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General thread Anonymous 12/15/2021 (Wed) 22:20:58 Id: 5136cf No. 9420
For things that don't deserve their own thread, or if you just want to socialize
>>9420 Footfags VS armpitfags..... FIGHT!!
(1.11 MB 244x160 lotr-ring.gif)

>>9422 What if I'm neither of those, do I just watch?
>>9422 <insert paragraph of bellyfags whining about how footfags need to be sent to gulags and then spamming artists with "but muh belly tho">
>>9432 >Shit that never happens
>>9436 Damn maybe furfags are even more obnoxious than I thought.
>>9422 I like both but armpits are so criminally underrated.. just seeing them is enough to get me.
>>9422 I love all forms of tickling, as long as I can see the ticklee's face and see how her body squirms.
>see videos i wanted to watch for ages get uploaded on a site >when i go to fap they are removed already ffs, anyone else know this feel they don't make them anymore so there is no reason to pay, you were a legend |_|_O_|_|
>>9474 >armpits are so criminally underrated Despite being a footfag, I agree with this sentiment. When it comes to foot tickling, you often get pictures and videos with close-ups of the feet. Meanwhile, for armpits I haven't really seen the equivalent of that, although I didn't go the full deep dive when searching for them, so maybe I just never saw it. That being said I consider myself a ticklefag first and footfag second, so I'd rather see armpit tickling than foot worship.
>>9522 I love armpits because they've been the most ticklish spot on 70% of the women I've tickled, but I don't really care about them outside of a tickling context. I think a lot of armpitfags don't really have a fetish for them like footfags do for feet, they just want to see the lee's worst spots given more attention. A quick close up peek of the armpits can be hot, but I don't want producers to drag it out like a lot of the foot stuff in videos.
>>9527 >Upper body fags are so starved for content they have to larp about having tickled women IRL Sad!
>>9579 Many such cases!
>>9579 I actually almost got a tickling session with a woman I met online, who said she is most ticklish on her sides. Pussied out because she seemed unstable (I got very weirded out by how enthusiastically open she was about relation of her masochism and history of abusive relationships), and because I'm socially handicapped.
>>9420 Do we have a mod or anything for this board? I'm fucking sick of every thread turning into autistic arguing about fetishes. Even when someone just makes a joke or baits, people still get unreasonably angry.
>>9629 You seem angrier than anyone else. Accept shitposting, anon. That’s what gives a board culture.
>>9656 /tkr/ shitposting isn't even entertaining, it's the same two or three lines repeated ad nauseum. It's no better than wojak spam on half /v/.
(81.77 KB 330x1600 wojak ragefaces.jpg)

>>9656 >>9659 Yeah if you people think this shit is making it look like you're "down with the culture", you're completely retarded. Half of shitposting is jokes and the other is at least on topic with what's happening within the topic. Most of you retards are just overtly sensitive about feet, UB, furries, children etc etc and take the first opportunity you can to screech about it, regardless of what's supposed to be the topic. That's generally not how other imageboards function.
>>9667 Exactly. /tkr/ shitposting might as well just be mad libs at this point.
>>9629 Which threads exactly?
>>9670 This one for starters
>>9671 you fool, you moron this thread is pinned, a mod posted it
>>9699 >tfw Reisen is your mod
(730.97 KB 827x984 1457676975265.png)

>>9707 Useless little bunny, only good for her tickle appeal.
>>9708 If Reisen mod, can we gang up on and tickle Reisen until we are mod?
>>9667 The point is that screaming about it isn’t going to make it stop. Do you think shitting up threads with “WHY is there so much SHITPOSTING?” Is gonna convince people to stop shitposting? That’s literally all they want, anon.
(119.37 KB 200x495 200px-Mimicutie.png)

I wanna tickle a mimicutie, bros
(12.64 KB 206x213 32634635736.jpg)

>>9736 >The point is that screaming about it isn’t going to make it stop that is the nature of this kink...
(3.43 MB 5060x3579 Mimicutie-Footies.png)

>>9740 I mean, they're asking for it. What else are they good for, other than being obnoxious trolls?
>>9742 Based
(48.27 KB 720x576 Mr Burns.jpg)

Mha characters are 16 so any tickle art with uraraka or momo or any of the class 1A or 1B girls is Democrat activism and you're a pedo for posting it
>>9809 Democrat activism?
>>9809 Good thing I only like Midnight
>>9809 If I can legally fuck a 16 years old I reserve the right to morally fap to them too.
(1.06 MB 5592x3855 1619635571800.jpg)

>>9809 >Mha characters are 16 Old hags.
>>9820 I disagree with the first post, since no one thinks of the mha girls as children, even the show sexualizes momo, but not eri? C'mon man she been thru enough
>>9836 Eri is a weird uncanny valley for me where I think her design is extremely cute, but she's SO young seeing her in foot/tickle situations does kind of put me off. I see her design and think "oh, she's cute! she'd make a great lee!", and then I think, "oh yeah, she's like six! never mind!"
>>9844 >>9836 Yeah I agree, shit's lame.
(1.07 MB 966x823 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9671 There is no shitposting in /tkr/, there is no shitposting in /tkr/ This thread is containment
>>9836 >>9844 >>9845 No, no, no, true tickle torture is inherently the perversion of something sweet, innocent and childish by taking it to its utmost degree of intensity and duration until it becomes utterly unbearable. Someone pure, cute and helpless like little Eri is literally the prime target for hours upon hours of desperate forced laughter, crying and useless begging resulting from a merciless ticklish attack on all her vulnerable spots. The fact that a poor little girl being sadistically tickle tortured is fucked up is not why it's bad, it's why it's good.
>>9846 Glad you enjoy it, not my thing though. But like I said, only MHA girl I really like is Midnight.
Why do lolifags have such a victim complex over people not liking their niche fetish, it's not that deep.
(434.01 KB 500x666 83945536_p1_master1200.png)

>>9856 I'm thinkin BASED?
>>9860 You fucking pedofucks disgust me. The only thing you deserve is a .45 between the eyes. You uh, wouldn't happen to have the other pics of this set would you? I think there were two more before they got deleted.
(431.69 KB 500x666 83945536_p0_master1200.png)

>>9861 I have the socked version, thats it
>>9864 Alright, thanks regardless. Like I said I thought all of them were lost to the void forever.
>>9856 I mean yeah, that's true. That is what I love about it. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm just not attracted to kids. It's not the fact that she's "too innocent" or something, it's that she physically reminds me of children in real life which I find extremely unappealing. There are plenty of characters I want to tickle into submission who aren't six.
I have mostly eradicated Christmas
>>10000 I may have also broke posting in the process... maybe it's fixed now
>breaks posting for an hour Maybe I really am a useless bunny...
I think everything's working now, if the board is still bugged you can fix it by changing "board-specific CSS" on top to anything else.
>>10000 Nice 10k get anon
(924.61 KB 1280x1506 ClipboardImage.png)

Nuns are underrated
>>10117 Nunderrated
I just so happen to have the knowledge of how to do edited drawing animations in vain of tgt. Should i pass my knowledge onto this board with a new thread?
>>10386 Put it in the drawthread
>>10605 Okay, see, that's how far I'm not going.
(120.94 KB 700x850 Salamander_(F)_Pink_Form.jpg)

tickle whatever this is
Is anyone else here into blacked/ntr tickling?
>>9856 Based, Eri Torture chads RULE this thread This is now an Eri destruction by tickling board
>>10629 how does that work?
Bro can we finally talk about the banner images. I wanna see the full version of all of em
(456.09 KB 630x780 50-6.png)

(214.74 KB 400x600 7.jpg)

(785.48 KB 909x850 50-1.png)

(1.07 MB 636x900 47-27.png)

(1.69 MB 1024x820 50-79.png)

>>10816 Here you go friendo
(519.33 KB 1150x950 29281541_p0.png)

(105.49 KB 400x600 b8.jpg)

(246.51 KB 750x1000 b3.jpg)

(1013.97 KB 1000x1250 a5.jpeg)

>>10768 Big black dude tickles your waifu, maybe while he is fucking her Or you tickle your waifu while she is taking bbc
>>10899 Sounds as hot as if he wasn't black to me.
(675.23 KB 431x394 ya got me.gif)

>>10629 I don't give a shit about black cock, but I'd love to tickle your gf/wife while you watch impotently. Hope that gets your rocks off.
>>10999 Quite likewise, I really like the fantasy of tickle torturing a married woman or a dedicated girlfriend. However my kink about this is more about how hot it would be to tickle such woman until she is begging to sexually submit just to make the tickle torture stop than about particularly caring about what her husband/boyfriend thinks about it. Still, I really do like the idea of "tickle swinging", swapping ticklees with some guy and then having a gentlemanly competition about which one tickles the other's sub into safeword and beyond first.
(31.34 KB 640x382 IMG_20191112_122233.jpg)

>>11013 >"tickle swinging" Now that is some advanced thinking. I need to see something with that concept now.
>>11013 >>11086 >Competitive tickle swinging Fuck, this needs to be a sequence of videos like yesterday.
Facebook is getting better all the time at identifying what to put in an ad to make me stop scrolling. If you show me Japanese women getting their feet tickled, even if by fish, I'm gonna probably stop and look. Anyone else have similar experiences of big tech companies starting to identify your fetishes and target you with ads accordingly?
>>11459 >big tech companies starting to identify your fetishes This can only lead to the weirdest dystopia ever. Now I'm thinking of a weird fetish-based cyberpunk where your brain is scanned for applicable fetishes before you're advertised to, with the constant fear that it could be broadcasted to the world somehow.
any board which regularly has loli doll discussion? I saw the ocassional thread on kohlchan but they don’t seem to pop up anymore
>>11495 not this one nigga
>>11461 I have been thinking of a tickling scenario a bit like that, where an evil corporation would hire a tickling fetishist whose unconventional cybersex preferences they have been monitoring to work as their professional torturer to extract information from industrial spies and assassins (coincidentally all women and all hot) who can are immune to pain due to their cybernetically enhanced bodies, but their nervous systems can be remapped to feel amplified ticklish sensations. Could write something about it if I wasn't so lazy.
>>11736 >industrial spies and assassins (coincidentally all women Coward.
https://www.patreon.com/Perizukois Add him to lemons party plz
(183.42 KB 376x345 oy vey..png)

the new DA UI fucking sucks, i can't wait for all the worth while tickle artists to migrate to pixiv so i don't have to keep coming to this fucking shithole god forsaken site.
>>12651 Y’know, I should probably post my stuff on Pixiv as well now that you mention it-
>>12655 Just make sure you add a giant black bar around anything lewd
(527.15 KB 631x632 1597459019367.png)

>>12655 >>12659 it's not that bad of a jump, i am being entirely honest when saying that even FurAffinity is better because they're not shitting up the fucking UI; i hope that people like limscast move over because they would be doing themselves a favor.
When it tickles too good Drop em!
>>12715 Someone else who doesn't know how names work
>>9864 who its the artist?
>>9860 >>9864 >master1200.png noooooooooo >>9866 They are, only the thumbnails are alive.
>>13279 I had already looked for it that is not the name
(136.78 KB 600x400 it really do be like that.jpg)

>thinking about being tickled >actually being tickled
>>12715 That’s basically every Narutobyrufy tickle pic for the past couple of years since they all have the girl with their mouth wide open and their tongue flailing about.
I'm trying to get this tickling vid from tezfiles would I get a virus if I choose slow speed download cus I did that on k2s and my phone permanently died the next day Any advice will be worth it
>>13609 i feel like narutobyrufy has this like unique ability to consistently pump out the lowest quality shit imaginable. probably the only tickling artist that i know by name specifically in order to avoid their art. crazy how they can be drawing for years and show zero improvement. all straight unappealing work that looks like the nightmare sketches of a schizophrenic
>>9420 How mad would everyone be if I did this?
>>13767 Enough to tie a dumb bunny mod down and 'tiggle' her all over until she apologizes and swears she'll never do it again. So like not really mad, just regular kinky mood.
>>13770 Why are we assuming mod is a woman again?
>>13789 I'm not assuming the mod is a woman, I'm assuming the mod is a silly rabbit
(98.56 KB 768x576 1542167471797.jpg)

>>13767 do it
>>13793 Fair. Based image choice.
>>13793 You said tiggle *her* all over until *she* apologizes and swears *she'll* never do it again tho
>>13789 WTF I was told that everyone (except me) online are girls?!
>>13813 There are no girls here, none of them would be into a fetish as childish and cringe as tickling.
Glad erimoto is back, her art was getting really good before she left
>>13809 True, true.
>>13770 >>13793 Make a tiggle caption of it!
>>14081 I have half a mind to do it and use the words 'tiggle', 'tiggling', etc. exclusively all throughout.
>>14087 As someone who frequently contributes to the caption thread, please do and post it there. We'll probably get a kick out of it.
(325.96 KB 1158x1303 IMG_20220210_215329.jpg)

>>13767 fuck no, have some dignity.
will probably regret this immensely, lol. im just woefully bored and i made a throwaway so if anyone is weird i can just block and move on— weird being relative, considering im on a fetish forum. that being said, i have a kik called 8chanfemanon considering im. a fem anon on 8chan, lol. just looking to socialize, though MOSTLY to roleplay. feel free to add me on there if you’re interested. just to save everyone time, i do have a preference for lers who prefer tickling my feet and/or tits, as theyre probably the most sensitive thing on me. im a huge noncon slut, and i don’t do furries or scat or such. don’t mind indulging other fetishes (ive humored a LOT of different things before) but just run it by me so I can see if im comfortable with it or not— no judgement here. as an aside im not the biggest fan of magic or tickling machines either— id rather my tickling me done up close and personal by like, a person? ig the biggest gripe with this is the anonymity of it all. i like the anonymity and im not willing to give any identifying information, but if you really want to make sure im a woman then we can work something out in terms of verifying that sort of thing. pls don’t come in being weird and cringe— again, sort of relative considering the fetish, but still. just hoping to find some likeminded folks since all other tickling communities just don’t do it for me.
(41.34 KB 459x488 1499174352782.jpg)

>>14262 you shouldn't have done that, miss good luck
(149.72 KB 313x261 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14262 >if you really want to make sure im a woman then we can work something out in terms of verifying that sort of thing.
(6.70 KB 350x263 ClipboardImage.png)

(40.66 KB 188x125 1639523468983.png)

>>13770 Imagine tickling the mods until they give up the passwords to you tho.
(255.46 KB 1400x1000 57475799_p0.jpg)

>>14395 S-s-stop imagining such things!
>>14397 Passwords plox or silly wabbit gets some tiggle wiggles on her toesie woesies uwu
(563.42 KB 880x1200 TickleTheMods.png)

>>14397 Oh no no no, I love tickle interrogation, and it seems like our fav mod would love to be the victim. Get in the stocks to save me time.
>>14262 Weren’t you on discord before? What happened to that?
So, apparently Danny Devito tickle art is a thing...
>>14765 I wanna laugh at how weird and gross that is but like part of me is glad that, even when I've grown old and fat, theres still gonna be weirdos out there who wanna tickle me. yanno?
>>14784 I can confirm, as someone into male lees, that older, chubbier lees are still just as good. Yeah, there's gonna be a limit on how many grandpas I wanna see tickled, but a jolly old guy with some chub to him still makes a fine tickle subject.
>>14262 I was a John Doe that you talked to, and it was fun chatting with you for that brief time. It was nice to talk to someone about this fetish without judgment. I doubt I'll ever talk to you again, but just know that you made me feel normal for once.
Let's all agree that either you love feet or not, but there are MUCH more worse fetishes out there. I just wanna find feet/tickling art on FA but literal bottom feeders keep polluting it with piss, scat and vore "art". FA still desperately needs a blacklist feature
>>15144 nice talking to you too, anon. for what it’s worth i enjoyed it— I enjoyed a lot of my conversations but, as expected, too many creeps flooded my messages and what was supposed to be an enjoyable foray into fetish stuff turned into something unhealthy and creepy. both for my safety and my mental health i just sorta logged off, i dread even logging back in. same thing happened in discord awhile back which confirms my suspicions. can’t really expect respect from a fetish forum and though that sounds passive aggressive, i genuinely don’t mean it to be. it is what it is, and i enjoyed what little time i had on both platforms. thanks for chatting, everyone (‘: maybe ill repost feet pics or something later on, and/or only interact through boards exclusively since people don’t have the balls to be as outwardly creepy without a million other people replying to them and calling them autistic lol.
>>16145 >Post for attention on an anonymous message board dedicated to a niche fetish known for it's autistic creeps >Get messaged by many autistic creeps Pottery. Post feet plz.
>>16145 I almost dmed you but chickened out in the end lmao, shame you got too many creeps but it is what it is
Is there any I can stop this from happiness on kemono
How do I make new threads
>>16516 You sacrifice a fair maiden by tickling her for twenty four hours straight on the ritual altar and pray the thread gods will bestow their blessing upon you.
>>16516 In the Index mode, you can't do it in Catalog.
Is there a backup board? If so, what is the link?
(136.02 KB 684x752 monk.png)

(165.88 KB 813x555 noi.png)

(326.05 KB 1200x919 plantada.png)

(612.67 KB 1501x1016 2x1.png)

hey uh, i'm feeling like playing some smash and i'm willing to bet a drawing on whoever beats me to the best of three, so if anyone is down just let me know in the next 10 minutes.
>>16808 well shit, i meant a sketch not a drawing, whatever, you know what i mean, i'm just bored in late night.
(1.38 KB 148x24 ClipboardImage.png)

/tkr/ bros...
>>16982 We're gonna get eaten!
>>16986 >>16982 guys, relax. tickling hard counters vore in fetish typing. how many times have you seen a cartoon where some creature swallows or tries to eat someone, and they just get tickled until they open their mouth/spit them back up? either from the outside or inside.
>>16982 >>16986 People have finally realized how childish and cringey tickling fetish is!
(1.26 KB 135x27 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.92 KB 494x353 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17035 The world runs on laughter and tears once again, as it should.
>>17025 I'm not into vore but I'm surprised this hasn't been a more common scenario.
I'm just floored that we've managed to stay even close to the front this consistently
>Oh, goody. Realistic human feet again!
Who else thinks cleaninghouseTK is kinda sucking up all the good artists and imposing paywalls to see any of their content?
>>17238 Don't they release the stuff after like a month anyway though? I have more issues with the amount of loli content they post.
>>17246 You could try setting up commissions with taste to counteract it. >>17238 But also, the guy is crazy enough to have a system where if you commission any of them, Cleaninghouse takes care of half of the cost to get it done. That's basically ten bucks to get something great, so it's some kind of trade-off. Plus you get to see literal whos that you never would have met any other way.
(802.87 KB 1200x1500 97128575_p0.png)

(4.49 MB 3434x2525 97112374_p2.png)

>>13815 >women are too grown up and mature for us women stop growing up at 16
(530.35 KB 658x805 Capture.PNG)

>>17688 "Hey Anthony, what the fuck studies are you running in there? I hear people screaming." "Don't even worry about it! Don't come in! This is important science I'm doing!"
Is there a place like kusubooru where i can find tickling art? I havent found a good new site since kusubooru shut down.
>>17688 Using a sample of six men and seven women...not exactly groundbreaking or conclusive, especially when there have been previous studies that suggest, if anything, men are more ticklish, particularly on the feet. Women are also more likely to admit to being ticklish than men, so using an arbitrary 7-point scale based on the victims' replies is pretty unreliable. Now I would happily volunteer to perform more 'tests' on a far larger sample of willing participants...make it 130 people next time instead of 13 😈
(208.86 KB 405x347 1616012243326.png)

>>18065 Alright, that's it, I'm tick.ling a dumb bunny mod to death.
>>18066 May I join in on tiggling the bunny mod? They deserve it~
Instead of tiggling how about some soft headpats?
(1.32 MB 720x404 FmTSw1s.gif)

>>18079 The more, the quicker we're bringing this outrageous dictator down to a crying begging wreck of out of control laughter. >>18080 You will get tiggles, and you're not allowed to like them!
>>18080 No headpats, only tiggles.
>>18082 >>18088 True! We must bring them down!~ >>18080 Just get in the stocks and I'll be easy on you~
>>18129 Oh, you're definitely getting the brush for this. And we're not stopping once you start crying.
>>18124 tiggling the cute bunny mod sounds fun, but I kinda wanna tiggle you more honestly
I submit that all members of the mod team and all namefags on this board should be locked in stocks and tickled by the anons. Keep everyone aware of who really holds all the power. If I had anything to contribute reliably I'd namefag myself to throw myself upon the mercy of the anons, but such is life. Maybe if I ask very nicely some kind blankfaces will oblige me.
(1.10 MB 1286x1822 FKyBaRHaUAAob6g.jpg)

I hope everyone enjoyed being childish and cringe for a day
>>18168 Worry not, namefag or not, all ticklefags would gladly throw in to see you lose your mind bening tickled until you can't possibly take a second longer. You might as well tell us what size those big sensitive feet are, so we know what we're targetting to get you to utterly lose your mind laughing for us. (completely support the motion to turn all mods and namefags into tickle sluts for us to get our sick kicks out of, btw) >>18171 Based 'tickling is childish and cringe' mod, you deserve to get those big bunny feet scrubbed until you're begging for mercy for the crime of being a dumb bunny that plays pranks on the unsuspecting folk of /tkr/.
>>18171 I loved it, thank you mod! Now get in the stocks as it's time for your "reward".
>>18176 Mod feet! Mod feet! Mod feet!
>>18181 Mod feet! Mod feet! Mod feet!
>>18157 No~ <3 >>18168 W-Wait hold on, I don't like this idea! >>18171 Oh we did! I hope you enjoy being tickled for a day!
>>18184 Another ticklish named user I see. Looks like someone else wants their feet bare, locked in stocks and tickled to tears. Time to test how ticklish CoFu and her feet are.
>>18188 >>18157 You dumbasses, we should focus on the mods so we can own this place! We can become the mods!
>>18192 I agree. But can’t leave the named users out of the fun either. We need a big set of stocks. Trap the mods inside as well as the brave named users on here. We’ll wreck them all and take over the place with them as our own ticklish slut slaves!
>>18193 We should start with Tri then, he is the one making all those captions, give him a taste of his own medicine.
Yeah I really wanna see what cofu is like when she's all flustered and giggling nonstop from the constant teasing tickles on her toe tied tootsies
>>18196 >>18188 >>18157 The horny simps do be simping. We should tickle the anons because they're cowards.
>>18198 Honestly it just sounds like you want some
Personally I am not ticklish, so tickling me wouldn’t work despite being an anon. I’d happily tickle other anons though, male or female. Same goes for all the named tickle sluts on here. I’ll start with the bunny mod, then we’ll get Cofu, then we’ll move on to the rest of the tigglish sluts
>>18199 You can't prove anything! Now get in the stocks anon. >>18200 We will have to find out ourselves on that one. You get in too. Also I'm vpn hopping so my id is probably messed up.
Hey bunny mod, can we have a truce of running away from the anons?
>>18202 No-pe, get into the stocks
>>18204 Not so fast dumb bunny mod, you first!
>>18204 Bunny mod please!
>>18206 This one's all for you cutie~
>>18207 No stop that! Please, I don't wanna be tickled!
This just became another version of this thread >>1317 Why not just go to that one lol
Because we’re here to specifically tease bunny mod and Cofu. Ticklish girls need to be punished hard
>>18211 Imagine the mouth breathing the anons do when in contact with a girl kek.
>>18212 Yep, pretty much. Don’t see many on here
>>18214 >>18212 Personally, I just find the teasing funny lol. And yeah, definitely not gonna be a lot of girls here xD
>>18215 Nice to have a ticklish girl on here to tease. Now get in the stocks and lets see those bare footsies
>>18216 No, I don't think I will.
(228.23 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18218 Cofu isn't a girl, this is Cofu irl.
>>18235 I wish I had at least a six-pack instead of my flat tummy xD
Where can I contact this guy shadman I seen on rule34 and tried to find him on Twitter and I found someone wit his name but I don't think it's him cus he had some weird weird shit on it can yall help
>>18246 Maybe add in an example of his art so we can help better? The famous shadman is the fucked up one lol.
>>18248 Well I just wanted to ask him if he plans on doing this with other seige ops
>>18248 And what do u mean the famous shadman is the fucked up one was that weird shit accualy him?
hey y'all, just wanted to ask how you make a new thread in 8chan. my exhibitionist tendencies are starting up again so i want to cook something up lol
Yeah, but why does being forced to laugh non-stop make me so horny though?
>>18570 Did you try to make a thread and just responded to the general thread instead
Does anyone know any vids where the lee has a loud cackling laugh? Ryan Conner is a good example of what I'm referring to.
Does anyone know if they have a kemono page there name is yueheidao and there work is fucking amazeing I'm also trying to find them on ehenti I will take as much help as I can get to get all there work
>>19157 Lol the fucking pfp and thanks
Does anyone know any places where I can get this from araghenxd gumroad
Do yall know if I can use a prepaid debit card for gumroad
im tired of the same 8 people on omegle, tbh. unironically posting an advert for web developing tickle fetishists to make a chat/roleplay website specifically for tickle fetishists so that people can actually match based on being a lee/ler, shared fetishes besides tickling, spots, types of tickling, etc. not a joke, im willing to become an indentured tickling roleplay/foot pic servant in return for it. would be willing to provide proof that im a female as well.
>>19706 >would be willing to provide proof that im a female as well. I would accept picrelated with this post's ID and number scribbled over your breasts and nothing less. Seriously though, I don't know why people obsess over genders when it comes to literal roleplaying, but either way, I wish you good luck: speaking as someone who has tried his way out there in the tickling RP world a few times, it can be pretty barren. Also turning you into a tickle roleplay/foot pic (pit pics okay too?) servant does sound insanely hot, must admit.
>>19711 wouldn’t be willing to show my face, but i will show tits + blacked out parts of my ID so you can see that im a woman. pit pics are okay, but they’re not really my most attractive feature. tits/feet are what looks best on me, honestly. anyway, if you’re okay with the above, let me know how id go about reaching out to you.
>>19726 Hmm, flattered, truly, but I don't think I can help you with your idea and I wouldn't ask that much of you just for roleplaying. Best I can do is once again wishing you good luck.
>>19706 >>19726 I'm interested for sure. We could always bounce ideas back and forth if you're interested. I can do kik, discord, email, etc.
>>19734 mind sharing your kik? i can add you. ik this is a public board and everything but there’s no way around it, lol
>>19737 It's 8chanon
>>19706 So are you turning into a foot pic servant in return for some fresh RP or for the website? Because I'd love too RP with you.
>>19743 it’s more so in exchange for developing a website. if anyone else is interested, feel free in reaching out since this is a multiple person project. i’d make a thread but idk how to, tbh.
>>19778 The issue will be hosting then, because that isn't that cheap. Making a simple chat site is something I might be able to do however.
(57.43 KB 290x666 add1.png)

(92.94 KB 336x1008 filters2.png)

(126.99 KB 693x490 info2.png)

>>19706 coincidentally i have just finished the first development phase of a somewhat similar site, although the focus is more towards facilitating in-person meetups rather than RP. it's map based, where users drop pins onto a map which displays the info you provide. contact between users takes place externally via contact methods, which saved me having to develop any chat based functionality (although it's something i've considered adding). it's a little rough around the edges styling wise and has a few visual bugs (responsive designs are a bitch, i'm primarily a back-end developer) but it's otherwise fully functional as an MVP. nothing you see in the pics i've posted is a placeholder or mock-up: everything works. although it's currently being hosted on a very low tier compute power/memory infrastructure so not sure how it would handle many users at once. expanding it out from this point to include more specific RP features, like the ones you mentioned (spots, types of tickling) would be fairly easy. so, it's not exactly what you described (a chat/roleplay site) but it has the potential to bring people together based on those interests. ultimately this is a site i made for fun not really knowing if anyone would make use of it, which i still don't really know the answer to. if anyone here is interested in trying it out and giving some feedback, let me know. maybe i'll make a thread or something.
>>19788 this is actually really neat, anon. you’re killing two birds with one stone and, if it can implement some of the features I mentioned (such as spots and types of tickling) then you’ve got something great on your hands. for those who aren’t able to meet up, they can use this (hypothetical) match up feature to find like minded individuals and take their rp elsewhere. those who are able to meet up, meanwhile, can peruse the other’s preferences at a glance (gender and lee/ler aside) and see if it’s worth even meeting up or not. that’s wonderful, anon. kinda wanna reward you for your efforts, if ya know what i mean :p kudos to you!!! needless to say i’d love to try it out when you get the chance.
>>19788 So, what do you plan to call this site?
>>19788 Such a genuinely awesome idea, I'd love to see this happen
>>19788 I'm willing to give it a shot.
Saw the newest update on TwoMario’s kemono page, one of the pics is Kirby characters recreating Zero through tickling and using cum of all things to reshape them
(21.20 KB 317x267 385.jpg)

>>20417 what
>>20417 >It's real >They're also all futa
>>20451 >>20454 Imagine, Kirby vs Zero as an orb of dripping cum of all things
Sorry to post unrelated in general. I've been having trouble with the block bypass not accepting my answers and I wanted to see if file upload was screwing it up somehow.
>>21093 Had the same problem, captcha never loaded a few hours ago
Btw, I noticed some thread just disappeared, talking about an issue I won't mention. Who knows, knows. I just hope this board doesn't end up being like a subreddit ffs.
>>21097 It got merged into the artists you hate thread
>>21110 Oh, then cool
I think Google is smoking the grass again
(103.50 KB 438x143 111.PNG)

>>20408 >>20342 >>20325 >>19834 It's currently being hosted on www.tklmap.com Would be interested in hearing any feedback anyone has. It's had some interest so far, but I'm still unsure of the practicality of it beyond it being a novelty map.
>>21256 why are half of them like >looking for: switch/ler/lee (any gender) >any gender >"Hi, I'm looking for women who-"
>>21298 Can't say I'd noticed that. Is the UI not clear enough or something?
Does anyone know any ways to unpixeal any art cus now I'm seeing shit where fucking tickling is being pixelated
>>21256 hi man, amazing site, i advertised it wherever i could, some people asking to add nonbinary options
>>21256 That moment when there are no markers in my state :(
(66.40 KB 828x790 4hubvnu1y9i61.jpg)

>>21489 tmw you can't even see my country
>>21469 I thank you for helping spread the word! Also, if those guys want attention, they can just put that in their descriptions. >>21489 Once we get more people to join, you'll surely have at least a few in your state. >>21492 If we give the devs enough feedback, maybe they'll add your country.
>>21497 >If we give the devs enough feedback, maybe they'll add your country. Oh, it's there. It's just tiny and devoid of any markers.
>>21469 Thanks, I'm quite pleased with the uptake so far. I put an update out today adding Non-Binary as a gender option.
I suppose this thread doesn't really need to be pinned
all in all, I think tickling is as based as fetishes can possibly come, despite it also being among the most common. it's edgy, hip and can reach such disorientating heights. for the general populace and other fetish niches as well. it's a really fucking 3d mix of playfulness, innocence, cruelty, intimacy and dehumanization, all neatly packaged into something so innocuous. ticklefags truly are blessed!
Lately I've been pretty interested in cultural differences in regard to tickling. For example, Japan produces a huge amount of tickling content and it frequently pops up in mainstream media, while you rarely ever see any tickle content from South Korea. What countries have you guys lived in and what do you think the general impression of tickling was there?
>>21721 I've been thinking about the same over the years. Didn't think about mainstream media tho. Like comics vs manga, for example. Certainly you find more fetish related content (or better quality at least) from Japanese/Chinese people. However, I was talking about meetings and stuff like that. Like I think it's an anglo fetish or something. Most of people is either from the USA or the UK, and maybe Canada/Aus too. I'm from South America and I moved to Europe. When I was young, before I learned English, it was impossible to find content, and I think that's still up to date. Not only that, but gatherings/meetups are rare too, in either the TMF, Reddit or else. 99% of the time is UK/US. Nowadays I find people in Omegle from Germany or Austria, but I've never met a French, for example. A few Italians or Spaniards if you're lucky. So yeah, what people think?
>>21721 Do you have the sauce for this TV show? Anyone know?
Anyone know of any good websites to advertise tklmap on? Even though I've only left comments on tickle fetish YouTube videos, they keep disappearing.
>>21862 Reddit? The subreddit seems to be a bit more active nowadays. Maybe try on the "Personals" pinned post too. No idea if the TMF would be useful.
>>21721 I don't know about Asia, but with just a little digging you find a fuckload of Arab foot fetish content (mostly bastinado but some tickling), which is a bit surprising since I think we've all heard that shit that "Muslims think feet are filthy and lowly!" I would think there's tickling content floating around I just haven't stumbled across yet, but I've been shocked at just how much (seemingly homemade) falaka whackoff content is out there and being made all the time.
>>21872 I too have noticed the amount of arab content floating around and wish it was more tickling-focused. If you think about the idea that you put forward of "Muslims think feet are filthy and lowly!", it doesn't surprise me that a body part that is culturally thought of as exceptionally lowly would be resistant to fetishization. Rather the opposite, I would imagine there is a higher rate of foot fetishism in arab areas, especially since women are often covered all the way down to our ankles. Clearly Muhammad didn't consider that people would sexualize feet when writing the Quran or else he'd have demanded they be covered too. Also: >ywn have 4 wives in a conservative arab nation who you can punish with merciless foot tickling in order to assert yourself as head of the household in accordance with Islamic law.
Could someone fill me in on why "the to tickle list" is so popular? last time I checked its a crappy top-down game?
>>22124 It actually isn't all that popular, the guy making it only has like 80 followers on Patreon. It just seems popular because he keeps spamming it everywhere and commissioning art of the characters.
>>21862 Are you one of the tklmap devs?!? Didn't realize that y'all lurked here...
inb4 someone asks
Does anyone know if doing something like attaching feathers to a fan will let you tickle yourself?
>>25633 don't do this, it creates mustard gas
So did Ribbotang ghost? His pixiv account is gone and I don't think he got banned or anything. He does lurk here so maybe he will just let us know. Would be a shame if he left though.
(107.76 KB 620x659 AMMONIA AND BLEACH!.jpg)

(9.35 KB 240x219 EtClEN6XMAI0SeG.jpg)

>>25643 For real? Damn. I liked his stuff as well...
(27.96 KB 240x193 874.jpeg)

>Waifu bangs a dude while I watch >After they finish she tickles me as a reward for being a "good cucky" This is not what I meant by tickle swinging. It's over bros.
(313.87 KB 717x436 f78.png)

>>28208 Anon, did you forget to mention that swinging is supposed to include two couples?
(25.61 KB 313x402 DcrxKlTW0AMZYAg.jpg)

I sure hope everyone's doing alright...
(65.25 KB 533x533 117120037_std-9972.jpg)

>>30034 I am sad
(107.89 KB 640x1200 qkm2couycah91.jpg)

>>30034 Thanks, Board Owner-san... >>30035 Have you tried not being sad? Keep on keeping on, anon
>>30034 i've actually been doing pretty good, thanks for asking board owner, after doing some research about actual art i've been able to keep a more stable art style, even if it's still my simplistic self. >>30035 mind telling us why you're sad anon?

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