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Characters with their upper body exposed, but only their feet tickled Anonymous 11/26/2021 (Fri) 06:20:02 Id: 0f8e99 No. 7860
Gotta remind em who runs this shit.
(53.76 KB 737x699 luP0VR6.png)

(7.09 MB 4092x5787 Saber.png)

They just choose to be angry which is the funniest thing ever.
>>7861 What the hell is this anon >>7862 Not exactly what I had in mind but it'll do.
Mods, cleanup on aisle 3 please, the /d/ sperg is throwing his own shit around... again.
(3.32 MB 5000x4316 75693624_p0.jpg)

>>7864 Don't know what you're seething about buddy, if you don't like the thread go post in a different one.
Also, not sure if anyone knows what I'm talking about but there used to be this really nice image of Ryuko tied up with Nonon tickling her feet with a back scratcher or something while Satsuki looked on. I can't find it though, anyone know the one?
>>7867 >>7864 >>7861 >Shitposting in a thread you dislike instead of just hiding it
(694.64 KB 294x233 316.gif)

But in the op pic her upper body is getting tickled...
>>7873 The Yuffie one? Damn, you're right.
(95.10 KB 1024x786 mordred5.jpg)

>>7864 Ironically, you're far more likely to attract the ire of jannies because you decided to be a bitch in a completely on topic thread just because you didn't like it. Grow up.
>>7882 Die
as an upperbody fag who doesn’t really give a fuck if you like feet or not, do what you want, i’m just laughing at the fact that op is so monumentally retarded that in his quest to piss off non-foot fags he couldn’t even properly put together a first post that fit his theme and literally the first image went against it
(27.67 KB 601x508 this is you.jpg)

(6.60 KB 462x83 r4v71u3b98n51.png)

(76.02 KB 1080x740 mordred12.jpg)

>>7907 There is no way you are this mad at people enjoying a niche fetish in a way that you don't. Please seek psychological help.
Another reason to hate foot fetishists.
>>7909 Remind me who's the one shitposting a thread they can easily just hide?
(349.11 KB 960x900 93261831_p0.jpg)

Where's your "pit queen" now?
(17.68 KB 298x169 yeah sure.jpg)

>>7908 >"haha u mad UBfags?? Mad us FOOTCHADS reign supreme???" >"Oh your mad huh?? mad someone else is enjoying this kink in a way you dont??" >"you don't like this intentionally inflammatory thread?? just hide it lol u so mad" this is just embarrassing.
>>7921 >I don't like it so it's inflammatory Seek help
(43.86 KB 655x625 1544823503146.jpg)

>>7924 >"Gotta remind em who runs this shit" >not inflammatory
>>7926 >>7921 OP is obviously talking about the girls in the images you schizo, take your meds.
I say this as someone who loves feet and upperbody tickles, this thread is the most pointless drama bait I've seen on 8chan Both sides are stupid tbh, "remind em who runs this shit" and people actually falling for it. It's a fetish, calm down.
>>7926 >>7929 I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it really is just the OP text that chafes your ass, and that if it wasn't there you wouldn't be taking the thread as a personal attack. Suppose this thread does just exist to be inflammatory, do you really think you're harming anyone by bumping it and giving people the (You)s that you claim they're fishing for? Even if you try to shitpost it with off topic images the jannies will just delete them, so in the end all you've done is keep the thread on the front page. If you're really convinced it only exists to fuck with you, why bother?
(118.04 KB 281x235 reach.png)

>>7928 now you're being intentionally disingenuous, that makes no goddamn sense in this context and you know it >>7930 s'fun
>>7930 I mean, I don't want to harm anyone, I just think the base concept for this thread is silly and the fact that people are falling for it is equally silly
(1.09 MB 1024x700 ClipboardImage.png)

ehh, I'll play along
>>7931 I dunno what to tell you man, if you're really convinced that people are just trying to bait you into a seething frenzy or whatever then all you're doing is giving them what they supposedly want. >>7932 I really don't think it's bait, I can think of several reasons why a foot fetishist might unironically enjoy this concept.
Imagine not liking both instead of 1 or the other. The autism in this porn thread is too damn high.
>>7934 Also some footfags really are that petty. Ever notice how often, if the pic features full body tickling, it'll include dialogue saying "NO NOT THE FEET ANYTHING BUT THE FEET!"? That's just one example.
>>7956 That's part of the appeal anon. The reminder that even though there are other dishes on the table, feet are the main course. It's not about disdain for anyone, but strong appreciation for feet.
>>7956 Anon feet is the most ticklish spot for many people. It's not unusual to see art with characters begging to not touch it. Also, there's a ton of "NOT THE ARMPITS PLEASE" art out there too, as it should. If anything it's bellyfags that should be complaining.
>>7983 All they do is complain though.
>>7956 You're right, it can't simply be that they like feet, they have a personal vendetta against you even though they still decided to throw you a bone by including upper body tickling in the picture. There's a global conspiracy from the footfag elite to oppress everyone else, you got it anon.
>>7983 >Also, there's a ton of "NOT THE ARMPITS PLEASE" art out there too, as it should. If there is then I sure haven't seen it. 98% of the time it's the feet that they are on about. >>7985 Oh so it's a conspiracy when someone else points such things out huh?
>>8030 No it's true there's a secret footfag illuminati that is bribing all tickling artists from the shadows and they won't be satisfied until upper body fans are thrown into gas chambers.
>>8083 This is actually a top tier reverse-troll
>>8083 I kneel
(1.04 MB 1280x884 ClipboardImage.png)

(824.33 KB 894x894 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.31 MB 2048x1235 ClipboardImage.png)

(976.35 KB 1200x828 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.20 MB 1280x730 ClipboardImage.png)

>>8484 The second one is a damn good example
(2.25 MB 1110x1637 62416574_p0.png)

So if I'm right this is the pic that essentially drove OP to make this thread. Something about being mad that it wasn't her feet as I recall. I dunno why we can't just get along.
>>8509 That shit's good though
>>8509 I 'member the /d/ meltdowns. I don't get having this much trouble coping with not getting the type of porn you want honestly. Are there people that genuinely complain about it, or is it all to try and start petty drama? And if there are, what's the deal man, are they just megacoomers that don't have enough with the surprisingly large variety of tickle porn out there?
>>8513 You make it sound like the direct opposite of this thread wouldn't be just as good. Take some barefoot bitch like Bea from Pokemon and totally ignore her feet as you roll up her shirt and tickle her abs.
(742.70 KB 1240x1754 75659101_p0.jpg)

(787.10 KB 1240x1754 75659101_p1.jpg)

(1.26 MB 1240x1754 75659101_p2.jpg)

>>8514 True enough, I do love ab tickling. I also like the idea that the 'lees themselves would rather be tickled on their most popular spots, like maybe those zones are erogenous for them and having other sensitive spots tickled instead is twice as torturous because it denies them the chance of getting off on the tickle torture. Gives characters that are popular for one spot artwork of them being tickled elsewhere too, which is neat, like Juri or Reimu. It's really the layer of niche-warring and vexation over not getting your way, or even more odd, others getting theirs that's a bit disconcerting.
>>8516 In hindsight I wish this thread was presented that way from the start, would have had (hopefully) more actual content and less drama shitposting
>>8516 Thing about "popular spots" is that it leads to people fussing over who is considered for what. That is, like the argument over Juri was that she gets too much upper body stuff when she should only be tickled on her feet due to being a "foot fetish icon." Now while I don't know all that much about her, I do know that she's also known for wearing very little from the waste up as well, so it'd seem to me that there's plenty of her to go around. But then "popular spots" gives way to "my favorite spot" usually, particularly in regards to the most popular among the fetish. Tifa for instance is in the running for most tickled video game girl and I don't need to tell you what she's known for, though she does get a lot of armpit focus now too. But of course a majority of her art is feet because that's what the majority likes, regardless of it it 'fits' her.
(4.56 MB 2543x2253 94164826_p0.jpg)

>>8534 I mean, tbf, a good part of Tifa's art being foot focused would probably fall on whoever it is that can never quell his lust over her in her blue dress. But I don't think I get your point anon. Are you saying what, that the cocept is flawed because 'popular spots' don't necessarily get the artwork attention beffiting that name? Or that we should define 'popular spots' as something specific to avoid arguing over what a character's most popular spot is to begin with? Or just that it'd be pointless to do so because a 'popular spot' is almost always going to be defined by the observer's own perception? I would agree with you for about 90% of the characters out there on that one. I don't think it necessarily ruins the concept though, it just means different people would find the appeal in different pictures. It also does mean that the topic is ripe for autistic screeching over what group a character 'belongs' to, but since that pretty much beget this thread to begin with I think that's a given.
>>8520 Oh, and I agree btw, although I don't think it ever had a fighting chance to avoid the drama if I'm being totally honest.
>>8536 If this thread was presented as just posting niche content with characters that aren't often seen in that niche it could have at least been decent instead of being half /d/'s leftovers. Oh well.
>>9267 >That third one Based
>>9269 Friendly reminder that the girl on the right dies
>>9270 I know, I've read AgK
(930.54 KB 2500x503 FIM4dh_VIAEPiZX.jpg)

The motherload
Found OP seething in a different thread the other day. >>3479 >>3531 >>3532 >>3534 >>3535 >>3536
All belly/armpit faggots should be gassed tbh
(3.93 MB 4500x4000 95399544_p0.png)

Bumping this thread since the upperbody cucks have been uppity lately.
OP's been seething for so long he can't even remember why anymore. >>3755 >>3807 >>3808 >>3835 >>3838 >>3875
>>15731 Last I recall it was you secondaries throwing a temper tantrum every time someone posts feet on OUR board.
(364.20 KB 512x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

>seethes harder Nice moves!
>>15734 mental illness
>>15738 Cope
Holy shit, you are just as bad as each other. Stop being autistic. Both “”sides”” here are embarrassing. >Someone seethes about seeing a foot pic >Foot people start freaking out and post shit tons of only foot pics in multiple threads Just fucking stop already. This conversation isn’t nearly interesting enough to be shitting up half of the board. Just ignore each other (the opposite of what I’m doing).
(2.46 MB 2671x3500 1.jpg)

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