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TICKLE DILEMMA 11/24/2021 (Wed) 10:41:27 Id: 90ac9f No. 7723
Can we get a thread where the tickled person is in some kind of impending doom if they laugh? Or let go? It doesn't have to be letting go but that's all I have at the moment.
As a regular fan of bondage and peril scenes, bombs and explosive predicaments are my favorite, so when combined with tickling, it's just perfect. Sadly it's very uncommon.
Underwater is good too
I fucking misread that as Tickle Dementia Help me bros
>>7724 I dont want emphasis on the activity. I want emphasis on how they could die.
(23.85 KB 112x112 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7805 To each their own I guess
(590.88 KB 678x499 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7805 fucking freak
(57.73 KB 888x499 Jesus is dat u.jpg)

>>7805 Masterjonnyarts? Is dat u?
>>7805 translate pls… for research?
>>7843 >>7843 I may be ruined, but at least I don't shit post in threads without posting content
I stand by you, fucked up anon. If I can want to torture girls with tickling until they're willing to give me any information or do any fucked up sex act I request, you're entitled to get off on girls in mortal peril. Godspeed to you.
I'm anonymous so no one will know I'm also into threat of death tickling peril. girls hanging off the side of a building or cliff getting their armpits tickled is the best, I've also seen ones recently where they're hanging from a rope with their toes while they get their feet tickled or teased to make them sweaty and that's also 10/10. wish i could find one now to contribute. I'll look for some on my home PC later
(481.02 KB 767x1200 56376952_p0_master1200.jpg)

(614.89 KB 727x1200 57341135_p0_master1200.jpg)

(742.65 KB 704x1200 69916828_p0_master1200.jpg)

(777.09 KB 838x1200 62806699_p0_master1200.jpg)

No, no, if the peril isn't a even more hellish level of inhuman ticklish suffering, this concept is wasted.
>>10579 This last one is hilarious. Most of these are all some cartoonish, over the top examples, and this last one is just gun. Move and get shot with a gun.
>>12260 What's the dilemma here?
>>12287 The power of google translate, water constantly supplied, the breathing tube isn’t secured to anything else and is just barely sitting atop the water. Therefore move/ laugh too much and she drowns probably maybe
(385.45 KB 1280x1814 14.jpg)

(497.63 KB 1280x1814 15.jpg)

(568.88 KB 1280x1814 16.jpg)

(683.66 KB 1280x1814 17.jpg)

(551.08 KB 1280x1814 18.jpg)

(443.60 KB 1280x1814 28.jpg)

(505.16 KB 1280x1814 29.jpg)

>>14113 This guy has a whole comic for this concept where if the princess laughs she gets someone else executed. Kino.
>>14113 Jesus christ what is that ESL man. Art is nice and all but the dialogue sounds like it was put through several rounds of Google Translate
>>7999 do you happen to have the rest of his work? i can't find the guy basically anywhere besides his old pixiv and his buying site :(
peril tickling is incredibly based. some guy had the audacity to tell me that he would never draw it because it's so "overdone" like excuse me? i can count the number of good peril pictures on my fingers, while i can find 100+ pictures for nearly any other scenario

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