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Where to go? Anonymous 12/02/2021 (Thu) 05:58:50 Id: 1c9b26 No. 8308
as an artist, particularly one who doesn't want to charge people to veiw my stuff, i've been finding it increasingly harder to find a good platform to upload my stuff on; Tumblr went to shit, Facebook is shit, DA went to shit; i only have a pixiv and twitter and i heard that twitter is on its way out, is there LITERALLY ANYWHERE i can go to?
>>8308 >DA went to shit DA was always shit, but it’s always the best platform for sharing stuff, especially fetish porn. Don’t buy the «  oh no i will boycott dA now » artists seem to cry about whenever there’s a UI rework
>>8308 I think DA, Twitter, and Pixiv are the best places to go for posting art imo!
>>8308 Twitter is just really shit for artists and the algorithm doesn't help. If you can get decent engagement it works great but if you don't have a preexisting audience good luck with that. There's Hentai Foundry if you want to mess with that, it has a pretty good gallery system.
You're not special. Most art websites have gone to shit. Pick one, pick several doesn't matter which and post your stuff. If you wanna share things for free it shouldn't bother you.
Yeah the bad news is that every site is shit, especially to artists. The good news is this means you can just pick one and it'll be equally shitty. Unfortunately Tumblr might be the worst to pick because of the porn ban, they might just kill you outright, but DA has been the platform of choice for fetishes for so long that it's literally a running joke online that if you search for fanart of specific characters for too long you'll inevitably find fetish artwork on DeviantArt. Stick with Pixiv and DA for now if you want my unfounded, non-artist opinion. Also share link so we can see your art.
(55.26 KB 248x248 1604659528004.gif)

>>8318 >>8309 DA has literally been dying since the Eclipse shitup, it's super hard to find anything good over there ever since. >>8314 i've never thought about HF, but it's kind of a barebones site from the few times i've visited it, plus my artstyle doesn't really fit, but i'll consider it. >>8318 i know i'm not special but i like sharing what i do with the world regardless if it gets any traction, what bothers me is that if a platform dies then i have to jump ship, that's why i made this thread, i want to find at least one decent twitter alternative that isn't run by xinnie the pooh. >>8321 i'm not confident enough, just know i work on a toon-esque artstyle and i have a very high treshhold for the stuff i get commissioned for, i can work on other fetishes unbothered.
DeviantArt, Furaffinity, and Hentai Foundry are the best choices to maximize exposure and minimize censorship. Eka’s portal and Newgrounds make for good backups if shit hits the fan. Or you can just drown in Limbo and be a TicklingMediaForum poster.
>>8340 One other thing to note is that if you want to bypass censorship entirely you can create a link to the uncensored version in the description using stuff like dropbox.
>>8338 >I'm not confident enough >I like sharing what I do with the world Brrrrruuuuuuh Cut the shy boy wibble wobble bullshit or you're the next to get tickled, I want to see the art
>>8342 I agree, don't be shy to share your art!...or get tickled by us~
>>8342 >>8345 fiiiiine, it's me, again, i'm just kinda worried after hearing the news on twitter after the CEO change and how they've been losing money fast, and i'm just looking for an alternative platform but everything i found was quite arcaic, the least one (called plurk) is run by ch*nese who want to sell my info to xinnie the pooh, so i just wanna find a good platform to just say whatever stupid shit comes to my mind. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/27843672
>>8338 Bro, if you haven't even posted anything yet and are thinking of 'jumping ship' already when you have yet to set foot on a 'ship' then I don't know what to tell you. Sounds like an excuse. Seems like you want to be on a site that has cherry picked decent art and good intentions. It doesn't exist. Things change and you can never know the future. Post your cringe on DA, pixiv, fucking Twatter it doesn't matter in the end. Once it's out there it doesn't belong to you. It's.the Internet's. People will come and see if it's good.
(17.25 KB 326x326 EWOTZnZVAAAHfq9.jpg)

>>8418 that's the thing, why do you think my motto is "fuck DA"? i started out in that page posting some of my reeeeally old marker paintings (i'm not fucking around) during late 2016 and that's around the time DA started to shit itself, and i saw it disolve thanks to the stupid shitheads who run the site, so i jumped ship after eclypse like most every artists who has some self worth. i don't care if it belons to me or not, i've actually considered myself lucky the few two times my art got stolen, one by some instagram kid, the other time by a stupid stalker pedophile motherfucker; eitherway, i'm worried that it twitter gets shut down like tumblr did for a couple months then i'll only have pixiv to comunicate with my audience. >Seems like you want to be on a site that has cherry picked decent art and good intentions. no, i just don't want some fucking arcaic shitshole where you have to code your own page or one that will be willingly selling my info to the chinese dictatorship, literally anything in the middle.

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