jpg)

>>20193 There you go. It's very small. I was very lucky to find it. It war practically wiped from the internet
Anyone have two of Homuncluslover’s old art? Especially the one with a character named Fleet(?) Where Fleet was bound to a chair and her pussy and boobas were getting feathered by her old sona?
(216.26 KB 782x500 PandaJennRage.jpg)

(265.80 KB 593x500 Ticklefight.jpg)

(324.54 KB 800x600 SlumberParty2.jpg)

(452.31 KB 800x560 RageRevenge.jpg)

(473.33 KB 800x600 TickledTony.jpg)

Anyone remembers Equidna? :D
>>20910 I remember. They had a decent tickle flash game. Sadly, it was lost to time.
>>21015 Lo, from the dustiest parts of my archives... https://anonfiles.com/P0L935e4y3/Copy_of_Tickles_exe There's a few programs out there that will let you play Flash files.
Looking for the old tickle league set
>>21050 Much appreciated
Would anyone happen to have ancient Heroine Universe 3D art?
(118.62 KB 750x639 Lara2.jpg)

(81.79 KB 505x649 Gwen Stacy.jpg)

(80.56 KB 396x640 GenX.jpg)

(51.07 KB 480x373 Batgirl.jpg)

(136.89 KB 1100x845 dolor201.jpg)

(175.77 KB 1754x1268 dolor206.jpg)

(187.42 KB 1650x1093 doltgoat.jpg)

(238.88 KB 1650x1150 doltick2.jpg)

(262.78 KB 1537x1268 doltick1.jpg)

(142.09 KB 611x720 lost1018_death.jpg)

(267.48 KB 590x720 lost1026_death.jpg)

Maybe anyone have old game Eleptoclupse?
anyone got Ozzy's or Cheshire Cat's old pics?
worst example but all i can find. this guy had about 5 pics that showed up now and then on yahoo groups. anyone have the rest? one involving aliens, another with fairies.
>>24472 I remember shitloads of yahoo groups full of tickle content that were lost, damn shame
yeah, I wish some folks could have saved it or archived it elsewhere

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