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(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id: 700bb9 No. 228459
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
>>443037 I'm going through my backlog, I'm alternating genres so I don't get tired of that shit. With the release of Metroid etc. I felt like playing 2D games / metroidvanias. Also these titles are more metroidvania than platformer from what I've seen, pure platformer bore me to death these days.
>>441921 I was going to install dgVoodoo fix again, to see if it would work this time, and i try the game shortcut again just for the hell of it and suddenly it works. Hopefully it keeps working this time, but who knows, thanks for the suggestion.
>>443031 I'll say Axiom Verge because it's the only one I know anything about, other than knowing I don't like how the middle two look.
>>443031 The only one I haven't played was Iconoclasts. Hollow Knight is really good, Valfaris is alright, could have been much better. Axiom Verge is also alright but I enjoyed Hollow Knight more. HK's fairly moddable and has a few mods that change up the gameplay quite significantly in case you'd ever want to replay it with a twist. >>443037 Because it's not like every 2D game is the equivalent of Ubisoft's constantly rehashing the same game over and over again. 2d platformers play completely differently from each other and the biggest similarity they can share is that they're in 2d. Speed, momentum, gravity, level design, combat design, enemies, how you heal, what abilities you get, how those abilities tie into combat, how they tie into movement, how movement and combat can be merged together or isolated, all of that differs from 2d game to 2d game.
Is it okay to play the Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance?
(1004.07 KB 1440x1080 zss jap super metroid.jpg)

Recommendations for video editing software? Preferably FOSS and which also runs on Linux.
>>443569 kdenlive
>>443569 Kdenlive is really the only usable one. There are others but none are as functional for anything beyond Windows Movie Maker-tier projects.
>>443571 >>443570 Thanks, that's what I was leaning towards but it seems to be more for experts and I've never really fucked around with any video editing before. Is there a decent beginner friendly tutorial that anyone can recommend?
>>443572 If you're a complete novice try OpenShot. It's much simpler and can help in learning the very basics of video editing.
Wasn't Blender capable of editing now?
How viable is actually playing PS1 games with a keyboard through an emulator? It seems to me like most of them should be working just fine seeing not many of them used analog.
>>443571 >>443572 I recently downloaded ShotCut for some pretty simple projects and even as a complete novice to video editing it didn't take much time to learn how it works. Looks very similar to Kdenlive.
>>444086 Great depends on the game. Most PS1 games will probably play just fine with a keyboard though it might take a bit to get used too.
How many of you are like me, where you download more games than you play? How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again?
>>444163 When i started working out and didn't spend all my free time sitting on a chair shitposting on this place. Now i'm able to sit down to actually play and have fun or enjoy what i'm doing instead of being aware i'm wasting time or that i'm fooling myself into thinking i'm enjoying it.
>>444163 >Bill Cooper This video makes him seem reasonable, but dude was crazy. He believed aliens were contacting Earth and accused anybody who disagreed with him of being CIA. He got killed by police during a shootout because he refused to be arrested for not paying his taxes
>>444163 <HW: Deserts of Karak <The whole Xenoblade series <Panzer Dragoon Remake <Kenshi <Mario Odyssey <Bayonetta 1&2 <Doom 64 And so many more, just sitting there. It's like I collect installers. >How did you get over not playing games I haven't. I keep them waiting for the day I have the motivation for them and the patience to get into them.
>>444163 >How many of you are like me, where you download more games than you play? Yes. I typically try out every game I download even if just for a little bit but most of them (~70%) I don't play regularly or ever beat and at this point I know I've got too many games to beat within a lifetime. >How did you get over not playing games, or did you just wait till you wanted to play again? When I had the free time at work I'd make a list of all of the games I'd daydream about and rank them in order of "most want to play" to "least want to play." Or if I was in the middle of one, I'd commit myself to completing it in some way or another, be it a tangible reward, a challenge to finish it as fast as I could disregarding roleplaying or personal rules, or just the intrinsic sense of determination a goal brings. Alternatively, take a break. People burn out over everything. If you get tired of playing videogames go for a walk, read a book, stay away from the computer for days at a time. Then you'll come back excited and eager to try out all of the things you've thought of instead of slaving away at the same grind you knew. It takes self-control, like anything does.
>>444187 >He believed aliens were contacting Earth Lots of people believe in Aliens, that doesn't make them insane. >He got killed by police during a shootout because he refused to be arrested for not paying his taxes Can you prove that? >>444215 That reminds me, i need to download Panzer Dragoon remake again.
>>444163 I restrict myself from downloading/playing three games at a time, but I have an issue where I find a game that plays in a way I find very satisfying(DMC, Vanquish, Ghostrunner, that P* Transformers game, Riftbreaker recently, Quake Arcane Dimensions etc) and I find myself wanting to "savour" the game, meaning I play it in extremely short bursts and never for a long time and I really hate myself for doing so because instead I find myself gravitating to very easy to digest, kind of bad games that I can just play for hours on end but not the games I actually like.
Also speaking of video editing, how does one get "effects" for video editing? For example if I'd like mimic the hud elements or heat graphical effects from Yakuza 0's fights.
>>444401 Either get or buy some plugin, or do the effect yourself in some motion graphics software like After Effects.
When i fullscreen DosBox i get really bad input delay, but only when i use DosBox in D-fend reloaded. GOG games that use DosBox work fine on full screen
(38.61 KB 616x353 They Bleed Pixels.jpg)

I bought They Bleed Pixels on sale for $2 is it worth it?
>>444401 I always used after effects. >>445091 Shouldn't you typically ask that before you buy something?
>>445092 I was interested in it a couple of years ago, forgot it, and then remembered. It's two dollars so it's not too much of a loss on my part. I still wonder if it's a fun game or not cause it seems like it is.
>>445091 I've never personally been able to get into it but it looks like it's good for the sort of game that it is. I've never heard anything bad about it from anyone else.
>>445093 Play it and find out.
>>445091 Supports shit people but the game is pretty good for that price.
>>445091 If you already own it, there is absolutely no reason to ask others if it's good when you can experience it yourself and find out in short order. What I think you meant to do, or at least ought to have done, is go to some other general thread and announce you are playing that game, so as to garner interest from other anons that have played it or may want to play, that so by the time you are satisfied with whatever level completion you reach in the game, there may be others who have recently thought of or played it on this board with whom you could have an informed discussion.
>>445169 >>445882 It's really fun, hard but fun.
(72.75 KB 848x477 mad man.jpg)

>go to download a game >https://downloadani.me/ >wait 100 or so seconds for the download link >complete captcha >error Wrong ip.
>>446001 Just use torrent.
>>446015 I'm downloading it from another site.

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