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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id: a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
>>445419 >it was only “kind of” justified to remove imkikey from power Anon, don’t hurt me like this.
>>445417 >Because it's illegal, there was no compromise because the rules were if it's legal it stays. Actually it's not. Merely sharing SSNs is not a crime in the US (some states may differ). What it does do is beg for government crackdown and/or "conspiracy" charges if those wind up being abused. Ergo, Hotwheels compromised in light of an existential threat. >Bullshit. no u >What is that a compromise on? And who are you to talk when this site does exactly the same thing? In a perfect world a site isn't obligated to maintain any records of user posts, and there's no written law that requires it. In practice a site that doesn't can be dragged 1000 miles into court to answer for why they don't have them, and punished for "destroying evidence" if they can't be recovered. We keep our record for 48 hours in case the feds come knocking for some glowposter or CP peddler. Old 8ch kept them forever. We've also been 100% up front about the trash bin, where Sunshine was a carefully guarded secret that had to be leaked. The situations are not at all comparable. >Wasn't that after hotwheels was long gone and it technically wasn't even 8chan anymore? HW himself yanked the /pol/ BOs. First to give the board back to its original BO who was his friend in IRC, and second because people were complaining about the BO who then pissed Hotwheels off by banning him.
Imkampfy was a banhappy freak, he literally banned a global who posted there to warn him to stop mass banning such huge IP ranges iirc He should've been removed much earlier if anything, at that point he was basically bragging about what he thought he could get away with.
>>445406 Nice slippery slope. If you want absolute anarchy, go to krautchan or nanochan or something, disallowing something that is abused, when the thing being abused is a point of contention anyways, isn’t too big a con. Like I said, if you want to post clothed little girls you can go to a million other websites for that.
>>445376 >The only solution I see is making the website harder >Making the website harder to find Lol the website is already hard enough to find on search engines. Why make it more niche? Its not going to dissuade that crowd from coming here if that's what your hoping for. If there's anyone posting illegal content, its likely somebody else doing that with the intention of taking 8chan.moe down. >just delete/ban any 3D child images whether they’re clothed or not, including rotoscoped CP It already is. I don't see any pics of fully clothed kids or CP posted around here. >>445417 >>445406 >CP gets posted to all image boards This. Even 4chan had this problem in the past and they still do although its rare and minimized at the expense of eliminating anonymity, convenience, and freedom of speech. Acid/Codex's approach to the free speech issue is probably the best I've seen on imageboards in a long time. As long as you don't post CP, you get to pretty much do whatever you want on here. 4chan has numerous restrictions in place, including prohibiting lolicon outside of /b/, restrictions in political speech, copyright restrictions, can only post one image per post, captcha lock after posting a couple of times, VPNs/Tor/Proxies are banned, and globals/mods ban whoever they don't like. At least on here, you can create your own board, and easily fullfill a niche. You can't do that on 4chan cause its running on an outdated engine. 4chan is heavily sanitized, the only thing that sustains it is traffic powered by its incumbency, its easy to find on search engines and recognition(being one of the "first" imageboards known in the West). 8moe can easily compete with 4chan but its hard to find on the search engine. Searching 8chan on Google, Duckduckgo, Yandex, SearX, Qwant, or Startpage does not show any site returns on 8chan.moe at all. Nonetheless, this site is managing to grow despite not being easy to find on search engines but it were easy to find like the original 8chan it would grow fast. >>445414 >>445417 Old 8chan had a lot of problems that's why this version is better. The only thing this site needs is an active /pol/, /tv/ and /a/ to add more variety around here. A dedicated philosophy, history, or hentai game board would be nice.
>>445426 >Actually it's not. Merely sharing SSNs is not a crime in the US (some states may differ). Forgive me for not taking the word of someone who thought stories were illegal and refused to be convinced otherwise for months and then silently walked it back after people gave up trying to talk sense into you. >In practice a site that doesn't can be dragged 1000 miles into court to answer for why they don't have them, and punished for "destroying evidence" if they can't be recovered. We keep our record for 48 hours Yeah because subpoenas are usually issued within a 2 day period right? Again I'm not about to trust the word of someone who says one thing in public to placate the userbase he hates so much and then goes on IRC and says something completely different in private. Either you're lying about being dragged into court for not keeping records in which case you shouldn't be keeping any or you're lying about it only being kept for 48 hours in which case it's no different than sunshine. >HW himself yanked the /pol/ BOs. I distinctly remember codemonkey making a post on /pol/ about having to get rid of the BO and taking over the board himself.
>giving pedoniggers (You)'s This place is a joke
>>445432 Free speech doesn't mean anarchy. Everyone deserves the same level of free speech, even pedos--and blacked fags like Acid. There is no slippery slope. If something crosses the line then it is deleted. It's just that simple. Obviously different people have different ideas of where the "line" is which is why the global rules are specifically not on the line of the law as Admin has stated--there is a buffer to accommodate varying opinions.
(242.49 KB 1272x686 Asuka smug mask.jpeg)

>>445437 >Forgive me for not taking the word of [the people who run the site and keep it all working] Well there you go. Why are you talking to me at all then? And why does your ID change with every post you make? Oh, right.
>>445442 Because I enjoy arguing with retards and to me you're just another retard, get off your high horse. Running this site doesn't make you infallible. My ID keeps changing because there's no way in hell I'm barebacking this site and you've intentionally designed your site to give someone a new ID constantly so that you can inflate your pathetic user count by I'm guessing 10x what it really is based on the level of activity.
>>445442 >these retarded pedoniggers I let infest my site keep engaging with me in bad faith I just don't understand it
>>445442 >Running this site doesn't make you infallible. Not infallible, no. But omniscient as far as its processes go. When you outright state you won't believe the only people who are in a position to know the thing you're trying to talk about, where does that leave you? >Because I enjoy arguing with retards >>>/reddit You'll fit in much better over there.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 10/18/2021 (Mon) 20:17:22.
>>445444 >My ID keeps changing because there's no way in hell I'm barebacking this site Just using a VPN or browsing with Tor will suffist. Changing your IP address every couple of minutes isn't going to make you anymore anonymous then you are. .Doubt the admins here care about you unless you're posting illegal shit.
>>445446 How does running a site put you in the position to know the things we're talking about? You used an irrelevant court case to determine something was illegal and banned it sitewide for months just like Jim did, you people aren't in a position to know anything about the law.
>>445449 I'm not changing my IP, my ID changes randomly for no reason even if I sit in the thread. Don't you find it odd that almost every ID in this thread for example only has a couple posts attached to it despite how insular this sites community is?
>>445433 You can find this site by searching 8moe or 8chan.moe Try it, it works, even on google. Anons here are always too quick to play the victim.
>>445452 >>445452 >Don't you find it odd that almost every ID in this thread for example only has a couple posts attached to it despite how insular this sites community is? True true, now that I remember it probably has something to do with the individual board settings only Board Owners can set with the IDs. If you post on /pol/ you ID will probably appear differently. >>445459 Only if you search it specifically with the moe connotation. Searching for just 8chan doesn't deliver the results right away which it should considering the site's name. The site needs good SEO or search engine optimization so more prospective anons could find this place. Alternatively there's the option of advertising on 4chan but you gotta change your routers' ip address every couple of posts since globals/mods are likely to ban you. But its probably more realistic to do then somehow getting 8chan.moe on the search results.
>>445361 >Why would anyone use a self-admitted honeypot like this that holds onto posts after deletion to help the feds as a "vector for CP" when onion sites exist? I dunno for sure. Probably the same reason they do the same thing on dead forums, and other imageboards. This is not the first case of this I witnessed. Maybe they just like getting away with it on the clearnet, and the more populous a site they can get away with it on, the more satisfied they are. 8moe is probably in that sweet zone of activity where they can attempt to do so without being totally certain that such efforts are fruitless.
>>445464 8chan has been scrubbed from search engines for years, this isn't a new phenomenon, so no biggie. Just mention 8moe on other sites if appropriate topics for it come up, that's what I do.
>>445485 Yeah I can do that. I know a couple of people that are wondering when 8chan is gonna come back. Don't have a problem with showing them this site or changing my router's ip to promote 8chan.moe but that /hebe/ board might be problematic and spook anyone from coming on here. I don't have a problem with the board, despite the subject but the /hebe/ bo's website, smolbox.pw, which he is promoting on his board on 8chan.moe, is promoting child pornography. Just take quick look on smolbox's /b/ and /lg/ and its easy to see why others around here have been arguing for the /hebe/ board removal for a while. I'm usually tolerant of free speech but like I told the bo on /hebe/, there's a suspicious onion link in question posted on Smolbox's /b/ that I feel has been promoting child porn for quite some time. https://smolbox.pw/b/res/1764.html I don't know if anyone can verify if the 88chan link in question is illegal or not but either the Smolbox admin is gonna delete the thread and clean up his website or /hebe/ is gonna have to be removed from 8chan.
>>445503 I'm usually tolerant on free speech but if hebe is gonna be used to promote child porn, its going to have to be removed.
Ultimately, Acid/Codex are going to call the shots here and are probably going to have a word with the /hebe/Smolbox owner. We can't do a whole lot except raise awareness.
Ban links to smolbox, just like links to 88chan, 8channel, and any other site that's primarily used to post scantily clad little girls with the occasional nip or vag slip mixed in. It's that simple.
>>445532 That's a highly reasonable solution if Smolbox doesn't clean up.
>>445419 It was Ron, the pigfarmer's son. Josh "Null" Moon is the owner of KiwiFarms, the failed Infinity Next, and pigfood.
>>445030 Immortalized Three times he has been known to post blacked fetish porn when directly representing this site, how much more can /blacked/.moe take?
>>445030 Forget the cringe cuck shit, read the post attached to it. It's gotten to the point where I fully believe Acid is a closet pedophile. Not joking or trying to stir shit, that's the only reason I can think of for his extreme protection of the pedo fucks on this site.
>>445733 >third one I was the first to call him out and he did alot of backtracking. Amazed I wasn't banned as Mark the garfarter has banned me dozens of times, especially for no reason for over half of them.
>>445442 You're a fucking nigger lover and me being an alcoholic could run this shit website better than you.
>>445858 Acid is a closeted BLACKED lover, but he ain't Mark. Daily reminder >>>/vg/ exists
>>445860 I could run this site better than anyone, including all of the other alcoholics and/or niggerlovers.
>>445433 >The only thing this site needs is an active /tv/ You mean an active /vhs/. I'd prefer for any board called /tv/ to stay far from here due to all the baggage and retardation that it brings with it.
>>445030 Fucking hilarious.
>>445959 >closeted

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