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Haa thread Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 20:49:05 Id: defa0d No. 7570
QQ dissapeared, but he left us the Haa universe. So we have free chatacters to tk.
(21.69 KB 512x248 1603055943635.jpg)

>>7570 real talk, NONE of QQ's characters have ever looked good drawn by anyone but him. people try to adapt his style to their own or try to mimic it outright and it always looks like crap. They just cant do them justice, for some reason.
>>7578 This. Still, there are some good digital artists out there who kinda come close. I say post'em if you got'em.
>>7578 Are you sure? Or do you forgot when QQ made collabs coloring linearts from other artist. Generally the linerts were from Firefox, except for the last one, by sage-of-spice.
should we also include the stories from Haa?
>>7597 if we do Shinnjacob is gonna spam post
>>7597 Why not?
>>7596 Firefox; shame he disappears so much. He's been unstable eversince Quinton "SassySnake" Quill
(979.10 KB 750x750 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7604 >artist >unstable That's redundant
>>7605 True, but some more than others
Anyone know why QQ hasn't posted in months/where he went?
>>7626 https://www.deviantart.com/quintonquill/status-update/21767233 he kinda gave up like he did as Sassy, like he did when Firefox found out he was catfished. He disappears, comes back, p0osts a few pics, disappears, rinse and repeat.
>>7626 I think he just got burnt out
He was a good artist and I liked his stuff, but from the few interactions I had with him he had sort of that oozing ego with a patronizing way of talking.
>>7629 >t. shinn
>>7630 Not sure who that is but it's not me.
Since we're talking about QQ, is there a way to link this thread to the one that already exists?
>>7631 >>7629 Oh hai Shinn shouldda known you'd turn up to talk shit. Gonna go on about him being an npc next?
>>7659 Again I'm not that person but I doubt I'll convince you otherwise now that you're so adamant that I'm your boogeyman.
>>7662 >Shinnjacob >A boogeyman Well he sure looks fuckin gay to me
>>7662 We know its you, Shinn open the door
>>7666 >>7667 I actually feel insulted that you think this goob is me. I'm going to demand you apologize to me right now actually lmao.
>>7674 >I SWEAR I'M NOT SHINN >Dunno who Shinn is >Nope, never heard of him >Won't fucking let it go >i DeMaNd aN aPoLoGy >An apology >On fucking 8Chan >g o o b You're not fooling anyone, Shinn. You're too autistic to blend in.
>>7675 Are you seriously tripling down on thinking I'm this fucking ugly ass loser? Damn bro ok, if it makes you feel better let's go with that. Just remember how this all started. I still want you to apologize to me.
(21.29 KB 224x280 8274.png)

>>7675 >>7676 I love this place
(11.93 KB 320x180 mqdefault.jpg)

>>7676 >i still want you to apologize to me
Yeah basically
>>7676 Lawd you're amazing. Never change, Shinn, you bring endless laughter.
>>7676 >A p o l o g y o n 8 c h a n Fuck of Shinnchan Weston Jacobler we all know it's you. Your autisn will always shine through.
Can a lost anon get a rundown on who Shin actually is/what the fuck this drama is about?
its pretty obvious that guy isn't Shinn The blatant QQ dicksucking going on here is pretty gross imo makes me feel like its him samefagging with a vpn
>>7775 sup shinn
I'm shin and I like kids
>>7777 classic shinn
I think I might be Shinn but I'm not sure. How do you tell?
>>7783 Do you like kids?
>>7747 Lookin fer the tale of Shinnjacob, are ye Anon? Pull up a chair, have yeeself a drink and such while i jaw you in Once upon a time QuintonQuill was activae on DA and openly interacted with his audience, Shinn was a wee fanboy he was, one who proudly displayed his autism of epic proportions; and for a time he interacted positively with QQ, then came yee ole election of 2016. When Shinn heard the results, he was overjoyed, now this post wont tell you who or what to believe in, fer politickin's a dirtier business than /tk/! But this one will say that when someone simps over a wee politician, that lad quickly turns into a fanatical psycho be he left or right. Tar yee ole Shinn tried to swing ole QQ in his favor, but QQ simply didn't want politics to be enveloped in his fantasy world of tickling and escapism. To which, Shinn freaked out! Calling yee ole Quinton an NPC, a traitor, a complete communist! This is when the round table of /tk/ got involved on thine ole Cringe Thread back on the original 8Chan. Many laughs and many lulz were had, but Shinn wasn't done yet! Several fanatical DMs sent to QQ begging for his forgiveness, much cringe porn of QQ's characters (even an f-list of Z'nth) and coming on the chan itself to pick a fight with yar elder Anons, ending in quite the bloodshed of hurt feelings and wasted hours. Ever since then, dear ole' Shinn's been doing everything in his power to claw his way unto our sacred board and de-file it, hoping to somehow get the pressure and prying eyes away from himself, hoping to have the last laugh! As all great lolcows fruitlessly do.
>>7904 Could have done without your cringe description but that's pretty funny regardless.
>>7904 I see. Thanks for the tale, Grandpa anon.

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