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Guilty Pleasure Artists? Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 00:52:48 Id: 6d6f85 No. 863
AlexiaNBC is kind of an amateur artist but honestly her stuff isn't bad for the most part, there's the occasional questionable and cringe work and she does still roleplay in the comments like a weirdo but she's mostly solid.
>>863 AlexiaNBC has some good concepts....but amateur is a nice way of putting it >AlexiaNBC >She Nope.avi. If we're going good bad artists tho, SymbionTickles is at the top of my list, ngl
I've had plenty of good faps to Dtka66's photoshops, I blame his clandestine tickle torture facility setting which is extremely my thing.
>>865 Genuinely don't see why people consider his work "bad but good", his art is fine, I don't see what's wrong with it
>>956 same, I swear some people just need some way to be negative
Vinnyboi50. Dude has some good stuff; I just wish he'd break the same 5 toed feet mold. Pet peeve of mine with furry characters, I like variety instead of the same shit over and over and over again
>>1043 niggas just lookin for a reason to fight gb2 hugbox
>>1088 He's obviously traced the feet from zp's art lmao. Classic deviantart moment.
>>1089 yeah, he is seriously a good artist. i don't know exactly why, but his art is just sooooo good. maybe it's just the way he draws tongues and worship scenes, but it's just too good.
(145.62 KB 1024x683 1434519420.siberio_wolverinefa.jpg)

(148.54 KB 1280x665 PolarPatroller.jpg)

>>863 Siberio, ngl
>>863 Not quite a guilty pleasure, but a wasted opportunity artist lemme explain >be me >2017ish >New ticklefag artist in the furry side of things >Art is kinda shit but the kind of shit that's improving >There'sHopeYet.avi >Get commission from him >He's ESL (English Second Language), Polish, naturally kind've dumb but in a cheery way you can tolerate >He accepts >Art is okay, was cheap, so can't complain >Forget to save the pic because lazy ass >Next week, pic vanishes >WTF.pdf >Checks >Entire GALLERY is gone >He was JUST starting to improve too, did a picture of a furry bitch who was kinda hot >Journal left on his account >"I'm deleting thing of every because it is not what Jesus would want me to do ^w^" >Great, another religious freak. >Have his Discord thankfully, manage to get my pictures back >He disappeared into the void Mfw wasted talent because Jeebus Mfw he still makes account to lurk on Mfw he fails at suppressing his fetish like every jesus freak before him Mfw fapfapfap
>>1384 i think i know this dude! (pic related) yeah they werent THAT bad, shame people honestly think they can just turn a fetish off because muh jesus
>>1384 I've had that happen with artists I followed too, sometimes so hard that they pulled other artists out of the pornosphere with them. I used to follow someone whose whole personality was that they drew the porn they liked and if you didn't like it then you could fuck off, then something SFW they did blew up in the normiesphere and that went right out the window. My favorite artist is still active but nukes his galleries like a bodily function, in fact he just did it again.
>>1384 Always assume any artist will randomly delete their entire gallery for a retarded reason at any given time.
>>1884 It is a rather strangely common ocurrence...
>>865 Where did you get that?
>>3062 OP here, commissioned it from Sym meself. Love his work.
>>3101 Amazing, is that picture on his patreon, or only you have it? And how much cost his commissions?
>>3125 This is an art thread, not a walmart sir
(1.94 MB 2352x1803 AlienEncounter.jpg)

It may be an unpopular opinion but Cheshire is my guilty pleasure with how many random weird fetishes he incorporates into his tickling art and makes me wonder "How the hell did I just fap to that?"
(1.78 MB 320x228 1538886076956.gif)

>>4939 Chesh fuck off. You've done this shit so many times it's become obvious when its you. You show up plugging your own art going "haha what a WHYboner, amirite guize???" No. Your current artstyle is repulsive to multiple senses, the lazy untapering linework, the flat-ass cell shading, the anatomy... Its clear that you've been submerged in this kink so long that you can only get off to it when it's weird solely for the sake of being weird, so you draw these uncanny valley alien bitches with 40 toes or all their limbs replaced with feet or whatever the fuck, and act like you're some pioneer or visionary, daring to artistically tread where others daren't. the reality is, the reason no one treads there isn't because no one has had the vision to do so, but because its fucking stupid. most of us are not so far gone. maybe when we're all like 75 years old and have coomed as many times as you have to all that can be coomed to, maybe then your art will be appealing. until the, fuck outta here, don't you have a kid to raise?
>>4944 I like some of it. I'd rather go for weird than "Yet another face and feet stuck in a wall." When it becomes a woman with six feet, or that one goomba drawing, naw. That's too far for my tastes. The photo manips are real hit or miss but most of them are miss or pushing into the uncanny valley.
>>4944 I'm...sorry? Listen my name is Terry and I'm 56. I've been following art and media in the tickling community for like the past 3 decades. I'm not Cheshire as much as you'd like to assume I am. I haven't been privy to drama that's been involved with him (which there clearly seems to be) nor do I care to be part of it. I'm just a fan of his art...that's it. I've survived this long because I refuse to get involved in internet drama, of which I've seen endless amounts of during my time in the tickling forums. You're entitled to have your opinion about Cheshire's art but don't accuse me of being him; I'm just a fan for my own reasons that clearly you don't understand.
>>4949 >inmediately gives name and age >I've survived this long fucking how
>>4950 Well its not like I gave my full name and social security number dammit. Just trying to emphasize that I'm my own unique person.
>>4950 Hopefully my unfamiliarity with how things function around here will clear my name. I honestly have no idea how chan boards work; I just know how to post and respond to posts by clicking on the previous posters little No. thingy....
I will not take back what I said about chesh, regardless.
(11.33 KB 205x221 145525.jpg)

>>4953 >I honestly have no idea how chan boards work Yeah, couldn't tell. Listen mate, I don't even have the energy to do this little game rn, so I'm gonna play the sucker and bite. Just lurk for a while before you start posting, preserve anonimity whenever possible, don't call attention to yourself (not waving around how new and clueless you are would be a good start), don't take anything personal and assume anyone with an outrageous take/opinion/story is out to bamboozle you out of a couple (you)'s and ignore them. Kinda like I will now.
>>4949 I can't lie though, I think it's kinda rad knowing there are some tickle-loving boomers out there been strokin' it to some ticklish cuties since before I was a hole in my daddy's condom. Right on man.
>>4951 >>4939 >>4949 Chesh is middle aged. How're you recovering from getting banned on 8 Chan for going on a drunbk tirade when you were a mod, Chesh?
>>4957 Hey that's fine. Its what makes the world go round; people with differing opinions and ideals. No hate here man.
>>5046 Oh lookit that. Someone said a thing and now someone else is going to jump on the bandwagon for the lulz. As far as I've been able to tell he's been totally absent from the public eye for a good half a year now apart from the occasional patreon post when he needs money. Sorry, not him.
>>5062 >NOT him guise I SWEAR Hey boomer, you realize the first rule of being trolled is NOT to react, right?

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