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VTubers Anonymous 12/14/2021 (Tue) 00:42:04 Id: 0e4815 No. 9225
Post any stuff you got involving Vtubers
You know you want to post all the vtuber content you find…
Takamori tickles where you at
(2.32 MB 4590x3072 INlYJUF0hVqghWt9Ieqg3h4c.jpeg)

(2.60 MB 4560x3072 6dorS3QdmyDHoZJQKSwSnmxP.jpeg)

(3.80 MB 2325x3758 zvyBscEEawDnrrxfPakyQMek.jpeg)

(3.33 MB 2344x3758 UlcDPZYrY53PZanA347NIje6.jpeg)

(2.63 MB 4578x3072 NiKPqKzHl48vFMAUnswGdrAQ.jpeg)

(5.93 MB 3010x3193 9RI9mvME4Td0e0ts9oV5CWN3.jpeg)

(5.35 MB 3010x3193 dvzlWuKEbysF36Uf5mdOTrGF.jpeg)

(6.11 MB 3010x3193 oP8DKfYy8uJ4ZTuVdLKCwczc.jpeg)

(5.93 MB 3010x3193 JEk7iJm0jKswkgGChFmJfPs7.jpeg)

(6.15 MB 3010x3193 3tSKJgXHko54tM5OXDCYHXSo.jpeg)

(3.70 MB 2900x2800 image_2021-10-12_145301.png)

(8.82 MB 4800x2700 image_2021-10-12_145331.png)

(17.20 MB 5300x4200 image_2021-10-12_145435.png)

(6.53 MB 3750x2770 image_2021-10-12_145524.png)

(4.47 MB 1400x2850 image_2021-10-12_145550.png)

Wondering if it would be too much trouble to ask for someone to either Color the Korone one, or translate the Nijisanji Sara image
>>3440 We have threads for that
>>4208 >that Marine pic When did that one get tled? Do you have the other pics in the set? Thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen the translated before today
(2.33 MB 1280x919 ClipboardImage.png)

>>4679 No clue, must’ve been on the other board :/ here’s the full scene tho
A Vtuber called Lia Mitsurugi did a stream where she played Fall Guys and every time she lost she got tickled for 30 seconds + some more depending on donations. A lot of tickling, but most of the time the laughter doesn't sound very good. Don't think she was completely faking it, but I'm guessing whoever was tickling her was going really easy on her and she was doing some acting. Full Stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIitc4lh-mM Just the tickling (age restricted lol) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn0GJJdLLb8 There's a lot of actual tickling with vtubers, but I don't really feel like searching for it right now. Marine seems to like it quite a bit.
>>5226 I've never been a fan of the whole "punishment" game when it comes to Vtubers since you can't tell how legit it really is concidering we can't see anything past the avatar. Tickling that happens out of nowhere is much more believable and I've went around saving a few moments when it happened. (Or at least for as long as I've been stuck on this rabbit hole for.) https://youtu.be/1gcOybGS2Ns (PekoMiko) https://youtu.be/5Wi_xG2S7LI (FlareMarine) https://youtu.be/krTY5Y4iRaU (KanataKorone) https://youtu.be/XIVA4Vew7sw (Crossick) https://youtu.be/MhCE8Nl9pPY (Okakoro 4:55) https://youtu.be/wM35K9NqGFo (PatraDaze 11:30)
(66.78 KB 600x835 87305892_p0_master1200.jpg)

The lack of Suisei tickling is honestly disappointing.
>>5737 this is the only other one I know ;-; gif sauce: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/86669473
Enna talks about her ticklish spots: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dkqPtRaJpM4
>>5975 I went back to the original stream and the clip doesn't have everything. At the she said that if she ever has a in person collab with one of the other nijisanji girls she'll tickle them and then the viewers can clip that shit. I doubt she'll actually do something like that but still worth mentioning.
(630.65 KB 1200x900 20211103_230655.jpg)

(628.43 KB 1200x900 20211103_230659.jpg)

(629.36 KB 1200x900 20211103_230658.jpg)

(631.62 KB 1200x900 20211103_230652.jpg)

>>5888 Cool finds. Aaand that's about it lmao. Not just Suisei tickle arts, it looks like there aren't that much art compared to other fanbase. Or I might just be wrong
(1.03 MB 795x1005 ClipboardImage.png)

(164.23 KB 800x1129 FEhYXhEaIAEeefN.jpg)

(231.28 KB 800x1129 FEhYyGQacAITnff.jpg)

>>5737 Just for you, buddy.
>>7249 Dang, this one is great, thanks! Do you have the source for that? SauceNAO not yielding any result
>>7255 https://twitter.com/wintermute_0000/status/1461515914889760773 They usually do DiD or vore, but occasionally tickle pics too, and their stuff is pretty awesome.
>>7261 Ooohhhh that's the same artist who drew the suisei pic I posted above. Apparently the one you posted is not on pixiv
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/20136640/post/51338698 Projekt melody likes tickling. Sweet.
(7.24 KB 488x131 image_2021-11-22_040207.png)

>>7542 I keep being amazed by how retarded most people are when I see them react to this fetish. Why is it so hard to grasp why tickling can be hot? It's a way to dominate, humiliate, and tease your partner. It can be playful or torturous. It makes the other person laugh their ass off, and I'm pretty sure almost all people enjoy seeing others laugh. Out of every fetish I can think of, this one should be the easiest to understand.
>>7553 "I was totally cool seeing a cute girl restrained against her will and fucked by a holographic penis made by a floating robot, but when that robot started by tickling her, that was kind of weird. Really took me out of the whole thing until the real sex started. I truly don't understand how teasingly touching somebody could possibly be a turn on/"
(241.00 KB 1638x2047 FEzGWA4X0Ak__t0.jpeg)

(277.05 KB 1638x2047 FEzGWA7XIAAL3e9.jpeg)

>>7561 Tickling > sex.
(8.05 MB 3361x4709 Mim.png)

>>8672 Well that was fast, the HORNY was very strong with this one.
>>8673 Gen 6 is a bit of a hot topic right now so it doesn't surprise me that some artists get art of them out there Asap
Surprised this didn't happen before after seeing how many Vtubers put their feet on the table due to a trend. https://t.co/oawn2KBrCJ
>>8934 Is that a dude or a chick? I actually can't tell
>>8940 a 'nonbinary' individual. Probably has a penis.
>>8941 So a dude
>>8943 Judging from the bone structure I'd say a female. It's a cat/elf person, does it fucking matter? I'd stick my dick in it and I am not even gay.
>>8934 God damn, that's a good laugh for someone who's acting. Doing convincing laughter on command is no easy task.
>>8947 >not gay >would fuck a guy anon...
>>8934 for those interested there's a second clip in that link titled "exploiting Mim's weakness" and it has a shot of tummy tickling and more of that laugh. it's not a bad laugh, either...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjRI4dBtk10 Y'know I think this Mim person might actually be one of us. Not even secretly.
>>8947 >Judging from the bone structure You do realize that the vtuber avatar isn't really what the person looks like right?
>>8952 It's just some autistic tranny.
>>8997 truly, one of us
>>8997 cranky cuz they gave you a boner aren't you
Some super minor mentions, but I'll put them here anyway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tjKRMlFSJU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKJbDwcDGK8 at 1:26:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK45v08x0oY at about 44:00 In "A Way Out" there's a part where you have to interrogate someone, Millie and Mumei's first idea was to tickle him until he talks.
>>9021 The fact that Gura brought this up with no prompting and it was Mumei's immediate reaction when seeing a torture scene makes me feel like I want to be at the mercy of those two the most.
(138.31 KB 1254x1771 FGQUECPUUAUc4XY.jpeg)

>>9333 hey retard, theres already a thread >>9232
>>9340 Yes hello sir, that link redirects me to this same thread, I'm guessing they got merged together and the images at the top got shoved along up there.
>>9333 Any idea who makes these?
>>9368 nvm I’m high as shit and didn’t even look. thanks though man
Finished commission I got from a Japanese artist a while back. They never uploaded it and went completely radio silent afterwards when I asked if they like it/are gonna upload it/if I should share it with credits or without... I still feel like it's too good not to share, so please enjoy Fubuki and Okayu by an anon Japanese artist :D
>>8952 >>8934 It’s like one of those male lees on reddit who try so hard to be giggly and cute that he forgets he’s a grown man with cock and balls. Pretending to tickle each other with anime characters is… another level of autism. I’d only really expect a group of ditsy girls to do this lol
(243.63 KB 2048x813 FHI9g8daQAEH35x.jpeg)

(256.81 KB 2048x1323 FG3Ie20UYAUl2t_.jpeg)

(8.36 MB 3030x4290 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.95 MB 3030x4290 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.21 MB 3029x4289 ClipboardImage.png)

(6.71 MB 4290x3030 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9997 Artist for second pic?
(131.93 KB 600x849 95244975_p0_master1200.webp)

(5.38 MB 3012x7087 95018096_p0.jpg)

>>10714 KandenRem
(307.34 KB 1451x2048 FIbIUH9aMAAN54t.jpeg)

(317.22 KB 1451x2048 FIbIUH_agAcPyZG.jpeg)

(378.71 KB 1451x2048 FIbIUIDaIAUmBKw.jpeg)

(299.01 KB 1451x2048 FIbfPPLagAc9492.jpeg)

(310.41 KB 1451x2048 FIbfPPJaMAgEBv0.jpeg)

(840.23 KB 720x900 ClipboardImage.png)

(410.21 KB 1675x926 Etl_nJ1UUAAFKGV.jpeg)

>>9994 >grown man with cock and balls LMAO what a random thing to bring up Wtf does his genitalia have to do with anything?
>>13253 >genitalia doesn’t define anything
>>14077 Thinking genitalia somehow defines how anything about your personality should be is some absolute clown shit though.
>>14083 Facts Femboys have cocks and balls and are unfathomably based
Of course the V-Tubers thread devolves into a fucking gender sexuality argument. Never change, fellas
>>14104 8channers just bein 8channers
>Sees vtuber thread getting bumped >"Oh boy, more vtuber tickling!!!" >Sees arguments about genitalia instead >mfw Fine, I'll do it myself
I knew what this thread would be like before I even opened it. Embarrassing lmfao.
>>14233 8channer act like be a relatively normal, well adjusted human being challenge [IMPOSSIBLE] [COPS CALLED]
>>14102 Femboys are superior because they do it purely for sexual desire. Women today are lazy and dont give a fuck about trying to look girly cus they know they have pussy and thats enough for simps. Truly femboys are the real chads.
There's an indie vtuber debuting. Apparently she's a tickling succubus based on loose translations. Whether or not she will do tickling content, it's interesting. https://youtube.com/channel/UC7LBS4Hdnh6Q-p0hR46Q9kw
(492.52 KB 680x580 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14288 Well hot diggity.
(323.10 KB 457x680 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14289 Dog!
(960.55 KB 1905x2000 Feb.4th.jpg)

twomario never misses
>>14333 Those are some really big feet, like, bigfoot level. Who is the vtuber getting tickled? I don't recognize her.
>>14335 Based on the cap it looks like Calliope.
There's been a trend recently where twitch vtubers have been making personal tier lists of fetishes. Most of them blew off tickling and put it in WTF/no comment tier but Nyanners just quietly put it in B and moved on. She burst out laughing shortly afterwards but it could have been about something else.
>>14883 Wew lad I'm gonna need a clip of that
>>14890 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1302267629?t=15h37m50s It's not anything that interesting, she doesn't talk about it at all. But at least it looks like she's aware it exists unlike most of the other vtubers.
>>14908 You beat me to it. Snuffy, Rosedoodle, and many others put it in either “trash” or “don’t care” tier Nyanners is the ONLY one to put tickling somewhere notable
>>14914 >Snuffy I'm so betrayed. I crushed on her so bad. How could she do this to me?
>>14917 >>14914 Wasn't Nyanners the one into the whole getting humiliation/embarrassing kind of deal? Wouldn't really surprise me if she put it there based off of that...
>>14908 Well there you have it lads. We're B tier. I can live with that.
Am I stupid? I feel like tickling really shouldn't be that hard to understand, at least not as hard as vore or scat. It's non-painful, physical touch that can be playful and torturous, and there's a power play element between the ler and lee. I feel like if some of these people just sat down and thought about it for 2 seconds it would start to make more sense to them.
Vtuber tickle stans when they're put in fucking B tier and get nerdgasms over it. Actually pathetic, its not even S tier, just average kek.
(535.47 KB 680x602 ClipboardImage.png)

>tickling is childish and cringe poster was right and all girls think our fetish is trash vs >all these cute vtubers are ticklish as hell and hate it because they're terrified of how badly they'd lose their shit under tickle torture
(317.93 KB 1160x650 nvis7hzs3m371.png)

>>14973 >get nerdgasms over it >in response to "I can live with that" Literally who are you talking about? There wasn't a single overreaction except yours
>>14288 I love her already lmao. She said in her debut stream she wants to become 3D and play games while getting tickled.
>>14989 >two reactions >"There you have it lads, I can live with that" >"I feel like tickling shouldn't be that hard to understand" >that's somehow "nerdgasms" and someone not having tickling as an S tier fetish is "actually pathetic" Makes you wonder why some people go out of their way to antagonize others over utter nothing like this. Also, fuck people having their own preference for fetishes, aye? That attitude there is the real childish and cringe. >>14996 What a terrible moment to not have learned japanese. Doubt anyone would translate/highlight her streams. Pain peko.
>>14989 >>15028 True sorry, I misunderstood the point. Thought it was more like praising nyananana for actually acknowledging it instead of just being fine with it.
>>15028 >Also, fuck people having their own preference for fetishes, aye? That attitude there is the real childish and cringe. That's not what I meant. Idc if they don't have the fetish, that's one thing, but they act like it's this absurd ridiculous alien concept that only psychopaths could be into when really it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. There's a difference between being into something yourself and understanding why other people are into it even if you aren't
(6.64 MB 640x640 korone-pet-pet.gif)

>>15029 It's alright, it can be hard to tell apart jokes from serious derision sometimes. But yeah, at least Nyanners got something out the fetish instead of nothing. Maybe we'll see someone place tickling on their S-tier one day (IIRC, Melody also enjoys tickling, and she has at least one animation that opens with her being tickle tortured, so...) >>15032 I'm sorry; I wasn't actually refering to your about "fuck othe people having their preference", I was lashing out at the other anon, which turned out to not have been appropriate to their original intention, clearly. Seems like the childish and cringe one, at the end, was I. I think most people actually do see tickling as "childish and cringe", though, in the sense that it's not exactly an alien concept, but something so odd and more commonly associated with inocuous, innocent playfulness that they think that surely must be very fucking wrong for one to consider as an actual fetish. In a sense, maybe they don't see it as a "serious" fetish, even? "It's the thing you do to make people laugh and annoy them" and such, failing to consider the BDSM aspect of it because they don't even realize it's a thing; like you said, if they actually stopped to consider how it could work, maybe they'd rethink their view. Maybe all they need is someone to give an explanation and example, if they haven't figured this out by themselves yet. That's my two cents of armchair psychology, at least.
>>14917 Anon, I’m about to break your heart… but just listen to her reaction when she sees tickling is a tag https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1298425438?t=02h14m29s
>>15044 She put orgasm denial and strap-on in the never seen it tier. I wouldn't feel so bad about tickling being there as well, this is some vanilla ass pussy
>>14539 Amelia is a switch confirmed- >>14974 That's definitely what's going on here, they fear us- >>14996 Who is this queen-
>>15682 >who is this queen See: >>14288
(674.87 KB 2515x2239 20220303_153137.jpg)

(660.86 KB 2515x2239 20220303_153139.jpg)

Bros I found my tickle oshi The art was actually retweeted by the vtuber herself what a gigachad
>>15761 Tickling seems to be her main focus, from ASMR to doing Roleplay involving tickling. Might donate a SC or two once she gets monetized, if only so that she doesn't graduate too soon
>>15763 I was actually the first one to mention her here haha Imagine an EN Vtuber like her. I'd coom.
>>15761 Which vtuber?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltmuo8luuCE Starts 2 minutes into the clip, involves more than half of the HoloID branch.
(163.66 KB 900x1200 FNo9TkAVEAA7jG3.jpeg)

(277.36 KB 2048x1521 FN5Je2maMAgCFM9.jpeg)

(285.45 KB 2048x1521 FN5Je4CakAA0eQm.jpeg)

(317.51 KB 2048x1520 FN5Je4RacAQHz3S.jpeg)

(170.51 KB 1254x1771 FN5QgIMaUAIGxBu.jpeg)

>>16529 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvplyHdDZA0 she actually did do a stream where she played a game while being tickled for her 1 month anniversary. Wish I spoke japanese but the model and voice are cute.
(664.57 KB 946x1009 nyan_fetish_tierlist.png)

Apparently Nyanners threw tickling all the way up into the B tier when rating fetishes. still hoping the VOD pops up somewhere to see if she commented on it at all. This is just from a highlight vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1NzL-KRFJ8
>>16957 She didn't comment on it. Just kinda silently put it up there without addressing it iirc
>>16972 thanks, saves me the wondering.
(338.65 KB 3453x1824 FO29l6YVUAQcPZp.jpg)

(351.62 KB 3453x1824 FO29l6XVEAEVyal.jpg)

(363.94 KB 3453x1824 FO29l6hVEAIi6MY.jpg)

(379.43 KB 3453x1824 FO29l6aVEAY0u_y.jpg)

Ywn be tickled by the horny pirate captain Ywn tickle big tiddy oneesan lady knight What's the point?
(719.85 KB 996x803 ClipboardImage.png)

The punishment for not putting tickling in S tier has arrived.
Tamaki tickling Mishiro https://youtu.be/L4ml8moHk3o
>>18187 >stop not my feet >doesn't move them Tickle slut spotted
Desire to see art of tickling Mumei's "freakishly large" feet: very strong https://youtu.be/JwpS_nKhzQ8
>>20022 Interesting statement. I only know of these girls what they present on their streams, but depending on how Mumei thinks of herself, "freakishly large" could mean anything from size 8 to size 12. Her response to the question leaves me assuming that Gura is the smaller of the two, which makes sense because while the height of the character does not always match up to the height of the talent, Gura specifically always gave me "short hellion" energy. Mumei also "feels" like she would be a short person, but we don't know shit about that. She could be a tall lanky bitch with goofy looking feet, which of course we would love. I dunno maybe it's obsessing over a line she said mostly as a joke to keep a meme going but it's just fun to think about this kind of thing when we're given the nod to.
>>20022 I'm surprised that I haven't seen any tickling art of Council considering one has a bare midriff and two are barefoot.
>>20024 >tall lanky bitch with goofy looking feet Yes please, give me my lanklet owl girl with long skinny ticklish feet. I didn't even know that was the dream, but now I know, that's the dream.
(11.90 KB 266x188 IMG_8145.jpg)

>one of the only amelia pics has her being beheaded >feelsbadamefags
(3.02 MB 3508x2480 amelia c1.0.jpeg)

(3.25 MB 3508x2480 amelia c1.1.jpeg)

(3.38 MB 3508x2480 amelia c1.2.jpeg)

>>20309 I just pretend she has a bucket of cold water she has to hold up or something.
>>20316 What the fuck is wrong with people though, the artist draws tickling just fine why did they just have to ruin it.
No idea what the source of the screenshot is. >>20030 There's some but nothing from any of the major artists. Vtuber tickle art is surprisingly rare in general.
>>20499 It's definitely scarse but slowly piling up more and more. OmegaZero did a few of them but the full versions are by email only. >>20499
>>20551 Yeah Omega's gotten pretty militant about Kemonoproofing his stuff lol
It would be a dream come true to have Gura captured and tickled like this.
>>21547 While I don’t watch her, her design has me DIAMONDS. More bullying of her is needed.
>>20343 Probably because their main fetish is chopping body parts and not tickling https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/13817671/illustrations?p=1
(79.56 KB 704x900 FS8FNTxXwAIiSl_.jpeg)

(267.05 KB 2048x1152 FTGslmtVsAEhzvN.jpeg)

(288.21 KB 2048x1152 FTGslnVUsAA7_Dv.jpeg)

(301.51 KB 2048x1152 FTGsln2UUAASAq2.jpeg)

(584.62 KB 2048x1152 FTGslsZVsAAbdWc.jpeg)

This one is IRL tickling but the girl has a vtuber avatar that she uses regularly. The videos are about an hour each and she's doing some tickling challenges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGvxsLWPH-o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZEqMabDvqo
Gonna start a deep discussion here: What Vtuber(s) would you tickle, or like to see be tickled, and why would you choose them? In other words, who's your tickle-Oshi? Convince me yours is the best girl.

(1.36 MB 850x1204 1629694264791.png)

>>21907 Might be pretty normie but 1 million percent Calliope Mori and Ouro Kronii from Hololive EN. Two confident, tall, tsundere MOMMIES who get flustered as shit when they're teased/bullied. You can't tell me they're not unbearably ticklish. The type to insult you and rant and rave about how they'll beat the shit out of you when they escape, but later dwon the line they eventually become girly giggling messes who are begging you to stop.
>>21908 *down Typo but my point STILL STANDS
>>21908 My choices are the same as yours. These two are so beautiful, hot, confident mommies and the idea of tickling them until their shouts and demands become squeal and pleas is just too hot~
(1.78 MB 2480x3737 20220206_220250.jpg)

(199.57 KB 1161x1618 20220520_130907.jpg)

(231.28 KB 800x1129 20220520_130428.jpg)

Enough said.
>>21908 >>21910 These two definitely. It's so much more satisfying tp tickle someone with a tough, stoic image into a hysterical mess and their outfits leave their pits exposed so you can do just that. Kronii would be my preferred of the two since she's usually so emotionless and her laugh is very nice. Not really a big fan of Calli's. >>21907 If I was to actually have a tickle session with any Vtuber, my 1st choice would have to be Marine since there's a 99% chance she'd be into it. Maybe Nyanners too since she rated it moderately high on her tier list. To go along with that, I'll add my own question to the discussion. Which Vtubers do you think might be into tickling as a kink or it's at least something they'd be cool with trying?
>>21907 I want to tickle Senchou without a second's hesitation. 1) Her laugh is divine and I could listen to it all day. 2) Her interactions on stream with (I think it was) Flare suggest she really is ticklish. 3) She seems like she'd at least be open to giving it a go. Which I guess also is an answer to >>21914.
(40.70 KB 433x720 IMG_8783.jpg)

(234.70 KB 1375x2047 1637066278685.jpg)

>>21914 I know Mim has an actual tickling fetish, which is funny bc he got quite a few people, who were probably clueless that he actually found sexual pleasure in it, to indulge him in it and act for a while that it was just an inside joke >>21908 >>21914 >>21912 Wonderful picks! As for mine, I'd actually like to see Annytf, Haruka Karibu, and Snuffy get tickled. I don't know what it is, but their design and their voices are just all so cute, and their laughs are even more adorable and can probably cure cancer. I mean, if a girl snorts when she laughs really hard, that's a bonus and a half let me tell you.
>>21921 ps. not saying that it's bad he did it or anything, I respect the hustle. I'm saying that if other vtubers have tickling fetishes, time will tell
>>21907 I want to see both Ewiwa and Selen bullying Lui after seeing this picture. Alternatively, I want to see more Elira and Selen pics because there are exactly Zero of them being tickled. Elira has a blessed laugh and if you have watched a 30 second clip of Selen you know she’s inhaling laughing gas with how often she laughs, and I want to see (and hear) more of that.
>>21907 In no particular order, Mori, Suisei, Marine, Korone. Suisei makes me unbelievably horny, Marine is both ticklish and might be into it. I generally like both Korone and Mori in the first place. Mori admitted to being really ticklish while Korone got tickled multiple times on stream with explosively loud results each time so I'd expect both of them to be a blast. Though if I had a choice, I'd probably get half of Hololive girls
>>21930 God damn it, when is he gonna finish that Mori pic?
>>9952 It looks so great. Who's the artist?
>>21907 Tough question, if I had to name my top 3 from both JP and EN/ID (Hololive since that's what I mostly watch) it would likely go EN: Gura, Moona and Mumei Gura because I can't deny that the amount of foot art of her that there's been and just how fitting her character is to be in these kinds of situations. (Also admitted to having ticklish feet https://youtu.be/QFpcl3_wzTc) Moona because of her explosive laugh that she has, somewhat similar to Calli and Kronii on being someone that's cool and collected most of the time but was stupid ticklish that she hid in the bathroom out of fear when the ID girls started asking who was the most ticklish out of everyone during an offline Collab.(https://youtu.be/ltmuo8luuCE) And Mumei out of personal preference, just kinda love her laugh and has admitted to having big feet. Just wish there was more tk art of council. (https://youtu.be/CWcJTEgrieg) And For JP it would be: Fubuki, Haachama and Korone Fubuki because of her unique laugh and personality, she's always been seen as someone composed and prideful by most Holo members so seeing that just shattering with wild laughter would probably be the most embarrassing moment on her life. Haachama because feet, she pandered the whole foot thing to the point that she actually wore fanmade stocks during her stream, kinda hard to not want to see her be in that situation irl (https://youtu.be/KRNpx_knGZs) And Korone because obvious reasons, she has an explosive contagious laugh that just makes you wonder how far and wild it can go. She's already been tickled multiple times in the past during streams so there's an already an idea of how ticklish she is. (https://youtu.be/krTY5Y4iRaU) (https://youtu.be/MhCE8Nl9pPY 4:43 timestamp)
>>21933 I agree, honestly. This is a really good take on Calli, I love the pose she's in and her expression, and the high heeled shoes dangling on the stocks right between her tickled feet makes me fucking diamonds.
(141.72 KB 907x1280 photo_2022-05-02_08-56-18.jpg)

I also forgot Bae. Little rat admitted she's so ticklish she can't stay still during massage. >>21933 I wish, that pic is probably the single hottest Vtuber tickling image for me personally. Scrunched toes are a great detail there. I absolutely love to imagine teasing her while she's laughing helplessly like in the pic. >>21945 Fubuki is another great pick, her laugh is adorable. And I just want to add that I imagine both Gura and Mumei would have lots of fun being ticklers. Mumei in general has that slightly devious personality and loves messing with other people, she feels like she'd have ton of fun exploiting other people's weak spots. Gura straight up threatened to tickle others multiple times. Her personality just begs for a situation where she starts tickling someone else but ends up tickled herself.
>>21950 >Gura straight up threatened to tickle others multiple times. Related: Gura talking about how tickle torture would be her preferred form of torture if she needed to do such a thing, for almost no reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tjKRMlFSJU
>>21933 I'd pay him to finish it god damnit, we need more cali tickling
>>21952 Man that smug gaze makes it so much hotter.
(1.86 MB 2961x4709 gura_tickle.jpg)

(541.38 KB 2296x3271 1640281205744.jpg)

This thread reminds me how much I want to see most Holos tickled. >>22007 She plays 'little brat' character perfectly. And little brats need to be punished.
>>21929 I remember you said you wanted to write non RWBY stories, thats a pretty nice idea for one
>>22515 That is true, I do want to expand. That said I atleast want to have a picture of the three done to have a baseline of what I want to write about. All I know is that Lui is most likely going to get bullied. I don't even watch her, I just like her design.
>>22541 Vtuber wise it might be better if you based the story off their character lore rather than their streaming personality
So Bao VTuber is hyper ticklish and has a big tickling kink. She’s not completely against feet but not a big fan. You can find Bao IRL online too if that’s your thing. Muni is into her feet being worshipped but hates tickling. Shylily is into tickling a little bit. So kinksters, do with that knowledge what you will. https://youtu.be/niw1x3SDIXc
>>23057 Is there more to this? Bao says tickling is cute and a pretty normal kink, but she never says anything about how ticklish she is or that it's a really big thing for her.
Searched her twitter for funsies and she mentions how ticklish she is here in an offhand way so guess we got our perverted imaginations to work with https://twitter.com/baovtuber/status/1434388879755386886?s=21&t=GnUHLj_G7DAAwP21tPZTUA
>>23062 She's definitely brought up her tickle kink before since Numi knows about it, but I don't know if it's in a stream or a personal conversation.
>>23057 am I the only one or does shylily sound just like veibae? like her laugh in the video is almost like veibae's laugh
This is the only public thing of Bao’s feet from like a year ago. Blue toe nails to match too. There’s like no tickle or foot art of her VTuber or irl out there. Got that great ticklish tummy picture in the tweets too. Numi no tickle art but she’s shared foot art before just like a few days ago. Lily not sure on either but she does have an accent very similar to Veibae. Even her mannerisms.
(655.92 KB 2048x2048 bao.jpg)

(631.35 KB 1536x2048 numi.jpg)

(36.28 KB 408x878 shylily.jpg)

Here's some pics of them that they've shared on twitter for those who are curios Going from left to right: Bao, Numi, Shylily.
There’s some old photos of Bao with no face sticker too.
>>23063 Any clips of either of them talking about it?
Not sure about clips but found an old thing from years ago where she mentions she loves tickle fights, so her tickle kink probably only grew over time. https://twitter.com/baovtuber/status/792120645828026368?s=21&t=wOZbfa8oxw3btO92I41NvQ

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