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R: 149 / I: 178 / P: 1

Shota Games Thread

Talk and lewd your favorite gaming shotas ITT. Also I happen to have a question, are there any non-H games that cater specifically to a shotacon demographic? Lolifags have stuff like Nobeta and Onirism, but I can't think of anything tantamount to that for this demographic.

R: 151 / I: 83 / P: 1

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Update Deepfreeze Edition

ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Gamebanana forced to take down nazi Whip skin by SJWs >Shooter Payton Gerndon links, among other sites, in his manifesto. Site Administrator Acid Man denies the shooter having any posts and/or affiliation with the site. >Embracer (Formerly THQ Nordic) buys multiple IPs from Square Enix for $300 Million >Elon Musk Buys Twitter: >Disney employees create open letter and are asking people to sign a petition for political neutrality >BuzzFeed shareholders urge CEO Jonah Peretti to shut down the ENTIRE news operation which has '100 staff and loses $10MILLION a year': Staff bombard execs with questions in leaked audio of tense meeting about the news >Former Gawker Media properties G/O Media of staff from Kotaku, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Lifehacker and The Root went on strike. >MS buys Actiblizz >Sony buys Bungie for $3.6 Billion >Sony Vice President of Playstation Network George Cacioppo exposed for trying to have sex with a 15 year old minors through Grindr App via chatlogs from "People Vs Predators" Group: >Archives Prove IGN Executive Review Editor Dan Stapleton Lied When Claiming Outlet Would Not Report On Sony Exec Pedophile Allegations Because They Don’t Cover “General Crime”: - >Aforementioned People Vs Preds Groups also caught Senior Account Manager for Nvidia Todd Wiseman for allegedly trying to meet with a 15 year old boy for sex. >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section >Five Nights at Freddy's developer Scott Cawthon retires after SJWs and game journalists attack him for donating to Republican politicians >Quinton Flynn Replaced as Kael’thas Voice Actor in WoW; Despite Judge Ruling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Came from Obsessive Stalker - >A petition to deplatform once cancelled game "Six Days In Fallujah" started by Hala Alsalman receives game industry developer and figure support; gets stealthily updated CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: The_Cutting_Room_Floor/ Examples: Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: - Japanese blog post about it: Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids: - Confirms censorship was deliberate: - No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case: - Marvelous partner starts petition against policy: • Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. • Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well: ONGOING TASKS: A. Operation Download And Conquer: Loosen the death-grip of Google that has taken hold of the internet's audio and video services >>>/t/5546 B. Support! Accountability needs proof: C. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices D. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. E. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. Reminders (important, READ THESE!): • Use to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later • Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags • Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: • Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate: - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics • - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds • - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: • The #GamerGate Dossier: • #GamerGate Wiki: • History of #GamerGate: • View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: • GG Steam Support & Boycott List: • Key GamerGate Hubs: >Thread Repository: >Full OP Text: • Current: offline; use the .txt. file of the GG OP to be provided near the beginning of every new thread instead >How Can I Help? >>>/gamergatehq/ • All OPs: • OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: • An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 1

40k Daemonhunters

Anyone else playing this game? It's yet another XCOM-like 40k game except - similar to Mechanicus - it's actually pretty good. I'm not terribly far in the game (soon after unlocking the "reapers" for each bloom seed) but I think I'm far enough to make a good review of the game, so here goes <Gameplay To preface this, note that I've been playing on the Ruthless difficulty (one above the 'normal' recommended) and on Grand Master mode, which is akin to Iron Man mode in XCOM. My experience may not be the same as yours if you played on normal difficulty and without Grand Master mode turned on. So far, I've been able to get through most missions without suffering major wounds. Never have my knights been 'critically injured' yet nor have any died, though they have taken enough wounds in battle to brush shoulders with death a few times. I don't know if this stands as proof of the game being too easy or just me being too damn good. Probably the former - though I will admit I've been playing rather cautiously. Missions will take me about 45 minutes to complete, or possibly an hour if it's an especially long one. Mechanics are functionally quite similar to XCOM except there is no 'accuracy' per se, in that sense it's more like Mechanicus where every shot that you can land will hit 100% of the time. I like there being reduced RNG in these instances, and the only actual RNG is in critical attacks, where the enemy will stand, or who they will attack and in what way. Your Grey Knights ship travels a sector of the galaxy and you get to decide which direction you go in order to complete missions which are each on a time limit. This means that often you may end up going for one mission and miss the two others since the one you chose has a higher priority or higher reward in some way. Each planet has 5 "infection levels" and if you miss a mission at said planet, the alert level goes up. Let it go to 5 and you must complete a very difficult mission to 'rescue' it or else. Let 5 planets succumb to infection and it's game over. There are 'interventions' and 'grand master reports' which will happen at random in between missions which sadly are very confusing to "figure out". For instance, I got an intervention where some cultists sprung up on my ship and I had to decide how it would be handled. Either let the purifier take a unit of your soldiers (I had very few to spare), let the inquisitor do her interrogating, or let the tech priest vent the heretic section of the ship into the void. Each one had downsides but they're not often clear with what the downsides are until AFTER you let it happen, so you can see how this can fuck with an Iron Man run where you can't load a save and try the other options on the fly. That's the nature of an ironman run, though. There's much more I can say about gameplay but I'll stop it here. I think the gameplay overall is quite nice and there certainly is some nice content to go with it, I feel like there is still much more content I haven't enjoyed yet which is a good sign to the game's replayability. <Story I won't say much but basically you're some Grey Knights stuck with an inquisitor who put you and your brothers on a mission to stop a rampant plague in the sector. To give the long and short of it, you're often thrust in between the wishes of your Grey Knight brother-purifier, the inquisitor bitch, and your tech-priest. Refusing one in favor of the other has bonuses and punishments. For instance in one event, you can backup your Inquisitor and gain research speed, but in turn your battle brother is pissed and you lose 50% experience points in the field for 30 (in-game) days. You can listen to your tech priest in favor of the bitch, which gains you some servitors (which are used for construction projects) but then you lose 50% research speed due to making the bitch mad. I feel like part of this is definitely lore-friendly and fits in with the MO of your typical radical Inquisitor (who, by the way, has put the entire team in danger multiple times) but my issue is that often the bitch is objectively correct, but she still decides to be a bitch about her decision which makes you really guilty for taking her side over your battle brothers. <Music Only got maybe 1 or 2 notable tracks but still nothing near the level that Mechanicus had. <Animations + Models The animations on the Grey Knights in battle (and the animations of enemies) is actually quite nice and you feel the impact they leave, though I will say the models, particularly of some of the enemies, just feels too cartoony which really contrasts with the backgrounds and the general tone of the game. This does take away from the animations which is at times quite nice like I said. HOWEVER! The animations on the Inquisitor, Ector, and the Tech Priest are noticeably different and very awkward. You'll see it for yourself if you watch a cutscene. Doesn't feel natural at all. At least the inquisitor has boob-armor and wide hips, I guess... Now that I've said my piece, anyone else who played it got any opinions to share?

R: 186 / I: 76 / P: 1

Warner Bros. Multiversus

So this pile went into alpha today and people have been streaming it. Key takeaways: >It's kinda boring to watch and sucks for viewership >Animations are slow and lack punchiness, speed and impact >It's hard to tell what's going on most of the time in a 2v2 match because the move telegraphy and keyframing kinda sucks >The movesets aren't terribly cool or interesting <On a funny note, I've been watching one streamer play this all day and not a single person online has picked Steven Universe the whole time he's been streaming Since WB is apparently ready to go fullbore into this, already announcing a huge 2v2 Evo tournament with cash prizes, this game is probably gonna stick around for a while. Closed beta is next month and it's free to play so I'll probably give it a shot but so far I think it looks kinda lackluster. Still better than Nick All Stars Brawl though.

R: 377 / I: 162 / P: 1

/tesg/ The Elder Scrolls general

Never browse this board but figured it'd be a better place for this than making a /tes/ board with no users. Just started an autistic challenge I've set myself of beating Morrowind only using alchemy. No weapons, armour, spellcasting, no use of enchanted items. Picked an Argonian not just to fuck with the Dunm*r that their nectarine is a lizard, but for obvious starting benefits. I am not even going to hand to hand if I can help it. All damage will eventually be from reflect damage and reflect spell potions. So it's a lot of mages guild stuff and grinding to begin with.

R: 44 / I: 18 / P: 1

Multiplayer Games

These days multiplayer has become a bit of a meme in the same way open world has, but just because modern devs use it to prop up their GaaS models it doesn't mean multiplayer is an inherently bad idea. Post good multiplayer games of times gone by and new ones, if any exist.

R: 466 / I: 177 / P: 1


Is anybody still playing or have they done everything until the inevitable DLC? Or are you just burnt out on Yet Another From Game: This Time With A Horsey™

R: 28 / I: 16 / P: 1

Virtual Worlds / Avatar Chat

I'm not exactly sure how to start a thread for something like this, but I'm really eager to talk about it and maybe even find some that are worth exploring. Basically, things like Second Life. A massively multiplayer "game" that is focused pretty heavily on player content creation. Anything vaguely like t he screenshots I posted. I'm sure we're all aware of habbo for obvious reasons, gaia online for other obvious reasons. But some of these are actually pretty genuinely interesting to explore. Post and discuss virtual world games/sites, things you've found in them, or even hubs to these sorts of things.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 1

Playing video games like a child

Do you think this guy is onto something? Personally, I can't say I am feeling it. As far as I can remember, the goal has always been get to the end / get all the things.

R: 150 / I: 43 / P: 1

emulation thread

last one is bumplocked and i just got into emulating again. my plan so far is to shoot for system specific emulators and figure those out, and then figure out retroarch after the fact. should i just go for retroarch? why is retorarch so controversial anyway? is there any list of what system multiplatform games run better on which system? i know by that console gen the differences are mostly minor performance things and id like to just get a rom for the system the run best on. are there any torrents for all the games on a system minus like, the niggerball games? i neither need nor want every yearly edition of apehoop in my collection

R: 40 / I: 17 / P: 1

Valkyria Chronicles

>favorite tactics that aren't just scout rush >best girl >Denuvo removed from VC4 when? >What do you want see in VC5? >if Darcsens are identifiable only by their hair, why don't they just shave their heads? >why so few man-portable (non-sub) machine guns? >why did gunner get dropped in VC4 when they were 2's best addition?

R: 466 / I: 355 / P: 1

Stream Thread: Third Strike Edition Post a link to your channel here if you're streaming. >How do I stream? Register an account at , create a channel, go to channel settings(gear icon) to find your stream key. Install OBS Studio and paste your stream key to Settings/Stream, set Service to 'Custom' and Server to 'rtmp://'. >What OBS settings should I use? Check the attached image for settings to use as a starting point. If you're dropping frames(check View/Stats to monitor OBS), set your cpu usage preset to a faster setting. Max supported bitrate is 3500 Kbps. Ask if you have further questions. Archive of first thread: Archive of second thread:

R: 600 / I: 205 / P: 1


you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?

R: 109 / I: 74 / P: 1


DESPERATE!! FEEDBACK NEEDED!! WILL CODE FOR (YOU)S Its demo day people. Devs post your perfectly bug free and in no way rushed demos. Everyone else play the games and tell us what you think of them. Or at least tell us what you think of how the games look. Or tell us anything at all really. Anyway, have fun folks. Resources: >#8/agdg/ via > via matrix programs >Dev resources: >Wiki: > >

R: 25 / I: 8 / P: 1

Sonic Thread

Last one's bumplocked and has been dead for days, but I still wanna discuss one of the most autistic franchises in vidya history. Now then, some thread topics to get us going. >What games have you played? >What non-game media have you watched/read/etc.? >Are there any worthwhile fan works? (literature, fancomics, fangames with story, etc.) >Have you seen the newest movie, and did you like it? To prevent the thread from devolving into rodent furshit, please go to >>>/fur/2886 for all your degenerate needs.

R: 184 / I: 85 / P: 1

2hu Gud-Getting Thread: PCB Edition

It's time to leave secondary status, anons. That's right, it's another 2hu thread. This is a revengeance of the Touhou 6 thread we had a while back. Now's your chance to take on Perfect Cherry Blossom so you can finally 1cc it on normal if you haven't already. 2hu pros can brag about how they 1cc'd it on hard or captures Yuyuko's final card. >Where do I get it? Best place for 2hu downloads is Moriya Shrine. Here's a link: >What do I do? Simply keep the options as they are by default. Slow mode turned off, 3 lives, wav music (for best experience). Then you just play the game and beat all stages without having to use a continue, hence the word '1cc' Here's another 2hu term you may not know about. To 'capture' a spell card (basically a boss' special named attack) is to beat it without getting hit or using a bomb. Pros can venture to capture most if not all spell cards in the game, which in PCB's case is, rightfully so, the last spellcard in the game. >How do I get gud? That's the hard part. I haven't been playing as long as some people but I can coach it pretty well. Now, I'm not a lunatic or even a hard player but hey, some of the best coaches were overweight black people or drunkards, so a coach doesn't need to be the best, right? Anyways, some tips I can give depend on your physical talents/skills. What do I mean by this? Well, listen closely. Find whichever you may fall into and then use the below tip to 'guide' how to get gud. <I'm young, spry, and I think I have good reaction timing In your case, you will want to try the tactic I call 'double-vision'. Your player-character in this game has a hitbox which is represented by a small white dot, you can view this by pressing shift by default. Why do I bring this up? Because if you have good hand-eye coordination, it will be important to keep track of where this dot is; however, you must not be looking directly at it! You should instead keep your eyes about halfway from your hitbox and the boss, or wherever the bullets are coming from. The explanation is that every bullet has a trajectory, a pattern, and/or a trick to them. You will want to view both the hitbox and the projected bullet trajectory/path/pattern so you can dodge them effectively. If you're doing this right, your line of sight should be mostly on the bullets with the hitbox still being in your 'range' of vision, but just outside so that it appears blurry and you aren't focused on it. The point is that you know where the hitbox is without even seeing it, but you'll be in control of it with your keyboard so it isn't that hard to guess where it is - or where it will be. By mastering this, you'll mostly be able to beat every spell card without even having faced it before, or without having memorized how each spell card works. Which leads us to... <I'm older and my reaction timing isn't what it used to be In your case, you may have a harder time but victory isn't beyond reach. Your best bet is recognizing the patterns or even going so far as to memorize a spell card's trajectory and its tactics. Most every bullet fired in this game is based off of your position, so a reigning tactic is to 'setup' a wave of bullets so that it favors you. Unfortunately this does require some memorization and planning ahead, but if your reaction timing is slower or not refined, this may be your only shot at victory. Luckily for you, the touhou games were designed to let you be able to win, theoretically, without needing to use a bomb - much unlike other shoot-em-up bullet hells out there. <I'm somewhere in the middle In your case, just use a combination of the double vision tactic I described, plus memorizing some spell cards! No matter what league you're in, or what skill level, you should not be ashamed to use practice mode to train on specific bosses or spell cards that give you trouble. You do need to beat said boss before they open to you in practice mode, but you can access them even if you use a continue, so you dont have to worry about perfection the first time around. >But I don't want to practice over and over like this is a chore! Think of it no differently than grinding in an RPG for EXP or some essential item. This is basically the same thing, and just think about how satisfying it will be when you train hard enough to capture a spell card you'd consistently die on previously! With that said, post your scores and encourage other anons! Don't worry about the other games in the series for now, just focus on this. Discuss the extra boss, 2hu girls in general, and your own strategies for 'gitting gud'

R: 391 / I: 1134 / P: 2

WEBM/MP4 Thread

New thread. Let's fucking go.

R: 412 / I: 88 / P: 2

Linux/FOSS Gaming

So it turns out EAC supporting proton was a massive meme and when a dev actually looked into enabling it he realized it was only for a specific version of EAC that essentially no games even use because it's tied to Epic Games Online services. So everyone thinking that this would mean they could suddenly play all the EAC games on steam by the time the steam dick dropped are likely going to get fucked. > So we have looked in to this. It's far more complex than first suspected -- EAC has two versions. Non-EOS and EOS (Epic Online Services). Most games historically use Non-EOS EAC. It's the one Vermintide 2 uses as well. Epic only added Proton support for the EOS version of EAC. Therefor in order to implement proton support for Vermintide 2, a huge amount of reworking of the EAC implementation would be required, which may also require all players to authenticate with Epic Online Services as well -- perhaps even logging in to the Epic environment (to be confirmed, however). >So the "just a few clicks" statement made in the original announcement wasn't entirely accurate, and would only apply to titles using the EOS version of EAC, which simply hasn't been many games aside from either pretty new ones, and likely predominantly Epic exclusive titles. >We are still looking at what is or isn't going to be possible, but it's not as easy as it was made out to be -- far from it in fact. >There may be other solutions or workarounds, but ripping out the old EAC and rewriting everything to implement "NuEAC" and potentially asking our entire playerbase to connect through and sign through EOS for an honestly tiny market share that was (and would remain) unsupported from the get go might be a deal breaker.

R: 71 / I: 40 / P: 2

Lets discuss good games EA helped produce

Does anyone else remember when EA was good? They haven't been involved with making a good game in over a decade. Dead Space 2 being the last good game I remember them being involved with. Sure, they were always greedy, but they are in no way as greedy as they are today. I cannot recall any broken/unfinished games released by EA before 2010. Buying an EA game used to mean buying a quality, finished product. Now all it means is buying an unfinished broken mess.

R: 89 / I: 17 / P: 2

Monster Hunter

A thread to talk about Monster Hunter and how much you hate every title that isn't your favorite. If any PC Risefags want to play I have a lobby up with another anon. ID: PLNraK1FELEEW0Yd Pass: 1337

R: 25 / I: 7 / P: 2

Playing two versions of the same game

Through some circumstances, I have a several games where I own different versions of them, and I wanted to hear how other Anons deal with this circumstance. To provide examples of just a few of the games, I have Half-Life for both the Dreamcast and PC, Splinter Cell for both the GameCube and PC, and Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga for DS and Wii. In the example of Lego SW, both versions of the game are far different from the other despite being the same basic premise and design. Splinter Cell covers the same story on both systems, but have differently designed levels while retaining the same gameplay. And, Half-Life is the same game for both Dreamcast and PC, with the only difference being a slight graphical upgrade on the Dreamcast. I was wondering, if I complete one version of the game, does that effectively make the other version redundant?

R: 600 / I: 281 / P: 2

Vidya Lounge Thread

Welcome to /v/'s comfy lounge. This thread is for general discussion about /v/-related topics that don't deserve/fit in regular threads. The rules 'may be treated more flexibly here, but please take care not to make a mess and don't be a retard. Rules: 1. The lounge is a shared community with /v/. Posters should have posts elsewhere on the board before entering the lounge. 2. Discussion should pertain to /v/-type content only, such as funposting about video games, more video games, industry matters, and gamer™ interests. Colouring outside the lines MAY be okay, however posters do so at their own risk with the understanding that said posts might be moderated without forewarning at any time.

R: 179 / I: 84 / P: 2

Mists of Pandaria - Mistblade Private Server

Come play Mists of Pandaria with us on a private server! We are a group of Anons that are from 8ch and 4chan. The server is semi-fresh and only the first raid tier is unlocked. We are playing on alliance side which has a ton of perks as opposed to the horde. Also, better waifus. We just rolled a few weeks ago, so there is still time to join us. We need just a few more people to smooth out our raid roster. Come join us! Mark, please don't be a fag this one time. Let the thread stay up. Website: Guild: <Khazar Milkers> Faction: Alliance Raid Times: 21:00 Euro 14:00 Central US on Sat/Sun Recruitment Needs: 1 Healer - Restoration Druid 1 DPS - Bee yourself 0 Tanks

R: 503 / I: 192 / P: 2

Steam Deck thread

Deck is released and being shipped for Q1 niggers. >Reservations now pushed to Q3. Moving out very slow. >Windows drivers are functional but not good for performance. >Xbox game pass and shit is now available (M$ being the first to put this surprising) >No word on dock (its just a usb hub that acts as a stand) >Battery life is realistically 1.5 - 6 hrs.

R: 510 / I: 421 / P: 2

DrawThread: Let's Get Dangerous edition

Archive of last thread: Thread making resources + the OP can be found here:!Suhz0D5Y!BSrBrV1kxK9B5G1SSiJmwQ Relevant Boards >>>/loomis/ >>> - Drawing Improvement Club Books and Tutorials If you're starting out, just have as much fun as possible and give it your best shot. Don't worry too much about these as they're info overload for absolute beginners. Sometimes they get nuked but >we try to keep them updated. Helpful Resources Interested in learning how to draw? Check this shit out. Learn fundamentals with exercises: 8Chan Art Wiki: Online poses with timer: /loomis/ resource hub: HOW TO DRAW - an /ic/ guide: Great resources by /co/ veteran: Real life reference of normal people: Animu key frames: Drawfag resources: 4/ic/ Resources: /ic/ itself: Filled with namefag, cancer and horny art but its where all drawfagging began. Explore around, you can still find diamond in that septic tank. /ic/ Beginner Guide: Drawfag resources: Helpful Video Resources, mostly YouTube ProkoTV: Good for basic anatomy needs Sycra Yasin: General in-depth talk about ways to improve and being an artist CG Cookie / ConceptCookie: Advanced techniques and many livestreams (on Wednesdays) and tutorials FZDSCHOOL: Founder of FZD School (in Singapore) Feng Zhu showcases his workflows by re-working art from his students Scott Robertson: Advanced lessons on drawing fundamentals and concept artwork Ctrl+Paint: Free lessons on basics and fundamentals of drawing and painting Draw Mix Paint: Free lessons in traditional painting Level Up Sessions: Livestreams and talks with professional artists Booru and Delivery Archive (Superior new booru) (Retired booru because the owner is fucking dead) Tips for a healthier Drawthread >Spot out any autistic shitter and repeat offenders You know who they are unless you're new, in which case lurk moar. >Anyone can participate, even if you're dog shit. The livelier it is, the better, but don't go begging for (you)s or pity. This is not deviantArt. >If you do draw, draw to the best of your ability! If you're not giving it your all people will notice. >Any drawfags with works in progress, please post any updates so that the requester and everyone else knows that people are still working hard! >If for any reason a request is scrapped, upload what you have and say it's at its most complete state. Maybe ask if someone wants to take over and finish it for you. >Comment. Every artist loves a compliment, it validates their hard work. Don't be afraid of dishing out them (you)s as long as you feel they deserve them. LASTLY, PLEASE READ THIS These threads are not meant to be spammed every day like a fucking general. This isn't an art board. Give the Drawfags their time to do their thing and leave the thread-making to them. Anyone attempting to make this thread in a newfag/cuckchan/low effort manner will be met with disdain and mockery. And finally, have fun

R: 128 / I: 54 / P: 2

Hoi4 Thread

Hearts of iron 4, one of the most modded game in these trying times. Sadly it is popular between trannies, but also suprisingly far-right people too. >News NSB updates fucked up a lot of mods even those in development. Fuck paracucks for not accepting that their lives solely offtopic mods What is your favourite mod? What mods are you looking foward. Any after action report? What were your latest campaigns/games?

R: 505 / I: 145 / P: 2

PC Hardware Thread #4

Discuss PC hardware related topics. Last three threads

R: 485 / I: 222 / P: 2


Unnamed cuckchan forces have uncovered a Duke Nukem Forever leak, get it while you can before Randy Bitchford pulls the plug

R: 441 / I: 335 / P: 2

/v/ makes a chart: Recommending western games the Nips should play PART DEUX

Calling all anons! Let's make a chart together of your good western games the japanese audience should play! >why? There's an increasing effort to get the Japanese to play Western developed games. And, rather than let companies decide which games should introduce those players to media, we can develop a chart consisting of the "better" games that the West has released over the past 20-30 years, with five of the "best" or "most recommended" titles released every year. >ok I'm in, what are the rules? - The first version of release counts as the game's original release year, unless you're referring to a specific version of the game. - It is a good idea to prioritize games which either already have a Japanese translation or received a Japanese fan translation. - Each year must have 5 games total. - For variety's sake, try to keep it to one title per platform every year. - Only add games that you have personally played to this list. - The years will span from 1992-2021 Discuss with other anons what games you think should/should not be contenders as the games of the year! Archive of previous thread: Note that the text list in the OP is from this post: >>582660 Any changes made since have not been applied, so be sure to post the updated list if you have it. Currently, we're going through the contenders for the year 2002. Here are the popular choices: >Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem >Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets >Metroid Prime >Sly Cooper & The Theivius Raccoonus And, the list of games to consider for the final spot: <Battlefield 1942 <BloodRayne <Grand Theft Auto Vice City <LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts <MechAssault <Pac-Man World 2 <Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 <Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast <Tetris Worlds (GC/Xbox) <The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind <Timesplitters 2

R: 250 / I: 102 / P: 2

Upcoming Games

Post some bideogames you're looking forward to: -System Shock Remake -Dragons Dogma 2 -Elden Ring -Xenonauts 2 -Blaster Master 3 -Company of Heroes 3 -Starfield -S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 -Hidden Deep -Jurassic World Evolution 2 -Ground Branch -Ready or Not -Broken Arrow -Starship Troopers Terran Command -Robocop Rogue City -Stargate: Timekeepers -Total War Warhammer 3 -Dying Light 2 -Project 007 -Two Point Campus -Bloodstained 2 -Gensokyo Night Festival -Peripeteia -Brutal Fate -83 -Out of Hell -Final Form -TMNT Shredders Revenge -Metal Slug Tactics

R: 58 / I: 44 / P: 2


Post about a game that you're playing. It can be anything from a short blurb about a particular moment in game all the way to a proper review.

R: 65 / I: 55 / P: 2

Donkey Kong

When will we finally get another new Donkey Kong Country game? Preferably one that feels and plays like the old SNES trilogy and has Kremlings again. Will we ever get another fully 3D DK game like Expand Dong 64? Will we ever get a Donkey Kong RPG?

R: 311 / I: 191 / P: 3

Visual Novel Thread

The Visual Novel thread is back. Have you anons read anything good lately or been thinking about reading? Maybe looking for some recommendations? Hell, even a good H-scene is worth discussing. Helpful sites >VNDB - Visual Novel Database. Also has reviews and can sort by popularity Most popular VN's: >Fuwanovel - Forum that has walkthroughs for practically every VN's >Nostalgic Visual Novels on-line: Can play old VN's directly in your browser. I used it for Love Potion, its a great site >Visual Novel Publishers Jast USA: Jlist: Mangagamer (won't link it because some of their employees' are not trustworthy but quality is generally not too bad): >(((Reddit))) r/visualnovels buying guide *Do not under any circumstances buy VN's through Steam. They have been censoring VN's intensely for years now and only get worse with each purchase. If theres no other means to support, try torrenting or erogedownload or another alternative. As for me: Was going through Tsukihime for the first time a few weeks ago had to take a break because of a hard interview and enjoyed it a lot. Music wasn't anything spectacular, but characters were fascinating and had tons of depth. Finished the Arcueid route, still need to go through all the others. Also went through another run of Sengoku Rance, trying to max out on end-game points. Its a lot more fun with overpowered characters and the Masamune family, plus got all the reinforcements, each one is cute in their own way. Probably gonna try out more from Key/Type Moon after doing Tsukihime, was very impressed with it. Any anons here try out Fate Stay/Night or any other notable VN's?

R: 12 / I: 8 / P: 3

Vidya Levels

What are some of the best levels/maps you've played? Whether it's the physical layout of the map, some crazy shit that goes down on it, the aesthetics, or some other niche part of it that you enjoy without really understanding. You can also post maps you've made for games, like stuff in Source's Hammer, I've found the level design in Metroid Prime to be really atmospheric, each area felt unique with the combination of the environments, music, and enemies all tying everything together. Phendrana Drifts really sticks out, and overall I like the design more in 1 than in 2, there was more variety and stuff to look at than just "sad world corrupt by evil". One of my other favorite levels is the farmhouse shootout in Splinter Cell, it's set up almost like a tower defense where you have to defend a bunch of captured burgers and bugmen from rusia monkes trying to silence them. You have a short time beforehand to set up wall mines and place other traps to stop the slav hordes from coming, as well as two automatic turrets at your disposal that also shoot at you as well so don't stand in front of them. I used to dick around with Hammer a lot, making maps for Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2, but I never released any of them simply because I didn't want to release anything that was unfinished nor did I really have the time or motivation to invest into them. I still have most of the VMFs, except for the dam level that I would work on in the back of class that my history teacher called "Escape from Dachau". Good times.

R: 695 / I: 362 / P: 3

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Gun-wielding Lesbians Edition

ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Embracer (Formerly THQ Nordic) buys multiple IPs from Square Enix for $300 Million >Elon Musk Buys Twitter: >Disney employees create open letter and are asking people to sign a petition for political neutrality >BuzzFeed shareholders urge CEO Jonah Peretti to shut down the ENTIRE news operation which has '100 staff and loses $10MILLION a year': Staff bombard execs with questions in leaked audio of tense meeting about the news >Former Gawker Media properties G/O Media of staff from Kotaku, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Lifehacker and The Root went on strike. >MS buys Actiblizz >Sony buys Bungie for $3.6 Billion >Sony Vice President of Playstation Network George Cacioppo exposed for trying to have sex with a 15 year old minors through Grindr App via chatlogs from "People Vs Predators" Group: >Archives Prove IGN Executive Review Editor Dan Stapleton Lied When Claiming Outlet Would Not Report On Sony Exec Pedophile Allegations Because They Don’t Cover “General Crime”: - >Aforementioned People Vs Preds Groups also caught Senior Account Manager for Nvidia Todd Wiseman for allegedly trying to meet with a 15 year old boy for sex. >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section >Five Nights at Freddy's developer Scott Cawthon retires after SJWs and game journalists attack him for donating to Republican politicians >Quinton Flynn Replaced as Kael’thas Voice Actor in WoW; Despite Judge Ruling Sexual Misconduct Allegations Came from Obsessive Stalker - >A petition to deplatform once cancelled game "Six Days In Fallujah" started by Hala Alsalman receives game industry developer and figure support; gets stealthily updated CURRENT TASKS: 1. OPERATION TRAJAN: Collect and catalog all of the various localization and censorship accounts of past video games into a single repository from these sources: The_Cutting_Room_Floor/ Examples: Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: - Japanese blog post about it: Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids: - Confirms censorship was deliberate: - No rules for censorship policies, games judged case-by-case: - Marvelous partner starts petition against policy: • Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed. • Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well: ONGOING TASKS: A. Operation Download And Conquer: Loosen the death-grip of Google that has taken hold of the internet's audio and video services >>>/t/5546 B. Support! Accountability needs proof: C. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices D. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. E. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. Reminders (important, READ THESE!): • Use to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later • Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags • Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: • Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: REPLYING TO BAITS AND OBVIOUS DERAILMENT ATTEMPTS, JUST REPORT AND FILTER Resources >Summaries of #GamerGate: - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics • - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds • - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address >Background and Evidence for #GamerGate: • The #GamerGate Dossier: • #GamerGate Wiki: • History of #GamerGate: • View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section! >Lists: • GG Steam Support & Boycott List: • Key GamerGate Hubs: >Thread Repository: >Full OP Text: • Current: offline; use the .txt. file of the GG OP to be provided near the beginning of every new thread instead >How Can I Help? >>>/gamergatehq/ • All OPs: • OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: • An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: >Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 3


Both my opening word, PENIS, and my third guess, BONER, are nerfed in Wordle: Game of the Year Edition. I wasted the chance to get today's word in 3 to uncover this important fact. You're welcome, /v/.

R: 424 / I: 289 / P: 3

Call of Duty Thread

What mods are you playing? What skins are you using? Do you want to play with anyone?

R: 176 / I: 144 / P: 3

Friday night motherfucka! What'cha >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >DRINKAN >FAPPAN >FEELAN Personally: >PLAYAN Azure dreams. It's more or less the best true roguelike that you can play/emulate on a mobile device. >WATCHAN Random youtube crap >LISTENAN Classic 70s disco >READAN Spin book 2/Axis by Robert Charles Wilson. A quite good sci-fi trilogy >EATAN Ate some lamb stew I'd have had sitting in the freezer for a while. Was quite nice. >DRINKAN Coffee, beer. >FAPPAN Don't feel like it. >FEELAN I am okay. Bought my own place. It takes some time to get everything in order. I live quite a bit up a hill and it takes a bit longer than it used to to walk to work. I've been thinking of buying myself an electric bike to get to/back from work and the closest store. Also tested out a bunch of new office chairs for my work today, my boss more or less told me, "hey anon, go to the office supply store and choose whatever chair you fancy." chose a chair with a ton of regulation options that DEFINETLY was not cheap. Other than that, my parents recently told me "hey, we have some friends that has a daughter that is your age, kinda shy and has a decent job. How about it? We get her phone number and you might invite her out to coffee or something?" So there is that. Can't complain.

R: 327 / I: 120 / P: 3

DOOM/Retro FPS thread

"It's been awhile" Edition There's probably a copypasta somewhere but I don't have one. Nobody reads them anyway.

R: 46 / I: 14 / P: 3

FFXIV - Endwalker Edition

>How to play the free trial Do not try to sign up using steam, you can download the trial through steam if you want, but sign up using this link. Doubly so for linux users Right now Squeenix has decided to fuck over linux users who have the steam version. It is reportedly unplayable for some people (the launcher doesn't work, thus game cannot launch.) Don't do it. >Linux? Works fine under linux and has lutris scripts, though I'd recommend using the custom FOSS launcher for the game as the default one can crash and is generally just shit. This is true for Windows as well. The FOSS launcher saves your password so you don't need to type it in every time you boot the game. >Which data center/server? Some anons are playing on Primal Exodus. Crystal is the RP/tranny data center. You can play with people within your data center. In the new expansion they're going to add the ability to play with people cross data centers as well, so come November it won't matter as much if you're on some random data center and want to play with anons. You can transfer characters afterwards, but its very time dependent if you don't want to pay 18$. Some restrictions are there between datacenters/servers. >Free trial limitations tl;dr you can't whisper people, can't add friends but can be added by others, can't create parties but can be invited to them, can't join guilds, and can't use the auction house or retainers. Only is Free Trial up to level 60, which includes Heavensward. >Is it worth playing? I would say so. Apparently there are even communities dedicated to strictly free trial content which includes the Heavensward content. There's a lot of leveling content to do as well as things like the Golden Saucer which has a lot of fun mini-games and jump puzzles you can do for mounts and cosmetics. You might get 100-200+ hours out of just the free trial if you pushed it far enough.

R: 204 / I: 251 / P: 3

The Zelda Formula

I've played a decent chunk of the Zelda games by this point and feel that the series has evolved enough to fully realize those feelings evoked by looking at the concept art for the earlier games, which, in my opinion, is the end goal. BotW is effectively a reboot more inspired by the earlier games as opposed to the ones inspired by ALttP and eventually OoT, and while it does do plenty wrong like lacking proper dungeons, limited enemy variety, and no special equipment, I consider it to be an important step design philosophy and a remarkable improvement in pacing from WW, TP, and SS (as well as being the better game in general). With the new one releasing and being a direct sequel, we can be reasonable and assume that it will be like the first game, so instead of focusing on that, how do you want hypothetical subsequent Zelda games to feel? Also, post Zelda girls.

R: 130 / I: 46 / P: 3

New Serious Sam outta nowhere

Releases the 25th, it's set in Siberia. The comments of this video are funny. it's 50% Russians going apeshit

R: 600 / I: 141 / P: 3

Meta Thread

Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. UPDATE: as of 05/12/2022, site meta discussion beyond /v/ is hereby requested to be moved to >>>/site/5423 See >>598426 for more details. Thank you.

R: 214 / I: 103 / P: 3


A few hours ago someone in Twitter leaked what were allegedly images from an upcoming SH game, normally i woudn't care too. By the looks of it, it doesn't look good at all, it just seems like a lame indie horror game

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 3

Post the recent most ridiculous moment you've had in a video game. I just played NFS Underground that I haven't played in years and I'm using a 144hrz monitor. Basically, the game is tailored to the monitors refresh rate and it makes it look like the cars are going 2x as fast as they actually are.

R: 93 / I: 24 / P: 3


Ready to lose your minecraft account, or will you be assimilated into the borg?

R: 301 / I: 169 / P: 3

Resident Evil

Rank the series from best to worst, and shittalk anyone who doesn't conform to your opinion. I'll start with the most true ranking. Starting from the best. >Code Veronica X >Resident Evil 2 (1998) >Resident Evil (1996) >Resident Evil Village >Resident Evil 5 >Revelations 2 >Resident Evil 3 (1999) >Resident Evil 3 (2020) >Resident Evil 4 >Resident Evil (2002) >Resident Evil 6 And these are the only two I actually think are bad >Resident Evil 7 >Revelations Also, rank the RE girls. From best to worst >Claire Redfield >Sherry Birkin >Rebecca Chambers >Moira Burton >Jill Valentine >Ada Wong >Alexia Ashford >Sheva Alomar >the bitch in Leon's RE6 campaign that kept saying "I'll tell you when we get to the church" >that other bitch in Revelations that tried to come onto Chris >Fong Ling (all the Dead Aim characters look pretty damn ugly) >Zoe Baker >Mia Winters

R: 24 / I: 10 / P: 3

Bro moments in multiplayer

>playing medic in casual tf2 because we are getting steam rolled and nobody is picking med >enemy team has discord niggers with their twitch links as name, sticky demo+kritz med gf, tryhard killstreak soldiers, beanie scouts, the usual 6v6 pubstomping sort >team is trying best but getting shit kicked in beyond 2nd point >somehow an engineer managed to build a tele near their spawn >tells us that sneak tele is ready, asks us to push an uber in >a pyro changes to phlog and uses sneak tele to their spawn with my uber at 100% >spawncamp time >kill everyone leaving the spawn, ubering the pyro while his mmph charges up >other team absolute butthurt about phlog, tells to play game right instead of spawncamping >eventually die and but managed to push payload far enough >they go full tryhard mode, soldiers rolling out at full speed and now they have two kritz med >they push us back again >engi somehow built another secret tele >roll in another uber and wipe the team >other team calls us "noobs exploiting map points" >laugh at their asses as we push cart to victory >defense time >we hold them down but they eventually push >where's our engineer? >he built a sneak tele again >and sneaked in a whole lvl3 sentry >enemy group ragequits >add the engi as friend, is an absolute godsend engi who knows how to trick opponents and somehow always builds a tele at the best spot What are your bro moments in multiplayer vidya?

R: 32 / I: 17 / P: 4

SEGA games

I know that it's only asking for trouble but it's sad to see so many of their franchises dead. Is there any SEGA game you would like to see a proper sequel of? I would like a 3D Platformer of Ristar. The arms mechanic could be fun in an open enviroment if done right. Something with Opa Opa would be cool too.

R: 166 / I: 70 / P: 4

You can undo one game

If you could back in time and retroactively erase one title from ever existing, and therefore vanishing with it any influence it ever had on the industry, which game would that be? I can't decide between these two.

R: 21 / I: 19 / P: 4

Deathverse: Let It Die

The competitive multiplayer spinoff of "Let It Die" is getting closer to release. Uncle Death recently started uploading info segments, including short developer interviews, with more updates on the way, so I think now's a good time to have a thread. I'll report more news updates ITT as they come out. One important note, it's been said before but it bears repeating: This is mostly the same team of people that developed the original Let It Die. "Supertrick Games" is just a rebranding. e.g. Hideyuki Shin is still the director, and Akira Yamaoka is still the composer and sound producer.

R: 300 / I: 95 / P: 4

Japanese games causing butthurt

I've noticed in the past six years there has been a massive amount of butthurt towards Japanese games and Devs especially in the cases of >Nier Automata >Persona 5/Royal >Elden Ring Where the following sold millions of copies despite being weird or niche games that normally be only talked about by autist here or other sites. With the case of Elden Ring major 12 mill success you had Western Devs frothing at the mouth in sheer anger over it along with hating on the Japanese in general, it's been an interesting time seeing this all unfold in real time. Regardless if you dislike Japanese games or even the three heavy hitters listed you do have to admit this whole situation is a well deserved kick in the bollocks for the years of utter contempt the western industry has had for their base.

R: 107 / I: 22 / P: 4

Is "Half-Life" actually good?

This appears to be much dispute taking place in the "Western game req" thread, so I figured that I'd make a topic about it to see what general Anons actually think about it. And, this doesn't belong in the QTDDTOT thread since it's such a detailed discussion. So, let's get to the question: Is Half-Life considered to be one of (If not) the greatest game ever made, or is it just an impressive tech demo? In my personal opinion, I just wasn't that impressed with Half-Life as it felt like a first-person platformer that had combat slapped on top of it, in addition to being somewhat directionless in it's story until towards the end (With Xen being the best part of the game).This appears to be much dispute taking place in the "Western game req" thread, so I figured that I'd make a topic about it to see what general Anons actually think about it. And, this doesn't belong in the QTDDTOT thread since it's such a detailed discussion. So, let's get to the question:

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 4

Blair Witch

Is this game any good? It looks like an Outlast clone but with an added dog companion. Didn't hear much about it after it came out.

R: 161 / I: 84 / P: 4

Masculine protags and the MALE POWER FANTASY

Yeah bitch you read the subject. Lets talk about manly, heroic, reliable male characters who get put through the ringer and no matter how bad shit gets they pull through in the end with integrity, dedication and style. Which ones fulfill your power fantasy the most? Which ones do you think are the coolest, or most masculine? Which ones are the ones who inspire you the most, perhaps even changed you life for the better? Which ones are the ones who been through so much SHIT that you would never want to be in their shoes? Discuss.

R: 41 / I: 15 / P: 4

Legacy of Kain thread

Given the recent news of LoK being freed from squeenix, i feel a thread dedicated to this battered ass series about time traveling vampires is due. What would anon do to bring it back to life? I suspect an HD remaster/compilation like they did to spongebob is atleast due.

R: 600 / I: 255 / P: 4

Minor News Thread

Basically this is a thread for those minor news articles that are interesting but not necessary big enough to have their own thread. We will be taking the bigger stories from these threads and making them into their own threads, Anons are welcome to do the same. We will NOT be heavily enforcing these threads, so please keep that in mind. Basically things like game announcements, live stream events, new gaming hardware, etc. should have their own threads while shit like NEW GUILTY GEAR DLC 3 "SLAYER" or something like that should be posted in this thread. While we won't ban anyone for doing the former, we encourage anons to use their best judgement when posting news content.

R: 397 / I: 195 / P: 4


Anon, Can I get your honest opinion on every single fallout game? >Fallout >Fallout 2 >Fallout Tactics >Fallout 3 >Fallout new vegas >Fallout 4 >Fallout Shelter >Fallout 76

R: 28 / I: 16 / P: 4

Vidya-related Animations

Have you got any animations or videos related to vidya that are fondly remembered? Posting a classic here, I'm sure everyone here has seen this at least once.

R: 40 / I: 19 / P: 4


Sunday, June 12th, beginning at 10am PT / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT Thoughts? Expectations? Fears? Memes?

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 4

Elevator pitch the best games you've ever played

What's the best game you ever played? Just one, no more than that. And how do you sell it to someone you can only talk to for one minute? Don't get autistic about it, tell them why they should play it. Doom 2 Fast paced, ultra violent shooter with fun to explore maps and great enemy variety. There's unlimited fan made content built around the very core of what makes FPS games fun while being complex enough to use those building blocks to make challenging but fair levels even for veterans.

R: 45 / I: 21 / P: 4

Dead Rising Thread

One of the more unique open world games to come out over the last two generations, what are your thoughts about Dead Rising? Gimme your >Favorite Game >Favorite Fightan/Cameo Appearance(if you played those games) >Favorite Psychopath >Favorite Psychopath Theme >Favorite Weapons/Strats >Your Memories With The Game >Grievances With The Franchise >Things you like doing when you're not doing missions or rescuing survivors Has anyone even played the games recently? I can't remember when I played them last time, but I played the shit out of 1/2/3/OTR and bought UMvC3 specifically because of Frank. Definitely one of my more favorite franchises, and I doubt we will get anything like it again.

R: 46 / I: 7 / P: 4

Flashlights in Video Games

>spend fifty billion dollars to create a man-machine hybrid >his eyes literally glow all the time and can't be shut off >having his moderate brightness low range flashlight turned on for 10 minutes leaves him totally drained and unable to use his other powers Can video game flashlights with limited batteries just die already? We literally have finger sized lights with blinding output that last hours while big clunky flashlights can literally last days. Your flashlight only lasting a couple minutes isn't "scary", or "tense", nor does it necessitate thinking: It's just retarded. It's not the 80s anymore, LED flashlights are way better than the century old incandescent ones. This is especially bad when the character isn't scavenging for stuff so you can't even claim the flashlight is some dollar store specials on poorly stored harbor freight thunderbolts is all they found.

R: 51 / I: 5 / P: 4

OP: GameOrange

So for those not in the know, gamebanana has been under fire from modders in the FGC for not banning Nazi mods. Originally gamebanana defended the artisting integrity of the mod, however over time as the trannys pull thier mods, they caved and deleted the mod off their servers. Honestly I think we should have a new OP to prevent these mods from being deleted just because these modders can't control their emotions. 1. Go incognito and download their mods along with nazi mods 2. Create a website and upload their mods to said website 3. Ignore DMCA requests because these fuckers don't have a leg to stand on since they're already using copyrighted works anyway 4. Profit Gentlemen, let's get to work.

R: 13 / I: 5 / P: 5

Card Based Video Games.

Since >>>/tg/'s dead in the dumps I want to talk about video games centered around card games like Master Duels, PSX's digimon card game, and so on. Got any interesting games you want to talk about. Simulations like Chaotic recode and Yugioh Pro may count as well since they're technically video games. Video Related is Open Batoru, a card game simulator for a Japanese card game called Wixoss. Crosspost to /tg/ to help bring some activity as well. >>>/tg/464

R: 116 / I: 85 / P: 5

Localization and censorship thread

Gather here all you got on these niggers we need a permanent thread documenting the toll that liberal faggots place on freedom of information additionally providing info on games in question. >Pic 1: Prudish mutt couldn't handle a simple instance of innocent skinship and suggestive undertones towards a little girl, american popular media nowadays openly and shamelessly teaches kids faggotry, transvestism, promiscuity, infidelity, atheism and God knows what the fuck else, but something like that is of course a no-no, same-old, same-old, as far as I know there's no content differentiation between western and jp versions of the game, so just switching the language to Japanese should fix everything. >Second screenshot is Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, some kind of Dungeon Crawler from Spike Chunsoft, absolute pieces of shit cut every instance of loli lewdity from it, it released on PS4, Vita and Steam and so far unabridged versions available only on Japanese console versions of the game, yes, they made it impossible to play this game anywhere overseas, all you can do is import psychical copy over from Japan (goes without saying, finding a pirated copy of jp rom for those would be nigh impossible, so hopefully someone contributes), why the fuck Chunsoft allows their games to be renditioned by those fuckwads is beyond my understanding >What follows next are quotations and ramblings of those very fuckwads, only in modern western world there's such a case of lecherous incompetent opinionated cunts being given jobs and responsibility to the work they prove to be nothing but detrimental. There are many games affected negatively by them that warrant many layers of discussions for now I'll handpick a few from the top of my head: >Fire Emblem Fates' western release as you all know was brutishly butchered (so were many other games from that time i don't remember what exact agency is to be held accountable) , it was not only severely censored with removal of vital features, but translators couldn't have made it more apparent how little fucks they gave about any semblance of "quality control" and as a result we received a very half assed product with asinine script and made up (or sometimes absent) dialogue in many places Three Houses didn't suffer any game content change, but the end localized script is nothing short of infuriating with how many fucking intentional mistranslations those assholes made, it seems as thought every line that didn't fit their personalized political agenda had needed to go, it's fucking astonishing how nintendo doesn't give a shit about all this. Aside from that the game also didn't have the best or the most accurate of localizing quality, you can check up in-deapth on instances of such in this forum:, script comparison postings of Three Houses and many other butchered games as well as Japanese media in general are very big there. >Persona I can't say much about preceding games, but Persona 5 famously received an extremely shit translation with no professionality to speak of, so much that it warranted an entire website created complaining on it: Persona 5 Royal suffered many changes in that already shit script, again, to conform to liberal americunt standarts. Similar things can be said about virtually any west-imported Japanese game and game franchises of the last decade and a half , we all remember what treatment Kiseki series had, the nightmares they had wrought out of many Wii-U games, etc etc, , what we undoubtedly can deduce from this is that they are not about to back down, the liberal cancer that is controlling information loves and will continue to do so, what we have, I'd say, is absolutely zero excuse not to learn Japanese every moment of the day, but of course that wouldn't cover everything, there will be cases similar to zanki zero's, there will be cases of censorship being even on Japanese versions of games, what I want is to bring light upon those crimes, every one of them should be well known.

R: 22 / I: 12 / P: 5

Do you play games with Gentoo?

I want to play Doom and Quake. But I can not find guide on how to install it. What you are playing with your Gentoo?

R: 25 / I: 20 / P: 5

Games with really intense atmosphere

I recently finished Dark Corners of the Earth and realized that its one of the very few western horror games with some genuine atmosphere to it. And it kind of got me thinking about why did this sort of atmosphere effectively evaporate after 2005 because before then it was commonly present in all sorts of games not just horror titles but afterwards its like everyone forgot what the word "tension" describes. Personally I blame Resident Evil 4

R: 8 / I: 5 / P: 5

Video Game Models as 3D Prints

I have access to a pair of 3D Printers (one filament, one resin) and want to print some video game characters. Presuming I can get a rigged model in Blender (either converted by someone else or ripped from the game myself if the file format is compatible, native or plugin) how hard is it to get them into a printable format for someone with no 3D modeling experience? Are there any guides for this that don't suck? Has anyone done it before and able to offer their comments? Has anyone used video game characters as proxies for any games? Pics related. Apparently what I'm trying to do is doable but Steam community poster (found via web search) refuses to share the files.

R: 267 / I: 131 / P: 5

Loli Games Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

Previous thread: >>444741

R: 71 / I: 20 / P: 5

Yuji Naka gets fucked over by Square Enix

>“I was removed as the director of Balan Wonderworld about half a year before release, so I filed a lawsuit against Square Enix. Now that the proceedings are over and I’m no longer bound by company rules, I’d like to speak out.” >"I think it's wrong of Square Enix not to value games and game fans. According to court documents, I was removed as the director of Balan Wonderworld for 2 reasons. It was done by the producer, head of marketing, head of sound, managing director, and HR." >"First, when a YouTuber's arranged piano performance of the game music was released in a promotion instead of the original game track, turning the composer into a ghostwriter, I insisted that the original track be released and this caused trouble. Second, according to court documents, [Naoto] Ohshima told producer [Noriyoshi] Fujimoto that the relationship with Arzest was ruined due to comments I made wanting to improve the game in the face of Arzest submitting the game without fixing bugs. Also, in an e-mail from Ohshima to Fujimoto, he wrote: 'I just told the staff about the demo delay. When I told them, 'This was prod. Fujimoto's decision. Let's do our best for him,' the staff applauded and cheered. This was unexpected, and I was moved... the staff's been down lately, but their spirits have been revived. Thank you very much. All of us on the staff will work hard.' So the schedule wasn't up to me, but the producer, yet the schedule being tight was the producer's doing. Something was off. we were releasing an original game, but only putting out an arranged track was definitely wrong. I believe that the game music that everyone can hum out are the original tracks. >I believe that every effort must be put in to make games the best they can be until the very end so that game fans will enjoy what they buy. It wasn't right to, without discussion, remove and completely disassociate from the project a director saying so myself, I'm truly sorry to the customers who bought Balan Wonderworld in an unfinished state. From this point onward, I will be able to react to posts tagging me or directed only toward me on SNS and such. Honestly this explains a fuckton like with the bad localizations, the shit games, the remakes, etc.

R: 11 / I: 8 / P: 5

Videogame Aesthetics

I made this thread more to vent about how microtransactions and skins have completely ruined games aesthetically and how everything looks like the same pastel fucking garbage because they just throw in silly garbage for redditors to "be silly". But let's have a thread just discussing aesthetics in various videogames. I miss the dingy industrial dirty feeling Killing Floor had before Tripjew completely raped it dead with their greed.

R: 328 / I: 110 / P: 5

Yugioh Thread

Haven't been into Yugioh for a long time, but Master Duel just dropped and I've been having a blast. I keep winning duels with my shitty War Rock deck simply because many people don't read and have no idea what War Rocks do they do nothing Anyone else been playing this?

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 5

any game similar to hatred & postal 1

you guys know of any game similar to hatred and postal 1? ive been feeling like playing a genocide sim lately.

R: 477 / I: 375 / P: 5

NIHON FALCOM THREAD: Legend Of New Heroes Edition

>Latest News - Kuro no Kiseki will be released In Japan on September 30, 2021 for the PS4. - Trails into Reverie will get a western PC release in 2023 - Trails from Zero will release to PC in Fall 2022 and Azure is slated for 2023. - Nayuta no Kiseki will see a PC release in 2023, translation by NISA. >Fan-translations - The Geofront Trails from Azure patch 1.0.1 offers mod support. - The Geofront Trails from Zero and Azure translations became the official one. - Geofront has also translated the Drama CD "Road to the Future", which fills in the blanks between Zero and Azure. - Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. >Undubs Mega of every undub:!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder. >Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more)

R: 108 / I: 79 / P: 5

Japanese learning thread

Post questions advice and other jp learning shit Want to learn Japanese? Start here: Resource library: アノン君頑張れ!

R: 55 / I: 20 / P: 5

Things harder in video game than real life

>climbing down from top of ladder Has there been a single game where getting on a ladder to climb it down was both natural feeling and fun, and let the player fall if they tried? >throwing small object like grenade into nearby open window A very small number of games fix this with a simulation line when going to throw the object, so the player will know what part of the screen and angle it will come from, but it's super rare.

R: 94 / I: 80 / P: 5

Waifu thread

Can we have a waifu thread? I think so! Let's post our waifus. Pic related is mine, say something nice about her!

R: 326 / I: 870 / P: 5

Video Game Music Thread

Post your favorite videogame music.

R: 539 / I: 280 / P: 5

Sonic Thread

Sonic the hedgehog, one of the most autistic video games franchises. What sonic games have you played? How much fast will this thread turn into furshit posting?

R: 57 / I: 24 / P: 6

Interested in buying a new hand held

I've got some money to throw around and was wondering what hand helds are good. What I am looking for: -Games that are reasonably priced -Am capable of buying used games with it -Am not interested in the steam deck/any hand helds that play pc games -has good controls -came out in the last 5 or so years

R: 412 / I: 400 / P: 6

Sexy sprites

Since cant post this on shitchan, i share them here. Yes i made these.

R: 45 / I: 15 / P: 6

FPS with great melee

FPS shooters with a really great and satisfying melee kill when you land a hit on the enemy or an actually well developed melee system post here

R: 39 / I: 5 / P: 6

505 Games Showcase

IT'S OVER The publisher that has made hits such as Bloodstained and Ghostrunner is doing a Direct RIGHT NOW. Might be cool, but I'm not expecting much.

R: 157 / I: 72 / P: 6

Tactics Games

Because I don't want to keep teasing the anons in the big Fire Emblem thread about their game not being very complex. So let's talk about one of the best genres that goes hand in hand with autism. Doesn't matter if it's turnbased or real time. It can be as easy to get into as Fire Emblem and Shining Force or extreme autism territory like Advanced Tactics Gold. Let's get the ball rolling. What do you anons think about XCom 2013 and XCom2? I enjoy them, despite their meme hit chances. Some people call the ability system a meme, but that's why I like it and games like Disgaea. However, I think the developers dropped the ball real hard with XCom 2, and it's all because of one simple reason. In a game where a loss can be a major setback, so you want to play it slowly with a lot of planning and thinking, they decided to add a time limit to most missions.

R: 132 / I: 128 / P: 6

The most obscure game you like

I want to hear about some games I've never seen before. I'm sick of "hidden gem" lists that are made entirely of games that were big for their time and are just being forgotten because it was from two console generations ago. Obscurity is the top priority. Ideally a game you enjoy, but mostly one you don't think anyone else has heard of. My example is Plaque Attack. Think Space Invaders mixed with Missile Command where you play a toothpaste tube shooting at food. One (for the time) novel aspect is that you can move around the play field and are defending two sets of teeth.

R: 47 / I: 51 / P: 6


>ctrl + f "jackbox" <no results What's /v/'s stance on jackbox? Would anyone be willing to join if I hosted? Also /v/ackbox thread

R: 74 / I: 72 / P: 6

Fighting Games Thread

It's been over a year since last thread, so I decided to make a new one. >Omega Rugal, Boss Challenge mode revealed as free DLC for King of Fighters XV >Street Fighter 6 revealed with stock Adobe Photoshop logo >Testament joins Strive >Some madlads put Goku into Strive and are working to put Sol into Dragonball FighterZ Thread from 03/28/2021 to 04/4/2022

R: 321 / I: 193 / P: 6

Granblue Fantasy - /gbfg/

Touch the Cow Edition Crews 1.Infinity - 692908 2.Kihou - 740471 3.Sky Lords - 733000 4.Raven Nest (Dead) - 1024216 5.Heaven&Hel (Dead) - 933194 Guides and info >How do I even play this shit? You can play it from your browser by going to >I'm not going to use google botnet to play this. You can use chrome alternatives, such as Slimjet or Iridium. If you don't like doing that, use an agent spoofer for the browser you do use to spoof chrome. Relink Versus

R: 23 / I: 1 / P: 6

>release extensive year one roadmap full of big updates >make millions overnight >add one update that just adds quality of life changes and some building options >buy a horse and fuck off >modders finish the game for you >somehow break the mods every week or so with bug fix patches is this the most based studio of all time?

R: 30 / I: 18 / P: 6

Dead franchises

Possibly better off dead, but If you could have your way and get a good game. Which sequels would you like to see and expanded in what way? I'm not sure if EWJ4 is even coming out at this point, but I would like them to try a 3D game again. I didn't mind EWJ3D. It just needed some polish that a sequel could bring.

R: 204 / I: 67 / P: 6

Worst Franchise Downfalls

These are actually two games from the same franchise, this is how it devolved within the span of a little over a decade. What the hell happened here? I can't think of any other series that has had it as bad as Kenka Banchou. If you look at the last picture, you can see the deterioration in real time. Each entry made every new character more feminine looking until they went just full homo and made it a full-blown Otome series with anime tie-ins.

R: 10 / I: 2 / P: 6

xbox schematics

onex, ones, seriesx, series s

R: 318 / I: 271 / P: 6

Vita thread: It ain't over until the last Vitafag Dies Edition

Starting this thread off with some (somewhat) fresh OC that I think came out pretty well (minus some flaws that I was too lazy to fix, sue me), with music versions too that make it much better to watch. I hope you fags have been having some fun on your vitas. Whatcha >PLAYAN >HACKAN >BUYAN (kek) >WANTAN PREVIOUS THREADS: (Gitgud hackpaste) First-time buyer's FAQ: Physical game list (Western/Asia-English/EU released): Vita hacking: Vita homebrew/plug-ins: Vita game mods: For me personally its been a rough time, I haven't had much time to play on my Vita (or many games in general) as of late, but I'll probably start something up on it tonight or tomorrow if I can decide on a game, thinking between a nep game, continuing Saiyuki: Journey West, Disgaea 1, or something along those lines. I'm in the mood for some kind of nice, story-driven (with good plot) JRPG. What about you anons? If the chartfag is still around I'd love to add and expound on some additions and entries to the chart. Feel free to do writeups and reviews of games you've played as well. Make sure you treat your Vita well. always love her, and never abandon her or allow her to be damaged or broken or you're no better than Soyny. And reminder not to buy anything digital that supports Soyny (unless its for archival, sharing and piracy purposes ofc, which might become important pretty soon). In terms of news, I'm too lazy to make a compilation of any but anons should post any they find, there's always something going on. I've heard of numerous homebrew port attempts as of late like F/SN (which would be nice if its successful, I heard its mostly finished)

R: 145 / I: 82 / P: 6

Kingdom Hearts IV announced >TOKYO, JAPAN (April 10, 2022) – Today, as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, SQUARE ENIX® and Disney announced that KINGDOM HEARTS IV, the newest installment in the beloved RPG series, is in early development, and also revealed a brand-new mobile game, KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link. > In the announcement trailer, Sora makes a triumphant return with an updated look at the beginning of an epic new storyline titled the “Lost Master Arc.” Beginning with Sora facing off in a boss battle against a giant enemy, players are introduced to the Quadratum, a large, expansive city set in a gorgeous, realistic world unlike anything ever seen before in the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Fans will be excited to see the return of Sora’s well-known companions Donald and Goofy, in addition to the first appearance of Strelitzia, a mysterious new character who appears before Sora in this strange new setting. > Fans can also look forward to KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link, an all-new game for iOS and Android devices, which allows players to embark on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum into the real world. Players will be able to engage in exhilarating battles against the Heartless and discover a new, original story. A closed beta test is planned for 2022*. > “We’re thrilled to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary with the announcement of two new KINGDOM HEARTS titles,” said KINGDOM HEARTS series Brand Manager, Ichiro Hazama. “We’d like to thank the fans for all of their support over the years, and we can’t wait for them to experience all that’s to come for Sora.” >Additionally, the KINGDOM HEARTS team announced that the highly anticipated final chapter of KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD will be released in August 2022 as a free update to the KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ Dark Road app. > SQUARE ENIX and Disney hosted the KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary event in Tokyo, Japan where together with fans, they celebrated the past 20 years of the beloved franchise and provided a first look at what’s to come next. The event also featured a live music performance, a showcase of stained-glass artworks and on-stage appearances from Series Director, Tetsuya Nomura, series’ composer, Yoko Shimomura, and other development members. Fans can enjoy photos from the event on the official social channels and look forward to a recording of the event which will be shared at a later date.

R: 159 / I: 113 / P: 6

Persona Thread: Makoto's Ass Edition

Another year, another Persona thread. You should've solved the mystery by now, so enjoy the remaining days you have left of the school year and make some memories. What Persona game are you playing or have completed recently? What are your thoughts on the game or the expected Persona 6? Perhaps the most important question: Why does Makoto have the best ass in all of Persona? News >Composer Shoji Meguro left Atlus >Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Remastered English trailer was released >Persona 4 Golden will not be supported on the Steam deck kek >Persona 25th Anniversary announcements still ongoing, no new projects or games announced yet besides P4 Arena Ultimax port Archive of last bread:

R: 197 / I: 82 / P: 7

Share Thread: Please Remember the Abused Chaikas

READ ME BEFORE ASKING FOR ANYTHING YOU FAGGOT FUCK Previous Thread: How to Contribute Post ITT, make a pull request (git client or gitgud IDE) or raise an issue. If you do not have you own account: tough shit because the public account is busted. Before requesting first check THE GITGUDS YOU COLOSSAL COCKGUZZLER, THEY EXIST FOR A REASON DEAD LINKS ARE CURRENTLY BEING PURGED Anons have experienced shady shit with IGG (e.g. miners and extra files that served no purpose in terms of running the games) and they're from Vietnam We prefer danknet magnet links, not that garbage clearnet shit like bittorrents & IPFS. Read a book or something if you want to catch up Save EVERYTHING >>>/eternalarchive/ >Bypassing Mega's bandwith quota MegaDownloader + or mega-dl (megatools) and a proxy %>!,-space, Guide to a Happy Share Thread Leechers 1. Before requesting, search online and even use distributed search engines (e.g. InfraSearch, Opencola, YaCy, FAROO). 2. Look in CheckBeforePosting, the archives, and volafile. 3. If a password is required check the archives, especially the source thread if it's listed. 4. Be as specific as possible. If you have the cover art of the file you want, post it in both the share thread and in vola room. 5. Links to files will purposely be misleading by having spaces, lines, keys & passwords split in the post. This includes torrent hashes. a. If you see a string of characters (e.g. c12fe1c06bba254a9dc9f519b335aa7c1367a88a) with or without dashes, it is a magnet link. b. If your bittorrent is shit, prepend magnet:?xt=urn:btih: to the string. c. Find and Replace (sed/tr/awk) is your friend. Uploaders 1. When in doubt, upload. Ask questions later. 2. Upload to at least 5 alternative sources and keep a local copy if space permits. 3. Use a URL shortener (spaced or split), base64 encryption, and/or paste relinks (e.g. on file links to confuse bots. 4. Encrypt your uploads with a password, key, or generator. Rename the files something random, even their checksums. Maybe even pad files to the nearest GB or so to confuse bots. 5. If your connection is stable, it is extremely advisable to self host using anonymity tools like Freenet, I2P, Gnunet, distributed NNTP or MixMinion/Mixmaster. Volafile 1. Before uploading a batch of miscellaneous files (e.g images and music), be sure they are unique enough to stand on their own and that you ask for the majority's consensus whether to upload the files individually. 2. Upload 5 files and then zip the rest if the dump is larger then 6-7 files. Music Albums exceeding 5 files are to be zipped. 3. When uploading .torrent, either add them to the a zip of the game or just don’t upload those misc files. Properly label files so that they can be identified without asking someone else. 4. For lewd stuff with filenames like RJ74765, either add a .txt linking to the contents on a website or just add the title to the .txt (e.g. "BIG BOOTY WOMEN SIT ON SHOTA FACE (RJ34734)"). 5. You can filter files by file type (.txt, .rar, etc) or search the file list with the bar hidden by the filter files button. a. When in doubt, archive as a single [or split if too large], then upload.

R: 13 / I: 3 / P: 7

About an hour long footage for the cancelled Arkane studios Half Life game called "Return to Ravenholm" is released. Shows the progress made before being shelved. Looks okayish. From the looks of it even in this incomplete state it looks obvious its not a valve game, but the zombie action looks decidedly more suited to adrian shepherd. There's a nailgun that can be used to create arcs of electricity from exposed wires, making traps. Might cut some parts of the videos into webm.

R: 341 / I: 163 / P: 7

RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress

Been playing the fuck out of RimWorld the last week for the first time. Pretty addicting so far even if I suck at it, and I wanted to see what mods people were using or even just what gameplay style you had going for ideas of things to try out. I have some collection of Vanilla Expanded mods and a medieval mod, but I'm curious what shit other anons suggest running. Please post pics of your colonies too, as I want to see how badly my own stack up. Also I've been wanting to get into Dwarf Fortress, but I have yet to dive into that because a friend of mine warned me that it was really tough to get into. Any advice for a first time player? I've recently been watching a bunch of videos on it and it doesn't seem as bad as my friend made it out to be, but maybe I'm missing something.

R: 13 / I: 12 / P: 7

Underrail Thread: Gypsy Edition

Been a while since we've had a thread about serbian Fallout. Recently some anon on half/v/ did a lot of crunching testing gypsy charm effects. Turns out most of them actually do something, although the effects vary in power depending on a large number of obscure factors (like how much you treat gypsy magics as real during the dialogue with Coral) and depending on current time IRL they might not work at all. >Burrower Tarsus Charm: Increases critical chance of throwing knives when having high enough armor penalty >Coil Spider Tarsus Charm: Increases electrical damage taken, possibly increases maximum EK bolt jump distance >Death Stalker Claw Charm: Makes you slightly harder to detect >Hopper Foot Charm: Increases critical chance with weapons and unarmed attacks >Psi Beetle Claw Charm: Increases critical chance with psi abilities but reduces resolve >Siphoner Foot Charm: Increases chance to inflict bleed >Warthog Foot Charm: Increases Fortitude when under effect of food items, but reduces it when the duration of the buff is below 25% I hear that all charm bonuses are factored in somewhere in the middle of calculations for any given tick, so there's no way to see their effects in any of the stats windows. tl;dr <Gypsy charms have real effects, but they are extremely inconsistent and fairly weak still.

R: 110 / I: 85 / P: 7

/v/ makes the most inclusive video game character ever

Hello, /v/. Would you like to play a game? For those of you not aware, Blizzard reveals the latest way they make the most inclusive characters vidya has ever seen - this soulless checkbox-filler described in the picture and this archive: >“An important principle for us at King is that all players should feel welcome,” says Chomatas. “The intention is to inspire game teams not just at King, but throughout the Activision Blizzard King network, to think outside the box and challenge pre-conceived notions around how characters should look and act. As a result, hopefully we will create more characters that break the mold, and better represent women, non-binaries and other under-represented minorities in the industry.” So it got me thinking, let's show the world who's the most in-touch with the under-represented. Enter - /v/ MAKES THE MOST INCLUSIVE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVER! We'll have anons describe the least-offensive, most inclusive, most degenerate, most diverse Overwatch character, fitting every box that the Blizzardfriends have left for us. Victory will only occur after we have maxxed out the graph entirely in every single category. We can then see if a drawfag would like to draw this marvelous character for everyone's enjoyment. >How do I play? Simply redtext three characteristics at most each post, with the goal in mind of this character being as cultured, non-age-discriminatory, sexually-progressive, racially diverse, least ableist, most alternatively-beautiful (think less of a Disney princess and more like a Stephen Universe gem), etc as possible. If your suggestions are shit, and most anons agree, your idea can be thrown out, so put some effort into it. Pozz your mind as much as possible, we cannot let Blizzard outdo us here. For the sake of setting an example, I'll go first. <Bugchaser <Half Aboriginal, half Arab <Dirt poor

R: 134 / I: 75 / P: 7

Original Xbox Thead

After all these years we've finally made it to a time where OG Xbox Emulation is making strides. So now that it's starting to be come allot more possible, what games are you anons interested in, were there any games you wanted to play in the past but never got the chance to?

R: 106 / I: 44 / P: 7

Megaman Thread

In hindsight do you think it would have been better that Legends 3 got canceled when it did? Would /v/ be interested in a revival of the project someday? Additionally did /v/ enjoy Megaman 11 or is the series better off dead at this point.

R: 41 / I: 25 / P: 7

YIIK Alpha Dropped

I don't have the time to look thru this, but it looks like this is a thing that happened Seems to be mostly early art and unfinished content Also, general YIIK thread, I guess, since the new update is supposedly coming soon. I thought the game had a lot of potential, especially when watching the initial trailers, but the game that was released was way too full of itself. I think one of many several hour long video essays on the game on jewtube put it bluntly, the game was simply better in it's earlier stages

R: 66 / I: 22 / P: 7

Localization have struck and Triangle Strategy is its latest victim. If you're going to play Triangle Strategy, make sure you compile both the original Japanese text and its "localized" English version, because they're doing it again. This time it's Square Enix and its "ethics department".

R: 14 / I: 4 / P: 7

Reccommend me some games!

Hello anons, I'm kind of in the middle of my yearly updates to my gaming collection (it's not very large but I use it more as a bucket list sort of deal) but there's some consoles and gneres that I have no experience with. Could you reccommend me some games you really like? Bonus points if: >Not live service or servers have already been reverse engineered or playable thru emulation/peer to peer >Obscure, but still good or with some redeeming aspect >Region specific (Jap, Brit etc.) especially if they have a good translation patch >Best version of the game (i.e. a game was released on PS1 and N64 but either one is objectively better) Ideally right now I'd like to fill my SEGA Saturn/Dreamcast collections.

R: 29 / I: 16 / P: 7

NES Thread

Despite its many years, the NES still has a very solid library. Games with non-forgiving difficulty, sometimes fair, sometimes unfair. They're very fun to play regardless. Some of my personal favorites are: Bucky O' Hare, Snake Rattle 'n' Roll, Blaster Master, Galaga and Battletoads. How many NES games have you beaten? Right now I'm playing Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo i.e the unaltered version of Dragon Power. It's a pretty fun adaptation of the manga.

R: 80 / I: 50 / P: 7

Finally finished the Switch port. I'm surprised they managed to fit the game in such a weak console, but I'm glad they pulled it off. What ending did you guys choose? I always go for the entropy run.

R: 160 / I: 96 / P: 7

Star Fox Thread

Did she ever find her parents? Also, will we ever see her again? Like, at all? I'm not a furry, but I miss her, I think she's a very cool character. Also discuss Star Fox in this thread. (vol edit)

R: 213 / I: 124 / P: 7

Wii U

I have some questions about the Wii U, because I just got one in excellent condition, for free. I know it can be jailbroken. My goals with it are: - Play emulated NES, GB, GBC, GBA, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis games - Play emulated arcade - Maybe emulate consoles I never tried, like Wonderswan and Neo Geo Pocket - Play Game Cube, Wii and Wii U games - Play unofficial ports, like Super Mario 64 HD, and Zelda Ocarina of Time HD if it someone makes it - Play WiiWare games I don't really care if it loses internet capabilities, but if it retains them, maybe I'll use stream services. The thing is, I've decided to become frugal. I have a Nintendo Switch and I buy games for it only if I really care about them, and I'll be spending as little as possible ongames from now on. My PC is for work, not for gaming. Also, in my house there's only one TV, so it would be perfect if I could play games using the Wii U pad if my wife wants to use the TV. So here are my questions: - Will I need external USB hard drives? Or USB memory sticks with a lot of storage space? I'd prefer to keep large collections of games always ready to use. - How well does MAME run on this system? - Will I be risking bricking the console if I keep it connected to the internet? - How many streaming services work with the Wii U? - What kinds of controllers that normally wouldn't be compatible with the Wii U can I use? - Is it possible to use an original N64 controller with the Wii U? Thanks.

R: 80 / I: 36 / P: 7

Valve has found a way to release games in a timely manner

They just have to make them 20 minutes long. Let's silently wonder whether there's even anything to discuss about an experience so short it's already over by the time you finish writing this post. Oh actually yeah, how come Cave was successfully uploaded? Wasn't uploading Caroline a backup plan in case they didn't manage to upload Cave?

R: 14 / I: 3 / P: 7

3 Essentials when developing a videogame

Whether making a 2D or 3D game, there are 3 things you need to get right, that a lot of new games fail at. >Animation Even back in the 3rd gen, animations have been a vital. It differentiates an animate being from a boring corpse. It also says all you need to know about a character without saying a word. Rareware and early Naughty Dog did this pretty perfectly. When making Crash Bandicoot his expressions were top priority. Nowadays animation is done just to get the job done. It's rare to see a game that communicates through its frames. >In-game UI An UI fitting of the game is really important. Sometimes, even no UI is a good fit like in the DKC games. There's hundred of games I've seen in which the UI is either boringly simplistic or ugly to look at. Things like an unique font and rotating pre-rendered icons always add charm since they are things you'll look at through out your entire playthrough. >SFX Music is quite important, but something a lot of developers overlook or take for granted is sound effects. They breath life into the game. They dictate whether shooting, jumping, punching or collecting will be satisfying or feel like a chore to do. Collectathons like Spyro and Banjo wouldn't be the same if the collecting sounds weren't fun to listen to. Doom's shotgun wouldn't be the same without that powerful shooting sound followed by that satisfying reloading sfx. What do you think? Can you think of any good and bad examples of these?

R: 19 / I: 9 / P: 8

What do you want from Starfield

What are your honest to god wants for Starfield. I don’t want any bitching about how Todd killed your mother or how this game is going to be overhyped or how it is going to suck. Sure all of that could be true but what I want to here is what you honestly want from Starfield

R: 97 / I: 185 / P: 8

Witch thread.

Lets have a cute witch thread in honor of our fallen comrade. Post cute video game witches.

R: 71 / I: 46 / P: 8

Happy Piccolo Day

don't forget to thank the doc

R: 41 / I: 20 / P: 8

Nicks, Usernames, Names and Gamertags

How do you come up with a good username? A generator, things around you, characters or names you know? What about character names? Do you spend a long time mulling over names during creation, trying to make it fit the world? What makes a good name anyway? Short and simple, long and unique, funny, stupid, confusing, a bunch of cool <^>symbols<^> and xXxlettersxXx? I remember Xbox Live used to generate account names by combining adjective+noun, so you'd get stuff like tenuredwhale88 and friskydingo69. You could always tell who was a retard because they'd have a name like that instead of something unique. Most games used to let you change in-game names willy-nilly, but that's not as common anymore or if it's possible it's limited.

R: 54 / I: 19 / P: 8

Looking for something

A few years back (we're talking post-GG, 2015 - 2016ish) a group of /v/tards noticed there was a BIG, co-ordinated push to lionize Undertale as one of the greatest games of all time. There was a large, developed theory that this happened because Undertale was the first game developed by a Tumblrite to have a massive effect on the gaming community. The ambiguous, androgynous design of Frisk, the powerful female Toriel, Mettaton EX's flamboyant appearance, and the push for the player to get through the storyline without fighting/killing anyone were all brought up at some point, and a few detailed screencaps were produced. I'm sure I have it on a HD somewhere, and I'll try looking for it if no-one finds what I'm talking about. pic unrelated

R: 91 / I: 51 / P: 8

Mario Paint Thread

Let's make some shitty OC using one of the oldest pixel editors out there, Mario Paint. (All you need) Remember to set the SNES Mouse as input device and rev up those gondolas

R: 128 / I: 68 / P: 8


R: 33 / I: 11 / P: 8

Vidya for the Kid(ya)

Would you let your kid play videogames? What vidya would you let him play? I think I would introduce him to each gen of consoles one by one, starting from the 3rd one. I wouldn't just give him some shit preloaded with a thousand games. He needs to learn to value what he has.

R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 8


We're looking for a pair of hands for a dev project for the site. Specifically we're working on a CSS project and our usual peeps who do that are booked up until Lynxchan 2.8 drops. If you're worth any sort of a fuck at CSS (or hell, Javascript) please drop a line to either the admin email or Codexx directly at codexx The sooner the better, if you can. Thank you

R: 106 / I: 141 / P: 8

Ugly American Art

Show me ugly official/licenced American re-designs of characters that were originally created in manga style, guys! The uglier the better.

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🍆🍆 Neptunia (& Idea Factory) Thread: Ninja Neps Edition 🍆🍆

Its been a while since we had a nice nep thread. >What neps are ya nepping? >Are you having fun? >Favorite girls? >Any cool nep-related shit you found? Other IF/CH games are fine to talk about too, like Mary Skelter, Death's End Re;Quest, etc. /nep/ (& IF/CH) Happenings and News Neptunia x Senrans was released <Its a PS4/5 exclusive for now <Takaki is gone Its probably shit, but the models are nice to rip according to anons at least. Artwork and concept is interdasting, but if only it had come out 3-4 years ago instead. All the LEs are sold out already, I guess they were too appealing. Neptunia ReVerse is out <An "updated and enhanced" version of Re;Birth 1 <A remake of a remake (and this isn't the only time they've done this) <Censorstation 5 exclusive Fucking hell Iffy. CEASE. The LEs for this one are all sold out too for anyone who was somehow interested in it. Neptunia Virtual Stars released in March <Only physically available on PS4 (but was released on Steam digitally) Its a music-based hack and slash but I haven't seen many people talk about it so idk, its a nep spinoff so don't expect much. Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP is coming out on Steam in early 2022 The spritework actually looks really pretty and not like simplistic chibi dogshit like most of the meme games they release in this kind of way. I'm genuinely shocked, it might be a cute little thing to play when it comes out. >Some pretty Nep figures are going on pre-order on Play-Asia They look pretty good: Basically its a pretty shit time to be a /nep/ fan. But as for other Idea Factory and Compile Heart games, they're not doing too bad: >Mary Skelter Finale was released a few weeks ago 3rd one in the series and its doing very well, everyone likes Mary Skelter. Its a dark, bloody and kinda edgy DRPG with cute girls as usual. They still have some LEs in stock here: >Death's End Re;Quest 1 got a physical release on the Switch this year I'm not complaining about more physical releases moving away from Noire's shithole Lastation right now. It seems IFI is doing a better job than the jap branch of trying to stay away from that shitty platform. I am unaware of any bunker/offsite activity since the last time it was really mentioned was a long time ago since 8ch went down and 8kunt's /nep/ catalog was mostly destroyed. Here's some of the old info copy-pasted and adjusted when possible; no idea if its outdated or not, if it isn't, feel free to post updates in the thread: After 8ch was taken down, thread is split between here and 0net. We've made a /nep/ dis­cord! Ask for an invite in the thread. We also have a Matrix/Riot bunker, add these to your client (acquired at CONTENT >Re;Translation of Re;Birth 2 Actual version: 1.422 Download: >Re;Translation of Re;Birth 3 Actual version: 1B Download: Vita version Re;Translations: >Re;Birth 2 Re;Translation >Re;Birth 3 Re;Translation Version 1.02 Version 0.90 >Producing Perfection audio has been uploaded to MEGA Download:!YERwSbSA!K5DHhnr_wl8jqXwHnVFJFQ Re;Birth mods: Translated Nep media: Nep mods to add Neps to Non-Nep games: Stories from /nep/ and /v/ members: Thread OP pastebin: QUESTIONS >Which game to begin the series with? Start with Re;Birth 1 to test the waters, then play Re;Birth 2 and/or Re;Birth 3 (with the Re;Translations), and then V-II. >I've heard of bad translations in the Neptunia games, care to tell me more about it? Translation Statuses are: HDN, HDN Mk2 and Victory: NISA cancer. Re;Birth 1 and V-II: Translation is alright, no worries from these ones. Re;Birth 2: Not obviously bad at the start, but gets much worse as it goes along: in particular Neptune and Ram were screwed hard during localization. However, there is a Re;Translation made on our very own board (see above links). Re;Birth 3: Better than the original NISA translation in Victory but still quite a lot of cancer. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content. All of the spin-offs: Varying translation quality. These range from cancer to mediocre. >I'm too poor to buy the games, where do I grab them? Ask the Share threads. >I want to help with the translation efforts. Ask in thread. REMINDER TO KEEP NEPPING, EVEN IN THE HARD TIMES 🍆🍆🍆 (And reminder to email IFI to keep avoiding censorship; they've been doing well so far with that at least but they're easily susceptible to hurting the neps with how bad everything is even on the JP side: A side note: Do you think its worth it for anons to make a /nep/ board on 8moe? I wouldn't mind doing it myself but I'm too lazy to admin a board very well or keep it alive on my own

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Fakémon - Moe Edition

> > Close your eyes, get a type combination, get an animal, and try to think up a Pokemon design using them. Then use paint, photoshop, crayons and a kids menu, whatever, and draw it! Can you come up with something better than Gamefreak's latest batch of cheap funko-pops starters? I bet you can! And if you can't who cares, just draw something fun. Here's a simple color palette for types too in case you need it.

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MMO Thread

Figured why not since the old thread is gone. Been playing anything recently? Sorry to any of the anons I was playing SMT: Imagine with. I still love the game but I dropped it for Endwalker and then I just got tired of Endwalker due to the connection issues. Just started this PC port of a mobile MMO called Toram Online today and it's as you expect. I'm just playing it out of boredom. I do like MMOs with PS2 graphics though. I checked up on PSU and it seems there's some dramafaggotry going on with the development team. Basically one of the developers who put a lot of work into Clementine left because he was being bullied by the community. There's a post on the forum by an admin saying he's not sure of the future of Clementine in terms of updates.

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Tits & Gore.

I like big tits on beautiful women and people getting split apart in bloody ways. I feel like were not getting nearly enough games with both. Sure we still have games with a lot of gore but the tits are disappearing. This is awful. Lets have a thread Celebrating games with both!

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Innovation in VG

Have all the possible genres and gameplay tropes been mapped out for VG as we know it? That is, the joystick and keyboard & mouse generation. There hasn't been real innovation in VG for a decade, it's just been the same genres with slight changes. No new concepts changing the industry. Where does VG tech and potential gameplay innovation go from here?

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Fire Emblem's weird direction and a possible future?

I haven't seen much discussion here or previously about Fire Emblem 3 Houses and its weird, jumbled identity. It's certainly a fascinating case when you take in account the history of Fire Emblem and ignore the localizations, because I think we're seeing a very hard shift in both stories presented in FE and developers. All this is speculation mind you. Old Fire Emblem >Made by nerds who liked 80s and 90s fantasy anime and DnD >Series from 1 up to 10 were about fantasy Europe being the good guys mostly and fighting against dragons, undead and some dark priests mostly >Series jerked off fantasy France mostly >In an ironic twist, they depicted Macedonia as megalomaniacal and later humbled as a nod to Alexander the Great >Big bad was mostly Fantasy Britain but thanks to Alm this stopped >Fantasy Skandinavia got two games and somehow was connected to fantasy Thrace >Fantasy Greece also got two games and was connected to Arthurian / Roland legends fighting against Messopotamian deities and dragons >FE9 and 10 were fantasy Crimean recreating Crimean legends featuring Guts from the Berserk series >The games are loved in Japan, many series exist thanks to Kaga's idea of making Lazer Squad into an RPG as well >Fire Emblem grows by adding Kaga's ideas and by trading ideas with the series that sprouted thanks to them, like SRW <FE11 and 12 were remakes <We all know how uber shit 12 was and how it almost killed the franchise <The less said about Kris the better Fire Emblem's final game >Awakening starts >Its mostly new staff >Decide to make a game that is an amalgamation of all the previous games, somehow >They manage to do it on zero budget >Story is fantasy Francish Kingdom, now a Fantasy Franc kingdom post-fantasy Charlemagne, fighting against fantasy Persia, founded by fantasy Brettons that became a cult and fucked over fantasy France and fantasy Brittain a 1000 years ago >(you) are some retarded amnesiac that buff Marth finds while travelling >Buff Marth is heralded along with his sister as the new coming of Marth and the most important people in the universe <Obviously evil guy tells (you) that (you) are actually the most important person in the whole universe and that (you) are the true ubermensch >(you) are actually some retarded bookworm with 0 social skills and the only cool thing you have is a weird tattoo <Turns out that being an ubermensch according to the cult means having a suitable body for the fucking Dragon Gimli, the ender of Ragnarok, to inhabit and destroy the world >Shit pants <Time travel also happens <In the nip version, it is implied that (your) kid, Marc, isn't from the same timeline and they're an alternate universe (you) that travelled with Lyn, Eliwood and Hector, just like (you) are implied to have done as well >Story basically concludes with fantasy France, fantasy Russia, who also happen to magically have some fantasy Ainu people among them, fantasy Brittain and (you) basically stop Ragnarok and save the world forever <Gameplay is weirdly balanced but one can make it work, depending on what Fire Emblem he liked in the past >Game is treated with respect in Japan, it's the ultimate closure <Game seels like hotcakes in the west <It's the ultimate waifu-husbando simulator and eugenics program <Localization botches all the references and connections to almost ALL previous Fire Emblems and the nods to specific things that nips knew, like Priam named Paris because Ike was originally named Paris in order to hit home that he hailed from fantasy Troy >Nami Komoru steps up and is awarded for her success <She basically created just two characters and wrote about a dozen support conversations but she also did twitter campaigns to promote the game <At the time, a certain section of tumblr that stalked japanese twitter for cult-of-personality tweets caught wind of it and spread the word and a boost in sales happened so here we are Fire Emblem helmed under Nami Komoru >Let's have a new start for Fire Emblem >Sounds good, we got a new team, new budget <Nami Komoru is at the helm, gets total control of the project, contracts 5 differen expensive authors and mangaka to write dialogue and support for the game <WITHOUT GIVING THEM CONTEXT OR ANY WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER <WHILE SHE WRITES THE SCENARIO FOR ALL ROUTES AND THE CHARACTERS >Gameplay is also shit and exacerbates the few flaws that Awakening had and multiplies them by 1000% >She has the genius idea of doing Fantasy Medieval times vs Fantasy Japan >Of course Fantasy Japan are the super good guys without flaws >Fucking Kamui / Corrin is Kris but a thousand times worse and more obnoxious >Revelations is basically a straight rip-off of Gundam Seed and Kamui is straight up Kira Yamato <Somehow the localization is even worse than the game >Everything is absolute cancer about <It's got the highest sales as a game at the time <Especially due to censorship controversies and due to western tumblrtards spreading lies about the game being LGBTBBQ friendly due to Zero / Niles, who's basically Nami Komoru's yaoi fantasy voiced by Takehito Koyasu >Fire Emblem Warriors starts <The production s troubled, devs don't know what to do, you know how it goes >Team Ninja members make the two main characters of FEW as a blonde Ax Wielder and a blonde Lance Wielder <We could have had Blond Ephraim and Blonde FemHector >The original plan was for Darius to be the secret Sword Wielder Lord that was recruited later >Intelligent Systems suddenly is interested and yoinks the designs for those two lords for their upcoming mobage project at the time <They also yoinked Maaya Uchida for the role of their mobage Lord as well and KoeiTecmo had to beg them to be able to use her alongside her brother in order to voice the twins in FEW >Fire Emblem Heroes >This is basically where the bulk of Intelligent Systems went and all the apparent "A" tier talent <The less said about this fucking cancer, the better >Fire Emblem Echoes >A remake from the "B" tier team about one of the more infamous FE titles <It's actually really fucking good and faithful to the original >B team shows they carry the Fire Emblem spirit within them and deliver a great game with amazing aesthetics and designs (cont.)

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Console-tan thread: Having fun with cuties edition

I can't remember the last time we had one of these, figured I might as well make one without the baggage of a gay console-tan like the steam deck thread was, plus that wasn't a general console-tan thread since everybody likes em, plus we could pool together >our collective creative juices for fun /ctt/ ideas, and hopefully fun things come out of it. Post your: >Favorite console-tan designs and artworks >ideas for new console-tans >why you like/dislike any particular ones >scenario/comic Ideas, requests, greentexts and drawings >OC >any related content (i.e. artist-specific consoletans) And really anything interesting you find or feel like posting about. Sites: (general consoletan booru) (webring+8moe-specific booru)

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Embracer Group (THQ Nordic) has purchased Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and more from Square Enix

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Remember "Goodbye Volcano High", the adventure game about "non-binary" dinosaurs that was announced last year? Some people from halfchan made an entire parody romance VN called Snootgame and released it before the original game even came out. Supposedly its pretty good. The Goodbye Volcano High developers don't seem happy about it.

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"Cult" games that are actually shit

Leave here your grievances with games popular with the more refined audience (that means no cowadoody and other normalnigger games) that are actually bad, or at least not as good as they're made out to be. Back it up with arguments, this is not some low effort unpopular opinion thread. >E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Made out to be some real kickass game, is in fact a series of big empty Gmod maps with infinitely respawning enemies where you run around doing generic objectives like "press button" and "kill enemy". Enemies have god awful AI and either know exactly where you are at all times or turn off their brains and ignore you when you're shooting in front of them. They're about as satisfying to kill as NPCs you spawn in Gmod, which is to say not at all, especially not for the fifty billionth time with how excessively you're gonna be mowing down never ending waves of enemies. Nearly all of them fit into 2 varieties, the gun enemies and the melee enemies that run after you, which for the most part all behave the same. Egregiously repetitive and absolute dreadful shit. The only good aspects are the cool armor designs for E.Y.E. characters and some of the environments. >Recettear Dungeons are bad and very unprofitable. Repetitive as fuck, cheaply random generated shit and enemies might as well have been copypasted from some stock game asset library with how extremely uninspired they are. Dungeons are half the gameplay and necessary to progress the plot and unlock new shit, so you can't ignore them either. >Project Zomboid A tale of disappointment and wasted potential. Glacially slow development since released under early access in 2013, still has no late game content, no enemy variety, no survivor NPCs, no animal NPCs and no death machine vehicles. With no overarching late game objective, there is nothing to do after finishing your safehouse, except survive just for the sake of it and explore samey places that contain nothing special. Developers are more concerned with polishing animations and sounds instead of adding actual meat to the game. >Mount & Blade: Warband Single player is a tech demo, has a bunch of neat ideas but is ultimately invalidated by its insurmountable length and lack of content and depth. Very few quests and interactions, very shallow diplomacy and intrigue. Early game and mid game can be fun, but once you reach the late game it's pretty much over in terms of fun. The only thing left to do then is to conquer the map for your faction, which is an indescribably grindy and insanely repetitive drag, so much that 99% of players will get bored and stop playing. Multiplayer, though, was a completely different game and I had great fun with it, but it's fucking dead.

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Cool little details in games that aren't touched on

Silent Hill: Downpour >Has an achievement for not murdering any monster in a playthrough >Literally, as in the legal definition of murder >You don't get the achievement if you attack and kill a monster on the ground, which is considered murder in court >You don't get penalized for self-defence, ie striking someone who is up and attacking you >The fact that the monsters are all humanoid aside from the void chase sections might not be laziness, since Murphy has no issues with animals or internal problems, all of his problems are external, are people he wanted revenge on, his son, his marriage, people who are blackmailing him etc. Silent Hill 4 >The reason Henry Townshend's lines are so droll is because he has sleep deprivation since the room doesn't allow him to have actual restful sleep due to nightmares >He is also notably shy, and has an obsession with photographs, one of which was even a personal gift by the apartment complex's owner, Frank Sunderland. >Essentially every interaction he has with people is him "spilling his spaghetti", one of his first being asking a dying bloody woman on the floor if she's okay, having low social skills >If you've ever had this sort of friend you'd know this is actually something excessively shy people do >The reason for the overuse of stock sounds was mainly because the game was originally going to be a horror theme action game ala Devil May Cry, but Konami told the team to turn that shit around, giving them less development time. This also explains the lack of puzzles. The inventory system was an attempt to keep the game more actiony tension-wise, because you had to switch between options in real time. Also, after the dev team split up, some of the members went on to create Siren 1 and 2, which honestly shows. I basically only know tibits about the silent hill series. Anyone else got stuff?

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Final Fantasy XVI latest trailer already complete and coming soon

For those who haven't heard, the new Final Fantasy trailer should be airing likely next month during "E3". Apparently the trailer was delayed from spring to early summer and is already complete with development of the title being in the final stretch. The reason this game is more interesting than say XV or Kingdom Hearts is because it's being directed by Yoshi-P aka the guy who saved Final Fantasy 14 and the combat is being designed by Ryota Suzuki which is the same guy who designed Dragon's Dogma and Devil May Cry 5. It seems Square is going all out for this game and I hope the corporate meddling doesn't fuck it up too badly, but then again this is the same company who sold Deus Ex and Tomb Raider for a meager 300 million, so who knows.

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Non-grandstrategy strategy games.

Oh boy, it sure feels great being strategy fan in CY+7. >Only non-grandstrategy strategy game that was released in this decade was AoE4, which isn't even the AoE4 that was planned. And total war three kingdoms which it isn't, it's the warlord era before three kingdoms period Now I'm not saying that AoE4 can be bad, it can be good, but if you are going back to the medieval age, just to be safe™. No they made it because they needed to milk the AoE2 fanbase for nostalgia. if they wanted to be safe, they could have just rebooted it. There is still no Rise of Nations 2 which was planned, but instead they went to mobile market. No EE4, no Warcraft 4, no starcraft 3, no C&C 4 remake and much much more. Good news. There are. 0. AD should still be in development and AoEO project celeste is still developing the game long after being dropped by Microshit. Does anyone know more?

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MILFs in Vidya

Given that it's a Monday, I hereby encourage everyone to discuss their favorite or least favorite MILFs in video games. Who are your favorite vidya MILFs anon?

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Soul Hackers 2 - Cyberpunk Boogaloo

Atlus has put a countdown on the Soul Hackers site They've also put a bunch of cryptic videos on YouTube pooling people for their opinions on SMT stuff (Law vs. Chaos) random stuff and the modern internet which occasionally show static images of... something. The only one that's of particular interest (and all that clear) are these two, which looks like a gameplay screenshot (which shows a PS controller button prompt) and a world shot. >PS exclusive or multiplat using PS version for best graphics in previews >will it maintain the 90s future the remake did absolutely nothing to change (they still said it was in the Heisei era!) or adopt a more modern view of the future >will it use the classic SMT combat or something else (since Raidou is half the Devil Summoner sub-series) >will it have a cute FeMC option >how will it be sucked

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arcade stories

>local arcade has all games set to the highest difficulty >the House of the Dead machine is miscalibrated and it's impossible to aim >closes down in 2007 >3 years later, arcade in the next town over now suddenly has a house of the dead machine >properly calibrated, set to normal >still go there to this day, place never closed

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Happy 20th Birthday Morrowind!

Wake Up! We're Here! Morrowind is now officially 20 years old! Discuss >what mods you playing >what mods you making >what spells you casting >your first time playing Morrowind >what the manual maker have against Dralsea Arethi >why newer TES games suck in comparison to Morrowind >why older TES games suck inc comparison to Morrowind >expectations for what Bethesda will do in celebration beyond social media posts and more. >I'm an n'wah and haven't played Morrowind yet Grab Morrowind Game of the Year Edition (extant chance it will be released for free, at least temporarily, before the day is over, but you can easily "find" the GoG release regardless) and install it. Then install OpenMW, Patch for Purist, Expansion Delay, and Morrowind Optimization Patch. Those are the only mods (and new engine) you'll need for your first playthrough.

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So, I've played this for about 1 and a half hour, does it get any better?

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Super Mario /V/orld New Vegas

It'll be released in couple of hours from now. Any thoughts about it?

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Fake Games

Post screenshots and mockups of games that never were.

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The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

So the sequel to the Stanley Parable came out yesterday I pirated it since I bought the original years ago and it's pretty funny. I'll be posting my screenshots taken so far. If any anons have also played it, share your thoughts on the game. I'd say it's unique to say the least. It's a walking simulator but has no qualms admitting that. A lot of the humor kind of depends on you being aware of narrative/video game nuances, so for someone like me, it's striking home a lot.

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Mecha Thread

Like em big? Like em small? Let's have a thread about everyone's favorite mechanical palls and the games they star in. Personally I've been considering getting back into Daemon X Machina since I heard there was a secret mission regarding solomon since he was only brought up once and never mentioned again. I've also been playing a bit of the Arcade mode in Custom Robo as well as the campaigns for both Slave Zero and Metal Wolf Chaos. That said if you're gonna try out Slave Zero, I HIGHLY recommend playing the GOG version as the steam and dreamcast versions are broke to all hell.

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Tails Gets Trolled 10 year Anniversary

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ASSHOLES FORGOT Can someone please storytime it for us?

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Odd games that are good.

Thread to drop in and talk about some game you're pretty sure not many people have played but you have and it was good. I played this game called "Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure" which came out in like 2020 and now has a sequel in early access. It's a traditional Roguelike in gameplay but you can recruit monster girls who keep their levels between runs (are capped) and it's just really comfy. First dungeon is like 36 floors then you unlock about 5-6 more and after that you get 2 more, 1 with a ludicrous 1000 floors with checkpoints every 100 and a 200 floor dungeon where you play as the monster girls. MC is a girl in random dialogue so don't expect to dick any of the girls when playing.

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Puzzle games

Let's talk puzzle games, puzzle-platformers, ect. What have you played? I reccently got the regular ending on patrick's parabox; it is quite similar to baba is you and fun in the same logic-warping way. I also, not to long ago, tried out Steal princess for the DS which was GOD AWFUL. Been quite interested in getting "The last cube", though I am unsure if my pc can actually run it, it is quite similar to cu-on-pa. Anyways, I am quite the firm believer that "Kula world" and it's unofficial sequel, "Cubosphere", is the gold standard as far as puzzle-platformers are concerned. I've also been a bit interested in "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker", though I don't have a switch.

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Amateur Game Dev General

Post progress and ask questions about others progress. Resources: >#8/agdg/ via > via matrix programs >Dev resources: >Wiki: > >

R: 40 / I: 49 / P: 10

I need your best games that channel the edgelord within us. Early 2000s metal, trenchcoats and guns/swords, parental issues, the whole deal, the almost extinct archetype that became lost when trannies and political correctness took over. I want the games to be GOOD because I want to PLAY them, but if there are some you know that are entertaining to watch, list them too so I can laugh. I know about the new final fantasy game btw, it has it's own thread

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Senran Kagura 10th Anniversary Megathread

It is now 9/22 which means Senran Kagura is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so get in here and wish a happy birthday to the titty ninjas. Let's get this shindig started! >Best girl >Best game >Best costume >Best ninpo >Worst girl >Things you'd like to see in future games >Who is your Senran wife?

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Vampire survivors

Anyone else playing this game? It's a quite fun horde/crowd control game with a bunch of different weapons, items and weapon evolutions. A few screens from some of my latest playthroughs.

R: 15 / I: 26 / P: 10

Video Game Soundtrack That Makes You Thrilled

Post or list some game music that makes you excited has hell.

R: 70 / I: 44 / P: 10

Pleasant Surprises

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised playing a game where your expectations were set low? Doesn't have to be the entirety of the game, maybe some small element of it. I'd like to highlight Call of Duty Black Ops 1's campaign, which was really quite nice. Had pretty big names in it just like World at War (Gary Oldman, for one) which added to the quality of the overall story, which was stellar. I like conspiracy themes in grounded stories, as well, so the overarching mystery of the campaign's plot really had me hooked, and the subtext, if you look into it, is amazing. MKULTRA, JFK second/multiple shooters, Vietnam mind control, etc. All really cool shit. Now, I won't go into the multiplayer since it's pretty standard as far as CoD goes, though I will comment that it was fun while it lasted Zombies is also a neat little gimmicky game mode despite being a worse Killing Floor. The main draw of this game, however, has got to be the campaign.

R: 15 / I: 9 / P: 10

Erotic flash games

Erotic flash games are one of the biggest genres of flash games to exist. Well why they wouldn't be? So have you played any of them, what were your favourite ones? Do you have any recomendations? >Shouldn't this be in hgg thread? Well not all erotic flash games are nip origin. So I would wonder why not make one?

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Hey Wurmfriends. I'm not trying to host a server, but was wondering if anyone here has played on Sklotopolis and if it was decent. It's been 6 months (x2) since the crossplay server and I'm in the mood for more.

R: 274 / I: 102 / P: 10

/hgg/ - Dragon Knight Edition

Hentai Games Last thread reached bump limit. I'll start this one off with a question, what are some good older h-games (pre-2000) that are preferably translated into English?

R: 287 / I: 156 / P: 10

Half-Life 2 Krystal Mod getting full voice acting from the original VA

R: 18 / I: 10 / P: 10

Does death stranding get better?

Does this get any better? I’m 3 hours in and all I’ve down is walk to a place twice (maybe 30 minutes of gameplay) and had 2 and a 1/2 hours of exposition vomited at me about a story that I have no investment in yet. Also I put the game on easy because it got really annoying that this retard doesn’t even know how to fucking TURN without falling over like a normal goddamn human being. I’m usually on board with Kojimbo’s bullshit, but this is burning through my goodwill fast. It feels pretty disrespectful of my time, and while a couple of the mechanics I like like balancing the loads or navigating unstable terrain, but the BTs being annoying interruptions or being incapable of basic human shit like FUCKING TURNING are turning me off, and as I said I have no investment in this world yet. I guess I’m just kind of ranting. It feels stupid to spend 3 hours on a game and gotten barely anything out of it, I could have finished a pulp novel in that time.

R: 91 / I: 48 / P: 10

Max Payne 1&2 remake project announced

Remedy Entertainment will produce remakes of Max Payne and May Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne as a single title, dubbed Max Payne 1&2, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC through a new development agreement with Max Payne intellectual property owner Rockstar Games, the company announced. Under the development agreement signed today, Remedy will develop the games as a single title for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S using its proprietary Northlight game engine. The game’s development budget will be financed by Rockstar Games, the size of which will be in line with a typical Remedy AAA-game production. Under the agreement, Remedy has a royalty opportunity after Rockstar Games has recouped its development, marketing, and other costs for distributing and publishing the game. The project is currently in the concept development stage. ARE YOU READ FOR GRAND THEFT AUTO TRILOGY: DEFECTIVE EDITION 2? DON'T ANSWER THAT A RHETORICAL QUESTION

R: 69 / I: 30 / P: 10

GAMEBOY THREAD >talk about Gameboy games >talk about how shitty the hardware was >don't post children

R: 226 / I: 528 / P: 11

Beach games

Lets go to the beach anon. The summer heat is killing me and now I need summer games about going to the beach to distract me from all the bugs waking up. Summer games in general works for me. I actually hate summer but lets try and focus on the positves.

R: 189 / I: 125 / P: 11

Xeno Thread

The long rumored Xenoblade 3 just got announced and it seems like most of the rumors were true. I figured it was best to start an actual thread rather than just post in the Direct one. What are your thoughts? Did being cucked drive Nia and Melia mad? Is Mio actually related to Nia? Will any other past characters show up? Will this be the end of the “blade” games and the next ones will be Xeno-something else? Talk about any of these things. Or just post lewd fanart. That’s fine too.

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A new trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Fates has dropped. It shows off the new MC, a merc that was supposed to be forgotten, with choice of A or B body types gender. It also shows some new tactical options such as directing allies to use abilities in certain areas as well as the cancerous "team up" waifu/husbando bullshit that has plagued the series since Awakening. In more traditional musuo discussion, how is Samurai Warriors 5? I'm thinking of trying it out on Xbox.

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The wild west

Howdy pardners! y'all know what the best game in the wild west is? I just got an urge to play something in that setting. Preferably on pc.

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Art thread

Post vidya art and artists if you have it. >hungry_clicker >

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Sequels That Learned From the Mistakes of their Predecessor

A thread about the opposite of >>518688 Instead of sequels that fucked everything up, let's talk about sequels to not-so-great games that fixed everything. MegaMan Battle Network 2 The first game was a GBA launch title, and restarted development several times. As a result it was super rough around the edges and the combat system never really used the full extent of it possibilities. 2 on the other hand >introduces * code chips so its easier to build a synergistic folder >makes all chips flow in others better >replaces the weird armor system of the first game that did nothing but give you a resistance with a unique style system where you got various power ups in exchange for an element weakness, further pushing the player toward never getting hit >main internet is no longer just a straight line with the occasional shortcut Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon >reduces many of the chores vs. the Soulless Army had >the player has infinite mundane ammo, so they no longer have to keep buying more despite the cost being negligible >letting them conduct demon fusion from any save point so you don't constantly have to backtrack >combat system is way smoother >introduced fiend battles so every dungeon has some tension >introduced choices and law/chaos alignment so Raidou does more in cutscenes than look dumb >demon recruitment is now done by the series recruitment dialog, which is predictable per demon type, rather than a button mashing minigame >not every area has random encounters Fire Emblem 7 The sixth game was the first from a new dev team, and the seventh is on the same engine. >after some of the worst map design in the series (literally linear corridors) with one objective comes some varied map design with a good number of objectives >after the really shallow cast of the sixth game (half had no personality, a quarter had a one note personality) comes possibly the most fleshed out cast in the series <even the antagonist has depths if you 100% the game and connect all the dots >character stats are reasonable enough its no longer a coin flip if the RNG renders them useless and a far greater percent of the cast is actually useful >weapon stats rebalanced so axes lances and swords are all usable >no sacae route Street Fighter II There's a reason nobody talks about the original Street Fighter. You can't even fix it in a remake because there's nothing to build on. At most you'd just have a game that takes Street Fighter's place in the timeline, for all five people that care about the series canon.

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Anon's Bizarre Adventure Re-Re-Resurrection

Just want to see if people want to get back into this project.

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Terrafirmacraft thread

Has anyone played this actually good mod for Minecraft? Are there any news of tfc+ development? I've heard that dunk is trying to add new armors, but nothing more. So has anyone played it?

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Anyone remember Scarlet Blade

I never played it, myself since I've always had a strong aversion to mmos, but I'd always see ads for it growing up. When I look online I hear people saying that the game is either "passible" to "actually pretty good" Is it? I'm probably still not going to play it, but I always assumed it was a trash game based on the ads so I'm curious.

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Wallpaper Thread

Post comfy vidya wallpapers or even your desktop so we can call you a faggot. Gondolas are fine too. For the longest time I had this doom wallpaper and a manowar one. Now I just have this cat streched all over my screen.

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/v/ makes a chart: Recommending western games the Nips should play

Calling all anons! Let's make a chart together of your good western games the japanese audience should play! >why? There's an increasing effort to get the Japanese to play Western developed games. And, rather than let companies decide which games should introduce those players to media, we can develop a chart consisting of the "better" games that the West has released over the past 20-30 years, with five of the "best" or "most recommended" titles released every year. >ok I'm in, what are the rules? - The first version of release counts as the game's original release year, unless you're referring to a specific version of the game. - It is a good idea to prioritize games which either already have a Japanese translation or received a Japanese fan translation. - Each year must have 5 games total. - For variety's sake, try to keep it to one title per platform every year. - Only add games that you have personally played to this list. - The years will span from 1992-2021 Discuss with other anons what games you think should/should not be contenders as the games of the year!

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Ghostwire Tokyo

Hey anon, did you rum the new Bethesda release that was previously Ikumi Nakamura's game? It's basically gone from first person Ghost-Doot with hand seals into Metroid Prime with handseals and spoopy Taisho-era urban legends and internet myths, from internet ghosts to toilet ghosts to the 8 foot tall Ara-Ara lady hunting for fresh shotas to snip all that in the amazing district of Shibuya, home of Nomura's wet dreams. Did I ever tell you that it even reuses the Zelda toilet paper joke? The game's an absolute meme, it's basically a first person Evil Within 1 sans the traps but with exploration and some light RPG elements due to the open world faggotry. It's the most meh game out of the three big ones that are coming out, between Kirby and Jack's Bizarre Adventure. It could have been far, far better if the RPG elements made your shamanic powers actually stronger and better, giving you faster run speeds, better charging, higher jumps and so on but right now it's very stiffled. The story is basically Devil Summoner except you save your sister instead of your girlfriend, not-Kyoji Kuzunoha inhabits your body instead of the other way round but you still engage in those assholish back and forths, a bullshit cult aims to fuck Tokyo as usual and you stop them. It's barely worth a pirate but I expect people will do it anyway because the PC release of this game will probably include all the executables as well with its demo, resulting in another DooT Eternal situation where more 70% of the people got it for free in the first few weeks or something. BTW Ikumi has created a new studio focusing exclusively on horror games, wonder how she'll fare against the Silent Hill guy and his Bokeh studio with Slithead.

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If you had to pick an ''almost'' good game to get a remake, what would you choose /v/?

The only games that should be remade are ones that were almost good, as opposed to classics. Classics games wouldn't be classics if they weren't already good. They don't have to be perfect, but they don't have glaring flaws that prevent you from engaging with the game. Sometimes though, there are games that are almost good, but get fucked by certain aspects. Maybe it's a shitty story, maybe it's just one aspect of combat that fucks over the rest. A good example is Fate/EXTRA for the PSP, which has a dreadfully boring rock-paper-scissors combat system, but an interesting aspect about "investigating the enemy servant" before you fight to gain an advantage. The music was good, the graphics were okay(for the PSP), and the story was good as well. Just had one shitty combat system. Perfect example of a game that could use a remake. If you had to pick an almost good game to get a remake, what would you choose /v/?

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Friday Night Funkin' Thread

>FNF modder guy makes this lame ass furry to fish for a shota BF. >Months later he is exposed as a pedo. >Troll makes fanart of lame ass furry for laughs. >Twitter tries to ruin his life. >Troll is now making an entire mod of her just to piss them off more. Also this is a general Friday Night Funkin' Thread

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RTS Thread

Let's talk about our favorite Real Time Strategy/Tactics games I'm waiting for Starship Troopers Terran Command, I hope the delay was worth it and they fixed game well after the demo. CoH3 Pre Alpha was also alright, plays more like 1 with some new units And don't forget: Fuck Gookclickers, fuck Blizzard and fuck ((( GDI )))

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Liminality in Video Games

In a nutshell; Empty human architecture or fields common to cause a feeling of unease. See mp4 related to get a better grasp. As of late, I've been obsessed over this recently defined concept of liminal spaces. It's nothing new and you've probably already experienced it whether in real life or a videogame. Just think back whenever you stood on an open space or even a hallway all by yourself, in total silence or maybe playing gmod alone for the first time. It's common in horror games but is usually accompanied with frequent encounters with monsters which kills the concept I'm referring to. Same with games like Stalker, Metroid and the Fallout and TES series. Isolation is really comfy, yet unsettling at the same time and is something that works best on vidya. Here's a few games that have scratched that itch for me: >Garry's Mod As I said before, playing gmod by yourself evokes that feeling. There's even a lot of fan maps that revolve around this concept. >INFRA Source game where you go around all by yourself fixing machinery. More comfy than eerie. >LSD: Dream Simulator. The jumpy music kind of ruins it for me, though you can just mute the game and play some ambience music and it works the best that way. Pretty fun to explore. >Portal Pretty good though not as eerie, Any games or mods like this that you can think of? I'm thinking of playing Stanley Parable and ICO next. There's superliminal but that seems gay. Any screenshots of your own that you can share? While stalker isn't desolate enough, is good material for liminal screenshots.

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2D games popularity

Are there any 2D games (indie/AA/AAA) that achieved success recently (last 5 or 10 years)? Are there any games (2D or 3D) with top view camera (bird's view) that achieved success recently? Are there any games (preferably 2D) with isometric camera that achieved success recently? Post screens from the games. You can find screens on Moby Games. Are 2D/top/isometric/side games no longer produced? Or are they produced but nobody buys them? Why did everything move to soulless 3D triangles, bilinear filtering (blur) and grey colors?

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Thrive and other evolution games

>news Thrive got a newest update whichs adds a new organelle called the chemoreceptor, bassically smell. Spore is still shit and the hypothetical new aquatic stage dlc is still nowhere. Fuck EA. Creature sim site hasn't been updated in some time. It's unknown what happened to dev. What the fuck is this shit. Downloads for thrive

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open world

NFS MW uses its open world most effectively in cop pursuits where you can run away to any direction nd get ambushed from any direction. It also realizes that same isn't beneficial in races so it locked down raves to a specific route. GTA also uses cop chases the same way and foot pursuits with guns. In farcry (since 3) open world is best used in liberating outpost, where player is free to use whichever direction of approach they want. Most farcry missions are locked down to a linear path with pre-designed points of best approach the player is expected to take. Morrowind and several other rpgs allows non-linear progression of missions which can be completed in any order with each one effecting others. Completing quests in any order is encouraged. What are other cool things to do with open world games? Which games have open world used like a desert with "oases" of content littered around?

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ME3 10th Anniversary

It's been ten years since Bioware killed it's flagship title and began the fall into total dead end EA shovelware. BLUE/GREEN/RED!

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Save State ROM Patches For Game Boy (Color) Games Just thought I'd bring more attention to this project. It has patches for GB and GBC games to add save state support if using a flash cart that supports saving.

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The Perfect Dark and 007 PC remake has been taken down off of internet archive

Where can I find it since it's been taken down now ?? has it been reuploaded anywhere else ??

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Korean Chink video games

Why Japanese are so good in video game production but not Koreans or Chinks? Or other Asians? Only 3 countries in the world produce video games: 1. Japan 2. America 3. Europe

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Columbine/Hitler Birthday TODAY

Let's celebrate by posting our favorite OCs Here are Erics Doom .wads

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Robots in vidya and robot games

Continuing a conversation from the TES thread as not to derail it more Characters, games, AIs, classes, enemies, waifus, clang, whatever. Note this is not a mecha thread, that would be >>275964. This is more broadly about machines and machine accessories.

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New WoW expansion reveal! Official stream: (in case that instance doesn't work) Are you faggots ready to see Warcraft get raped even harder than before?

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How do you make Arma3 fun with minimal setup?

Just dusted off Arma3 downloaded some mods and tried to play but having to setup shit in Zeus to just play some simple scenarios is a pain and makes me wanna kill myself Does any arma3 vet know how to make it easier, as in click 3 buttons and you play a quick game? Preferably CQC battles shooting tiny dots with an assault rifle gets boring

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JRPG Thread - Estelle Bright Edition

The genre that was meant for men - the JRPG. A heavy focus on story and soundtrack; they almost always leave an imprint on the player. There's been a shit ton of classics and outstanding games over the years and new ones coming out every year. Which ones are you playing or is on your mind? >PLAYAN >WANNA PLAY >LOOKAN FOR >FISHAN

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So, how about that new moomin game?

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Have you ever taken that Quantic Foundry test to see what your gamer type is? It has some interesting results that aren't exactly wrong but they miss some finer points. For example, they cover primary first-run motivations, but they don't seem to consider power-playing and game mastery on repeated play-throughs. On first runs I will do a solo story-focused run without worrying about getting too OP, but on subsequent playthroughs I will do absolutely everything to break a game in as many ways as possible. The test: Archive of their archetypes:

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Valis Fantasm Soldier Collection

Somehow this was a game series I missed out on playing back in the day. It has a lot of points in its favor? >Great designs >Classic "combat platformer" ala Golden Axe but with a waifu >Serious Rayearth anime vibes I'm playing Super Valis IV (SNES collection freebie) which I know was heavily modified compared to the original game, but I'm having a pretty great time with it. The levels designs and art direction are fucking amazing, especially in the Vanity Castle level. I'm thinking of shelling out for the Valis Collection. What do anons have to say?