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Greatest Common Divisor: 2 girls

(496.89 KB 1600x1109 779b6ce8dace1d.jpg)

(193.95 KB 1134x1600 rabu rabu in tv.jpeg)

(184.96 KB 697x1007 1535016714235.jpg)

(1004.92 KB 1280x720 1447805815383.png)

Saki Anonymous 07/26/2021 (Mon) 03:48:50 No. 327
National, Achiga, Toki Siscons
mimamoru (見守る会 watching over), mamoru (protecting)? Miyamori (comfy) Now fly high waiting for you
(750.43 KB 831x1187 1 78.png)

Journey of Achiga club: they are girls in rural village who are having fun playing with their idol figure, Harue. When she stop she still accompany them before moving on. Time passes and Nodoka still carry on playing Mahjong. Something Sparks in Suzu that she decide to get the band back together. . only to find Kuro has been waiting all alone To once again have fun, good time, and go to the National!
(287.49 KB 724x1024 Tokumi Yuiko BuCap 01 01.jpg)

(169.53 KB 702x1024 Tokumi Yuiko BuCap 01 11.png)

(178.44 KB 702x1024 Tokumi Yuiko BuCap 01 16.png)

Start of a legend
(977.84 KB 836x1200 oneloli.png)

(190.26 KB 805x429 proposal.png)

(190.25 KB 820x382 fucking Harure.png)

-I want to say ragtag team reassemble but they are not separated. All of them are both directly connected to Achiga and each other -When Harue miss those times already Ayy Harue know her (Arata) from first glance Instead of getting coached, the situation is other way around, it is Harue who want them to take her back. She wants to move on
(98.52 KB 673x332 3 15.jpeg)

Hasuse look like she think Ako of special friend. That’s why she got angry she wasnt there. >Achiga suddenly pitted against high mountain called Bansei. Ako look more like pissed that Hasuse went drooling to her onee-sama than have to face them After grinding for 2 seasons with Harue they steamroll the mountain
(154.39 KB 850x663 Desu wa!.jpg)

Harue saw them as even stronger person than she is And Arata got a small cheer girl squad behind her
(431.87 KB 826x1117 back to back kuro.jpg)

(239.50 KB 831x474 spoiled Toki.jpeg)

Kuro, the girl who wait. Still waiting. Through days filled with solitude she never stop cleaning the place. They haven’t talk much about Kuro’s ability but Senriyama subtly point it out Also Toki getting cuddly and Ryuka getting comfy in hotel bed
(110.78 KB 1499x423 Perfectly balanced.jpg)

Saki wikia popularity poll top 16. I say you make pretty good cast when they are even like this
(124.82 KB 769x347 27.jpeg)

I like sport for this. Especially after learning the story of a character throughout qualification and fought them before. Then watching those strong character fight another as powerful or even more. What remain at the top is incredible
(521.73 KB 853x593 47.png)

(667.67 KB 738x803 46.png)

Nice red tiles animation for Yuu. Ako vs Seira turned out to be tanyao war I alternate between manga and anime, the sub confuse me, now I get what she mean by thrice
(135.41 KB 1920x1080 Kanna-chan sugoi.jpg)

(143.19 KB 1920x1080 yuu-nee.jpg)

The thing Achiga contributed to yuri world Kanna design: being tsun and competitive come from this girl Mya-nee. a sluggish older girl who wears stuffy clothing and playing with her imouto and her sister peer: girls much younger than her age. This series did it before Wataten, down to their similar name
Love the anime character split portrait I alternate between the 2 and I got confused when did they see Momo in person. The mansion not mentioned in anime, just Nagano. but I guess Touka's mansion is the only place they went to there. Love how anime add more mood to Suzu scene
When someone talk shit about your idol Poor girl getting ron'ed in public. Now no one will marry her
I hope someone in future know about furiten rules because I’m confused now What trigger a furiten, not Ronning when you can or having a tile you discarded as your current wait?
(629.45 KB 1627x614 rip Himematsu.png)

>>363 That was loser bracket. This is proper top 16
(170.83 KB 431x842 manga is gayer.jpg)

>going lovey dopey with senpai in front of guests
Mahjong tanoshii!
(331.14 KB 751x1900 [Orange (Bibiko)] Saki.jpg)

>>403 Mahjong is all fun and games until you're on a 4th place losing streak.
(152.93 KB 366x419 mfw playing South round.png)

>>404 I was having fun leading in East1 then drop to third like ¾ of secondary school’s ace in South. Then discarding anything after getting get ron’d thrice would feel scary to anyone (Ask Izumi or Kyouko about it)
This is in line with both what Kokaji said about short duration of match. That it enables more ‘luck’ into winning factor but some girls are different in how those ‘luck’ played out (in other word how their abilities work). Kokaji said it was all to skim the ability users, but from pro commentators and in-universe mahjong magazine, these abilities aren’t generally recognized. FunaQbo do general analysis on other school and sees anomalities in girls statistic as no mere coincidence, and this seem to be general thing that traditional powerhouse school prepared for. Achiga doesn’t have have that inherent data/resource to look up more. But in their case they are used to playing with Matsumi sisters who attract certain tiles, thus give them reason to look in these anomalities beforehand (more on this later during Funaqbo round). And this is where their specialty, Kuro came into play. Teru is the champion. Even normal people would look at her hands history to see how the #1 plays. Yet like Ako says, other people dismiss it as just leeways
(339.67 KB 757x590 416368696761203038203537.png)

>>426 I have 2 principles similar to this -there are things you only see after going through extra miles This apply to school which gather datas -there are things you only see at the top (or bottom). Our brain only notice things we are familiar with. In Achiga's case they are used to higher hands that Kuro could but never made, thus allowing them to notice that there is something fishy with Teru's hand score. It is their blessing for having Kuro as their friend
Toki become our pov in this portion. I think Achiga is nice because they keep switching POV between the mains but Toki got significant portion in this game. Since she is more experienced than Kuro we can get better reading on how powerful Teru is. Now let’s return pov to Kuro
(1.49 MB 1742x1200 must be so wet.png)

nvm. Kuro can’t stop getting fucked. She is a drooling mess after receiving Teru’s big hand ron Toki have objectively better thing in mind
Now I know why Haneda at least reach top 16 in popularity poll
(510.51 KB 554x1569 will they do it.jpeg)

(426.98 KB 948x814 supporters.jpeg)

Thats a big Ryuka in cover. The other are pretending to sleep, waiting to see if one of them will confess now Then that travel scene. Maybe it is for better that it wasn’t animated. The result is beautiful
(1.26 MB 1755x1200 30.png)

Since Teru decide that Kuro-chan won’t discard dora, this round she build her hand to ron on non-dora tile. Her hand is already hampered because Kuro takes most of doras. If a normal girl plays (which mean they don’t take account of Kuro’s ablity) they would simply going for dora discard. Teru wants to eat Kuro (‘s non-dora tile), Kuro throw it and Teru can’t take it, Kuro eat her back!
(430.74 KB 1024x768 8783453_p0.jpg)

Valentine is special occasion to thanks senpais since there is no senpai day
The discord made yearly mahjong tournament. Since the team registration quickly filled up, they now looking for enough people to double the team size. It will be played in an automated mahjong simulator. If anyone interested reply here
>>671 >announce only 3 team slot left >3 teams register in 12 hours Deadline really kill people's subtlety and elegance
Still, can't believe I participate in a tourney. Thank you Ritz
Tourney Start like 6 minutes ago. Leading for JP team is an AI Vtuber First hand just over. Vtuber get full flush mangan'd
Chinese representative from NZ use Saki as character following is an unusually expressive Nodoka. Poor girl getting bullied Hope they are having make up mahjong after match
(514.81 KB 835x851 Achiga 13 30.png)

13. funny. Mahjong learning since 2013 list: checked Yaku list, learning melds, reading mahjong manga, found Saki, learning what Kan is, but didn’t understand how calling tiles suppose to change draw orders, reading the manga sequel, understand rinshan, watching Achiga halfway, see meme about tanyao, watching National and rewatching Achiga, learning han value, noting each team’s scores, didn’t realize about heavenly compass, ordering a yugioh card Dora of Fate, pulling it effect vs a Stelswarm deck Re-reading Achiga, search for guide as easy as possible to understand to get my discord friends to play mahjong. “what the hell is yaku? “. Learning multiple-side wait, Join a mahjong tournament, learning suji, watching even pro getting stomped and now. I finally understand how this wait is worse in multiple ways Her hand is 3334567m 2345s let’s analyze what possible from that -discard 2s or 5s so at least I keep tanyao, tenpai wait 2457m (I would do this and even think of discarding 3s so I can chi 6s if I’m badly need extra dora, discard 2s then wait on 2457m) >sumire discards 4m leaves 567 as complete meld, ishanten Next draw is 7s 333 567m 23457s -with this hand you could discard either 2s or 5s, wait on 7s -or disc 7s, 2 sided wait on 25s >of course Sumire discard 3m, leaving it as pair. Tenpai on 6s
(263.23 KB 565x800 43168258_p0.jpg)

and thus, new ship was born
(131.46 KB 848x302 tfw too inexperienced.jpeg)

>>791 nvm Izumi lv. Even server representative can barely win a hand among fellow top representative
I like the animation give more motion. I strangely remember she lean backward while discarding
(343.73 KB 672x837 54278295_p0.jpg)

(180.03 KB 800x394 54278295_p4 董も.jpg)

Didn't Teru use Sumire's first name?
(409.15 KB 813x862 now fu value.jpeg)

richi menzenchi pinfu dora 1 red dora 1. mangan? Took me 9 years but I finally string together each yakus
These 3 years have been a blast. Migrating, new sites, restructuring, training. I watched Achiga matches 3 times before and now I finally comprehend more how this game works

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