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(11.95 KB 575x390 discord-logo.jpg)

Discord Group Discord Group 09/14/2021 (Tue) 01:31:47 Id: d01861 No. 939
Well, as the title says, here I share the link to my Discord group where you can share tickling and feet art. There is also a section to roleplay, if you are an artist there is also a section to share your work and much more !!! I just ask you to read the rules and also to be active at least a little bit 😉. Link: https://discord.gg/RHFkJRmcs7
>>939 Discord sucks, what about a matrix group instead?
>>939 Also, artists in a group that shares pirated artwork? What could go wrong?
>7.You must be active at least 2 times a month This is dumb
>>942 I had nothing else to add so I put that rule xD
>>939 Why is discord popular on image boards if most people ghost each other?
>>939 Because TKL's Discord isnt wrekt enough? lmao
>>941 Lmao for real.
>>961 Which?
great job linking the Patreon sharing server you fucking retard. now it's full of the same TKL discord faggots that cry and throw shitfits over every cropped picture that is a Patreon exclusive no matter how old it is. it's all fucking over now. get ready to get the server raided or reported now, i hope it was worth it.
>>980 Calm down bro 😒
>>980 Protip: Just create another server. Give it to certain people you know are cool on the other server and that's that.
>>939 By the way, are you the admin?
(70.20 KB 233x240 1586477091451.png)

literally if you don't want to lose anonimity, just don't fucking join, retards.
>>943 May I ask why you had to? You make it sound like you needed there to be 7 rules
Does anyone have any borderlands pics
>>7754 Sry wrong thread

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